Best Comforter Sets for Queen Bed with Decorative Pillows

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1. Amazon Basics Lightweight Microfiber Comforter

Amazon Basics Lightweight Microfiber Comforter

Includes a comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, sham, and standard pillowcase. The pieces of the set complement each other to create a complete and stylish bedding design. The fabric is made from 100% microfiber. The comforter is made of 100% polyester. For easy care, wash and dry. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory is an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I love this! The bright colors of this brand are even better in person. I need to add a bedskirt to it. I ordered one from Amazon in Coral and hope it matches the Curtains I have there. There is a The sheets are not as thick as I like. They are great! I'm happy! I like to change my bedding frequently and always look for a good deal. The sheets fit perfectly on my DreamCloud bed and would fit on a shorter mattress as well. I would love to be a product tester for Amazon. I am a huge fan of Amazon. I don't go to the store for anything anymore. Thank you Amazon! Great job!

👤I wish I could give it 3 1/2 stars, but I can't. This is a really nice set. The comforter is the perfect thickness and the colors are gorgeous. I have a full sized bed and ordered the full/queen size, and unlike others I did not have an issue with it being too large for my bed, I have a very thick matress and matress topper. There is a The quality of the sheets was knocked off for two stars. The sheets that came with this set were not up to par for the price. I got a set with white sheets. You could see the pattern of my matress topper through them. I've bought sheets from Amazon before. I expected them to be the same, but they are not. They are not the same as the Amazon Basics sheets. The sheets were soft and silky at first. After only 2 months of use, they started pilling and I probably only slept in them for 8 weeks. There is a If you have patches of dead skin on your feet, the sheets will catch on your skin, which is annoying. There is a The set is nice, but do yourself a favor and buy some different sheets. If the bed is being slept in at least semi regularly, this set is not for a guest bedroom.

👤I was skeptical of buying this because I am a big fan of reading reviews before purchasing items, and it seemed that all the reviews were from people who had been sent this bedding for free. I decided to buy it, and I really like it. It's pretty, the sheets are soft and lightweight, and the pieces held up well in the washer and dryer. You can't beat this set for $50. Very impressed! -KM

👤I've been using this set for more than a year now and just thought I'd leave a review for those still on the verge of buying. "BUY NOW!" I say to you. If you're on this page, you're probably looking for a cheap but decent-quality set that will get you comfortable on a new bed, and this set is perfect for that. If you're looking for high quality linen that will make you feel like a princess, it might not be what you're looking for. The facts are quick and fit. The fitted sheet is perfect for my dorm bed. The comforter is slightly wider than I need, but it's always better than narrower. I use pillowcases with standard queen sized pillows. The style is style. The blue color looks good on the bed, it is not too bright or faded. It's not really stylish, just putting it out there. QUALITY: During cold nights, the polyester keeps me warm, and I don't feel hot during warm ones. The fabric has held up well for one year, and it seems like it can go on for another year. If you're a person who only likes cotton, then the fabric is not for you. The AmazonBasics set is the most lucrative for college students because it is easy to use and machine wash: just pop it into the washer/dryer on the delicates or permanent press settings and you're good! It's cheaper to buy expensive brands that need specific settings or dry-cleaning. The bag that the set comes in is particularly useful when you need to pack up and move out of college housing. There is a Explanation: It's great for college students who want a cheap but decent product, not for those looking for the best in the market. Hope this helps everyone!

2. Comfort Spaces Comforter Printed Decorative

Comfort Spaces Comforter Printed Decorative

The Enya 5 piece comforter set has a colorful floral design that will make your bedroom look like your favorite place to go. Microfiber fabric is very soft and Wrinkle and Shrinky resistant. It's important to have the right amount of down alternative fill to keep you warm. 1 Comfoter: 90"W x 90"L, 2 Standard Shams: 20"W x 26"L, and 1 Bedskirt: 60"W x 80"L. Instructions for care: machine wash and delicate. It was tumble dry. Spot clean pillows.

