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1. Honey Can Do STO 02883 Magazine Hyacinth Basket

Honey Can Do STO 02883 Magazine Hyacinth Basket

The dimensions are 11.500 x 6.6500 x 4.5500. The Woven Water hyacinth construction does not scratch tables. It works great for home offices, waiting rooms and more. Convenient carrying handles make it easy to travel. It holds everything from magazines to electronics. The basket is 15.75 L x 5 W x 10 H.

Brand: Honey-can-do

👤The basket is sturdy and well-made, but bigger than I thought it would be. It's hard to see what's in there without taking each one out of the magazine because of the 2 inch clearance to the top. I used a thin Time magazine to illustrate, it slips to the bottom. For some people bigger will be better. I wanted it to be just a place to keep current magazines that I'll read in the next week or so in an effort to avoid an ever-increasing pile of magazines and papers that I'll read someday. You can see the size of the basket next to my sofa by looking at the 3 photos I have included.

👤The title of this listing is "Honey-Can-Do STO-02883 Magazine Water Hyacinth Basket" The basket is not 8 feet wide. A long, skinny basket is what you should expect. I didn't return it because I found a use for the smaller basket, but the title of the product is incorrect.

👤The basket works well for holding library books. I needed a way to store the books that a three year old could easily access, and this works perfectly. He puts the books in it when he's done reading them, because we keep it by the front door. It makes it easier to keep track of library books. There is a Well made and nice color. * Good size for our living room. It has fallen over when books were placed in it, but I think it's partly due to the fact that a three year old is not gentle and the books aren't light. It would be nice if the basket wasn't tilted.

👤It was exactly as advertised and I love the style. The most prominent place in my home is next to the toidy, and I have placed my magazine basket there. That way, when nature calls, I can easily reach down and pull out one of the magazines I have placed there. The magazine basket is the perfect size to place, and I have arranged them in order of article length, which allows me to pick a mag with short articles for those "easy days" or magazines with long, involved stories for those days. It's a good idea to read a little. Read a lot. It's now an easy choice with my magazine basket.

👤I ordered two of the same baskets. They are not the same as sturdy. There are two holes for a double handle. There is a I suppose if you only order one, it's meaningless. Good luck if you want to buy more to have a decor vibe.

👤I kept sliding the basket under my sofa because I wanted my Dell Ultrabook. I got a magazine holder after doing this for about 4 years. The Honey-Can-Do STO-02883 Magazine Water Hyacinth Basket fits the bill perfectly and is much, much nicer than I thought it would be. I decided to purchase a canvas storage bin to keep my cats and computers separate, and I'm glad I did. It's stuff. I am glad I got it.

2. AmazonBasics Wire Storage Baskets Large

AmazonBasics Wire Storage Baskets Large

Nothing matters more than your satisfaction! Their 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee will make sure that you're happy with your purchase. If you have any order related issues, please contact them. A set of wire baskets in graduating sizes can be used for dynamic storage in any room. A contemporary design with criss-crossing wires has an artistic touch. A powder-coated finish on the steel construction makes it scratch- and corrosion- resistant. It's ideal for storing linens, clothing and accessories. Natural wood handles are not intended for storing food. The dimensions are: The large is 15.24 x 10.83 x. Medium: 13.03 x 9.29 x 6.22 inches; Small: 8.11 x 8.11 x 5.59 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I read the majority of the reviews before making a final decision. The baskets are on the smaller side, hopefully I wasn't sent the wrong sized set. I bought the large set despite the "buyer beware" comments. The design, material, look and style are appealing, but the capacity for storage is mediocre. The basket set was purchased to be able to store snacks openly for my family. I was able to put 20 out of the 30 bags of chips I purchased from a wholesale club, so I was able to give an idea of how much the largest basket holds. The second basket was used to hold the large bag of veggie and apple straws. I decided to use the smaller basket to store fruit on my kitchen island. Large: 11 3/4" x 7 7/8" Hopes this helps future buyers.

👤The large is small and the small is great. They look nice, but liners would have made them look better. I tried to buy some liners but couldn't find one in this size and it didn't seem right to have customer liners made on inexpensive baskets.

