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1. Wedding Backdrop Curtains Ceremony Decorations

Wedding Backdrop Curtains Ceremony Decorations

Each panel is 6 yards long and is part of the package. Premium fabrics backdrop are made from high quality soft chiffon fabric and will help to create a great eye catching detail in your wedding decorations. White curtains are finished with nice stitching. They are not black. It's easy to create a beautifual look with this set. A Multipurpose Photography Backdrop is perfect for weddings arch, stages, reception, parties, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, candy buffets, dessert tables, home events, photography, photo booths, ceremony, weddings and more. The machine-washable instructions are easy to follow. Do not twist. Hanging dry.

Brand: Mokohouse

👤I was looking for curtains that were light in weight. They are for wedding decore purposes, but why not use them for this?

👤It was simply beautiful. Make sure to have plenty of wire to hold it all together. Add flowers once up. I wanted asymmetrical garden to look over the beach. I got everything I wanted that day.

👤I bought these to go over a cheap metal arch for my brother's backyard wedding and they dressed it up so well. They're soft, flowy, and long. I don't get angsty if the tape measure is not the right length to the milimeter. The archway stood out because of the Christmas lights interlaced with them. Highly recommended.

👤I was sad that they didn't look like the picture I wanted them to. I couldn't use the arch. They were too flimsy.

👤The drapes came quickly, nice quality with all the edges finished. I will just run a quick iron to get out of the way. It was a great value for the money and I was able to track down fabric at a fabric store. Thank you!

👤These were bought at the last minute to decorate for a wedding. They were perfect!

👤This was bought to hang over my bed. Even though the photos don't match the blues, it still gets the job done for me. It wasn't much disappointed though.

👤I bought this for the arch at my wedding and it looked beautiful.

2. Dinosaur Birthday Decorations Dinosaurs Celebration

Dinosaur Birthday Decorations Dinosaurs Celebration

The set includes:80 balloons, large balloons, small balloons, coconut tree, and a birthday sign. There are 100 doughnuts, silver ribbons, balloons, and paper instructions. The balloon decorating strip can be used to make a variety of balloon arches and garlands. Glue the balloon where you want it, use ribbon to hang it, and use the glue points inside the set to stick it. Everything you'll need to celebrate your party was included. High quality. Every balloon has been rigorously tested and selected manually. The color of balloons is more full and can support all day parties. The jurassic styles party will be a hit with your friends and relatives. They put all the decorations together to save time. You can have the ideal Dinosaur Party with the items. There is a guarantee of success. If you have a quality problem, please contact them and they will either ship out another or give you a full refund.

Brand: Lfvik

👤The only thing I would recommend is to get a balloon inflator, which is about fifteen dollars. I knew what I was doing, but the instructions were not clear, so someone who has no idea would not be able to figure it out. The set up was amazing.

👤The decorations are amazing. My mom loves dinosaurs so we bought these for her birthday. I blew up the balloons. The problems began here. It was disappointing that one of the balloons had a big tear on it. We decided to set up the other decorations. The streamers and balloons are the same as in the picture. My mom dropped her jaw when she walked in. The balloons started to fall about an hour later. I had to get out a stool and put the balloons back up. The balloons and streamers fell the next morning. This was disappointing and frustrating. We spent hours setting up the decorations, but they only lasted 3-4 hours. If you decide to purchase this, make sure you use lots of tape instead of the glue it already comes with, and be prepared for Dinos to be destroyed straight out of the package.

👤I tried to set it up the same way as in the product pictures. The kids fought with the dinosaurs before I took a picture. It looked great! The only thing left was figuring out how to hang the balloon garlands. I used 3lb command strip hooks and a string to hook it.

👤This was the best purchase I have ever made. I ordered this set for my son's birthday party. It was very easy to put together and I got tons of praise for how amazing it looked. The balloons garland is still hanging on the wall two weeks after my son's birthday and it is holding up well. I know how to make a balloon Garland. I ended up watching a video on the internet. The glue dots help keep the balloons together. The night before the party, we decorated and not a single balloon fell out of place. The colors are bright and vibrant and the decor was a hit with the kids and adults. The electric ballon inflater makes it a lot easier to make the balloon garlands. It's the best value for the price. You get a lot for the price. I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you very much.

