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1. MINTWOOD Design Decorative Laundry Prussian

MINTWOOD Design Decorative Laundry Prussian

These stylish blanket storage bins are specially made to keep your floors and walls free of collision scratches. Are you looking to make your nursery décor more attractive by displaying baby toys and soft blankets in a more attractive way? You won't have to worry about the laundry hampers leaving marks or scats when you are a toddler. Extra Large Jumbo Size Cotton Rope Storage Baskets are large enough to hold bulky items like extra blankets, comforters, duvets, throw pillows, cushions, and stuffed animals. It has plenty of space for smaller items, like books, magazines, and toys, to keep your living space neat and tidy. A stylish, practical alternative to boring storage solutions is the Decorative Multi-purpose Woven Baskets. The sleek, sophisticated shape and neutral colors of their baskets will complement any decor and will help you get organized. They are a great gift for friends and family for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, or any other occasion. Their storage baskets are made from cotton ropes. They are great to use in your home. There are no hard edges or sharp edges to scratch the floors. Use them with total peace of mind. Their baskets are portable, collapsible anddurable, made from high quality materials and soft to the touch. Carrying heavy loads around the house can be done with sturdy, generously-sized handles with reinforced stitching. They can be easily stored when not in use. Their baskets come in folded due to their large size, which may result in some crease. Follow the easy instructions in the product packaging to get the shape you want. The manufacturing tolerance of the dimensions could be 3 to 8mm. Their baskets come in folded due to their large size, which may result in some crease. Follow the easy instructions in the product packaging to get the shape you want. The manufacturing tolerance of the dimensions could be 3 to 8mm.

Brand: Mintwood Design

👤This basket is very nice. I was a little worried at first because it was bigger than I thought. It holds all my equipment, so there is room for a full roller and weights to come. I followed the instructions and then steamed. It was worth the time and effort. I was persuaded to give this basket a try after another review said it looked high end. They were correct. It does not feel cheap. I am very happy and look forward to having it for a long time.

👤The store sells the same height, but it's only a fraction of the price at only$15.99. We have surplus afghans and throws, but they are more expensive than most. This will fit all of them. The Living Room is small and urban-designed. It's perfect next to my TV. I could not be happier. Plan on buying one for the bedroom and the downstairs. I can't see thisfitting anywhere, unless you live in a box. Highly recommended.

👤This basket made me feel better. This one was the perfect size and color and it was the perfect size for me. Someone used cheap $10 pop up mesh hampers from Target or Walmart. I have never grown out of the habit of using the ones college students only. I don't have a closet to hide my laundry basket in, so I wanted something way more decorative and aesthetically pleasing, even though I never paid much attention to my laundry basket aesthetic. There is a This thing is large. I love it. It took a couple of days for it to take on its full form after being folded up. I stuffed it with blankets and comforters and it was great after a few days. I love this thing so much. It makes me happy. I hope it does the same for you.

👤I love the basket. Good quality. It holds my blankets. My cat loves snuggling up in there.

👤I was worried about the quality but I bought it anyways. Happy with them. Good quality, sturdy, beautiful, big enough. Ignore the cables in the picture. The console is from Wayfair.

👤The round shape at the top of the basket is lost when the basket is folded up and turned into a square. I would like this to be flatter with less folds to help keep the shape better.

👤The basket is sturdy and holds a couple pillows and a blanket. I wanted a basket that was tall and wide for my decor, and I found a lot that were shorter. This is what I wanted. It is still not evenly rounded, which is the only reason I am giving 4 stars. I have had it for over a month and it still doesn't look like the pictures. I noticed a smell on my blankets after I took them out of the basket that was unattractive. febreeze was sprayed all over it because I can't wash it. I really like it because it doesn't return to its natural shape and smell. The size and colors blend nicely. It is a stylish way to store my extra blankets. It might not return to its natural shape, but I would recommend it.

