Best Decorative Acoustic Panels for Walls

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1. EVENRISING Decorative Soundproof Recording Absorbing

EVENRISING Decorative Soundproof Recording Absorbing

If you're serious about acoustic, stay away from acoustic foam. Stay away from products that are not certified. The art sound panel has excellent sound absorption. Improve your sound experience, recording and room decor with features you want. It's perfect for home theaters, professional studios, and more. Excellent NRC-rated sound suppression. The design you want is unique. Let wall panels be the focal point of your room. You can create beautiful decorative patterns. The new eco-friendly material is made of 100% polyester and is non-toxic. The material is flame retardant. There is no harm to the baby. Don't buy products that are not certified. They either meet your expectations or get your money back if you don't like it.

Brand: Evenrising

👤My apartment rules made it necessary for me to use nails. They work well.

👤They do what they're supposed to do.

👤It works as described. I use them to make sure that the background noise in my videos is not as loud as it could be, and I also use them to make sure that the noise in my basement office is not as loud as it could be. I have only one issue with them, the ones I installed in the ceiling. A few of the tiles want to fall off, even though they are very generous with the force and tape used. The tape I am using is 3m brand and it meets the requirements. I tried an off brand double sided tape and it didn't work. The porous texture of the tiles make them problematic. Let me know if this review helped you by clicking below. Feel free to ask any questions.

👤My family room has an echo chamber. I have ceilings that go up to 15 feet. You have an acoustical nightmare if you combine that with travertine stone floors. I thought that if I put panels on the wall opposite my entertainment center that they would absorb the sound and cut down on the echo. That worked. I didn't cover enough surface area to make a difference. I'm not going to use wall paper in my room because I'd probably have to do the ceiling. I don't think the panels are to blame. They do what they do. I have an issue with the architect that designed the room and the idiot that bought the house.

👤The acoustic panels help with sound. Let's be clear, sound dampening is not the same as blocking. If installed in a room with little to no insulation or a large room where sound can travel a bit, these won't help. If you put them on the walls of a large room, they could make a better sound stage. It won't help if you have a large living room with a 20 foot ceiling. The TV will continue to echo. These come into play more in smaller rooms where sound insulation between two rooms isn't as good. This helps reduce the sounds coming from the adjacent room. If the TV is on in the next room, it can reduce the sound of the voice and bass. It will sound a bit less annoying because of the reduced frequencies. If you live in a dense apartment building, this could help with the sound leaking from your neighbor. The installation was important. These panels are heavy. A large amount of mounting tape is needed to secure them. If you choose to go the 3M route, use the velcro version and use 6 of them per panel.

👤The tiles are pretty cool. We have a hallway that acts like an echo chamber between the two parts of our house. I put these up on both sides of the hallway and they look really cool. You're not going to get a magical silence. They helped take the edge off of sound travel. There is a The tiles are not as large as I 888-276-5932s. They're 14 at their widest parts, but 12 inches across from edge to edge. They didn't come with any kind of tape to put them up, just the tiles. They were attached to the wall with squares of tape. They are light and don't need much.

2. Pack Acoustic Panels Inches Soundproof

Pack Acoustic Panels Inches Soundproof

Absorbing noise pollution by installing acoustic foams is a professional sound absorbing property. The difference between acoustic foams and soundproofing is that acoustic foams are used to control the sound of the wind. Their acoustic foam can be used to treat any area. They flutter and remove standing waves. Their acoustic foam panels are made with professional grade acoustic foam and are made for sound absorption in a variety of projects. The acoustic performance will be consistent because the foam is dense and consistent. echo is the most common problem in large rooms with high ceilings. The conversations in the room are interfered with by the sound waves created by an echo. The foam panels absorb sound from surrounding areas and make other sounds clearer. The quality of sound can be improved with the use of acoustic foam. It is used to treat recording studios. The sound generated at any range of frequencies is absorbed by the foam panels. Acoustic foam panels are easy to install and can be used on a variety of surfaces. There is no need for special tools for installation. Double tape/strips or glue are not included in the package.