👤There was an assortment of different types of decorations within the pack. The reason I purchased this balloon was to blow up dinosaurs because the valves on the larger balloons were not facing into the balloon rendering them useless. The gold and red balloons were hard to blow up and when they were a decent size, they would pop. I really liked the way the balloon garlands were made.

👤I was pleased with the set. The balloons are cute and the mylar ones were decent. The people who filled them said they had the same ratio of balloons with holes as the ones they buy at the store. There is a The letters to say happy birthday were wrong. We couldn't use those if there was a G. That's too big of an error for me, but otherwise I was pleased with this set. So 3 stars.

3. Pauwer Artificial Wisteria Hanging Garland

Pauwer Artificial Wisteria Hanging Garland

Each vine is 3.6 feet in length and totals 86.6 feet. 3 Branches are all much longer up to 21.65. Their fake wisteria vine Garland gives you the best effect for your design. The flowers are well made and feel just like real flowers. You can hang it on the wall, doors, swing, mirrors, or anywhere you want. Simple installation, beautiful wedding bouquet, office decoration, altar, church, corsages, pew bows, reception centerpiece and outdoor are all easy to wash and keep clean. It is easy to bend it for hanging. It's used for weddings, hotels, parties, best decoration for home, hotel and park, and other ceremonies. Enjoy every moment with these artificial wisteria vine garlands. It is easy to bend it for hanging. It's used for weddings, hotels, parties, best decoration for home, hotel and park, and other ceremonies. Enjoy every moment with these artificial wisteria vine garlands.

Brand: Pauwer

👤These flowers look real from a distance. Everyone asked if they were real. I used faux ivy for more color in this picture. I loved the look!

👤Better than described. My arch was large. People thought they were real from a distance. Many photographs were taken with the arch.

👤I ordered them for the wedding decorations. I originally ordered 3 because I didn't think they were big, but they are. Only 12 out of 24 were received. They are very full. I am very happy with these.

👤Cute! That smell is new. It is not noticeable unless you put your nose on it and smell it. I was satisfied with the purchase.

👤I used a total of 48 stems to create our wedding arch. The stems were easy to bend. I only had a few of the flower strands come off. I took them out of the package a few days prior to fluffing them up and not smelling anything. The plastic between the flowers and the visible end was almost translucent and blended perfectly. We will be using the arches for a friend's bridal shower and another baby shower. It would definitely be a good idea.

👤We settled on fake flowers for a decorative backdrop after shopping for them. They smelled terrible right out of the box. We knew they were fake when we ordered them, so we didn't expect them to have a smell. They smelled like a fish market, so you could tell there were people there. We hung them over a curtain rod and they were easy to separate and take apart. We had to spray them with an aerosol to mask the fish smell, but luckily that worked out because we had to let them set out to air out. They served their purpose, but beware of the smell that will hit you right out of the box.

👤I used this on an arch to get to the reception hall. I needed something to cover the front doors. I was very happy with the result.

👤I used these for my baby shower and it was beautiful. I added a couple of green leaves but the white flowers were bent to make them stay put. I hope that I can reuse the flowers as well.

👤I would purchase the stems again. The stems are thicker than most companies offer. The stems are strong. Excellent shipping.

👤The product is good in the picture.

👤It's very nice finishing and the flowers are beautiful, just go for it.

👤The plastic parts look fake up close, but from further away they are beautiful. There is a When I took them out of the box, I was hesitant, but once you put them together, they look great. There is a It was a perfect touch for my daughter's walls. There is a You can bend the strands to go different directions with the wire. I used mini command strips from Amazon to hang them off the walls.

👤I ordered another package because I love these flowers so much. I decorated my yard and gazebo. The flowers are beautiful. They make a relaxing atmosphere. They have been exposed to strong winds, rain, sun, cold and heat and they still look beautiful. This product is very good.

4. LANGXUN Decoration Graduation Decorations Background

LANGXUN Decoration Graduation Decorations Background

If you don't like their products, they will give you a full refund. The size is 9.5 x 8 ft and the brand name is LangXun. The product contains instructions to build a decorative arch. A balloon arch is a perfect prop for any party or holiday decoration. You can create a romantic and beautiful party atmosphere by meeting your party's decorative needs. It is easy to assemble. It has some useful accessories to help you build arches. There are multiple functions. It's more than just balloon arches. Take a look at the arches on ins and use flowers and grass to create a personalized backdrop for the arch. It can be used outdoors. This gold circle arch is perfect for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, baby showers, and other special events.

