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1. TroyStudio Acoustic Sound Diffuser Panel

TroyStudio Acoustic Sound Diffuser Panel

Size - 12'' X 12'' X 1'', pack of 4; coverage 4 square feet; lightweight - 0.25 pounds per panel. Facial fusion: The sound-energy distribution in a room can be improved by using wall panels, which help create a more balanced sound profile for your audio enjoyment. EXCEPTIONAL TREATMENT The acoustic tiles are great at treating distortion, such as comb filters and acoustic focusing. It's perfect for recording studio, listening room, home theater, living room, office... MODERN DESIGN These art diffusers are ideal for wall and ceiling decoration. QUICK INSTALLATION It is easy to mount using 3M spray adhesive or 3M vhb double-sided tape.

Brand: Troystudio

👤TroyStudio acoustic sound diffusor panels are very good. There is a They were packed with two layers of bubble-wrap for the four diffusors, sealed in a heavy plastic bag, in a solid cardboard box. The top drawer was all the way down. No skimping at all. The diffusors were stacked as if they were one thick diffusor. Unless they get run over by a steam roller, these shouldn't get damaged in transit. These have very thin edges as borders. There is a 1-star rating for 'Adhesion'. We used push tacks along the edges to hold the diffusors in place, and no rattling even on loud sweeps. The push-pins work well, but YMMV, of course, because they did not buzz or rattle. If you're sure you want them there forever, you can glue them, but we prefer a more conservative method. We drilled small holes at the corners and mid-points for mounting. If you are going to do this, you need to take a medium sized nail, hammer-tap a small guide, and use whatever drill bit you want to use to make your hole. If you attempt to drill into the plastic, you should expect the drill bit to run along the plastic and ruin your efforts. The soundstage width, depth, and clarity were all added with the help of the diffusion they provided. We used a lot, and never experienced anything like comb filtering, despite using many packs. We use a lot of large wooden diffusors, as well as Home Depot concrete tube form half-round diffusors, which all combine for a great effect at very little cost. TroyStudio diffusors are a great bargain for anyone looking for cheap but effective diffusion, that is not offensive to the eye, and easy to install. They offer a value-to-performance ratio. Highly recommended! Happy listening, Mr. Smith.

👤I use these for my home studio where I shoot videos. I put them all over the room to see if they worked. I recorded my voice before and after putting them up, but didn't notice a difference. I decided to return them to find something that worked better because they look cute and I love the design.

👤The texture of the diffusers feels like hard plastic and it's only made to absorb sound waves. There is a The back side of the panels do not have any glue, so you will need to use command strips to adhere them to your walls, I felt as if that was a blow considering the price. There is a They look really cool in my home studio.

👤I bought this product to see if I could improve the acoustics in a square room. I was not able to measure the room to make sure it passed the test. I was able to get more sound volume in the room before things started to fall apart at the listening position. The room is very damp with curtains, a couple of bass traps and a self built absorber placed at a non-treated 1st reflection point. The results were very good and the products were kept. The build quality is very good. I chose the black color option and it is uniform. The panels are light enough that I could hang until I found the final location. I used the two-sided velcro in the final location.

2. Art3d Decorative Panel Design Tiles

Art3d Decorative Panel Design Tiles

The quality was verified. These noise-insulation panels can be used for a lot of things, from professional studios, rehearsal rooms, concert halls, podcasting, churches, home theaters, vocal booths, home studios, offices, man caves, dog kennels, utility closets and more. You can make other sounds clearer by deadening unwanted sound. You can apply any colors you want. 100% recycled, made from natural plant fiber. The size is 19.7 x 19.7 In. 500*500mm. You can come in a box of 12 panels. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV background, feature walls, ceiling are all recommended uses. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV background, feature walls, ceiling are all recommended uses.

