Best Decorative Accents for Home Decor Farmhouse

Decor 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Pegason Farmhouse Garland Rustic Decoration

Pegason Farmhouse Garland Rustic Decoration

The barnyard happiness guarantee. Let them know if you're unhappy with the product and they'll fix it for you. They are proud of their high-quality products and happy customers. The rustic home decor bung is 58” long and can be used in farmhouse decors. Round prayer beads deliver faith and love to your home and family, so they also work well with rustic wedding decor. Premium Canada wood has better clean and netural features, which is why it's called the Pegason boho garland. The tassel garland will make your home smell better. Wooden prayer beads. There are 84 of 0.63” beads and 2 of 4.3” tassels in the pegason bead garland. The wooden beads are well-made. There is a festival wood decor. beige white is the color of the wood bead tassel and can be painted or stained. Farmers paint them to red every year to make a Christmas decoration. MULTIAPPLICATION Farmhouse beads with tassel look great to match a bohemian wall, curtain back, coffee table, dining table, and bookshelf decor.

Brand: Pegason

👤I've recently bought a few of these and other wood and macrame decor items. You can find many places to use them. I like hanging them from my dining chandalier. They are very chic. What not to love? They seem strong. My kids are rough with them and don't have any issues with them getting damaged.

👤They are nice for what I needed. They are only meant to drape from a vase on a shelf, but they may not hold up. The beads are smaller than I thought and the tassels on one of the ends were coming undone when I opened the box. It needed to be tightened a bit. For shelf decorations, they are fine, but I don't think they will last long.

👤You get two pieces with these. The bead color and look is perfect and the tassels are full and long.

👤This is longer than I wanted. I think that's a plus. I was able to style it the same as a shorter one. The only complaint I have is how the tassels shed. I love it because of that.

👤The beads are very nice. The wood is nice and there must be some type of finish on it. I would highly recommend them.

👤They add the perfect texture and touch to my decor and I couldn't be happier.

👤Good quality and long. There is a I would have liked to have bought more than two. The fireplace mantle has fall decor.

👤The description is misleading. These beads are not white. They have a hint of yellow. No thanks. I am.

2. Blue Donuts Decorative Centerpiece Grapevine

Blue Donuts Decorative Centerpiece Grapevine

The vase is not included. The ball Decor. In Bopp #722.

Brand: Blue Donuts

👤The balls arrived in a nice package, but I was disappointed when I opened it. The balls had a weird smell and looked like they had been sitting in someone's basement for years. The brown balls had spider webs on them and they looked like spiders. They were cheap and almost fell apart. I bought a replacement ball at the At Home store and compared it to the one I bought from Amazon and it was even cheaper. I will definitely return.

👤These are a good value. They look really good after I mixed them with moss balls. Some reviewers said that the sticks were broken here and there, but I turned that down. I knew what I was getting because they were cheap. I would buy them again.

👤I bought these to add to the decorative bowl in the entryway. The designs were packaged well and arrived in perfect condition. Can't go wrong with these! It's a nice touch because it's larger than they look.

👤These were very large. I just found the same ones at Walmart and it was a problem. I realized I needed more after Com for $9.99. If price isn't an issue for you, then go with these.

👤They are also big. My boyfriend liked it. It looks elegant and stylish. Is it worth it?

👤I was expecting a couple of blue balls since it's my color scheme, but I was a little disappointed since the title said blue donuts. They look nice if they are not.

👤The addition to our sunroom is beautiful.

👤So disappointed. Two balls are damaged, pieces falling off and one ball unraveling, the ball of moss with twigs looks like a string. I won't be buying from there again. It's a shame.

👤3 sont entendres en mon bolle de 10 pouces de diamtre. 3 de spare is achat m'en. J'adore achetée sans hésiter.

👤I put two different bags together.

👤Parfait! THe article was about the article.

👤These were what we expected. The bag had a musty smell when I opened it.

👤The wooden balls smelled rotten and damp as they came in a mouldy package.

3. Alexa Dishes Sign Decoration Decorative

Alexa Dishes Sign Decoration Decorative

The material is made from naturally sustainable rattan fiber. The neutral colors of the rattan accents suit a variety of décor styles. The accents are perfect for accenting a green home and can be used in a variety of ways. A funny kitchen sign called ALEXA DO THE DISHES will add humor to your home. Black and white kitchen decor will match your other decor. Fun saying The quote, "Alexa, Do the Dishes", will make your family and friends laugh. A farmhouse sign that looks cute on your kitchen wall, shelf, or counter is called a wall art or trinket. There are no decals or stickers in the USA. White ink is directly printed onto a black distressed barnwood sign, which is ready to hang, or display on your shelves or countertop.