Brand: Langxun

👤It's a shiny mustard yellow. I was not aware that there would be 3 different ways to instal balloons on it, but it was nice. It was very large. I was thrown off by the color, but it was light and easy to put together. I had someone rent it for the first time and they set it up outside. bad news... The piece clicks at the base. I have another wedding soon and I was so sad. It was cheap. I would have liked it to last more than one event. I got a refund after returning it.

👤It's very tall and has a good size. The majority of the reviews stated that it was hard to assemble, but I didn't have that problem. I ignored the comments and went for it. I put it together myself. You need to get used to it to be able to assemble it. It is easy once you get it. You need to put some force on it to assemble, but it's not going to be extreme. I came in perfect condition.

👤The first time it was used was for a baby shower. The balloon arch was being assembled when the base broke. We had to give back the cost of the design because of the FAULTY equipment. Poorly constructed. Not for outdoor use at all. I didn't discover the faulty equipment until 30 days later, so I can't get a refund. I am very disappointed. Stressed beyond belief on an important event for my clients.

👤The arch's size was perfect for its purpose. The color is a little burnt orange and not really gold, but it worked out well in the end. If it is a windy day and you are going to use this outdoors, you may need to add some weight to the base. There was a breeze when I used it. Thankfully it never tipped over, I could see it swaying back and forth. The balloon glue and accessories it came with were very nice.

👤The item is not strong, the pipes are thin, and it does not align. The arch does not have a lot of weight. I don't recommend it for outdoor events. This is only for inside. The pipes are hard to put together. The buttons are pressed and the pipes are slid in and out of place. You don't get a perfect arch when the two sides don't align. The arch can tip over even if it's not inside. I expected a better arch of heavier materials and that it stood on its own. I don't think this arch is good for party planners.

👤I gave it a five star but it broke on the first day I used it. The wind broke the base when it blew. It isn't the nest fix but it works. I don't like the mustard yellow color which is not gold. The stand is amazing. It is a great value and I have been using it since it broke. I will eventually buy another one. The stand is strong and thick. It is not heavy or flimsy. It is very easy to assemble. You will need a chair or a step stool to assemble the middle part. It allows you to make beautiful designs. If it is used outdoors, get some sand bags to anchor it.

5. Balloon Decoration Artificial Tropical Birthday

Balloon Decoration Artificial Tropical Birthday

It is easy to bend it for hanging. It's used for weddings, hotels, parties, best decoration for home, hotel and park, and other ceremonies. Enjoy every moment with these artificial wisteria vine garlands. TheJungle Party Balloons Garland Arch Kit includes 5inch latex balloons, 20 dark green, 20 fruit green, 10inch balloons, metallic gold, 30 dark green, 15 fruit green, 5 golden confetti, and 6inch balloons. Natural latex is safe and durable. Helium is not required to make balloon arches. The balloons can last for at least 72 hours. The balloon strip, ribbon and glue in this kit are easy to assemble. The jungle balloon arch takes about 40 minutes to make. The perfect jungle theme party decoration pack has a unique design, including balloons of different sizes and colors, and vivid artificial tropical palm leaves. It's suitable for shower, dinosaur party, birthday decoration and jungle animal theme party. They are committed to providing you with high-quality balloon decoration kits. Thanks for your support. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Rubfac

👤I added animal print balloons, but this kit was perfect. I got a balloon pump from Amazon that had one person inflating balloons and one person putting them on a strip. It took 1.5 hours to look amazing. We did it on a party day, but we ran out of time so we went to the floor.

👤I was very happy with this purchase. The instructions were easy to understand, and it was easy to assemble. I inflated balloons the night before the party and they lasted until the evening after the party, which was very hot and humid. inflating more than 24 hours in advance is not recommended. I thought there was a lot of balloons. I will be purchasing more of these in the future.

👤Unless you want to wake up to the sound of balloons popping, don't buy. This was terrible. Since we inflated these for the kids birthday party, no one in our house has been able to sleep. I have been blowing up balloons and decorating them for 16 years. I realize inflation can blow up. I know how not to over-inflate. I have never seen such balloons before. I should've known something wasn't right when a third of balloons blew up. I was in a hurry and thought I had enough to decorate for my youngest's party the next day. The number blew up. I thought I was out of the woods. We went to bed. We don't have pets or anyone wondering through the house during the night. The balloons began to explode. Loudly. And continued to explode. All night long. There is a I still have some balloons that I want to get a refund for. I can update once I hear back from the seller.