Brand: Comfort Spaces

👤I just received my comforter. I love it, it fits my room decor. I washed it and dried it. I found a dead bug while cleaning out the dryer vent. I discovered it was a bedbug. After my first freakout, I thought it was a mistake. I wash stuff before I do anything else with it.

👤The comforter was vacuum sealed and probably why it came out wrinkly. It makes sense to conserve space because the directions state that ironing is not an option and the only other way to get out thewrinkle is to tumble dry low for 15-20 minutes with a damp rag. The filling inside was stiffened after it was pulled out so it wouldn't fall down. It was so strange. When it went into the dryer, it came out more wrinkled. I read all the 1 star reviews before I bought this and I knew it was a risk. I thought I would give it a try because my husband and I agreed on the design and thought it would look great in our room, even though I have purchased other items that had 1 star reviews and did not experience the same issues. It's pretty disappointing. I knew it was a risk, so I will look for something else. The picture is sideways. Hopefully you can see what it looked like when it came out of the dryer. I would give 5 stars to Amazon Customer Service. The man I spoke with was pleasant. He sent me a label to return the item, and I will get my money back today. There is no hassle.

👤Really like the comforter. The colors pop. I didn't have a problem with the color fading after first wash, so I was hesitant to buy. I washed the comforter with cold water and used Woolite instead of a harsher detergent and then hung up on my door to finish drying. There is no fading or color bleeding in these pictures after the first wash. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The set is wrinkled even after washing per instructions, the dust ruffle is fine to dry on the recommended low setting. The pillow reads "spot clean only". I will follow those instructions as well. Don't expect a comforter that looks like the photo. Most product photos are pinned and plumped up. If the shams were simple pillow cases, be nice. The edges are floppy and make the bed look sloppy. I like the asymmetrical print and open composition. Negative space can be found at the top of the bed or over one side if the comforter is square. It would make me happy to have a solution to the wrinkling.

👤I washed and dried it and it became stiff. I thought maybe it was concentrated detergent that washed it again. It feels like the cotton inside has stuck together, I am confused as to why only part of it became stiff. It won't look like it's fresh out of the dryer.

3. Madison Park Dawn Queen Comforter

Madison Park Dawn Queen Comforter

The cover is made of 100% cotton and 100% Polyester. The Madison Park Dawn 9 Piece Cotton Percale Comforter Set is shabby chic. The cotton comforter has a paisley print on it. A ruched flange around the edge adds a charming cottage look. A cotton fabric that is Oeko-Tex certified to be free of any chemicals and harmful substance is combined with a filling that is Hypoallergenic for a perfect all season bedding. The set includes a comforter of 90x90, 2 shams of 20x26, and 3 pillows. Machine wash cold and gentle. Do not use bleach. It was tumble dry. If necessary, use the steamer. If there is no free movement in the washer or dryer, use a large capacity commercial washer/dryer.

Brand: Madison Park

👤The comforter set is gorgeous. Excellent quality and colors. I found the same set at several stores for $60. I got it on Amazon. I bought 30x30 Euro pillow inserts from Amazon and they filled out the Euro shams nicely. I am thrilled with how well the comforter set and quilt set coordinate. I can't recommend this comforter set enough. It is perfect!

👤This is what I have been looking for all my life in a comforter. I can't believe it was a bed in a bag. I've had the worst experiences with finding a good quality bedroom set. I have spent a lot of money on things that I thought would be amazing, but the good Lord knows what I have spent. You know the kind of bedding you have to get in the mall? I paid $400 for a designer brand and it was a huge mistake. I returned it. I will only buy this designer name for my bedding. I feel like I never leave the bed. Thank you for the quality and beautiful bedding sets! I will get one after this review. I hope you have something for my guest room. I am not worried about it.

👤I like the way this looks. The comforter is nice and fluffy and not that itchy. For those who don't know, always order a size up from your mattress to get a magazine look.

👤The set is beautiful. I don't make our bed very often. Why bother when it's just me and my husband? I do now. Our bedroom is beautiful. I designed our room around the colors in the bed spread so we can see if they hold up in the wash. I give it 5 stars.

