Best Decorative Balls for Centerpiece Bowls Spring

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1. Creative Scents Schonwerk Decorative Centerpiece

Creative Scents Schonwerk Decorative Centerpiece

It is easy to use and clean. The mouth jam jars have a small opening for trouble-free filling of fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices. The wide opening makes it easy to get to the bottom of the jar for a thorough cleaning without the need for a sponge or dishwasher. The mirror design creates a beautiful touch. It was designed for defense. These balls are made of heavy resin. The table is unique. The table center piece is made from the decorative table Orbs/balls which are 3.2” in diameter. A great gift idea. The decorative orb/ball set is a perfect present. The best value. The decorative centerpiece balls come in a set of three.

Brand: Creative Scents

👤The decor is cute. I didn't think there would be as many gaps between silver pieces. I wish it was a set with the holder.

👤I bought the set with the candle stands and curved dish. They look great on my bar top. The glitter stones look great. It is a nice product to display. There is a If you look closely at the finish on the glitter glass pieces, it's not perfect. I might not give it to someone. It looks lovely as a display piece.

👤A nice addition to my table.

👤Absolutely in love with this item. I bought the tray as well. I will gift it to my best friend.

👤I bought my wife a set of three. The design is great.

👤These are smaller than I had thought, but they will work for where I am putting them. There is a fireplace console on top of the bedroom. I will have to get the extra matching pieces to fill in the space. They are very attractive and have a matching scooped plate. You enter the room, and they catch your eye. I would buy them again.

👤The photo was very large but this one was very small. The actual size is a bit shy of a baseball. I had to buy 6 to fill the small bowl. I think the price was too high for these, but I was in a crunch to decorate an area, so I wouldn't have returned them.

👤The centre de table is where the sphres are located. J'adore class de cet ensemble.

👤La pena su compra, un adorno de gran calidad.

👤It was as advertised. The tray sold separately contains 3 balls. The balls are decent size. I like it.

👤Poor quality. The picture was posted.

2. Creative Scents Schonwerk Decorative Centerpiece

Creative Scents Schonwerk Decorative Centerpiece

There is a tip. The balls may have some size, shape and color deviations. These decorative orb balls are eye-catching. Lasts for a long time. The centerpiece balls are made from high-quality polyresin. The table is unique. The centerpiece orbs are 3.1” in diameter. A great gift idea. The table centerpiece has decorative Orbs/balls and the bowl. The best value. The decorative centerpiece orbs come in a set of three.

Brand: Creative Scents

👤I already had a wire basket with eight orbs, and it looked skimpy. I ordered these three to blend in with the orbs I had. They do! They make a great addition to my basket.

👤I love these spheres! Smaller than I thought, but still in my room. It has been The Year of the Sphere for me. I love the juxtaposition of the wood and glass.

👤These are beautiful. The pictures were lighter in color than the actual color. The actual is a rich, dark brown with glass inserts. I kept them because they are beautiful. I put the silver in a bowl on the corner of the coffee table because I really like it. I like the result. I took off one star for value because I think they are expensive, but it does look like each glass piece is set by hand, so that probably justified the price.

👤I was not completely satisfied with the product. I had to use a dark brown color pencil to fill in the ornaments. Someone needs to double check the quality of the product. The only reason I kept them was because they match the dish I bought. It would be great if I could get a 50% refund.

👤Very disappointed. The ball was broken and cracked. The others are old. The pictures are online. They seem to have been refurbished. The seller needs to be reviewed.

👤I think these were nicer than the photo shows. They are a nice size and seem to be very heavy. They make my fall table decorations look better. They were what I was looking for. They were packed well to prevent damage during shipping.

👤Well made orbs... They go great with the bowl and candlesticks.

👤They are made to last. Better reflection and shine can be achieved with more cracked glass. Otherwise, they are nice. Don't let any fragrance oil touch the wood grain, it will take the color off. One drop of oil ruined Ruth.

👤The pegado de los cristales is un poco mal hecho.

👤Very nice! Just as described.

