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1. BUBOS Soundproof Absorbing Acoustical Treatment

BUBOS Soundproof Absorbing Acoustical Treatment

The high density and eco-friendly polyester fiber of their soundproofing foam has an advantage of reducing and absorbing noise, and it is also safe to breathe in and touch, too. The sound proof foam panels do well on the test of noise reduction, achieving a grade of NRC 0.95 which is better than all of the sound panels on the market. No special tools or materials are needed for installation. You don't have to wrestle with it to get it where you need it, just attach the acoustic foam panels with nails, spray glue or 3M double sided tape. Their sound absorbing panel is lightweight and bendable, so it will stay on a variety of surfaces. It is easy to shape and cut to size. Excellent acoustic treatment for multiple occasions, not only for spot treating sound on walls in your studio and office, but also for use in recording studios, control rooms, offices, home studios, home theaters, and offices. Their sound proof foam panels are a good idea for wall decoration because of the various colors. It's safe for adults, kids, and pets because the sound panels are sound proof and flame retardant. Their studio foam panels on the ceiling, behind the TV or under the rug are great places to store your memories. If you are not satisfied with their products, please do not give them a 1 star review, their professional acoustic engineers will analyze the situation for you, and if it cannot be solved, they will give you a 100% refund. You can add it to the cart now.

Brand: Bubos

👤If you watch my test with headphones, you can hear a high resonance leave the microphone. I used one panel in the test and it was pretty good. It is not foam. It feels like a hardboard because of the compressed fibers. It's pretty lightweight. But dense. I am not sure how lightweight it will be. The panels are very strong. It is definitely not a good idea to cheap out on tape. I bought all of the lines and geometry from the 6 packs. The vocal booth will be smaller. I wanted this to be able to absorb those high frequencies. If you get what I'm putting down, I can't speak for room to room noise canceling. I have to put them up. These will work out great, according to what I heard in my test. Overall, it's a pretty good price. I am not paid or given anything to be biased, but I thought this would be helpful for everyone.

👤When my family brought home a puppy, I bought these. She was expected to whine and bark for a while as she adjusted to her new home. We live in a historic apartment building, so I am limited in what I can do to sound proof. They are working great on the shared walls. They stick with small 3M glues and hold up well, so order some with these. I put them on the door to test and was impressed by the noise cancellation they provided when I tested them with a speaker. They do provide good suppression if you don't create an airtight wall, but don't expect them to cancel out all noise if you don't.

👤It made the room 35% quieter. I only covered 70% of the wall.

👤I put these on the wall in the laundry room of my small condo. I have a small washer that takes a long time to wash a load. The sound can be a little bit noisy, but placing these on half the wall area noticeably reduced it. Before choosing which method to use, you should research the best way to solve the problem. Reducing vibration can give you a good bang for your buck. I should have checked the ratings of the machines before buying them.

👤They hold up well when used with black tape. If you don't have a box cutter and a piece of ply wood to cut on, the edges may need to be trimmed. At first, they were not all manufactured to the same size, but it ended up being slight curves in the house walls that threw off some of the row alignment lines. There is a The sound dampening works well, but not as well as real thick acoustic foam. It's a good trade off on the looks. There is a When dealing with these tiles, wash your hands often. They are almost like white cloth and they will pick up dirt on your hands. A white rag and some alcohol are needed. Most of the marks on the tiles can be cleaned off with this. Push and hold them in place for 15 seconds each. I did not push them hard enough and did not wait long enough for the double sided tape to set, which resulted in the first few dropping off. My solar electrical room ceiling is mine. I needed to keep the daytime heat out and keep the sound of the fans down. It works well for two problems. The temp dropped by 3 degrees and the sound dropped by 30%. It made the room look high tech.

2. LINKCHANCE 12 Decorative Design Polyester Material Acoustic Theater White

LINKCHANCE 12 Decorative Design Polyester Material Acoustic Theater White

It is suitable for places with high acoustic processing requirements. The sound insulation quality passed the test and can absorb 98% of the sound. Sound absorption can remove sound impurities, improve acoustic effects, and improve the clarity of language. This product is not obvious in isolating noise because it is aimed at sound absorption. The acoustic panels are the perfect balance of function and design, you can cut them into different shapes to decorate your environment. You can choose from a variety of colors, and they come in a modern feel to a home or office with their vibrant colors. The same material is used for sound-Absorbing board as it is for clothing. The foam board has advantages such as tasteless, non-toxic, and formaldehyde free. It can protect your health after treatment. It can be installed on the ceiling, wall and door of the home office, living room, game room, home theater, conference room, piano room, bedroom, children's room and studio. Installation of sound blocking insulation board is easy. There are no special tools or materials needed. Before starting, please make the surface clean, dry and free of dust. Attach soundproof wall panels with 3M spray adhesive, 3M double-sided tape, and small screws. If you have a question about the acoustic panels, please feel free to contact them. If you're not happy with their product, please email them and they'll give you professional solutions. They will give a 100% refund if it can't be solved.