👤This set is perfect. I put my headrest back on my bed. I wanted it to match the style. It had shades of blue and aqua. I bought this set and another one that was different. I decided to keep it. It is intricately decorated. There is a crochet lace attached. The pictures don't show it in a good light. It is warm, which is what I had been worried about. I used to sleep with a heating blanket. I retired it after this purchase.

👤The comforter is soft and beautiful. It did not have the factory smell when it arrived. I suggest buying 30-32” pillows for the euro. They don't fill out the sham after I bought 28”

👤I took a star off because it wasn't holding up well to washing. The parts that are sewn together throughout the middle are starting to rip apart. It is still very beautiful. I wish it was holding up better. There is a I finally found the perfect bedding set after an endless search. My bed is a Queen, but I ordered the King size. I wanted the larger comforter. I like when the comforter hides everything and drapes down the side of my bed. The quality is very high. It is lightweight but not cheap. It was very soft out of the bag. I bought king size pillows to fill the shams and they fit perfectly, my photo has queen pillows in the shams so you can't see the full sham in use. I don't have pillows for the Euro Shams, so I haven't tried them yet. I won't be wearing the bed skirt because my bed isn't a king size. It is also good quality and the type of skirt that lies between the mattress and box springs is better than the elastic wrap around piece. The throw pillows make the set look better. There is a The only thing I have to report is that it's a cat hair magnet. My cat sleeps on my bed. I put it on the floor in the AM. I had a cotton duvet like this before. It does not fit in my standard size washer, so I am not sure if it is a con or not. When it needs to be washed, I will have to take it to the laundromat. When I bought the king size, I knew it was going to happen. The dog in the picture did not have a set. It's funny. I couldn't get him out of the picture because he wanted his picture taken.

4. Comfort Spaces Comforter Bedskirt Decorative

Comfort Spaces Comforter Bedskirt Decorative

A patchwork of grey, light grey, and white outlines in a refined style. The comforter is a confined hotel look. The comforter and sham are made of Microfiber, which is warm and snug. Solid Euro shams are available. There are pillows with embroidered designs. The bedskirt is in a solid color. The package includes 1 comforter, 2 shams, and a bedskirt. It is easy to fluff: dry on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Do not bleach the machine wash, tumble dry on low heat. They offer 100% satisfaction with a 30-day return.

Brand: Comfort Spaces

👤Where do I start? I was excited to get this comforter to put on my new bed and when it arrived, I saw the package wrapped in a bow. I was very excited. I opened the bag and was disappointed. 1) The color is not the same as the listing photos. I understand that lighting makes a difference, but even after changing the lighting in the room from cool white, to natural, to warm lighting, the color of this comforter looks nothing like the beautiful Gray in the photos. There are two more It is completely covered in wrinkling. I've never opened a comforter and seen so much in my life. It makes sense that the fabric is very thin. I did not try washing or drying it to get them out because I will be returning in a few days and it will be impossible to get them out without dry cleaning. There are 3 more There were a lot of stray threads on top of the mattress, coming from the seams and pillowcases. This shows that it is very low quality. There are four The comforter is very thin. I am pretty sure that some bed sheets are thicker. I know it is supposed to be a light weight comforter. The comforter shown in the pictures is not the same as the one in the picture. The pillow is very flat and pathetic looking because the comforter comes in an air vacuumed sack. There is a This was a disappointing experience and the price was decent. I have purchased comforter sets from Walmart that are much, much better quality than this one, and it looks like it would not sell at Walmart. I rolled the comforter back up and tried to stuff it back in the box so I could get one that was worth $70.

👤The bedding is gorgeous. It was packaged well. Light weight comforter This bedding was exactly what I wanted.

👤The set is simple, but it is hard to get out of thewrinkle. I have followed the washing/drying directions after having this set for about five months. It looks like a wrinkled mess. I have tried everything to get thewrinkle out. I would have returned immediately. The picture was taken after 5 months.

👤I was expecting a better quality, but it is ok.

