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1. Acoustic Panels Soundproof Insulation Absorbing

Acoustic Panels Soundproof Insulation Absorbing

Moderate sound control is provided by their 2 inches foam. It's perfect for reducing and absorbing echos, waves, and flutter echoes. The acoustic panels are made from 50 lbs of foam per yard and will not cause harm to their body. If you want to quickly return to normal size, open the vacuum package and put the foam panels in aventilated place. One method is to soak the foam in water for a short time, then wring the foam out of the water, then dry air it. They can also be let to boil under the sun. Wide use. For use in recording studios, control rooms, Offices, home studios, home entertainment theaters, Home Offices, spot treating sound on walls is great. It is easy to shape and cut to size. After service warranty. If you don't like what you see, you can get a hassle-free replacement or refund.

Brand: Fstop Labs

👤These came pretty quickly. I got two packs of panels. Everyone says they come compressed. Don't be surprised if they're only an inch or two at first. They stank. They smell bad when you first open them. They air out after a little while, but it's November and it's Winter in West Michigan. I couldn't just open the windows. I didn't buy these to make my house smell nice. They didn't buy them to make it smell like a factory. No big. There is a Take them apart and put them aside for a day. 24 hours. Allow them to expand naturally. I had to use a hair dryer to get them dried out because I couldn't get them dried out in time. I bought a set of double sided tabs to stick to cardboard. Don't bother. Get some spray. The mobility is great. They fall off. Not a fault of the product. --- Don't worry about sound proofing people. This is to make the sound cleaner. You need to spend a lot more money if you want sound proof. I live in a house with two bars. I have three boys. The cat wants to be let in. If I buy thick insulation, rip out walls and seal everything, this room will sound proof. Everything. There is a This cuts down on chatter and fan noise from the computer and heating system. It also helps when the kids are talking. I surround myself with panels and it creates an isolation chamber. It's not sound proofed. Don't expect that. --- There is a Would I buy more? I think it was worth the money and I would buy more to cover more areas of my home office. I'm not making high budget albums. I'm doing voice overs. I would like to have more noise broken up. This is worth it for the price.

👤I bought this product because of a few things. I quote "Uncompressed" at the time of purchase when the product description says it comes. There are two more All reviews were positive. There are 3 more The reviews and images were high quality. I understand the product. This: 1) The image attached is a case of compressed foam that says to wait 24 hours to do anything with it. That's not what the product description says. The product I received does not sound like what the reviewers have received, so please do not believe them. There are 3 more The quality of the foam is not bad, but there are gashes on the product. I will not buy anything from this brand again because the product is faulty, the description is miss-leading, and I don't like the brand.

👤They did help reduce the echo in my room by ordering a set of acoustic panels. The package arrived earlier than expected. The panels arrived in a vacuum sealed bag, which is the only reason I marked this product four star. They came back to their original thickness of 2inch after I soaked them in water and dry them like the instructions said. To anyone complaining that their product is too small, follow the instructions on the product and the panels will come back to their original size. There is a There is a picture of before and after soaking in water.

2. Donner Fireproof Soundproofing Cancelling Recording

Donner Fireproof Soundproofing Cancelling Recording

The sound absorbing panel is made of foam. They are pro foams that prevent sound from bouncing and echo throughout a space, obtain better recording effects by attenuating excess sound waves, which is different from blocking sound only. Sound pollution can be reduced with the help of professional acoustic control and reverberation reduction. Sound travels in waves and is better absorbed by foam with a raised surface. The wedge surface design of the sound dampening panels increases the contact area with sound waves to be a reliable option for acoustic panels that absorb sound waves efficiently. It's more suitable for decorating your space because of its appearance. Their soundproof wall panels are made of high density foam to ensure sound absorption. The environmental protection and flame retardancy test of SGS shows that the polyurethane materials they chose are safe and reliable. Sound cancelling foam can be used to improve the acoustics in a room and make it a more valuable and useful space, whether for your studio or home theatre, entertainment room, church, office, Gymnasiums, or any space you needed. It is easy to install sound proof panels when they are taken out of the package and you can either soak in water for 2 minutes or rest for 24 hours. They are lightweight, easy to cut to size, and can be installed on a variety of different surfaces with tape or glue. The package does not include stickers or acoustic foam spray glue, so they need to be purchased separately.

