Best Decorative Aluminum Sheet Black

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1. M D Building Products 56018 Cloverleaf

M D Building Products 56018 Cloverleaf

The brand name is. Building products from Md. Black finish on aluminum sheet. Can be cut with tin shears. Attach other materials with sheet metal screws or rivets. Use outdoors or indoors. Use outdoors or indoors.

Brand: M-d Building Products

👤I put in panels to keep the dog from getting to the grill. The panels are thin and bend easily. The black panels are priced higher than they should be. I could have purchased the exact same item from the same manufacturer at my local big box store for $10 less per panel, but they did not offer them in black. I was willing to pay $30 more to get the look I wanted.

👤It's thin and easy to cut to the size I need.

2. M D Building Products 56014 020 Inch

M D Building Products 56014 020 Inch

Black finish on aluminum sheet. Can be cut with tin shears. Attach other materials with sheet metal screws or rivets. Use outdoors or indoors. Use outdoors or indoors.

Brand: M-d Building Products

👤Excellent for what it is being used for. There is a The front panel of my computer case was changed. It worked out perfectly. It is very easy to cut and bend with scissors and pliers. There is a The front panel of my computer was made of acrylic plastic, instead of mesh, and it worked better than I expected. There is air flow in the case. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤This was sold at a local big box orange store that was bent up and a mess. We've ordered these 3 times and used them for remodeling on in RV, taking out glass in cabinet doors and using this product. Only thing. I would like to see the company offer in different thicknesses.

👤The material is good. It was shipped in the same box as a trailer hitch receiver. The sheet goods weren't as good as the receiver. I salvaged enough to complete the project I bought it for. I wouldn't buy it again at the same time I buy a hitch.

👤We ordered it twice. The first one was bent and had half of the paint missing. Returned it and ordered a new screen, which was bent and creased. The quality was very disappointing. Went to a local store to buy something.

👤They had one style and the price was better than the warehouse store.

👤The item is as expected. Bubble wrap and a box were used to protect the item. It wasn't bent. There is a You have to be careful with the bubble wrap because it is glue to the metal.

👤There are small holes in the front of the computer. It is easy to cut and work with.

3. M D Building Products 56008 020 Inch

M D Building Products 56008 020 Inch

Use outdoors or indoors. It is easy to cut, form and fabricate. Can be cut with tin shears. Attach other materials with sheet metal screws or rivets.

Brand: M-d Building Products

👤Product is thin enough to be cut with scissors. I put this in the cabinet door to house my modem and wireless router. If you have an imagination, this is a quality product.

👤The product is great, and it was shipped in a way that kept it from getting damaged. The problem is that the description reads 12 x 24. It may have been a mistake, but be aware that you might get something smaller than you need.

👤They were used for our bedroom door. The dogs kept scratching at the screen so we replaced it twice. They haven't been able to get to the screen with these, but they look better than the normal screen saver. They were stuck on with double stick tape. Works well!

👤This was wrapped in bubble wrap and sent in a larger box. The corner was bent over. Having it arrive perfectly is important since it is a craft piece. I did not need the whole length for my project, but I would have sent this back. I attached a pick of my new air register to the frame and should be good to go. There is a The perfect thickness is 0.02". You can cut it with scissors.

👤The cat broke out the screen to the crawl space. I couldn't just replace it with a new one because of the new vinyl siding. I had to come up with something new. I made a cute screen to replace the old one. The cat has not come back.

👤It was pricey considering the small size. I had to cover the electric wall heater.

👤I ordered four of them. Each one was wrapped in bubble wrap. They were all in perfect condition.

👤We used these doors in our tiny house. It fit perfectly. The packaging was great. During transport, no bents. Great job!

4. M D Building Products 56006 020 Inch

M D Building Products 56006 020 Inch

It is easy to cut, form and fabricate. Can be cut with tin shears. Attach other materials with sheet metal screws or rivets.

Brand: M-d Building Products

👤I bought a decorative metal sheet to use as an earring holder and I am very happy with it. I put the hooks on the bathroom mirror and arranged them with other black jewelry pieces I found on Amazon. It's the perfect size to fit my earrings and the metal is nice. If the earring is a stud style and the back is a large clear circle, you need to remove the earring back and put the earring through the metal hole to make it fit through the holes. The metal is lightweight and I have it hanging on a mirror to keep it in perspective. I love how it turned out.

👤A standard return cover is not as attractive as this option. It is easy to cut down to size. The metal was thinner than I anticipated.

👤This is what I ordered and wanted, but it is near impossible to remove without damaging the finish, so please find a way to use a different sticker to label this product.

👤This was used to cover an air return.

👤It's perfect for our stereo speakers.

