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1. Flat Glass Marbles Vases Centerpieces

Flat Glass Marbles Vases Centerpieces

It's perfect for indoor and outdoor use and will bring a lot of fun. Excellent quality glass pebbles. Their marbles are non-toxic and made of the highest quality glass. The marbles were made with the finest craftsmanship, reducing flaws and common blemishes in other marbles. They are always clean and polished. Save money by buying a 5-pound set of marbles for less than the 1-pound set. They have 5 lbs. The set contains around 500 marble stones and fills about 6 and a half cups. The individual marbles are around.75 inch. Multiple use marbles can serve multiple purposes. Use as a table scatter at your next party. You can use it as a wedding and party décor. They can be placed in your fish tank aquarium or used as crafts supplies. It's essential for party planners and for photographers. The uses of these rocks are endless. The full white color marbles are a deep non-transparent white color with a slightly reflective polish, which allows them to be used to hide flower stems in floral arrangements and aquarium floor. They give a classic look. If you are not completely satisfied with the glass beads, you can return them for a 100% money back guarantee. It is that simple. There is no return or explanation for why you don't like it. They are dedicated and committed to customer service and you will be amazed by their response time and service.

Brand: Koltose By Mash

👤The rocks I'm giving 3 stars for are not the same as the ones pictured. I took off points for the ad description and appearance. The rocks are pretty. They are not what I wanted or what I thought I was getting. The rocks I bought are a shade of light blue and are in the ad photos. They are not transparent in the photos where they are submerged. I had a light blue glow in the dark rocks in my bird bath and I thought they would match it. The rocks I received are translucent and almost transparent in the water, as shown in my attached photo. They are more green than blue. They look like giant fish eggs. It's funny. I bought them to keep my solar fountain in the center of my bird bath, so I didn't return them. They are glass rocks and doing what I need them to do. I already have sky blue rocks in the fountain.

👤3 different colors were bought. I don't remember which color it was. The bag popped open. Someone dropped the box and it popped the bag. Only 5 of the beads came out of the box from a 2 inch hole. I picked it up and it tore 5 inches from my floor. All back to normal after being swept up. I could tell the bag was thick when I looked at it. When compared to my other bags, the ability to tear easily was surprising. There is a My point is to be prepared to pick any order carefully. I wouldn't have thought that bag was incapable. It's odd. What is the bottom line? I'm happy. Be aware, that's all.

👤I needed to fill my large and heavy cut lead crystal jar with something colorful to make it look better. These are pretty, but a little heavy for the shelf I keep the jar on, and I'm afraid something like this will make the shelf bow after awhile. I'm going to fill my jar with fairy lights and get rid of them. These are really nice if you have a stable place to use them in. If excess weight will be a problem, go for something lighter-weight.

👤This product is very good and I would highly recommend it. These gems were of high quality. I have purchase from other sites. The color was not painted on, they were solid all the way through, and I had no problem losing color after I put them into a mosaic. I used a red gem from a company that wiped the color off of my red heart, leaving it a flaky and clear color.

👤The bag was ripped open when I received it. There were broken things in the bag. The glass looked like it had been used. It was dirty. The bag was dirty. I washed them. Very disappointed.

👤I almost didn't buy them after reading some of the reviews, but I had no broken pieces and they are very smooth. It's perfect for my betta and 5 gallon tank.

2. Rustic Garland Farmhouse Tassel Tiered

Rustic Garland Farmhouse Tassel Tiered

30 days return. Their wood bead garland with tassels is a great way to create an instant farmhouse vibe in your home. Their decorative wooden beads are solid and do not hang loose on the string. If you want to display their beaded garland with tassels on your tiered tray, you can drape it on other bohemian decor. Their rustic farmhouse beads come in a cute gift-ready box and are available in a variety of colors. The fall bead garland is made in the USA for superior quality and is made with the highest quality and safest materials.

Brand: Mainevent

👤I wanted to decorate with these and they were perfect for my coffee table.

👤I own one of my favorite beads. It is cute and rustic. It works well with my look. The beads were in great condition. I'm happy I made this purchase.

👤There are beads that are white. They were packaged in a cute little box with a note from the seller. They're the perfect length to drape over your coffee table books. I love everything about them. Highly recommended!

👤I didn't think they would be as good as they are for the price. The beads are very smooth and not rough at all. The product is amazing for a good price. Thank you for helping me give my wall an extra wow piece.

👤Very nice. Substantial without being large.

👤It's used for decorating. The quality is high. It was very well made. You can see that the product was put together by someone who cares about their product by looking at it. One thing they could do differently is make them about 6 inches longer. Great product.

👤I bought these places on my tray and they are very lightweight and feel cheap compared to others. I tried steaming the fringe, which was very crinkly. They bounce back. This is one of the things you pay for.

