Best Decorative Beads for Bracelets

Beads 2 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. 1800Pcs 1500Pcs Alphabet Elastic Bracelet

1800Pcs 1500Pcs Alphabet Elastic Bracelet

It's a wide application, great value kit for a do it yourself project, have fun with their gemstone beads kit anywhere, on a trip, during holidays or easily organize a beading party with your friends wherever you want. You can find all of the styles in their beaded set with assorted size and colorful beads. You will get 1500 gold beads in 3 sizes, 700 for 4mm, 500 for 6mm, and 300 for 8mm. Which is a gift making kit. The wide range of applications that gold round beads can be used in is ideal for stringing with their pearls and letter alphabet beads. It's also good for creating a layer effect with other crafts. The round gold beads are made from CCB, a lightweight material that is smooth and small. The bead is shiny and bright, chic and stylish, great for all kinds of jewelry design, adding an elegant and charming temperament to you. You can use these supplies to make your own word pearl bracelets. Or as a gift for your friends, family, lovers, or anyone else you want. It will be more meaningful. Warm tips. If you want to prolong the service life of these gold beads, please take off the jewelry when you are bathing, sleeping, exercising or other strenuous activities because it will cause the surface to lose its luster more quickly.

Brand: Decyool

👤The beads became dull and discolored after a few days of wearing them. Unless you plan on wearing them one time, do not buy them.

👤The way they package the product made me happy. It was made beautiful. I received my product the night before, and I made myself and my goddaughter bracelets. This was what they looked like on Friday and Sunday. Would not order from them again. They are not tarnish resistant.

👤After 2 days, all the gold wears off. Don't ever buy! Such a waste of money.

👤I made these to sell and I am happy I haven't sold them yet. The gold beads I made for myself are starting to oxidize. I only wore them twice. I won't be buying again because I don't recommend it.

👤There are gold beads. They turn brown in a few days. I would like to be able to return them earlier. I should have looked at other reviews.

👤I made her a bracelet that she wore while she was wearing these beads, but they were ruined after she kept her bracelet on. The gold should not turn black overnight.

👤I bought these beads to make bracelets for my nieces. I ran into the most common issue when buying letter beads, despite the number of total beads boasted by the seller. I had to take out the most popular letters before I could even spell my name. They wouldn't have been happy if they didn't all get their names with their initials... I had to purchase more alphabet beads to complete my project.

👤One day, gold beads lose their color. I'm not sure if they tarnish or are just rubbing off. These aren't good for bracelets or jewelry.

👤The manufacturer claimed 150 letters. Only 3 A's, 9 E's, 1 I, 7 O's and 4 U's are true. Not a good selection, 9 H's, 10 K's, 8 X's, 7 Z's and 1 N. The package was sealed with masking tape and had holes in it. This indicates that this was used or returned.

👤There are lots of pieces to use. The yellow colour is fake. Not impressed.

👤Within a couple days, the gold pieces are tarnishing. It has been about a week since I took off when I was in contact with water or working out.

2. Rhinestone Rondelle Bracelet Necklace Earrings

Rhinestone Rondelle Bracelet Necklace Earrings

It's great for Christmas tree hanging decorations, shop displays, house decoration and other occasions. Can make your room look beautiful during the festive season. The 6mm crystal rhinestone spacer beads are suitable for jewelry making. They can be used in jewelry making projects, and are suitable for making charms. The rondelle beads are made of durable material and artificial crystal rhinestone, which is lightweight, shining in appearance, small and exquisite. These beads can be used in bracelets or necklace beads to create stunning effects. The diameter is 6mm and the hole is 2mm. It looks small. The right size is convenient for threading, rope, chain, etc., and it is easy to match with other jewelry bead crafts. The rondelle beads can be used as a decoration for jewelry making, making it more creative and attractive. The artwork is creative. The rondelle bead is made with mini rhinestones and is lovely and cute. You can mix and match the different colors of beads to make your own jewelry. It's pleasant and helps to add your temperament and make you look more attractive. 300 bright mixed-color 6mm crystal spacer beads are enough to meet your different needs for jewelry making. The bright color is an ideal choice for jewelry making processes.

Brand: Augshy

👤Many of the little diamonds fell off and came loose for money.

👤The 300 I paid for were not covered by the 205 spacers. Most of them are red, blue and brownish. I won't reoder... The journey continues to find a reliable resource.