Brand: Donner

👤These are treated foam tiles on Amazon and not high-density glass-fiber panels you find on professional music websites. It's important to remember both when buying these. It's a good price when you want coverage and you're not trying to achieve state-of-the-art results. You don't want to cheap out with the 1-inch variety found elsewhere, and these are the 2 inch depth panels. If you've already invested $20,000 in your studio and you're still shopping for acoustical solutions, I would be surprised if you're reading this. If you are one of the many office workers who now work from home. You get a lot of slapback from your audio, not your manager, but don't want to wear headphones all the time. It's important to keep in mind that they don't function as a vibration damper, they only control sound reflection. Don't expect to put them up to keep neighbors from making noise, and don't expect to filter out a lot of bass.

👤The noise cancellation of this product is good, not like you can get much room coverage with just 12 of them. Do not use the abrasives that come with them, they stick to your walls and not the panels that leave behind a sticky, black foam speckled mess on your walls. I used double sided tape, command strips, and the glue it came with, but everything didn't stick to the panels. If you order them, you can either purchase them with strong ahdesives or a new wall paint.

👤I was not sure if the acoustic panels would make a difference. I bought a package of 12 to reduce the sound of the AC in a small utility room. I am aware of the difference between sound absorption and noise reduction, but this was not one of them. I put the panels on the wall closest to my bedroom. I turned on the air conditioner after closing the door to the room. I was amazed. The unit can still be heard, but the mid and high frequencies that the acoustic panels absorbed made a huge difference! I don't have a decibel meter, but we agreed that the noise had been greatly reduced. I'm going to order 3 more packs to see if it helps with AC noise.

👤I have mounted these on my tv and gaming setup. I can't hear anything because the ac unit is on the other side of the door. I forget my roommates are here most days while I work at home. The mats are a great value. These sound deadening mats are very good. I used a piece of foam double sided tape. It takes a lot since each mat weighs about 5 grams.

👤The 3m comes with hardly any sticks. It begins to fall off. It sticks well to the wall. After having these up for a day or two and them falling off the wall, we decided to take them down because the glue was stuck fast. We tried high heat scrapers, soap and water, and hand sanitizer. If you choose to stick these to your wall, you're going to need to repaint, because 3m tape did the trick. Put them up with small nails.

3. 12 Pack Soundproof Insulation Absorbing

12 Pack Soundproof Insulation Absorbing

Moderate sound control is provided by their 2 inches foam. It's perfect for people to reduce and absorb echos. The acoustic panels are made from 50 lbs of foam per yard and will not cause harm to their body. If you want to quickly return to normal size, open the vacuum package and put the foam panels in aventilated place. One method is to soak the foam in water for a short time, then wring the foam out of the water, use air dry it or use a hair dryer. They can also be let to boil under the sun. Wide use. For use in recording studios, control rooms, Offices, home studios, home entertainment theaters, Home Offices, spot treating sound on walls is great. It is easy to shape and cut to size. After service warranty. If you are not satisfied with their customer service, you can get a hassle-free replacement or refund.

Brand: Fstop Labs

👤I use foam squares on Amazon to control reflections in my studio. I gave them 4 stars because of the price. I know that when you mass produce this stuff it costs pennies, however it is not outrageously priced. They look nice and are consistently thicker than any foam I have bought here, but most of them claim that is just how thick the spikes are, the base foam is usually 1” or thinner. I used them to control the reflection areas in my room. They cover the wall in the vocal booth and keep stuff under 1K at bay. This type of foam will never match the performance of RockWool or Auralex, but it is my favorite foam on Amazon.

👤I bought a different brand of acoustic panels from a different brand and they were disappointing and I returned them. The reviews on these panels were very good so I decided to give them a try. The density and sound absorption are what you expect. There is a Set up: They were put on the short capillary cycle because the box was pressed for time. If your machine has a special setting for the spin, make sure your spin cycle is set to low. That worked out well. 10 minutes of quick wash then in to the dryer for a few minutes. My office is open concept and there's lots of echo so I created a makeshift room divider. It reduces the outside noise coming from the rest of the floor and echo in my office space. There is a Also, note: The closer the foam is to the source of noise, the better. If you're talking while walking past it, you notice how your voice dies when you walk away. There is a ADHESIVE: The Command strips will do just fine, just make sure the pads are completely dry before you try to put those strips on, it sounds obvious, but... I was in a hurry and had to redo everything. I used the gray ones for my studio and bedroom. I hope they keep making them.