Brand: Audiosoul

👤This is similar to the Station Night Club. If you haven't heard of it, look it up. Sound foam in a space needs to be compliant with fire code law. The stuff in the box smells like chemicals and is made of foam. Carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide gas are created by burning foam. A candle or spark could be used to set this up. A whole square burns in less than a minute. If there is a fire in the studio, good luck to everyone. This needs to be taken off of Amazon immediately and the company is being investigated for false advertising.

👤Ok. These aren't top studio quality pannels, those will set you back a lot more. You're actually getting a good deal for the price and quantity. Out of the 2 times I've bought this product, only the second time I ordered, I can confirm that a few do come thinner. I didn't have any issues with the foam not growing to its proper size. I put them in a spare room for a few days and let them sit there and expand. I measured the thickness of the foam and it is exactly 1 inch from the base of the foam to the top of the wedge, which is the same as the advertised thickness. The panels are not all the same size, but they do reach 31 cm each side, which is the equivalent of 12in. This product has great value for the price. The thickness of the foam is advertised as 1 inch or 3 cm, the panels are generally 12x12in or 31x31 cm, the faulty units are few and can be counted on a single hand, and they do indeed expand. I would like to add a section to help people who can't get these to stick on their walls. Any double sided tape or command strips will not stick. The panels will stick to the wall, but the foam is too porous and will come off very quickly. DynaGrip is a heavy duty constructive adhesive that comes in a squeezing tube and a tbe, which is more sturdy than its alternatives, and it's also cheaper. I add glue in small amounts. I'm sure you could get away with just the corners and the centre, as well as the corners and the middle, if you wanted to. You can spread the foam with your finger, stick, or paint knife, and then stick it to the wall with the help of the glue on the foam. If you want to be cautious, just press the panel on each of the zones you put glue on and do it twice. The glue sticks to wood, cement, and metal. If you want to stick your panels to the roof, make sure you give the roof panels a hard squeeze to make sure they don't get torn off while it's drying. There is a This is an awesome deal that wont break your bank, if you want to make a home studio or just fix a room that is terrible. They help the sound. REMEMEMBER will not soundproof your room, they only treat the echo you can hear inside a room. The panels should be complemented with carpets and rugs. I'm uploading images of the panels individually, how they look hung up on a wall, what the defects are, the measured thickness of the foam, the way I spread the glue, and anyone that requires help with that. I had these panels on my roof and walls for 4 weeks and they are still holding up. The missing star is due to the faulty units.

3. TroyStudio Acoustic Sound Diffuser Panel

TroyStudio Acoustic Sound Diffuser Panel

Size - 12'' X 12'' X 1'', pack of 4; coverage 4 square feet; lightweight - 0.25 pounds per panel. Facial fusion: The sound-energy distribution in a room can be improved by using wall panels, which help create a more balanced sound profile for your audio enjoyment. EXCEPTIONAL TREATMENT The acoustic tiles are great at treating distortion, such as comb filters and acoustic focusing. It's perfect for recording studio, listening room, home theater, living room, office... MODERN DESIGN These art diffusers are ideal for wall and ceiling decoration. QUICK INSTALLATION It is easy to mount using 3M spray adhesive or 3M vhb double-sided tape.

Brand: Troystudio

👤TroyStudio acoustic sound diffusor panels are very good. There is a They were packed with two layers of bubble-wrap for the four diffusors, sealed in a heavy plastic bag, in a solid cardboard box. The top drawer was all the way down. No skimping at all. The diffusors were stacked as if they were one thick diffusor. Unless they get run over by a steam roller, these shouldn't get damaged in transit. These have very thin edges as borders. There is a 1-star rating for 'Adhesion'. We used push tacks along the edges to hold the diffusors in place, and no rattling even on loud sweeps. The push-pins work well, but YMMV, of course, because they did not buzz or rattle. If you're sure you want them there forever, you can glue them, but we prefer a more conservative method. We drilled small holes at the corners and mid-points for mounting. If you are going to do this, you need to take a medium sized nail, hammer-tap a small guide, and use whatever drill bit you want to use to make your hole. If you attempt to drill into the plastic, you should expect the drill bit to run along the plastic and ruin your efforts. The soundstage width, depth, and clarity were all added with the help of the diffusion they provided. We used a lot, and never experienced anything like comb filtering, despite using many packs. We use a lot of large wooden diffusors, as well as Home Depot concrete tube form half-round diffusors, which all combine for a great effect at very little cost. TroyStudio diffusors are a great bargain for anyone looking for cheap but effective diffusion, that is not offensive to the eye, and easy to install. They offer a value-to-performance ratio. Highly recommended! Happy listening, Mr. Smith.