2. Rectangle Storage Baskets Decorative Magazines

Rectangle Storage Baskets Decorative Magazines

The Folding Storage Basket is made of high quality felt with wooden handles. The storage basket is made of high quality material and lasts a long time. It can hold a lot of stuff and last a long time. Product dimensions are listed. There are three different sizes, the large one is 14.2'' x 10'' x 5.1'', the medium is 13'' x 8.9'' and the small is 7.4'' x 7.1''. The felt storage basket is a good choice. It is useful for home,office,colleague,dormitory, hotel and everywhere. There is a great storage basket that can hold books, magazines, toys, dog toys, shoe basket, clothes basket, shelf, baby bin, pet toy storage, towel basket, blankets, decorations, office supplies, DVD and gifts. The wooden handles on both sides make transporting easier and more comfortable. It's not necessary to fold. The organizers keep the bedroom and closet organized while keeping clothing and accessories out of sight. If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase, just let them know and they will either replace it or refund your money.

Brand: Kwlet

👤We ordered these to hold 21 DVDs, and they work well. You can see what's in the discs by sticking them out about an inch and a half. The DVDs can be tucked away and still be easy to find. They are made of thick felt and will not scratch the table or cabinet they are in. We may buy more once we get things organized.

👤I bought this because it fit where I needed it. I was foolish to not read some reviews because I saw more than a thousand ratings with an overall rating of 4+ stars. The time it took to place the order and the time it took to send it back is not worth it. It is a real stretch to call it a basket. I knew it was a felt type material. I have felt drawer organizers that are rigid. This felt is not strong. The wooden handles are not the same as shown and will not fit on the top rim. The space left is too small for a single finger to fit around the stupid handles that slide out of the loops that supposedly hold them on. There was a complete failure.

👤This was what I needed. I stumbled upon this product while searching. I was looking for a felt storage basket that wouldn't damage my controllers and needed a very specific size that could hold both my old N64 and Dreamcast consoles, as well as fit in my drawer, and I finally found it! The option that didn't have the wooden handles would have been a problem. My drawer is much more tidy and everything fits snug. The package had the baskets folded down so you need to make sure the sides are straight. I love them!

👤I searched for a while but nothing seemed to fit the bill because I wanted some easy storage for my family's face masks. I was glad I took a chance on this basket because it caught my eye. The smallest size is perfect for tossing a bunch of masks in until someone is ready to wear one. The felt was wrinkled when folded up for shipping. It will relax over time. The handles are still up. A cute storage bin. I am happy with it.

👤It is a perfect basket. It is not intended for regular use or carrying something based on the construction, but it is an excellent option for the right use. I use it to hold my cats toys so she can pull them from when she wants to play. It works well. I hope the packaging doesn't crease with time being straight. I think it will hold up well for this use.

👤I just bought four bins to hold my bras. They are the perfect length, width, and height. I can fit anywhere from 10 to 16 bras in each bin. There is an extra 2 inches to the left of the bras. They feel sturdy and soft, so I don't have to worry about bras getting in and out.

3. OrganiHaus Storage Decorative Organizing Farmhouse

OrganiHaus Storage Decorative Organizing Farmhouse

The dimensions are 14.9”L, 9.8”W, and 9.8”H. There is a storage box in the package. The 15” x 10” x 9” rope storage baskets are ideal for keeping your everyday home life more organized and provide plenty of compact storage space for arts and crafts, classroom decor, kid's toys, or nursery room accessories. A vintage feel with a modern touch these coiled rope baskets are made from tightly-woven cotton that is strong, and more resistant than regular wicker storage basket. Vintage colors to match every style include 3-tone gray, blue, off-white, rainbow, off-white, pink, and brown. The fabric rope baskets for storage feature built-in carry handles that are also slim and functional. It's perfect for carrying things around the house. The OrganiHaus decorative shelf cube bin is taller and deeper than standard cotton rope baskets to provide plenty of depth when you are storing home goods, hobby supplies, diapers, clothes, classroom storage or arts and crafts. The OrganiHaus decorative shelf cube bin is taller and deeper than standard cotton rope baskets to provide plenty of depth when you are storing home goods, hobby supplies, diapers, clothes, classroom storage or arts and crafts.