👤They will go anywhere in our home. I like the shorter length and the fact that there is no decoration on it.

👤This is the first time I have purchased from this seller. I am very happy with the product. I have purchased beaded garlands from other sellers but they are not as beautiful. The paint on the beads is gorgeous and doesn't oxidize like some others I've purchased. The length is great and the garlands are put together well. They add a touch of farmhouse to any decor.

👤I am happy with this purchase. Well made and high quality. Fast shipping. The colour is gorgeous. Will definitely order again.

👤I love your products, 5 stars for you.

3. Wooden Garland Tassels Farmhouse Clearance

Wooden Garland Tassels Farmhouse Clearance

The surface of the tray and garland is made of paint that is waterproof and can be kept for a long time, even if you use it in a humid environment. The wood bead garland is made of solid wood beads and strong rope which will bring peace. The length of the wooded beads garland is 35 inches. The wood bead garland can be used in a variety of modern home decors: bohemian, farmhouse, shabby chic, French country, and so on. The bohemian garland can be coffee table decor, bookshelf decor, fireplace mantle decor, draped around plant pots, candle holders or as a wall hanging. If you have a problem with the wooden bead garland, just contact them.

Brand: Df Dualferv

👤I was looking for something that was very good quality, and this item was exactly what I was looking for.

👤It was very well made and at a great price. I love these bead garlands, they are super quick and I love everything about them...

👤I thought they would be simpler for the price, but they are perfect. I liked it.

4. Garland Tassels Farmhouse Country Decoration

Garland Tassels Farmhouse Country Decoration

Bird S: 2.6''H; Bird M: 2.7''H; Bird L: 3.2''H; Bird XL: 3.9''H. The total length of the beads is 58 inches. Natural wooden bead garlands are perfect for farmhouse, primitives, country, vintage art, home and outdoor decorations. It looks great draped around plant pots, candle holders, mason jars, hung on a wall, on door knobs or styled on a tray for a rustic chic feel anywhere you like. Birthday party, baby shower, Christmas, wedding, housewarming, Mother's Day, Father's Day, class party, and more are examples of thoughtful gifts. Feel free to contact them if there is any damage or unhappiness. It's their responsibility to make sure you get the quality you deserve.

Brand: Ramirabi

👤I used them to tie my curtains back. Everyone in my bathroom comments on the beads. I'm in love with them. The room is made by them. It is worth the money.

👤I like the farmhouse vibe of the decor I buy. It is cute.

👤These beads are of great quality.

👤These beads are gorgeous. They are very well made. It is more than I expected. I put them around the vase. I am going for a farmhouse vibe at my house. I am very happy.

👤I have a dining room in my condo. I keep a bowl of fruit, flowers, and other items in the center of my table. I have a stone Buddha that lives in the middle. I needed something else to go with him. The beads are a perfect accompaniment. They are not expensive, they are the perfect size, and the color goes with everything. You can't beat the price. I uploaded a video to judge them for myself.

👤The little decoration is perfect for the center piece. They add a little pop to my dining room table center piece.

👤I ordered it in gray. It had a blue tint to it that I didn't notice from the picture. I kept it because I still like it and it can read blue.

👤This is a great way to decorate your home with neutral colored beads and it can be used in so many different ways. The middle of the table decor is where the Christmas tree is located.

👤I bought this item because it was farmhouse decor and it fit in perfectly. It's pretty and good quality.

5. QualityIn Garland Farmhouse Hanging Decoration

QualityIn Garland Farmhouse Hanging Decoration

If you are unhappy with the product, they will give you a money-back guarantee. The total length of wood beads is 29 inches. The wood bead is 14mm. The Garland is made from wood beads and Jute. The three colors of the beads make them feel comfortable and attached to the nature. You can place the Wood Beads Garland on any place you want. Perfect Gifts for Graduation, Anniversary, Holidays, Wedding, and Housewarming. The beautiful home decors will bring peace and faith to your home. 3 Pcs 29 inch Natural Wooden Beads Garlands are perfect for Farmhouse, Country, Vintage Art, Home and outdoor decorations.

Brand: Qualityin

👤The bead is small but the price is great.

👤I love these. Good quality and love the different colors.

6. Decorative Farmhouse Garland Thankful Grateful

Decorative Farmhouse Garland Thankful Grateful

Their vases for home decor are made with the highest quality and safest materials and were designed in the USA. The set includes rustic twine and 1 piece farmhouse beads with tassels, it is a nice combination to create an incredibly stylish bookshelf decor. The package comes with a piece of 4 ft twine, a bead garland with 2 inch jute and a wood book stack that measures about 8.27 x 5.5 x 1 inches. The book stacks and the beads are made of quality wood, tasteless and non-toxic, and they look like realistic books, but also have a rustic feeling. Farmhouse decor book stack makes nice staging accessories for any table centerpiece or corner shelf, which can be regarded as a part of a book stack for decorating a room, coffee table, bookshelf, tray, basket, night stands, entryways etc. These white stacked books can be sent to your friends, family, teachers and coworkers as delicate gifts, giving them a surprise effect, and they can also be personalized with your own information.