Brand: Bella Rosa Home

👤This looks great in my kitchen. I like the saying. You can either hang it or put it on the counter.

👤I like the purshase. I'm giving it as a gift to a friend and I thought it would be bigger for the price, but I still like the quotes on the front of it.

👤Everyone who comes into my kitchen has asked to use the dishwasher. Just love it!

👤Love it. It works well with my decor.

👤My family doesn't do dishes but I like the thought.

👤As pictured. Very cute!

👤Very cute. There is real wood. The value is great.

4. Home Decor Decorative Bowl Orbs

Home Decor Decorative Bowl Orbs

There are wide applications. It's perfect as a table centerpiece, vase bowl fillers, craft supplies, wedding, party and house decorations, flower arrangements, aromatherapy accessories and more. You should accent your space. The House Decor Decorative Balls and Bowl Set is ideal for any room with a Farmhouse Charm. The Modern Home Decor Accents Spheres Balls Set is Extra-durable and has a beautiful eye-catching design. The Dinning Table Center Piece is fitted with Velvet Bottom protectors to prevent table or fireplace scratches. The Decorative Dining Room Decor Set comes in a lovely gift box to make a modern home decor accent. You can get three decorative sphere balls and a room decor bowl at an unbeatable price, which can be used as a shelf decor accent, kitchen table Decor, Fireplace Decor, and much more.

Brand: Creative Scents

👤It was a good purchase. A very handsome item. It looks good on my living room table.

👤This is a nice centerpiece. I returned because I didn't think it was worth the price.

👤What I wanted looks great.

👤The artwork is gorgeous. Excellent quality. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The bowl makes my counter look great. It matches my bronze hardware. Really well.

👤Very high quality and heavy. These were what I wanted.

👤De buen gusto, utao y diseo.

5. HOMKO Mason Sconce Lights Flowers

HOMKO Mason Sconce Lights Flowers

More energy saving and timer function. The same time that the light is on for 6 hours, the same time that the light is off for 18 hours, the same time that the light is on again, the same time that the light is on again, the same time that the light is on again, the same time that It will auto-off at 0:00 am, then auto-on at 6 pm, and then auto-off again at 0:00 am. The board is L11”xW4.3”xH1.2 and the Jar is 3” tall and has a capacity of 16oz. You can change the jars with flowers that you love. High quality and handmade materials. All natural wood, cut, sanded, and stained. Each one is unique. The parts are easy to mount. They add a nice accent to your hallway, garden, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, dining room, and anywhere you like to have a romantic experience. It's perfect for the cafes, bars, bistros, bakeries. The perfect gift idea. A nice household decoration is a great gift for your friends, lovers, or anyone you want to give a gift to. It's perfect for birthday, bridal shower, wedding, Christmas gift. You can create a romantic and warm lighting atmosphere.

Brand: Homko

👤I just got these and they are the same as the picture. I have not tried the lights yet. I wanted them to compliment the decor in my dining room. They're cute. I might change our flowers from time to time just to have a small change.

👤The reviews were mostly positive, but mixed, so I was a bit worried about purchasing these sconces. I absolutely love this product and am happy with my choice. Assembly was very easy. The incandescence is provided by the lights. I love them! The product is still adorable, but it won't pass for real. It was really great for the price.

👤I ran the battery packs to the sink because one of them was missing a piece of metal, but I didn't notice it until I turned it on against the wall. Thanks a lot! I bought new battery packs from Michaels but I didn't set them up until after I moved so it's too late to return.

👤The product was received as described. It looks great on my wall. They aren't that big, but some reviews said the size was smaller than expected. Measure the area you plan to put them at and then go from there. Because they are gorgeous.

👤It is easy to assemble. I love these! I didn't give it 5 stars because it doesn't come with batteries and the spot behind the hanging where the batteries are taped to hold the battery pack in place was not a good place to hang it. It was perfect after I taped it. The size is definitely worth the money.

👤These mason jars are adorable. Friends compliment me when they ask where I got these. It is easy to assemble and hang and the quality is great. I didn't put batteries in to light them up because they still look great, and I can't see the battery holder because they're clear. Highly recommend!

👤I ordered one set and it was absolutely perfect. I returned the wood and flowers because one of the lights didn't work, so I ordered another set. The lights work this time, but the flower color is different and the wood looks different than it did the first time.