5. M D Building 57322 Decorative Elliptical

M D Building 57322 Decorative Elliptical

Jewelry organizers can be created. Candleholders can be created. It is easy to cut with tin snips. It is easy to cut with tin snips.

Brand: M-d Hobby & Craft

👤This is much larger than I anticipated. There are plastic fan covers in the kitchen and bathroom. They are cheap and came with the fans. I wanted to make new covers. I painted it black and used tin snips to cut it, framed it and now have new covers. I was able to bend it by hand, but I had some pliers nearby.

👤The material is very thin and flexible. If you want it, it is 5 stars. I turned a printer stand into a projector box. I used a pair of8" fiskers scissors instead of tin snips because it is very easy to cut. I am concerned with the dents.

👤If it hadn't been stuffed into a box too small, it would be a five start. I will try to figure it out. It is what I was looking for to cover my airc onditioner.

👤It was perfect for what I needed. I didn't cut it, but I did find that the stapler didn't like it. I will purchase them again for more projects.

👤It's a bit flimsy for my application, but it was used for testing a design idea. I will get a similar one from either steel or stainless. I did the same thing as well.

👤A great earring organizers uses this type of metal sheet. It took a little longer to arrive than I had hoped, but it did what I wanted it to do as far as curving and hanging. I'm happy with it.

👤I bought a metal cutter that is easy to cut. It could be cut with scissors. There is only one negative about it.

👤Did I get lucky with these? This stuff goes for big bucks per foot. A 12 x 24 inch sheet is under 11.00 and can be used for two covers. The panels on the oak cover look like a million.

6. 6061 Extra Thick Aluminum Sheet

6061 Extra Thick Aluminum Sheet

It is easy to cut with tin snips. The 12'' x 12'' x.25'' is high strength, lightweight, great thickness, good weldability with fine polish and finished edges. Use for: general, home, shop, automotive, marine, hardware, work bench, roof repair, structural or decorative applications. Metal panels are easy to make and cut. Use indoor or outdoor for rust resistance. The metal panel product is packed with drop/damage-proof materials. A microfiber towel. 30-day returns for a risk-free purchase are guaranteed. A microfiber towel. 30-day returns for a risk-free purchase are guaranteed.

Brand: Lostronaut

👤The first order arrived quickly. There were no marks on the box. This thing is garbage. It looks like it was left over from a machine shop. The edge was not straight and looked like the first cut of an apprenticeship. It was cuffed up, two huge scratches on one side, and just embarrassing to say it was "polished". The replacement showed up today. It was worse than the first. It looked like someone was using it as a test. All along the edges. A $3 piece of scrap metal is what this is. I paid an extra $25 for the polishing and clean piece. The dumpster at the metal shop has better looking trash than this stuff. I'm going to look elsewhere after Amazon offered to replace it again.

👤I bought this piece of aluminum to make a larger work table. It was packaged in bubble wrap and an extra cardboard sleeve and had a plastic film on the metal to prevent scratches. It looks great, there were no scratches or nicks on my piece. Cut square. A piece of metal.

👤I bought this to make a table for my new computer. The table wouldn't fit the new one because my 30 year old Craftsman bit the dust. This aluminum plate has a protective film on both sides and is flat. It was perfect!

👤I used these to mount equipment on my roof rack. I can change my setup with ease. These are nice pieces of aluminum that were well packaged.

👤Excellent packaging of a small aluminum plate that is 12 x 12 square. I was surprised by the variety and speed of shipping and I am happy that I ordered. I think the photos show quality, it could not be better.

👤The rubber feet were attached to the top with a strong glue. Flat sanding surfaces look great.

👤The packaging is nice. It was just a few hundredths of an inch thick as finished.

👤It was packaged with bubble wrap and a fitted cardboard sleeve so that it wouldn't get mangled in shipping. There was no need for me to clean up with a polishing disc.

👤The edges are still sharp. It was not polished. There is a protective film on one side of the plate. The plate is described.

👤I got it early after ordering it a couple days ago. It was not suppose to arrive for another week. Excellent service and delivery. The item was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. This plate is needed for the base and upper rest.

👤En el grosor me permiti un material, por el barrenos con rosca para adaptarle tornillos.

👤The joke is that the aluminum plate was all scratched and chewed up, but it came with a polishing cloth. There was disc grinder damage on one side surface.

7. Aluminum Thickness Rectangle Protective Polished

Aluminum Thickness Rectangle Protective Polished

If you have any issues with their aluminum sheet, you can return it and get a refund within 30 days. Their first priority is your satisfaction. The aluminum sheet size is 12”(L)x12”(W)x 1/6” (3mm)(thick). The aluminum sheet is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, with good oxidation effect and good processing performance. All the aluminum plates are precisely cut and the surfaces are processed to be smooth and flat. Their aluminum plates are protected from damage during transportation with a double-layer wear-resistant and durable protective film. Widely Used6061-T651 is used in a lot of things.

