Best Decorative Bed Pillows Grey

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1. Eucalyptus Branches Watercolor Decorative Pillowscase

Eucalyptus Branches Watercolor Decorative Pillowscase

The Floral throw pillow covers are thick, soft, and comfortable to touch. These throw pillow covers use the same design and high quality invisible zipper, they are easy to clean and wear. Only pillow covers are warm tips. A floral pillow covers will make your home feel more comfortable. It's suitable for decorating living room, bedroom, dorm, couch patio, porch swing, balcony, car, office and more. The best gift you can give is a watercolor decorative pillow. The ideal gift for family, relatives and friends on holiday or at Christmas is the eucalyptus pillow case. Please do not hang to dry, tumble dry, or iron the pillow cases, they will look brand new.

Brand: Sweetshow

👤The pillows are soft and full, and I bought them for my couch. There is a The cases are not the same as pictured. They are not the same as the blue green of eucalyptus. I have provided a photo.

👤The quality is okay. The pillowcases are cute and go with my theme.

👤The material is felt like it was made for the page and you can see it. The cheap feel of the fabric was my biggest issue. The colors were very cold and had no warmth.

👤The fabric is very soft.

2. Alricc Turquoise Artwork Contemporary Decorative

Alricc Turquoise Artwork Contemporary Decorative

High-quality material. Made in the USA or imported. The velvet fabric and teal pillow covers are light weight and durable. Grey throw pillow covers 18X18. The insert is not included and the Inches set is 2. 1PC. The turquoise pillow cover is made from high quality polyester and it is very healthy and lightweight, which is gentle to the touch. It's warm for cold winter while it's hot for hot summer. Art pillow covers can be put in your arms to play a warm and protective role, but also increase interests in home life, different pillows can bring a different style and fashion. Elaborate pillow covers can be used as a decorative item for Christmas, Home, Hotel, Decorative, Chair, Floor, Yoga Seat, Chair, Floor, Yoga, Foot, outdoor, Bedding, Beach, Car.

Brand: Alricc

👤The pillow covers are soft. I brought them to match my artwork.

👤I didn't know the pillows had no stuffing. I went to the store to buy some. Disappointed.

👤These are great! Even though I was winging it, the size was perfect. They are soft and will last a long time.

👤I was under the impression these were pillows. The cost of two pillows to stuff it was more than I was planning on spending. They look nice, but a little thin, so they will see how they hold up.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. They are soft and bright. Excellent quality.

👤The pillow cases are bright and colorful. They are soft as well. The quality of the material and stitching was not good and I paid a lot for it. It was difficult to get the pillows in because the zip does not go all the way across. I am not going to hold my breath, we will see if they hold up. I received the pillow cases two months ago, but the zip on one broke. Too expensive to last that long.

👤These pillows are colorful. They compliment a neutral color living room. They are well made and priced well.

👤I wanted these colors to go with our new sectional to make it pop. I ordered 2 more because they were so pretty. The living room is complete and they compliment it. I would order again.

👤These cushion covers are wonderful. The design is beautiful and the material is good. The colors are correct.

👤To send them back would have been a nightmare as I had mistakenly ordered 2. I was told to give them to my mother.

👤These cushion covers are a lovely colour, made really well and great value for money, but I think they are more like garden furniture cushions.

👤Excellent price and quality. Delivery from China was very quick. I would be happy to use the supplier again.

👤The covers are one side and white on the other side.

3. DecorHouzz Sentiment Embroidered Decorative Anniversary

DecorHouzz Sentiment Embroidered Decorative Anniversary

There is no insert or stuffing in the package, only a 1 pc rectangular pillowcase. Dark grey pure cotton fabric is embroidered in white. Only a cushion cover of 30X50 cm. There is a self hidden zip up. Solid plain reverses. Warm iron is required for washing and care.

Brand: Eurasia Decor

👤I love this cover. I have the texture for a couple of months now and it still looks great. It looks very cute on my bed.

