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1. Decorative Fillers Independence Decoration Patriotic

Decorative Fillers Independence Decoration Patriotic

The Halloween theme ball is roughly the same size. The 2 inches in diameter is about the size of a golf ball or a ping pong and is easy to pack, carry, and decorate, and the proper size to decorate a variety of places around the home. The wicker ball is 4 x pink, 4 x light purple, and 4 x deep purple. Each star has a diameter of 3.15 inches. The measurement method has a picture introduction. Comes with wooden twine. A photo wall will come out if you use a rope to pass through the star sepak takraw. Isn't it beautiful? These can meet your production needs. It is made of high-quality rattan wood, woven and dyed by professional craftsmen, with high polish and no debris, durable, non-fading, lightweight and compact, suitable for many occasions. The star balls are suitable for do-it-yourself craft projects. Hang the wicker balls on the wall, string them with fairy lights, or put them in vases and bowls to light up the house. The wicker balls and photos are perfect. Perfect as table centerpiece, vase bowl, teal decor, wedding, party and vase fillers for home decor, flower arrangements, aromatherapy accessories, beach decorations for home etc. It's suitable for do-it-yourself craft projects, restaurant wall decoration, terrace decoration, and coastal christmas decorations.

Brand: Lulonpon

👤Cuando pueda solicitare otras, Bien hechas y pintadas.

👤These are brightly colored and well made, but they are not very big at 3.15 inches. I liked the colors red, white and blue so I used them in other colors. They were in one piece. The price seems a tad high, but it's satisfactory. I don't usually buy decorations made of rattan so I'm ignorant on price ranges.

2. Blue Donuts Decorative Balls Centerpiece

Blue Donuts Decorative Balls Centerpiece

Decor balls are great for empty bowls, vases or baskets. The balls can only be used indoors. There are balls for centerpiece. These balls are a great addition to a farmhouse decor. There are 13 orb balls, 5 wicker balls, 1 flower, and 2 flat sticks in the set. The Decorative Bowl Fillers are a great addition to a decor. The wicker balls can be used as rustic bowl filler or organic rustic table decor. This assortment of balls is a perfect craft supply set for any craft project. The decorative twig balls can be used as wedding decoration. The vase is not included.

Brand: Blue Donuts

👤I bought this set to fill the bottom of the bowl, but it actually filled the entire bowl. I was surprised by how much was included. I have found the best value. The online photos are accurate. What you see is what you get. Didn't notice a scent, so purchase this as a vase fill, not as a potpourri. Nice variety and quick shipping. This is an affordable option for filling larger vases and bowls, and will add a few nicer pieces on top. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I received a crystal bowl as a gift and needed something to fill it. It is a large bowl of fruit. I was not sure if this would fill it up. I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived. There is a nice variety of shapes and shades in the items. It was much more than I anticipated, especially for the price. I would purchase this item again. I received it the next day after ordering it. Awesome product and service!

👤I loved the product, but then I looked at the items. I can't use all the balls because some came damaged. I am not able to fill my entire vase because the larger balls are damaged. I'm not sure if the product is cheap or not. There is a They are ok.

👤I had to return these because I went a different route with my vases. I have been shopping for this item in brick and mortar stores for the last couple months and found nothing comparable to this quality. I highly recommend.

👤The quality is great, the price is great, and they were $7 more at a local craft store. Great prices. They have a variety of sizes and colors and I used them in a basket.

👤Exactly what I wanted. The colors are pretty. The quality is excellent. I am really happy with this purchase. Definitely recommend!

👤The balls arrive quickly. I was worried that they might be cheap. They are great. Multiple sizes help with arranging. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I use these in my bowl. My new cat thinks they are for him to destroy. It's funny.

👤I used a large bowl on my kitchen table. I thought I would need to order another bag. Nope! There was a lot in the bag and it worked well for what I wanted. The value is great. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤The balls were very flimsy and when moved they began to fall apart.

👤These are absolutely perfect. They are what I wanted. I was happy with my order. I would recommend these. It's gorgeous.

👤Exactly what I needed. A bit overpriced.

👤I'm happy with the product. My living room has a bit of zen in it.

3. Idyllic Decorative Natural Spherical Centerpieces

Idyllic Decorative Natural Spherical Centerpieces

The set comes with 15 pieces and is made of three colors blue, gray, and white. The decorative country-style sphere is a good choice for decorating your room. It's perfect for table centerpiece and corner decoration. The decorative balls are made from hand-woven fabrics and are designed for the decoration of country style, making your room full of natural atmosphere with brown and white colors. There are 8 assorted three-inch dia balls in the package. Each one is small. The black bowl is not included. The bag is made from high quality materials. All natural and handmade. Warm tips, please put it in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight to ensure the long-term use of the product.

