Best Clear Decorative Phone Cases Xr

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1. BENTOBEN IPhone Crystal Glitter Inch Clear

BENTOBEN IPhone Crystal Glitter Inch Clear

Only the iPhone XR 6.1" case is compatible with wireless charging, not any other phones. Without screen protectors. The long- lasting clarity is made of durable, safety, lasting glitter and transparent back reveal and enhances the natural style of the iPhone xr and contributes to a more comfortable grip. The bling bling phone cover makes you and the phone look more attractive. It's the perfect case for your girlfriend, wife, daughter, and friends because of the built-in shiny powder. The slim phone case was made of premium materials to help protect your phone from bumps and drops. The slim and lightweight design case is very convenient to carry. Perfect cutouts for speakers, camera, mics and other ports allow you to fully access all the functions and buttons. There is a hole on the left side of the case. Lanyard is not included.

Brand: Bentoben

👤This case is very cute and matches my popsocket perfectly. But buyer beware... It is very thin and does not protect the screen. I misplace my phone a lot. I fear that this is how I will break my screen eventually. Thank goodness. I have insurance and I would return the case.

👤The case is very flimsy and there is less screen protection. I went with a different case. As far as the glitter goes, it is pretty.

👤A small case. It's not recommended for clumsy phone droppings. Non butterfinger type people have a nice case.

👤My daughter cracked her phone two weeks after I brought this for her. I only get an otter box, but kids today want glitter things. She can wait until I fix it and then she will be with that crack.

👤Very cute. I like the way the case looks on my phone, but it doesn't have a lip to protect my screen if it falls. It's still very cute!

👤The clear lining turned yellow, it was pretty gross. Cheap looking didn't last. Would not recommend.

👤No logra porque el lente. No usarla porque, por lo, tiene un grosor delgado.

👤Unfortunately it got discolored too easily, it fits great and protects the phone.

2. Unov Compatible Protective Embossed Watercolor

Unov Compatible Protective Embossed Watercolor

Your phone is protected from daily wear and tear with higher bezel. The cute pattern is of high density and uneasy to fade away. The clear soft rubbery case is slim and has good protection. The grip design is lightweight and easy to use. The open cut-outs make it easier to charge without removing the case.

Brand: Unov

👤It's easy to slip on. I thought the case had cutouts for the side buttons. I didn't regret taking a chance since I couldn't tell from the picture. Others were too hard to press or they wore out and became hard to press. These are easy to push and protect the buttons. I have only used it for 2 months and it is still new. The plastic is not cheap. If I drop my phone it will protect it.

👤Poor quality. Not what I was expecting. Very disappointed.

👤I was tricked into buying. Beware! The Sonix case is military drop test certified and more attractive than any other case I searched for. I assumed the search results would be for the product I searched for, since this was the first product in my search results.

👤The backside of the case had a Mokuhanga print. The case is very light and thin so it won't affect the wireless charging function. The Mokuhanga is a great accessory for the iPhone. The Apple logo is still visible. The case is thin so it doesn't offer much protection if dropped. Since I just got it, I'm not sure of its longevity. It is fair value for cost. I hope the plastic doesn't oxidize after a year of use. Will have to watch it! The case looks good. Protection isn't good. It's too thin on sides and corners. The textured back gives you a better grip on the phone.

👤This isn't for XS. It covers the holes on the bottom of the camera and it doesn't fit on the back.

👤I love the look of this case and the feel of the flowers on the back. The front screen is flush with the sides but it fits my phone perfectly. The buttons on the side are very nice.

👤I like to have a phone case. I'm surprised at how many cases there are when I get a new phone and put them away. It's a pain to change out a case because it's hard to get them on and off the phone, and it's even harder to clean a case. I like a more flexible case for my phone. This one is perfect. It's flexible enough to get on and off, but rugged enough to protect my phone and last a while. It is beautiful. The artwork is stunning and there is texture as well. I love it. I added a PopSocket that sticks very well despite a warning that the glue may not adhere to certain materials. I also bought a clear one, and love it.

👤I don't like to leave bad reviews. The case is very cute. The case is styled so that I was always clicking on the buttons when I picked it up. If you are looking for a cute flowery case, but I need more protection from the buttons being exposed, then this is it.

👤The print is not as good as the Amazon picture, it is a white smudge with hardly any pink stars, and I think it would look better on a white phone.

