Best Decorative Beads for Crafts

Beads 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Progress Lighting P4008 31 Chandelier Textured

Progress Lighting P4008 31 Chandelier Textured

Customer care is important. They offer premium products that exceed industry standards and thoughtful customer care. Simple classic design. The Five Light Collection's Five- Light Chandelier is ideal for any dining room or sitting room in a new traditional or rustic setting. Light bases are decorated with white-sleeved candle covers as they surround a vintage frame. There is a textURED black finish. The light fixture has curved arms that are covered in a textured black finish. Measures 21-inch width by 16-inch height. For optimal illumination, use five candelabra base bulbs that are sold separately. The black finish is textured. The candle sleeves are white.

Brand: Progress Lighting

👤I am very happy with this chandelier. I was looking for a country farmhouse feel in my kitchen area. There is a It was nice to be able to adjust the lighting after installing a dimmer switch. I show two pictures of it, one at the highest and one at the lowest light. There is a The installation went well.

👤The dining room looks great. The price is very good and the house I'm upgrading is perfect.

👤I didn't want a light that was hard to clean. This one was spot on. It has a nice clean appearance and is in my dining room.

👤The fact that you have to disassemble a chain to adjust it is ridiculous. The design was from old school. The price is too high for the quality you receive.

👤When the box was delivered, I thought it was a returned item. I didn't have the items to hang the light. There are two screws and a bolt to hold the top up. It's so frustrating. I found screws that worked and figured out a way to hold the top on. It is a little lighter than it looks in the picture.

👤I love the light fixture. I ordered it and I am very happy. I wanted it to hang over the dining table.

👤I was looking for a chandelier to hang over my dining table. It's 3' x 5'. I picked this one because of the reviews and it was perfect. The shipping was packed and fast. This fixture is recommended by me. It had a lot of chain and wire to hang from the ceiling.

👤I was very happy with this chandelier. It's the perfect size for a small room, it gives tons of light, and everyone likes it. I am going to decorate it with greens and berries. The texture was disappointing. It almost looks wet. The answer is yes, would I recommend this item?

👤It is very good quality.

👤It's beautiful and functional. The value is great.

👤candles will need covers if they are hung crooked and an okay rating.

2. Mckanti 10000pcs Pearls Flatback Crafts

Mckanti 10000pcs Pearls Flatback Crafts

If you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase, you can get a replacement warranty. Cmidy Direct is a place to shop and do business. There are 7 sizes and 10000 pieces. You will receive a mixed size flat back pearl gems kit. Most do it yourself crafts will fit normal assorted sizes. Premium decoration. The back pearl is made of a smooth and shiny material. Adding pearls to your decors will add elegance. It is easy to use. You can make small item craft with their pearl beads if you have a tweezer. You can use glue to stick pearl nail gems on any smooth surface, which will be much more firm than self-adhesive ones. Multi-Purpose flat pearls back is perfect for a wide range of projects. Thoughtful packaging. They will pack the beads in small clear bags and put them in boxes to avoid mess during transportation. The boxes are rectangular and not plum-shaped. They will replace the beads for you free of charge if you accidentally receive them.

Brand: Mckanti

👤There is a title that says these are off white.

👤The pearl is very uniform, nice color and sheen and so far only one tag on one pearl, keeping it from being perfectly round. They are separated into baggies so it is easy to tell which one is larger.

👤The jewels were perfect for what I wanted to do. They worked great and came as described. When decorating my switch case, I used seven different sizes of them. The tweezers that were included were useful. The only thing that would make this purchase better is if the included case had its own dividers. I made some with hot glue, but others would benefit from cases with actual dividers. It is completely worth the money.

👤I used the flat back pearls in a glass vase to make my flower arrangements. They add a touch of elegance to the vase and flowers by covering the bottom of the stems. I have bought this item a few times.

👤I ordered white and these are beige. Very disappointed.

👤They can be used for embellishing a veil. There is a We started with one package because we were unsure of how many were needed. They were easy to connect and to order more.

👤These looked good. I decorated these shoes for a friend and she loved them. I used glue.