👤I love the pillow cover. It is exactly what I was hoping for. The "Sleep In" is not just printed on the pillow cover. It is embroidered on the cover in a beautiful charcoal gray and the border is the same color. I just bought a new quilt set. The cover of the pillow is made of very good quality material and the embroidered design is very well done, so it feels like it is very long lasting. This item is a must have for me.

👤I want to give this pillow cover 5 stars. The stitching is very nice. The supper broke when I put the pillow insert in the case. I was careful with the zippers because I could feel it was delicate. This is a cute cover. I don't like that the zip is so delicate.

👤The decorative throw pillow is cute. This is not the whole story. You will have to buy the pillow insert separately. It was very close to my guest bedroom. I dried it on the low heat setting of my dryer after washing it on the gentle cycle. I am happy with the purchase. Naps can fix everything.

👤I need a cover for my small pillow. There was nothing elaborate or over the top. This is perfect! The size, color, and material was what I was looking for. I put the small pillow on my bed after washing it. That one word says it all: sleep! I love it!

👤What I was looking for. The material and letters are embroidered. I love it!

👤The pillow is of excellent quality, and I only had to add batting. I have it on a bed with a busy patchwork quilt and a couple of neutral colors pillows, it just completes the look. A pillow that says " sleep" makes me happy. Good purchase.

👤The pillowcases arrived together. They look great on the guest room beds. The message is embroidered on and not printed on the fabric. The zippers worked well and allowed plenty of room to fit the correct pillow into place. I would order them again. When ordering the "blessed" pillow, it was shown to be a dark gray while the "sleep" pillow was black. They both arrived the same color. It was quicker than stated.

👤The items received have blue writing and border, not neutral colors. There is a The first time I put the correct insert in, it broke. I was unable to request a refund because it arrived after the refunds closed.

👤I love the embroidered sleep pillow. The little pillow cover is my favorite.

👤It looks like a pillow in the bed. There is a Good color and good words to sleep.

👤What is pictured is exactly what it is. Good quality fabric and stitching.

4. MIULEE Decorative Romantic Chiffon Pillowcase

MIULEE Decorative Romantic Chiffon Pillowcase

40 x 40 Cm is the size. Please allow 12 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing. There are 2 pillow covers without inserts. The fabric is high quality. It's very soft and friendly. The color of the screen may be different from the light. There is a hidden zip code. You can decorate your room in a simple and fashion way. It's suitable for a wedding party, a living room, a bed room, a sofa, a couch, a car, a seat, an office, and a bench. There are washing tips. It makes it easy to insert and remove the pillow inserts. It'll look brand new if you wash it cold separately, gently cycle only, dot not bleach, and do not iron. Premium quality is what Miel is dedicated to providing.

Brand: Miulee

👤I used 2 accent pillows and one without a pillow insert as a decoration. Very pretty!

👤The fabric is beautiful. There are zero cons.

👤There are beautiful pillow covers to enhance your bed. The quality is excellent and it was easy to fit a 20 inch pillow into the 18 in covers. I used the covers for my theme. The covers look nice with a shabby chic bed style. Take a look at the photos.

👤These pillows are 3D. They were a great addition to my bedroom. The 2 pinks don't match, that's the only thing I can say. One is the correct color and the other is a peach-like color. I was okay with it because both colors go with my look.

👤It was great for the value. The ads look great on any bed. If you are looking for pedals that look feminine and delicate while not delegate them, they will stand up, and it is pretty nice. Highly recommended. They are pillow cases or covers that don't come filled. I used one of my old pillows. It looks great after being shoved in there.

👤I love my pillows. The extra touch was perfect. I put a 22 x 22 pillow in the 20 x 20 slip cover. Adding a bigger size pillow will make sure the pillow has a full look. If you put the same size pillow in the slip cover. The pillow will look deflated. Another example is a slip cover and pillow.