Brand: Cee

👤The 12x12x1/8" works well for me. I do a lot of reading in paperbacks and hardbacks. I use a 9x12" clipboard to rest books on my lap to make it easier to do this. I got a 12x12" aluminum plate because I realized the 9 width wasn't enough. It works well for me. It would have been great if the manufacturer had removed some of the sharp edges, but it was very easy to do with a file. I can feel nothing sharp with my fingers.

👤It's a metric plate 300x300x3mm which is smaller than 12x12x1/8 so if it's important to your project, get something else.

👤Came well protected. I use this for a lot of projects. It's sealed in plastic so it doesn't get scratched. It polishes up well.

👤The plastic sheet on the front and back protects the unmarred surfaces.

👤The product arrived on time.

👤It is a very well built item.

👤It won't work for my purposes and it's not worth messing with returning it, so I'll have to order another and spend twice as much as I did. I will use it for something, but it is a little disappointing. It seems to be of decent quality, but getting more than you paid for isn't always a good thing.

8. Tintvent Channel Edge Rubber 10Feet

Tintvent Channel Edge Rubber 10Feet

5. The use is indoors and outdoors. Nice look after laser engraving. It's suitable as a doorplate, lable tag, metal sign, name plate plaque, car VIN plate, trailer ID metal plate, vehicle ID plate,Seriel number tag. The rubber edge trim is very hard wearing and is easy to clean. The plastic edge trim can be used for decorative trimming. Installation is easy because the U channel edge trim can direct it. The plastic edge protectors can be used to cover metal edges. Please check the size before ordering. If you have a question about the edge trim guards, please contact them via Amazon mail. Please check the size before ordering. If you have a question about the edge trim guards, please contact them via Amazon mail.

Brand: Tintvent

👤My wife wanted to turn the mailbox into a planter. I trimmed the sheet metal so no one would get cut. Looks good.

👤The edge channel was easy to use. It is easy to cut with wire cutters or tin snips. It is difficult to cut with large scissors. There is a It was easy to work with.

👤I used this for my trim that was rattling. It worked out great.

9. Universal Painted Aluminum Grille Hexagon

Universal Painted Aluminum Grille Hexagon

Widely Used6061 is used in many industries. A multi-functional metal ring. To make a jewelry accessories holder for your girlfriend or wife, you can create a custom grill that is top vent, bumper mesh, and a dust filter. The metal mesh material is large enough to make a car grill insert and prevent your new condenser from getting damaged. Flexibility enough to shape. It is perfect for cutting and forming. The grill grid is nicely finished in black and it is strong as a rock. Money worthy car grill MESH. These grids come in a roll, very easy to roll out in a straight line, easy to cut with scissors, and glossy black painted, light weight, durable and foldable aluminum. All items have been checked and tested before they are sent. Every customer is guaranteed a 30 day money back guarantee if they don't like their products. All items have been checked and tested before they are sent. Every customer is guaranteed a 30 day money back guarantee if they don't like their products.

Brand: Hzfgszq

👤Exactly as described. Very happy.

10. M D Building Products 57042 Cloverleaf

M D Building Products 57042 Cloverleaf

Matching napkins in additional sizes from Boston International are easy to cook with and can be used when celebrating Easter, birthdays, Mother's Day, bridal showers, luncheons and everyday dining. Mill finish on aluminum sheet. Can be cut with tin snips. Attach other materials with sheet metal screws or rivets. Use outdoors or indoors. Use outdoors or indoors.

Brand: M-d Building Products

👤I was looking for something that would make our dog proof. I put a grille on the door. I couldn't find any for the sides. I cut the aluminum sheet and installed it. It works well. The dog can't jump through the screen. They didn't have the aluminum sheet in black. I think that would have looked better. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Would recommend.

👤I got what I was expecting, but it is very sharp when cut, so be careful. I stapled it to hold it in place after cutting mine to size. The metal didn't have any texture on it, which is fine with me, I like it more. Some reviewers said theirs came in messed up, mine was packaged in 2 boxes very carefully. The sheet of Tin was $10 cheaper on Amazon.

👤The metal was packaged well. I like the pattern and it looks better in person. The metal was the perfect thickness. It was good in the earring holder my husband and I made. It is really light. Not heavy at all. The frame will be mounted to the wall. The holes in the frame made it easy to staple it. I would order it again if I needed it for another project.