Brand: Idyllic

👤Do you ever wonder why decorating trends are so popular? We might look back on the "balls in a basket trend" and wonder why this was ever a thing. There is something comforting about these balls.

👤I liked this product. These balls were needed to fill my lanterns. They are the best bang for the buck. I would recommend it.

👤These are what I was looking for. The look is cute and rustic. Nice package. It was perfect!

👤These are very cute and made to order. It's definitely worth buying. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I had a small basket that needed to be filled and these did the job perfectly.

👤They fit in a bowl on the console table.

4. Ka Home Brown Porcelain Decorative

Ka Home Brown Porcelain Decorative

You can give these delicate centerpiece balls as cute gifts, or you can make them into your own home decoration. A decorative ball is a great home decor accent. It's ideal in baskets, bowls or wooden trays for a stylish centerpiece. White porcelain orbs have brown designs for added interest. Decor accents fit many styles. The small ceramic spheres are 3 inches in diameter.

Brand: Ka Home

👤We once again turned to Amazon for all of our pottery and ceramics needs after failing to find anything in the area. These little gems make a huge statement and blend perfectly with our existing decor.

👤The balls are pretty and a good value. I like that each one adds interest to the basket they are in. They are heavy so you wouldn't want them around kids who throw them.

👤The design on these 3 inches of porcelain is pretty and I like the size. I like the brown color of my living.

👤I expected that. Orbs are well designed and a good price.

👤If you've done any searching, you know how expensive these can be. I was happy to find these at a reasonable price. The brown are beautiful and well made.

5. Blue Donuts Decorative Centerpiece Grapevine

Blue Donuts Decorative Centerpiece Grapevine

The vase is not included. The ball Decor. In Bopp #722.

Brand: Blue Donuts

👤The balls arrived in a nice package, but I was disappointed when I opened it. The balls had a weird smell and looked like they had been sitting in someone's basement for years. The brown balls had spider webs on them and they looked like spiders. They were cheap and almost fell apart. I bought a replacement ball at the At Home store and compared it to the one I bought from Amazon and it was even cheaper. I will definitely return.

👤These are a good value. They look really good after I mixed them with moss balls. Some reviewers said that the sticks were broken here and there, but I turned that down. I knew what I was getting because they were cheap. I would buy them again.

👤I bought these to add to the decorative bowl in the entryway. The designs were packaged well and arrived in perfect condition. Can't go wrong with these! It's a nice touch because it's larger than they look.

👤These were very large. I just found the same ones at Walmart and it was a problem. I realized I needed more after Com for $9.99. If price isn't an issue for you, then go with these.

👤They are also big. My boyfriend liked it. It looks elegant and stylish. Is it worth it?

👤I was expecting a couple of blue balls since it's my color scheme, but I was a little disappointed since the title said blue donuts. They look nice if they are not.

👤The addition to our sunroom is beautiful.

👤So disappointed. Two balls are damaged, pieces falling off and one ball unraveling, the ball of moss with twigs looks like a string. I won't be buying from there again. It's a shame.

👤3 sont entendres en mon bolle de 10 pouces de diamtre. 3 de spare is achat m'en. J'adore achetée sans hésiter.

👤I put two different bags together.

👤Parfait! THe article was about the article.

👤These were what we expected. The bag had a musty smell when I opened it.

👤The wooden balls smelled rotten and damp as they came in a mouldy package.

6. MDLUU Decorative Mosaic Centerpiece Diameter

MDLUU Decorative Mosaic Centerpiece Diameter

It would be a great prop for photography. Great items for home and office decoration. The balls are made of sturdy mosaic glass. There is sparkle and shine. Colored glass pieces are sparkling in the light. Each glass ball is 4 inches in diameter and can be displayed in decorative bowls, vases and trays. Centerpiece balls are a great way to accent your dining table, coffee table and dresser. Giftable decorative balls are perfect for all seasons decor and add elegance to any interior style.

Brand: Mdluu

👤Omgggggg! I ordered some plastic orbs that were thrown in the garbage. These Orbs are right here, Omgggg! I made my day! Thank you Amazon for everything! I love it! Love! These! The table looks great!

👤It's pretty. But. I have the multi color. I was expecting brilliant jewel-tone colors, instead the colors are all there, but the colors seem subdued. The whole thing is very dusty. There is a I am not happy. I might return them.

👤These orbs are ugly. They had dents and crater spots. The item was damaged because they were not packed correctly. They looked like Christmas balls and you could tell they had been returned. They were bigger in person. I returned them because I wouldn't recommend them.

👤One of the two that I got was cracked and in pieces. Had to throw it away. I tried to contact the seller and they offered a partial refund, but that doesn't help me in my situation. I needed all three of them to fit in my centerpiece. I would stay away from these.

