Best Decorative Bed Pillows Navy

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1. Pillow Covers Decorative Cushion Bedroom

Pillow Covers Decorative Cushion Bedroom

Soft VELVET MATERIAL. Their navy blue throw pillow covers are made of soft velvet fabric and are very comfortable. Giving you a touch that is very gentle. It's durable, absorbent, and resistant to wrinkling. The front and back are the same material. A perfect combination of strength and softness is brought about by good sewing stitch and exquisite workmanship. They have a variety of colors and sizes that will work well with any decor. You can fit your pillows in a snug manner. The decorative pillow covers are hard to fade. You deserve it! The HIDDEN ZIPPER has been updated. The sofa decorative pillow covers 18x18 are made with an invisible zip, which is more durable, gorgeous, and works great. It can also provide easy removal of the pillow cover. It's a favorite! Perfect disposition. Their blue couch throw pillows cover for bed have different vivid colors to match your different decoration, for example perfectly go with living room, bedroom, office, car, couch, sofa and so on. Updating your home decor with their velvet pillow covers is a simple way to do it. When you wash it, take out the pillow insert, use cold or hot water, machine wash, and do not iron at high temperature. They will do their best to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Bleum Cade

👤I bought a yellow 18x18 and I'm really happy with it. I had to buy a cover because I couldn't afford to replace the sofa that my kitty scratched up. I needed a pop of color after choosing gray. I've decided to get the 12x20 in creamy white because these look so good.

👤These are quality pillow covers. They are soft and well made. There is a hidden zip code. My puppy liked the taste of one of the previous covers so I replaced them with these. These worked well. Happy with the product.

👤The texture is very soft and I like the grey color. The zip is not very noticeable. These were a great addition to my living room couches. I like resting on them as they are very comfortable.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this item. It was the best price for a pillow cover. It seems like it will last for a while.

👤My pillows fit perfectly in these cream colored ones. I like the color and how soft they are.

👤Well made pillow covers, vibrant color, wash up nicely and add a touch of comfort and style to the couch!

👤Es hermosa. Y super sexy.

👤Look like the pictures. It is soft and rich.

2. MIULEE Decorative Luxury Cushion Bedroom

MIULEE Decorative Luxury Cushion Bedroom

It's suitable for sofa,bed, home,office. The size is 18 x 18 inches. The material is made of microfiber polyester. The color of the screen may be different from the light. There is a hiding place. The machine is machine washable. Thepillow inserts are not included. Before use, shake or wash the pillowcase.

Brand: Miulee

👤It was a steal for the price. I was going to return them when I pulled them out. The hairs were matted together. The return fee was 6 bucks. I decided to keep them. I didn't want to mess with the hair or pull it out. I used the hose on my Kirby to fluff them out. It made a huge difference. You can see the difference in the one on the left side. I fluffed it on the right side. I'm happy I'm keeping them. It is a steal for the price.

👤I was a bit skeptical of the pillows because they are so cheap. You can't enjoy the beauty of them until you brush them with a comb or brush. They are not pretty when you unpack. You can see the beauty when you comb or brush them. The pictures are attached. One photo shows a pillow brushed out, the other shows it coming out of the package. The second photo shows a pillow. You get a lot of fur in the comb, but these things are so thick, just keep working it until you feel the fur work out. You will love the result. There is no shed after you have done it, and combing or brushing them is really good. I was hoping the blue would be a bit darker. After brushing, they are more of a royal blue. If you like the look of matted hair, leave it out of the package. Run through a fluff and not a heat cycle in the dryer to get the initial shed resolved.

👤I am very impressed with these. They came out of the package matted. I brushed them out and they were soft and fluffy. They shed a little when brushed, but didn't affect the quality. I put my own pillow inserts inside and they look great. Excellent value, soft and full!

👤I love these pillows. It was so soft and fluffy. I combed my pillow for a fluffier look after I took the first picture, because the one on the right shows how they look out of the package. I combed my pillows. I like them. I haven't put my bedroom back together yet. I am waiting for my floors to dry. I would have shown them on my bed if I had stenciled them. I was so excited about them that I was going to post my review. You need these pillows. The price is worth the fun. I included a picture of the pillow inserts I bought on Amazon, I am very pleased with the way they fill out the pillow cases. Have fun!