👤I use these for my home studio where I shoot videos. I put them all over the room to see if they worked. I recorded my voice before and after putting them up, but didn't notice a difference. I decided to return them to find something that worked better because they look cute and I love the design.

👤The texture of the diffusers feels like hard plastic and it's only made to absorb sound waves. There is a The back side of the panels do not have any glue, so you will need to use command strips to adhere them to your walls, I felt as if that was a blow considering the price. There is a They look really cool in my home studio.

👤I bought this product to see if I could improve the acoustics in a square room. I was not able to measure the room to make sure it passed the test. I was able to get more sound volume in the room before things started to fall apart at the listening position. The room is very damp with curtains, a couple of bass traps and a self built absorber placed at a non-treated 1st reflection point. The results were very good and the products were kept. The build quality is very good. I chose the black color option and it is uniform. The panels are light enough that I could hang until I found the final location. I used the two-sided velcro in the final location.

4. ZHERMAO Hexagon Acoustic Proofing Treatment

ZHERMAO Hexagon Acoustic Proofing Treatment

Their soundproof panels are easy to cut and install. The installation of their panels is easy. There are no special tools needed. Attach the acoustic panels to the smooth surface with tapes. 3M tapes, spray tapes, and nails are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately. Solid and mixed color acoustic panels are the best choice to decorate your room, door, wall, office and studio. The professional sound dampening panels are great for spot treating sound in your recording studios, control rooms, offices, home theaters, and home offices. The hexagonal shape and hexagonal shaped edge design was created. Are you looking for something that is stylish? Choose us! The honey comb design makes their foam panels great for room decoration and acoustic treatment. The acoustic panels bring better protection to your family and friends by using a chamfer design. Good looking panels are an important part of room decoration. Their soundproof wall panels are made from 215 kilogram/m3 high density felt fabric and do well in reducing noise, eliminating sound impurities and improving speech intelligibility. They insist on using high quality panels to make sure it's flame retardant, odorless, non-toxic, and fade resistant. The acoustic foam panels have a noise reduction coefficients of 0.92 and 0.8. If you have a question about the studio foam panels, feel free to contact them. If you don't like their acoustic absorption panels, please email them and they will give you a professional solution. They are ready for your questions about the sound panels.

Brand: Zhermao

👤Due to my husband's snoring, it works great to sound proof a room. We put him in the sound proof room because he used to be in the house.

👤Excellent product. It's easy to use, light weight but absorb sound. I used white for the third bedroom, but there are other colors. There is a gent upstairs who comes to life at 10pm. I wanted some sound proof for the comfort of everyone in this room. The shipping was quick and the installation was easy, even though I'm not good with math. One person can do this and it's a good butt workout as you go up and down the ladder. It is doable with one person using glue and handing it to another person on the ladder. There was one glue stick for the pannels. It was very easy to cut the edges. A straight razor, or exacto knife, is a simple measure.

👤These look great. If you don't plan on doing a whole wall, they look better than other options, they play the part of wall decorations, and also dull the echo in my basement. They help as much as a cheap area rug would. They don't come with anything to stick them to the wall so make sure you pick up some double sided tape as well.

👤Some of the cheap tiles are not like these. The edges are cut well and look like they should cost more. The thickness is perfect and I have used double sided Velcro tape to attach them to the walls. They are working well.

👤Trash only drained my pocket and wasted my time. Didn't bother with noise at all. It's a waste of money.

👤It is a nice decoration. Sound insulation is very thin and dense. The back is hard and they are light, but a single mounting square in the center of each one was more than enough. Good product!

👤It's fun to play with and make designs. I haven't added anything yet but the aesthetic is great and it's a great price.

👤Good quality and sizes are accurate. I am happy with my purchase. They are large but not enough.