👤Absolutely love the purple green black bluish decorative orbs... The mosiac orbs were packaged in a timely manner and wrapped accordingly so they wouldn't break, they look better in person than in photos, and it matches the decor and colors in my living room perfectly. If I needed this product again, I would recommend purchasing it for myself or a gift.

👤These are pretty. When the sun shines through my deck door, it leaves a beautiful sparkle in my kitchen because I have them on my table. They are stunning. They have a nice weight to it.

👤They are not a fan. They are very awkward and expensive for a set of balls. It was worth $12.

👤I kept the silver ones despite the fact that they were a little more yellow than I needed. They are nice and shiny.

👤These are gorgeous. I thought the price was a bit high, but they are bigger than I thought. I really wanted them and they are perfect.

7. ANDALUCA Decorative Vase Filler Balls

ANDALUCA Decorative Vase Filler Balls

The bag is filled with at least four styles of orbs. A bowl/vase filler is a great decor accent. The orbs, rattan and decor balls in the bag have more variety than others. The large decorative bag has a mix of rattan balls and orbs that measure 2 to 4 in diameter and fill 2 bowls. Pair with one of their Wood Bowls for the perfect organic style decor.

Brand: Andaluca

👤When I moved this chest to a different room, I wanted to put something on the shelf. A wire basket filled with Christmas goodies was given to us by a friend, and it looked good on the shelf, but the color blended in. I thought of putting pumpkins in them for fall, but I decided to use these because they'll work all year. I'm happy with how it turned out.

👤These were perfect for what I needed. I needed to add a pop of color and texture to my bathroom. The color was perfect. It was the hardest thing to find. I was adding something to the space I was designing with these. I had read that not many came in the bag. I could not agree more. I don't know what to do with the rest of the bag. It may have been a complaint based on the price. I've never seen these before. I was willing to pay because it was the hardest thing for me to find the right color. I was willing to pay for it to be the perfect color match.

👤There was no big deal with the pieces coming apart. It would be more difficult to return. I think people should be more cautious when sending out items that they wouldn't purchase themselves.

👤There are different sizes to use. I added orbs to match my decor. I love them. I recommend them.

👤The balls were nice and the mixture was pleasant. The smell of mildew was the problem I had. One of the beige balls had orange spots. I had to throw it away. I put the balls on my screen porch for a couple of days and they smell better but not completely gone.

👤I am very pleased with this product. I was surprised at how big the package was. I was not expecting so many and the larger sizes. These exceeded my expectations. I'm very pleased with them and they look great for my St. Patrick's day theme. It's perfect, I mixed them in with the gold tone filler I already had.

👤The black balls are great decorations, but they can be a problem if there is a stain or paint on them. When I pulled the balls out of the bag and put them in a bowl, they rubbed off on the other balls in the bag.

👤I received my order today. I was surprised to receive a bowl of wood. It is very beautiful and will add to my decor. I appreciate the handwritten thank you note. I will recommend you to other people. Great job!

8. Farmhouse Ceramic Accent Rustic Decorative

Farmhouse Ceramic Accent Rustic Decorative

MULTIAPPLICATION Farmhouse beads with tassel look great to match a bohemian wall, curtain back, coffee table, dining table, and bookshelf decor. The set of 3 decorative vases is the perfect focal point of any home interior. Their home decor vases sets of 3 have different sized ceramic vases available in 3 different sizes for versatile styling year-round. Use their ceramic vase set for decor on its own as a centerpiece or for a range of contemporary or traditional floral arrangements. The farmhouse vibe brought about by their farmhouse vase for decor set of 3 will surely draw attention to table tops in your home. Their vases for home decor are made with the highest quality and safest materials and were designed in the USA.

Brand: Mainevent

👤I wanted to add something feminine to the bathroom counter. These are perfect in size. The artificial cherry blossoms fit perfectly.

👤They were packaged securely so they wouldn't fall apart. I am happy that they were not damaged. I thought they were going to be smaller than they are. I like the details on them. It is simple but beautiful.

👤The smallest vase is missing. There were only two vases in the package. I would love to have the missing vase. The vases were pretty. Is it possible to send me the smallest vase?

👤There is a picture on the far left of my mantle. I love them so much. The beads I draped over them were purchased on Amazon. I love them so much.

👤These vases are gorgeous. What I was looking for. They were well packaged and there was no damage. The value for the money. Highly recommended.

👤I ordered a set of vases because I really like them and they are so cute.

👤These vases look gorgeous. It was a perfect color for my fireplace decoration.

👤It is too small and not the color shown. The dollar store has the price.

👤This product is disappointing. I kept it because I like to support small businesses.