👤I was looking for something that was easy to use.

3. Wholesale Pendants Necklace Bracelet JIALEEY

Wholesale Pendants Necklace Bracelet JIALEEY

The material is metal. The package includes 100 pieces. The size is 0.28-0.98 inch. Charms that are Exquisite and Classical. It can be used in many different ways. It's perfect for necklace, bracelet, dangle, scrapbooking project, keychain, sweater chain, anklet, cellphone decorative accessories, etc. It's the best choice for jewelry.

Brand: Jialeey

👤Look closely. There was only one like it. It is terrible. Terrible. Very racist.

👤I was shocked by these. I wish I had taken a picture before we made bracelets for my daughter's party. There were many other cute ones. I will have leftovers for a long time, even though I only received 99. I only had to buy a couple of dollars for the little things to attach to the bracelets. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤I haven't found a single defect. The pieces are cute and the alloy is heavy, which is great.

👤A small hole to run the chain through. The end round piece that hooks into the lobster clasp doesn't fit in the hole of the charm no matter how small it is. I don't want my young neice having trouble with her skin because it comes with a polishing cloth which indicates it tarnishes.

👤I wanted to enhance my necklace business with some charms such as these. I had been looking for other places. They won me over when I saw they were prime-able. The package provides a lot of variety and you can't beat the price for how many you receive, however, there were quite a few I didn't feel like I could use and I ended up wasting them. The charms were too small for the jump rings I have been using. It's a good selection for charms.

👤I would have liked to use it, but the piece arrived broken, which is really annoying. I didn't want a skull and crossbones or hello kitty, so there were some duplicate things. I think it is an angel. I don't know what it was supposed to be, it was just something decorative. The 2 cats I got looked pretty disturbing. I wish they looked better. I got more dog stuff, but only a paw print. There is no bone like in the main picture. Overall a decent purchase. I probably wouldn't buy again.

👤When I placed this order, I didn't know what to expect. The choices are wonderful and the charms are very well made. This is the answer if you don't know what you want. You can't go wrong with the volume. 5 out of 5 stars.

👤I ordered these because I wanted to see some of the charms in the package. Even if two charms were similar, they weren't the same in size, so they couldn't be used in earrings. I use these charms in all manner of jewelry-making and beading, and am quite satisfied with most of the charms. The larger charms were not as heavy as I would have liked, but they were still usable.

👤The price should be 450 to 500 rs.

👤Illegaron solo 77, pero estn incompletas, las piezas cumplieron con lo ofertado. Y leyendo los comentarios hechos por los otros compradores creo. No tienes volvera, pero fueron 23 piezas.

👤These jewels are great for bracelets. There are many great choices and good quality.

👤Le voy a dar 4 estrellas, pero dice 100 y slo llegaron 90. En general estn.

4. Crystal Glitter Shining Moonstone Multicolor

Crystal Glitter Shining Moonstone Multicolor

Hawaiian accessories complement the nautical theme birthday party. As a beach party favor, use a table as a scatter. Colorful decorations can be found in the home living room, dining table, bedrooms, art gallery, luau party, restaurant decor and more. The material is made of crystal. The surface is dyed with a violet color and plated with a dark color, which give it a seductive color, mysterious and romantic luster. The Aurora beads are 8mm, hold 1mm, and about 8-9 colors mixed. The colors of the Aurora beads will change according to the light inside. The uniform is in shape. It will look great for a bracelet or necklace. It is easy to make jewelry in earrings, bracelets, necklaces. There are other uses for flash moonstone beads, such as earrings, bracelets, yoga bracelets, rings, earrings, and hair accessories. Other than jewelry, Jemstone Stone Beads can be used to create ornaments and accessories. These are great gift ideas for both men and women. If you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase, you can get a replacement warranty. Cmidy Direct is a place to shop and do business.

Brand: Cmidy

👤You can see a seam in the middle of the bead, but it is not always aligned with the hole. Two of the beads were used on a bracelet that my son asked me to make for his girlfriend, but some of the beads split in half. If you make jewelry that you give out as gifts, that's cringe-inducing! I didn't want to use them because I hated the seam, they looked cheap, and I had a feeling they would snap, but he begged me to use them anyway. Don't bother! They look pretty in the picture, but they are very cheap to make.

