Best Decorative Basket for Bathroom

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1. JS HOME Magazine Organizer,Decorative Bathroom

JS HOME Magazine Organizer%EF%BC%8CDecorative Bathroom

Fit well with most décor and keep a clean space. The 3-tier over the door organizer is made with natural cotton and it doesn't have any chemicals or unpleasant smell. The wall mount basket is made from handwoven and stitched fabric and has a higher load-bearing capability than the door hanging basket. Premium materials allow the over door shelf to hold its shape. Each basket is uniformly forced and will not lean forward. The baskets can hold up to 8 lbs. The basket can be detached into 3 separate baskets so you can fit it in your space. The hanging wall basket organizers are available in 2 colors and styles, so you will have no problem choosing one to fit your needs. The stylish baskets will make your home look elegant without breaking the bank. Their tiered hanging baskets work equally well as storage and decoration throughout your home if you have an over the door hook. You can use it to organize scarves and hats behind the door, to store children's toys in the playroom, or to display dry flowers and decorations in the living room. Their tiered hanging baskets work equally well as storage and decoration throughout your home if you have an over the door hook. You can use it to organize scarves and hats behind the door, to store children's toys in the playroom, or to display dry flowers and decorations in the living room.

Brand: Js Home

👤It's perfect for how I wanted to use it. It's sturdy, not cheaply made, looks good, not a lot of room for children's toys, but best used as a decorative statement.

👤The hanging baskets are perfect for my purpose. I don't want to have to leave my vitamins and medication at home, so I wanted over the door storage for easy access. Very well made, slim, and cute! It's a good idea for small and lightweight items.

👤This is wonderful. I wanted something that was stylish but also had extra storage by the door for our toys. This fit the bill. There is a lot of room for everything, but keep it off the counter at the same time.

👤Good quality, sturdy, impressive craftsmanship, these are nicely made and hung well.

👤I was looking for something different. I like the look of the organizers. The items would sit weird inside the bins. It's like putting stuff in a purse. You can't make it look organized. It still works for me.

👤Not what I was expecting. Too big for the area. Illness in the home kept me from returning until now. Highly dissatisfied. My daughter lives with me. I have been in the hospital since ordering this item. She can't see out of one eye and has to go to the hospital 3 times a week. My time is very limited because I am her caregivers. I fractured my tailbone and it's difficult for me as well. If you are dissatisfied with the product, there is a time constraint on returns. Very disappointed.

👤It's perfect for over a door. I used it to add more organization to my pantry. I don't think it flaps around terrible when opening and closing the door, but it may have to do with the amount of weight it has. Quality is good. Happy with the purchase.

👤These are good for hats and mittens. The whole thing falls when we open the closet door. I will probably not use it next year. It needs to be put on a door you don't use.

2. Whitmor Split Rattique Tank Topper

Whitmor Split Rattique Tank Topper

The basket is designed to hold a tissue box and an extra roll of toilet paper. Baskets that are perfect for closets, storage cubes, or on a shelf are available. Thewoven is over a wire frame. The dimensions are 14 L x 6 W x 4 H. Solid construction with a metal frame. The bins are easy to clean with a damp cloth. The attractive woven basket gives a nice look to your home. Over the course of 70 years,Whitmor has been bringing organization home. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Whitmor

👤It is a great place for extra tissue.

👤This fits perfectly on the toilet tank. It makes the bathroom look a bit more organized, instead of having extra toilet paper roll. They were sitting on the toilet tank. There is a Some toilet paper rolls do not fit in the compartments and a standard sized square tissue paper box does not fit either. There is a The compartments could be larger to fit tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls, and still fit on the toilet tank.

👤It's perfect for shallow shelves in my bathroom. Storage for little things like nail polish and essential oil bottles is surprisingly good.