👤This was the first balloon arch I had ever made and I was skeptical about the product for the price. I was pleasantly surprised by this kit, and I would recommend it to anyone. The arch looked beautiful. I had no balloons pop when it was hung indoors. I hung it the day before and it looked great. It took me about an hour and a half to assemble everything. I used a lot of the strip and balloons to make it look full. I would buy it again.

👤I bought the balloons for my engagement party. I have made balloon arches before. I don't want to fill them with too much air. We blew up all the balloons and started making the arch. We continued to make the arch even though we double checked to make sure the balloons weren't too full and some of them would pop on their own before we even touched them. I was hoping it would be a few. I had more than 30 balloons pop before and after we made the arch. After we finished the arch, we left it to set up other decorations and came back with more balloons and confetti. I don't recommend. You will have a hard time with it.

6. Butterfly Birthday Decorations Balloons Princess

Butterfly Birthday Decorations Balloons Princess

The lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display can affect the photo's color. If you want to make a balloon arch or get a rich and luscious looking balloon, you should buy a few packs of this balloon kit. The butterfly balloon includes: 12 in gold butterfly stickers, 30 in purple balloons, 30 in light pink balloons, and 20 in light pink balloons. Whole balloon Garland accessories kit. A balloon tying tool and ribbon. They offer more confetti and purple pink balloons, which are better decorated with other balloons and save the cost of purchased separately. The balloon arches look more organic with all the balloons of all sizes. OCCASIONS: It's ideal for décor weddings, butterfly birthday party decorations, butterfly baby shower decorations, gold butterfly decorations, purple butterfly decorations. Confetti will move toward the gravity direction as it is heavier than air. Rub the confetti with your hands as you distribute the balloons before inflating. Please check the items as soon as you receive them so they can replace them before your event. There is no risk when buying quality party decorations.

Brand: Fecloud

👤I bought it for all the mothers on Mother's Day, they loved it. A great pruduct.

👤The picture was very cute. Most of them had pins in them. It was for a baby shower. I didn't try to blow them up on the day of the baby. It was not feasible to plan it the way it was supposed to be.

👤This kit was great. There are a lot of balloons. The gold butterflies were a great touch and the colors were great. The confetti balloons were great. Everything we needed was included in the arch. It was easy to inflate the balloons. I think they were really good quality balloons. We haven't taken it down yet because my daughter loves it so much. Still looks good. My daughters were surprised by it. The kit was a great value and the price was amazing.

👤Ignore the caption in the video because it was hot and I had little sleep. I am happy with how it turned out. It was my first time making a balloon Garland and I was nervous but with the help of YouTube it turned out great.

👤The balloons are about a size 10in and 5in. Attach anything with their own glue dots. The purple balloon color is different in my picture than in the one shown.

👤It was easy to use. The bigger wrap made it to the back of the table. The front and sides were completely covered.

👤The pictures didn't come out like they were supposed to. The video that came with the package was different than the product. I blew all the balloons up to make it look better. It was used on both sides of the backdrop. Didn't use accessories. I would love to see anyone do it like the pictures. I will not buy pictures again for a novice. Good luck!

👤The balloons were different in color than the picture shows. I liked the purple ones and when I saw them, it was bright purple. I didn't have time to order it so I used it. The sticky tapes are not strong enough to hold another balloon.

7. Fish Net Decorative Decorations Nautical

Fish Net Decorative Decorations Nautical

It is packaged in a handy clear nylon bag. The fish net is made of natural cotton. The fishnet decor is 14 feet high. Fish net for party decor. It's a great addition to any pirate backdrop, nautical fishnet decor, under sea party decorations, ocean life, fishing party accessories, sea animal baby shark, or baby shower decorations for boy and girl. There are many ways you can use these fish nets. Spread the fish net decor on your table as a runner. Will fit all of your tables and you will have enough for a backdrop on the wall. It will make your party décor look realistic. The wall of the room should be decorated. Their Mediterranean decorative fish net can be used to create a new style in your house. Or for your theme room. NET FOR BALLOONS adds a touch to your balloon arch. All of them are in place. It will be a great centerpiece when decorating a party, gathering or any other event which has a sea in it.