Brand: Organihaus

👤The product is not as described. How long is 15.3 inches? I am getting right at 12in. Quite different. Smaller than those pictured. Couldn't find these size for $7 at the local big box. I paid $43 for 3 rope totes. Returning.

👤The cubes are nicely packaged. They won't stay open out of the box if they are folded. They would have to be filled with something and let them sit or iron to get them out. The cubes I received were smaller than advertised. I wanted to put them in a bigger area. I needed them to be 15.3” long.

👤These are very nice, but they are 2 inches smaller than the listed measurements. I was looking to fill a deep shelf, so I would have purchased elsewhere. All I did was measure and compare my baskets, which are 13 and 10 in length. They will be okay, but not what I was looking for. The product description needs to be updated. It's a shame.

👤They work well but are a little pricey. You have to work to get them to shape correctly, and I usually give 4 stars. I have given up and let them do their own thing. They get the job done for the common cube storage. I will go 5 stars as I am very happy with the purchase. It's better than everything else. Quality product too.

👤The closet is being renovated in progress. I had two black and white baskets, but I was looking for something lighter and more economical. These are light and nice to carry around. I added a tag with black ribbon and label maker and am happy with how it looked. I immediately ordered another set for the shelf that this is on. After stuffing with pillows for a couple of hours and then steaming, this is only one day in.

👤These baskets are very nice. I needed something with handles that wouldn't break if set down hard, so I needed them for the sets of children's books. These are correct, and they're cute as well. I kept the box because it is so pretty. I don't have a "durability" rating, but they seem nice and sturdy.

👤I'm using them, but they're not as big as advertised. They say you're supposed to stretch them into shape. They are flattened and folded from shipping. Nobody wants to do that. The baskets are sturdy and cute. It's just a little bit smaller than advertised.

👤It wasn't a problem to get these baskets to shape up after unpacking. They are what I wanted to store in the bedroom so it stays neat. I bought a large one for the throw blankets that we use when we are in the living room and outside on chilly nights. I'm able to keep the blankets neatly rolled up in the basket and tie them in with the rug in my living room.

👤I know some people don't like folding these baskets because they don't get the right shape, but we have found it easy. Just fill them out for a few hours and then do as you please. It's easy to pull them out of a unit with the hidden handles. The grey ones are pretty. They are a great purchase, at a reasonable price and of great quality. I need shelves in my bed as drawers are a problem and I'm stuck in bed a lot. I can put medicines in one, food in another and a heated blanket, and support for my hands in the other with these. They're not heavy and can be pulled out to get what you want, which makes it hard to take them out.

4. Storage Baskets Nursery Decorative Closet(Royal

Storage Baskets Nursery Decorative Closet%EF%BC%88Royal

The set of 6 small cabinets is 12L X 8W X 5H inches. A collapsible fabric basket is sturdy enough to hold a lot of stuff, such as clothes, towels, toys, and books. These small baskets are great for organizing. The storage baskets are made of premium material. The cloth baskets are made from the material. The basket shape is maintained by the sturdy metal rod frame. The cotton rope handles are comfortable and easy to carry. Perfect design is designed to match interior decor and style in any room in the home or office. When not in use, these fabric storage bins can save space. The foldable feature of small storage baskets makes them convenient to take along. These collapsible baskets are easy to store everything in. The metal reinforcement on the rope handles makes it easy to move or carry items. It's easy to pull out a shelf from under a bed with strong handles. There is a multi-PURPOSE. Baby stuff is organized and stored. Storage bins can be tucked away in closets, under beds, side tables or on a shelf. It's perfect for nursery storage, bedrooms, and bathrooms. There is a multi-PURPOSE. Baby stuff is organized and stored. Storage bins can be tucked away in closets, under beds, side tables or on a shelf. It's perfect for nursery storage, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Brand: Jtirey

👤These come completely crushed in packaging. It would be difficult to unsquash them so that they looked good. I read reviews that said they would get better over time, but my honest opinion is that they won't unless you force all four sides to leave. I returned because my needs didn't fit. It might be great for some, but not for me.