👤The top of my toilet tank is where I need to find random stuff because my apartment lacks a bathroom counter. The bathroom is the most convenient place to switch out my glasses because I like to do it there. I knocked my glasses off the top of the toilet tank. I had to get in the tank when the toilet wouldn't flush or wouldn't stop running. I wish I'd bought this basket a long time ago. It looks nice, it holds everything, and if there is a need to access the tank I can just take it off and put it to the side. It's not good for holding tissues or toilet paper, but it will hold everything else and control yourcluttering. I love it!

👤It is the perfect size for above my toilet that can hold my bath salts, lotion, anything that I would need to use in the bathroom.

👤I use this on the back of my toilet to hold incontinence pads. The perfect size for holding the larger overnight and daily ones is in the compartments. I had a surgery that compromised my system and I'm always reaching for these. The basket worked out better than I thought. The top of the toilet stool has a large area that you can store a lot of your daily items in. When you're living alone with very little company, and it's not the most modest of places to use it, then who is going to see it? Fit my needs perfectly. If you have a lot of stuff in your bathroom sink, bedroom table, or make up table, this would be a great storage container. I wouldn't keep it on the sink unless you have a large enough area to keep the water out. Give it a try. I think you will find it useful.

👤The product description states that it's perfect for a tissue box and extra rolls of toilet paper. It isn't sized correctly. Unless you own an RV, you don't need toilet paper rolls. The small tissue box didn't fit. It's a good basket. It isn't enough for what it is advertising to do. False advertising is definitely true.

👤It was smaller than expected. A thick plastic is what it is. There are holes in the bottom. A regular toilet roll won't fit. It was expensive to be disappointed.

3. Whitmor Split Rattique Small Shelf

Whitmor Split Rattique Small Shelf

It looks like split rattan. wipe clean woven plastic A chromed metal frame with handles. For small clothing, bath & beauty products, toys, school supplies, and more. Baskets can be put in closets, storage cubes or on a shelf. For stylish storage, mix and match. There are a variety of colors and sizes of storage containers. The dimensions are 11.500 x 6.6500 x 4.5500.

Brand: Whitmor

👤The basket is perfect for setting the lid on the toilet. I want a basket to hold extra toilet paper and toiletry items. The basket could hold two rolls of toilet paper. The basket seems sturdy. I hope it will stand the test of time. I'm very pleased with the way it looks and I'm happy with the purchase.

👤The picture of the product was misleading. There is a In the first picture, the basket I already own is on the left, while the item I got is on the right. There is a I didn't understand what was happening with the color patterns in the third picture. It would be light gray and then dark gray with speckles. The product is good, but it wasn't the same color I wanted.

👤I ordered this basket to go in a small space to hold things. I put it in our travel trailer and used it for spices. It works perfectly in my travel trailer kitchen cabinets because it is a small basket. The material wipes off easily. The handles on the sides are convenient for moving.

👤These looked great on the back of my toilet and were great for storing toilet paper.

👤I use it in my bathroom for hand towels.

👤Excellent purchase. The pieces on the basket were coming off. Not enough of an issue to return based on what I bought. It is important to be aware if it is displayed.

👤People thought the media console they bought was from Pottery Barn. Our home was used to stage for sale. Someone asked if they could buy the console and baskets if we weren't moving them.

👤We like to show how much we appreciate the hard work of delivery drivers, so I use mine for snacks and drinks. Since I live in a state that gets all weathers, I needed something that was sturdy, durable and perfect for all weathers. It is perfect! The water just flows out of the snow, rain or ice and holds all the snacks and water bottles. It looks nice on my front porch.

👤I had an idea of the size I wanted before I ordered. I put the extra rolls of toilet paper on the tank after buying it. I thought it could take 2 rolls, but it didn't fit because it was narrow at the bottom. Not a big deal. I wish it was an inch or two longer. It seems pretty well made and I like the color.

👤The quality is decent and the size is good, but it was a little expensive for what it was. I bought this. It is a little more expensive than what you can buy in the shops.

👤ReSISTENTE Y BONITA. Perfecta para la Organizacin.