Brand: 4e's Novelty

👤The price for a quality product is great.

8. MISSPIN Artificial Eucalyptus Decorative Arrangement

MISSPIN Artificial Eucalyptus Decorative Arrangement

Don't get wet. Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Each pack contains 2 Eucalyptus Peony vines, and each vine has 4 large silk peonies and 4 silk roses. The length of the flower vine is 70.8 inches, the diameter is 3.5 inches, and the size of the leaf is 1-1.2 inches. They recommend the vintage peony on flower vines. The shape of real peony is exactly like it. The bud is large and luxurious. The color of internal and external pedals is different, which makes it more vivid and abundant in layers. This is a high-end product that is finished after many processes. Their dyer has tested the color of leaves and flowers many times to make sure it is real and won't be faded easily. The flower vine with so many accessories is definitely cost-effective. The pink stamen becomes more vivid and natural and is not stiff against the deep leaves. The flower vine is easy to shape and hang down. You will find the stem to be three-dimensional from any angle. The leaves have veins and the rose bud has a color. The stamen of peonies can be seen sometimes. This artificial flower vine is hand-made and can be used to create romantic atmosphere. It is suitable for many scenes such as wedding gathering, wedding arch, centerpiece, show window, shop, restaurant, office, flower basket, party, celebration, aisle, stairs, fence, swing and garden.

Brand: Misspin

👤They are better than pictured. Silk flowers are usually bent or smooshed, but they weren't. All you have to do is hang them in a bathroom, where hear and steam will help them relax, and you can fluff the petals with two hands. I love them!

👤I made a wedding arch for my friend's backyard wedding.

👤I ordered the flowers to be used as decorations. When I received them, they were divided into two pieces, instead of being in one long row. They included ties so that I could put together everything I wanted. My doorway arch looks gorgeous and everything turned out well. The flowers are very realistic and I was very impressed with the price.

👤My daughter is having a baby shower and I got two sets of these to use as table runners. I use one for my bed head. They are beautiful. It was very well made. Sturdy. They are crushed at first, but come back to life easy.

👤I am not sure how this item was shipped. The garland is placed inside a plastic shipping bag with zip ties after being smashed into a garmet bag. Not even in a box. I am angry. One piece of the vine will need to be stapled to the wedding arch after being snapped. Don't waste your money. Buy something else.

👤This is the most poorly made garland I have ever purchased, and it has been purchased over the years. It was a dollar store. One of the flowers was on top of the package and not attached to the garlands. It wasn't attached because it was broken off. You could slide the flower back into place on the stem if you purchased other garlands. The garland was broken off the stem. One of the garlands had a broken piece that could not be put back in place. I wouldn't call them 6 feet. To get close to 6 feet, you would have to include 6 inches on each end of a blank plastic vine. I returned it. I paid a lot for it, but it wasn't worth it.

👤These are nice quality fake flowers. The colors are very nice and they fluffed up easily. I was disappointed that I received one longer section and 3 very short sections instead of two longer garlands. I was able to make it work for my project, but I feel like I got a return that someone had already cut up. I ordered another pair since the first one wasn't enough to finish the project, hopefully I'll get longer sections this time.

👤These are perfect! After taking the Christmas/winter garland off, I was looking for a spring/summer one to go over the mantle. It worked out well. They are amazing quality. The owner sent an email about the expected arrival and how to take care of them. It arrived on time. If you are thinking of getting them, don't hesitate!

👤The other reviews mention how great this product is. We kept it in the bag because it was cheap and ugly, but we ordered it for our daughter's birthday. We have been fighting for over a month to find a way to return it and get a refund, and even Amazon Prime won't assist as it is an internationally shipped item that has a very specific and inconvenient way of returning. A crappy product is a waste of time and energy. I changed it to: Amazon Prime is not what it used to be. They claim they have no way of honoring a refunds despite the fact that we got the wrong item. Stay away from this vendor.

9. Decoration Birthday Graduation Decorations Background

Decoration Birthday Graduation Decorations Background

The symbol of love and happiness is wisteria. They add color to wisteria vine arrangements by creating flower arches and garlands. It is easy to exaggerate. Ready in a few moments. It has some useful accessories to help you build better. The material of the arch is iron, durable, and can be reused several times, environmental protection, and does not take up space. It's perfect for all OCCASIONS. Arch decoration is a great prop for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and other special events. It is possible to use more stronger and stable for a long time. The ATMOSPHERE BUILDER. You can create a romantic and beautiful party atmosphere by meeting your party's decorative needs. You can use balloons, flowers, leaf or other elements to create a personalized backdrop for the arch. There are accessories. Help you rate your hair quickly.