Brand: Art3d

👤I read as many reviews as I could before I bought the art and thought I could handle it. Some reviews mentioned do's and don'ts. I didn't think the wall of my choice for the art was square. I live in an older home. My dilemma was how to keep the pattern straight and level. Finding a way to secure them to the painted wall was next. I took the number of panels that would go across the wall and then down the wall. I had to cut down a few panels to finish the one side. I had to cut some panels down to fit on one side of the wall because I had to divide the difference between the two sides. I was worried that it would be chopped up. I used a large pair of scissors to cut the panels. Clean cuts were made. Either for cutting around an electrical outlet or smaller pieces. I had to figure out what product to use to adhere them to the wall. I found that using my hot glue gun was easy to use. The glue will not stick if you don't put it in place quickly. I put a small amount on each corner of the panels. If they needed adjusting, they were easy to remove. The end results of this project are what I love the most. It's amazing... It's beautiful. I did not paint the panels, but painted the three surrounding walls a little darker color, and now the 3D art wall just pops. I've had a lot of positive feedback on my project. It was worth the hard work.

👤The purchase was the best I have ever made. I wanted to make an impact at the front door when I opened my fitness studio. It worked. Everyone is happy with how this looks. The smell of glue was the only issue my contractor had putting it up. It was very easy to paint and looks like a million dollar wall. Will be buying more for future products.

👤I love the panels! It gave my bedroom a modern look. They were easy to spray paint. They are hard to cut, that's the only negative comment. The material is hard to cut, so I cut one of my fingers. The razor blade cut me. I think it was a great buy and definitely has a good look.

👤There is a bedroom wall. I put it up myself and it looks great.

👤It took about six hours to install the product.

👤I think these panels are amazing. You can make them your own. I painted them and put them on the wall. It was difficult to cut them. I will use a sharper tool next time. I was able to get the job done despite using the glue gun hard. I will use a different type of glue next time. I've gotten a lot of praise for these panels. It was worth the time and money. I'm looking forward to doing more projects like this one.

3. EVENRISING Decorative Soundproof Recording Cobblestone

EVENRISING Decorative Soundproof Recording Cobblestone

If you're serious about acoustic, stay away from acoustic foam. Stay away from products that are not certified. The art sound panel has excellent sound absorption. Improve your sound experience, recording and room decor with features you want. It's perfect for home theaters, professional studios, and more. Excellent NRC-rated sound suppression. The design you want is unique. Let wall panels be the focal point of your room. You can create beautiful decorative patterns. The new eco-friendly material is made of 100% polyester and is non-toxic. The material is flame retardant. There is no harm to the baby. Don't buy products that are not certified. They either meet your expectations or get your money back if you don't like it.

Brand: Evenrising

👤My apartment rules made it necessary for me to use nails. They work well.

👤They do what they're supposed to do.

👤It works as described. I use them to make sure that the background noise in my videos is not as loud as it could be, and I also use them to make sure that the noise in my basement office is not as loud as it could be. I have only one issue with them, the ones I installed in the ceiling. A few of the tiles want to fall off, even though they are very generous with the force and tape used. The tape I am using is 3m brand and it meets the requirements. I tried an off brand double sided tape and it didn't work. The porous texture of the tiles make them problematic. Let me know if this review helped you by clicking below. Feel free to ask any questions.

👤My family room has an echo chamber. I have ceilings that go up to 15 feet. You have an acoustical nightmare if you combine that with travertine stone floors. I thought that if I put panels on the wall opposite my entertainment center that they would absorb the sound and cut down on the echo. That worked. I didn't cover enough surface area to make a difference. I'm not going to use wall paper in my room because I'd probably have to do the ceiling. I don't think the panels are to blame. They do what they do. I have an issue with the architect that designed the room and the idiot that bought the house.

👤The acoustic panels help with sound. Let's be clear, sound dampening is not the same as blocking. If installed in a room with little to no insulation or a large room where sound can travel a bit, these won't help. If you put them on the walls of a large room, they could make a better sound stage. It won't help if you have a large living room with a 20 foot ceiling. The TV will continue to echo. These come into play more in smaller rooms where sound insulation between two rooms isn't as good. This helps reduce the sounds coming from the adjacent room. If the TV is on in the next room, it can reduce the sound of the voice and bass. It will sound a bit less annoying because of the reduced frequencies. If you live in a dense apartment building, this could help with the sound leaking from your neighbor. The installation was important. These panels are heavy. A large amount of mounting tape is needed to secure them. If you choose to go the 3M route, use the velcro version and use 6 of them per panel.