👤Son en tonos grises y aunque es plstico, por un momento te engaa. Weo de maceta para suculentas. There is a El anterior e llevo ya 1.4 aos.

👤The fabric on one of them has fallen apart after a few months. If it's in a high traffic area being picked up a lot may not be the best option.

4. Mkono Decorative Decoration Organizer Farmhouse

Mkono Decorative Decoration Organizer Farmhouse

There is a perfect storage basket for books, magazines, art & craft supplies, clothes, shoes, toys, seasonal items, games, holiday ornaments, baby products, and more. It's a thoughtful gift for any holiday. Toy bins or shelf baskets are ideal for storing things. The macrame basket would be a great addition to the home. Their basket is perfect for any room in the house. Great gift ideas for a baby shower, housewarming, or any other occasion. A multi-use storage basket is great for putting dog toys,blankets, kids shoes,clothes,towels,decorative pillows,hats, scarves, books, magazines,cosmetics, headset wire, remote control, magnetic card, keys, note storage. It fits on a bedside table, closet shelf, bookshelf, desk,floor. The basket has protable handles and is unique. The basket is lined with cloth that prevents twine from sticking to the object. The whole flower basket is simple and elegant. The handles are durable, easy to move and take away. It can be used as a planter cover and a storage box. Use as a plant pot cover to decorate a potted house planter, it adds modern flair to home, offices, hotels. You are wearing a coat for your plants. It's used in living room, bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. Jute rope is natural. The size is made from eco-friendly and healthy material. The basket will not be distorted by shipping folded because the flaws in the bend will disappear over time. Baskets or filling them will help speed up the process. Their product is a registered trademark and they are sole sellers. Jute rope is natural. The size is made from eco-friendly and healthy material. The basket will not be distorted by shipping folded because the flaws in the bend will disappear over time. Baskets or filling them will help speed up the process. Their product is a registered trademark and they are sole sellers.

Brand: Mkono

👤The basket saved me at least $80. I couldn't stand looking at the plot that my Jade tree was in. I couldn't afford to spend more than $100 on something fancy. The basket is perfect for the height and diameter of the clay pot and tray. It was made for the ugly pot. Me and my wallet are happy.

👤The basket looks similar to the one pictured. It isn't hard-sided or firm enough to hold its shape. If it had longer handles, it could be advertised as a beach bag. It was wrapped tightly. It wants to come back up. It looks like a taco. It was a waste of money.

👤I have been trying to find a basket to hold the blankets. The basket is perfect. The basket is strong. It is folded. It is very easy to get out of the way. Some reviews have problems with the creases. The mist of water should be sprayed on the outside. The cotton can absorb water if it sits for 20 minutes. The basket should not be soaked. An iron with steam function is needed. Take the iron and steam the outside of the basket. Set the basket in front of a fan for a few hours. The linen liner is great. Most baskets do not have liners. Even when empty, this basket holds it together. There is no smell in this basket. I read it. There were some reviews that said there was an odor, but there was nothing. It smells like linen. The beads compliment the accent. I highly recommend this basket because of its value and quality.

👤This is a basket that I love. It was very sturdy and came back to its original shape very soon after opening. It fits in my living room and seems to hold a lot. There are 2 baby blankets and 2 adult throws in there. Wanted to buy another but it was not available.

👤My yoga gear was scattered all over the floor. I needed a storage solution that was stable and didn't look like a laundry basket. It's harder to find than you think. The basket is perfect for the bill. The size of the beads is ideal for storing my blankets, towels, blocks, and other items, in keeping with the yoga theme. It's sturdy and very well-made. The pic was taken about 15 minutes after unfolding and loading. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It's perfect for pillows and blankets in the bedroom. This was what I was looking for. I returned the one I bought because it was too flimsy. It took some time to regain its shape, but now it is just fine! I love it! The accent is cute.