👤These are in the 16 X 16 pink. It was a nice shade. I was afraid they would be too nice to go with a pink scheme, but they compliment it well. They are perfect as accent pillows on a bed in a very feminine bedroom, I just popped the pillows from the former color scheme into them. These would be great for a feminine touch in a room that is more male or female. The details are clear, but be aware that there is no pillow inside. You can buy pillow forms or a bag of fiberfill at any craft/sewing store or thrift store. They are an excellent buy for the money.

👤I ordered 18x18 but they sent me 17x17. They run an inch small. It was good that my throw pillow inserts fit in. I made sure to do a lot of extra care when I put it on. The material is soft and durable. The price of 2 throw pillow covers is affordable. Overall, I enjoyed it.

👤You should sell the covers for this price. There is a I have to find pillows to fit the covers. And they are extra small.

👤The rose material is tightly wound. There are some areas that are missing. It appears to be fragile to clean. There is a Considering this, it is overpriced. It is definitely a coral peach colour. Didn't bother to send them back. They look pretty long term.

👤They fit over our pillows and look beautiful. There is a The red bled into the white and we just got them. Suggestions on how to stop it?

5. DEZENE Grey Decorative Pillow Covers

DEZENE Grey Decorative Pillow Covers

There are decorative pillow covers. Add a designer touch to your home decor, such as bed, sofa, couch, chair, car, patio, farmhouse, bedroom, office, etc. The soft couch pillow covers are cozy. The fabric is made of 80% cotton and 20% linen and is grade A, high class, both sides are the same. The fabric's color is matched with the invisible zip. It's convenient to change. The color of fabric is beautiful. The set includes 2 pillow covers. The inserts have to be purchased separately. Do not use bleach or iron in the machine for easy care and maintenance.

Brand: Dezene

👤The look made me give 3 stars. I would give 2 stars for the construction. There were black threads on my pillow cases. I proceeded to open the cases after removing all of them. The anxiety kicked in when this happened. There were a lot of threads in the way. It's as if they sewed on the zip up without moving the fringe or threads. I didn't think I would be able to open them. I finally got both of them to be opened. If you don't take your time, you will end up stuck in the zip or even break it.

👤These pillow covers are not 20 x 20. These are 20 x 20. I went to the store and bought 18 x 18 pillows and they were still snug, as I was putting them on the pillows the tassels started coming out, I just turned the pillow over so the non tassel side was on the couch so no one could see. I will be returning them. I think these would be better for $40. I wouldn't spend my money or time on these again. They do not fit a 20 x 20 pillow.

👤I love these pillow covers. They are a dark navy blue. I'm here to tell you that they are a true navy, because other images from reviews made me wonder what shade of blue they were. The covers fit my pillows perfectly. I thought I would never use the pillow covers again, but I have used them a few times for support while sitting on my sofa. They seem well made. I wouldn't consider these for homes with small children or animals that are important to you. I wouldn't consider them soft, but they are exactly what you would expect from a linen-textured fabric with a frayed design. I love how they accent my room.

👤I purchased four of these, and they are incredibly attractive, but beware that the tassels are barely connected, and will rip off with the smallest of pulls. I removed the rest of them after losing a few and will use the pillows this way. They are not attractive enough to make it worth going back to the store.

👤First of all, yes, the zip ties are very obnoxious to use. It took a lot of care to get the fringe out of the way of the zippers to open. I filled it with shredded foam fill after unzipping it. It's much easier to open the zipper and not have a pillow in it. The fringe sheds like crazy when you open the package. I shook it a lot because I was afraid of tossing it in the dryer and ripping it off. There is a It is very cute after all that. I have a dark navy blue shirt. I was looking for the perfect color and it was just like the picture. My room is mostly dusty pinks with green accents, and this little blue pillow was the perfect pop of color. Who was expecting a high quality pillowcase for this price? Once filled, they sit on my bed and look pretty. I can reinforce the tassels with some thread if I need to. I'm glad I bought them.