Brand: Yangmily

👤Purchase this item for an event. Which was the last thing I bought. I usually look at my items before my events but I left this item in the box because I knew how to fix it. I start setting up for the event. The ring arch is the only thing not complete. The box was not to my liking from the beginning. It was very cheap and small. You get what you pay for. I was horrified when I looked at the instructions. What was I seeing? The only pictures provided did not help. I know how to make things work. I figured out how to put it together on my own if things couldn't get any better, because one of the poles was missing. I learned to keep my cool as an event planner. I just say I panicked. I was not sure if I could believe it. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh Don't purchase this item because it's not what you see in the pictures and don't purchase from this vendor.

👤The pieces don't make a full circle. There is a huge gap between the 5 pieces I have put together. There were two pieces that did not have any connections. Since there was no connection, the hole for it to pop through was on the inside. There wasn't a way to put this together. What a waste of money. I opened this in time to order from another company and didn't wait to put it together until my event. I've never made a worse purchase on Amazon. By far. Every way, there was a total screw up.

👤My hoop came. It looked used. It was hard to assemble because it was damaged. There is a The gold looks very cheap. It was scratched up. I bought it from another company.

👤It was missing a piece. I messaged the company and asked them to send the missing piece. I would have sent the whole thing back. My husband was already making me a copper pipe piece to fit, so I can just keep it. I said no, it should be complete and good quality. I am crossing my fingers that they will return my money.

👤The product is scratched and worn like a used product. I am stuck with the product because my return window has closed. It is easy to assemble. It was a nice size. I haven't used it outside yet and have not placed balloons on it.

👤I have used this twice already. My sisters will be 30th. For my son's first birthday. I love it! It's easy to assemble and break down. It is easy to store. The balloon arch looks amazing and we got a lot of praise for it. A friend is going to rent it from us and decorate it for her wedding. It's a good buy if you're going to use it a lot.

10. LANGXUN Birthday Decorations Graduation Balloons

LANGXUN Birthday Decorations Graduation Balloons

Digital printing technology. There is a pillow cover on the bed. There is a large pillowcase. It is not easy to break a 15 Inches High Strength Glass Fiber Pole. It comes with two plastic clips. There are 10 Poles with a total length of 12 feet. Can reduce the number of poles. The size of the balloon arch should be adjusted. You need to buy 120. Or so latex balloons together. Depending on how tight the balloon clusters are, the balloon quantity may vary as much as 20%. It is recommended to use balloons of 5 to 10 inches. This balloon arch kit is a perfect decoration for party photo booth, weddings, bridal events, graduation, birthday, candy buffet, dessert tables, boy and girl baby showers, Christmas decoration and more. You can reuse it on many occasions. Can be placed on the floor. You can use your imagination to create a unique arch. It is a perfect decoration indoors or outdoors. This will be a shopping trip without worry. If the product you receive has any quality problems, it's not worth it. They will give you a 100% refund only if you contact them. There is a tip. If you want to use plastic rings to build a balloon arch, they recommend using 5 inch balloons.

Brand: Langxun

👤This product was what I needed. I didn't have a lot of time for my son's 2nd birthday party, but I wanted the wow factor of a balloon arch. I was able to blow up the balloons and attach them to the rings in advance, and then set up the arch in minutes at my venue. There were a few places where you could see the tent pole through the balloons, but I will take the trade off for the convenience. I only used half of the rings that the kit had. Over 80 balloons. I was very happy with the product, but I could have used more balloons/rings if I had blown the balloons smaller. I have made multiple balloon arches with this kit. Every time it is a big deal. It's so easy. I get a lot of praise. I have referred others to this product.