👤A microphone picks up sound in a small room. The stage was going to be used for acoustic absorption treatment. I didn't have the materials or the tools to make my own absorption panels, so I ordered a 12-pack of mushroom foam panels. I don't own a hair dryer, but I can attest to the perfect results after the procedure, since they arrived tightly packed through a vacuum seal and required rinsing in water and then air drying for about 2 days, since I don't own a hair dryer. I used 3M Super 77 spray adhesive and double contact carpet tape to stick the cardboard to the wall. All panels are in their expected positions after a week. There is a Voice capture is more pleasant, intelligible, and clean thanks to the improved sound between the 12 panels and carpet on the floor. There is a I think I still need to do more with the room, for example on the two windows, some more wall space, the corners, and the roof, but we'll go little by little as budget and testing go forward. The panels look really cool in my opinion and that of others around me, and it has been a success with those not that into the acoustic side of things in my room. There is a There is one word of advice. If you look at the picture with the two panels side by side, you will see they are not exactly symmetrical. If you look closely, you can see that they have an orientation or flow to each mushroom on the panel, so you should place them according to your design. If you understand what this product is, what it isn't, and are already looking for foam panels, these won't disappoint at all. I recommend them.

4. ZHERMAO Hexagon Acoustic Proofing Treatment

ZHERMAO Hexagon Acoustic Proofing Treatment

Their soundproof panels are easy to cut and install. The installation of their panels is easy. There are no special tools needed. Attach the acoustic panels to the smooth surface with tapes. 3M tapes, spray tapes, and nails are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately. Solid and mixed color acoustic panels are the best choice to decorate your room, door, wall, office and studio. The professional sound dampening panels are great for spot treating sound in your recording studios, control rooms, offices, home theaters, and home offices. The hexagonal shape and hexagonal shaped edge design was created. Are you looking for something that is stylish? Choose us! The honey comb design makes their foam panels great for room decoration and acoustic treatment. The acoustic panels bring better protection to your family and friends by using a chamfer design. Good looking panels are an important part of room decoration. Their soundproof wall panels are made from 215 kilogram/m3 high density felt fabric and do well in reducing noise, eliminating sound impurities and improving speech intelligibility. They insist on using high quality panels to make sure it's flame retardant, odorless, non-toxic, and fade resistant. The acoustic foam panels have a noise reduction coefficients of 0.92 and 0.8. If you have a question about the studio foam panels, feel free to contact them. If you don't like their acoustic absorption panels, please email them and they will give you a professional solution. They are ready for your questions about the sound panels.

Brand: Zhermao

👤Due to my husband's snoring, it works great to sound proof a room. We put him in the sound proof room because he used to be in the house.

👤Excellent product. It's easy to use, light weight but absorb sound. I used white for the third bedroom, but there are other colors. There is a gent upstairs who comes to life at 10pm. I wanted some sound proof for the comfort of everyone in this room. The shipping was quick and the installation was easy, even though I'm not good with math. One person can do this and it's a good butt workout as you go up and down the ladder. It is doable with one person using glue and handing it to another person on the ladder. There was one glue stick for the pannels. It was very easy to cut the edges. A straight razor, or exacto knife, is a simple measure.

👤These look great. If you don't plan on doing a whole wall, they look better than other options, they play the part of wall decorations, and also dull the echo in my basement. They help as much as a cheap area rug would. They don't come with anything to stick them to the wall so make sure you pick up some double sided tape as well.

👤Some of the cheap tiles are not like these. The edges are cut well and look like they should cost more. The thickness is perfect and I have used double sided Velcro tape to attach them to the walls. They are working well.

👤Trash only drained my pocket and wasted my time. Didn't bother with noise at all. It's a waste of money.

👤It is a nice decoration. Sound insulation is very thin and dense. The back is hard and they are light, but a single mounting square in the center of each one was more than enough. Good product!

👤It's fun to play with and make designs. I haven't added anything yet but the aesthetic is great and it's a great price.

👤Good quality and sizes are accurate. I am happy with my purchase. They are large but not enough.

5. Foamily Pack Decorative Acoustic Panels

Foamily Pack Decorative Acoustic Panels

Symmetrical wave design. They will all match up to make one large wave. The modern design will look good. It's great for home theaters. Made in USA, passes the California Technical Bulletin. This is the procedure for testing the resilience of materials used in furniture. The product passed the requirements tested in the procedure.