Brand: Linkchance

👤The studio mic picked up the noise in my room, but I didn't notice a difference. It picked up the smallest sounds and the people on the radio said it sounded like I was in a hall.

👤These are okay. They make the sound quieter. I didn't like having to buy separate 3m strips because I thought these were self-adhesive panels. They are falling a lot even with three strips on the back.

👤To enhance the look of the studio.

👤The gray and orange look great together.

👤The sound between my kids bedroom walls was reduced by these. They were easy to install and allow my toddler to get a good nights sleep even when his brother is up all night.

👤Attaching: The 12-pack of acoustic panels doesn't come with attachment, but you can attach soundproof wall panels with 3M spray adhesive, 3M double-sided tape, and small screws. If you were expecting to unpack and go, this adds a step. There is a The cost of cleaning. A uniform shape and an adequate job of dampening sound is what it is. Dust will not clean easily, so you need to use an area where it can be minimalized. The price is higher than foam panels. The price of cloth covered panels of the same size seems to be average. There is a The aesthetic of the hexagon allows it to be used in a more public area, instead of being isolated in a basement or garage. If you have a special area in your living space, you might want to look for a different product. These are perfect for controlling the blast of the TV bouncing off the back wall. The TV on the opposite side of the bedroom helped cut down on late-night noises. There is a Pick the right product for your needs and wants. The base purpose of the products are working well.

👤They did their job while they were up. The "staying up" part didn't last very long. I tried ducttape for 2 hours and it fell down. The spray failed when applied to cardboard. I don't know how they expect you to hang these up, because I don't think it's an option for me. I can't stick to these panels with anything. If you have a better way to put them up, they might be worth it. I like the sound of these panels over foam ones.

👤These work well. They blend in with the pattern I had existing on the wall, even though they aren't as thick or effective as others I've purchased. It doesn't have anything to hang the panels with. The price is not as much of a value as it appears to be. If you don't mind getting your own solution, this one will work.

3. EVENRISING Decorative Soundproof Recording Absorbing

EVENRISING Decorative Soundproof Recording Absorbing

If you're serious about acoustic, stay away from acoustic foam. Stay away from products that are not certified. The art sound panel has excellent sound absorption. Improve your sound experience, recording and room decor with features you want. It's perfect for home theaters, professional studios, and more. Excellent NRC-rated sound suppression. The design you want is unique. Let wall panels be the focal point of your room. You can create beautiful decorative patterns. The new eco-friendly material is made of 100% polyester and is non-toxic. The material is flame retardant. There is no harm to the baby. Don't buy products that are not certified. They either meet your expectations or get your money back if you don't like it.

Brand: Evenrising

👤My apartment rules made it necessary for me to use nails. They work well.

👤They do what they're supposed to do.

👤It works as described. I use them to make sure that the background noise in my videos is not as loud as it could be, and I also use them to make sure that the noise in my basement office is not as loud as it could be. I have only one issue with them, the ones I installed in the ceiling. A few of the tiles want to fall off, even though they are very generous with the force and tape used. The tape I am using is 3m brand and it meets the requirements. I tried an off brand double sided tape and it didn't work. The porous texture of the tiles make them problematic. Let me know if this review helped you by clicking below. Feel free to ask any questions.

👤My family room has an echo chamber. I have ceilings that go up to 15 feet. You have an acoustical nightmare if you combine that with travertine stone floors. I thought that if I put panels on the wall opposite my entertainment center that they would absorb the sound and cut down on the echo. That worked. I didn't cover enough surface area to make a difference. I'm not going to use wall paper in my room because I'd probably have to do the ceiling. I don't think the panels are to blame. They do what they do. I have an issue with the architect that designed the room and the idiot that bought the house.