6. ACCENTHOME Printed Cushion Slipover Pillowslip

ACCENTHOME Printed Cushion Slipover Pillowslip

Eco friendly cotton material enhances their breathability and durability. The covers have high-level printing and dyeing. There is a beautiful pattern on the front and back of the invisible Zipper Cushions. There are multiple pattern choices. There are various uses of a bolster for any part of the body. The soft and healthy touch feel is offered by the 100% cotton printed cushions. For easy care, the machine is dry. The 18x18 inch is ideal for home use.

Brand: Accenthome

👤These are pillow covers. I returned them. I gave it two stars because I missed it, but I am sure it says that in the info. I thought I was getting pillows.

👤The accent pillow covers are for my new dining room bench. The material is a lot thicker than I expected and the zip is sturdy. I used a 20 x 20 pillow and 18 x 18 cases to get a full and fluffy look. I like the designs of these cases and would buy them again.

👤As I was cutting the tags off of these and starting to stuff the first pillow, I was thinking about how nice they were and how it would be to write a positive review. The second pillow case had a problem. I thought it would be easy to fix it. I watched videos on how to fix the zippers, but in the end I ripped the entire one off of the pillow. I know I could have returned them. I wanted to get these pillows out on the porch immediately. I put the broken one behind another pillow that didn't have any issues and closed it with a safety pin.

👤The canvas is heavy and the zippers are good. The front and back of them are the same. I fit my inserts perfectly. It is worth the price.

👤The first one I ordered was terrible, a smell came from the bag, I thought the pillows were cute. I put the covers on my pillows and thought the smell would go away. Nope. I let them sit outside for a bit and used a fabric cleaner. The smell was still there. I decided to wash them to see if that would help. The smell is starting to go away, but after one wash, they look terrible. The blue is no longer the same as it was years ago. My replacement order smelled terrible. It smells like someone threw them in the bin.

👤I bought the covers for our deck on Amazon. We've already gotten a lot of feedback on them. They have been outside for a couple of weeks and we had rain every day for a week. They don't seem to be fading and drying out quickly. I will purchase these again.

👤Excellent quality, just what I wanted. It gave my living room a pop of color. The only reason I dropped a star was because of the cover. You can't see it in the picture. It had a long line. It seems to be missing. I contacted customer service and they gave me half of what I paid to avoid having to return them and get another set. It's a good thing.

👤The covers were very nice. The color is not the same as the picture. We can't return them because we never took them out of the packaging. We were buying a patio set. It was out of stock. We were going to buy these. It was too late to change these when we got the set. There is a You should open your packages right away to inspect them.

7. YOUR SMILE Rectangle Decorative Pillowcase

YOUR SMILE Rectangle Decorative Pillowcase

The cotton linen blend is of great quality. Both sides have the same design. There is a one side. It is easy to change, and it is easy to insert and wash. The cushion can be opened 18 inches. There is a brand new PC Pillow cover/Shell that has no cushion insert. Do not iron the machine wash cold separately.

Brand: Your Smile

👤Quality is not that great. It is not 18x18 which should fit a 20x20 pillow insert. The reviewers have only been on Amazon for a month.

👤I used the same inner pillow for both of them. If that is the case, one of the zippers might pull apart. I expected them to last more than a couple weeks.

👤I am amazed at how well-made these pillow covers are. I have several of them on my couch, the bed, and an armchair, all of which I need a pop of color in. Excellent quality for the price. My new couch came with pillows that were very sturdy and plump. The prices of new pillows are terrible. I have transformed 3 ugly pillows into gorgeous pieces that are exactly what I want for half the price of a new throw pillow. It is extremely durable. It's not easy to get a good quality pillow into these covers, but once you do, just zip it up. There's no risk of a ripped fabric or a broken zippers. * It is beautiful. I can't speak to the other colors, but the red is vibrant and textured, which is not a cheap-looking solid color. The detail is what makes the difference. It looks more expensive than it is. There is a I like that the zip is hidden and strong. I want about 50 more throw pillows.