👤You should read this entire review. It won't sound like it at first, but I really liked it. My daughter's 16th birthday party was a balloon arch. I wanted it over the gift table. I have never made a balloon arch. We tried to put it on the table. The pole almost broke a picture on the wall because it was too much of an arch. We learned that we needed a bigger table. We have a folding table. The metal on the underside of the table prevented the clamps from going on that table. The wood was too thick for us to make it flat on the underside. I was able to put the arch in front of the bannister. We had to assemble it. That's a new story. I won't go into it, but I will give you what I have learned and the instructions don't tell you. 1. The clamps are made of plastic. We broke one of them because they are hard to turn. 2. They need to be at least 5 feet apart. I inflated 80 balloons to 9 inches. The balloon holders are in the kit. I used 20 of them because I had a lot of that color. A couple more would have been perfect. I really liked this product. I'm going to figure out how to fix it. I will use it again. The first time was a learning experience, but I loved the way it looked and my guests were impressed. They thought I paid someone to do it. It took a couple of hours but I think it would go much quicker now that I know how many balloons I need. There is a The instructions will make you laugh for at least 10 minutes.

👤The poles were already connected when I ordered it. I thought it would be a lot easier. You have to connect each pole individually in other ones. I can see why this idea is flawed because it didn't make an arch. The picture shows that it ended up making a shape. If you're looking for a perfect arch, I wouldn't recommend it. The manual that came with it shows the perfect arch. It is a 6.5 ft table in the picture, so anyone was wondering.

11. MTB Decorative Ceremony Decoration Climbing

MTB Decorative Ceremony Decoration Climbing

There is a tip. If you want to use plastic rings to build a balloon arch, they recommend using 5 inch balloons. It is approximately 97 inches tall and 57 inches wide. It was made by metal. A green surface is coated with powder. It's necessary for assembly to be required. It is easy to assemble with sections that can be removed for storage or transportation. Instructions and hardware are included. The arbor is great for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and Christmas decoration. A perfect vine and veggie garden arbor is a structure for climbing plants such as a ladder, vegetable and flower support tower, and plant support structures such as grape, string bean, cucumber, peans,lentil hycacinth beans, bitter gourd, and morning glory.

Brand: Mtb Supply

👤I'm happy with the performance, it has been assembled for over a year. This arch is not very strong. It's beyond me why anyone would expect it to be for less. I decided if I kept the arch no bigger than 4-5' wide, it would be more sturdy, because of the laws of physics. I wasn't going to try to push that far into the ground. I bought 4 pieces of rebar for better stability. I first pushed the length of the rebar into the ground, then slid the arch poles on top of it, and then further into the ground. The trumpet vine is much larger in the attached picture. I took a few zip ties and secured the arch to my fence on both sides of the gate after I saw a small amount of tipping in one direction. I will purchase another of these arches for my clemme next spring. You're getting a real deal here, so you may need to use common sense and be creative with the usage.

👤It is probably ok if you are just setting it up in your garden for a quick wedding. I knew it wouldn't be great, but it really wasn't that useful to us. There is a We painted scenery onto refrigerator boxes and used it as a scenery backing for a play. The metal rungs began to bend under the weight of the cardboard during our full day rehearsal. If you can stake it into the ground, and you don't have a lot of heavy stuff to put on it, it will probably work. You might as well not bother with anything else.

👤The arbor is in the garden. The arbors we purchased have had plastic connections that have broken in the past. The arbor was easy to assemble.

👤This item should not be sold online. Garbage! The metal was bending because the screws didn't match. It took me one day to bend in 9 spots and it was already rusting over. The screws wouldn't come undone when I had to return them. I had to put it in a box. I had to bend it. It wasn't hard. I was cut in 3 places on my arms. A lot of the same things are online. I would not buy any of them. Save yourself time by getting something that is around $50.

👤Nice arbor. I was able to assemble myself but out of all of the screws they gave me, a few were too big to fit the pre drilled holes. It warps as you put it together. I zip tied mine on either side of the garden gate to keep it up. There are no consequences with it. You would definitely need to anchor it. It is being used for climbing roses and clematis.

👤The arbor is nice. The arbor is very easy to build. I did it in 30 minutes. I put it in my yard and buried the legs, but they keep falling over. I'm going to add something to the bottom of each leg to keep it in the ground.


What is the best product for decorative arch for party?

Decorative arch for party products from Mokohouse. In this article about decorative arch for party you can see why people choose the product. Lfvik and Pauwer are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative arch for party.

What are the best brands for decorative arch for party?

Mokohouse, Lfvik and Pauwer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative arch for party. Find the detail in this article. Langxun, Rubfac and Fecloud are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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