👤They put the bling in my jewlery, but we're missing some. Love it.

👤The auto is incomplete and not worth the time or money. The shipment.

👤It was pretty, shiny. The package said 200 but I counted 300.

3. Kissitty 50 Piece Tibetan Antique Filigree

Kissitty 50 Piece Tibetan Antique Filigree

Warm tips. If you want to prolong the service life of these gold beads, please take off the jewelry when you are bathing, sleeping, exercising or other strenuous activities because it will cause the surface to lose its luster more quickly. The size is about 6mm in diameter and 12mm long. Lead free, nickel free, and cadmium free are the metal finishes. There are beautiful silver, rich looking bali-style focal beads for jewelry making. It is possible to use Memory Wire Bracelets as accents in your designs. Match them with your favourite contrast beads for earrings or use them as a matching pair of spacer beads in a beaded necklace.

Brand: Kissitty

👤I have made a necklace of amulets to keep them apart and it works well. My sister's hexes spared me. She is a witch.

👤These little beads are very cute. I wanted to put a 24 inch gold chain on the items I got them to separate. I have two hearts and a cross. The beads would be perfect. They are perfect. I was able to accomplish my goal. I'm going to make some bracelets for gifts because I got many more than I needed. I'm happy.

👤I use these beads to make rosaries and sacrifice beads. I put the holy medal and Crucifix at either end because they are beautiful and work well.

👤I made two bracelets with these beads and some crystal beads. Excellent quality. I'm a happy customer. I'll be buying most of them.

👤I already have some with the variety beads. I wanted to see the picture. All the same style. Never give up. SORRY. I kept the bag of my older ones. I was looking at something. It's funny.

👤I liked the fact that they aren't small like the beads I ordered online. There is a They make nice accents.

👤Everyone says I pull it off, even though it's a bit bigger than I expected. Excellent quality.

4. Acrylic Patterns Crystal Bracelets Jewelry

Acrylic Patterns Crystal Bracelets Jewelry

Each bead has a different size. 500 colorful beads in ink patterns and 50 antique silver spacer beads are included in the package. The bead size is 8mm and the bead hole is 1.8mm. The hole size is 2.5mm and the bead size is 8mm. The string is 0.8mm x 9m. Their beads are made with exquisite patterns and will never let you down. You can use these beads and accessories to make a bracelet or necklace that is unique to you, or you can make a pendant to decorate any place you want. Customers will be provided with the best products and services. If you have any questions during the purchase process or after receiving the products, please contact their customer service in a timely manner and they will be able to help you.

Brand: Quefe

👤My niece's bracelets for Christmas were made with these beads. There is an update! I will be throwing these away because of the color. I will stick with stone or glass.

👤I love these beads. They are colorful and eye-catching and the spacers are a nice addition. Most of the beads are bright colors with a few having a lighter color. I wanted to make a rainbow bracelet for my friend but there were no yellow beads that I could find. I found 2 that had plastic string around them, but they had a white line on one side after the string was removed, which is not noticeable unless you are looking closely at them. There is a It's nice to have the included string, I haven't used it yet. It is a flat-ish type, which should be interesting to work with, as I have been using the round string. I made one set of earrings with the beads.

👤These beads are used for bracelets. I was skeptical of the tie-die look in the photo. I was surprised how elegant these looked, with more of a marble look than tie-die. I am getting ready to make a big order of these. They have been my best seller.

👤I bought a lot of Beads and this was the best one. They are beautiful. It's just beautiful. They don't smell. The color didn't come off when I washed it. Their size is disappointing. I knew about the Bead size before I placed my order, so it would fit on the top of a pen with plenty of room leftover. I wanted bigger Beads. I made a bracelet for my birthday using some of the Beads I bought. I can not wear the Bracelet because the other Beads smelled. The Spacer Beads were not damaged. I plan to make Bracelets for Christmas this year using Memory Wire, as that is the way I made my Bracelet. My sample was mine. There is a Several ideas have popped into my head as I look at the Beautiful Beads. Spacer Beads can be used with these Beads. I have learned more about the different bead sizes since buying these Beads. My teacher failed to discuss that. I would have gone beyond just selecting beads that are beautiful if she had. When I was shopping, I didn't think about it. Most of the Beads I have come across are smaller than I want. I like larger beads for myself. I plan to buy more of this selection and larger ones.

👤I thought it was larger, but it is still pretty. The string is flexible.