👤This furniture set is gorgeous. The picture is just like the one, with Aqua, Grey, Blue, and a little touch of greenery. It feels very warm. It is well made and is trimmed around the edges. You will not be disappointed.

👤It was exactly what we were looking for. It is cheap and continues to get holes. I am very sad and disappointed that I don't have enough money to buy a new comforter.

👤For $60, I expected better quality. This was a waste of money and I didn't see anything for two weeks. I don't know how the rip got there, it could have come ripped and I didn't notice, but you can see that the fabric is cheap.

5. Amazon Basics Down Alternative Comforter Bedding

Amazon Basics Down Alternative Comforter Bedding

The comforter set brings comfort and looks good in a bedroom. The microfiber shell has a down-alternative polyester filling. The comforter weight is all-season. piped edges and pinch-pleat detailing add elegance. The comforter is 86 x 90 inches and includes two shams. An independent certification system ensures that textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It was horrible quality. This is happening all over, it has barely been used for two weeks. Has not been washed yet. It will fall apart in the wash.

👤I bought 2 for the spare bedroom. The beds are queen size. I bought a king sized comforter. Glad I did. There is a The fabric is nice. I don't have any issues with these. I would buy again. Purchase the king if you want a queen bed.

👤I washed it following the directions. It was torn when it came out. I got it. I hadn't used it yet.

👤I will return this today. The problem with this is that it's rolled up like a small sleeping bag and 888-270-6611 They have a tight roll it up in order to fit it in. It's like putting a pound and half of stuff into a bag. It comes wrinkled and messed up, so you can't tell which part of the design is wrinkled and which is not. A number of the "pinches" were already useless. It looked like a mess when it arrived. The "pinches" are messed up. The photo is the best. Unless you have at least an hour and a half to figure out the pinches andwrinkles and iron them out properly, I wouldn't buy this. This fabric feels hot against the skin if you get overheated easy. I pulled the fabric out of the bag when I touched it. I can't imagine using it on a bed in the summer. I would be sweating a lot. I like the grey color, but I don't care if the intended design and poor quality fabric is a "hot mess".

👤The comforter is light and heavy but the pinch pleats are coming undone. We haven't washed it or done anything other than that. It is on our bed. I don't want to give a bad review because I love this comforter.

👤It was perfect. I bought a king size bed. And it is perfect.

👤I was a little skeptical after receipt. I was afraid it would be flimsy because it was rolled up so tightly. I threw the pleats in the dryer to see if they came apart or not. The pleats were in tact, and the wrinkling fell out easily. It is light but not flimsy. There is a I ordered a king size comforter for my queen size bed based on prior reviews. I was so happy I did. The King size pillow cases are not a big deal. We had to use those as Shams because we were downsizing from a king. There is a We wanted to be able to tuck in the comforter on our new bed. I still think it is short for a king, but it fits our needs. Only if you order a size up.

6. Madison Park Bellagio Comforter Brown

Madison Park Bellagio Comforter Brown

The Madison Park 7 Piece Bellagio Comforter Set is a great way to update your room. The microfiber bedskirt has embroidered decorative pillows. Standard Shams:20"W x 26"L (2) are included. The bedskirt is 60"W x 80"L and has 15"D 3 Decorative Pillows. Spot clean pillows.

Brand: Madison Park

👤It matches my dog perfectly.

👤Don't put it in the dryer. I made the mistake of drying it and it burned to a crisp. Had to throw it away. The comforter was very nice until I burned it.

👤The California King bedding set was sent to me. It makes the room look great. I would recommend it.

👤The comforter fits our bed. I didn't have to size up to a king. There is a The comforter is bright and shiny. There is a The comforter has no loose strings or holes. There is a The inside of the comforter is soft and comfortable, which is a plus because my husband does not sleep with a sheet. There is a The pillows are lovely. They are well sewn and have no loose strings. There is a The King Shams are beautiful. Everything is true to size. I would recommend this to someone.