👤I loved the first set of pillowcases. I ordered two more because I decided it was good quality. The pillowcases were white and beautiful. When I received my second order, they were off white and smelled weird. I ordered the same thing from the same seller. I feel like it's either a hit or a miss.

👤The other accents are very stylish. It came somewhat stringy looking and had to be fluffed and that made them shed. It has been a few days. I hope they don't shed anymore. Love them other than that.

3. Phantoscope Decorative Luxury Merino Cushion

Phantoscope Decorative Luxury Merino Cushion

80% Modacrylic, 20% Polyester. 80% Mod and 20%Polyester bring you with top grade hand-feel. It is skin-friendly so that you can enjoy the soft touch of your throw pillows without worrying about allergies. The plush pillowcases are made to be soft and look like real fur. The faux fur pillow covers add a warm touch to your home décor, especially in the fall and winter seasons. Hidden Zipper The throw pillow covers are very easy to insert and replace and keep an elegant look. The package includes. The pillow cover is 18x18 inch. There are 2 pieces of throw pillow cases in the package. INSERTS are not included. A bigger pillow insert is needed to present the best shape. Their pillow covers are easy to care for. The fur pillow cases are made with fade resistance and will keep the original hand-feel.

Brand: Phantoscope

👤The pillows are soft and have a pop of texture in the couch decor. They come out of the bag and are matted. The golden retriever's hairs can get matted down in between groomings, and this reminded me. I went to town on the pillows after picking up her comb. I did one pillow at a time, you can see the before and after shots. I had a small amount of hair loss in the brush, but it was less than I was expecting, and I could hardly miss it with the amount of faux fur in this cover. A little elbow grease is all it takes to make a great result.

👤I have a pillow made of Tibetan wool. It is off white. It was soft. I just bought a faux pillow and it looks the same. It is soft and wavy. It looks a bit more matted but for the price it is amazing. The back side is soft. It looks well constructed and I am very pleased with its initial appearance. The pillow is on the left.

👤Delivery was very fast and soft. These are the covers for pillows. Not a pillow. These are soft and pretty. They are perfect in my bed. Thanks!

👤The first picture shows how the pillow covers arrived. A little man looking. If you do this, the second picture is brushed out so you can see the difference. I really like my new pillows. They are soft. When you brush the pillows, there will be some shed. Don't wear black while doing this. Your reviews help me find things I want. I hope this helps you. You can find the other pillows in my profile. Happy shopping!

👤These are pillow covers. There is a I bought new throw pillows 5 years ago. I never thought of buying throw covers for them. I was so glad I did. The throw pillows that came with the couch were starting to loose their fluffiness and I wanted a new look. I'm very happy I went with these. They look great, feel great, and make my older flatten throw pillows come alive again. If you have old, flat throw pillows that are ready for the garbage, I recommend buying them. The fit is perfect. The back is soft. The fur is soft. I haven't washed them. I don't know how they will hold up. I'm sure they will do well in the cold cycle. I bought another pair of them because I loved them so much. It's gorgeous!

👤It's great if you were just using it as a decoration. It will look great if you brush it out like a review says. It's only fluffy on one side. It sheds like crazy. After brushing it with a wire dog brush, I will not stop dropping it. Sometimes I end up with fluff in my mouth when I lay on the couch. I'd suggest brushing it thoroughly, washing it and drying it according to instructions, and then brushing it again.

4. OATHENE Decorative Texture Cushion Inch 1367

OATHENE Decorative Texture Cushion Inch 1367

The material is 18x18 inch, one side printed, good color effect,solid ink, won't fade after wash. HD digital printing, modern fashion style design, easy to match your sofa and pillows, is the design. It is possible to insert and remove inserts with the invisible zip. The package includes decorative throw pillow covers. It's safe to wash by hand or machine. tumble dry in low temperature

Brand: Oathene

👤You can order 2 sets. The material is rich in colors. It looks great, I blend it with my other pillows.