👤These are the storage baskets that I like the most. I purchased three more in the larger size after they worked so well in my pantry. I can see what's inside my shelves because they look better. I might get one more set of three. There is a I haven't had them for a couple of months so I didn't give them 5 stars.

👤They are great for any room. They are also very loud.

👤Real thing is not as strong as it looks. Thus 4 stars. I comparison shopped on these. They are a good buy. It was delivered on time.

👤Great product. The baskets are sturdy and perfect for what I needed. I used the large option for pantry organization. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I had to order another because my wife stole my original.

👤I use amazing items, big load capacity, sturdy and look great, to keep my child's books.

👤Baskets fit well on our pantry shelving.

👤They look good and do a good job of storing items in a cupboard, but they look better elsewhere.

👤Great baskets.

👤Perfect sizes, would defo.

3. Seagrass Box Lid Set Grass

Seagrass Box Lid Set Grass

The dishwasher-safe top-rack is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty. Every basket is unique because of the natural colour variations of seagrass. Each box is handmade. Use a dry cloth to wipe clean.

Brand: Ikea

👤I noticed the baskets had an ikea tag when I received them. I hadn't seen them before. I assumed they were discontinued. Oh well. My bad. The EXACT set is sold for around $12 on the ikea website. I don't mean a good resemblance. I paid double for them because they arrived from Amazon with an Ikea tag. They are cute, but you have to pay half the price and buy them directly from ikea.

👤It is pretty natural. It was the perfect size for my needs, even though it was smaller than expected. The size one can hold a lot of small things, and have 35 cards for a visual. The med size holds a phone charging disk, and the smallest holds matches. I love the scent of natural seagrass, but everyone else may not. After a while, they did leave. They are perfect for both function and decor. I'll be buying a second set soon.

👤This product is cute. Great material and color! It makes for a perfect shelf Decor.

👤At first, I liked these. They were bought because they had lids to hide things like my nail file on my coffee table. They've begun to lose weight after a few months. They have never gotten wet or had heavy things placed on top of them, but now the lids don't fit at all. I don't know what's causing it, but I wouldn't recommend buying them unless you plan to use them without the lid.

👤They are small. It is surprising when you actually see them. The smell is not offensive. The baskets had the lids on them. They will fall off with a slight movement. I need something. The smallest container will not hold a lot of items, so they should be ok for that use. I was able to fit a few bottles of eye drops in it. It is almost useless. The 2 larger ones have more purpose.

👤These are not as big as you think. The pictures used in reviews look like advertisements. They are cute, but useless when it comes to storage. The small one can only hold small objects. The big one can only hold 3 small apples.

👤It's perfect for a decorative shelf. I keep my switch remotes in the large one, which helps organize the coffee table. There isn't much you can do with the containers, but they are pretty and elegant. I put push pins in it for my nearby picture board so it can be useful if you need it.

👤The boxes are pretty. The size shown in the photo is what I ordered. The largest part of the set I received was not the one I need the most. Sorry. I feel deceived. I may return because I didn't get what I paid for.

👤Well made in natural materials. I bought these for my parrot. The larger baskets for storing toys and the smaller ones for chewing. I have been looking for this type of product for a long time and they are what I need. I would buy them again.

4. Storage Baskets Organizer Rectangle Decorative

Storage Baskets Organizer Rectangle Decorative

This storage basket is made of high quality felt and wooden handles that make it last a lifetime. It is able to hold a lot of stuff. There are three different sizes, the large one is 14.2'' x 10'' x 5.1'', the medium is 13'' x 9.2'' and the small is 11'' x 7.1''. The felt storage bin is a good choice. It is useful for home,office,colleague,dormitory, hotel and everywhere. Baskets for organizing books, magazines, toy storage, dog toys basket, shoe basket, clothes basket, shelf, baby bin, pet toy storage, towel basket, blankets, decorations, office supplies, DVD and gifts. The smooth handles on both sides make the transport easier and more comfortable. It's not necessary to fold. The shelf baskets keep the bedroom and closet organized while keeping clothing and accessories easy to find. If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase, you can either replace it or get a full refund, they will either do it or not.