👤The set looks less quality than the price indicates. The shine of the fabric is unattractive. It makes the comforter almost waterproof, and uncomfortable next to the skin. The pillow shams are very light. I believe they could use a lining. We have a similar quilted Madison Park bedspread set and are considering changing the shams for this set. This set is not up to their usual standard because of my familiarity with this brand. It was a disappointment. The dust ruffle is short for my bed frame. The comforter is almost too narrow for a California king, as noted in other reviews. I ordered the King size. The pillows are simply throw pillows, of thin fabric with a few adornments, and will be replacing the pillows from the previous set. We plan to use the previous bedspread as a protective throw for the bottom half of the bed so that the small dogs can sit on the bed with us. I regret to say that I wasted money on this purchase. I trusted this brand and am surprised.

👤I had an old comforter that I really liked, but it had worn out and I've been trying to replace it. I bought a comforter online that was much more expensive than this one, but it turned out to be unattractive and poorly made. I decided to give this one a try. It's quite attractive, but I really like the quality. It's sturdy and well made. I have cats that climb all over it, and it holds up very well. I'm very happy with this set. I highly recommend it. There is a I would call it "medium-warm". It's not warm enough for winter in my area. I think it's more of a fall/spring comforter.

👤I am getting around to using this and it is undersized. It's not generous enough for a king, that's what I ordered. I think it would be better for a queen. The set is small, but it is beautiful. I usually don't wear a skirt. I don't like seeing the box spring on this one because my bottom mattress shows even though I have nice wood slats.

7. Madison Park Dune Piece Comforter

Madison Park Dune Piece Comforter

The Dune micro-suede comforter set is perfect for a casual look with added comfort. The bed is made from the highest quality micro-suede and has pin tuck details for added structure and accent. This set is lightweight enough to keep you warm in the winter but also cozy in the warm months. The set includes a comforter of 90x90, 3 decorative pillows, 2 standard Shams, and a bed skirt. Instructions for machine wash, gentle cycle, and separately. Do not use bleach. Remove quickly. Don't iron. If there is no free movement in the washer or dryer, use a large capacity commercial washer/dryer.

Brand: Madison Park

👤I really liked this comforter set. I loved the throw pillows and bed skirt. The comforter was ruined when I washed it for the first time. The material is matted together making it hard to see. I tried to separate them, but it didn't work. The outside is wrinkled and distressed because of the bunching on the inside. I can't ask for a return or a new package delivered since I bought this item over a month ago. It is difficult to get in touch with them. I did not hear back from them after I sent them an email. I called the number, but had no luck. I want a new one with clear instructions on how to wash it. I want a replacement for the design and texture.

👤I just got a comforter set. This one is perfect, and a lot of the comforters that you buy online are not as thick and fluffy as you want. It feels like you're wrapped up in something nice. Some people have said that the only problems they had were some threads that had to be trimmed. This is a great buy. I have a California King bed, a lot of the time when you buy a comforter or bedspread it's not big enough. This one covers the entire bed, from top to bottom. It's large enough.

👤I purchased the product because of its smooth clean classic lines, but instead it is a rumpled mess, nothing like the picture on the web site or the bag the set came in. The set was purchased for a spare bedroom and it looks awful, but it feels soft, so don't know about the warmth or comfort. I will use it in my room since it is too messy for company.

👤I ordered this in a queen for a queen, and I was a little worried because of the reviews that said the queen is too short and to order in a king. I put it on the bed for a moment of truth to determine if I would have to go through the process of returning it or not. It was perfect, to my pleasant surprise. I think it's perfect for the bed, it has the right amount of length on the end and sides. I don't have a deep pocketed mattress. That could make a difference. The size is perfect for a normal mattress. It is beautiful and has a pattern and quality that are similar to the pictures. I spent a lot of time researching and reading reviews before buying this set because the last bed in a bag set I bought was about $70 and it only lasted about a month. My dog ripped to shreds when I pulled it to try to get a cover. The quality was terrible and the seams didn't hold up. That brand and material were different. I paid more for this one because it appears to be a lot better quality, better material, and the seams seem to be stronger, so I'm hoping it will hold out. Time will tell. I am very pleased with it so far.