👤Several things were wrong when you arrived in a manor. Only one light set and one battery. The jars don't hang the same because they have different lengths of rope. I had to cut the rope to fit the board. The plastic back lid to the battery holder snapped as I tried to close it. The battery holder will slide out if you don't tape it onto the back. The product was very disappointing.

👤I was very excited to hang this on my wall. I hung it up after turning the batteries on the lights. The smell of burning smell filled my basement as the lights flickered. I dropped it when I grabbed it off the wall. The batter pack was smoking. I am thankful I didn't head upstairs after turning them on. It could have been a fire. Reached out with an email. The product and lack of communication was disappointing.

6. 58in Wood Beads Garland Farmhouse

58in Wood Beads Garland Farmhouse

There are 3 vases of different size. The exact size can be seen in the pictures. The bead garland is long. Each strand of bead garlands is 58 inches long. The wood beads are 1.6CM and the bead garlands are 84 beads. Natural bead is a perfect finishing accent to your home decor. The prayer beads look great draped around plant pots, candle holders, mason jars, hung on a wall, on door knobs or styled on a tray for a rustic chic feel anywhere you like. Please contact them if you have an issue with the package.

Brand: Grbambi

👤I had a large glass vase that was in need of a little sumthin' to save it from being plain-ness. The garland was simple enough to not distract from its purpose.

👤I was excited to receive these, but I am disappointed that they are made in China. The cord stinging them together is cheap and thin. I am afraid that if someone picks them up they will come apart. I will definitely send these back.

👤The wood beads are expensive elsewhere. These are lovely and were found on Amazon for a great price. They are a little stiff at first, but I relaxed and they look great now. There is a Great price and find.

👤These are perfect! Buy it! The size and color are great. Nice piece! So versatile.

👤I immediately thought of how cute the package was when I opened it. .... I hung them outside for 48 hours and they were perfect. They are cute and odorless.

👤I love the look of my home. The smell that came from it was really strong. I love everything about it. It will be helpful to use it in different areas of my home. It's a great price and you should be prepared to let it sit somewhere for a while to lose some of the scent.

👤I had to tie my vase up and it was long. I would get a shorter size if I didn't want to do that.

👤The balls were from the twine. I put them back on and used them, but they don't look like pictures.

7. Fantastic Ryan Decorative Originality Furnishing

Fantastic Ryan Decorative Originality Furnishing

The Owl Statue Figurine is a great gift for owls, birds, and animal lovers. Unique owl birthday gifts for grandma grandpa dad mother men women. Gifts for mothers day, teacher gifts, and friendship gifts. The year 2022. Happy new year. There are decorations for Thanksgiving. The year 2021. White Owl Christmas decorations are unique. The ornaments are made from ceramics and coated with gold. It is easy to scratch. Please care for fragile product. If the product you received is damaged, please contact them. Small golden blessings birds bring them peace and love. Medieval Retro Style Small Animal Statues can be used to decorate your living room, bedroom, bathroom, bookshelf, TV cabinet, nightstand, mantelpiece, and more. It's a good small gift choice for your loved ones to celebrate special and precious moments in the life. Golden bird M: 3'H; Golden bird L: 3.7'H; Golden bird XL: 4'H; Bull: 3'H; Giraffe: 7.5''H.

Brand: Fantesticryan

👤I like them very much. The birds are a darker gold than the picture shows. It was almost leaning towards bronze.

👤I love these! I found a better price on Amazon when I searched for it after seeing it on a competitor's site.

👤The birds are delicate. The gold colored ceramic is very light. There is a The shipping box was too small for the delicate nature of the product, and the packaging was not adequate. I was not given the option of a replacement shipment. I have to return the product at the location where I bought it, then I will get a credit. Once I get the credit and re-order the product, I will update my review.

👤The giraffe is nice, the quality is good, and the color is the same as I expected. I might order another one.

👤I thought these were very cute. My rolled over and fell off the table and shattered into tiny pieces. The bottom is rounded and should be balanced by three tiny stickers. I don't think my stickers were strategically placed. They were cute, but too bad. I added more felt stickers to the gift and hope it doesn't break yet.

👤The product is exactly what I wanted, but I was disappointed to see the scratches on it. I'm not sure if the damages occurred before or after the package was shipped. I would have returned them and requested a new set if I had displayed them on a table where they were more visible.

👤One bird was cracked when I received my order. The seller replaced the product and I have two birds to display. The value I received was very nice. The birds are beautiful.

👤It's so cheap. There is a hollow. Not worth more than $5. It's not ok as a gift. Too cheap. I am very disappointed.