3. UCOLOR Compatible Shockproof Crystal Protective

UCOLOR Compatible Shockproof Crystal Protective

The Palm Tree Design Slim Protective Case is compatible with the iPhone XR. PC+TPU Protection- Complete Soft Frame. It is possible to offer multi-directional protection for the phone. It is incredibly thin and lightweight, adding minimal bulk to the iPhone. 2mm higher than screen and 0.4mm higher than camera, raised bezels and camera protection offer increased protection for your phone. 2mm higher than screen and 0.4mm higher than camera, raised bezels and camera protection offer increased protection for your phone.

Brand: Ucolor

👤This is a very slim case. The sides are made of silicone and the back is hard plastic. I like these cases because they protect my phone well but also keep the phone thin, which is important to me. The design is pretty. It's printed on top of the plastic so you can feel it. Even though the design is on top of the case, I have no problem sticking to it. I don't know if this means that the design would be easier to scratch off. I don't think it's an issue with the Popsocket on it. I have a glass screen protectors that fit. Great price! At the time of this review, it was $9.89.

👤I'm picky when it comes to phone cases because they're either too bulky or too slick for my back pocket. I bought this case last minute because I needed something to protect my phone. It turned out that I love it. It's easy to put it in and out of my pocket. I dropped my phone in this case and it protected it. There is a The customer service is awesome and definitely worth the $10. It's a good recommendation of 5/5.

👤They gave me a good run down, though I did not get the protection shield, but I did receive a card that said to return the free case, and they told me to pick a case that I wanted. The prints are great and I am very happy with the product, I hope they come out with more patterns for the Iphones. I posted a photo of the first one I ordered and told you that I have dropped my phone a couple times and it protected it. Five stars across the board.

👤I love that the case is translucent and I can still see the coral finish on my phone. There is a I put some confetti under the palm tree silhouette while out one night, just for kicks. I'm glad I didn't spend money on other cases because I've seen damage happen randomly in spite of the case.

👤I don't like heavy, bulky cases for my phone. These are light weight and fit perfectly. I ordered different ones. The marble is not shiny. The marble is shiny. The sides don't overlap on the screen, which makes it easier to navigate. They come with screen protectors. Great deal! I have a marble on my phone. The first and second pictures are turquoise marble and the last picture is water color marble.

👤Cute! The design is printed on the inside of the case. The buttons and cut-outs line up nicely. Good thickness without being heavy.

👤The case makes the phone feel heavy. Disappointed but still works well.

👤I bought a blue marble case to hold my daughter's new phone. It is cute and not bulky. I was disappointed when I put it on the phone. There is no lip to protect the camera lens because the rear camera is flush with the phone case. A picture of a screen and camera is a lie.

4. Teageo Compatible Love Heart Protection Shockproof

Teageo Compatible Love Heart Protection Shockproof

The models are specially designed for iPhone 11. Will match perfectly with the new phone. Support wireless charging. The camera design is raised. The raised lip design for the camera gives extra protection for the camera lens while not affecting the wide angel camera or flashlight. The case is made of high quality materials and easy to clean. Premium Quality TPU gives a soft and comfortable touch while still providing awesome drop protection and scratch resistance. The bumper edges and camera edges are covered in beautiful gold plating, a perfect demonstration of your love for luxury and fashion. The case will impress and give confidence to its master. Epic Precision: Teageo case follows every line of your phone, and the form of Silicone case fits over the Sleep/Wake button and curves of your device. The button covers are easy to access.

Brand: Teageo

👤The design and gold trimming fades fast.

👤It is cute. The phone is made from light plastic and not sure how well it will protect it.

👤I thought it was better.

👤I get a lot of praise for this case. It was exactly what I expected.

👤This is very cuter in person. I love it!

5. Vooii IPhone Silicone Protective Microfiber

Vooii IPhone Silicone Protective Microfiber

Thickened and full body protection is what it is. Lower protection and shockproof performance should be increased. The impact of falling phones is mitigated by better protection of the 11 Pro. The Liquid Silicone iPhone 11 Pro Case is for women. Anti-Fingerprints and smooth touch. The finish is thick and delicate. The back of the iPhone can be protected with a soft microfiber lining on the interior of the case. The Thick iPhone 11 Pro case is compatible with the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. It fits over the buttons on the phone. The premium rubber case for the iPhone 11 Pro is elegant and stylish. It is very easy to clean the case as it is very dry.