👤It's an attractive and easy way to protect your pet from breaking through the screen door on an RV or even at home. There is a It is a light weight sheet. It can be easily trimmed with tin snips and secured with self tapping screws and a washer. It took me 5 minutes to trim and mount it.

👤This came with 3 sheets of aluminum. 3 sheets is a great deal compared to Lowe's Home Depot and other stores, so I thought I was only getting one. The packaging could be improved. The corners were bent. I only needed a third of the sheet so I was able to work around that, but if I had the whole sheet, I would be upset. I needed a replacement for a door on a media stand. I think I will find some other projects to do with the extra sheets.

👤This material is very good. It is easy to cut. It's easy to work with. Came in good shape. There are no dents, bends, or blemishes. It's cheaper than the big box stores. It looks great as a replacement for a cabinet in our new house. There is still a lot of material to use. Highly recommended.

👤It is smooth, unlike the picture. It looks better. It was damaged as with other people who ordered it. It was in a single box which showed some trauma and could only have been repaired with tape. This was in a bigger box. The box was left with a big hole in the metal. I only needed one side for my project, but I would just buy it from Home Depot or Lowes, so that you can see the piece before buying.

👤Installation on the bottom of storm doors is very good. I put one over the glass panels of my back door to make it harder for someone to open it. It is very decorative.



DIMENSIONS The metal storage caddy holders are in the pack. The large and small holders are 15 and 13 feet tall, respectively. Attach the organizers to your wall. There is mounting hardware included. Adding beauty to your new or existing fence, deck, gates, and walls with this decorative black cast aluminum is simple. The Nuvo Iron accessory will impress anyone who sees it. It's important to showcase it in a place where others can see it. Have a boring wall that needs to be changed? Use this accessory to make your outdoor space pop. It is made from strong Cast aluminum and can be used to build many things. The decorative gate insert is easy to install. It comes in two pieces. The dimensions are: 24 x 15 x 1.18". The board/gate will fit with the screws attached to it.

Brand: Nuvo Iron

👤The insert I received was bowed in the middle by 1/2 inch, so I would caution against using this item. I'm not sure if the screws will hold because of the amount of tension that was required to bring the four corners of the casting flush with the surround wood. There is a I would have given it five stars if it weren't for the fact that I was bent. There is a The P.s Gate handle is from Amazon. The handle for interior and exterior Gates and Doors is black.

👤I felt lucky to find this iron insert that would make my gate shine. The quality and design of this addition are amazing and I am very proud of it. My contractor says it is better than other brands he has used. Love my gate!

👤The neighbors put in a nice new fence which made me step up my game and make something like a gate. I picked this thing. It's pretty cool. Many other neighbors have stopped and looked at them. Looks great. Next to my gate, my neighbors' fence looks invisible. Win. There is a I have no idea what sheerness is in the reviews.

👤The fit of this piece is sub par, however it is a beautiful piece for a gate. I was able to get the front in with some encouragement, but the back piece wouldn't fit. The frame does not sit flush on one side because of a third cut. The longer screws don't fit the holes in the gate. Measure and cut the piece instead of using an un closed template.

👤I bought an iron grate to make a pet gate. There is a It was easy to install and worked out better than I thought. There is a I don't have any carpentry skills. I put this together in 2 days. There is a The template that comes with the insert was very helpful. It is two sides. The full piece is on one side. The frame screws to the full piece. There is a It would look great anywhere. I would buy again.

👤I like the look of this, but it was a little harder to install than other reviewers. I had to trim the hole several times to get the template to work. The two sides were not straight, like several other comments I read before writing my post. I had a lot of time to adjust to the fact that the middle of the insert bowed out on the shorter sides. The gate I built looks gorgeous, and it will all work out fine.

👤These things make your gate go from nice to amazing. There are additions to my double gates. The instructions could be better since you are cutting a hole in the center of the door, but other than that, it was a great experience. They look great. These decorative inserts are very good.

👤This is a clam shell that screws together. There is a hole in the fence and you can hold it into it. The outer dimensions are 1/2 to 1 inch wider in both directions. There is a The dimensions of the hole are stated. That's what it said. This is really beautiful. Nuvo Iron is the only company that makes something like this. Couldn't be happier.


What is the best product for decorative aluminum sheet black?

Decorative aluminum sheet black products from M-d Building Products. In this article about decorative aluminum sheet black you can see why people choose the product. M-d Building Products and M-d Building Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative aluminum sheet black.

What are the best brands for decorative aluminum sheet black?

M-d Building Products, M-d Building Products and M-d Building Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative aluminum sheet black. Find the detail in this article. M-d Building Products, M-d Hobby & Craft and Lostronaut are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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