5. Acoustic Soundproof Acoustical Isolation Decorative

Acoustic Soundproof Acoustical Isolation Decorative

If you want to improve sound quality, you can hang acoustic panels from the ceiling or mount them on the walls. Adding AcouXtro sound absorption panels to a room can turn a bad sounding space into one that is comfortable, effective for communication and sound quality improvement. The NRC is a lab test. The panels can be cut with a utility knife, matching the size and shape at will, and multi-color options are available for free. The AcouXtro acoustic panels are heat-insulating, moisturizing, flexible, tough, anti-impactive, tear resistant, good protection for wall surface. No extra glue or tools are required to fix the 3d wall panels, AcouXtro acoustic panels are self-adhesive, just peel off the back film and stick each tile to a clean flat. The 12*12*0.4 inch wall panels are easy to cut to size and shape, and can be aligned to the wall corners or door edges. AcouXtro acoustical panels have a high density of 230 kilogram/m3 and are made of Premium Material. It's ideal aesthetic room decor and acoustical treament solution for professional recording studios, offices, control rooms, home studios, home theaters, home offices, rehearsal rooms, concert halls, podcasting, live stream rooms, churches, vocal booths, piano room, man caves, dog kennels.

Brand: Acouxtro

👤The tiles cut down on noise and bounces. I used my sound level meter to find the loudest spots on the walls. The sound level was reduced by 30 to 40db after installing these tiles.

👤This product does what it says it will do. The purpose is not to completely eliminate the room's resonance. I rented out half of my house and wanted to eliminate sound from one side to the other. This was not their intent. The pads are easy to cut with a straightedge and utility knife. They barely made a difference in noise cancellation. My mistake was thinking they would. If you are like me and want to eliminate noise through a doorway, I would recommend the isolĂ© sound barrier sheet. They are more expensive, but I was surprised by the reduction in sound. It is worth the cost. I bought it from the website.

👤The noise from our washing machine's cabinet is reduced by these. Good glue for vertical mounting. Cut with a knife. It doesn't do much for low frequencies, but it does cut the noise of the high pitched washer spin cycle.

👤The product is exactly as described and works wonders. It is very easy to install as you just need to peel the paper off the back of the panel and stick it to the wall you want. Highly recommended.

👤The echo from the speakers is lessened.

👤Aslan bastante, tienen ms dudas, pero no tienes a canal de ElDantoo.

👤They can only be stuck once. 70% fell off the second time. They are not the same size, so you have a up and down line.

👤Was hoping for more noise cancellation. They were helpful and worth the price.

6. Art3dwallpanels Diamond Interior Textured Panels

Art3dwallpanels Diamond Interior Textured Panels

Please don't give them a 1-star rating if you're not happy with their products. The acoustic engineers will analyze the situation for you. They will give a 100% refund if it can't be solved. You can add it to the cart now. SIZE: 19.7''19.7''. There are 12 packs of a box. Ft. is a large area. If you have questions about the coverage, please contact them. Premium material made of thin and light, yet sturdy. A stylish design with 1 inch raise adds a new feature to your home. It's easy to do and it's waterproof, fire-resistant, high-strength and visual-catching. There is an application for this. Any kind of interior decoration in both residential and commercial. Every customer is in good hands, they guarantee delivery of a good quality item, money back for any defect and damage, and so on. Every customer is in good hands, they guarantee delivery of a good quality item, money back for any defect and damage, and so on.

Brand: Art3dwallpanels

👤As ordered, it arrived. I used liquid nails. Getting clean cuts is my biggest problem. If you needed to use over light switches or electrical outlets, I would suggest this.

👤This turned out great! I painted them white. It's a staple in my studio. I stapled them because I lease my space. All my clients are very impressed.

👤Fcil de instalar, de cortar, and montar utilicĂ© silicn are normal.

👤It was easy to install.

👤Pop can be added to any room. They are easy to adhere to the wall with.

👤El elegante y exclusiva. I do 100%.

👤I had to use a cock to make it stick. I tried the glue the company recommended for it, but it didn't hold the wall panels. The 3D design makes it difficult to cut the panel in a straight line. The panels look great on the ceiling of my bus.

👤Gut aber perfekt. There is a The wand is 2,50 cm x 250 cm. I was hat DIE MACKE. There is a Video zeigt die Macke.