👤I bought these for my parents for their golden wedding anniversary present, they love them so much they are just perfect.

👤It was a nice concept but not nice material after a week.

👤There are cute and light pieces of decoration.

👤It's small and a bit brassy compared to some other golds I have, so it's probably not worth the price. It is cute.

8. TenXVI Designs Decorative White Books

TenXVI Designs Decorative White Books

These aren't fake books. They are new, real books with blank pages. These are the perfect piece of accent décor for your bookshelf or console table. The neutral colors of black, white and gray make these books suitable for any room. The books are perfect for staging any table centerpiece or corner shelf. Why do you make a stamped book stack? The books should be displayed with no work.

Brand: Tenxvi Designs

👤It's gorgeous for farmhouse decor. It is actually 3 books with blank pages that you can write in. I don't think I wasted money on fake prop decor. I think about having our family write notes to each other. This is a beautiful piece.

👤I was hesitant on ordering these because they were selling out so I decided to take the plunge this time. It was a little disappointing that the paper was hard covered and the person was not as nice looking. I think you get too much for what you get. I should have found some journals and painted them myself.

👤The book stack is easy to add to your display and it is cute for every day display. I added a few things and dressed it up for the occasion.

👤I thought the price was a bit high, but it was worth it. These books have plain white pages, but I am only using them for decor. If you're looking for something that blends well with artificial plants, look no further.

👤A stack of books. I like that the pages are real, so you can choose to write in them or have your guests write something. The book has nice details that give it a warm vibe.

👤These are fine. I wish I would have gone to half price books and found my own books. The color is grey-ish white and it doesn't go with the combo I have on my table.

👤I knew these would berustic, but my print was damaged when I bent over. Will be back.

👤The producto cumpli con mis expectativas, is real.

9. MyGift Rustic Decorative Standing Multicolor

MyGift Rustic Decorative Standing Multicolor

The rustic wood "HOME" sign is cut from solid wood. The perfect size for wooden word art is perfect for display on any shelf, counter top, or desktop area. The letters are freestanding and make a beautiful centerpiece. Cutout letters from stylish distressed wood construction with vintage teal, brown and white letters can be used in a variety of decors. The home wood blocks are approximately 16 W X 6 H X 0.75 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤It looks great. The blue is not as dark as I thought it would be, but it still looks great in my living room.

👤So cute! I used the reclaimed shelves to stage my home for sale. I think it did a good job.

👤This is beautiful and rustic, and was what I needed with my decor. I was happy with how it turned out, and I included a picture of it. I have gotten a lot of praise for this. It is beautiful and a bargain. You will love it!

👤I received the sign in good condition. I love it! It looks like a farmhouse. It looks homemade. It's of great quality and stands up well. I like the colors. It works well with my decor. I bought it on Amazon and have it sitting on a round table in my sitting area. It was a good price for the strength and colors. I would buy for gifts if I was recommended to do so.

👤Very cute. We put it on the wall. It gives a nice effect.

👤I will keep it because it will be placed on a shelf and the defect won't show up. I was a little disappointed that the staple was messed up. I love the colors of the item.

👤The washed colors give a vintage image to the sign. Good quality wooden made. This product is recommended by me.

👤I have a new rustic shelf with hooks and I've been looking for the right piece to put on it. It looks pretty. It's a little bigger than it looks, but it fits on the shelving.

👤It matches my decor and theme.

10. BNDPLUS Antique Reddish Vintage Farmhouse

BNDPLUS Antique Reddish Vintage Farmhouse

Please pay attention to the description of size. The images for the color VARIATIONS are checked. A mixture of reddish, brown and walnuts. The color of the wood can be lighter or darker. Since all of their products are hand-crafted, there is a chance of slight variations in the color and finishes. The nature of handmade wood products. No two wooden dough bowls are the same. Before you buy, make sure to check the size. The length is 19 inches, the width is 8 inches and the height is 3 inches. It can be used for mixing dough, but make sure the size is right. There is a chance of small variations in the sizes of their products. Accept the tolerance level of less than half an inch. They will try to keep it accurate. Length 18 inches, width 8 inches and height 3 inches. Style- These bowls are made from raw wood. Some of them may have knot holes, dents, scratches, knife marks, saw blade marks, or minor cracks. These are not defects. These are pieces of a bowl made from wood. The size, color, and shape will be different. They can't guarantee that your bowl won't have any character marks, but they can minimize them for each bowl. The quality of the bowl is their first priority. Uses This bowl can be used for decorations, wax-filling to make candles, for storage of fruits, bread, vegetables, wicker rattan balls, etc. The bowl can be used as a kitchen utensil. The dough bowl is multi-functional and food safe. Wood- BND+ The dough bowl is made from wood. The quality of wood is good but there are color variations. There is a mixture of colors. Let them know if you have a question. Due to the nature of the wood, there are variations in color and size. If you are not happy with your product, they can give you a replacement. Every customer is treated as a family by BND+.