👤The acoustic panels help with sound. Let's be clear, sound dampening is not the same as blocking. If installed in a room with little to no insulation or a large room where sound can travel a bit, these won't help. If you put them on the walls of a large room, they could make a better sound stage. It won't help if you have a large living room with a 20 foot ceiling. The TV will continue to echo. These come into play more in smaller rooms where sound insulation between two rooms isn't as good. This helps reduce the sounds coming from the adjacent room. If the TV is on in the next room, it can reduce the sound of the voice and bass. It will sound a bit less annoying because of the reduced frequencies. If you live in a dense apartment building, this could help with the sound leaking from your neighbor. The installation was important. These panels are heavy. A large amount of mounting tape is needed to secure them. If you choose to go the 3M route, use the velcro version and use 6 of them per panel.

👤The tiles are pretty cool. We have a hallway that acts like an echo chamber between the two parts of our house. I put these up on both sides of the hallway and they look really cool. You're not going to get a magical silence. They helped take the edge off of sound travel. There is a The tiles are not as large as I 888-276-5932s. They're 14 at their widest parts, but 12 inches across from edge to edge. They didn't come with any kind of tape to put them up, just the tiles. They were attached to the wall with squares of tape. They are light and don't need much.

4. Lebenforce Self Adhesive Polyester Soundproof Absorbing

Lebenforce Self Adhesive Polyester Soundproof Absorbing

Self-Adhesive Design is easy to install on walls, ceilings, and walls. It is suitable for smooth surfaces. You don't need to make any changes to fix it. The panel has been specifically developed for those situations where acoustic absorption and greater visual sophistication are required, such as office, meeting room, home office, dining room, and recording studios. You can get clearer sounds by deadening unwanted sounds. Tiles are an easy, elegant acoustic fix for nearly any space. The tiles are great for reducing background noise, echos, and reverberation time, and they help increase sound clarity in a room or space. The dimensions are 12 X 12 X 0.4 inches (30 X 30 X 0.9 cm) and the weight is 3.3 pounds of 12 pieces. Poor acoustics can have a negative effect on productivity, communication, and concentration. To solve this problem, please choose the right amount of tiles and wall covering areas to create a comfortable acoustic environment for you, your work partners, and your family.

Brand: Lebenforce

👤They're not as quiet as they used to be. I thought I should put some tiles on the walls behind the fridge to absorb some of the noise. Needed to leave a lot of room for air flow, so decided on these thick ones. Cleaned the walls and stuck the backing paper to them. It worked out well. Can be in the same room with the new fridge.

👤I wanted my woodwork to be less noisy and to avoid the cutting and drilling noises that I was causing. I used one of the major windows from the basement to the living room. There is a It's easy to install. Hope it's easy to remove. It might get dust easily, but it's working as expected.

👤There were no problems with quick shipping. The removal of the backing paper caused a loss of about one-third of the glue. I use them on the inside of my enclosure to reduce the noise.

👤I want a peace of my own to your room. I want to buy more. I bought this for my dog and it's easy to install.

👤The grey color is great with my gray wall. I can focus on practicing my instrument without worrying about neighbors. The tape arrived. I am not sure if it will leave a stain when removed. I use other tape that is safer to remove.

👤Good for prevention of noise. It's easy to stick on walls.

👤It's easy to install and does a decent job for those on a budget. I can see this being used for darts. These sit behind my tv and do a good job.

👤Does nothing to change the sound.

5. TroyStudio Acoustic Studio Absorption Panel

TroyStudio Acoustic Studio Absorption Panel

There is a specific requirement. The pack of 6 is 12 X 12 X 2 inches and has 6 square feet of coverage. Remarkable acrobatic performance. The acoustic foam panels are dense and thick, great at cancelling room noise, and improving the sound clarity in a space. The term "endless application" refers to this. Good for recording studio, home theater, office, home studio, vocal booth, basement, and more. It's great for indoors. These modern wave-style foam tiles are non-toxic and fire-rated by the California Technical Bulletin. It is easy to cut and install sound absorption foam. The spray glue works well.

Brand: Troystudio

👤The seller was very responsive after I had issues with the warehouse. The variegated style of the foam v. pyramid and wedge was what I wanted. The quality of this foam is right on the money and the packaging was top notch. I let it breathe for a day before unpacking. It will be used in the home studio. I have used Gorilla brand 2-sided mounting tape before. I put the small squares in the corners. It is easy to remove a strong hold with no wall damage. It's a tip. If you want to cut the small pieces you need, you need to peel the backing paper from the 2-sided tape. It's much easier to apply it than to peel the backing paper off of the smaller cut pieces. The studio foam product is a great seller. Thank you! .

👤I was able to cover more than half of the room for $350, which was one of the worst rooms I've ever had to set up. What can I say? The sound in here is better now, and I get tons of praise for the way it looks. Would recommend if value is important to you. Many people suggest you tape only the corners. If you want it to look more professional, you should add one more piece to the center.