👤The tiles are pretty cool. We have a hallway that acts like an echo chamber between the two parts of our house. I put these up on both sides of the hallway and they look really cool. You're not going to get a magical silence. They helped take the edge off of sound travel. There is a The tiles are not as large as I 888-276-5932s. They're 14 at their widest parts, but 12 inches across from edge to edge. They didn't come with any kind of tape to put them up, just the tiles. They were attached to the wall with squares of tape. They are light and don't need much.

4. Acoustic Soundproofing Insulation Absorption Treatment

Acoustic Soundproofing Insulation Absorption Treatment

High density and eco-friendly. These panels are made from high density 100% polyester fiber and have better sound insulation than soundproofing foam. It's odorless, non-toxic and safe to breathe in and touch, making it great for any location in the home or studio. The multi-color beveled design of 0.4 inch acoustic foam panels can be mixed and matched with other colors to create a stylish wall art. Improved atmospheric quality. The noise-insulation panels can be used for a lot of things. You can make other sounds clearer by deadening unwanted sound. It is easy to shape and cut to size. The acoustic panels can be installed by anyone. Double-sided tape work and general purpose spray glue work. Attach double sided tape to the back of each panel with spray or 3M tape. 100% SATISFACTION SHOPPING:Mairtec sound insulation panels. A pack of 12. There is a cover of 1 sq. per sheet If you are not satisfied with their customer service, you can get a hassle-free replacement or refund.

Brand: Mairtec

👤It's pretty amazing! I have an upstairs neighbor that walks in high heels and paces back and forth. The panels have reduced the sound of the wood floors. I'm going to buy another pack to finish the right side of my ceiling.

👤The panels are lightweight and wrapped in felt. They look very sharp. I don't know how well they absorb the noise, I just got them installed, and I am getting used to sounds in my new apartment. I set them up like a bed, and it looks great. You can't beat this price. I would purchase again since it is so easy to install. I just ran a nail through the center and then put a dot of white paint on top of it, and it blends right in.

👤The sound insulation board my husband bought was better than the one my son had. It can be installed directly after receiving the goods. Other sellers say that it doesn't need to be immersed in the water. Better sound insulation than sound insulation foam. It's safe to breathe and touch and is suitable for adults, children and pets. I bought a black one and used it as a decorative wall art. It can be used in a variety of places. It is easy to cut into a shape. The performance will not be affected by the change. It's easy to install. Double-sided tape can be used to paste in the desired position. Thank you for your recommendation!

👤It didn't really affect the sound at all. I made my own sound panels out of 4 towels and a wooden frame. Blocks are better than these. I did a video on the subject, and you can find it on YouTube.

👤If you want to put these on the ceiling, you need a nice pack of crazy glue, double sided tape, and a couple droplets of liquid on your panel, then place on the ceiling.

👤I built a wooden box with a plexiglass door that helped cut down on the whine from the machine in my workshop. It's better to be in the shed while the machine is on. I screwed it into place.

👤It didn't stop the noise.

👤They were installed with foam panels. Not sure if it works. It was used to cancel noises from our neighbor. The panels are more expensive than the double tape. Don't use cheap tape. The panels will fall off.

5. Art3d Decorative Panels Diamond Design

Art3d Decorative Panels Diamond Design

If you don't like their products, don't give them a 1 star review, their professional acoustic engineers will analyze the situation for you, and if it can't be solved, they will give you a 100% refund. Premium quality 3d wall panels are fire resistant and light weight. You can come in a box of 33 tiles. There is a size of 11.8" x 11.8" and a color of matt white. Light weight and fire resistant. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV backdrop, sofa background, basement walls, feature walls, ceiling are recommended uses. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV backdrop, sofa background, basement walls, feature walls, ceiling are recommended uses.