👤These beads are colorful and not cheap. I will most likely be ordering again when I run out, because you get a lot for the price.

👤I liked them for making bracelets, but I wish they had specific colors. I only need the black and white ones, and wish I could order by color.

👤I like these beads. Most of the beads are very uniform. The holes are large enough to string on a thin cord. I received a nice array of colors. I have not used the cord it comes with, it does not seem to be very strong, but I bought the kit for the beads and it was a nice value without the cord it comes with. Some of the beads were close to being solid colors, but they were only a few and I can still use them. Not enough of a complaint is required to lose a star.

5. Pandahall Findings Accessories Bracelet Necklace

Pandahall Findings Accessories Bracelet Necklace

The size is about 6 7.5mm in diameter and 23mm thick. There are different hole sizes for cords and wires. Large hole snake chain bracelet can be added with a lager hole up to 3.5mm. The 6 styles of jewelry have a total of 300 pieces of bead spacers bulk, which is enough to make a bracelet and work great with other jewelry making. The Zinc Tibetan alloy, lead free, cadmium free and nickle free in antique silver color, durable and not easy to break or fade, is more reliable than other CCB plastic beads with metal coated, nice metal spacer beads to create retro and vintage style to your jewelry making. Each of the 6 plastic compartments has a cover to protect the beads from scattering. The box is perfect for storing jewelry accessories. You can make earrings, bracelets, necklaces, ankle bracelets, waist beaded belts, chokers and other jewelry projects if you match with gemstones and large-hole beads. It's perfect for bag accessories.

Brand: Ph Pandahall

👤I will be ordering more in the future because the face your beads are made of is beautiful and well constructed. The package was well sealed. I had some of the larger beads with me. I think that's because there are so many of them that they won't fit in a single container. I don't know for sure, I haven't counted yet. I will be ordering them again. There is a I made some necklaces with them.

👤It was Tarnished within a week. It's cheap and useless to use my jewelry now.

👤Pandahall's products are the very best and I return to them for many jewelry findings. I'm not a jewelry maker, so ordering what I might need is difficult. I can fix broken jewelry, add a jump ring or make an extension with Pandahall's products. You can do that with a few kits. Minor repairs to costume jewelry can be very expensive.

👤There are different hole sizes. Convenient storage container. I've ordered from this company before and have always been very satisfied with the products.

👤These little spacers are great for Celtic and Viking-era jewelry and will work with nearly any jewelry style. These beads are solid and won't break. There were no irregular ones or sharp edges in my box. They were clean and shiny. The plastic box had separate compartments and closed securely. All were sorted by type except for a few extras that wouldn't fit with the rest of the biggest ones that came in one with some of the smaller-sized types that took up less room. The few were easy to distinguish. Photos and dimensions were matched by the bead designs. The bead count was correct. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤It seems that larger beads are more popular than smaller ones. The 6 styles are all larger than 4mm. Smaller pieces are more difficult to make. One of the central attributes of creativity is to use what you have to make something unique. I will think of the large spacers as a challenge to my creativity. I will save the box these came in for other uses.

👤These are exactly what they are. It was in perfect condition. They are made from high quality materials. They are durable and metal. I'm 100% satisfied with these.

👤I made a friend a bracelet out of some beads I received. I made myself two. Everyone I have made has had a compliment. These look great with the lava beads and gemstones. My friend lent me some plastic pyramid pink shaped bracelets to make. If I run out, I would be repurchasing these. Most of the items of pandahall are top stars, and I've tried them in my bracelet making hobby.

👤Y estaba empaquetada en caja de cartn mas. There is a Hay q, quiero a buen, con el tiempo.

👤Le choix est varie, le coffret de rangement est parfait.

👤Estn creo q estn caras, pero tienen la funcin, y estn realices.

👤Justo lo, me prometieron! Cantidad, color, and precio! There is a Los orificios son amolios y el terminado perfecto.

6. LolliBeads Silver Plated Smooth Assorted

LolliBeads Silver Plated Smooth Assorted

The Beads Craft Kit is great for all kinds of jewelry making, it can be used as a gift for family and friends. The round beads can be used to make different letter bead bracelets, or you can use the elastic cord to make a personalized letter bead bracelet. 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm were used. Quality is controlled manually before packaging.