Brand: Vooii

👤The color is silky smooth and seems to be durable. I had this for a while. I have a heavy duty phone ring on my back. I use my phone too much and I haven't noticed a problem. There is a The gold phone ring is great with the matcha green color I got. When I go out, I get a lot of compliment on the color.

👤I got this case to match the bag. It is the perfect color and the protection is amazing.

👤The case is worth more than it costs. I love the color and texture. Is it possible that my fabric attracts me? It feels like there are small bumps. It is not terrible by any means. It was very cheap and cute.

👤The old Silicone case I purchased had broken and I needed a new one. I dropped my phone at the doctor's office and it cracked. I've had different cases for my phone for several years and have never had this happen before. The quality was very disappointing.

👤The case is worth the money. The case was nicely packaged and I was impressed with it. The phone is wrapped nicely in the case. It seems to be pretty sturdy and not bulky.

👤This case is still holding up after months of use. There is no damage to the case or the phone. I bought new cases to have something new, but kept going back to this one. If you like the smooth feel, you should definitely recommend.

👤Even though I had to give this away because I ordered the wrong size, the case was really nice to hold and had a nice interior that would protect your phone from scratches. It fit the 11 pro perfectly. It was definitely true to the color.

👤Cute case! I love the color green. The outside is very soft and doesn't seem to slip out of my hands easily. The inside is very soft. If they had the holes on the side for those that were on my cases, I would have liked it more. I like it very much. It seems to keep my phone protected.

6. MOSNOVO Wildflower Printed Plastic Protective

MOSNOVO Wildflower Printed Plastic Protective

The case is compatible with the Apple phone. iPhone SE 3, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 were all released in the same year. There are two layers of protection: a shock-Absorbing frame that protects against drops and a solid PC back plate that protects against bumps. The bumper case body reveals and enhances the original phone color. The case match is perfect for the iPhone 7 and 8. The iPhone SE is 2022. The iPhone SE 3 is available in a variety of colors. Their artworks are printed with scratch, resistant ink. It's easy to get to all the buttons and ports. The raised screen and camera off the ground.

Brand: Mosnovo

👤This case is gorgeous. It looks good, protects well, and is worth the price.

👤I don't usually write reviews. This case is gorgeous. I thought it would be flimsy. I was wrong. I got a protective case from the butcher. This is a good recommendation for sure.

👤Just received the case today! The sunflowers have a textured feel to them. It is what I was looking for. My phone feels sleek. It came with a really cool phone stand. The fitting of the case is disconnected to the back now, after a good run up, it's time for it to be reassembled. It will fall apart.

👤Excellent product so far. The case is thick, but not flimsy, and should do a great job of protecting my phone. The design is pretty, but it's stamped on to the case so I fear it will scratch and wear over time. We will see.

👤I got this for my phone and it is very pretty. The image adds texture to the plastic. It is very sturdy and provides a nice tight fit. The edge protection should be slightly thinner for asthettics. It wouldn't protect as well. The picture is accurate and it is not too bulky. I have a screen protectors that fit on the screen as well.

👤I liked it. It is cute. I got it for Christmas. It was my favorite gift.

👤I was looking for a case that would allow the Rose Gold color to show through, but when I saw the case my daughter had just bought, I was in love with it. I knew I was going to like it, that it was going to be quality material, and that all the cut outs would line up. Also... The clear case has a white design and is Rose Gold. When they said it would, it showed up and they would buy it again.

👤I love this case. I have dropped my phone several times and it seems to be fine. The overall look of the case is cute. I like the floral and stipe look of my phone. It may be a tad small for my phone, but the buttons work just fine.

👤I bought this case for my girlfriend as a birthday present and she was initially happy with the case and design. There is a The flowers on the case started to chip away at each other and in a couple of months the entire design has lost its outer design completely. It lacks any kind ofDurability and should be avoided for something better.

👤I was looking for a phone case like this. It is beautiful to look at, bright and clear around the edges and bright pattern on the back that wraps around the Apple. It is still visible. It is easy to put on, strong, sturdy, protects the edges and screen if dropped and the camera is protected too. I just got it and I am very happy with it, but I am not sure how long it will last. It's a great value for money.