Brand: Art3d

👤If you want to put tiles on the wall, use 3m mounting tape, they look great and are not brittle, it is the best way to put them on the wall. To.

👤The project took a week to complete. More than 160 panels were involved in my project. The panels themselves are very sturdy, and the final product is an incredibly unique accent wall that matches my entire living room. Take the panels out and let them "air out" for 24 hours before installing. You want to make sure they are adjusted to your environment when installing hundreds of them. They were stacked in alternating patterns to provide maximum air flow. See the picture. - I put thin wood panels on the wall because my house is brand new and I wanted to avoid glue on the wall. I ripped the sheets into 8'x2' panels after buying them at Lowe's. I was able to install them myself. See the pictures. I used Gorilla Glue Industrial Liquid Nails/Adhesion to adhere the panels. If I ever tried to remove these panels, the drywall would be destroyed. It's important to glue all the surfaces along the back. Don't let the thin line get outside the edge, or you'll have a mess on your hands. I used a laser to align the panels. Every small deviation will result in a major offsets later, so it's important to find a reliable method of applying tiles straight. I started in the top right corner and worked my way down. I tried using super-thin tile spacers in the beginning, but found that it was harder to keep the panels in place than just butting them up against each other with a laser level. Take your time and do it the right way. When you fill the gaps with caulk, they look better, even if you try hard. Take a look at the pictures of the wall before caulking to see how bad the gaps are. Paint the panels before you install them. I can't recommend this enough. I put panels up first and then painted them. You cannot use a roller to paint the 160+ panels because they were painted by hand with latex paint. If you do paint, you will need several coats since standard latex paint will not adhere completely on the first application. Three applications were taken by my tiles. I have never experienced such pain in my hand after painting. If I could do it all over again, I would spray paint the tiles before installation and then touch up the seams after I finished. It would have saved a lot of time, as painting took a long time. Take your time. I used a compound saw. It worked well. I think it would be difficult to cut a bunch of panels with a razor blade or scissors, as I did along the final column/ bottom row, if you had to do it by hand. I originally planned to use the raised outlet covers to blend them with the panels. I found that painting the wall behind the panels made it look good, and there was no need to use a riser. The risers I bought were flimsy and difficult to install. I think they would have made the final product look worse. The project took 80 man hours. More than half of that was painting. Hanging panels can be done much faster if you are doing a basic pattern that doesn't require cutting or backer board. I highly recommend the product.

6. Lebenforce Self Adhesive Polyester Soundproof Absorbing

Lebenforce Self Adhesive Polyester Soundproof Absorbing

Self-Adhesive Design is easy to install on walls, ceilings, and walls. It is suitable for smooth surfaces. You don't need to make any changes to fix it. The panel has been specifically developed for those situations where acoustic absorption and greater visual sophistication are required, such as office, meeting room, home office, dining room, and recording studios. You can get clearer sounds by deadening unwanted sounds. Tiles are an easy, elegant acoustic fix for nearly any space. The tiles are great for reducing background noise, echos, and reverberation time, and they help increase sound clarity in a room or space. The dimensions are 12 X 12 X 0.4 inches (30 X 30 X 0.9 cm) and the weight is 3.3 pounds of 12 pieces. Poor acoustics can have a negative effect on productivity, communication, and concentration. To solve this problem, please choose the right amount of tiles and wall covering areas to create a comfortable acoustic environment for you, your work partners, and your family.

Brand: Lebenforce

👤They're not as quiet as they used to be. I thought I should put some tiles on the walls behind the fridge to absorb some of the noise. Needed to leave a lot of room for air flow, so decided on these thick ones. Cleaned the walls and stuck the backing paper to them. It worked out well. Can be in the same room with the new fridge.

👤I wanted my woodwork to be less noisy and to avoid the cutting and drilling noises that I was causing. I used one of the major windows from the basement to the living room. There is a It's easy to install. Hope it's easy to remove. It might get dust easily, but it's working as expected.