👤Baskets that fit my closet were found. I bought a pack of these baskets unsure how they would fit in my closet. I used them in combination with other baskets that I bought and they were so great that I got another pack. I was able to put things in baskets that were neatly organized. Definitely recommended.

👤These little buckets were very enjoyable. The price is very good. You could use these in practically any room in the house. The height is the only down side. I wanted to fit them under my bed so they're not too tall. I wouldn't use them to hold papers. If you put papers the tall way, they will tip over. They're too short to have papers on their side.

👤Not the best quality, and would probably return if not in my laundry room. The corner stitching is loose and not in the corner, so it shows in the front on three of them, and two of them have red and blue stitching in the white part, making it look like someone took a marker to it. Photos are attached. They were made with sturdy fabric and a nice lining, so that's a plus, and the word storage is nice, because you do get six, so that's a plus.

👤Storage baskets are beautiful. Very strong. Beautiful color. I put 5 on top of my floating shelf. There is a bench for the kids to sit on.

👤I love my storage baskets. I put them in drawers and shelves in my bathroom and craft room. It's fun and functional. It's a perfect size for so many items and keeps things organized. I can grab the entire basket with my face care products and bring it with me to the sink to use, it's so convenient. I love this product.

👤This set of baskets was not meant to be used for what I wanted them to be used for. I think they looked sloppy on my shelves because they were so soft. Not well made with the unattractive decor.

👤I used these for storage and organizing. It was the perfect size for my application. The finish and stitching are very nice. Soft sides hold their shape even when overfilled.

5. Bidtakay Storage Collapsible Decorative Organizing

Bidtakay Storage Collapsible Decorative Organizing

There is washing care. You can wash them with detergent on your own. Do not put them in the dryer. They should be dry in the sun. Each fabric storage basket has a size of 15 x 11 x 9 inches. The Canvas storage bins are very light to carry and can be used for less effort. Children can easily carry their toys. It's perfect for cube organizers, shelves closets or baby change tables. Sturdy and soft fabric baskets for home storage. These linen baskets for organizing are a great way to store many items such as snacks, towels, blankets, clothes, toys, tissue papers, pet products, baby products, shoes, books, magazines, and more. Its storage capacity can keep a room tidy and it can be used to organize gift baskets for empty. Cotton Rope Handles and Premium Fabric are soft and will give you a very comfortable grip and will not make you feel like you're trapped. The canvas storage bins have sturdy handles that are easy to use. Sturdy handles on both sides make it easy to get to the shelves. The fabric used in these storage baskets is strong and lightweight. The collapsible baskets set can be folded down for space-saving storage when not in use. If it doesn't stand up very well when you receive it, you can fill the large basket with clothes or blankets, it will recover gradually. If you want the basket to stand up quickly, you can use an iron. The fabric baskets are easy to clean and can be dusted with a soft cloth. There is a metal frame support inside so it cannot be washed. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the contact seller feature. They will reply to you within 24 hours and help you solve it. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the contact seller feature. They will reply to you within 24 hours and help you solve it.

Brand: Bidtakay

👤They fit perfectly in the space we wanted them for. The crease marks from being folded up haven't gone away, so that isn't perfect. The crease lines are still there after about a month of use. You could steam them out. Not a big deal. I love using it. I will order more for my laundry room. The canvas material on the outside and slick material on the inside are appealing to me. Really good product!

👤These looked great online, but when they arrived, they collapsed. I returned them because I was very disappointed.

👤These are cute, but they don't stand up. The sides want to get in. Not very strong.

👤Came flat folded. Unless stuffed tight, don't stand. It has a plastic feel.

👤I like how they look. I am disabled and need a lot at hand, so I needed something for my bedside. They have a large capacity that is awesome. They aren't keeping their shape as well as I 888-276-5932 The bin collapses if I put anything on a corner at the top.

👤These baskets are convenient for me. They are easy to use.