Brand: Foamily

👤I gave this product a 3 because of the price and the massive color matching issue. The tiles are grey. I asked Amazon to send me matching colors and I ended up with two different Gray shades, however I am very pleased with the sound/echo dampening these provide. Some tiles are off by a quarter inch, which means they are slightly larger than others.

👤I read a lot of reviews before buying this. The reviewers were not happy with the color. Mostly grey. I was going for the blue because waves are not the same color. The color makes a huge difference in the sound of the room. I will buy more.

👤Cool looking foam doesn't do much to reduce echo. I moved to an apartment with a very open floor plan and wood flooring. The place still echos even after I tried more furniture and rugs. I wanted to absorb some of the sound. I can't tell what's different. Not the best purchase.

👤The product is basic acoustic treatment. It cuts down on high and high-mid frequencies in my home studio. The gray color is not consistent, piece to piece, or package to package, and it is easy to install. I can see that there are different shades of gray. It's not serious to me, but if you are not fond of matching colors, you may not approve.

👤I've bought foams from Foamily. The wave 6pack foams are not true to size. Some foams had been slightly torn after I stuck them to my wall. There is a I have to get black tape and stick it on the wall so that the thin line from the wall is not visible. There is a Foamily's other products are great. The pic is viewed.

👤There was foam in both size and color. The poster board makes it easy to hang the set on. Where you hang it affects sound absorbency. It cuts down on the sharpness of sounds, but a single package isn't going to change the acoustics of a room

👤My son likes them on his wall. It's perfect for a teenage music lovers room.

👤I took a look at this product after reading the reviews. These are thick and sturdy for foam sound absorption panels. There is a There is a major sound difference in my home studio. It's really bad for virtual calls when you have a bad ring. It's taken care of now!

👤I bought 6 sets of 6 pack for my theatre room to add Rockwool to. After installing all panels, I ran the Audyssey MultEQ Editor App and found zero difference to the acoustics. Stay away from this product.

6. Convoluted Crate Panels Acoustic Sound

Convoluted Crate Panels Acoustic Sound

EachTILE splits into two wedges as the product is shipped. Once You Split - Each egg crate foam acoustic foam soundproofing foam panels has the highest point. Its lowest point is 1/2 inch in height. / The overall noise reduction coefficient is 0.40. Smaller sound proof padding panels give you more options for placement and design. It covers 6 sq. There is a cover of 1 sq. ft per sheet Good for Recording Studios. Sound clarity can be increased in a room. You Tubers is a great use for media content. It's used to treat walls or ceilings that aren't parallel to the floor. Light weight soundproof foam can be applied to ceilings. It's even great for sound proof padding and sound insulation. There are requirements for testing the resilience of materials used in furniture. The standard for flammability in furniture is set by a regulation called Cal 117.

Brand: Izo All Supply

👤I bought them for sound amplification. They are not sound absorbers. Technically, no foam is. They are not for sound proof, so don't be fooled by the false advertising that says they are sound absorbers. I put these on the panels on top of the wall to diffuse the waves in my room. The sound is more focused now. This is the function of the foam if you are going to buy it. I know I'm repeating it, but it's important to understand the function of these panels.

👤This item is not perfect, but it is a great price. There is a Some people have said that the coloring of the panels can be slightly different, but I had some panels that had a different feel to them. It looks bad when they are all together. There is a The item that I ordered was the wrong one. It was 1/3 in foam and not the egg crate, it was like long spiked channels. I am behind schedule because my packs didn't match, I was in a hurry to get these. Even though I only needed one gift card, they sent me another 3 sets, but they weren't able to overnight it. I appreciate the response from Amazon, but be careful as you may get the wrong item or panels in one pack.

👤The foam was perfect for the booth. It doesn't have a smell and is the same color as the one on the website. I will be able to record better audio with my microphone.

👤I used these on the inside of the room where the sound was coming from. To try to absorb the sound of a coin miner. The panels were placed against the door to reduce the volume of sound coming through and I think they did a good job. It is better without the panels.

👤I made my own microphone isolation shield for a fraction of the cost of a nice looking unit, which doesn't do as good a job as my home built unit, and which I can purchase for a lot more money. The cost of nice looking units can be as low as $50 to 300. My home built box cost $12 and works better. Don't waste your money on looks in audio recordings. There is a Gary.