👤The pillowcases were better than expected. The sofa is in the same colors as the vibrant ones. The price was outstanding and the material is soft. I was shopping a lot and can't believe how expensive pillows are. I bought the 20th-century filler because they were nice and puffy. The shipping took a bit longer because of where they were shipped from, but still arrived in a reasonable time. There is a nice variety of pillowcases.

👤The vibrant colors in the ad made me want to like them, but upon receipt they're not very good. The purple print is not very well done, and the material reminded me of old flour sacks, which were made of different materials. If you look closely at the ad pictures, you can see that it is worse in full size. The reverse side of the image is plain, as the review title states. There is a If you're using them in a kids room or somewhere else, the appearance doesn't matter, because they look like they'd be functional and durable.

👤This is what I expected. When I tried to put a pillow in, they started ripping at the seams, which reminded me of Burlap. Unless you want something cheap, I wouldn't recommend this.

👤It was not very soft, but it was expected from a throw cover. There are patterns that are perfect. I read a lot of reviews before buying pillows and was surprised to see the covers were smaller. I will have to purchase larger pillows because the covers were true to size. Love them.

👤Cute pillows. Match decor is really well, but the touch is rough.

👤I was so excited to try these because I love the pattern on them. The texture is rough but my other smaller throw pillows have soft coverings so I wasn't concerned about the comfort level. The colors and patterns on these covers are just gorgeous. I was a little worried when I saw that the opening on the side of the cover wasn't as wide as other throw pillow covers I've ordered from different sellers. I tried to put a smaller pillow in than the cover size, but it didn't work. While trying to insert my pillow through the opening, the seam popped and came undone where the end of the zip is. I sat it aside in order to sew and repair it and now I'm reluctant to try to put a pillow in the other covers because of the danger. If I had a suggestion to the manufacturer, it would be to make the opening for the pillow wider.

👤It is. okay Based on the description and reviews from customers, it's not what I expected. There is a The covers are made of 100% cotton, but it doesn't seem like it. It looks like synthetic to me. The fabric of the shopping bags reminds me of a material that cotton doesn't do, the "linen" fibers. The prints in pictures are not as sharp as they could be. There is a Just 3 stars from me.

5. COLORPAPA Decorative Pillows Cushion Outdoor

COLORPAPA Decorative Pillows Cushion Outdoor

The Throw Pillow Covers are made of Linen and are made of Better Express. The size and feature are important. There is a pack of 4 throw pillow covers. The package only has a Throw Pillow Case. The pattern is printed on one side and the color will never fade. Farmhouse style pillows can be used to decorate your bedroom, hotel, chair, floor, yoga seat, chair, floor, outdoor, Bedding, beach, car, and Grab a Pillow for extra flair. This Contemporary Art Pillowcase can be used as Christmas Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts,Ideal Greenhouse Gifts, and more. It is safe to wash by hand or machine. tumble dry in low temperature Don't Bleach and Iron.

Brand: Colorpapa

👤I don't have a picture of these, they are beautiful in person. They added a lot of color and design to our front room, which we wanted to stage to sell our home. They are not very soft. The material feels like something you would find outdoors. I don't mind. They are very high quality. Would purchase again.

👤I bought this to accent my new sofa. They are pretty and go with the gray sofa. They are not very soft. Since they are only throw pillows, they don't matter to me. I was looking for something that would compliment the sofa. They fit the bill.

👤I didn't realize that these are just the covers and not pillows, which is fine. The white is not white at all, it is more of a tan/cream color. Not what I was expecting.

👤These are cute and I love them. I love being able to use my old couch pillows without having to buy new ones. It is a good quality. The fabric is of good quality. Will purchase more like this when I need a new design.

👤I didn't want to spend a lot on pillows for my outdoor dining set. I used to have old pillow forms from an indoor sofa. I bought the covers and it worked out perfectly. The navy and white set looks great with these. It's worth the money.

👤The colors are beautiful. I wish they were bigger but they work perfectly. I would buy again. The material is smooth. I have them on my deck so I am hoping they are able to survive the weather.

👤I didn't read the fine print, but I did get covers when I thought I ordered pillows. They are great quality. I finally bought pillows to put in. They are what I wanted.

👤The color pops and it's pretty. I love these pillow covers. I have them in my living room and it makes the room pop with that extra color.