👤They are beautiful, but the drilled holes have chips around them. Some are better than others. The shimmer on the inside of the beads is not centered to where they were drilled. The drilled holes are small like seed bead. Not a bad deal for the price.

👤I counted them and they were only 37 and it said they were supposed to be a hundred.

👤These are the most beautiful beads I've ever seen, and that's a huge statement. Their color changes subtly with movement. When the diamond in my engagement ring caught the attention of my husband and I, we were fascinated. These beads are the same as that. They were delivered in good time, were well packaged, and came with a black velmet pouch, which made them durable enough to endure the abuse the two dozen girls in my troop could dish out. I want to have these on hand for future use.

👤The beads should come with a warning label. They are beautiful.

👤The black bag is in the way. When I tried to remove the bag from the box, it popped all over the floor because it was on top. Nobody else adds a bag. It is pro bono. Because it's nonpartisan.

👤The pics show beads that are not red. More transparent. They have swirls inside to make them glitter a bit more, but overall not what I wanted.

👤The beads are new to you. The colors change as beads move. A great value and versatile.

👤The product arrived early and was well packaged. The beads are pretty. The angle you look at the bead will determine its sparkle. They are very well-versed in what they are seeing. I can't wait to make my first piece with them. I would use them in everything if they were available in smaller sizes. The hole is set to maximize the wow factor. Will definitely order again.

5. Chenkou Craft Random Seastar Rhinestone

Chenkou Craft Random Seastar Rhinestone

5. They have a no-risk return policy for seven days. They will respond to your question within 24 hours. The material is plastic and has a mix color. You will get the quantity of each style at random. A variety of styles and sizes meet the different craft, kids can make their imaginative craft,adult can decorate their phone case,bottle,jewelry box, and so on. Children under 4 years old should be accompanied by an adult.

Brand: Chenkou Craft

👤I was shorted almost 70 pieces. Some were broken and had to be thrown. The flowers were pretty but I only received a 5-rose shape. There was more of the large flower. They were all white. I used 7 on the frames. There are too many ribbon holders and rings that I can't use, and there are a bunch of tear drop. Most of the medium pieces are white. I wanted to get more colors. There are only a few of each color in the most colorful ones. I did not get a shape shown. Most bags are likely randomly colored and you get what you pay for. I wish I had a different bag. If you happen to have a better bag, I am sure you will love it. Good luck with that! The nickel, dime, and pea sizes are the large ones.

👤I received 98% white and there's no way there's 450pcs in here. I can't seem to find another mix like this one. I would be happy if there were more colors and more pieces. I love the mix and the cute little pieces.

👤The quality is not the best, but for this price, I didn't have high expectations, and these beads will be good for my little projects. I only received 301 pieces. The roses that I saw in the description are not the ones that are actually in the package. The assortment was good. I am going to return and order again in hopes of getting around 400 pieces and at least a couple of roses. When I receive the new package, I will update my review. The second package is much nicer than the first one. The amount of beads is more accurate if you mix a few roses. I am happy that I was reordered. My rating was two to four stars.

👤White products. There was a lot of white pieces. I only got 5 colored roses after ordering them. I did not get any other flower cuplets. The small pieces were cheap and unattractive.

👤I felt ripped off. Not like the picture. I have a lot of broken parts. All white parts are smaller than a dime. 450 parts were added in all. I'm lucky to get 100 out of this broken up mess. Not happy.

👤I don't know why these had so many complaints. These are perfect as card adornments. How many are in the bag? It goes by weight and number. I don't know if people really read the description. I am very pleased with appearance, quality and price.

👤I would not purchase this again because I got 85% to 90% of one thing. If it's supposed to be a mix, you should just send what you want to send. Rip off.

👤Mislead very badly. The picture is deceiving as all of the 450 pieces were the same size as the littler pearl rings. It must be the sender/random making choice not to send any of the 20MM sizes because this manufacturer or seller name usually delivers what is advertised...