Brand: Kwlet

👤We ordered these to hold 21 DVDs, and they work well. You can see what's in the discs by sticking them out about an inch and a half. The DVDs can be tucked away and still be easy to find. They are made of thick felt and will not scratch the table or cabinet they are in. We may buy more once we get things organized.

👤I bought this because it fit where I needed it. I was foolish to not read some reviews because I saw more than a thousand ratings with an overall rating of 4+ stars. The time it took to place the order and the time it took to send it back is not worth it. It is a real stretch to call it a basket. I knew it was a felt type material. I have felt drawer organizers that are rigid. This felt is not strong. The wooden handles are not the same as shown and will not fit on the top rim. The space left is too small for a single finger to fit around the stupid handles that slide out of the loops that supposedly hold them on. There was a complete failure.

👤This was what I needed. I stumbled upon this product while searching. I was looking for a felt storage basket that wouldn't damage my controllers and needed a very specific size that could hold both my old N64 and Dreamcast consoles, as well as fit in my drawer, and I finally found it! The option that didn't have the wooden handles would have been a problem. My drawer is much more tidy and everything fits snug. The package had the baskets folded down so you need to make sure the sides are straight. I love them!

👤I searched for a while but nothing seemed to fit the bill because I wanted some easy storage for my family's face masks. I was glad I took a chance on this basket because it caught my eye. The smallest size is perfect for tossing a bunch of masks in until someone is ready to wear one. The felt was wrinkled when folded up for shipping. It will relax over time. The handles are still up. A cute storage bin. I am happy with it.

👤It is a perfect basket. It is not intended for regular use or carrying something based on the construction, but it is an excellent option for the right use. I use it to hold my cats toys so she can pull them from when she wants to play. It works well. I hope the packaging doesn't crease with time being straight. I think it will hold up well for this use.

👤I just bought four bins to hold my bras. They are the perfect length, width, and height. I can fit anywhere from 10 to 16 bras in each bin. There is an extra 2 inches to the left of the bras. They feel sturdy and soft, so I don't have to worry about bras getting in and out.

5. Serving Rectangular Decorative Organizing Tabletop

Serving Rectangular Decorative Organizing Tabletop

The platter is 20 inches long and 8 inches wide. The platter is 20 inches long and has enough room for your needs. The material is made of Vietnam rattan without paint and is traditional. Set of 3 trays. S is 21 x 11 x 4.5 cm. M is 21 x 21 x 4.5 cm and L is 37 x 23 x 4.7 cm. It's used to everywhere, such as bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, restaurant, coffee table for serving, storing, and organizing. Perfect for storing food, fruit, bread, snacks, candies, nuts, jewels, rings, keys, remote control, wallet, toiletries, great gift for wedding or festivals. Store in a dry place after cleaning. Store in a dry place after cleaning.

Brand: Yangqihome

👤I was looking for something different. These looked great and did the job. Only time will tell how the basket holds up, they were knocked out because they looked brittle in person. Attached are photos for the size 888-666-1846 The set is a great value compared to similar items on Amazon.

👤Three baskets made of rattan. I put vitamins and spices in a large basket on the kitchen counter. There is a big one in the bath. The medium one is great for dumping things. When I get home. The small one has small stuff. There were no rough edges. It was well made. I would buy this set again. My place is more organized. These baskets are recommended by me.

👤I thought they'd be sturdy, but they are much more tightly woven. tray baskets are very nice. They are perfect for holding pens, scissors, a file folder and other items on an office side table.

👤The quality is very good and the look is nice. The two largest ones were used to fill the space between the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. I used the smallest one as a decoration on my entry table.

👤Although I have not used these baskets as a serving try, I believe the largest is sturdy enough and large enough to be a great serving basket. My husband takes out his pockets when he walks in the door and I use smaller baskets on a table by the front door. The smaller baskets can be used as serving trays.

👤It was a good price. Would recommend!

👤These are appealing for home decor, but also great for storage.

👤Gut, aber etwas teuer. Htte ist Materialdicke. There is a Sonst schn und passen, wie bei dem Bild.

👤It was very pleasing and high quality. I store my makeup, brushes, and hair products in a container. Everything is at my fingertips.

👤Corresponde con la descripcin. Un poco pequeas quieres usarlas.