👤It's so, Soo. When you first open them, they are a bit smelly. The foam panels have a chemical scent to them, so this wasn't a surprise. I put mine in the washer and then put them in the dryer to absorb the scent. I don't think putting them in the dryer is a good idea, as they shrunk a tiny bit, but it was a good thing because the dense pads I put them with were a tad smaller than 12. If you plan on washing them, use cold water and let them dry on their own. You can leave them out and let them breathe in an area that doesn't smell bad. Airing them out for a couple of days will get rid of the scent on them. There is a There are important things. How do these work? These panels are meant for very light sound absorption. Some of the higher frequencies will be taken out of your room. If you want to do total sound absorption for a music studio or home theater, you'll need bigger panels. These might suffice if you're just looking to do light duty work. It depends on your usage and expectations. In my case, I used the TroyStudio one on top of the BXI sound panels to compliment my acoustic clouds in my studio. It does the job for me, considering the modifications I made.

👤These worked well. I ordered several packs to finish the wall and it turned out great! I only bought a few packs and one of them was not working well. I put these in the dryer for a few minutes and they expanded perfectly.

👤The foam in the picture looks like it has more substance than the one that gathers dust. The foam that I was sent was very flimsy, the kind of foam that is 888-282-0465. We put them around the house to try before mounting them. The results were not good at blocking sounds. There is a The foam squares need to be mounted on a firm surface because of their flimsiness. To prevent sagging or falling from the ceiling, they need to be mounted on boards. Have not noticed that they are canceling noise. There is a The foam did expand properly, but it took a few days. It took a few weeks to finish off-gassing. Chemicals were moderate to start, but not as bad as foam products. If you have asthma, or are sensitive to petrochemicals, leave them in a hot garage for a few weeks, to finish outgassing, and then go for a drive in a hot closed car.

6. Siless Pack Acoustic Panels Soundproof

Siless Pack Acoustic Panels Soundproof

If you are mixing music in a recording studio, you have to reduce ambient sound. Any noise can ruin the recording. If you are building your own studio, you need acoustic foam panels that are affordable and effective for you to get great sound, but still insulate the studio against excessive noise. The sound generated at low, mid and high frequencies is absorbed by the foam panels. The acoustic soundproof foam is lightweight and affordable, but it is not as good as other acoustic foam panels. Their acoustic foam panels are made with professional grade acoustic foam, which is designed for quality sound absorption in a wide variety of situations. Sound absorption will be consistent because the foam is consistent in density and firmness. The most cost effective, studio grade sound absorbing product is the acoustic foam panels. They can afford to lower the cost of soundproof foam panels and offer them at a better price than other brands because their design requires less material. This is important in situations where you have to cover a large area with acoustic material, such as a studio or a home theater with limited budget. If you have ever seen soundproof foam before, you know how easy it is to install. You won't have to wrestle with it to get it where you need it. A variety of surfaces can be attached to acoustic foam panels. There is no need for special tools or materials for installation. There are endless commercial installations. You can count on Acoustic foam panels to be a handy solution to a noise problem. They have all of the sound foam and sound panels that are needed to minimize noise. Any project will benefit from sound insulation.

Brand: Siless

👤Ridiculously thin... I could have bought foam at the home depot. Please don't waste your money. I'll take a look at the pictures before buying.

👤It was the first time with panels. The smallest size at two per panel was what I got. The speaker's echo was reduced when he turned up. When I start drumming, my neighbors should appreciate it. You are paying half or even the fourth of the price for 12 panels that a single professional panel would cost.

👤This is not a review of the product, it is a review of the product. I bought these to apply to the inside of my fish aquarium stand, hoping they would stop the humming of my filter canister motor. The sound is still loud enough to annoy me. There is a If I glue the acoustic panels to foam board first, then screw the foam board into the inside of my aquarium stand, it will help. Will try that and update my review. Been busy. The acoustic panels were put to foam board. I can still hear a bit of humming from the aquarium, but it's less annoying. I had recently changed my brand of filter, which made absolutely no noise, so any humming at all was going to stand out. Not worth complaining about.

👤Don't buy these unless you want your neighbors to yell at you in the middle of the night, which I did; we weren't even making much noise, just talking. The blocks absorb nothing. I can still hear the upstairs neighbors' burps, and they can also hear me. These panels are made of foam that is less than an inch thick. Imagine the foam you see as packing material and you will have a good mental image of what it is like. Don't waste your money on this.