8. Chic Home Comforter Complete Decorative

Chic Home Comforter Complete Decorative

It can be made in the USA or imported. The microfiber comforter from the Chic Home is made with a cotton feel fabric that makes it soft and comfortable. A peaceful sleep with a soft comforter cover. The queen size patchwork comforter is made of 100% synthetic filling, which is perfect for anyone with allergies looking to breathe and sleep easy, especially children and the elderly. The queen comforter by Chic Home is stuffed with synthetic down and will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A bed set built to last is what the Chic Home Zarah patterned queen comforter set is built to last. This set is all you need to transform your décor and elevate your style. Turn your bedroom into a chic home by adding one to cart today.

Brand: Chic Home

👤The ladies really like having sheets and a comforter.

👤I bought this comforter set for my new queen bed, but it is a bit small for a queen, and the blanket barely covers the mattress, so I would recommend buying this comforter instead.

👤I bought this for my 16 year old because her previous set was getting old and she was very concerned after reading reviews. Quality looks good and it is soft. She is a teenager and they don't tend to keep things in the best condition. Her room is perfect.

👤The set was not long enough to make the bed. The material is soft, but it's more a reflection of how thin it is than the quality. Where do we start? There were loose threads and a plastic smell, which can be solved by washing the entire set. The sheets and pillow cases are only supposed to be cleaned once a year. The tag is from a pillowcase. Imagine having a set of sheets and pillow cases that are not washed. There is a It was easy to see why they shouldn't be washed, the seams were already coming apart. The portion of the bedspread that wasn't stitched to the correct place left it bumpy and even. The pillow shams prefer drycleaning. I want to dry clean a 90 dollar set of sheets. The size of the sheets and comforter fit nicely. The comforter is lightweight, but it has very little fill, and it is poor quality. The bag for the set was large and well made so it will be easy to return it. Stay far away, do yourself a favor!

👤I like the whole package. The presentation was included. I felt like I ordered a fancy set. The quality and feel have been amazing. There is a I will be buying another one soon because it's beautiful on my bed. I like changing my room appearance a lot. The fit is what I expected. There is a The quality of sleep is what I get. I fall asleep in my bed. I will recommend this to anyone who asks, and I am getting a lot of inquiries about it. The price is not what I want for the satisfaction I get out of it. Way under priced! I would pay more for it. I can't beat how I feel when I wake up. There is a I thank the product development team 1000 times. Thank you!

👤I opened the product today and it passed the deadline of return. This is not what I intended on ordering, it's not gray at all. It is green. It doesn't match anything in the bedroom I bought it for. I spent $80 on something that I don't use anymore because it is not the colors I was told it would be.

👤I have bought several comforter/duvet sets. I like to change my favorites often. I sent this one to a friend who sent it back to me and I hope it stays in that home. There is nothing to indicate any quality flaws. The reverse pattern seems better. It's too much to include four main colors in a room which already has three main colors.

9. Madison Park Amherst Comforter Queen

Madison Park Amherst Comforter Queen

The clean aesthetic design of the bed set makes it easy to match your current décor. The whole bed is tied together by the piping of the fabric on the comforter and pillows. Natural Sheen is a soft fabric that is resistant to stains. The set includes 1 comforter, 3 pillows, and a bed skirt. Instructions for care are machine wash and gentle cycle. It was tumble dry. Clean decorative pillows.

Brand: Madison Park

👤There was an update on 5/1/18. The bedding looked great at first. The comforter is very silky, and the sheets are very nice. I bought the elastic kind that you wrap around, and it matches perfectly, because I'm not crazy about bed skirts. I have had a comforter for 5 months. It was washed and the filling bunched up and the outside had little pilings. It is not possible to make it look better. It was beautiful, but now it isn't. I have to buy a different one. It was expensive to replace after 5 months.