👤The throw pillow cover was red. I was pleasantly surprised. The shipping and packaging were not great. There is a The cover is nice. The red color is very bright. The linen is sturdy and thick, so you don't have to worry about it tearing. The pillow is very durable and if handled with care, will last a long time. There is a I'm not returning the red because it's too bright for the decor I was trying to match it with. I'm keeping it for later use or use in another room. If you want to add to your room decor, you should order this pillow cover. I will purchase more from this seller in different colors. I can't wait! There is a The material, quality, and color are all positives. There are pros and cons. None

👤The pillow covers are a heavy cotton blend and I liked them. I can't return since I need the incorrect pillow cover right away. If it wasn't for that, I would have rated higher and bought additionals.

👤I was happy that the pillow was only for decorative purposes. It would be hard to rest your head on because of the texture. I bought a pillow from Amazon to stuff it. I thought I was buying a cheap pillow that I could use for my grandson's new day bed, when I read the description. I had to pay for a pillow the size of the pillowcase and then for the logo. I paid more for a $35 pillow than I would have paid for a five year old bed with four additional pillows. I need to read them carefully.

8. Bohemian Decorative Textured Minimalist Farmhouse

Bohemian Decorative Textured Minimalist Farmhouse

Hang to dry or machine wash separately. Don't soak for long. Do not use brushes to clean. There may be floating objects during the first cleaning. This is normal. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them through Amazon. Within 24 hours, they will provide you with a solution. The design features a white cotton with Grey fringe trims in a geometric pattern. The Body Pillow cover is 54in. x 20in. Does not come with pillow insert. 100% Cotton is very soft and absorbent. It is machine washed. It was tumble dry. Matching accessories include bedding sets, decorative throw pillows, shower curtains, window panels, bed skirts, body pillows and more. Check their store for these accessories. The pillowcase cover has a hidden zip that makes it easy to insert and remove a pillow.

Brand: Kb & Me

👤The thin pillow case is thin enough to fit the body pillows. The material is cheap. I have seen better pillow cases for less. It is not the quality I would expect from 35. Disappointing.

👤I was expecting a better quality item for the price.

👤If you have a white pillow to cover, the pillow case is cute. I bought it to cover a reddish pillow and it now looks more pink than white.

👤It worked well for what I wanted, but it was a bit see-through.

👤The grey plush has a zip code. I couldn't open the pillow case.

👤My measurement was 49” It won't fit my pillow.

👤This is not good quality for $30.

👤I expected that from the description. It was well made.

9. Hofdeco Lumbar Pillow Script Cushion

Hofdeco Lumbar Pillow Script Cushion

Hofdeco His and Her Gray Love Is All You Need Script pillow covers will make you look good. This pillow cover is made from heavy weight Cotton Linen fabric and is comfortable, durable, and beautiful in color. Cotton Linen is a size of 30 cm x 50 cm. There is a front side printed and a blank back side. The package includes a piece of pillow cover. The pillow cover color is light beige, not pure white, and the blank parts are not included. This is the color of cotton linen. If you're looking for a pillow insert that's larger than your sham, please search "Pillow Insert." The pillow insert for the pillow cover is 20x20, the pillow insert for the pillow cover is 22x22, and the pillow insert for the pillow cover is 13x21

Brand: Hofdeco

👤I'm sorry, but it's ugly. I thought it was grey and white. It looks like a dirty creme color. The material looks like a bag. The house is grey, white and silver. This still doesn't go well because I have a farm house. It doesn't look good to me. I am disappointed.

👤The pillow is cute, but it looks like the letter n is written in a way that says "All you weed is love". I put it on a chair in the corner because I almost returned it.

👤This is a cute pillow cover. I like it. It goes with a few colors. It's nice to have it in my bedroom. I use it on my neck when I sleep.

👤The pillow case looks exactly like the picture. The size was correct and the material was a canvas/burlap type. The material looks great and will probably last a long time.