👤I've added these to my office room walls in a pattern. It has helped keep sound levels down, but it will likely cost hundreds of dollars to fully lining your walls. If you're looking for cost efficient ways to lower sound, rugs may be a better option.

👤My family hears less when they hear a trumpet. They were easy to install. The effect was measured along the way. The first six square feet were on one wall. The next fifteen square feet removed another 2 dB. We removed 11 decibels after installing 72 square feet. There is a Most of the effect comes from the first 10 square feet.

👤There were 11 black and one charcoal. Otherwise great.

👤I got them to quiet my cockatiel, who shrieks so loud that two houses down want to murder him. He was made to do alarm calls at the grey squares. I give up. It's funny. The command strips are not strong enough to hold the tiles up. Two people have fallen down with strips. Doesn't adhere to the foam well. I think it is back to the blanket over the cage for him. You might have to do the whole room if they work or not. My cockatiel defeated it.

7. Adhesives Absorption Deadening Damperning Soundproof

Adhesives Absorption Deadening Damperning Soundproof

Absorb sound within rooms and stop it from coming in, it's an ideal long- lasting, high- performance acoustic foam panels for acoustic control, sound dampening, deadening, absorbing, noise reduction to create an ideal good acoustic environment. The NRC:0.92 The high-density sound proof foam panels are made of E1 level echo-friendly material with the appropriate flame retardant properties which meet CA TB 117 Standard, they can be safely used as vibration/shock protection material or as part of your acoustical treatment. Just peel off the film and stick the acoustic panels to the wall for a variety of sound-deadening needs in recording studios, control rooms, offices, home studios, home theaters, gaming room, vocal booth, KTV room, and podcasting room. Each sound absorbing foam has a pack of 12 pieces that cover 12 sq. A pack of 24 pieces cover 24 sq. ft of walls, 2′′ soundproof wall panels are considered the industry standard; easy to cut, buy with your acoustical solution needs in mind. Mushroom sound proof padding for wall has 4 sides that help reduce sound like flutter echoes. Installation Guide 1. To restore its real thickness, vacuum compression is packaged, soaked in water for 10 munites, pressing the acoustic foam several times, squeezing out water, and then ventilating for 48 to 72 hours to dry. 2. Remove self-adhesive back and stick to any clean surface.

Brand: Acouxtro

👤These are compressed in a vacuum pack. Okay, fine. You should soak them in water to make them bigger. That worked well. The paper starts to break when it is soaked in water. The paper becomes destroyed when you wring them out. After 2 days of sitting outside, they all are still soaking wet, so you cannot get enough water out without destroying the paper. I removed the paper of one to wring it out better, then the glue started sticking to itself, and the tile was destroyed. On Day 3, I had 1 destroyed tile and 11 others sitting on my porch, which was soaking wet. The product doesn't function as depicted. If this manufacturer or seller was smart, they would have sent the tiles compressed so that they could be soaked and reconstituted easier. The seller should have provided a sheet of double-sided glue to apply after soaking, wringing out and drying. If you buy these, you are going to be completely dissatisfied, and you are going to have a hard time getting these to what you were supposed to get. This is a poor design. Sorry. Do better.

👤Although I am not the best at making videos, I figured I would give some pointers on how to handle this acoustic foam. There is a In my video I spray them in the sink, but my first method for the black foam panels was to spray them with a spray bottle containing hot water for 4 days, and most of them remain damaged from over compression, but slowly they inflate still. There is a The best way to dry them out is to separate them and put them on a towel or carpet in a room with a fan. If the panels aren't raising don't panic, they just need more aeration so to speak, and you will have to treat them accordingly. There is a If your panels are almost completely inflated, you can place them on the wall or raise the spots on the foam that need to be raised. spray the panel on the wall to inflate it The paint on the wall won't last if you soak it. There is a For those who don't know acoustic foam is more important than soundproof for getting rid of that nasty echo in a room when you speak or make noise, it won't make your room soundproof.

👤The product isn't bad, but you can't wash them like it says to, so you'll take off all the glue. The only issue I have with these is that some of them never reached their full size, but overall it's a good 8 out of 10. It takes weeks and weeks for some but they get there if you give them a day or two to expand before putting them up.

👤2” panels come in 3 one inch thick sealed packages. You have to spray them with water. A third of them haven't puffed up after 72 hours. What do you think about the glue on the back? I will have spray glue to use them with. Not pleased.