👤There were no problems with quick shipping. The removal of the backing paper caused a loss of about one-third of the glue. I use them on the inside of my enclosure to reduce the noise.

👤I want a peace of my own to your room. I want to buy more. I bought this for my dog and it's easy to install.

👤The grey color is great with my gray wall. I can focus on practicing my instrument without worrying about neighbors. The tape arrived. I am not sure if it will leave a stain when removed. I use other tape that is safer to remove.

👤Good for prevention of noise. It's easy to stick on walls.

👤It's easy to install and does a decent job for those on a budget. I can see this being used for darts. These sit behind my tv and do a good job.

👤Does nothing to change the sound.

7. TroyStudio Acoustic Studio Absorption Panel

TroyStudio Acoustic Studio Absorption Panel

There is a specific requirement. The pack of 6 is 12 X 12 X 2 inches and has 6 square feet of coverage. Remarkable acrobatic performance. The acoustic foam panels are dense and thick, great at cancelling room noise, and improving the sound clarity in a space. The term "endless application" refers to this. Good for recording studio, home theater, office, home studio, vocal booth, basement, and more. It's great for indoors. These modern wave-style foam tiles are non-toxic and fire-rated by the California Technical Bulletin. It is easy to cut and install sound absorption foam. The spray glue works well.

Brand: Troystudio

👤The seller was very responsive after I had issues with the warehouse. The variegated style of the foam v. pyramid and wedge was what I wanted. The quality of this foam is right on the money and the packaging was top notch. I let it breathe for a day before unpacking. It will be used in the home studio. I have used Gorilla brand 2-sided mounting tape before. I put the small squares in the corners. It is easy to remove a strong hold with no wall damage. It's a tip. If you want to cut the small pieces you need, you need to peel the backing paper from the 2-sided tape. It's much easier to apply it than to peel the backing paper off of the smaller cut pieces. The studio foam product is a great seller. Thank you! .

👤I was able to cover more than half of the room for $350, which was one of the worst rooms I've ever had to set up. What can I say? The sound in here is better now, and I get tons of praise for the way it looks. Would recommend if value is important to you. Many people suggest you tape only the corners. If you want it to look more professional, you should add one more piece to the center.

👤It's so, Soo. When you first open them, they are a bit smelly. The foam panels have a chemical scent to them, so this wasn't a surprise. I put mine in the washer and then put them in the dryer to absorb the scent. I don't think putting them in the dryer is a good idea, as they shrunk a tiny bit, but it was a good thing because the dense pads I put them with were a tad smaller than 12. If you plan on washing them, use cold water and let them dry on their own. You can leave them out and let them breathe in an area that doesn't smell bad. Airing them out for a couple of days will get rid of the scent on them. There is a There are important things. How do these work? These panels are meant for very light sound absorption. Some of the higher frequencies will be taken out of your room. If you want to do total sound absorption for a music studio or home theater, you'll need bigger panels. These might suffice if you're just looking to do light duty work. It depends on your usage and expectations. In my case, I used the TroyStudio one on top of the BXI sound panels to compliment my acoustic clouds in my studio. It does the job for me, considering the modifications I made.

👤These worked well. I ordered several packs to finish the wall and it turned out great! I only bought a few packs and one of them was not working well. I put these in the dryer for a few minutes and they expanded perfectly.

👤The foam in the picture looks like it has more substance than the one that gathers dust. The foam that I was sent was very flimsy, the kind of foam that is 888-282-0465. We put them around the house to try before mounting them. The results were not good at blocking sounds. There is a The foam squares need to be mounted on a firm surface because of their flimsiness. To prevent sagging or falling from the ceiling, they need to be mounted on boards. Have not noticed that they are canceling noise. There is a The foam did expand properly, but it took a few days. It took a few weeks to finish off-gassing. Chemicals were moderate to start, but not as bad as foam products. If you have asthma, or are sensitive to petrochemicals, leave them in a hot garage for a few weeks, to finish outgassing, and then go for a drive in a hot closed car.