3. CWI Gifts Americana Balls Piece

CWI Gifts Americana Balls Piece

Each color in the set has 5 pieces. The balls measure 2. The diameter is 5. It's a good idea to use as a filler baskets, jars, buckets. There are various red, White, and blue rag strips.

Brand: Cwi Gifts

👤I think they are cute. They arrived in a gallon zip lock bag with broken packaging. I am not sure if the are used or not.

👤Five balls were received instead of six. It was a tad frustrating.

👤Cute patriotic balls! Our coffee table has a perfect size bowl. There was a lot of praise over Memorial Day. Highly recommended!

👤I only received two balls. There is a There is no way to contact this merchant.

👤I loved them. One of the balls was unwrapped, which was disappointing. It was an easy fix.

👤They're small, but cute. I returned them.

4. ANDALUCA Decorative Filler Sunset Orange

ANDALUCA Decorative Filler Sunset Orange

The Shades of Decorative Rattan Balls are Sunset Orange. Large bag filled with balls. The bowl or vase is great.

Brand: Andaluca

👤When I moved this chest to a different room, I wanted to put something on the shelf. A wire basket filled with Christmas goodies was given to us by a friend, and it looked good on the shelf, but the color blended in. I thought of putting pumpkins in them for fall, but I decided to use these because they'll work all year. I'm happy with how it turned out.

👤These were perfect for what I needed. I needed to add a pop of color and texture to my bathroom. The color was perfect. It was the hardest thing to find. I was adding something to the space I was designing with these. I had read that not many came in the bag. I could not agree more. I don't know what to do with the rest of the bag. It may have been a complaint based on the price. I've never seen these before. I was willing to pay because it was the hardest thing for me to find the right color. I was willing to pay for it to be the perfect color match.

👤There was no big deal with the pieces coming apart. It would be more difficult to return. I think people should be more cautious when sending out items that they wouldn't purchase themselves.

👤There are different sizes to use. I added orbs to match my decor. I love them. I recommend them.

👤The balls were nice and the mixture was pleasant. The smell of mildew was the problem I had. One of the beige balls had orange spots. I had to throw it away. I put the balls on my screen porch for a couple of days and they smell better but not completely gone.

👤I am very pleased with this product. I was surprised at how big the package was. I was not expecting so many and the larger sizes. These exceeded my expectations. I'm very pleased with them and they look great for my St. Patrick's day theme. It's perfect, I mixed them in with the gold tone filler I already had.

👤The black balls are great decorations, but they can be a problem if there is a stain or paint on them. When I pulled the balls out of the bag and put them in a bowl, they rubbed off on the other balls in the bag.

👤I received my order today. I was surprised to receive a bowl of wood. It is very beautiful and will add to my decor. I appreciate the handwritten thank you note. I will recommend you to other people. Great job!

5. Idyllic Decorative Natural Spherical Centerpieces

Idyllic Decorative Natural Spherical Centerpieces

The set comes with 15 pieces and is made of three colors blue, gray, and white. The decorative country-style sphere is a good choice for decorating your room. It's perfect for table centerpiece and corner decoration. The decorative balls are made from hand-woven fabrics and are designed for the decoration of country style, making your room full of natural atmosphere with brown and white colors. There are 8 assorted three-inch dia balls in the package. Each one is small. The black bowl is not included. The bag is made from high quality materials. All natural and handmade. Warm tips, please put it in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight to ensure the long-term use of the product.

Brand: Idyllic

👤Do you ever wonder why decorating trends are so popular? We might look back on the "balls in a basket trend" and wonder why this was ever a thing. There is something comforting about these balls.

👤I liked this product. These balls were needed to fill my lanterns. They are the best bang for the buck. I would recommend it.

👤These are what I was looking for. The look is cute and rustic. Nice package. It was perfect!

👤These are very cute and made to order. It's definitely worth buying. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I had a small basket that needed to be filled and these did the job perfectly.

👤They fit in a bowl on the console table.