👤They don't stand straight up as neatly as pictured, but are an excellent option without contents. Rope handles are nice.

👤The bins look great! They fit into my shelves well.

6. Protecu Storage Baskets Organizing Handles

Protecu Storage Baskets Organizing Handles

Protecu fabric storage baskets with handles are made of high quality imitation linen and a sturdy metal rod frame around the top to keep the storage bins shape. The corners of the storage baskets are round and without burrs, and the sewing position is precise. The storage baskets have no odor. The small storage bin is easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp sponge or cloth. There is a multi-PURPOSE. There are baskets for organizing. Sturdy storage bins for closet shelves are great for holding magazines, books, shoes, clothes, towels, blankets, DVDs, pet / dog toy storage, canvas storage bin, organizer storage for office supplies, gifts, baby bin. The living room, bathroom, and toy basket are ideal places to store cloth storage bins. Neutral color matches any decor. The foldable storage bins for cube organizers come with rope handles for easy access. The rope handles allow the bins to slide in and out of the shelves. The handles are made from cotton rope and attached to the fabric storage bins. DIMENSIONS There are three sizes for cube storage bins, perfect for storing gifts, empty storage baskets, and cube storage bins of various items organization. There is a COLLAPSIBLE BINS. The small basket is collapsible for easy storage if not in use, and folds down for space-saving storage when not in use or to transport.

Brand: Protecu

👤A nice basket. I was hoping it would have some type of stability, but I'm a tad disappointed. It doesn't stay up on its own. You have to fill it to keep it upright. It doesn't have any infrastructure.

👤We wanted to make a basket for our neighbors who found our dog after he escaped our backyard. I filled it with lots of Whole Foods snacks and presented them to our neighbors. We were very happy with it, it was the right size and it was very sturdy.

👤I used this as an alternative to a gift basket that the recipient could use again, and it was so sturdy and well made, she loved it!

👤The basket is made of fabric and has cotton rope handles. The color is very nice and it is exactly as described. I bought a second one after I liked the first one so much. They were used for storage in my laundry room.

👤The box is a collapsible one, so it doesn't stay up without being adjusted. If you push down on a side, it will collapse. The box is nice and the design is nice. If you are going to use this box daily, I suggest a wicker basket.

👤The bottom of the product is not hard surfaced as described. I keep it because I don't want to go through the hassle of returning and I can use it for now because I need to keep items in my car until I get something else. I put a picture in it. The bottom doesn't lay flat.

👤It's perfect for a gift basket. Lesson learned, the bottom doesn't have any support so you have to hold it by the handles to not spill the basket. The material is thick and cute for an adult Easter basket.

👤The basket is deep and wide. It's collapsible if you like it so you can store it easily. I have quite a lot of stuff in it and it seems very well made. The rope handles seem sturdy.

7. UBBCARE Storage Organizer Collapsible Decorative

UBBCARE Storage Organizer Collapsible Decorative

Cotton rope basket is soft and safe for storing items, but it is also durable and firm. It can be folded into a corner. Their fashion storage baskets are not only useful storage bins, but also ideal decorations in living room, bedroom, kids room, craft room. It is suitable for any furniture and decorations. The cotton rope bins won't scratch furniture. Three woven baskets are perfect for nursery items, toys, clothing, magazines, hobby supplies and items, art & craft supplies, and other personal items, and can be used as open-top bins or drawers. It can be used with a closet, cabinet, shelving system. The basket can carry a lot of weight. The handles of the woven basket are made of cotton rope and will not hurt your hands. Handles are convenient for moving and healthy cotton makes them easy to wash and clean. It is possible to wash by hand or machine. Put the basket into a laundry bag if it is machine washed. Do not put it in the dryer. If you have a question, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will reply. They promise that your satisfaction is their permanent goal.