8. BUBOS Acoustic Insulation Soundproofing Treatment

BUBOS Acoustic Insulation Soundproofing Treatment

The newEST will be in 2021. Are you still using the ugly acoustic foam? It's too bad. There is a dog The newest art acoustic panel is unique. 10 times better than acoustic foam. Products are made from renewable resources. They only use materials with the highest density. The BUBOS art acoustic allows you to leave a lot of beautiful memories in a comfortable environment. The design can be used as a decorative wall artwork. It can be used in many places. It is hard to imagine that there is any reason to reject this perfect artistic acoustics. If you are mixing in a recording studio, you must reduce the ambient sound. The recording will be ruined by any unnecessary noise. The panels absorb the sound produced by low, middle, and high frequencies, making it very suitable for recording. They are easy to install and can be used as soundproof covers for walls. It does not require special tools or materials for installation. Please don't give them a 1-star rating if you're not happy with their products. The acoustic engineers will analyze the situation for you. They will give a 100% refund if it can't be solved. You can add it to the cart now.

Brand: Bubos

👤The flooring in our kitchen area is very bad, and I have a new upstairs neighbor who moved in recently. Anything dropped on the floor is very startling, because each footstep above sends vibrations through the whole apartment. I decided to give these panels a try. I ordered 3 sets of 12 to cover an area of roughly 6' x 11' and planned to arrange them in sets of 12 with spacing between them. It was too expensive to cover the entire portion of the ceiling, so I settled on this arrangement. I attached Command Poster Strips to the ceiling using double stick tape strips, which worked well. I had to use only 6 strips on some panels because I didn't have enough strips. I didn't want to take the chance that they will fall off since I had to get someone else to assist me with this task. The Command Poster Strips have worked well so far. There is a I have noticed that the apartment's sound has been muffled a bit because of the reduction in the vibrations. I think the panels help absorb the sound from an upstairs apartment because the vibrations stopped after I put them up. There is a If you want to achieve more than mild noise reduction, you will need a lot. It can be quite expensive to have at least 50% coverage of the area. The quality of the panels is good as they are dense, evenly cut, and have a clean bevel. The Grey looks great on my ceiling. If you've done your research and think these panels are for you, I recommend the Bubos brand.

👤I like the look and the color of my condo. I don't hear anything from my neighbor because the look adds richness to the room. I'm happy.

👤It felt like an empty room when I spoke of it. It sounded like a full room with only a few panels. I love this product, but I have a problem with the 3m double tape I bought, the one panel just keeps falling and the other ones don't lay completely flat, since I ran out of tape. The 3m tape is better. I would use the carpet tape if you plan on moving the panels. The felt material is soft and beautiful to touch. It is also very study. I thought 5pks would be enough but I have to finish the wall and have to wait until it is available again. There is a I had to change my reviews. The panels kept falling. I put them up on Monday. I don't know what to do now that four fell at the same time on top of my boyfriend. I like the panels because they can stay up on the wall.

👤I used it to soundproof my bedroom door. It does not completely block the sounds. It's a good value at around 36 bucks for a dozen, but I also bought the dekiru brand for the same price. I found that brand to have more sound absorbing function.

9. JARDEON Acoustic Polyester Padding Insulation

JARDEON Acoustic Polyester Padding Insulation

It is possible to reduce echo, acoustic treatment, close- connected on your wall or ceiling, covering 80% of the sound insulation board, and the effect is better when used in closed spaces. The average absorption coefficients are 0.8 and NRC is 0.9 for 2000 and 5000hertz. No Toxic. Professional acoustic control, treatments, noise reduction, and car horn sound are all included. It's used for ceiling, main wall, TV wall, window, offices, apartment, home theaters, studios, school, rehearsal rooms, concert halls, podcasting, churches, dog kennels. It's easy to install. Light tiles can be placed on your walls with double-sided tape, not damaging the paint. A pack of 6 covers 6 sq. There is a cover of 1 sq. per sheet 100% refunds are offered if you don't like their products. Click the button above to get yours.