6. Whole Housewares Decorative Mosaic Turquoise

Whole Housewares Decorative Mosaic Turquoise

Beautiful. The turquoise finish on these balls will make any room look brighter. These are a set of five decorative orbs that are adorned with beautifully crafted mosaic pieces. It's perfect for all homeowners. The gift is perfect for weddings, birthdays and housewarmings. A set of decorative balls is a great way to thank your friends and family. These decorative orbs are made with quality mosaic glass and are sure to stand the test of time. A quality mosaic finish is what makes Durably hand made. Their set of five turqiouse decorative orbs are great for any area of the home, and work perfectly in any scenario. Whole Housewares has a new set of balls that will make the kitchen table, dinner table, and coffee table look great. You can mix and match Whole Housewares decorative ball sets. They love their sets and you will too.

Brand: Whole Housewares

👤These balls are amazing. I wanted to get the pack of 3, but I am not sure if they are bigger. There are 5 of them and they are about the same size as a tennis ball. The details are made to look good and feel good, because they have the right amount of weight to them. Everyone who has seen them makes a statement about how pretty they are when they sit on my coffee table. I highly recommend these.

👤The balls are pretty in person. They are heavy and pick up the light and sparkle.

👤These are mosaic orbs. They look pretty and feel heavy duty. There is a cross between turquoise and teal. They are hard to photograph because of their reflective qualities. They are the same color and not different. I have a dish with orbs in the middle and orbs at the ends and they all go together perfectly. Definitely recommend.

👤I adore these spheres. The selection of "white" is actually a grey/silver color, so I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. -- We have a large living area which is mostly grey and cream and we bought two sets of spheres. The spheres are grey, that's fine for us. You will be unhappy if you want white. I like a little sparkle all year round. These are perfect for Christmas buyers as well as those that want a little sparkle in their lives as they walk around the calendar. I highly recommend!

👤Beautiful! It was in good condition when it arrived. They look pretty. I am very happy.

👤The pictures don't do justice. I was tired of seeing the same floral orbs and vase fillers at my local stores and I was looking for some decorative orbs. I knew I had to have them. I am so happy that I bought them.

👤I wanted something to go on my silver tray that matched my living room decor. They were going to be too teal. They looked great. They seem to be well made and heavier than I thought. Please use this purchase.

👤The ornaments arrived well packed but a little over priced.

👤The balls are pretty. I was surprised. I had feared that they might be cheap and not sparkle. So! They are high quality. I love it!

7. Assorted Decorative Spherical Natural Spheres

Assorted Decorative Spherical Natural Spheres

The item and weight are dimensions. The size is approximately 12.6" long x 7.5" wide and 6" tall. The weight is around 260/ 205g. There are 20 spherical rattan balls in this set, each with a different pattern and texture. There is only one indoor decor. These twig balls are great for filling empty bowls, vases or baskets indoors. The decorative spherical bowl and vase filler bring a sense of beauty to the living room, kitchen, fireplace, and mantel. There are about 20 balls in a transparent plastic bag. The black bowl is not included.

Brand: Wmaot

👤These orbs were purchased to fill vases for my summer table. Thank you for delivering a product that matches your description, they are just as I expected. They are great quality, however, they are a bit pricey. I'm not disappointed!

👤They were used in a cake stand under a cloche in front of my kitchen window. The rustic touch is neutral.

👤I almost didn't order them because they were pricey. I am so happy I did.

👤These are very nice. I have not made a complete basket yet. I used a few for my tray. They are pretty.

👤Not a fan of this purchase. It says 20 pieces, but 12 of them are the size of a peach pit. There are only about 8 larger balls and they don't look as good in person as they do in the pictures. There is a These are cheap. I would not have paid more than $3 for this bag. That's what it's worth. $20 is ridiculous.

👤I was looking forward to the decorative balls for the coffee table, however many of the larger balls are poorly made and you can see the styrofoam. The outside covering is spread out and unable to be used. I ordered a replacement bag because I thought I had received a bad one. The quality was the same. I wouldn't order these for a coffee table display because you won't be able to use all of them.

👤I wanted a lot of country style decorations in my living room. I thought the price was high. I was willing to pay more because I wanted the cotton stems. I was not disappointed. The quality of the items was good. I like the look of them in my entry way display.