👤I love this basket. It looks really nice, and it fits in the space I had for it. It is very strong. It really holds a lot. I use it for rags and towels. We have two dogs and when it is muddy we have to clean their feet. The basket looks better than the towels.

5. StorageWorks Storage Baskets Decorative Seagrass

StorageWorks Storage Baskets Decorative Seagrass

If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase, you can either replace it or get a full refund, they will either do it or not. The size may vary due to handwoven design and manual measurement. wicker baskets made of natural seagrass The iron frame is sturdy and durable. Most toilet tanks have towel baskets for bathroom. The toilet paper basket is easy to carry. The toilet paper holder basket can be used to hold toilet paper rolls, hand towels, bathroom essentials, makeup, jewelry, stationery, and other small items. The toilet paper holder basket can be used to hold toilet paper rolls, hand towels, bathroom essentials, makeup, jewelry, stationery, and other small items.

Brand: Storageworks

👤It's perfect for 3 extra rolls of TP and to hold some extra hand towels.

👤I was going to use the storage baskets inside my bathroom counter to keep toilet paper and hand towels out of sight. I have a mid-century modern and clean look for my bathroom. When I received them, I was surprised that they looked so clean and stylish that I put them on top of my two bathroom counter's. Highly recommended.

👤I would love to have 2 more, but I'm disappointed that the seller misrepresented who made it. They are hand made and do not look alike. One is tightly woven and the other is loose. The handles are different. I bought them to sit next to each other, but I don't know how long I can keep them there. I put my items in the cabinet at the front door. One holds my holster and hand gun, the other holds our phone charges. It will be necessary to find another spot for one of them. The baskets are large.

👤These baskets are what I wanted. I was able to fit a few items for our guests, including soap and hand lotion. The pack was perfect. We put a variety of hot cocoa packets, cider packets, tea, and honey in the other one and put it in the kitchen. Our guests give us rave reviews of the baskets.

👤These baskets are not too big and don't take up a lot of space. I folded and rolled them to use after washing my hands, instead of using a paper towel in the bathroom. They are doing a great job for this purpose.

👤These baskets are decorative and sturdy. I ordered 2 more and already had 2. I use them to hold the remote controls in the living room, the night table for hearing aid supplies, and the disposable hand towels in my bathroom. We use a lot of items in the room, and it would be great if every room had 1 to hold them.

👤These are very cute. I love them, they are exactly as pictured online and the dimensions are correct, it's a great deal for 2. I use them in the bathroom to hold makeup and hair products, but in a bigger size to use in a storage closet for hygiene over stock.

👤They work well. I wish they were better. If you look close, they look cheap. They do the job and I like them.

👤Excellent material and well made. The wooden handles are nice. It was brought to hold my glasses and tv remotes. Would purchase again.

6. Storage Decorative Blankets Organizing Bathroom

Storage Decorative Blankets Organizing Bathroom

Since the bottoms of the closet organizers are reinforced with MDF boards, they can be used as groceries bags or magazines organizers. The wicker basket is made of toilet paper. It is durable and has a good shape for a long time. There are no hard edges to scratch furniture. The wicker basket is a very chic gift for Christmas, housewarming, birthday and more. The set includes 2 bathroom baskets. Large: 14" L * 6.3" W * 3.8" H; Small: 12.5" L * 5.1" W * 3.3" H. They are ideal for use on counter tops and shelves. They are great for organizing closets, pantry, toy rooms, bathroom, kitchens and offices. The wicker basket can be used to store clothes, toys, blanket, towel, magazine, books, vegetables, fruits and more. The wicker basket for storage organizing has two soft, strong leather handles, which make it easy to transport the storage bins to the bedroom, bathroom or laundry room. Add-on handles on closet organizers help you pull out the bins. Storage Bins with Liner are used in the bathroom. The small bathroom baskets for organizing have a white liner, which will make them stand out in your home. The liner of the basket can be cleaned with water and soft brush. The whole decorative basket is simple and elegant because of the minimalist combined with countryside style. The cube storage basket is a good choice for your home. If you are looking for a design that will elevate your home decor, look no further than the Handmade large wicker storage baskets design. The whole decorative basket is simple and elegant because of the minimalist combined with countryside style. The cube storage basket is a good choice for your home. If you are looking for a design that will elevate your home decor, look no further than the Handmade large wicker storage baskets design.