6. Organizing Decorative Countertop Bathroom Livingroom

Organizing Decorative Countertop Bathroom Livingroom

The storage bins are handmade with cotton rope. Their workers take a long time to weave each knot. It's a perfect gift that is handmade. When you don't know what to give as a gift, it will be a great idea. A gift basket can be a present for friends or family. Your friends or family will love this gift. It will be a great finishing touch to your home. Storage cubes can be used in living room, guest room, kitchen, office and bathroom. This basket can be used to store all the things in daily life. The basket is full of bohemian style. It will complement the bohemian home decor. The cotton rope and wood combination is elegant. Practical and aesthetic at the same time. The product size was 13.45 inches. It's for your house or office.

Brand: Hosroome

👤The smaller size stacks inside the larger size are important to note. I was expecting two of the larger size, but this doesn't bother me. The bins fit on top of a toilet or a Vanity and are so cute. Very happy with the purchase.

👤Looks like a picture. It seems sturdy for macrame. I use the larger one for a rectangular tissue box and the smaller one for a holder for disposable face masks near my door, so they are handy when I leave home. Works well for that.

👤These are very cute. The size was correct. They are pretty in the places we put them in. Exactly as pictured.

👤These are pretty and useful for storing and organizing in a way that is pleasing to the eye. These are really nice, and I love macramé. I didn't know they were different sizes until I got them, and it worked out perfectly for what I needed.

👤The baskets look great! I want to order another set. There is a box of wipes, a large toilet paper and a larger bathroom spray in it.

👤These baskets are wonderful. They are a great addition to my bathroom.

👤I bought these for my daughter. She loved them. The size is perfect for under the sink. The style fit in her apartment. I'm thinking of getting some for myself.

👤The color of the macrame and inside lining is more cream or ivory than white, I ordered these in white, the wrapping says the color is white, but the macrame and inside lining is more cream or ivory. These look inexpensive.

👤Tissus robuste tient to the choices.

👤Tel qu'annoncé. It's a good thing.

👤I would have preferred that they were the same size, one was smaller.

👤These baskets are pretty.

7. UBBCARE Storage Organizer Collapsible Decorative

UBBCARE Storage Organizer Collapsible Decorative

Cotton rope basket is soft and safe for storing items, but it is also durable and firm. It can be folded into a corner. Their fashion storage baskets are not only useful storage bins, but also ideal decorations in living room, bedroom, kids room, craft room. It is suitable for any furniture and decorations. The cotton rope bins won't scratch furniture. Three woven baskets are perfect for nursery items, toys, clothing, magazines, hobby supplies and items, art & craft supplies, and other personal items, as open-top bins or as drawers when used with a storage drawer. It can be used with a closet, cabinet, shelving system. The basket can carry a lot of weight. The handles of the woven basket are made of cotton rope and will not hurt your hands. Handles are convenient for moving and healthy cotton makes them easy to wash and clean. It is possible to wash by hand or machine. Put the basket into a laundry bag if it is machine washed. Do not put it in the dryer. If you have a question, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will reply. They promise that your satisfaction is their permanent goal.

Brand: Ubbcare

👤So cute. I need three more. I ordered three in the beige and the other one in the jute. I will show the color of the jute once it arrives. There is a I have a cube shelf that is not the standard closetmaid, better homes, or Kallax one so my rope containers fit in there. I don't care. Before buying the rope storage bins, I knew I loved them all the same.

👤This is what they look like. It was hilarious.

👤I was not able to get them in shape. Warped. After 3 weeks, Threw away. Went to some wooden cubes.

👤These look decent in the living room. They work well. They fit under our bench and are neutral in color. They store enough to get the job done despite not fitting as many toys as I 888-276-5932 It didn't take long for them to get their shape after being filled with stuff.

👤The baskets are small, but cute. I assumed they would fit in the standard cube. The shelves are small and so little space is wasted. I will be getting bigger bins.

👤These are very nice. I needed another option because the closet maid ones were degrading and disintegrating. If I can help it, I don't do plastic. The baskets were too large or small. These hold a lot. They have neutral white and black, but I wish they had more color options. I bought more.

👤You have to fill them and steam them to get the baskets in shape. If you don't have a hand steamer, then don't buy a hand steamer. They will not get in shape on their own, so if you are too lazy, just get plastic Walmart bins.