👤The price for what I got was very high. Most of the big balls in the picture were not in there. There were cheap rattan balls in it that you can buy at every dollar store. Either someone took all the special balls out and replaced them with cheap stuff or it was false advertising. Not worth the money.

8. Decorative Natural Christmas Hanging Centerpiece

Decorative Natural Christmas Hanging Centerpiece

Warm tips, please put it in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight to ensure the long-term use of the product. The decorative balls are made of lightweight quality foam, soft fixed rope and natural dried moss. There is no smell or addenda. No need for green decor at the table. The moss balls look natural in your home. The moss balls are easy to hang and clean. You can punch a hole in the foam ball with a rope. It is difficult to fall off the coil and spread out the moss. Very resistant to dirt. The house is being foreclosed on. The decorative balls add a nice pop of color to table dinner party wedding,garden, living room decor, vase bowl filler at Christmas Halloween Holiday with potpourris or props. Adding greenery and accent to a room all year round is a good idea. The moss balls are natural. The moss is tightly bound up and kept intact. It will shed a little when handling it for an ornament. The moss balls cannot be put in an aquarium. Long-term use does not require water, soil, orfertilizer. The moss ball is treated in a way that leaves it soft and supple. It can be used for a long time, so the family can enjoy the smell of the forest.

Brand: Qingbei Rina

👤The other reviews are correct. The dimensions are not what they are advertised to be. The balls were all under 2 inches in length. This may not be a big deal compared to 2.4 but to anyone using these for crafting projects with precise sizes. It is. Styrofoam is the core, not straw or other natural debris. The moss has been sprayed and wrapped with forest Green sewing thread which is similar to the others on the market but that is where the similarities end. The customer card was nice.

👤I have made moss balls before and had fun making them. The cost of making my own was more than what I could buy. The moss balls are well made and all uniformed. I recommend!

👤These balls are handmade. They are feminine and cute. I used 5 out of the 6 because they are big. They add a special touch to my bedroom. I thought the white wooden bowl came with the balls, so I made the mistake of thinking that other people would think the same thing.

👤The color of these is not what I was expecting. I might have to add small twig balls to add more depth. I wish they'd been a brighter green.

👤They look great with lemons on my table. They have a great color and look cheap.

👤I will not open the package. I put a different brand next to this package.

👤They are sturdy and good quality. I would like to see a variety of sizes. They were used in some plant arrangements. My dogs think they are toys. I think that's correct.

👤moss balls are small. The description is accurate. Pay attention to the dimensions. I put them in a bed of moss. They look nice.

👤I was looking for a good size.

👤The moss balls have a musty smell and the pieces of the hairy type material fall off if you touch them. None of them are close to round in shape. Would not purchase again.

👤Love it. You can see that they are different shades of green. The green are from this seller. I believe his balls are 2.3 inches in length. The larger ones are more expensive. I bought some in both sizes and mixed them up to be a little more affordable.

👤Great decorations. I accidentally bought live moss balls when I was looking for them. Don't make a mistake.

9. Valentines Decorative Decoration Hanging Ornament

Valentines Decorative Decoration Hanging Ornament

There are 15 wicker rattan balls in the package, available in 3 colors, light-blue, gray and yellow, each color has 5 pieces, varied colors and enough quantity to satisfy your multiple decorative needs. You will receive 36 pieces of decorative heart vase filler balls. There are three styles of ball, heart and star, and 12 pieces for each style in red, rose, pink and white, which is sufficient to meet your needs for decorating your home. The bowl fillers rattan sets are made of star, heart, and ball shaped rattan balls and can add a sense of nature and calm to your home. The decorative rattan balls are made of natural rattan wood, lightweight and compact, suitable for many occasions, and the colors are bright, non fading and well polished, which ensure their long service time. You can carry and store the bowl filled with rattan heart. The ball is 1.97 inches in length. The star is 1.57 inches high. 2.36 inches are abundant in quantity and portable due to light weight. The wicker rattan balls can be used as table centerpiece, vase bowl fillers, craft supplies, wedding, party and house decorations, and flower arrangements.