Brand: Ubbcare

👤This was a great choice for a project I did recently in which I changed my daughter's kitchen set. She loves to play in the kitchen, but her kitchen set was getting a bit short for her. I was not able to find kitchen sets that were made for older kids after searching the internet. I came up with this after getting creative and rolling up my sleeves. I ordered a bench. I put the kitchen components on top for safety. The purpose of the storage bench was to provide height, but I am very happy that it made available three open beds that she could use to store her play food. The handles make it easy to pull the baskets in and out. I was not able to find that kitchen sets were made for older kids after searching the internet. I came up with this after getting creative and rolling up my sleeves. I ordered a bench. I put the kitchen components on top for safety. The purpose of the storage bench was to provide height, but I love the fact that it suddenly made available three open bands that I imagined her being able to store all of her play food. The handles make it easy to pull the baskets in and out. She has different sized and shaped items that they can accommodate. I would almost feel comfortable having this in a more visible part of the house, but it looks great where it is. I like the baskets because they are flexible and useful, they are available in lots of colors, the handles are easy to access, and the roping is thick and durable, which makes them ideal to store all kinds of different things. The baskets look great in the house, as you can see they would look great with any storage bench, whether it is being used for shoes at a doorway, or for this non-conventional application. They would look great on a shelf and work well with a lot of cube storage.

👤Sturdy, big. It was perfect for my daughter's toys. It is easy to carry. We like it!

👤The closetmaid cubby tower had an awkward cube size. Most of the usual square baskets don't fit in this space without a few inches of overhang, but these fit nicely. The dark gray color is what I got. I spent a few minutes trying to restore the shape by putting pillows inside and then using a steamer to smooth it out, I am confident they will flatten out even more once I fill them up and some time goes by. I am happy with the product so far and will give them another steam if needed. The baskets don't have straight five star reviews, but the seller isn't trying to bribe buyers with a positive review. When so many Amazon sellers aren't honest, I have to reward honesty.

👤I got this to keep all the dog toys and her comfort gear in our living room. My 10-lb dog can hop in and take whatever she wants. I wish she would pick up after herself but that's a different story. The basket and ropes are soft and structured. The light neutral color of this product blends with our living room. I'm not sure if it was meant to be or just the fact that the manufacturer deals with baby goods, it smelled like lavender out of the box. Since there are many products I purchase online that do not have a pleasant smell, I thought it was nice.

8. Duoer Storage Organizing Decorative Countertop

Duoer Storage Organizing Decorative Countertop

The storage bins are handmade with paper rope. Their workers take a long time to weave each knot. It's a perfect gift that is handmade. When you don't know what to give as a gift, it will be a great idea. A gift basket can be a present for friends or family. Your friends or family will love this gift. It will be a great finishing touch to your home. Storage cubes can be used in living room, guest room, kitchen, office and bathroom. This basket can be used to store all the things in daily life. The tank tray is designed to fit on top of the toilet tanks for a handy place to keep bathroom items and accessories, and the raised sides keep items contained. Product size:11.8* 7.8*3.*9 inche.

Brand: Duoer

👤How can you tell people that this is a wicker basket? Do you think people are stupid to not know what wicker is? These baskets are made from thick yarn or macramé material. They are so small that they are useless to put on the back of a toilet. This was too expensive for something made from yarn. It isn't attractive. The wood handles have different colors on them. One was unfinished and the other had a treatment put on it. The liners look flimsy. I am not happy with this purchase and with Amazon.

👤It is nice and sturdy. It was good for a decorative item. It comes in a pair, one big basket and one smaller. I used the big ones for my bathroom and the smaller ones for refreshments in the front door. I would buy again.

👤The small basket is useless and I ended up returning them. I needed two of the same size of the larger basket and they were well made. I wish they had the option to only buy one size.

👤If you have them sink side, they may not weather getting wet frequently.

👤The baskets are very nice. The smaller of the two is the perfect size to hold a roll of toilet paper and a package of wet wipes.

👤I thought they were the same size. They are not. They are moving. I could have gone to the Christmas Tree Shop and gotten a better bargain. Amazon is really high. It's cheap plastic from China.

👤I had to come back for more because I wanted to outfit my bathroom with them. They look nice and help gather various knickknacks to keep a surface looking cleaner.