Brand: Jardeon

👤I have been using these for a few weeks now because I had to sound proof my son's room while I was working from home. I don't hear him shouting on his game, so that's all I need to know. I could tell a huge difference when I added the 4th or 5th panel because it took 2 full packs to get the job done. Will definitely buy again if I need more quiet space.

👤The noise in our bedroom was cut down by these. We put these on our glass sliding doors to keep the outside noise down, and I think it cut the noise we hear by at least 50%. It was a great investment for us.

👤This would have been 5 stars. I can't reward false advertising. There is a These aren't 1' (12") square. They're in 11.75" square. I ordered 18 boxes and they were all the same size. There is a The product is top quality and I would buy it again, but I don't think it's a good idea to claim it's a size that isn't. I only ordered the Gray. I couldn't tell you if it was just this color or not. I doubt it. There is a They are descent for the thickness and material type. Not the best job. If decor is more important than acoustic properties, then these are a home run.

👤I bought this product to cut down on the noise between me and my neighbor on the other side of the wall in a duplex, where there is little to no noise insulation between units. The tiles are for the wall of the bathroom. I've bought similar tiles elsewhere. My purchase of these is high on my list. I'm very happy! The tiles are camel colored. Two-sided tape is not a good choice for spraying. It's easier to work with.

👤This work is great! There is a Audio from the tv comes through the walls of my niece's bedroom when she's playing a game. I mounted these panels behind the tv and now I can't hear her late night gaming sessions. Had to buy double sided mounting pads to attach, but other than that, they work perfectly.

👤These seem to work well at reducing sound reflections. They should be put in colorful geometric designs. It's a good place to put monitors or other reflection points. But warning! They aren't 12. If you were to plot these on a diagram, you would want to calculate them to be 11 and 13-16. That might seem small, but bravo to you! It would have been better to know when ordering. Under any circumstances, do not touch the white ones. Wear gloves and wash hands. Two of mine are not usable because of their mild contact with other surfaces. I have tried to clean the spots. No luck.

👤I bought the tiles to soundproof my bathroom. They look professional. The door didn't come that way. It is a good way to soundproof a bathroom. The tape was 3m double sided.

10. Dailycooper Self Adhesive Hexagonal Soundproof Eliminate

Dailycooper Self Adhesive Hexagonal Soundproof Eliminate

The biggest difference with other acoustic panels is that they are self-adhesive. Are you still worried about finding tape? You would know how easy it is to install sound proof foam panels if you tried them before. High Density is Better9.4 lbs/ft3 density is excellent at absorbing unwanted sounds and reducing echoes. In addition to using acoustic foam to amplify sound, you can use it to improve acoustics in a room, like in a recording studio. You can hang hexagonal soundproof wall panels around your room or apartment. The panels are lightweight and come in a variety of colors. It is safe to breathe in and touch the material. The 12 pack covers 7.5 square feet and is easy to cut with a knife. If you have a question about the acoustic foam panels, please feel free to contact them. If you're not happy with their product, please email them and they'll give you professional solutions.

Brand: Dailycooper

👤I use these Dailycooper 12 pack self-adhesive acoustic panels in my son's room as he is always loud and gaming. They work well and reduce noise. The hexagonal soundproof shape of the panels makes them very stylish and they are easy to hang, let there be peace and quiet.

👤These work well to line sparse spaces. I used 1 pack of white and black to create some patterns and then attached them to the wall with indoor command strips, which are light and easy to use. These acoustic panels are semi-rigid and come ready to use, unlike other foam based panels that need time to grow after being vacuum packed. There is a If your'removable' mounting strips won't come up, warm them up with a hair dryer, and then roll your fingers across the strips using clean gardening gloves so you don't get blisters. Don't expect them to create a completely quiet environment, but they do help reduce echo and look sharp.