Brand: Lollibeads

👤The beads are the same as in the picture. It's nice, tiny and uniform. If the beads are exposed to water, they will turn black. I'm using these beads as bead sprinkles for my dreads so I'll be washing my hair frequently. I will have these beads in my hair for a while. I'll make an update afterwards, but so far it's been good.

👤I try to leave accurate, detailed, and honest reviews. I'm not being nice in saying that they are of the highest quality. After reading many reviews about the coating rubbing off and leaving you with a blackened plastic bead, these are not the case. They are metal and the stardust does not come off even after I wash them with cold water. If you're looking for good-quality beads, these are definitely ones to consider. They were in a uniform shape and size. I received 105 beads, so that was a nice bonus. There was a very small spot where a little of the stardust had come off, but it was not larger than 1mm. You will get a high-quality product if you order these.

👤I wore these bead bracelets for one day. The beads turned very dark. These are not good for bracelets because they make you wet. The may work well for ankle bracelets. The quality is bad. I wouldn't recommend making jewelry that is to be sold. I bought the silver plated beads. The beads are fine.

👤The beads do not stay in their separate compartments within the plastic case, as another reviewer stated. I will probably never use the TINY beads because they are bright and shiny. The plastic storage case was one of the reasons I chose this product. The storage case is my biggest disappointment, and the reason I only give it three stars. When I opened the envelope, I heard beads jingling so I was careful. The beads were sealed in a plastic bag because the storage case was cracked on the right side. I had to put the beads in separate bags because the broken plastic case was not good for storing them. If the case was undamaged, the beads would not stay in their respective sections because they are too small for the amount of beads included in this purpose. There is a The beads are nice and I will definitely use most of them, but I will probably not buy this product again.

👤The gold beads were damaged. I had to change my bracelets.

👤I ordered the beads after reading the reviews and they sounded good. The smaller beads were described mostly. Maybe you don't notice the seam on the beads if they are smaller? For my use, they appear to be a metal coated plastic bead. There is a Most of the product that I will be giving to my nieces for them to make jewelry is not something I would use on a gift or something I made to sell.

👤I count all my beads before I use them for jewelry making. There were 535 beads instead of 600. I like the quality of the beads, not the quantity.

7. Glass Beads Jewelry Making Bracelets

Glass Beads Jewelry Making Bracelets

We are proud of their high-quality products and customer service. 100% customer satisfaction or your refund is what this means. Their jewelry making supplies include 1 box of 250 glass beads, 50 silver spacer beads, and 75 Antique spacer beads. Large Bead Size The size of the Glass beads is 8mm in diameter, and the hole is 1mm. There are 10 wonderful colors in this box. The DLY choice is great. Good luck, balance, and self-confidence are related to their glass beads. It is very fun and can help you reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Application is wide. The Glass Bead kit is very easy to use. All making is very easy. The beads are arranged in a series. It is an ideal gift for your family and yourself because you can make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, home or wedding decorations. Quality Assurance: Their glass beads are made of strong glass and are easy to store. You can return or exchange their products if you don't like them. You can contact them through customer service if you have any questions.

Brand: Rired 27

👤The beads are beautiful, but when I tried to make rings with them most of the time they shattered when I put the wire through them. Depending on the bead, wire can loop through once or twice. I wouldn't trust these being put on bracelets because they worked well for necklaces and earrings.

👤I bought these for my granddaughter who is going to start making bracelets. She loved them.

👤We made a bracelet to hang around the mirror. The kit was very nice. The item we made required a more durable elastic thread.

👤My mother was in a Rehab facility after a hip surgery. She only needed to use it once. We donated the remaining set to the Salvation Army because she passed away due to infections. The kit was high quality and the holder was easy to use. Great product.

👤As soon as I got it, I made a bracelet. I like the colors and the spacers.

👤I am happy that it arrived on time and the beads are beautiful.

👤We did crafts with the kids and it was great. I love the colors.

👤These have made me want to wear jewelry.

8. 1581PCS Gemstone Decorative Supplies Findings

1581PCS Gemstone Decorative Supplies Findings

The letter beads kit is a perfect gift for your family. Young love its appearance and practicality. You can give it to your family on holidays or birthdays. The jewelry making kit includes a mix of glass bead, bead You can make a lot of jewelry with the Great Jewelry Making Kit. You can make necklace, bracelet, earring, home or wedding decoration, arts and craft, other jewelry items with their natural gemstone beads Jewelry making kit. The quality is high. Their glass beads are durable and authentic, the color and pattern of the beads will not peel or fade. It's a wide application, great value kit for a do it yourself project, have fun with their gemstone beads kit anywhere, on a trip, during holidays or easily organize a beading party with your friends wherever you want. You can find all of the styles in their beaded set with assorted size and colorful beads.