👤It would have been fine as nursery storage. I didn't care for the color. They had a yellow color to them.

8. Baskets Lids Decorative Shelves Natural

Baskets Lids Decorative Shelves Natural

We provide customers with high-quality products and services, and you can buy with confidence. If you have any questions about the foldable rectangular storage bin, please contact them at any time. Decluttering and organizing your home with Denja & CO storage baskets with lid. Their basket with lid is a great way to keep your home tidy. Their lidded basket will help keep your things organized while maintaining the look and feel of an aesthetically pleasing home. They have baskets with lids. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied! Made from top quality materials. Denja & Co is committed to making reliable and high quality baskets with lids that stand the test of time, and they use genuine leather handles and tabs. Their cotton rope baskets are lightweight and easy to handle. It is a must have accessory for every home. Workmanship at its finest! The baskets with lids from Denja & Co. are perfect for storage and organizing and complement the already stylish home. The decorative baskets from Denja & CO add texture to any room and can easily blend in with your existing home decor. The corners of your home can definitely stand out with their 2 color variations, an elegant off white, and a natural jute color with white stitching. It's a good choice for anyone with a good state. There are different uses for the small decorative baskets from Denja & CO. Their small decorative baskets can be used for a wide range of purposes, from organizing toys, to storing items in the bathroom, to storing spices in the kitchen. You can use their baskets to make any corner stand out in your house. You can have peace of mind and reassurance that the baskets made by Denja & CO are made from all natural materials, and that they are not made with plastic. Their baskets are easy to clean. No need to use soap as it leaves a stain after drying. You can clean spots with a toothbrush and baking soda. That easy! You can have peace of mind and reassurance that the baskets made by Denja & CO are made from all natural materials, and that they are not made with plastic. Their baskets are easy to clean. No need to use soap as it leaves a stain after drying. You can clean spots with a toothbrush and baking soda. That easy!

Brand: Denja & Co.

👤I thought I was buying baskets for the bottom shelf of my end tables when I wanted to organize the odds and ends in my living room. When I opened the package, I was very happy. They are stunning and expensive, but they are priced for my budget. It's perfect for any room. I will be buying more soon. I will visit their website to see what other items are for sale.

👤Great product! I'm sick of seeing all of those masks on my TV stand. This was the solution. The large basket has 200 N 95 filters, a stack of 100 surgical masks, 50 gloves, 4 neck gators and 13 cloth masks. My dog has a choke chain, leash, shock training collar, and seatbelt in the smaller basket. Everything I need to leave the house is in two baskets.

👤I like the baskets. The seem sturdy and worked for the intended purpose. The handle detached from the basket after minimal use. I returned the baskets and am looking for something that will be both functional and decorative.

👤Really nice baskets! I wanted a lid on the counter to make it look neat, but I didn't want something to hold keys. Absolutely fits the bill! The baskets are sturdy and roomy. These could be used for a lot of things.

👤I was not expecting the baskets to be as attractive as they are. They should make them in a few more sizes and colors. I will be buying more as they are so useful to store all kinds of things.

👤An exceptional product. Well made, really good looking. A protective woven bag surrounds the baskets that were received in sturdy, nicely designed boxes from the seller. It was very impressive.

👤I love these baskets. They are used for dog treats and outdoor sunscreen.

👤These are made to order. I recommend them.

👤I have two baskets on my bookshelf, but I decided to use them in the kitchen for all the bits and pieces on our bench. My kitchen is clean.

👤The baskets look great on the shelf wall in my living room. It's sturdy and durable, and the leather detail gives it a luxe feel, so it's practical for storage of knick knacks to keep my space looking neat.

👤I have been loving these baskets. They are beautiful and versatile. Excellent value for money. Highly recommended.