6. PandaHall 1400 1500 Seashells Decoration Wedding

PandaHall 1400 1500 Seashells Decoration Wedding

All seashells are packed in a plastic container box to make sure they are undamaged. Small seashells can be used for crafting, as well as being used for decorating shell mirror, wreath, invitations, wish bottles, etc. The fish tank has great ornaments. A few starfish and seashells can be spread in a fishtank. They can be used to make fish tank decorations and to make a miniature reproduction garden beach scene. The ocean breeze tropical decor feel will be brought together by the home decorations. It's perfect for all your needs. They make great accents for candle making, filling clear vases, nautical decor, ornaments, floral and wreath arrangements and beach party decorations. Hawaiian accessories complement the nautical theme birthday party. As a beach party favor, use a table as a scatter. Colorful decorations can be found in the home living room, dining table, bedrooms, art gallery, luau party, restaurant decor and more.

Brand: Ph Pandahall

👤Cute! These little seashells were fun to look at. I wanted to place the sand in a glass with a vial for wedding favors because the container was small. Only two out of the whole container were damaged. Very well shipped.

👤I used the shells to make beach themed cards. Some are big enough to make an impact on card fronts but the majority are tiny and will work perfectly with a bit of sand. This is why I wanted them.

👤They were used to make cupcakes. They were the right size for them. The customer was over the moon with her message. They were all packed up. There was no damage to the receipt.

👤The shells were perfect for crafting. I wish the shells and colors were different, they all look the same after a while. Still beautiful! I used them for a birthday present but haven't used any of the rest of the container. It's worth the money.

👤I buy tiny shells based on the overall value. The shells are perfect for small bottles. The cup container is worth a lot. The price is an excellent value and they are well suited for my needs. I can't say if there are 1400 or more shells, but it is more than what others are offering.

👤These are very small shells. My soaps were used as a decoration. It was the perfect size for what I needed. There are a lot of shells. Well packed for safe arrival.

👤The packing inside kept the shells from shaking and breaking. The container was a bit more firm.

👤These shells are great for my Dominoes. My clients love them as well. They are a good size and variety. Will buy again.

👤Les coquillages sont trs bien, pas pas, J'ai satisfaite du produit, 1$ des pots, de coquillages. J'ai irralisé, c'était cher finalement.

👤I used these with starfish to make a vase. The shells are very small. You might need to buy more than one container depending on what you're doing with them. Such as a filling for a vase.

👤I like these. I expected the shells to be different but my jar has the same shape shells.

👤There are many different sizes and colors to choose from. Even in small molds, work well.

👤Cute shells. A wide variety of colors.

7. 1000pcs Natural Wooden Unfinished Decorative

1000pcs Natural Wooden Unfinished Decorative

The package includes 100 Pcs 20mm beads, 100 Pcs 16mm beads, 100 Pcs 14mm beads, and 100 Pcs 14mm beads. Endless creative decorating options include wooden prayer beads, wooden beads garland, bead wreath, bead ornament, wooden beads chandelier, Christmas tree decoration or any other wooden beads decoration. SMOOTH CRAFTING EXPERIENCE The round wood beads are suitable for art and craft projects. The natural wood is a smooth and polished surface that is ready to be painted, stained, embellished or jeweled. You can make your own wooden beads for decoration or craft to add a new flair to your home décor. Bring more style to you and your loved ones with a velvet gift. Their wooden craft beads are an excellent gift for friends, family and kids. Allowing your kids to be creative at a young age. The set is great for people that like to make things. 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is your top priority. If you have any suggestions or issues with the product, email them. If there is an issue with a product from embellish, it comes with a free replacement or full refund.

Brand: Embellish

👤They are put into a large bag after being packaged in individual bags. There is a The beads are not all mixed up.

👤The packaging is well packaged. The beads are in separate pouches. Some of the beads are cut in half, not drilled all the way through, and are discolored. It is a shame.

👤The beads are great for making things. I used the largest size to make a wreath. Some of the beads had small defects, but for the most part we are all very good quality. I am excited to use them more for other things.