7. Poowear Leopard Classic Protective Flexible

Poowear Leopard Classic Protective Flexible

It's specially designed for the iPhone. The vivid pattern is located between outer and inner layer to avoid the designed fade, scratch, peel off, or become blurry over time. When placed face down, the front raised edges recess your screen to protect it, while the raised lip at the back of the phone camera provides a better protection. You can never go wrong with a classic. The case makes your phone look different. It's easy to install and remove, perfect cutouts for speakers, camera and other ports, and access to all the controls and features.

Brand: Poowear

👤This case was purchased a week after purchase.

👤What is worse is that the case is flimsy and cheap. The bag it arrived in was covered in a type of film. There is a substance called Vaseline. I think so. I hope so. I don't want to use this now. It was cheap. The dollar store has better cases.

👤It looks cheap. The lip is barely there. It is almost certain that my phone will get damaged if it falls on the ground. Not thick or durable. I returned it.

👤You could tell the case was cheap. It is cute if you want to take pictures in your house, but I wouldn't recommend using this product out and about. If you are clumsy. Some reviews said that after a while the color on the case would change and eventually it did. I threw it away. It wasn't what I expected, even though it was cute. I am disappointed.

👤My daughter has a cute phone case. She was happy. It felt cheap, but it was very snug on the phone so that was good. Doesn't offer any type of protection. Mostly for looks. If you want something to protect your phone, don't buy it. I also bought a screen protector.

👤I should have read it in its entirety. I was looking for a hard case. The case is soft.

👤It is very durable. The price is great. Not cheap at all. Print is still fresh, like previous cases I have bought here. Cute design. I love it!

8. MOSNOVO Tropical Succulent Transparent Protective

MOSNOVO Tropical Succulent Transparent Protective

The MOSNOVO Case is compatible with the Apple iPhone XR 6.1" and protects against scratches, bumps and more. The bumper case body reveals and enhances the original phone color. The case matches perfectly for the iPhone XR in six colors. Their artworks are printed with scratch, resistant ink. It's easy to install and grip a phone. It's easy to get to all the buttons and ports. The raised screen and camera off the ground.

Brand: Mosnovo

👤I am a researcher. I don't buy things unless I've looked at it for at least a week, read all the reviews and worry that it's not what I want. I was skeptical of this case because usually things that are cute are not very good. My research paid off in this case. I dropped my phone on the daily so I was really looking for something that could not be bulky. I haven't dropped it yet, but the edges are a bit grip-y. It feels secure in my hand. The design feels painted but in my opinion it almost feels engraved. I would have liked the edging over the camera to be a bit higher. I am very happy with this case and would recommend it to anyone.

👤My daughter absolutely loves it, I got this for her. It seems to protect the phone. She is using her phones hard. The blue phone adds to the beauty of it. I have always been satisfied with the phone cases I have ordered. Thank you.

👤This is one of the best phone cases I have ever had. It is similar to the brand castify but cheaper. My video is on this wonderful product. protected I dropped my case on the street and there was no damage. The colors are crystal clear and bright. This is not perfect. There is a If you found my review helpful, you can click the thumbs up sign. Thank you again, Starlet.

👤I have had this case for a year. I bought in July 2020. I love how it looks and it's still looking good after all this time. I have a front glass screen protectors that has broken many times but it is easy to replace. I dropped the phone while in the case and the back glass cracked. I'm sad and looking for a case that protects my phone. It costs a lot to fix the back glass. I give it two stars because it is a nice looking case. If you are looking for a case that offers protection, this isn't it.

👤The whale print was purchased by us. My daughter has a new iPhone in blue and it looks great with the cute case. The print quality and colors look better in person. It is a flexible, rubber-like material, not the brittle, hard plastic that cracks easily. It seems durable and adds a nice level of protection to the phone. A foldable phone stand came with it. A nice surprise!

👤It was a lot better than expected, it covers a bit on the front of the phone, and is very durable. The design is printed on the outside of the case. The design is the same as pictured. I have had this case for over six months and have dropped it many times. I initially gave this case a 4-star review because I was unsure if it would scratch off, but I changed it to 5 stars because it has proved to be durable.

9. Fusicase Quicksands Flowing Sparkle Protective

Fusicase Quicksands Flowing Sparkle Protective

The liquid case for the iPhone is compatible. The case is made of premium hard PC and TPU bumper, thin and light-weight, soft touch feeling, and case won't bend, protects the phone from scratches and dust, offers maximum protection and extra durability. Special floating liquid can twinkle to you like the stars and add fun to you. The cuts are precise. The function holes make it easy to operate all of the buttons on your phone. Customer service If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they are always at your service within 24 hours.