8. Absorption Soundproofing Insulation Decoration Treatment

Absorption Soundproofing Insulation Decoration Treatment

Sound insulation made from high density 100% polyester fiber is 300 lbs per yard better than the foam. Soundproof, flame retardant, odorless, non-toxic, non-slip, and fade resistant are some of the qualities. 12'' X 14'' X 0.4'' The stylish hexagonal honey comb panel design is a great way to decorate a room and leave a lot of beautiful memories. Both spray and double-sided tape work are easy to install. Attach double sided tape to the back of each panel with spray or 3M tape. For use in recording studios, control rooms, Offices, home studios, home entertainment theaters, Home Offices and more. It is easy to shape and cut to size. It can be used under the rug, behind the TV, or on the ceiling. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can get a hassle-free replacement or refund.

Brand: Sonic Acoustics

👤With the switch to working from home during the Pandemic, I was looking for something to help cut down the amount of sound coming through the door. These tiles really did the trick, along with some additional items that I'll go into below. There is a With 24 tiles, I was able to cover a standard interior door with a few tiles and some scraps. You can get a sense of what that might look like by taking a picture. There is a constant effectiveness. The tiles reduce sound at the locations they are placed, but whether they reduce sound enough for your needs will largely depend on whether you've left other ways for sound to enter your space. They won't be able to eliminate or reduce sound that's coming through gaps they aren't covering. If your sound is coming through a wall, you should cover it. If your sound is coming from a door, as was my case, these tiles should be the first step you take in fixing the issue, but you may also want to seal the gaps around your door, depending on your needs. The attached picture shows the tiles I purchased. The light source in the picture is a "daylight" colorLED bulb, which is a fairly cool white, the trim in the picture is painted with Snowbound SW 7004 and the walls are white. Light French Gray SW 0055 is not warm or cool. Quality control is important. One of the tiles I received had a black smudge on its facing side that wouldn't be easy to clean up. I was able to use it for scrap. The cutting was done. A box cutter with a fresh blade was the right tool to use. scissors are the wrong tool I used a pencil to trace the lines I wanted to cut, then used a box cutter to make a series of deeper cuts. It was very easy. I was able to trace the circle with the help of the mount that I was able to mount cleanly around the door handle. There is a There is amounting. I chose Scotch-Mount Indoor Double-Sided Mounting Tape 314H-MED, 1 in x 125 in. based on recommendations in various comments. The foam cells and the air gap between the door and tile would aid in sound isolation. I cut off 5 squares from the roll for most of the tiles, each under 1 inch in size, and I had plenty of tape left at the end. I have noticed that a few of the scrap pieces along the edge of the door have become loose, so I may need to add more. Additional materials can be found at: Link: I couldn't hear typical sounds coming through the tiles themselves, but I could hear them coming through the gaps between the door and the floor. I picked up a few rolls of White Foam Weather Stripping in different sizes to fit the variously-sized gaps around my office door after doing some research. If you try to remove the paint from the door later, it will take the paint off the door since it doesn't compress much. If you want more sound isolation for your door, I recommend it. I put it on the top, left, and bottom sides of the door as the picture shows. There is a link to the product on the website. My office door was transformed into an airlock with the help of the tiles and tape. It feels like I'm shutting myself off from the world when that door closes. It's quiet. I had no idea that my wife had been watching movies in the theater in the room across the hallway from my office. I have to shout "come in" for her to hear my response when she knocks at the door. The final word. If you want to get sound isolation for a door, start with these, cover your door, and see how it works for you. If you need more isolation, look into the tape I mentioned.

9. BUBOS Soundproof 0 4Inches Absorbing Acoustical

BUBOS Soundproof 0 4Inches Absorbing Acoustical

FASHIONABLE APPEARANCE: This sound insulation board has a unique design that can reduce and absorb echo, waves, and flutter echoes, but also play a role in decorating the wall surface. The sound insulation board is not a regular hexagon and the side length is not the same. Before buying, please check the product size. You could make different styles of wall art in your favorite space with this easy to cut and install tool. Simply attach spray or 3M double-sided tape to the back of each panel and adhere to the desired position, sound proof padding is easy to install. The sound panels are non-toxic and Formaldehyde-free. Excellent acoustic treatment for on-site sound processing on the wall of a recording studio or office is suitable for a variety of uses. It's safe for adults, kids, and pets, and it's made with high density and eco-friendly fiber, making it great for any location in the home or studio. Improved atmospheric quality is what it is. These noise-insulation panels can be used for a lot of things, from professional studios, rehearsal rooms, concert halls, podcasting, churches, home theaters, vocal booths, home studios, offices, man caves, dog kennels, utility closets and more. You can make other sounds clearer by deadening unwanted sound.