Brand: Jetec

👤I finally ordered a set of these. I was excited to unwrap but was deflated when I saw the color. It's almost blue and not white. There was a small ding on the blessed corner, but nothing that could be hidden.

👤It was exactly as described and pictured. I love the beads. It was lightweight for my shelf. Fast shipping. Well packed. Freshly painted smell.

👤It looks great and it is exactly as described.

👤This item was brought to my book shelves for decor. The beaded string was broken when the package was opened. I had to tie the string together. It is unacceptable.

👤This product is really nice and I used it for decor.

👤I love it! The living room decor is perfect.

7. Pieces Wooden Farmhouse Garland Vintage

Pieces Wooden Farmhouse Garland Vintage

They're great for mosaics and also great for crafts and home decor accents. The finish on these glass gems gives them a bit of sparkle. Their Gems are made at a time and are unique. The tiered tray decors are a great way to dress up your farmhouse, home or kitchen, they are filled with rustic farmhouse atmosphere, which is suitable for daily life decorations. It's ideal for decorating your tiered trays, shelf decor, farmhouse window, coffee bars, kitchen, tables cape, counter, window sills and so on. These arch window sign and bead are made of wood and are designed to look like a cathedral arch window with a white and black color scheme. The total length of the wood bead garland is 31.5 inches, which is appropriate for decor and easy to set up and display. Adding rustic and retro charm to your home can be accomplished with this simple but significant rustic window frame pack.

Brand: Jetec

👤It was perfect for what I was looking for.

👤These look great on my tray.

👤The Tassle was the only thing in this package. The 2 wooden farmhouse frames were not in this package. The package was supposed to be 3 pieces. I want the rest of my package or a refund. Thank you in advance.

👤The product did not come with the beaded garlands. I'm very disappointed. The windows are pretty.

👤These were additions to my stand.

👤The items were cute and perfect for what I needed.

8. Pegason Farmhouse Garland Rustic Decoration

Pegason Farmhouse Garland Rustic Decoration

The barnyard happiness guarantee. Let them know if you're unhappy with the product and they'll fix it for you. They are proud of their high-quality products and happy customers. The rustic home decor bung is 58” long and can be used in farmhouse decors. Round prayer beads deliver faith and love to your home and family, so they also work well with rustic wedding decor. Premium Canada wood has better clean and netural features, which is why it's called the Pegason boho garland. The tassel garland will make your home smell better. Wooden prayer beads. There are 84 of 0.63” beads and 2 of 4.3” tassels in the pegason bead garland. The wooden beads are well-made. There is a festival wood decor. beige white is the color of the wood bead tassel and can be painted or stained. Farmers paint them to red every year to make a Christmas decoration. MULTIAPPLICATION Farmhouse beads with tassel look great to match a bohemian wall, curtain back, coffee table, dining table, and bookshelf decor.

Brand: Pegason

👤I've recently bought a few of these and other wood and macrame decor items. You can find many places to use them. I like hanging them from my dining chandalier. They are very chic. What not to love? They seem strong. My kids are rough with them and don't have any issues with them getting damaged.

👤They are nice for what I needed. They are only meant to drape from a vase on a shelf, but they may not hold up. The beads are smaller than I thought and the tassels on one of the ends were coming undone when I opened the box. It needed to be tightened a bit. For shelf decorations, they are fine, but I don't think they will last long.

👤You get two pieces with these. The bead color and look is perfect and the tassels are full and long.

👤This is longer than I wanted. I think that's a plus. I was able to style it the same as a shorter one. The only complaint I have is how the tassels shed. I love it because of that.

👤The beads are very nice. The wood is nice and there must be some type of finish on it. I would highly recommend them.

👤They add the perfect texture and touch to my decor and I couldn't be happier.

👤Good quality and long. There is a I would have liked to have bought more than two. The fireplace mantle has fall decor.

👤The description is misleading. These beads are not white. They have a hint of yellow. No thanks. I am.

9. LIOOBO Garland Farmhouse Country Decoration

LIOOBO Garland Farmhouse Country Decoration

Hand wash only, wipe clean with cloth and cold water. Do not allow water to leave the tray. Natural wooden bead garland is a great finishing touch to your home decor. This Garland is sure to bring just the right touch to your centerpiece, fire mantel, or any other area. The piece is simple and beautiful. A great gift for graduates, moms, newlyweds, new mothers, and more. They will bring peace and faith to your home. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Lioobo

👤I bought these because I saw so many people decorating with them. I am happy that I bought them and have them displayed on my new ottoman tray, which is very nice. The price was great.