👤I have a guest bathroom. There are two sizes. Both are sturdy. They are perfect for my needs, I found specific uses for them. The package was well packaged and delivered quickly. We would highly recommend.

9. TOTANKI X Large Laundry Storage Basket

TOTANKI X Large Laundry Storage Basket

Cotton rope is hand-made, soft but sturdy, with handmade craft, which ensures no nasty and disgusting smell which takes good care of kids, elders and pets. The dimensions of the laundry basket are 15.7" x 19.7" 40 x 50CM is perfect for holding large loads of laundry. A pair of leather handles make transporting a breeze. The laundry basket can be folded to make it easier to store when not in use. The laundry basket can be a perfect decor in your home, with the simple design and fashionable appearance. It is possible to make your home more organized by using a storage tool.

Brand: Totanki

👤My daughter wanted a new laundry basket that was collapsible. She likes her new basket. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall and it is about knee height to me. It took a few days for it to not look like it had been folded up. It looks like it will last a long time. A quality product at a fair price.

👤The color is not as bright as I wanted. It does not have the same shape as shown in the images. It's still good to hold random toys.

👤I read the description a few times to see if they clarified faux leather handles, but they did not. The fake leather handles are thin and flimsy and make the tote look cheap. The piece is attractive and made well. If the handles were a thicker, "higher grade" fake leather, it would be ok. Will need to see if the shoemaker can help me decide...

👤I wanted something attractive to leave on the floor of my kitchen after I purchased the laundry basket to hold dirty dish towels. It did not fail to impress! It is sturdy enough to be transported to the laundry room and back. I used to have hard plastic baskets, but they are much better now. I was very pleased with my purchase and will definitely be purchasing more.

👤Large, very sturdy and well made. Matched the rug and room perfectly. It was great!

👤It looks taller in the pictures. I have had it for several weeks and have no idea how to remove it. This is a good buy if you don't care about such things. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

👤This is a large basket. The navy blue is large enough for 3 yoga mats, 2 rollers and a few smaller items. The gear is put away after it is used. The cotton fabric is very soft on the wood floors and I don't worry about scratching it. This basket is recommended by me.

👤This product doesn't hold up well. It doesn't fall over. I would like it to strand straight. I tried hanging it in my closet and putting blankets over it to make it stand straight, but it didn't work out. It's pretty.

👤It's not quite as round and upright as you see in the pictures. I like that it is a little off-shape for our use, but it looks great. It holds a week's worth of laundry. I wouldn't have any concerns about the handles snapping even with a heavy load. The rest of the basket is made from a thick material that is likely to last a long time.

👤They are great, I got two of them. I use one for laundry and the other for blankets. It takes a while to get that round shape, but I filled it with blankets for 2 weeks and it's shaping well.

👤I washed it in the machine and I love it. All good.

👤The item I received had a 10 cm tear in it. It is too difficult to return so will be used as it was.

10. Household Essentials 81 1 Foldable Storage

Household Essentials 81 1 Foldable Storage

6 collapsible blue cubbies for organizing offices, nurseries, and bedrooms. Bins have a single handle for quick pull out storage. When not in use, containers fold flat for easy storage. Sturdy fiberboard sides and base help organize toys, blankets, shoes and more. 11 inch H x 11 inch W x 11 inch D.

Brand: Household Essentials

👤I bought a 9 cubicle storage unit to replace our old toy storage unit with plastic bins to make our living room look less like a toy room. I bought these storage bins a few weeks ago and am very happy with them. I read many reviews of all the products and they were all good. I use these bins for my 3 year old boy's toys and I am very happy with the quality of the bins. They are made of a nice sturdy canvas material, they are not flimsy like some similar products I've seen. I would've spent the same amount of money on 2 bins if I'd bought them at the store. If you're looking for a reasonably priced fabric storage bin, I recommend this product.

👤The bins are sturdy for being fabric. They are small for Ikea cube systems, but still work well. They fit perfectly in my cubbies. The second photo shows the smaller set of shelves. I will be buying more as I use them to hold my crafting supplies. The bins are large enough to hold a lot of things. I am happy. I don't know how long they last, but I have no doubts they will work well for me.