Brand: Bubos

👤My son's room is inspired by pins on the boardgame board. I wrapped the acoustic panels in LEDs and mounted them on a backboard. I secured the backboard to the studs because I was worried about wall damage. I used tape to attach the panels. A fun project for a room update.

👤A 10 month old baby is in a room next to my home office. My wife is at home with the baby during the working hours, so I can concentrate on my work. I needed something to absorb the cries of my baby after she wakes from her nap in these times of Covid times. We're not ignoring the baby cries, but that minute or so will throw me off and want me to help with the baby. I don't expect the tiles to soundproof the room, but at least muffle the cries so they won't be heard over my headphones. There wasn't much sound, if any. I expected more out of these tiles, but they are only for aesthetic reasons. I have to give 3 stars for the look, but they are pleasing to the eye and a definite improvement over the look of foam egg crates.

👤It was used for a recording studio. There is a noticeable difference in sound when 2 sets are placed in different places. They are very happy with them. One thing. If you're using mounting/double sided tape, you need to put it on and bond it before putting it on the wall. Rather than four large pieces, use 6-7 1.5-2in pieces.

👤I bought these tiles in order to dull the noise of the game in my oldest son's room. We put these up on the wall behind the computer, and it seems to absorb the sound, but it's muffled, and I can't tell what he's saying. I was expecting an improvement, but it is definitely better. The tiles were put up with 3M tape. Three sets, one light gray, one dark gray and one black, were bought by us. My son stuck them directly to the wall and we haven't had any come down. There is a I don't have any experience with soundproofing products so I don't have anything to compare them to. I bought them because they looked better than the egg crate type, they could be used for a decorative tile. We cut them with an Xacto knife because they are very dense and lightweight. 3 packs didn't cover much area, but they were enough to have some peace and quiet.

👤The sound panels are pretty good. I thought it was odd that it didn't come with a tape to help with the adhesion. I used my own foam tape to apply these to the walls and ceilings of my room. They do a great job of fitting your room with the colors you have and what you want.

👤I was really upset by the fact that I had to send back 3 of the 3 that I received. I shop on Amazon because of the ease of access and the fact that I have anxiety when I go into public places. Half of the product is missing, how do you not know that it will be shipped off? Upsetting and not happy. Didn't open package. The color was described. It is not possible to give a full review. Too bad.

10. Acoustic Self Adhesive Dampening Proofing Treatment

Acoustic Self Adhesive Dampening Proofing Treatment

The high quality material is made of a high density and eco-friendly fiber. It is safe to breathe in and touch the foam, it has an advantage of reducing and absorbing noise. The sound proof foam panels do well on the test of noise reduction, achieving a grade of NRC 0.95 which is better than all of the sound panels on the market. It's safe and economical. It's safe for adults, kids, and pets because their sound panels are flame resistant, odorless, non-toxic, non-slip, and fade resistant. Their studio foam panels on the ceiling, behind the TV or under the rug are great places to store your memories. There is self-adhesive glue on one side of the sound-absorbing panel. It's convenient to attach on the wall, you don't need to prepare a lot of gum or other things to fix it. The design will decrease your workload. If you want to remove, you simply detach each panel and install the new location with no holes in your walls. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. The sound insulation panels are ideal for sound treatment and decoration on ceiling and wall. If you don't like their acoustic absorption panels, please email them first and they will provide you with professional solutions. They are ready for your questions about the sound panels.

Brand: Sybedu

👤I started playing the violin. I get a lot of echo in my house because it has high ceilings. It was very annoying. I have a spare room that I thought would be a good place to practice on my own. I've never seen sound panels that looked like egg cartons before, and I was advised to try them. I said no thanks. I was told that there is a variety here. I found these and I absolutely love them. I immediately put them on my walls and they look great, I bought white ones. The sound is amazing. I didn't know how much difference these make in sound. I don't know how the older version is, so I can't give you a comparison. I didn't put up all my walls. I put the packs on the opposite walls. I might be buying more. I don't know yet. They are very cool.

👤None of the panels had working glue. The first layer took off the second flap since they were overlapped. I tried to remove the glue from the paper and put it on the panel. It wouldn't come off. I'll update the review if I ever hear from the company, but I'm really sad since these were going to help me start streaming, so I'll have to wait another week. Really disappointed!

👤I have been looking for some sound panels for a while. I have bought many different brands and this is my favorite. The difference in how they stay on my wall is made by the full back. Other brands apply differently. If you need the design on your wall to be in the shot, it's nice to be on camera. Highly recommended.