👤I love this pillow cover. The word love and the back are not white. The fabric is very durable and not really soft.

👤I shouldn't have been looking at the picture. The message should say "all you need is love", but when it arrived the "n" is widening and it seems like it says "all you weed is love".

👤It's as advertised and you can go easy on the zip up when you first use it.

👤This pillow is more of a canvas type than a white one. It's cute and strong.

10. Madison Park Modern Accent Decorative

Madison Park Modern Accent Decorative

Soft faux fur. The faux tip dyed brushed long fur has a 260gsm knife edge.

Brand: Madison Park

👤I'm sick of products that are not advertised. I wanted a 20x20 inch pillow. The attached label says the finished measurement is 20x20. The description needs to be changed by the seller. Update... The pillow won't last 6 mos because the stuffing is inferior and the lump can't be changed. It's now a mess. The worst pillow.

👤The pillows and throw were bought. We went on a trip this week. I noticed a four inch seam opening when I used it for one day. I can sew it. It's too late to return it. The pillows are too big. There isn't any give. I liked how they looked.

👤I don't know why but this is the third product I've received from Amazon this week that's completely different from what I've seen, read, and ordered. We bought a lot of household items from Amazon when we were moving. There is a This pillow is not even close to measuring at 17 inches. I paid for a 20 x 20" and expected Amazon to do a quality check before shipping it out. I think that's not how things work in the warehouses. I'm not happy about getting wrong items after wrong items, because someone is not doing their part. There is a We don't have time to re-package and return products after moving. If you are looking for a 20x20 size, don't order. If Amazon didn't ask for access to my phone storage, I would have posted a picture.

👤The stitching was terrible because the pillow seam split within two weeks and weren't being used much. It would be great if it wasn't that. After 2 weeks of having it on the couch, we had to throw it out.

👤I like these pillows so much that I will break them in a bit to make them softer and more comfortable. My skin is very sensitive and gets very itchy if I lay on it too long. There is no big deal. I plan to buy more for my living room.

👤See all the other reviews for the dimensions are not correct. If you want a soft faux fur feel, do not get this. Disappointed but already removed the tags.

👤I like the pillows very much. They go with my blanket. They're perfect, I looked 888-349-8884 It was very soft to the touch to put your head on. Their firm enough so that your head doesn't sink all the way to the bed. They are not used for sleeping on every night as I do, so they are getting slightly misshapen, my bad. It does not say that the machine is machine washed. It's a shame. All in all, would purchase again.

👤I don't know what the negative reviews are about, but this pillow is great. It feels great and it looks great. It was well blended with my comforter. Period!

11. OA OATHENE Decorative Pillowcases Super Soft

OA OATHENE Decorative Pillowcases Super Soft

There is a pack of decorative throw pillow cover that does not contain splinters. This series use high quality cotton and fiber blend for super soft, easy care, soft handle,durable and luxury. A nice addition to your bedroom or living room is a couch. It is possible to insert and remove inserts with the invisible zip. It is safe to wash by hand or machine. tumble dry in low temperature

Brand: Oa Oathene

👤These pillow covers are very nice. One of them is supposed to be black, but it seems like a very dark blue.

👤It's hard to get pillows in a perfect size if they are on the thicker side.

👤The picture makes them look good. I'm not buying this on my sofa.

👤Not a single complaint. I almost didn't buy them because of some of the reviews, but I'm glad I did. They are soft and cover my pillows. My couch has a new addition.

👤The covers are beautiful. It was soft and thick.

👤These are very soft and good quality.


What is the best product for decorative bed pillows grey?

Decorative bed pillows grey products from Sweetshow. In this article about decorative bed pillows grey you can see why people choose the product. Alricc and Eurasia Decor are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative bed pillows grey.

What are the best brands for decorative bed pillows grey?

Sweetshow, Alricc and Eurasia Decor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative bed pillows grey. Find the detail in this article. Miulee, Dezene and Accenthome are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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