👤Donde lo pongas se ve elegante. No viene. No ms clavos, pegarlo tiene "no Silicon". No acostumbre usarlo tienes, pero hay cortar con un EXACTo. General: excelente.

👤jedna paczka jest na ok. 3m2 co jest tez napisane.

7. Art3d Decorative Panels Diamond Design

Art3d Decorative Panels Diamond Design

If you don't like their products, don't give them a 1 star review, their professional acoustic engineers will analyze the situation for you, and if it can't be solved, they will give you a 100% refund. Premium quality 3d wall panels are fire resistant and light weight. You can come in a box of 33 tiles. There is a size of 11.8" x 11.8" and a color of matt white. Light weight and fire resistant. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV backdrop, sofa background, basement walls, feature walls, ceiling are recommended uses. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV backdrop, sofa background, basement walls, feature walls, ceiling are recommended uses.

Brand: Art3d

👤If you want to put tiles on the wall, use 3m mounting tape, they look great and are not brittle, it is the best way to put them on the wall. To.

👤The project took a week to complete. More than 160 panels were involved in my project. The panels themselves are very sturdy, and the final product is an incredibly unique accent wall that matches my entire living room. Take the panels out and let them "air out" for 24 hours before installing. You want to make sure they are adjusted to your environment when installing hundreds of them. They were stacked in alternating patterns to provide maximum air flow. See the picture. - I put thin wood panels on the wall because my house is brand new and I wanted to avoid glue on the wall. I ripped the sheets into 8'x2' panels after buying them at Lowe's. I was able to install them myself. See the pictures. I used Gorilla Glue Industrial Liquid Nails/Adhesion to adhere the panels. If I ever tried to remove these panels, the drywall would be destroyed. It's important to glue all the surfaces along the back. Don't let the thin line get outside the edge, or you'll have a mess on your hands. I used a laser to align the panels. Every small deviation will result in a major offsets later, so it's important to find a reliable method of applying tiles straight. I started in the top right corner and worked my way down. I tried using super-thin tile spacers in the beginning, but found that it was harder to keep the panels in place than just butting them up against each other with a laser level. Take your time and do it the right way. When you fill the gaps with caulk, they look better, even if you try hard. Take a look at the pictures of the wall before caulking to see how bad the gaps are. Paint the panels before you install them. I can't recommend this enough. I put panels up first and then painted them. You cannot use a roller to paint the 160+ panels because they were painted by hand with latex paint. If you do paint, you will need several coats since standard latex paint will not adhere completely on the first application. Three applications were taken by my tiles. I have never experienced such pain in my hand after painting. If I could do it all over again, I would spray paint the tiles before installation and then touch up the seams after I finished. It would have saved a lot of time, as painting took a long time. Take your time. I used a compound saw. It worked well. I think it would be difficult to cut a bunch of panels with a razor blade or scissors, as I did along the final column/ bottom row, if you had to do it by hand. I originally planned to use the raised outlet covers to blend them with the panels. I found that painting the wall behind the panels made it look good, and there was no need to use a riser. The risers I bought were flimsy and difficult to install. I think they would have made the final product look worse. The project took 80 man hours. More than half of that was painting. Hanging panels can be done much faster if you are doing a basic pattern that doesn't require cutting or backer board. I highly recommend the product.

8. NeoHome Decorative Acoustic Diffusion BPA Free

NeoHome Decorative Acoustic Diffusion BPA Free

If you have a question about the acoustic foam panels, please feel free to contact them. If you're not happy with their product, please email them and they'll give you professional solutions. High-quality 3D wall panels are perfect for putting a personalized spin on home decor. Pack of 12 acoustic panel work to provide texture and a striking design, as well as enhance sound-energy distribution in any space. You should live in the living room. 3D wall panels from NeoHome add a great decorative touch to living rooms, office spaces, bedrooms and more. The design can be made a little more pop by using creative lighting behind the panels. The sound is amplified and distributed evenly in any room with the help of Neo Home 3D wall panels, which are sound diffuser panels. The chic panels that act as an acoustic diffuser are great for enjoying your favorite music, video or audio call. The material is non-BPA. Premium material is lightweight and non-flammable. Does not contain harmful chemicals. If you want to apply best, lay multiple panels along the wall and secure with self-adhesive or all-purpose glue. Perfect for design or soundproofing, use Neo Home 3D Wall Panels as a studio wall. It's easy to set up, simply apply the glue and let it set. These panels are elegant and modern, so you can enjoy a beautiful aesthetic in the room of your choice. Perfect for design or soundproofing, use Neo Home 3D Wall Panels as a studio wall. It's easy to set up, simply apply the glue and let it set. These panels are elegant and modern, so you can enjoy a beautiful aesthetic in the room of your choice.