👤I have seen a similar bag at our local craft store. All the beads are put in a bigger bag. I'm looking forward to using them for other projects. My first one was a toe in my bathroom. It looks simple and cute.

👤Excellent assortment of wooden beads. Plan to buy more. I have painted, stained and used antiquing wax. The holes are not bad. I think I only had a few that weren't usable.

👤They are great for my crafts. A great deal for many different sizes. Will be back for more.

👤These wood beads are very nice. When I'm doing a project, there are so many to choose from. I will definitely buy them again. Excellent quality.

👤The beads are what I wanted. I made a rustic Garland for the kids. The quality is great and the different sizes are nice.

8. Bingcute Wholesale Briolette Briollete Container

Bingcute Wholesale Briolette Briollete Container

You can check the color of the glass by breaking it. 6x8 is the size. The shape is 8mm rondelle. A mix box set with 300 colors issorted with 10 colors. The beads are top quality. If these beads do not meet your expectations, you can return them for a full refund. Each bead has a different size.

Brand: Bingcute

👤I didn't post a picture of this bead because they are exactly what the pics describe. It's just beautiful. I took a picture of the difference between a 8mm bead and a 6mm bead. I hope this will help those in question. These beads are very good. I like them.

👤Be careful! These are plastic beads. I don't know how much people were paid to make these look like glass or crystal beads. The company should be ashamed of themselves. I need to find the return policy as I write. Really upset!

👤I am very pleased with the quality of the beads that I bought. They would make a beautiful touch to handmade jewelry. These beads are perfect for my jewelry. The seller was great. The package was well packaged. I'm very happy. There are pictures of beads.

👤The beads are plastic and advertised as crystal glass. I don't like returning things and I won't order from this company again. I did.

👤I ordered these in the smallest size of 4mm and the hole through the bead is large enough to fit a small gage wire or elastic string through the make bracelets, earrings, etc. They are made of glass. There are a lot of colors and the hard plastic case they came is a good and tight closed lid. It's perfect for storage because it doesn't have to worry about falling open and spilling beads. The light colors are still wonderful in color despite being less opaque than expected. The bead is not spherical, two sides of it are flatter, so they sit against the skin nicely.

👤I make jewelry for a living and I'm always looking for cheap beads for my rosaries. The Bingcute 6MM beads are gorgeous. I will keep buying this brand for beads. This review is for the 6MM, so always look at your size. When ordering 6mm beads, make sure you double check your size as they come in a really small pot. I don't want you to be upset if you don't know your size. 8MM is a good size to make bracelets with. I wish my beading friends a happy birthday.

👤The crystal beads are pretty. They sparkle like crystal. The cut of the beads is very striking. I like the size of the beads because I don't like bulky jewelry. I like the shape of these beads and the colors are pretty. It's a lot of different. The container is clear. The container was a little smaller than I had 888-276-5932 888-276-5932 888-276-5932s The entire container is within the length of an adult female hand. It's okay. It's worth it because there are a lot of beads. Enough to make many bracelets and necklaces. I am happy with the price and the beads. I can make a lot of bracelets with them. I used a different cut of Bicone beads for my bracelets. I told you that the colors are beautiful. They are vibrant and defined so that each color is different and striking.

9. Shapenty Decorative Briolette Rondelle Bracelet

Shapenty Decorative Briolette Rondelle Bracelet

These jewelry making kits are suitable for jewelry making, gifts, home decoration, collection and beads associated with good luck, balance and confidence, can help you ease your stress and smooth out your anxiety, ideal gift for your friends, family members and for yourself. The material is crystal glass and the shape is faceted rondelle beads. The measurement is 6mm x 4mm and the hole is about 1.2mm. 50 pieces for each color is shown in the picture. It's great for bracelets, necklaces, jewelry making and craft accessory. 1200pcs is included in the package There are crystal glass beads. Please note the size before purchasing.

Brand: Shapenty

👤Don't buy. The bracelet was made with additional materials purchased from Amazon. You can see in the picture that I was staining my skin when I wore the bracelet for two minutes. I will return the item. Very disappointed.