👤It was what I needed to make a sound booth box. Sound blocking and Sturdy. Cut a custom microphone mount.

👤I ordered two sets of these at different times. The second pair came in the wrong color and I sent them back. You can see that half of them are gray and the other half are black on my wall. If you really want sound dampening, you should go for a thicker foam and a better product. The guys cut up an egg crate mattress pad from Walmart.

👤I'm using it for pillows. My body doesn't make enoughCollagen to support my joints at night. One way to make site every part of my body is to support it with pillows. It worked well for me. I have the ability to sleep in a variety of positions. I put them in a pillowcase so they don't get gross. I'll probably just replace them regularly. It works for me.

7. JBER Acoustic Soundproofing Resistant Treatment

JBER Acoustic Soundproofing Resistant Treatment

For use in recording studios, control rooms, Offices, home studios, home entertainment theaters, Home Offices, spot treating sound on walls is great. Each tile is 1 square foot and has an acoustic wedge. One third of the time, it comes. Sound proof foam panels are best for small to medium size rooms, recording studios, churches, or offices because they help reduce unwanted noise and echo. Improve your audio quality instantly by reducing background noise and echo while recording your voice overs, music, interviews, podcasts, or YouTube and Tiktok videos. Spot treat a professional or home recording studio, commercial or home office, rehearsal space, or home theatre. It is easy to shape and cut to size.

Brand: Jber

👤The size and thickness are correct. They are shrunk down from vacuum packing as they are bulky once expanded. Relax. 1. The vacuum pack has them in it. 2. They have a slight smell to them, but not a strong one, like the inside of a new car. 3. Place them in front of a window for 10 minutes. Period. There is no warm water, dryers, or silly tricks. A little warmth from the sun is all it takes. Trust me. 4. They will expand in a few minutes. You'll be surprised how small that package is. 5. They are the size and thickness advertised. It shocks me that some of these reviews are not positive for this product, if the included and incredibly simplistic directions are followed, it will prove to be a fantastic product.

👤The before and after photos are the same. I can say one thing. It looks nice. These are worth it if you want to be decorative. We buy them for sound. I notice a difference between having nothing and adding foam. My echos are noticable, and the natural sound my mic picks up has softened even more. I play a lot of horror games. echo gets picked up when I scream. If you're big in audio, you'll notice a difference, but everyone's area is different. The packaging is very clean. It's been vacuum packed so it will take about 48 hours for the foam to form. I advise cutting a small slice into the package to let air in. Nothing comes with mounting them. I have many command strips that worked well to mount these. When I used the smaller strips, the first few foam fell off the wall, so make sure the strips can hold at least 12 pounds. I bought 2 of the 48 pack and have 12 left over. I will definitely buy more if I need it. I think they're worth the money because of how many you get in one package. I hope my review helps you buy something.

👤I have been disappointed in an Amazon purchase before. They don't work. I hung 48 of them on my wall and the audio in the room didn't change one iota. I hung a large blanket across another wall to see what difference it made. I put my face in front of many of these and spoke normally. No change at all. It sounded like a speech against a wall. Is it possible to do the same to the blanket? It was clearly damp. There is a I'll probably just leave them and try other products on the ceiling and remaining wall areas because taking all these panels would probably leave a mess on my wall. A few hours of work down the tubes cost almost $50. It feels like a giant scam. How much does this foam cost? Is $50 worth?

👤My expectations were low after reading the other bad reviews. I ordered the Charcoal even though I thought they were black. The charcoal is dark for me. I think they look good. Within 30 minutes after opening the package, they grew to their full height. The foam seems to be of good quality. I bought a lot of pieces. I'm changing to 4 starts after installing all 336 tiles. They were inconsistent in size, color and texture. The material was different. Some had glitter and some did not. The size varied by about 1/2 so it was frustrating. They're not perfect, but I got them all installed and worked to remove the echo in the room. I used a crown stapler. It would have been messy, time consuming and way more expensive to glue 336 tiles.

8. Dailycooper Self Adhesive Hexagonal Soundproof Eliminate

Dailycooper Self Adhesive Hexagonal Soundproof Eliminate

The biggest difference with other acoustic panels is that they are self-adhesive. Are you still worried about finding tape? You would know how easy it is to install sound proof foam panels if you tried them before. High Density is Better9.4 lbs/ft3 density is excellent at absorbing unwanted sounds and reducing echoes. In addition to using acoustic foam to amplify sound, you can use it to improve acoustics in a room, like in a recording studio. You can hang hexagonal soundproof wall panels around your room or apartment. The panels are lightweight and come in a variety of colors. It is safe to breathe in and touch the material. The 12 pack covers 7.5 square feet and is easy to cut with a knife. If you have a question about the acoustic foam panels, please feel free to contact them. If you're not happy with their product, please email them and they'll give you professional solutions.