Brand: Neohome

👤These will do what they need. The reviews about not being able to put any glue is correct. There is no edge to put on. If you were going to glue this on the lip, you are going to give up. If you can find cheap foam board or something similar, go to your dollar tree or dollar general. Take your time and hot glue the board to the lip. It's easier to glue the tile on to the board and then lift it up. Use a utility knife to cut the rest off. Now you have the backing to hang. I was not sure how other people were hanging without doing this.

👤The product is a great value. I was looking for acoustic diffusion for my studio, which doubles as a live room, and also achieve an aesthetic effect being that wall is the first thing seen past the entry hall. I haven't tried any recordings in the room yet, but they seem to reflect the sound in a way that's similar to how it sounded back then. There is a The PCB material is strong and smooth, but it is thick. I think to liven up a space and fix an awful theater room sound. There is a The wall you see is from two different packs. The first few shots were photoshopped, but the last few were not. Highly recommended! Cheers.

👤The seller will not make it right. Don't waste your money.

👤My husband and I are very handy. We are above average with home renovations. These are stunning on the wall, but they are a pain to install. There is a The scissors or shears are easy to use. The design is beautiful. The edges of the glue are small. There is a The edges are too narrow. Unless you staple or tape it in place, the glue won't hold because there isn't enough surface area for the glue to adhere well.

👤I used loctite and it didn't cause any problems. These were easy to install and affordable. I'm happy with the way my room turned out.

👤I used Power grab from Lowes and it was very easy to grab on to the wall and install them over the popcorn seal without any issues.

👤I use these as stage clothes. The catch light was very bright.

👤It was a nice piece of 3D panel, but it would have been better if the side edges were more connected. There is a I used 2 sided heavy duty clear tape to hold the pieces together, because the edges were so thin, I had to use gorilla super glue.

👤If you're only using a near field monitor, it's really good sound. There is a small room. This is a lot cheaper than other places.

9. Evenreach Soundproof 48X32Inches Decorative Acoustical

Evenreach Soundproof 48X32Inches Decorative Acoustical

THE You're looking for a treatment that's long-term. Don't use acoustic foam if you are serious about acoustic treatment. The Premium Acoustical wall panel has exceptional sound absorption. A step up in your sound experience and recordings. Definitely a better use of your money. Home theaters, professional studios, and more. Excellent NRC rating for sound. There are fake NRC ratings out there. Modern design with elegant pattern and beveled edge looks good. Get creative and make good-looking decorative patterns with BUBOS acoustic panel. Reduce your reflections for a better sound experience. You can leave a lot of beautiful memories in a comfortable environment with wall decay. You can use stylish design as a decorative wall art. It can be used in recording studios, KTVs, offices, home theaters, and more. Attach it with 3M or glue and it is done. Special tools or materials are not needed for installation, it is easy to shape and cut to size. If you don't like their products, don't give them a 1 star review, their professional acoustic engineers will analyze the situation for you, and if it can't be solved, they will give you a 100% refund.

Brand: Evenreach

👤I need two more panels to complete my project. Two packs are needed for one interior door. There is a The panels do help with sound reduction, but they are not sound proof. Our home office has hardwood floors and three hollow interior doors which had a 1.5inch gap on the bottom. The noise could be heard in and out of this room. I looked at all of my options and cost comparisons and settled on these panels. They look nice and cost less than other sound reducing options. I cut the panels to hang below the door line to minimize the 1.5 inch gap and then cut the panels to cover the door frame. I had fresh blades and a metal ruler. The only problem was the round doorknobs.