Brand: Bnd+

👤Woooow! I liked this bowl. I baked bread after putting in fruits. My family and I love it. It is heavy. I know I will use for a long time. The bowl arrived at the right time and deserved the price. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a beautiful bowl for fruits and bread to put on a dining table.

👤I was looking for something unique and color appropriate for my house when I moved out, and this bowl is that. The bowl is a quality piece that would likely last a long time and that's why the price is steep. It's important to get a quality piece when buying decorative or wooden pieces. Get it and say thank you later.

👤I love the look of this bowl. It is a beautiful wood. I decorated it for Easter. Thought it was expensive, but now know it was worth it. I like it.

👤I love this wooden Dough bowl. To make a good impression, I wanted a bowl that was decorative and beautiful to place on the table. I display nuts, grapes, apples, mandarins and snacks. It is easy to clean and very nice looking. The shape of the wooden bowl is charming. It is easy to clean and handle because of its size and depth. The wooden color is beautiful and the detail is amazing. It is perfect that I have received so many positive comments. Highly recommended. I am buying a new kitchen island.

👤I like this product. It looks great on the island in my kitchen, it is exactly what I was looking for. I use it as a fruit basket. I am happy with my purchase.

👤The bowl is hand carved. I plan to use it for fruit displays and bread making. A beautiful piece. It looks like it on the Amazon site.

👤The wood is not a color of walnuts. It is very light and looks like a machine. I don't think it's worth 71$. I can only say that it is the size stated and if it fits where I want it to.

👤The bowl is large and beautiful. Highly recommend this company.

11. CVHOMEDECO Garland Tassels Farmhouse Festival

CVHOMEDECO Garland Tassels Farmhouse Festival

Stonebriar Collections features artisan style craftsmanship, rich finishes, and bold colors that will make any room in your home look great. The total length is 59" and the diameter of the wooden beads is 5/8". It's made of natural wood beads with Jute rope and it's perfect for farmhouse, primitives, country, vintage art, home and outdoor decorations. Adding a touch of homey-ness to walls or any room with natural colors and texture adds a 3dimensional design come to life. It's ideal for walls, entryway, porch, windows, fireplace, mantel, yard, balcony, door knobs, staircase, baskets, trees, Thanksgiving day, Christmas party, wedding, holiday, centerpiece, vase addition, candle ring, and many other décor. They are a great gift for family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

Brand: Cvhomedeco.

👤The bead garland looks similar to the photos on Amazon. When it was recommended on the Thistlewood Farms website, I was inspired to order it. Thanks to the person who gave the tip.

👤The wooden beads are great. They are used to wrap around my front door wreath. They work well. I had to buy 2 strands to get the look I wanted, but one strand would be perfect for most people's decor needs. I will get these in every color they have.

👤The beads are exactly what I wanted. I needed a little bit of color for my tray. Every time I walk by it, my heart makes me smile.

👤The beads are strong and flexible, and can be used to twine around a vase. My book cabinet has mine laying across it. I'm going for a look that adds a bit of richness.

👤These beads are easy to find and the rage right now. These are the best because they are a bit longer than the others. You don't have to paint them. I love them!

👤These beads are the perfect length and color to use as tie backs. Just wrapped them around curtains and voila, perfect. Good quality and perfect color make them a useful solution to a problem.

👤This item is very versatile and was packaged well. It works well in my living room.

👤The bead garlands are gorgeous with my decor. Well made, heavy and beautiful burnt orange.

👤A piece of furniture for my coffee table.

👤Tiene una calidad. I creo las bolitas. porque han tardado Ms grande. Ahora estoy encantada, pero lo importante es that he podido sobrevivir. De momento, estn en la foto pues toda la tarde colocndola por todo el saln.


What is the best product for decorative accents for home decor farmhouse?

Decorative accents for home decor farmhouse products from Pegason. In this article about decorative accents for home decor farmhouse you can see why people choose the product. Blue Donuts and Bella Rosa Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative accents for home decor farmhouse.

What are the best brands for decorative accents for home decor farmhouse?

Pegason, Blue Donuts and Bella Rosa Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative accents for home decor farmhouse. Find the detail in this article. Creative Scents, Homko and Grbambi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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