Brand: Anwelynd

👤There are two boxes with a smaller one inside the bigger one. I used the bigger one above the toilet to store my daughters wipes. The smaller one is used for room sprays, and her meds fit in a decent size for apartment sink. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤The baskets are large for small items. I re-organized my daughter's kitchen pantry and bought small food items that can be used for small boxed items as well. They're a nice addition to the pantry.

👤Very cute. Good size. I put it on the tank. It works perfectly. It won't hold 3 jumbo size toilet paper rolls, it's too tight. The regular size 3 is just right. If that's what you're going to use it for.

👤These are very cute. I am very happy with my purchase. Anything can be put in it. They are soft, smooth, and beautifully made. The handles make it easier to use. These are worth it.

👤I made my bathroom more personal by adding things. They worked well. I put one behind the toilet to hold extra toilet paper and the other on the laundry bin to display towels.

👤Excellent material. Not wicker. It looks great and feels like it will last a long time. It's on the back of the toilet to hold wipes.

👤These baskets are wonderful. I use them for my silk flowers and face towels in the bathroom.

7. GRANNY SAYS Baskets Shelves Decorative

GRANNY SAYS Baskets Shelves Decorative

You can modify your closets. Multiple Bins together will create a system that works for you, keep items organized and easy to find. The appearance is not solid color since it is an imitation natural material. The wicker storage baskets may be different in size due to handmade. The wicker baskets for shelves are handwoven on a metal frame, which is easy to clean and durable, suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The woven basket set is double as decorative baskets because of their unique texture. The dark wicker baskets are perfect for storing keys, accessories, and small items in your entryway or dressing room. Storage baskets with handles are ideal to be used as accessories organizers or beauty products containers because they are clutter-free and organized for your shelves or countertops. Storage baskets with handles are ideal to be used as accessories organizers or beauty products containers because they are clutter-free and organized for your shelves or countertops.

Brand: Granny Says

👤The material is cheap and plastic, and mine had to clean all the spider webs. You get what you paid for. I guess...

👤The large basket had a number of issues with some of the weaves being loose and disconnected. The baskets fit my needs, but I had to use hot glue to re-attach them.

👤I have a glass container by where I sit in the evening with my pens, scissors, bookmarks, and such. One of my cats pushed the container to the floor. A quest for a container that wouldn't break is what it is. The container fits the bill. Everything fits nicely. I can now relax over that.

👤Love these! It's perfect and it's durability! I would recommend and buy for my other rooms. Very nice!

👤I wanted to better organize my stuff and bought these baskets. They arrived on time and look great in my nightstand. I'm thinking of ordering a second set to use in the other nightstand. I would recommend them to a friend.

👤I wanted to put them on the shelving I was buying. Very sturdy and pretty. I didn't keep the shelving they were going on. They are not very tall, but look expensive.

👤These baskets are gorgeous. They are very sturdy and look like real wicker. My real wicker basket did not come apart like this. The color was what I wanted. I would purchase again.

👤The baskets look similar to the one in the photo. I worry that things you buy online will be wrinkled or bent. These baskets are sturdy and look great on my counter and shelves.

👤Le genre et la grandeur, je recherchais pour organiser le dessus de la toilette. C'est!