👤These will cut your noise by half. They work for a noisy neighbor and also to help keep you from being a noisy neighbor. I wouldn't recommend them for studio use. There is a Second, these use a glue that is between rubber cement and contact cement. They can be easily removed if you are careful. You will get a mild solvent, followed by soap and water, to take care of the glue left behind. There is a Even though they are only about 3/8" thick, they are very dense. The dimensions are not perfect, but they will fit at the edges to give you a perfect installation. The backing is difficult to remove from the skin, so be careful when peeling it off.

👤I just put them up. The master bathroom is on the other side of the wall, so you can hear everything that is said through it. I put them up and had my niece sit on the couch. I could still hear what was being said in the master bathroom. The seller reached out to me to correct the situation, and I am editing my review to add that. I'm happy with the results.

👤It's easy to stick and stills well, but you can't return it in good conscience. I wish I hadn't bought it. It's effectiveness in reducing outgoing decibels is the same as throwing a wet towel under the door.

👤The panels are of the highest quality and can not be easily damaged.

👤These were purchased to protect the wall from the dart board and not just for noise reduction. It works for that. It protects my walls and absorbs sound from darts.

11. Acoustic Panels Soundproof Density Treatment

Acoustic Panels Soundproof Density Treatment

The high density acoustic panels performs better in improving sound quality and clarity than the 8lb/ ft3 panels in the market. When picking acoustic room panels, density is very important. It would be easy to notice this if you had ever used their white sound treatment panels. Each pack contains 12 x 12 x 0.4 inches white sound proof panels, which cover 12 square feet, and each panel is 1 sq ft. The package also contains 1 mounting instruction. The foam panels are great for acoustic studios, vocal booths, control rooms and recording studios. These sound proof foam panels with sticking are very good for absorbing and eliminating echo, standing waves, and flutter echoes. After you install these art acoustic wall panels in a recording studio, everything is getting so much clearer and without a hint of echoes. They sound less harsh. Soundproof wall panels are made of 100% polyester fiber and odorless, and have no health risk. In case of fire, the upgraded flame retardant acoustic foam panels will come to an end on their own. It's easy to install these panels to the wall or ceiling with just 1 sticker to each corner and 1 sticker to the middle. Even a green hand can get the installation job done well if the sound absorbing panel is cut to smaller size. AUSLET is committed to providing high-quality acoustic sound panels for home and business. Within 8 hours, a full refund or free replacement can be processed. You can contact them at any time.

Brand: Auslet

👤I didn't expect these to completely cancel the noise of the gamer next door, but perhaps my expectations were too high. I wanted him to be stifled a bit. These did not work. The glue sticks to the walls brilliantly, but not to the panels. Within an hour of putting them up, the entire lot was on my floor. The directions were followed. Thumbs down.

👤The walls were cleaned and dried and fell down within 20 minutes. The foam left marks on my walls. The foam is barely sticking to the stickers. I have to figure out a way to get the foam off without damaging the walls. My walls were torn down. Do not buy.

👤The stickies provided for you stick to the wall, but not to the foam panels. I would love to rate the noise cancelation and sound absorbancy once I can keep the product on the wall. There is a I agree that the stickers are terrible. They do not stick to the panels, but they do stick to the wall. They will damage your walls.

👤I put them in my office walls. They keep falling off because the tape does not work.

👤They do the trick for a home studio. There is a I bought the strips for the panels and not the double sided tape. Everyone else is crying about that. I soaked them in water and let them dry out, they look great now.

👤The glue doesn't stick to them very well, they stay on for about 2 hours and then fall off, the strips stay on the wall. I pulled off a chunk of paint while trying to remove the strips from the wall. The pads are pretty good.

👤Stickers to hold panels did not work. The customer service got back to me immediately after I filled out the review. The double-sided tape seems to be working. They took care of the problem very quickly.


What is the best product for decorative acoustic panels white?

Decorative acoustic panels white products from Troystudio. In this article about decorative acoustic panels white you can see why people choose the product. Art3d and Evenrising are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative acoustic panels white.

What are the best brands for decorative acoustic panels white?

Troystudio, Art3d and Evenrising are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative acoustic panels white. Find the detail in this article. Mairtec, Lebenforce and Troystudio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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