👤I am a bin collector. We have a lot of boxes and bags for organizing. Most of the bins get worn down by abuse from our kids. I was looking for a cheap replacement for an old set that was looking pretty ragged. I assumed any bins I found online would be poor quality, as compared to the ones I had previously purchased from Walmart, Target, and Dollar Tree. There is a I was surprised when these bins seemed durable. Are the bins strong? Who would have thought they manufactured that? They looked great! I ordered the tan color and they looked the same as in the photo. The silver handles look nice attached to the bins. There is a The cardboard inserts are strong and thick. The bins look nice and don't "sag" when a lot of items are put inside that are pressing on the edges. The bins are used to hide toys in the living room. They have been used by my children for about 2 months. After 8 weeks of daily use, they look as good as new. The kids have sat in them, stepped on them, and tried to build with them, but they are still standing and holding their shape very well. I have no complaint about these bins. They fit in my standardcubby shelf. The neutral color makes them look uniform. Really can't recommend these enough. I will never buy a bin from Walmart or Target again. I have never found a better place to shop on Amazon.

👤I ordered a mainstay cubby unit from Walmart. I was not happy with the quality and color options that they offered in the store. I ordered these online because I decided to take the risk. I was surprised by the quality of the boxes. They are made of a thick fabric material with hard sides and are easy to assemble. If I need more storage boxes in the future, I will consider them.

11. Posprica Collapsible Storage Containers Nurseries

Posprica Collapsible Storage Containers Nurseries

Storage bins are more durable than cheap bins. Made of high quality materials, thick and durable, not flimsy as cheap. The white color is off-white. The tight and smooth appearance others can't beat is due to the excellent workmanship. The bin can be folded and unfold with a base cardboard. 131313 is an unfold measure. Saving time and money by choosing high quality storage bins will give you a better look for your home.

Brand: Posprica

👤The bins are sturdy and cute. I think it's important to point out that all the pictures show 4 bins and the description says 4 pieces. You only get 2 bins and 2 bottom pieces. That is incredibly deceiving.

👤Disappointed. I like these, they are cute. I only received 2 of the 4 pieces I ordered. I received 4 new bins after contacting the seller. They were very quick to fix the issue. Excellent quality is what these are.

👤These are great! The first time you take them out of the bag, they smell bad. I had to spray them and let them air out for a few days, but after that they are perfect. I like the large size to fit inside. It is a perfect addition to my bedroom.

👤I searched for a long time to find boxes that would compliment my living room. I love that they have an organized space with function and that they have all of my son's toys in it. I wanted metal handles because they were great quality. Definitely recommend! I ordered a set of four and loved them so much that I wanted a second set to fill the entire bookcase. I'm glad I did.

👤I love these! I needed it for my daughter's playroom and closet. They have a smell, but I didn't notice it for a couple days. They seem strong. Some reviewers said that the stripes didn't line up, but mine are perfect.

👤I expected them to be less durable. They have a lot of weight. The storage cubes are sturdy and easy to assemble, even though I expected them to be flimsier. These are cute storage options for my closet and sewing room. I think they worked out perfect. I don't mind paying a little more for better quality products because they are of good quality. There is a The bad news is that when you pull these out of the box, they have a strong smell. It smells like black tea bags to me. The smell goes away in a week. It might not take that long if you leave them outside. I left them in my closet because the smell didn't bother me very much. I am happy with my purchase, I love them.

👤These bins are great. They are much stronger than the standard cloth bins. I use them to store baby clothes. They were used for toys for my 10 year old. The bins held up well to the daily beatings he inflicted and he is anything but gentle with his belongings. They are brand new and are holding up very well. Will purchase again when more storage is needed.

👤The bins you will find at Target are not as sturdy as these. My little guy tends to break things easily and these will last in our home. The color is perfect. I would buy them ten times.

👤We have bought similar boxes before, but they are not as strong as these. These look great and are made to feel strong.


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