Brand: Dailycooper

👤I use these Dailycooper 12 pack self-adhesive acoustic panels in my son's room as he is always loud and gaming. They work well and reduce noise. The hexagonal soundproof shape of the panels makes them very stylish and they are easy to hang, let there be peace and quiet.

👤These work well to line sparse spaces. I used 1 pack of white and black to create some patterns and then attached them to the wall with indoor command strips, which are light and easy to use. These acoustic panels are semi-rigid and come ready to use, unlike other foam based panels that need time to grow after being vacuum packed. There is a If your'removable' mounting strips won't come up, warm them up with a hair dryer, and then roll your fingers across the strips using clean gardening gloves so you don't get blisters. Don't expect them to create a completely quiet environment, but they do help reduce echo and look sharp.

👤These will cut your noise by half. They work for a noisy neighbor and also to help keep you from being a noisy neighbor. I wouldn't recommend them for studio use. There is a Second, these use a glue that is between rubber cement and contact cement. They can be easily removed if you are careful. You will get a mild solvent, followed by soap and water, to take care of the glue left behind. There is a Even though they are only about 3/8" thick, they are very dense. The dimensions are not perfect, but they will fit at the edges to give you a perfect installation. The backing is difficult to remove from the skin, so be careful when peeling it off.

👤I just put them up. The master bathroom is on the other side of the wall, so you can hear everything that is said through it. I put them up and had my niece sit on the couch. I could still hear what was being said in the master bathroom. The seller reached out to me to correct the situation, and I am editing my review to add that. I'm happy with the results.

👤It's easy to stick and stills well, but you can't return it in good conscience. I wish I hadn't bought it. It's effectiveness in reducing outgoing decibels is the same as throwing a wet towel under the door.

👤The panels are of the highest quality and can not be easily damaged.

👤These were purchased to protect the wall from the dart board and not just for noise reduction. It works for that. It protects my walls and absorbs sound from darts.

9. Acoustic Self Adhesive Dampening Proofing Treatment

Acoustic Self Adhesive Dampening Proofing Treatment

The high quality material is made of a high density and eco-friendly fiber. It is safe to breathe in and touch the foam, it has an advantage of reducing and absorbing noise. The sound proof foam panels do well on the test of noise reduction, achieving a grade of NRC 0.95 which is better than all of the sound panels on the market. It's safe and economical. It's safe for adults, kids, and pets because their sound panels are flame resistant, odorless, non-toxic, non-slip, and fade resistant. Their studio foam panels on the ceiling, behind the TV or under the rug are great places to store your memories. There is self-adhesive glue on one side of the sound-absorbing panel. It's convenient to attach on the wall, you don't need to prepare a lot of gum or other things to fix it. The design will decrease your workload. If you want to remove, you simply detach each panel and install the new location with no holes in your walls. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. The sound insulation panels are ideal for sound treatment and decoration on ceiling and wall. If you don't like their acoustic absorption panels, please email them first and they will provide you with professional solutions. They are ready for your questions about the sound panels.

Brand: Sybedu

👤I started playing the violin. I get a lot of echo in my house because it has high ceilings. It was very annoying. I have a spare room that I thought would be a good place to practice on my own. I've never seen sound panels that looked like egg cartons before, and I was advised to try them. I said no thanks. I was told that there is a variety here. I found these and I absolutely love them. I immediately put them on my walls and they look great, I bought white ones. The sound is amazing. I didn't know how much difference these make in sound. I don't know how the older version is, so I can't give you a comparison. I didn't put up all my walls. I put the packs on the opposite walls. I might be buying more. I don't know yet. They are very cool.

👤None of the panels had working glue. The first layer took off the second flap since they were overlapped. I tried to remove the glue from the paper and put it on the panel. It wouldn't come off. I'll update the review if I ever hear from the company, but I'm really sad since these were going to help me start streaming, so I'll have to wait another week. Really disappointed!