9. Ciroases Decorative Assorted Spherical Centerpiece

Ciroases Decorative Assorted Spherical Centerpiece

You can make your own natural handmade rattan balls, you can stick them to the window or hang them on the tree for decoration. 1. The package contains 9 pieces of balls of natural woven rattan, 9 pieces of cotton Bolls, and a black bowl. The beige is comfortable and natural. 2. The ball is 3.5 inches in diameter. The size of the ball will be different, please understand. 3. These balls are great for home decor, used for empty bowls, vases or baskets. The balls can only be used indoors. 4. It's suitable for table decoration, vase bowl filling, craft supplies, wedding, party and home decoration. 5. Natural materials include natural corn husks, high-quality rattan, and cotton.

Brand: Cir Oases

👤The quality is not good for the price. The styrofoam balls show a thin decorative cover.

👤These are a nice mix for a centerpiece.

👤These are great! The colors are perfect. I bought this bowl at the beach. One of the balls was unraveling but I am very happy with these!

👤Absolutely love it! It works perfectly and is in harmony with my decor.

👤There was more in the bag than I anticipated. There were no broken starfish or spiral shells. I didn't use the bleached clam shells, but others might like them. I am very pleased with the product.

👤The product was what I was looking for. The packaging was terrible. Some of the shells were broken when the mailer bag was ripped and crushed. This could have been avoided if placed in a box.

10. Ciroases 3 5Inch Decorative Spherical Wedding

Ciroases 3 5Inch Decorative Spherical Wedding

The leaves may appear darker than the images show. Each ball's diameter is 3.5 inches. The size of the ball may be different. The package includes 9 balls, moss ball, mixed brown white, assorted wicker balls, orb ball, and Natural Woven Twig Rattan. Natural materials, such as corn husks, cotton, and decorative balls add a more natural feeling to your decoration. These balls are great for empty bowls, vases or baskets. The balls can only be used indoors. Perfect as table centerpiece, vase bowl fillers, craft supplies, wedding, party and house decorations.

Brand: Cir Oases

👤I threw the moss ball in the garbage and it was a hot mess of falling apart and was stuck to the other ones. I added the ones from Amazon to my hobby lobby ones and created my thing using glue dots, but I will not order again until hobby lobby has them at 50% off. I can't say no.

👤I bought them for a basket. They are beautiful. I bought neutral ones at Walmart because I didn't want to buy more, and I love them.

👤They are a nice addition to my decor, but more than I wanted to spend on small, hollow, fragile balls.

👤The design matches my living room.

👤These are exactly what I was looking for.

👤The flowers that match my decor are in the assorted colors.

11. Vumdua Natural Decorative Handmade Weddings

Vumdua Natural Decorative Handmade Weddings

The moss balls are made of lightweight quality foam, soft rope and natural dried moss. There is no smell or dried substance. The moss balls are used as a bowl decoration. It's easy to care for greenery. The moss balls are processed. They are easy to maintain and don't need any help from the weather. Save time and energy. The moss ball is 3.5 inches. The moss balls can be hung in any place you want. You can punch a hole in the foam ball with a rope. It's easy to clean. The moss is hard to fall off and spread out. If you want to clean it, just take a dry rag or paper towel and pat the surface. It does not require much care. A moss ball can be used to add coloring to your home or office. It's suitable for bowls decor, table decorations, weddings, theme parties, flower arrangements, etc. A moss ball can be used to add coloring to your home or office. It's suitable for bowls decor, table decorations, weddings, theme parties, flower arrangements, etc.

Brand: Vumdua

👤It was just as described and also well packaged, which is something I really appreciate.

👤The Moss Balls bring a great touch to the outdoors. They are in my family room. I was expecting them to be much smaller, but they are a very nice size.

👤I wanted to use them as vase filler but they were too big. These were nicely made, but I didn't pay attention to the size. When I took them out of the package, I could smell an earthly scent but it was not strong and would probably go away naturally.

👤I ordered the larger moss balls and the pinkmoss mix balls to use in the old dough bowl. I love the two of them. It could be used alone as an accent. I use 3 items to decorate. The two of them would make a great accent to two other objects.

👤I should have looked into the size because these were much larger than I expected. They are softball size, but still pretty. A little thin. They look good in a large glass vase.

👤These are very small. The golf ball might be a bit bigger. I thought they would be bigger. I found a use for them. I didn't come back.

👤They make a great centerpiece. Add some flowers or stones. They are made of styrofoam and have moss on the outside. They are a good size.


What is the best product for decorative balls for vase?

Decorative balls for vase products from Lulonpon. In this article about decorative balls for vase you can see why people choose the product. Blue Donuts and Idyllic are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative balls for vase.

What are the best brands for decorative balls for vase?

Lulonpon, Blue Donuts and Idyllic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative balls for vase. Find the detail in this article. Ka Home, Mdluu and Andaluca are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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