👤The beads look nice and the price is reasonable. The color on your skin will leak and you will have to dye your fingers. I will soak them before I bead them.

👤Wow! These glass beads are gorgeous. I ordered a couple of boxes. I am happy that they are little beads. They are not plastic. The colors are striking. The boxes they came in had snap locks. I was happy to see that the elastic in each box was stretchy and could be used to make bracelets. I'm going to make some jewelry.

👤I was not happy with the purchase. I've bought a lot of beads, but never received them in this condition. The broken storage box allows beads to fall out and into the outer bag. The ones that were in the storage box are in different places. After an hour, I could see that a few colors weren't going to have the full amount. There were different sizes. Some were damaged. Shapes were off. Some were cut in half and others were pear shaped. I usually return items, but these are going back. I can't recommend them. The price was good, but if you're missing colors you're not able to use some beads due to shape and size differences. The storage box is broken. The price is too high. It takes hours to sort through them. I really wanted to like them.

👤Love them. I don't want to use them if they're pretty. It was worth the money.

👤I usually wait until I use something before writing a review, but there are so many ways to goof-up glass beads. I didn't count them, but they are the right shape, size, and amount, and there is the same amount in each compartment. The container is the right size and the beads stayed where they were supposed to be. What else is there? There is more color. Primary and secondary colors are very hard to find. The red is not white. There are orange, yellow, and green things. New patterns and designs are being inspired by them. These are going to be fun to play with.

👤The holes are too small for the cord. It would have been better if a more accurate description had been provided.

👤The bead set is small. The colors are beautiful. It is made of glass. The container is closed. I would love to see a kit with different shapes, sizes and colors.

10. Rhinestone Birthday Decorations Supplies Projects

Rhinestone Birthday Decorations Supplies Projects

Good for wedding: suitable for wedding tables, party tables, decorations, arts and crafts, etc. The diamond ribbon for crafts roll is a nice ornament that makes the item beautiful and sexy, making the room full of atmosphere. The crystal rhinestone ribbon is made of quality materials that are safe to use and not easy to break. Diamond ribbon is bling and sparkle. The crystal rhinestone is shiny and beautiful, and the classic shapes of the rhinestones make them look more three-dimensional, which adds a touch of glamour to your art works. The package has a roll of 8 rows and a roll of 4 rows. Most items can be decorated with enough and long ribbon roll. The bling ribbon can be bent into a specific shape. It's good for decorating wedding party, graduation ceremonies, anniversaries, baby diaper cakes, candles, vases, dining tables, wallet, pen holders, hair clips, shoes, photo frames, mirrors and other items you want to add shiny. It is easy to cut the bling ribbon with scissors because it is attached by a mesh grid. A glitter ribbon is used for crafts.

Brand: Trooer

👤This thing is my best friend. I took cheap plastic containers and created a palace in my bedroom. I use it many times a day. The picture doesn't do it justice. It looks better in person.

👤I had already used most of it, but I noticed there was no actual rhinestones on the trim. The part is painted. I can get the sparkle out of my finger by putting it in the little holes. I work in the wedding industry and I hope my client doesn't notice. It is very deceiving to look at it. You can't tell right away. I don't know if I just got a bad batches, but it isn't that great.

👤It was perfect! Very shiny! Very reflective! I used to have sexy bling in my bedroom. I bought this one because I ran out of the first roll. This order came with two rolls, the same size as the first one. It was used to finish up my decor.

👤I would have liked to read the reviews before buying. I will probably never use them because they are not real. This is not for you.

👤I love this ribbon. I used this to create a couple of do-it-yourself decor for a bridal shower. The ribbon was easy to cut, and I used regular glue to glue it onto the treat box. The glue was applied to the rows of the rhinestones. If you use this type of glue with it, it will move if you give it time to harden. It held onto the box after drying. I made a floral vase out of this ribbon around a glass cup with double sided tape, using it as a decor. I don't have a photo to share, but it worked perfectly during the event and did not fall off. I used tape because I wanted to take the ribbon off the glass and use it as a drinking glass after the event. There is a The flexibility of this ribbon was important to me. I was able to cut and trim. The look and aesthetic I was going for was not affected by the minor fraying on the strings when you cut them.