Brand: Yugdruzy

👤I am not happy that I did not get what I was promised. There are only 10 black pieces, I was promised 100, there are only 13 red pieces. I did not get the tool. The dividers are supposed to be 25. I will have to buy three cases to make up for the missing pieces.

👤There isn't enough lava beads to do a project. The colors are too close to each other. If you want to complete the project, you need to order two packages.

👤It's easy to use and there's a great selection of colors. My kids love to make bracelets with essential oil.

👤Great product! The colors blend well with other colors. The hole is not too small or big and it fits elastic and plastic strings. I will be purchasing another set.

👤It was not as I expected.

👤The quality and pricing were excellent.

👤Everything looked like the picture was described. A nice starter set would be great for someone who just wants to start.

👤These are good for making jewelry. Some of the lava beads look cheap. The set was the only thing to begin making jewelry.

9. Stylo Letter Beads Necklaces Bracelets

Stylo Letter Beads Necklaces Bracelets

Quality Assurance: Their glass beads are made of strong glass and are easy to store. You can return or exchange their products if you don't like them. You can contact them through customer service if you have any questions. Everything you need to be creative. 600 round white alphabet beads, 150 solid heart beads, 25 hollow heart beads, 25 star beads, a 16 meter elastic string, a pouch and a box are all in their letters beads. Their letter beads are made with a smooth surface and a large hole. The thread is small. The beads will move through the thread. Make jewelry easy to make. Their letter beads for bracelets making kit are great for imagination. You can write out your name, lucky number, or sweet message. You can make necklaces, bracelets, rings, or pendants as well. Small beads with letters can be hard to keep track of, but not with this set. All items are packed in an organization box, which makes them portable and prevents them from rolling away. Great as gifts. Do you know someone who loves bead letters? Surprise them with these beads. Kids and adults can make a wonderful craft present with this kit.

Brand: Stylo

👤I have three little girls who love making jewelry and this kit had everything they needed to make lots of bracelets for everyone they know. They love it! Excellent quality and arrived quickly. Would definitely recommend.

👤My daughter loved to play with them. Beautiful colors...

👤These beads are cute. The elastic string is easier to use than the clear string that comes with other kits because there are a lot of letters.

👤My daughter loved it. Lots of different colors. The quality is high.

👤My kids love making custom items with their own alphabets. They are making their own names.

👤She loves it, I bought it for her.

👤My grandaughtet loved pearls.

10. Pieces Alphabet Acrylic Jewellery Bracelets

Pieces Alphabet Acrylic Jewellery Bracelets

A-Z SORTED BOXED LETTER BEADS, including VOWELS, contain 26 letters and a heart-shaped pattern, 60 per letter, a total of 1620 letters beads. Each letter bead has a small compartment, so that you can find the letter you need quickly. They want to give you more convenience and protection. There are 7mm round letter beads and 4mm black letter on white underground. They all give 10m nylon string, so you don't have to spend a lot of money. You can make a variety of beautiful items with the length of the line. The material and environment friendly are ACRYLIC. The letters are made of acrylic with grinding and polishing. Their beads are made from recycled materials. The surface is smooth, the appearance is great, and every detail is visible. It's the best choice for making things. There is a wide variability of applications. Letter beads can be used to make a variety of crafts. Their alphabet beads are used in a lot of things. The letter beads kit is a perfect gift for your family. Young love its appearance and practicality. You can give it to your family on holidays or birthdays.

Brand: Litthing

👤These are perfect for the material. The quality is really good, I use a resin that heats up a lot and some other beads that I got, but they couldn't hold it, but these can!

👤This was bumped up to 3 stars for customer service. The seller offered to send me another package of beads after I contacted them. The new package came with E's and the response from customer service was good. I'd like to raise them to 4 stars, but I'm a little frustrated with how they give out the letters. The new package has some E's, but they are not very many when you consider that it's the most used letter in English. The new package only has a few A's. There is a It's the most common letter in the English language, but not a single one was included in this package. These may be random, but there is a way to make sure you include a few of the essential vowels. It's difficult to crate litrat or arrangmnts without this ltter.