Brand: Mtlee

10. Qingbei Rina Decorative Ornaments Christmas

Qingbei Rina Decorative Ornaments Christmas

10 wicker rattan balls are included in the package. The balls are blue. The balls are 1.6 inches. The balls are 2.4 inches. The wicker ball is not large. They are larger than a golf ball. The comparison picture is on the left. Handmade cane. Christmas gift, table centerpiece, vase and bowl, display for shelf, wedding, birth day, party, festival decoration. If you don't like the balls, you will get 100% money back.

Brand: Qingbei Rina

👤These wicker balls are a great addition to my table centerpiece. Absolutely love them!

👤Love the balls. There is a pretty decoration on my coffee table. When I saw these balls, I immediately wanted them for a decoration idea I had. They arrived very quickly and are just as pretty as the picture they are in. I had to order a second bag to fill the bowl because I only ordered one bag. I loved the price. A person named Trish.

👤I got these for my decorating. I put them with other similar things on a kitchen table. They are cute and can do a lot of things with them.

👤This worked for making Mickey Mouse ornaments and I wish there was more of the larger size. They came out adorable, but only if you could make three of them.

👤I needed something to drink. I was looking for something that wasn't very expensive. I found them and they were right. It was perfect. It was bright and colourful.

👤These are neat. I used them in different canisters. There is a photo of one.

👤I used these to make the idea for lighting in my bedroom. It worked out well. I hope they make more of these.

👤They are all very small like the picture.

👤I added my own essential oil to make it smell better. There are 18 in total, but only 3 larger ones. The vase has fairy lights.

👤Mother loved them.

👤The pictures are deceptive. The product was very small compared to the picture.

11. Blue Donuts Decorative Centerpiece Grapevine

Blue Donuts Decorative Centerpiece Grapevine

The vase is not included. The ball Decor. In Bopp #722.

Brand: Blue Donuts

👤The balls arrived in a nice package, but I was disappointed when I opened it. The balls had a weird smell and looked like they had been sitting in someone's basement for years. The brown balls had spider webs on them and they looked like spiders. They were cheap and almost fell apart. I bought a replacement ball at the At Home store and compared it to the one I bought from Amazon and it was even cheaper. I will definitely return.

👤These are a good value. They look really good after I mixed them with moss balls. Some reviewers said that the sticks were broken here and there, but I turned that down. I knew what I was getting because they were cheap. I would buy them again.

👤I bought these to add to the decorative bowl in the entryway. The designs were packaged well and arrived in perfect condition. Can't go wrong with these! It's a nice touch because it's larger than they look.

👤These were very large. I just found the same ones at Walmart and it was a problem. I realized I needed more after Com for $9.99. If price isn't an issue for you, then go with these.

👤They are also big. My boyfriend liked it. It looks elegant and stylish. Is it worth it?

👤I was expecting a couple of blue balls since it's my color scheme, but I was a little disappointed since the title said blue donuts. They look nice if they are not.

👤The addition to our sunroom is beautiful.

👤So disappointed. Two balls are damaged, pieces falling off and one ball unraveling, the ball of moss with twigs looks like a string. I won't be buying from there again. It's a shame.

👤3 sont entendres en mon bolle de 10 pouces de diamtre. 3 de spare is achat m'en. J'adore achetée sans hésiter.

👤I put two different bags together.

👤Parfait! THe article was about the article.

👤These were what we expected. The bag had a musty smell when I opened it.

👤The wooden balls smelled rotten and damp as they came in a mouldy package.


What is the best product for decorative balls for centerpiece bowls spring?

Decorative balls for centerpiece bowls spring products from Creative Scents. In this article about decorative balls for centerpiece bowls spring you can see why people choose the product. Cwi Gifts and Andaluca are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative balls for centerpiece bowls spring.

What are the best brands for decorative balls for centerpiece bowls spring?

Creative Scents, Cwi Gifts and Andaluca are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative balls for centerpiece bowls spring. Find the detail in this article. Idyllic, Whole Housewares and Wmaot are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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