👤The beads added a touch to the glass vase.

👤They are pretty and have a touch of whimsy. I like them. They are a creamy color.

👤I saw one on an expensive home site and found these on Amazon. These are the perfect wooden beads for home decor. They are very durable and long lasting.

👤I love this piece, it's great with my decoration, I was looking for it. Do recommend.

👤The item had green mold all over it. The bag was sealed like this. This should not have been shipped from the warehouse. The hassle of sending it back for something that could have been avoided.

👤It's a little thicker than I wanted, but it looks great in my kitchen.

10. Occan Farmhouse Handmade Decoration Festivals

Occan Farmhouse Handmade Decoration Festivals

A wooden bead garland is a great gift for graduates, moms, newlyweds, new mothers, and more. Extra Long 58” wood bead with garland adds more charm to almost every furniture in your house. The mantle is a perfect place to display the tge Garland. Every warm, lovely family needs natural round prayer beads and Jute to bring peace and faith to their home and family. The occan wood bead garland is 58” long and 0.63” diameter. There are no color running problems with wood decor beads. The Jute is 4.3” long. There is a gap between the beads to make sure the garlands are not stiff. Adding a round or hang on furniture to your house is a good idea. Canada Wood was fresh selected. As a modern farmhouse decor, they hope this farmhouse garland has better quality. It was made with SELECTED CANADA WOOD, which is more solid, better clean and smells fresh. There are many uses for the wooden beads garland, including curtain tieback, bohemian wall decor, coffee table decor, and even tiered tray. The rustic beads garland makes your farmhouse decor more relaxing. Christmas trees and Easter decorations are adorned with garlands made of Occan beads. If you like to decorate your house with your own ideas, and you have a budget, the free painted wood bead tassel is your favourite ornament.

Brand: Occan

👤The beads are not 58 inches as stated in the description. It was a big disappointment. I can use them in my Thanksgiving decorations.

👤Exactly as pictured and described. Would purchase again. It looks great with my decor.

👤The beads were a little smaller than I had 888-276-5932 They work well for the purpose of decor.

👤These are what I wanted. I put them at the top of the bottle. The beads add to the farmhouse look. I like them so much that I might order another one. Very versatile.

👤I ordered wash white, but received beige. There is a chemical smell.

👤They are the same as described. It is beautiful and not cheap to look at it. I like them.

👤I used this product on a cookie photo shoot. The perfect touch was added.

11. PEDOBO Magnetic Tiebacks Holdbacks Decorative

PEDOBO Magnetic Tiebacks Holdbacks Decorative

CRYSTAL CURTAIN TIEBACK. The curtain holdback is made from crystal flower and beads. It's a shiny crystal handicraft that brings color to your home. The flower chaste decline is occurring. The double crystal beads rope curtain holder is a decoration for windows when the light shines on the crystals and is handmade from jewelry quality crystal pendants. It's easy to use and wide application. The tiebacks could show a different style to your curtains. It's perfect for drapes, sheers or shower. This magnetic flower decoration is perfect for curtain, shelf, vase, wall, etc. It is suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, dinning room, bathroom, offices or studios. SPECIFICATION: Rope length is 40 cm/15.8 inch and flower is 4.5 cm/1.8 inch. Quality guarantee. Every curtain tie back is handmade and goes through a number of quality checks. They can guarantee a high quality curtain decor.

Brand: Pedobo

👤They are packaged in a fancy box and come in a fancy box. Great presentation! When I took them out of the box, I was afraid they would be too gaudy, but I decided to try them out on my curtains and I love them! So far, so good, I hope they stand up with my use. I had them for about 2 weeks. I close and open my curtains. The magnet is strong. I usually have 2 curtains tied back.

👤They are not as big as they looked in pictures, but they are large enough for my curtain. They are gorgeous! They catch the eyes of everyone who enters my home and get a compliment. Everyone is interested in how they attach. It took me a while to figure out how to detach the magnets from the strands.

👤They are easy to use and pretty, but one of the petals broke off in 2 weeks.

👤I was surprised by the quality of these. I used them for my towels and they worked great.

👤These are the prettiest tire backs I have ever seen. The sparkle is amazing. They feel like jewelry. There are glass beads. I think they're a good choice.

👤It's hard to see them in these pictures. We like them.

👤I was not sure if the magnets would be strong, but they are. The way they are made makes them strong and beautiful.

👤We use them on the curtains. They seem very strong and sturdy.


What is the best product for decorative beads white?

Decorative beads white products from Koltose By Mash. In this article about decorative beads white you can see why people choose the product. Mainevent and Df Dualferv are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative beads white.

What are the best brands for decorative beads white?

Koltose By Mash, Mainevent and Df Dualferv are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative beads white. Find the detail in this article. Ramirabi, Qualityin and Jetec are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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