9. Storage Decorative Blankets Organizing Bathroom

Storage Decorative Blankets Organizing Bathroom

Since the bottoms of the closet organizers are reinforced with MDF boards, they can be used as groceries bags or magazines organizers. The wicker basket is made of toilet paper. It is durable and has a good shape for a long time. There are no hard edges to scratch furniture. The wicker basket is a very chic gift for Christmas, housewarming, birthday and more. The set includes 2 bathroom baskets. Large: 14" L * 6.3" W * 3.8" H; Small: 12.5" L * 5.1" W * 3.3" H. They are ideal for use on counter tops and shelves. They are great for organizing closets, pantry, toy rooms, bathroom, kitchens and offices. The wicker basket can be used to store clothes, toys, blanket, towel, magazine, books, vegetables, fruits and more. The wicker basket for storage organizing has two soft, strong leather handles, which make it easy to transport the storage bins to the bedroom, bathroom or laundry room. Add-on handles on closet organizers help you pull out the bins. Storage Bins with Liner are used in the bathroom. The small bathroom baskets for organizing have a white liner, which will make them stand out in your home. The liner of the basket can be cleaned with water and soft brush. The whole decorative basket is simple and elegant because of the minimalist combined with countryside style. The cube storage basket is a good choice for your home. If you are looking for a design that will elevate your home decor, look no further than the Handmade large wicker storage baskets design. The whole decorative basket is simple and elegant because of the minimalist combined with countryside style. The cube storage basket is a good choice for your home. If you are looking for a design that will elevate your home decor, look no further than the Handmade large wicker storage baskets design.

Brand: Anwelynd

👤There are two boxes with a smaller one inside the bigger one. I used the bigger one above the toilet to store my daughters wipes. The smaller one is used for room sprays, and her meds fit in a decent size for apartment sink. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤The baskets are large for small items. I re-organized my daughter's kitchen pantry and bought small food items that can be used for small boxed items as well. They're a nice addition to the pantry.

👤Very cute. Good size. I put it on the tank. It works perfectly. It won't hold 3 jumbo size toilet paper rolls, it's too tight. The regular size 3 is just right. If that's what you're going to use it for.

👤These are very cute. I am very happy with my purchase. Anything can be put in it. They are soft, smooth, and beautifully made. The handles make it easier to use. These are worth it.

👤I made my bathroom more personal by adding things. They worked well. I put one behind the toilet to hold extra toilet paper and the other on the laundry bin to display towels.

👤Excellent material. Not wicker. It looks great and feels like it will last a long time. It's on the back of the toilet to hold wipes.

👤These baskets are wonderful. I use them for my silk flowers and face towels in the bathroom.

10. Whitmor Split Rattique Tank Topper

Whitmor Split Rattique Tank Topper

The basket is designed to hold a tissue box and an extra roll of toilet paper. Baskets that are perfect for closets, storage cubes, or on a shelf are available. Thewoven is over a wire frame. The dimensions are 14 L x 6 W x 4 H. Solid construction with a metal frame. The bins are easy to clean with a damp cloth. The attractive woven basket gives a nice look to your home. Over the course of 70 years,Whitmor has been bringing organization home. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Whitmor

👤It is a great place for extra tissue.

👤This fits perfectly on the toilet tank. It makes the bathroom look a bit more organized, instead of having extra toilet paper roll. They were sitting on the toilet tank. There is a Some toilet paper rolls do not fit in the compartments and a standard sized square tissue paper box does not fit either. There is a The compartments could be larger to fit tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls, and still fit on the toilet tank.

👤It's perfect for shallow shelves in my bathroom. Storage for little things like nail polish and essential oil bottles is surprisingly good.

👤The top of my toilet tank is where I need to find random stuff because my apartment lacks a bathroom counter. The bathroom is the most convenient place to switch out my glasses because I like to do it there. I knocked my glasses off the top of the toilet tank. I had to get in the tank when the toilet wouldn't flush or wouldn't stop running. I wish I'd bought this basket a long time ago. It looks nice, it holds everything, and if there is a need to access the tank I can just take it off and put it to the side. It's not good for holding tissues or toilet paper, but it will hold everything else and control yourcluttering. I love it!

👤It is the perfect size for above my toilet that can hold my bath salts, lotion, anything that I would need to use in the bathroom.

👤I use this on the back of my toilet to hold incontinence pads. The perfect size for holding the larger overnight and daily ones is in the compartments. I had a surgery that compromised my system and I'm always reaching for these. The basket worked out better than I thought. The top of the toilet stool has a large area that you can store a lot of your daily items in. When you're living alone with very little company, and it's not the most modest of places to use it, then who is going to see it? Fit my needs perfectly. If you have a lot of stuff in your bathroom sink, bedroom table, or make up table, this would be a great storage container. I wouldn't keep it on the sink unless you have a large enough area to keep the water out. Give it a try. I think you will find it useful.