Brand: Luvi

👤This case has been going on for about six months. I have no complaints about the case being durable. The front of the case is raised up around the phone, which makes it hard for me to see the screen, and it also makes it hard for me to carry my purse or pocket around. There is a The glitter and avocados stick something fierce. It is not a smooth glitter movement. I have to shake the case to get anything moving, but there's still a mound of glitter stuck at the bottom of the case that refuses to move. That's where all the avocados are stuck. I think that the bigger and thicker pieces of the avocados cause them to get stuck. I'm kind of sad. My daughter loves taking my phone with her so she can watch the glitter move, but I'll be looking for a different case where the glitter won't get stuck.

👤There is a lot of glitter. The avocados are cute and don't get stuck together. The back of the case is hard plastic and the lip around the screen is a little softer. The back will get some scratches but still looks good. I want the watermelon one too.

👤I love this case so much. Not the flimsy material! It is very durable.

👤The case is too heavy and uncomfortable to hold. The power off and volume buttons are difficult to press in this case. I don't like the fact that my case doesn't come with a lot of glitter, and there is an anchovy stick in the corner of my case. It is cute. It is cheap. I don't suggest this if you want a quality glitter case. It collects a lot of dust inside. It was gross. The front of the phone is not protected by it.

👤Cute case for sure... This case is perfect for my kid who loves avocados. It is strong. When the phone is dropped, the edges don't come up enough around the screen, which causes a crack in the screen protectors. We have had to change screen protectors twice because there's nothing we can do to stop the screen from hitting the floor. It will be necessary to look for something else.

👤This case is cute and eye catching. I have had it for a couple weeks. I have received a lot of praise. The green glitter is very bright. I give it a 2 star rating because I don't like a few things. The case is very comfortable. The back makes it hard to browse on your phone. It tends to slide around easily on surfaces. My phone has had accidents and almost accidents. It doesn't protect the bezel at all. I have a chip and crack on my screen protectors because they came up higher than the case, not from a fall. I was worried that the silver band would get scratched from the lower quality case but it has not, I have only been using it for a couple weeks. It added a lot of bulk to the phone. The back part of the case is larger than the thickness of the phone. It was even harder to hold because of the sharp edges. One thing that is annoying is that the glitter stars can get stuck in the corners of the case.

10. African American Shockproof Accessories Protective

African American Shockproof Accessories Protective

The model is compatible with the Apple iPhone XR. A special pattern on your phone makes it different and eye-catching. Your phone is protected from scratches, bumps and other daily damage with a high quality soft TPU. It's easy to get to all the buttons and ports. The raised back edges keep the screen and camera higher than the surface. Slim and lightweight. The perfect slimness to protection ratio for the device is created by precise craftsmanship.

Brand: Xix

👤This is a good case for my phone. The case is the same as pictured. This case is not going to keep your phone protected from drops. If you are looking for something to protect your phone, this is not for you. I am happy with my purchase.

👤Just like the photo. It is not a thick case. Dropping your phone too much would be a bad idea. A good screen protector is needed.

👤I love it. It is so beautiful. I also bought a matching airpods case with it.

👤I love this case. I love it more when I know it was Erykah Badu. It is stunningly beautiful. I will not take it off now.

👤My mom loves it and I got it for her.

👤It holds up very well and I love it.

11. ZTOFERA Silicone Protective Transparent Shockproof

ZTOFERA Silicone Protective Transparent Shockproof

It's specially designed for the phone. A nice gift for girls and women is a phone with a transparent color design. Soft silicone material protects your phone from scratches, dirt, bumps and drops; lightweight; easy to clean; and easy to remove. The raised edges and camera covering give good protection to the camera lens. Easy access to all the features and controls. The cutouts are perfect for speakers, camera and other ports.

Brand: Ztofera


What is the best product for clear decorative phone cases xr?

Clear decorative phone cases xr products from Bentoben. In this article about clear decorative phone cases xr you can see why people choose the product. Unov and Ucolor are also good brands to look for when you are finding clear decorative phone cases xr.

What are the best brands for clear decorative phone cases xr?

Bentoben, Unov and Ucolor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for clear decorative phone cases xr. Find the detail in this article. Teageo, Vooii and Mosnovo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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