👤I have been looking for some sound panels for a while. I have bought many different brands and this is my favorite. The difference in how they stay on my wall is made by the full back. Other brands apply differently. If you need the design on your wall to be in the shot, it's nice to be on camera. Highly recommended.

👤We added a set of these to our room and it works great. The big foam squares were there before. These work just as well as the slicker ones. Adding some cool patterns to the space while being functional is what I would recommend if you want to keep the foam stickers up.

👤These look great in my room and the stick to the wall is fine. I don't see them doing a lot in the noise canceling department. I guess we will see.

👤This product does not sound proof or change the pattern of sound. I was very disappointed and wasted my money. I would like a full refund.

👤I have been looking for panels to soundproof my bedroom for a while. I tried all the different foam wedge panels and I was starting to despair of any hope of controlling the noise in my room. I decided to try these panels after seeing a lot of them on Amazon. When I bought this 12-pack, I noticed that the sound was noticeably quieter when I held one of the panels at arm's length. In any room, there is a ring or echo. The sound starts and stops. It doesn't bounce back or go through. They are self-adhesive, meaning you don't have to buy strips of them separately, and they stay on the wall. You don't have to worry about the panels falling off when you turn your back on them because the back is sticky and strong enough to hold them up. The only issue I can think of is that I don't like the dirty-white color of the design. I would like it to be white. I can understand where the designers were aiming if the panel was fully white, because it wouldn't be a "decorative" panel in a room with white walls. There is a This is the route to choose if you want actual sound dampening, because these panels are much better than any wedge foam or triangular foam panels that I have tried.

10. Pack Acoustic Panels Inches Soundproof

Pack Acoustic Panels Inches Soundproof

Absorbing noise pollution by installing acoustic foams is a professional sound absorbing property. The difference between acoustic foams and soundproofing is that acoustic foams are used to control the sound of the wind. Their acoustic foam can be used to treat any area. They flutter and remove standing waves. Their acoustic foam panels are made with professional grade acoustic foam and are made for sound absorption in a variety of projects. The acoustic performance will be consistent because the foam is dense and consistent. echo is the most common problem in large rooms with high ceilings. The conversations in the room are interfered with by the sound waves created by an echo. The foam panels absorb sound from surrounding areas and make other sounds clearer. The quality of sound can be improved with the use of acoustic foam. It is used to treat recording studios. The sound generated at any range of frequencies is absorbed by the foam panels. Acoustic foam panels are easy to install and can be used on a variety of surfaces. There is no need for special tools for installation. Double tape/strips or glue are not included in the package.

Brand: Audiosoul

👤This is similar to the Station Night Club. If you haven't heard of it, look it up. Sound foam in a space needs to be compliant with fire code law. The stuff in the box smells like chemicals and is made of foam. Carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide gas are created by burning foam. A candle or spark could be used to set this up. A whole square burns in less than a minute. If there is a fire in the studio, good luck to everyone. This needs to be taken off of Amazon immediately and the company is being investigated for false advertising.

👤Ok. These aren't top studio quality pannels, those will set you back a lot more. You're actually getting a good deal for the price and quantity. Out of the 2 times I've bought this product, only the second time I ordered, I can confirm that a few do come thinner. I didn't have any issues with the foam not growing to its proper size. I put them in a spare room for a few days and let them sit there and expand. I measured the thickness of the foam and it is exactly 1 inch from the base of the foam to the top of the wedge, which is the same as the advertised thickness. The panels are not all the same size, but they do reach 31 cm each side, which is the equivalent of 12in. This product has great value for the price. The thickness of the foam is advertised as 1 inch or 3 cm, the panels are generally 12x12in or 31x31 cm, the faulty units are few and can be counted on a single hand, and they do indeed expand. I would like to add a section to help people who can't get these to stick on their walls. Any double sided tape or command strips will not stick. The panels will stick to the wall, but the foam is too porous and will come off very quickly. DynaGrip is a heavy duty constructive adhesive that comes in a squeezing tube and a tbe, which is more sturdy than its alternatives, and it's also cheaper. I add glue in small amounts. I'm sure you could get away with just the corners and the centre, as well as the corners and the middle, if you wanted to. You can spread the foam with your finger, stick, or paint knife, and then stick it to the wall with the help of the glue on the foam. If you want to be cautious, just press the panel on each of the zones you put glue on and do it twice. The glue sticks to wood, cement, and metal. If you want to stick your panels to the roof, make sure you give the roof panels a hard squeeze to make sure they don't get torn off while it's drying. There is a This is an awesome deal that wont break your bank, if you want to make a home studio or just fix a room that is terrible. They help the sound. REMEMEMBER will not soundproof your room, they only treat the echo you can hear inside a room. The panels should be complemented with carpets and rugs. I'm uploading images of the panels individually, how they look hung up on a wall, what the defects are, the measured thickness of the foam, the way I spread the glue, and anyone that requires help with that. I had these panels on my roof and walls for 4 weeks and they are still holding up. The missing star is due to the faulty units.