8. Dublin Bathroom Toilet Storage Basket

Dublin Bathroom Toilet Storage Basket

Everyone will love their new attractive and versatile basket. It's perfect for birthdays, holidays, baby showers, and housewarming events. Kids will not get hurt because there are no sharp edges on toy boxes. It is impossible to pull it apart. The Decorative bathroom accessories Storage Basket is just the right size for the toilet tank basket. The bathroom organize over the toilet create a standout triangle toilet paper storage small basket is designed to impress. Premium feel: Made using quality material, this small toilet paper basket feels heavy and never Rusts, perfect for a bathroom basket paper storage box. The small bathroom storage bins have bottom protectors to prevent slip off. This is a great gift idea, bundle this bathroom storage containers toilet tray with other items from the Dublin collection to complete the set.

Brand: Creative Scents

👤This is what I was looking for. I wanted something that was similar to the decor of my shower curtain, and could hold the tissue box and anti viral spray. It is a lot heavier than I thought. Which pleased me. It has handles on the sides. I put an anti slip cupboard liner in the bottom of the box to make sure it didn't get scratched and to make sure the spray stayed in its spot. The bottom of the toilet has four small screws on it to hold it in place. The price was a little more than I wanted to pay, but it had everything I was looking for, so I bought it. I didn't regret the purchase.

👤This is a box that can be used for many things. It is a single item in a number of other items. Dublin is one of the matching sets. It's a great way to tidy up a bathroom or bedroom. I gave it to my son because it has a masculine affect. Next, getting the soap dish and soap pump.

👤Our room stood out because of this storage container for the bathroom. The box is heavy. It was a great purchase.

👤This little box is adorable as we are remodeling our small bathroom. A dark brown color that matches the decor. Would recommend.

👤I use this on the back of the toilet. A box to hold my toilet tissue and anything else. I will not. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤The box looks better than the pictures. I would buy it again.

👤It's perfect for the top of the toilet. Sturdy, well-made design.

👤A very large container. The pattern looks woven. I use mine to store things. I have bathroom supplies at my fingertips.

👤I keep items in this box at my bedside table. It's a perfect size for me and it's decorative. It will be easy to clean and maintain. It is sturdy and fits my purpose.

9. Sorbus Organizer Removable Farmhouse Decorative

Sorbus Organizer Removable Farmhouse Decorative

Storage baskets with wire frame and cloth liner are perfect for organizing household items. A multi-purpose storage is great for books, magazines, small blankets, hand towels, washcloths, bath/spa toiletries, hair accessories, laundry supplies, crafts, baby clothes, DVDs, and more. It's suitable for any room, it's modern, rustic farmhouse, vintage retro, shabby chic, and more. Smaller baskets stack inside larger baskets to maximize space when not in use. Chicken wire storage baskets are made of wire iron and have cloth liners made of cotton and linen. There are two measures: Large: 16.50” L x 12.50” W x 7.12” H, and Medium: 11” L x 8” W x 6.50” H.

Brand: Sorbus

👤These are amazing. They are perfect for storing bathroom essentials on my bathroom shelf. They can handle the supplies I put in there with ease. I don't have a lot of heavy things in there, but they are perfect for what I'm using them for.

👤I bought it. “ The box it came in would be damaged, but the product was in new condition. I have bought a lot of products with this description which were brand new and not in the original packaging. The integrity of the whole design is terrible because the biggest basket holding the rest is bent in and I am trying to fix it. They are cute, but not worth much more than what I paid, and the smaller baskets are fine, but there is no reason they should have sent a basket with this large of a dent without trying to fix it first.

👤I wanted to organize my items on the shelving unit in my kitchen. The basket wire is sharp and you have to be careful how you pick it up. There is no padding in the basket because the lining is flimsy. The edges of the seams show through the basket, which is tacky. You can't wash the fabric by hand. Everything gets dusty eventually, so cloth should be washed. If you are using them in a closet, they are fine. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I was surprised by the low price of the baskets I was looking for. I'm buying the second set because I tok a chance. The metal baskets are attractive and the charcoal grey fabric is durable. Highly recommended!

👤The cloth interior was supposed to be better. The seams are visible inside the wire in order to create the finished look of the folded over top portion. I wish they were a little more finished looking. It's a little expensive for the quality.