👤We added a set of these to our room and it works great. The big foam squares were there before. These work just as well as the slicker ones. Adding some cool patterns to the space while being functional is what I would recommend if you want to keep the foam stickers up.

👤These look great in my room and the stick to the wall is fine. I don't see them doing a lot in the noise canceling department. I guess we will see.

👤This product does not sound proof or change the pattern of sound. I was very disappointed and wasted my money. I would like a full refund.

👤I have been looking for panels to soundproof my bedroom for a while. I tried all the different foam wedge panels and I was starting to despair of any hope of controlling the noise in my room. I decided to try these panels after seeing a lot of them on Amazon. When I bought this 12-pack, I noticed that the sound was noticeably quieter when I held one of the panels at arm's length. In any room, there is a ring or echo. The sound starts and stops. It doesn't bounce back or go through. They are self-adhesive, meaning you don't have to buy strips of them separately, and they stay on the wall. You don't have to worry about the panels falling off when you turn your back on them because the back is sticky and strong enough to hold them up. The only issue I can think of is that I don't like the dirty-white color of the design. I would like it to be white. I can understand where the designers were aiming if the panel was fully white, because it wouldn't be a "decorative" panel in a room with white walls. There is a This is the route to choose if you want actual sound dampening, because these panels are much better than any wedge foam or triangular foam panels that I have tried.

11. ZHERMAO Hexagon Acoustic Proofing Treatment

ZHERMAO Hexagon Acoustic Proofing Treatment

Their soundproof panels are easy to cut and install. The installation of their panels is easy. There are no special tools needed. Attach the acoustic panels to the smooth surface with tapes. 3M tapes, spray tapes, and nails are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately. Solid and mixed color acoustic panels are the best choice to decorate your room, door, wall, office and studio. The professional sound dampening panels are great for spot treating sound in your recording studios, control rooms, offices, home theaters, and home offices. The hexagonal shape and hexagonal shaped edge design was created. Are you looking for something that is stylish? Choose us! The honey comb design makes their foam panels great for room decoration and acoustic treatment. The acoustic panels bring better protection to your family and friends by using a chamfer design. Good looking panels are an important part of room decoration. Their soundproof wall panels are made from 215 kilogram/m3 high density felt fabric and do well in reducing noise, eliminating sound impurities and improving speech intelligibility. They insist on using high quality panels to make sure it's flame retardant, odorless, non-toxic, and fade resistant. The acoustic foam panels have a noise reduction coefficients of 0.92 and 0.8. If you have a question about the studio foam panels, feel free to contact them. If you don't like their acoustic absorption panels, please email them and they will give you a professional solution. They are ready for your questions about the sound panels.

Brand: Zhermao

👤Due to my husband's snoring, it works great to sound proof a room. We put him in the sound proof room because he used to be in the house.

👤Excellent product. It's easy to use, light weight but absorb sound. I used white for the third bedroom, but there are other colors. There is a gent upstairs who comes to life at 10pm. I wanted some sound proof for the comfort of everyone in this room. The shipping was quick and the installation was easy, even though I'm not good with math. One person can do this and it's a good butt workout as you go up and down the ladder. It is doable with one person using glue and handing it to another person on the ladder. There was one glue stick for the pannels. It was very easy to cut the edges. A straight razor, or exacto knife, is a simple measure.

👤These look great. If you don't plan on doing a whole wall, they look better than other options, they play the part of wall decorations, and also dull the echo in my basement. They help as much as a cheap area rug would. They don't come with anything to stick them to the wall so make sure you pick up some double sided tape as well.

👤Some of the cheap tiles are not like these. The edges are cut well and look like they should cost more. The thickness is perfect and I have used double sided Velcro tape to attach them to the walls. They are working well.

👤Trash only drained my pocket and wasted my time. Didn't bother with noise at all. It's a waste of money.

👤It is a nice decoration. Sound insulation is very thin and dense. The back is hard and they are light, but a single mounting square in the center of each one was more than enough. Good product!

👤It's fun to play with and make designs. I haven't added anything yet but the aesthetic is great and it's a great price.

👤Good quality and sizes are accurate. I am happy with my purchase. They are large but not enough.


What is the best product for decorative acoustic panels sound absorbing?

Decorative acoustic panels sound absorbing products from Bubos. In this article about decorative acoustic panels sound absorbing you can see why people choose the product. Linkchance and Evenrising are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative acoustic panels sound absorbing.

What are the best brands for decorative acoustic panels sound absorbing?

Bubos, Linkchance and Evenrising are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative acoustic panels sound absorbing. Find the detail in this article. Lebenforce, Troystudio and Siless are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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