11. TroyStudio Acoustic Studio Absorption Panel

TroyStudio Acoustic Studio Absorption Panel

There is a specific requirement. The pack of 6 is 12 X 12 X 2 inches and has 6 square feet of coverage. Remarkable acrobatic performance. The acoustic foam panels are dense and thick, great at cancelling room noise, and improving the sound clarity in a space. The term "endless application" refers to this. Good for recording studio, home theater, office, home studio, vocal booth, basement, and more. It's great for indoors. These modern wave-style foam tiles are non-toxic and fire-rated by the California Technical Bulletin. It is easy to cut and install sound absorption foam. The spray glue works well.

Brand: Troystudio

👤The seller was very responsive after I had issues with the warehouse. The variegated style of the foam v. pyramid and wedge was what I wanted. The quality of this foam is right on the money and the packaging was top notch. I let it breathe for a day before unpacking. It will be used in the home studio. I have used Gorilla brand 2-sided mounting tape before. I put the small squares in the corners. It is easy to remove a strong hold with no wall damage. It's a tip. If you want to cut the small pieces you need, you need to peel the backing paper from the 2-sided tape. It's much easier to apply it than to peel the backing paper off of the smaller cut pieces. The studio foam product is a great seller. Thank you! .

👤I was able to cover more than half of the room for $350, which was one of the worst rooms I've ever had to set up. What can I say? The sound in here is better now, and I get tons of praise for the way it looks. Would recommend if value is important to you. Many people suggest you tape only the corners. If you want it to look more professional, you should add one more piece to the center.

👤It's so, Soo. When you first open them, they are a bit smelly. The foam panels have a chemical scent to them, so this wasn't a surprise. I put mine in the washer and then put them in the dryer to absorb the scent. I don't think putting them in the dryer is a good idea, as they shrunk a tiny bit, but it was a good thing because the dense pads I put them with were a tad smaller than 12. If you plan on washing them, use cold water and let them dry on their own. You can leave them out and let them breathe in an area that doesn't smell bad. Airing them out for a couple of days will get rid of the scent on them. There is a There are important things. How do these work? These panels are meant for very light sound absorption. Some of the higher frequencies will be taken out of your room. If you want to do total sound absorption for a music studio or home theater, you'll need bigger panels. These might suffice if you're just looking to do light duty work. It depends on your usage and expectations. In my case, I used the TroyStudio one on top of the BXI sound panels to compliment my acoustic clouds in my studio. It does the job for me, considering the modifications I made.

👤These worked well. I ordered several packs to finish the wall and it turned out great! I only bought a few packs and one of them was not working well. I put these in the dryer for a few minutes and they expanded perfectly.

👤The foam in the picture looks like it has more substance than the one that gathers dust. The foam that I was sent was very flimsy, the kind of foam that is 888-282-0465. We put them around the house to try before mounting them. The results were not good at blocking sounds. There is a The foam squares need to be mounted on a firm surface because of their flimsiness. To prevent sagging or falling from the ceiling, they need to be mounted on boards. Have not noticed that they are canceling noise. There is a The foam did expand properly, but it took a few days. It took a few weeks to finish off-gassing. Chemicals were moderate to start, but not as bad as foam products. If you have asthma, or are sensitive to petrochemicals, leave them in a hot garage for a few weeks, to finish outgassing, and then go for a drive in a hot closed car.


What is the best product for decorative acoustic panels studio foam waves?

Decorative acoustic panels studio foam waves products from Fstop Labs. In this article about decorative acoustic panels studio foam waves you can see why people choose the product. Donner and Zhermao are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative acoustic panels studio foam waves.

What are the best brands for decorative acoustic panels studio foam waves?

Fstop Labs, Donner and Zhermao are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative acoustic panels studio foam waves. Find the detail in this article. Foamily, Izo All Supply and Jber are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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