👤I love this comforter set. I was looking for a King set for months. I kept an eye on this one for a while and I'm very happy with it. I'm not going to wash it because of the perfect pleats. When the time comes to refresh, I'm going to have it dry- cleaned. Keeping the bed clean is not a problem for us because our children are grown and we don't allow our dog on the bed. This might not be the best choice if you have small children or dogs.

👤This is definitely not microfiber, I read it in the title. Red is not as dark as the picture would suggest. The areas that were dried out looked oily as well. Nothing to write home about. Would not recommend it. There are pieces of glue and patches where the material is hard and dark. This garbage should not be sold by Amazon.

👤Many of the other sets advertised had negative reviews of poor quality and pics that didn't match the description, so I was so leery of buying something like this online. This set is spot on. The pillows are beautiful and the fabric is beautiful. I got a queen set for a full size bed and mattress and it is large. I got a set of silver sheets to match and they are perfect. I haven't had a nice bed set in a long time, and I wanted a really nice one. The colors are great for a guy. The quality of my room is outstanding, and it has completely changed the look of my room. We will have to see how it holds up over time and a few washing's, but I am very happy with my new bedding.

👤This is a great set. The fabric is the same as the pictures on the website. The fabric has a sheen to it. I have it. I had ordered the wrong size. I was very disappointed. I kept my bed because it needed an update. It looks great on the bed. The pillows make the whole set complete. The shams fit a standard pillow. I didn't have to get a big pillow to fill the shams. The comforter has a soft complimentary fabric on the back. The bed skirt completes the look. The quality of the set is very good. They didn't have a lot of strings. I didn't have to trim the whole set before putting it on the bed. The blocks of color made this space cooler. I would recommend this set to anyone who is looking for a beautiful set to add the feel of the ocean to their room. It has a nautical feel that you can really enjoy decorating. The picture of the comforter is in place.

10. Intelligent Design Raina Comforter Queen

Intelligent Design Raina Comforter Queen

Ultra soft brushed microfiber has metallic geometric silver printing. The reverse has brushed microfiber to keep you comfortable at night. The microfiber is brushed with geometric silver. The pillows come with metallic printing. Modern style with eye catching design is perfect for divas. The package includes a comforter 90” x 90” and shams 20” x 26” and decorative pillows 12” x 16” Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, and separately. Do not use bleach. Do not iron when it is tumble dry low.

Brand: Intelligent Design

👤I was in love with it when I received it. The gold was pretty. You can't see the gold metallic after a wash. It has faded completely. All the stuffing is coming out of the decorative pillows because they have holes at the bottom. It is beautiful in the pictures, but I am so disappointed.

👤This is one of the best companies I have ever heard of. The pillows look great in my room. I washed it and dried it, it's still new. This is an honest review. I never lived up to my expectations after I ordered so many flukey comforters. Best buy ever! My lights are not as bright as in person.

👤The gold details have worn off after two weeks. I wake up covered in glitter particles because that is how gold wears off.

👤Wow! The comforter set is gorgeous. The queen size was ordered by me. Its soft and comfortable. It makes the room look clean and classy when the natural light hits it. It had a comforter, decorative pillow shams, and small decorative pillows. There is a There is a small spot on the corner of one of the small decorative pillows. Hopefully I'll be able to remove it quickly. There is a I absolutely love it. The product picture shows a pretty, soft, light weight. This comforter set is a must have for sure. If helpful, please click 'Helpful'.

👤If you try to wash it or get it wet, all of the foil comes off. It's completely destroyed after that.

👤Love the comforter. The grey one was purchased by us. The one star off is a tad thin. If the glitter comes off, it will be known. I will update after the first wash or if it randomly comes off. The throw pillows are cute. Our full bed fit perfectly in the full/Queen size. It doesn't come with sheets I knew. Amazon makes some good ones for less than 20 dollars. I bought them in light grey.

👤As described. Same as picture. There were no complaints. I need a steamer to get some of the wrinkling out.

👤Muy es una super esponjoso. No se arruinan con la lavada. Actualizacin: Un montn de brillitos, no la recomiendo, est en la segunda lavada.