👤I was looking for bright, vibrant colors. The "white" parts are more khaki-colored than white. The linen material is thick. Held up well in the initial wash and then turned inside out on a gentle cycle, but had the potential for threading/zipper to come loose after a few washes. The opening is small so be careful with the inserts.

👤These cases are made of canvas. I was expecting that. I didn't think that the dye lots would be different. I like 2 of the cases. The small zip is ok for me, but some may be an issue. They fit well. I ordered the 20 and it is the same size.

👤The covers seem well made, feel nice, and are reasonably priced, but they are not aqua, grey and white as pictured. I had to return them because the white is more yellow than they were before. I tried to make them work, but it wasn't the look I was going for.

👤I had these for a couple of weeks. The fabric is getting fuzzy as they fall apart.

6. MIULEE Velvet Decorative Tassels Cushion

MIULEE Velvet Decorative Tassels Cushion

The unique design is stylish and elegant, with each edge sewed with exquisite tassels, creating a cute look and bringing your home a cozy feeling. The color of the screen may be different from the light. 2 pieces of 18 x 18 inch / 45 x 45 cm velvet pillow covers have tassels. They are not included. The velvet is super fine, soft and comfortable to lay on. This outstanding fabric is Breathable, heat resistant, warm and absorbent, and it creates a luxury touch. The hidden zip up works well. You can use experience and the reinforced seams are durable. Perfect decoration is suitable for decorating living room, bedroom, patio, lawn, porch, balcony, couch, sofa, etc. Make the room look budget friendly and give your guests a good impression. A nice gift for your family and friends. Hand wash is recommended. Do not Iron. The pillow cover will be softer after each wash.

Brand: Miulee

👤It pains me that these didn't work for my color scheme. I read reviews that said they were cheap but I ordered them anyway because they are so inexpensive. The quality was exceptional and the price was not what I expected. There is a I need a more yellow gold to cover the ones I have now, and these are a true gold. They look and feel like real velvet and the quality of the zippers is high. I included a photo and a thread to reinforce it because of the many complaints about the tassels coming off. If you plan to use these for more than just pillows, then you will want to use reinforcement stitches. It is well worth it for the price. There is a These are beautiful and inexpensive. BUY THEM! Thank you later.

👤The pillows are beautiful, but the tassels are a problem. One of the pillow cases was barely hanging on when I took it out. I thought I'd just cut that one and hide it, but two others have fallen off. It's pretty disappointing that we're not using them.

👤A pillow ties a room together. The color was soft and fancy with the tassels.

👤Two tassles have already come off after less than two weeks.

👤These were a nice touch to my bedroom. They are very soft. The pillows are black, and the other pillows are green, coral, and white. I wouldn't be rough with the tassels.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. They look expensive and are high quality. I am impressed by the quality of the navy color and the low price point. I have purchased several different style covers from MIULEE and I have been pleased with all of them.

👤The yellow gold color is great. It was soft and sweet. There is a link to a pillow insert. The pillow goes into the corners with the extra inch. It was perfect shaping.

👤I loved these... I have only had them for about a month and some of the tassels are starting to become undone and hang longer than others. This is disappointing because we aren't very hard on our stuff. There is a I can easily remove the tassels. I found that my pillows fit well and the sipper is holding up.

👤The pillowcases are pretty. I ordered the orange and it is bang on. Both cases broke immediately. I would rate the value for money zero if I could. These beautiful cases are rendered useless by the poor quality of the sipper.

👤Absolutely worth it! The price and quality of the product are great. The material feels very soft to the touch and the little tassels are lovely. When putting the pillow in, take your time. They fit perfectly. I like a new throw pillow cover to change it up. There is a I am a bargain finder and I don't want a cheap cover. This is a great find. Go for it and you won't be disappointed.

👤It turned out to be a better match for my room than army green was. Beautiful pillows. The quality of this set has been the same in both colors as it was in the first one. They have cheap pillows. They came very fast. Less than a week from the time you place your order.

7. MIULEE Decorative Luxury Cushion Bedroom

MIULEE Decorative Luxury Cushion Bedroom

It's suitable for sofa,bed, home,office. The size is 30 x 50 cm. The material is made of microfiber polyester. The color of the screen may be different from the light. There is a hiding place. The pillow cover is noble. Pillow inserts are not included.