👤The product description states that it's perfect for a tissue box and extra rolls of toilet paper. It isn't sized correctly. Unless you own an RV, you don't need toilet paper rolls. The small tissue box didn't fit. It's a good basket. It isn't enough for what it is advertising to do. False advertising is definitely true.

👤It was smaller than expected. A thick plastic is what it is. There are holes in the bottom. A regular toilet roll won't fit. It was expensive to be disappointed.

11. DULLEMELO Storage Organizing Collapsible Decorative

DULLEMELO Storage Organizing Collapsible Decorative

The size is stable. The fabric basket has a size of 11.9"x 7.9"x 5.1", which can be used to organize and store baby products, clothes, toys, wipes, toilet paper, diapers, toiletry, towels, socks, scarves, gloves, underwear, leggings, CDs, DVDs, The linen cationic fabric exterior and linen interior lining are 2.5mm thick. The shape and structural are maintained by strong upper metal. The handles are made of high-quality leather and fixed on both sides of the basket. There are a variety of small storage baskets. Bring color and interest to a dull room with vibrant colors and a sophisticated look while also adding function. You can mix and match colors and sizes to fit your décor. The small storage basket is easy to care for. These bins are built to last and have an O-ring on the top so they are not machine washed. They are easy to clean because they are lined with a thin linen fabric. They provide customers with high-quality products and services, and you can buy with confidence. If you have any questions about the foldable fabric storage bin, please contact them at any time.

Brand: Dullemelo

👤The colors were accurate. The photo shows them looking the same as all the other collapsible storage bins I've owned, even the small ones from the Dollar Store. There is no way to fix the problem because they look nothing like that. The sides are not in place. The bin looked sloppy because they slouched down. I don't like the hassle of returning things so I'm using them. I'm still looking for bins that will make that corner of my home look better. These are not it.

👤The product is disappointing. I was looking for a small basket to hold my kitchen towels. The basket is not capable of holding anything and I don't care about how it looks. There is a The fabric refuses to stay straight after being folded for so long. I've tried folding it to the other way, but it always collapses back. It's cheap, but I think it's a waste of money because you can't really use it.

👤These baskets are not bad. The price is not bad and the color is spot on. I think you can make them look like the promo photos. There is nothing in them to make them hold their form. I found cutting a cardboard box the size of the bottom was helpful, but it only made the bottom look flatter. The sides are still not straight. I needed something to hide the mess under my console. I wouldn't let them out in the open because of their posture.

👤This is what I was looking for in terms of size and style, but I was disappointed in the function. It is not strong enough to stand on its own. Just folds back down. Will probably have to find something else.

👤The basket is flat when not in use and has handles on each end to make moving it easier. I bought it to replace the cardboard box I was using to store the groceries. The box is 17 inches long and 11 inches wide. There is a It is more flexible than a cardboard box.

👤The style and color were the same. I used a steamer to get rid of the folds. I wrapped my left hand in a towel and pressed the crease out from the inside while steaming with my right hand. I wanted to wrap a full set of towels for a bridal gift. The fabric is very sturdy and pretty. I'm considering getting some of these bins for myself.

👤You can't get it to pop up because it's heavily creased. These are difficult passes.

👤The driver's slot has these in it. It makes organizing easier. Looks nice. We put little labels on them to let people know what's in them. The price is great and the size is nice.

👤It looks a lot more flimsy than the picture shows. I have had it for weeks and it still doesn't sit straight. You can see the fold lines, but it isn't a sturdy looking rectangular as shown in the photo. It looks like it is collapsing on itself. The outer material is nice. Not what I was expecting.


What is the best product for decorative basket small?

Decorative basket small products from Honey-can-do. In this article about decorative basket small you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Ikea are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative basket small.

What are the best brands for decorative basket small?

Honey-can-do, Amazon Basics and Ikea are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative basket small. Find the detail in this article. Kwlet, Yangqihome and Hosroome are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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