👤I bought 2 packs to help reduce noise in my house, I now have a neighbor who complains all the time. She still complains if my dog barks when someone comes to the door or if my 10 year old is playing with her toys, even though I keep my TV on 13 volume. The old and 5 year old grandsons are here. A lot of tape and coloring is not true to a photo. I paid for it, so hopefully it will help. I give it a 3 do to colors not as vibrant as expected.

👤I'm quite pleased that there was a negative review that the image is too dull, that set my expectations really low, but I liked that. It could be more vibrant, but it is a beautiful image on cheap fabric. I think it's a great addition to my billiards room.

👤It's not as big as I thought. I would have had more area covered if I had gotten the standard black foam ones. Would not recommend it.

👤It worked well with the sound.

👤I wasn't impressed when I first saw it. It looked dull. It looked nice when we put it together. I have it in my office. I don't know how well it absorbs sound. It definitely looks good.

👤I liked the look of the beach pictures in the product images and chose these to sound proof a wall that's shared between two bedrooms. I was looking forward to installing these because they would have been great with the prints I already have. They are dull and have a poor image. I wanted bright beach images with a vibrant blue sky, but what I got was beige, brown, and grey. There is no bright blue in the sky, and nowhere near the clarity, sharpness, and definition I expected. The items look like they have been in the bar for 20 years. I'm not going to use them because they look so bad. They will clash with my decor. There is a What a waste. There is a Evenreach 8 Pack Art Acoustic Panels Soundproof Wall Panels, 48X32 Inches Sound Absorbing Panels,Decorative Acoustical Wall Panels, Acoustic Treatment for Recording Studios...

10. BUBOS Acoustic Soundproofing Treatment Marble 2

BUBOS Acoustic Soundproofing Treatment Marble 2

The newEST will be in 2021. Are you still using the ugly acoustic foam? It's too bad. There is a dog The newest art acoustic panel is unique. 10 times better than acoustic foam. Products are made from renewable resources. They only use materials with the highest density. The BUBOS art acoustic allows you to leave a lot of beautiful memories in a comfortable environment. The design can be used as a decorative wall artwork. It can be used in many places. It is hard to imagine that there is any reason to reject this perfect artistic acoustics. If you are mixing in a recording studio, you must reduce the ambient sound. The recording will be ruined by any unnecessary noise. The panels absorb the sound produced by low, middle, and high frequencies, making it very suitable for recording. They are easy to install and can be used as soundproof covers for walls. It does not require special tools or materials for installation. Please don't give them a 1-star rating if you're not happy with their products. The acoustic engineers will analyze the situation for you. They will give a 100% refund if it can't be solved. You can add it to the cart now.

Brand: Bubos

👤The flooring in our kitchen area is very bad, and I have a new upstairs neighbor who moved in recently. Anything dropped on the floor is very startling, because each footstep above sends vibrations through the whole apartment. I decided to give these panels a try. I ordered 3 sets of 12 to cover an area of roughly 6' x 11' and planned to arrange them in sets of 12 with spacing between them. It was too expensive to cover the entire portion of the ceiling, so I settled on this arrangement. I attached Command Poster Strips to the ceiling using double stick tape strips, which worked well. I had to use only 6 strips on some panels because I didn't have enough strips. I didn't want to take the chance that they will fall off since I had to get someone else to assist me with this task. The Command Poster Strips have worked well so far. There is a I have noticed that the apartment's sound has been muffled a bit because of the reduction in the vibrations. I think the panels help absorb the sound from an upstairs apartment because the vibrations stopped after I put them up. There is a If you want to achieve more than mild noise reduction, you will need a lot. It can be quite expensive to have at least 50% coverage of the area. The quality of the panels is good as they are dense, evenly cut, and have a clean bevel. The Grey looks great on my ceiling. If you've done your research and think these panels are for you, I recommend the Bubos brand.

👤I like the look and the color of my condo. I don't hear anything from my neighbor because the look adds richness to the room. I'm happy.