Brand: Miulee

👤They really mean off white when they say it. There is a photo next to a white pillow. The case was fine, especially for the price. If you are looking for a bright white, look elsewhere.

👤The pillow cover is fun. The fur can be brushed with a hair brush. The before and after photo is attached. This product is of high quality compared to similar products. It is strong and does not fall. This is important. Other similar products are very cheap and hard to clean up. This item has a hidden zip and is an important improvement over others. There is a fur side to this pillow cover. Good quality heavy cloth is on the other side. Highly recommended!

👤The color is perfect. The pink, purple, and mauve color is beautiful. This pillow by muilee is the best pillow on Amazon, I ordered other brands and returned them, but I stuck with this company's. They need quality control because the fur was coarse and fuzzy and it felt like a pillow, I returned it because it was not as soft and smooth. The muilee fur is very thin and has a certain fineness to it that makes the pillow very soft. The grey one felt different than the pink one I ordered. It didn't look like it. I was unsure about the way I wanted these pillows to look when I started this pillow cover venture. The fur from the ojia brand was too short and looked like a polar bear wrapped around my pillow, I didn't like it at all. I originally wanted the hair to be straight and long, but after seeing the fur I have changed my mind. I adore it, it's cute and playful. When it arrived, I used the vacuum on it. I like the original look better now that I have been converted. You can't go back really. I want to get a new one and have the original look back, so I'm debating returning and ordering another. I showed each look before and after. Straight out of the bag is the better option. I recommend vacuuming over brushing, it helps with the look of these. It's not good to brush it. No one wants to brush these things and create a fuzz mess. Overall would definitely buy again, over and over again, just hope you get lucky and not un with one of the coarse furr ones. There is a Hope this helps!

👤I thought this would be like a cheap fur that looks soft but feels terrible, and it is not! It is soft and shaggy and the color is vibrant. It is amazing. It is a focal point of my room because it is large. I put a 26 by 26 pillow inside.

👤This blue fuzzy cover is gorgeous! Very soft. I am already in love! The pillow cover has fuzz that is matted and wild. Some people say you should give the pillow a good brushing once it arrives. I agree. To each is his own. I like the look of it. I brushed the cover a little and it straightened the fuzz, but if you take it out of the package and run your fingers through it, it won't really make a difference.

8. Baidast Decorative Inch,Set Cushion Farmhouse

Baidast Decorative Inch%EF%BC%8CSet Cushion Farmhouse

The throw pillow covers are strong and invisible. The pillowcase is made of high-quality linen material, which is comfortable and durable, has a natural texture, and does not fade. The standard size is 18x18 inch and 45x45 cm. The insert is not included in the package. The pillowcases can be washed in cold or warm water. The cushion cover is an elegant home decoration that is suitable for sofas, sofas, chairs, offices, beds and terraces.

Brand: Baidast

👤Absolutely love the pillow covers. They worked well with my inserts. The ones with the 20-inch pillow forms came out full. My sister bought me a throw blanket for Christmas and the colors were perfect for it. I have to tell you that these are not white, but a creamy linen color. It works for me, but it may not work for you. If you're looking for bright white, you need to look for pillows made of cotton and not linen. The covers are not too rough. Not the kind of laying on that you would feel comfortable doing. If this will be your purpose, I wouldn't recommend them. I really like these, as the material and pattern work for me, and the color works for me. They are a great value for under $12 if they will be for you.

👤The first photo in the ad seems to show them being blue, grey, and white. When they arrived, what I thought was white was actually khaki. I assume part of the blame because I see that these are on a khaki background. I will have to return them because I bought them to go with a white quilt. They are a bit small. If you put them with a dark colored pillow, it will show through the fabric, but if you put them with a white pillow, it will be fine.

👤The pillowcases were nice, but I didn't work out what I was trying to coordinate. I don't like how they stopped selling pillows with nice covers and now only sell the covers for the same price.

👤These are pretty. My living room was matched perfectly. The price is great.

👤I don't like the material used. Looked better in pictures.

👤I thought it was the pillows and pillow cases set. The design is comfortable and durable. There is a bit of difference. The price is high for only the pillow cases. I need a set of pillows for these cases.