👤I thought they would be attractive. The cloth is shabby. I thought they were smaller. It could be a good thing or a bad thing. Carefully measure your space. They have a sturdy exterior. I can get junk out of sight so they don't add attractiveness to the room.

👤The baskets were cute, but the craftsmanship was terrible, the liners were inside out, and the wire was sticking out, so I returned them.

👤These are cute and useful. The fissure is closing. The wires are telegraphy. I hope the seams are all on the inside. The folded over Flap is the only part of it that isn't showing. I don't. Say something. They are worth the money.

👤A pesar de see sencillos, Muy bonitos se ven en todos los baos.

👤Son bonitos, slo, slo. The material de la canasta is un alambre.

👤Look the same way. It was purchased for bathroom storage.

👤Si me fragiles.

👤Muy lindas y de excelente!

10. Hosroome Handmade Storage Decorative Organizing

Hosroome Handmade Storage Decorative Organizing

The woven basket is made from plastic imitation rattan. No paint. This material is comfortable. It can be recycled and biodegraded, and it won't produce harmful gases after high temperature combustion. The Storage Basket is suitable for any environment. It is waterproof because of its strong material. It can be used for a long time. 3. Home Storage Bins are great for cosmetics, books, toys, coins, album, underwear, baby clothes and other small items. It's suitable for your bedrooms, bathroom, living room, closets, shelves or anywhere in the house. There is a large one:12.6x9.4x4 inch. The small one is 8x5x 3.54 inches. The total weight is 1.25KG. If you have a quality problem after 6 months, please contact them and they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Hosroome

👤I was a bit concerned after reading a review that said the baskets had a smell that didn't want to go away. I almost canceled the order after reading that. The baskets arrived in perfect condition and the lining looked like real linen. The smell of a new furniture is not toxic. To get rid of it immediately and to test the waterproof material, I soaked it in laundry detergent with a touch of fabric softener, and then just washed them. After an hour, I took them out, washed them and let them dry. Baskets are on our bathroom sinks after they were washed. It's perfect! They're really well made and great quality. Thank you.

👤I was disappointed that two of these were warped, I bought 4 of them. The picture does not show a significant difference from the squared one in the middle, but it is obvious when placed on a shelf or displayed. You have a 50% chance of getting a basket that isn't good based on my experience. The baskets look good in my cabinet and are very rigid. I had to return the other two. The two smaller baskets that come with the set are not big enough to hold keys. I would like to see them sell the large baskets separately and not bundle them with the smaller baskets. It's not bad for the price.

👤If more than one person is living in the house, it's necessary. The bathroom sink area is more organized. The material looks good so far. There is a The package was in great condition. Thank you.

👤I wanted a large basket for my bathroom so I bought the set. It looks great on top of my toilet. I was not sure what to do with the little baskets. They fit under my printer and I keep small items in them. I thought I might share.

👤My mistake was that I thought the baskets would be twice the size. They were well made, sturdy and woven. I would have used them elsewhere if I had an alternative use for them. Too bad! They were returned.

👤We use a big basket on our coffee table to hold random items, and two small baskets to hold our masks, one for clean and one for used. It turns out that the key to getting from a cluttered mess to looking nice and clean is to have a bunch of containers. There is a They've held up well, and the fabric is replaceable so you can wash it if you need to.

👤These baskets help organize your items. Baskets were used in the bathroom. The smaller containers are perfect for storing toothpaste, floss, and the kids' orthodontist gear out of sight, while the larger basket keeps all the cans and bottles in one spill-proof space. Another basket has a solution for electronic hoo-ha. The three-piece set is a bargain at the sale price.

👤The larger one being warped would have made these perfect. The picture shows that does not evenly touch along the bottom. I stopped bending it because I was afraid it would break. I bought the large one to put everyday medicines in to make it look cleaner. It looks kind of awkward now. I placed two more around the house.