👤These are high quality cakes. It is easy to place and easy to cut. I am not a fan. My cakes are home-made and the ribbon still works great. The ribs may look better if you are killed in gunfight. They are very weak. I was very happy with them. I only used the wide RIBBON on my last woodworking project.

👤I read as many reviews as I could. I thought it would have some based on the reviews, but it didn't. It's an empty space that reflects light. I plan to return the item. I need something with stones.

👤I bought this to wrap a little girl's Christmas gifts because she loves shiny things. I tied this ribbon around a large box of tootsie roll pops and candy canes to make it fun. This is not meant for tying bows. There is a If you look at gems, it works. This is perfect for gifts, adorning dinner tables and center pieces.

11. YUEAON Wholesale Natural Bracelet Necklace

YUEAON Wholesale Natural Bracelet Necklace

If you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase, you can get a replacement warranty. Cmidy Direct is a place to shop and do business. 9*10mm,hole size is about 4mm. The material is wood and the technology is painted. The picture shows mix color. Natural wood is Lead Free and great for beads.

Brand: Yueaon

👤The beads I bought were used in my hair for the premier of Black Panther. The wooden beads were cute. They didn't get 5 stars because the holes weren't punched through all the way on many of them, and the little jagged pieces of the partially punched out wood tried to grab my hair when I put it on my braid or twist. The patterns on the beads wore off after a couple days, which made me sad because I liked the patterns and bought these beads over other bead choices. I didn't deduct for the fact that they never said in the description that they came with a beading tool. I was happy with the beads and patterns I wore to the premiere, they looked cute when I first did them.

👤I made the beads work, they were a lot smaller than I expected. I had to do smaller braids. It was shipped quickly. I counted 28 beads that didn't have holes through them, but only on one side, so I couldn't use them. I used all the beads I bought to see how they fit. I wouldn't order again for anyone with thick hair.

👤I came up with the idea to make Bracelets for all of my family members. I did the usual thing. I began buying tools, other parts, and Beads after I looked up the information I needed to start. The first information I received was not clear on the size of the bead. There is a I came across information that said Beads from 6mm to 10mm are better for bracelets. Without good selections in stores at this time, I am hard pressed to know what I am buying. I made a sample bracelet for myself to see how it would look. I used the Beads with the other Beads and Spacer Beads. The beads are larger than they are pictured. The other beads were much smaller. I threaded enough Beads to finish the project after following a larger, smaller, then Spacer Bead design. The bracelet was well made. I wore it for a while. I like the look of these beads. They are attractive and colorful. The Beads are large and I haven't had a complaint about that. That is my fault. Is it possible that I would buy these again? Yes? I already know how they look. These are good for making Bracelets for young girls. They were also stringing on their hair. I am a bit more flamboyant. I like larger jewelry. The four stars are for the bead count, colors, wooden and price. The Beads are packaged in two packages and placed inside a bigger bag. I think it is a good idea to split them up. I have more control over the Beads. I will be purchasing more Beads soon.

👤The wooden beads did not break when installed.

👤I love the designs of the beads. They are very pretty and unique. It's possible. I am very disappointed in the size. They are larger in the pics, as usual, with a lot of things on Amazon. There is a The moral of the story is important. Everything on the screen is not what it appears to be. When buying beads, make sure you read the sizes and get a measuring tape to see if that size will work for you. I can use them for other projects, but I can't use them for what I wanted, which was to add to macrame wall hangers I am making to sell. I don't think the cord will fit through the holes. If it does, you will have to look at the designs on the beads. We will see. I will update if they fit.


What is the best product for decorative beads for crafts?

Decorative beads for crafts products from Progress Lighting. In this article about decorative beads for crafts you can see why people choose the product. Mckanti and Jialeey are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative beads for crafts.

What are the best brands for decorative beads for crafts?

Progress Lighting, Mckanti and Jialeey are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative beads for crafts. Find the detail in this article. Cmidy, Chenkou Craft and Ph Pandahall are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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