👤Pens tiene fondo color crema, unirse, and fondo blanco.

9. DecorHouzz Embroidered Decorative Cushion Anniversary

DecorHouzz Embroidered Decorative Cushion Anniversary

There is no insert or stuffing included in the package. The navy blue pure cotton fabric has a white thread embroidered on it. There is a set of 2 cushion cover only. There is a hidden zip up, off white welted edges. Solid plain reverses. Warm iron is required for washing and care.

Brand: Eurasia Decor

👤I have been a fan of Star Wars since I was a kid. I was in love with the pillow covers when I stumbled across them. I held off because of the price. I have been looking for these for six months and I love the simplicity of them. It would have been an instant purchase if the pillows were included. A couple friends gave me gift cards when I redecorated our master bedroom. I spent the money I finally gave in. I think they are a good quality cover and will hold up over time. It was difficult to justify the price. They are my favorite splurge.

👤The pillow covers are cute. There are two small complaints. When I washed them, they were slightly faded. I hope they go away when I wash them again. The top of one of the pillows has a zipper on it. It is on the bottom of the other one. This is not very smart and I wish the zipper was on the right side.

👤Well made pillows. The description is not accurate. The size is 12 x 22. You can purchase a pillow form for these. You will have an extra inch, but it will work. I would buy again.

👤The pillows look great on my bed. I trust my dog to be around the fabric because it is thick. One of the sayings does not align on the pillows, which is a downside. Sending back and trying again is too cute. I wish that text was all at one level. I love the way it makes my bedroom feel.

👤I was unable to get out of the small hard stain that came with the design. I use them as decor pillows and they don't affect the design. They are constructed well.

👤I am very pleased with the pillow covers. They feel good. The color is navy. They were easy to zip up.

👤They sent me two pillow cases that said "I know", which was a sign that I should never have bought the pillow cases in the first place. It is not worth it.

👤These are the best! They don't come stuffed, but that was not a problem. This is a great way to show our love without being too emotional. It's a good thing. The color is true to the photo. It is nice. It does not feel cheap. Love!

10. H VERSAILTEX Pillows Decorative Cushion Pillowcases

H VERSAILTEX Pillows Decorative Cushion Pillowcases

100% Microfiber. The PIECES SET is 18x18 inch and 45x45 cm. 2 pieces of decorative throw pillow cover are included in the package. It's best for any room in your house. Super rich. The print is made from 100% premium velvet fabric and is comfortable to touch and lay on. You can add a vibrant element to your bed. These pillow covers are high safety and gentle on your skin, making them ideal for kids and pets. Installation and removal are easy with the invisible zipper design. The seams have been locked up for easy washing. Unique characteristic: The front and back of the pillow cover are the same color and pattern. It's perfect for snuggling up on the sofa, couch or bed in your bedroom or living room. Easy care. Do not use bleach or iron in the machine for easy care and maintenance. Purchase the same quality and color curtain drapes.

Brand: H.versailtex

👤Buyers beware! The design on the pillows is centered. They are not! The set looks almost nothing like the picture. Waited a couple of weeks for the product to arrive. The self-adhesive flap was completely worn out after being opened so many times. It looked like something you would buy at a garage sale. There are worn patches on the pillows, so it's not certain if you can see them in the pictures. Someone might have tried to iron them. This product has been ordered and will be returned. Many, many times. I'm returning them as well. Hopefully, you won't be foolish enough to buy it.

👤These were bought to match my curtain. The pillows are soft and easy to insert. When I put the pillow in, I don't like it that the end of the zipper tears and the threading is coming out. The product is great and will be buying more.

👤Beautiful pillows! Very soft... The pattern we received on both pillows does not match the picture we were shown. The fabric was cut in the wrong spot. It was a little disappointing. I still love them!

👤These are soft. They are thick. You cannot see through the white portion of my pillows. I washed and dried them, they did not bleed or shrink. The white is a bright white and the blue is a navy blue. The zip to the pillow cover is small, but not an issue. Very happy!

👤I like the fabric, but they are not centered on the pattern like the stock photo shows. The pillows are white and the curtains are cream, but the background color on the pillows is more white.