11. MINTWOOD Decorative Laundry Blanket Storage

MINTWOOD Decorative Laundry Blanket Storage

The middle divider of the closet bin can be used for 2-compartment storage or for bulky storage, which is perfect for organizing clothing, spare beddings, toys, etc. Extra Large Jumbo Size 22" x 14" Cotton Rope Storage Baskets are large enough to hold bulky items like extra blankets, comforters, duvets, throw pillows, cushions, and stuffed animals. It has plenty of space for smaller items, like books, magazines, and toys, to keep your living space neat and tidy. A stylish, practical alternative to boring storage solutions is the Decorative Multi-purpose Woven Baskets. The sleek, sophisticated shape and neutral colors of their baskets will complement any decor and will help you get organized. They are a great gift for friends and family for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, or any other occasion. Their storage baskets are made from cotton ropes. They are great to use in your home. There are no hard edges or sharp edges to scratch the floors. Use them with total peace of mind. Their baskets are portable, collapsible anddurable, made from high quality materials and soft to the touch. Sturdy, generously-sized, low profile slit handles with reinforced stitching allow for convenient and comfortable carrying of heavy loads around the house. They can be easily stored when not in use. Their baskets come in folded due to their large size which may result in some crease. Follow the easy instructions in the product packaging to get the shape you want. Their baskets come in folded due to their large size which may result in some crease. Follow the easy instructions in the product packaging to get the shape you want.

Brand: Mintwood Design

👤I bought one to hold extra blankets and another to hold stuffed animals. The size fits a lot of items. The material is durable and high quality. It is not a hard surface and can bulge out to one side depending on what you put in it. There is a If you want to get rid of the creases, you should leave it stuffed for a day or two. I did this with the one holding the blankets but not so much with the one holding toys so you can see the difference in the photos. There is a I purchased this product with my own money, and my review reflects my honest and unbiased opinion. If you found my review helpful, you can tap the button below. Thank you for reading!

👤I love it. I didn't think I'd be big enough. We have a lot of blankets. I don't know how to organize it. I have nine blankets in the basket and I am very happy with it. Would buy again.

👤I was excited to get this basket, but it didn't hold its shape. The sides of the basket would fall down if anything was put into it. The lines in the photos were sturdy, crisp and clean.

👤I wanted to catch all the baskets for shoes but couldn't find any that held their shape and that was big enough for my space. These have been working well. The color is beautiful, they are thick and easy to slide in and out of, so my boys can easily get their shoes. These baskets are very good.

👤Great baskets. I own a lot of shoes. It was silly to put them all on the same shoe rack. I got 2 of these, boots shoes tennis, flipflops and they all fit. I have 11 women's feet. I have a lot of shoes and boots in them. My room is brighter.

👤This basket was what I was looking for. I went for it because I was going to stuff it with blankets anyways, and I was so glad I did. It was shaped up nicely by the blankets. I was worried it would look like it was in a nursery, but it is. The packaging was very small and cute. I like the mix of colors to give it a little more depth. Really pleased with the purchase!

👤I keep this in my laundry room because I want clean clothes coming out of the dryer to not get mixed with dirty laundry when other household members are putting their own load in the dryer. We only have one so it helps to designate it from the other baskets. It's easy to carry this thing without hurting my body, and it holds so much laundry, it's not hard to handle. I don't plan to load it fully and carry it up and down the stairs often since the handles seem a little fragile and they would likely rip over time with heavy use. If you're looking for a soft option to replace hard plastic baskets and bins, this is the one for you.


What is the best product for decorative basket for bathroom?

Decorative basket for bathroom products from Js Home. In this article about decorative basket for bathroom you can see why people choose the product. Whitmor and Mkono are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative basket for bathroom.

What are the best brands for decorative basket for bathroom?

Js Home, Whitmor and Mkono are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative basket for bathroom. Find the detail in this article. Storageworks, Anwelynd and Granny Says are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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