👤This comforter set is what it is described as. The color is pretty and soft. The set is beautiful. The silver design is fading really badly after only 6 months of use, and I only washed it a few times. If the pattern fades in only 6 months, it's not worth the money. Not happy. I don't know how to contact the seller. This issue is very dangerous. A picture is posted.

👤This bedroom set was very nice. My daughter was surprised with a bedroom makeover. She loved it and it is very strong and lightweight. The colour is very vibrant and similar to the picture.

👤es bastante, pero a me gustan un poco mas decuerpo para la cama. The producto sin embargo no fue lo that buscaba.

11. Madison Park Serene Queen Comforter

Madison Park Serene Queen Comforter

The look of your home is provided by the Serene Bedding Collection. The comforter has a gorgeous floral design and pleats. Natural Sheen is a soft fabric that is resistant to stains. The set includes 1 comforter, 1 bedskirt, 2 standard shams, and 3 decorative pillows. Instructions for machine wash, gentle cycle, and separately. Do not use bleach. Remove quickly. Don't iron. If there is no free movement in the washer or dryer, use a large capacity commercial washer/dryer.

Brand: Madison Park

👤My bed is a queen and the comforter can be used for a full size bed. The comforter doesn't fit the bed the way it is pictured. The way it looks makes it fit a lot smaller. I did my best to make this comforter work so that it wouldn't cost me to return it. It doesn't fit no matter how I tugged it. I have to return the shower curtain I bought as well. It's too small and doesn't look right. I can't justify spending that much money on a comforter that doesn't fit. 1. It can't be pulled to the bedskirt because it won't meet the foot of the bed. The comforter is mostly green and brown, but the pretty floral is lost in the comforter. There isn't enough flowers to make it look nice. 2. I had to pull the comforter over too far and it barely covered the top of the bedskirt on the other side. 3. The bedskirt is not on the floor. 4. The bedskirt's foot is even shorter. I don't recommend this comforter set.

👤It is very nice. It is warm despite being lightweight. I liked the colors. I washed it twice and it came out great.

👤It was perfect! The fur of animals sticks to everything. This fabric is easy to clean. Love the colors!

👤I love it. The print and the color combination are great. It held up well after being washed. It looks great. I really wanted a bedspread, not a comforter, but couldn't find the coverage I needed for my pillow-top queen mattress, so I decided to try larger size comforters. I tried queens, kings, but they didn't have the coverage I was looking for. The coverage I wanted was given to me by the Cal King. Downsides to using a Cal King on a queen pillow-top mattress are 1) having to go to the laundry mat because it's too big for my washer, and 2) the pillow shams are so big that they look a little goofy. I ordered extra curtain panels and made my own pillow shams.

👤I am enjoying this set so far. I changed from a dry clean only cover to a machine wash one in hopes of finding something that was easier to machine wash. I call it a light Tiffany blue and a mint green because it is the same color as the pictures. I don't think the stitching is very delicate, but if you're careful, you won't like this set. The fabric is light and warm. The set includes a comforter, bed skirt, two pillow shams, and three throw pillows.

👤I got the green and brown set. The colors look like the photo. The decorative pillows are great. I was able to find a few at a thrift store, but I wouldn't have minded having more of them. The shower curtain is very nice. We were able to lighten it with rubbing alcohol, but it's still noticeable. We'll deal with it for now, but the nice thing is that the set was cheap enough to replace once they've outgrown this phase. There are toddlers for sale.


What is the best product for comforter sets for queen bed with decorative pillows?

Comforter sets for queen bed with decorative pillows products from Amazon Basics. In this article about comforter sets for queen bed with decorative pillows you can see why people choose the product. Comfort Spaces and Madison Park are also good brands to look for when you are finding comforter sets for queen bed with decorative pillows.

What are the best brands for comforter sets for queen bed with decorative pillows?

Amazon Basics, Comfort Spaces and Madison Park are some of the best brands that chosen by people for comforter sets for queen bed with decorative pillows. Find the detail in this article.

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