👤There wasn't enough beads in the container when the beads came today. My daughter and I counted out the different letters. You don't get the amount of beads listed. The counts ranged from 38 for the hearts to 50 for most letters. The letter R had 60 beads. The rest were in the low 50s. It was definitely not what I paid for.

👤My girls have made many bracelets with these kits. I wish they made a bigger one because they go through them so fast. They can't use their iPad and do something they love. They make money for themselves as well as their family and friends. I will keep buying until they are bored. I have been getting these for about six months.

👤This is the second time I have ordered it. I bought this to save time in a time sensitive project. The plastic box was opened and the letters were not the same. If I knew that was going to happen. Will not be ordering again.

👤Where are the "E's"? Why wouldn't you wear the "E's"? I am very disappointed. I needed those for the project we were working on. I need to find more.

👤I was expecting more numbers with this set. There wasn't an equal number of beads. Specific letters and numbers are what I need. Please let me know if there is a way to do this, otherwise there is too much waste for my projects. Georgia Fleury.

👤I was impressed that the letters were separated. As I investigated other key letters you use often, letter E had 22 Y's in it. The letters Z and Y looked like they had been used as a substitute. There is a Maybe the wrong letters were put in the company dispensers, but I haven't received a response yet from this supplier. I would like to get a new box and see if the same condition applies. I have over 150 useless letters used to fill other key areas like E, C, D. There is a Not impressed by the lack of response. If this was a company error, make it right for the customers.

11. Shapenty Decorative Briolette Rondelle Bracelet

Shapenty Decorative Briolette Rondelle Bracelet

These jewelry making kits are suitable for jewelry making, gifts, home decoration, collection and beads associated with good luck, balance and confidence, can help you ease your stress and smooth out your anxiety, ideal gift for your friends, family members and for yourself. The material is crystal glass and the shape is faceted rondelle beads. The measurement is 6mm x 4mm and the hole is about 1.2mm. 50 pieces for each color is shown in the picture. It's great for bracelets, necklaces, jewelry making and craft accessory. 1200pcs is included in the package There are crystal glass beads. Please note the size before purchasing.

Brand: Shapenty

👤Don't buy. The bracelet was made with additional materials purchased from Amazon. You can see in the picture that I was staining my skin when I wore the bracelet for two minutes. I will return the item. Very disappointed.

👤The beads look nice and the price is reasonable. The color on your skin will leak and you will have to dye your fingers. I will soak them before I bead them.

👤Wow! These glass beads are gorgeous. I ordered a couple of boxes. I am happy that they are little beads. They are not plastic. The colors are striking. The boxes they came in had snap locks. I was happy to see that the elastic in each box was stretchy and could be used to make bracelets. I'm going to make some jewelry.

👤I was not happy with the purchase. I've bought a lot of beads, but never received them in this condition. The broken storage box allows beads to fall out and into the outer bag. The ones that were in the storage box are in different places. After an hour, I could see that a few colors weren't going to have the full amount. There were different sizes. Some were damaged. Shapes were off. Some were cut in half and others were pear shaped. I usually return items, but these are going back. I can't recommend them. The price was good, but if you're missing colors you're not able to use some beads due to shape and size differences. The storage box is broken. The price is too high. It takes hours to sort through them. I really wanted to like them.

👤Love them. I don't want to use them if they're pretty. It was worth the money.

👤I usually wait until I use something before writing a review, but there are so many ways to goof-up glass beads. I didn't count them, but they are the right shape, size, and amount, and there is the same amount in each compartment. The container is the right size and the beads stayed where they were supposed to be. What else is there? There is more color. Primary and secondary colors are very hard to find. The red is not white. There are orange, yellow, and green things. New patterns and designs are being inspired by them. These are going to be fun to play with.

👤The holes are too small for the cord. It would have been better if a more accurate description had been provided.

👤The bead set is small. The colors are beautiful. It is made of glass. The container is closed. I would love to see a kit with different shapes, sizes and colors.


What is the best product for decorative beads for bracelets?

Decorative beads for bracelets products from Decyool. In this article about decorative beads for bracelets you can see why people choose the product. Augshy and Kissitty are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative beads for bracelets.

What are the best brands for decorative beads for bracelets?

Decyool, Augshy and Kissitty are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative beads for bracelets. Find the detail in this article. Quefe, Ph Pandahall and Lollibeads are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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