👤The material is soft and the covers are beautiful. I am disappointed. I bought the curtains and the kitchen curtains. The covers are brown on white. I don't understand why they wouldn't sell them in the same colors. There is a I wouldn't have bought the 3 set of covers if I'd noticed.

👤I have found the perfect couch pillow case after searching for a long time. It is soft to the touch and has a zip to take off for washing. I warn you that the blue dye left a stain on the white part, so you should use color safe washing detergent.

👤I opened the pillows. Very disappointed! They look the same. They look used and worn. I will return the pillow covers. The seller should be ashamed.

👤Not close to the colors shown in the picture. There is a grey colour. Only a tiny bit of the zip is open. As I heard the tearing, I had to squeeze the pillows. Don't waste your money!

👤Me encantando la fundas, pero tiene una calidad.

👤Cumpli con mis expectativas. It's a calidad.

👤No estn cortadas simétricamente.

11. Phantoscope Single Button Cotton Cushion

Phantoscope Single Button Cotton Cushion

The material was 70% cotton and 70% polyester. Only 2 pillow covers are included, not the inserts. Premium vintage pillow covers only, throw pillow insert not included, and a pack of 2 farmhouse style throw pillows. It is possible to wash and care in cold water. The materials suit perfectly for living room, bedroom, car, sofa, bed and so on.

Brand: Phantoscope

👤They are ok, but I need to buy better ones. Imagine a fat man in a shirt that is too small with his buttons on his shirt about to bust and all you see is his undershirt poking out. I have tried to adjust as much as possible, but it is not going to work. I should have bought them something better. If you have feather pillows that are fluffy, I wouldn't recommend these.

👤I just bought a new couch with these hideous throw pillows. It's difficult to find good covers online because you never know what's going to happen. Shopping. I took a chance. I love these! They fit perfectly on my 20x20 pillows. The material is stretchy and thick. The color is perfect. I can not say anything bad about these. I am going to buy a spare set. Thanks for a great price on a quality product.

👤Exactly what I needed. If you're okay with that, you'll love these pillows, but the material is thick and woven and feels very rough. These are for the guest room in my house.

👤I wanted to give these covers four stars, but I was not happy with the fit for them. The cover is stretched a bit pulling on the button because they are too small. It's even worse than mine. I would give an extra star because they are pretty and good quality material, but too small for the right size pillow.

👤I ordered pillows with buttons. The price and quality were great. In the photo, the orange looks like a faded orange that would give a subtle accent to our natural color scheme. They were a bright orange. I liked them so much that I didn't send them back. If I wash them on hot, they may fade a little and be what I want them to be. Quality was good enough to keep them.

👤These are a nice thick material with well sewn seams and a nice button, but I can't speak to the long term durability, I just got these today. My pillow inserts are not all that snug. I ordered 2 more in a different color because I like them so much. Off white is a pale grey or silver. Great deal. If there are any quality issues, this review will be updated.

👤This company has pillow covers. I bought the 3-button style from this company before and I loved it so much. The only complaint I have is that the single button doesn't hold the pillow in all the way. The pillow underneath didn't poke out because the fabric was too small. I think I might add some kind of protection to keep it closed. The single button that has this issue is the only button that has an issue. Not a big deal. I would still recommend them. The color is gorgeous and I will be ordering more.

👤I ordered the 18x18 in navy blue. The quality is cute. It looks like a great material, soft enough to lay your head on, but also durable enough to last daily use. The buttons are a great touch, mine came in 2 different shades of brown, but I don't mind it at all. It gives a homey touch to my space. The size was bigger than I anticipated. I used to have 18x18 covers from another seller and 18x18 inserts from Walmart, but they were too small. I will probably have to buy 20x20 sized inserts. I am in love with the slight size difference.


What is the best product for decorative bed pillows navy?

Decorative bed pillows navy products from Bleum Cade. In this article about decorative bed pillows navy you can see why people choose the product. Miulee and Phantoscope are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative bed pillows navy.

What are the best brands for decorative bed pillows navy?

Bleum Cade, Miulee and Phantoscope are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative bed pillows navy. Find the detail in this article. Oathene, Colorpapa and Miulee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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