👤It felt like an empty room when I spoke of it. It sounded like a full room with only a few panels. I love this product, but I have a problem with the 3m double tape I bought, the one panel just keeps falling and the other ones don't lay completely flat, since I ran out of tape. The 3m tape is better. I would use the carpet tape if you plan on moving the panels. The felt material is soft and beautiful to touch. It is also very study. I thought 5pks would be enough but I have to finish the wall and have to wait until it is available again. There is a I had to change my reviews. The panels kept falling. I put them up on Monday. I don't know what to do now that four fell at the same time on top of my boyfriend. I like the panels because they can stay up on the wall.

👤I used it to soundproof my bedroom door. It does not completely block the sounds. It's a good value at around 36 bucks for a dozen, but I also bought the dekiru brand for the same price. I found that brand to have more sound absorbing function.

11. ZHERMAO Acoustic Dampening Decoration Treatment

ZHERMAO Acoustic Dampening Decoration Treatment

You can easily cut and remove the panels with a sharp knife, and if you want to remove, you can simply detach each panel and install the new location with no holes in your walls. FASHIONABLE APPEARANCE The hexagonal acoustic panels have a design that can absorb unnecessary echo and also play a role in decorating the wall surface. It's safe for adults, kids, and pets, and it's made with 100% Polyester Fiber, which is flame Retardant, making it great for any location in the home or studio. Eco-friendly and inDOOR use. The sound panels are free of Formaldehyde. Excellent acoustic treatment for on-site sound processing on the wall of a recording studio or office is a flame retardant class. The quality was verified. These noise-insulation panels can be used for a lot of things, from professional studios, rehearsal rooms, concert halls, podcasting, churches, home theaters, vocal booths, home studios, offices, man caves, dog kennels, utility closets and more. You can make other sounds clearer by deadening unwanted sound.

Brand: Zhermao

👤The tiles look great, and they cut echo very well. If you have a room with wood floors that is too loud, they can help. When I was on the phone, I put twelve in the office to stop the echos. It is possible to adhere them to your walls without damaging the paint or wallboard. Put strips of blue painter tape across the wall. I've tried a few types of strong tape, but it won't work for long. They fall off. Hot melt glue works. It sticks to the painter tape because it gets into the fibers well. I don't recommend spray adhesives. When you're tired of the panels, peel them away and the tape shouldn't have messed up the wall.

👤They do a good job. I think they are sound deadening, which means that you will still hear some noises, but they will be muffled. It seemed like a big change to me. Thin walls and noisy neighbors.

👤It's perfect for the home studios and home theaters that need some acoustic treatment with a flair of style. The echo in my room has changed. These look amazing. I added more because I see people talking about tape and not knowing how to mount it on ceilings or walls. You can use GoRILLA Gully spray. Doesn't yellow the walls. It works.

👤I would recommend them. I wish they had yellow. I wanted to do the kids room. Our house is very echoy and it has helped reduce the noise. I used to be able to hear my son whisper. I can't do that now! It has helped reduce the nose of 2 kids next door into our room. I'm putting some in the dining room, which is tiled and loud, and some in our room.

👤I am in love with these! My son is a gaming enthusiast and these help with sound. The panels look like foam egg crate looking panels.

👤These are good acoustic panels. You're buying them for their look. They are very symmetrical and look fantastic. The tape is very light so you won't need much. They do reduce echoes and look better than the square egg crate stuff. Only wish 2 things. They would be great if they were thicker. I wish this listing had a blue option.

👤The window has a lot of traffic noise. We made it work with a poster board and some glue. About 80% of the noise is blocked out.

👤The panels do what they're supposed to, but with a few problems. Problem 1 is that you need at least 4 packs to have enough panels to reduce echo on a small wall. There is no way to make the panels stick to the wall. You need to buy mounting tape for the panels. That is the most efficient way to make them work. There is a Everything will work out for you if you plan for the two problems.

👤The material is cheap. It does not absorb any echo. It was a waste of money.


What is the best product for decorative acoustic panels for walls?

Decorative acoustic panels for walls products from Evenrising. In this article about decorative acoustic panels for walls you can see why people choose the product. Audiosoul and Troystudio are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative acoustic panels for walls.

What are the best brands for decorative acoustic panels for walls?

Evenrising, Audiosoul and Troystudio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative acoustic panels for walls. Find the detail in this article. Zhermao, Acouxtro and Art3dwallpanels are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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