Best Decorative Books for Home Decor Black and White

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1. Parisloft Decorative Leaves Farmhouse Whitewashed

Parisloft Decorative Leaves Farmhouse Whitewashed

There is a guarantee of success. Your purchase is covered by their no-hassle return or refund guarantee. Please let them know if there is a question, the problem will be solved quickly. The overall size is 4.75 x 3 x 7.125 inches. It was made of high quality firwood. It has a black printed warm sentiment on the front, green leaves on top, and a jute sting for decoration. Semtiment is printed directly on the wood. It's perfect for display on a windowsill. It's a great gift for friends, family, or yourself. A great gift for a house.

Brand: Parisloft

2. Ceramic Reading Bookend Decorative Figurine

Ceramic Reading Bookend Decorative Figurine

It's Servive. When you receive it, their first priority is customer service, if there are any problems, they will try their best to provide a solution. This figurine is meant to represent an emotion or a memory. Emotions of a life well lived are expressed by D.A.L figurines. After 20 processes of polishing, rigorous and fine workmanship, high temperature firing, environmental protection and health, a high quality color glaze is selected. It's suitable for living room, bedroom and desk. Festivals can be a good business gift. The product is made of ceramic. If it is damaged during transportation, please contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Ardax

👤The bookends worked well in the home office. I wanted to display my collection of National Geographic magazines. I used small steel bookends to hold the magazines in place and placed the reading bookends on the outside for added decor.

👤These are stylish and gorgeous when placed near books. Not so small or big.

👤I love these! The size is perfect and the quality is great. One of the best buys in it's class.

👤This goes well with my other decor. The first set I received was broken. I sent a message to the company and before I had a chance to return the broken set, the new one was sent. The quality is solid and not cheap. I think this is a great idea.

👤The items arrived in a great condition. Just as described. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The glass books do not come with it.

👤The entertainment center has a great look.

👤The item was purchased for a gift. The shipment was delayed 3 times and arrived 4 weeks after Christmas.

👤I like these. I decided to use them as a decoration. They're solid to hold books. I'm not mad that they are a bit bugger. 10/10

👤I like them. The top of my bookshelf is embellished by them.

3. Head Statue Planter Bookends Decor

Head Statue Planter Bookends Decor

A perfect gift for a family or friend. This rustic books for decoration is a great gift for a new home owner. It works well for mother's day and father's day gifts. The stand has pads on the bottom to hold the books in place. A cool gift. A modern set is an elegant face statue sculpture for a living room table, desk or wall shelf accent. Plants not included in the vase are hanging plants. Measures are taken. The height is 8 inches. The planter's depth is 888-405-7720.

Brand: Blu Devil

👤It is light and sturdy. It is very lightweight and almost ceramic but it is not made out of material that is similar to ceramic. It is a perfect gift for art lovers. I got them to hold my collection. There were fake flowers from the roller general and hobby lobby. It is packaged so well that there are no broken or damaged things. It has padding at the bottom to keep it from scratching furniture. My pictures don't do it justice for lighting and colors. It is perfect.

👤I loved these bookends when I got them. I had planned to keep them well dressed with fresh flowers from my patio all spring and summer, and they were the perfect height to support and display my cocktail/bar books on top of my bar. I was surprised that they were heavy enough to support my books without having to add rocks or anything inside. I had these on a bar with a black glass top and was worried that the hard surface on the glass would scratch, but these have pads underneath that prevent contact with the bookends themselves. These were the perfect bookends. I discovered that these are not waterproof. You would think that the "Indoor Vase Plant Pot" would be water tight. Not in this case. The base of the vase is separate from the inside, and the water and plant stems are only going down as far as the base of the head. Imagine my surprise when I went to empty them out and discovered that a bunch of water had seeped into the base of each bookend, which was completely closed off from the actual vase part where the water and flowers go. My flowers were thirsty when they were in there. The bookends are upside down in my sink and only one of them has drained. There's gotta be some gross plant matter that got into that base and is going to rot. These have been rendered useless for me. I am very disappointed. There is a You'll be fine if you never plan to put anything that requires water in there, but these are not, repeat not, "Indoor Vase Plant Pots" for actual live plants.

👤I thought they would be heavy but they are not. I think they can hold flowers, but with the amount of books I own and the weight distribution of them, I need them to be a little heavier so they don't topple over and hold the books together. I filled them with rocks to find a solution to that concern. I usually use shiny stones for bamboo plants. I filled the part with them. It is perfect now. There are pictures of it on my bookshelf.

👤They are of good quality, a decent size, and a unique set of book ends. I bought it as a gift but am considering getting it for myself as well. The purchase was worth it.

👤This looks great on my bookshelf. Excellent quality and sturdy.

4. Ambipolar Geometric Decorative Bookend Organizer

Ambipolar Geometric Decorative Bookend Organizer

It's suitable for all styles. Charm your walls and decor,tiered tray, plant pots, candle holders, mason jars, door handles with distressed whitewashed wooden chain, which can add a rustic atmosphere to your home. It's ideal for home or office decoration, and it's also french farmhouse inspired. It can be used as a decoration in your garden, perfect for organizing your books, pencils, DVDs,old magazines or anything else on your shelves in your work space, home, cafe, office, bookshop or School. This gift is perfect for a gift with a vintage textured finish and will be remembered in any occasion. Their bookends are made of heavy duty metal and can hold large and heavy books.

Brand: Ambipolar

👤It's purpose of staying in place and holding things up was lost because the footing fell off easily. They don't have a lot of weight so they slide around and can't do what they were intended for.

👤I bought these for my office. Looks great and seems to work. A few books and these will be difficult to hold up. I thought the price was a bit high but they are solid, heavy and durable. I recommend them.

👤These are very sturdy and well made, but they have no grip on the bottoms and slide with the lightest of loads. These aren't suited for bookends without a little intervention.

👤They can be used for many things. They are heavy enough to hold books, but cute with pens. Even if you don't need them for anything, they are still a great addition to your décor.

👤The heavy cast iron is made to keep your books in place. It's well worth the money to have the 6 little 3M dot stickers to help them be non-slip or damage your bookcase/shelf.

5. Culture Nature Diffuser Cherry Scented

Culture Nature Diffuser Cherry Scented

Ash trays are wrapped in a cute and sturdy box. A glass ashtray is also a decorative complement. A nice gift for both smokers and non-smokers. The scent of flowers, fruit, and lavender are included in the notes of the oil Diffuser. The Instant Fragrance Room Freshener smells fresh and natural. Modern Air Freshener-Scent your space with fruity and floral scent to eliminate odors. It can be placed in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, hallway and office to make the room feel fresh. It is a perfect gift for friends and loved ones. It's perfect for holidays, birthday, anniversary and everyday. Fiber reeds absorb the fruity and floral scent and release an evocative fragrance in the air for months. The bottle looks like a work of art. It's perfect to complement the decor. You can control the intensity of the scent by using only the reeds. It takes 1 or 2 days for the reeds to fully absorb the oil. Turn the reed sticks upside down if the fragrance weakens.

Brand: Culture & Nature

👤I opened the Amazon box to find the product in its own box. The seal had been ripped open, the box was damaged, and you could tell it was a returned item as the reeds already smelled. Not happy about that. The scent of Clean Cotton is strong and can be smelled throughout the entire first level of my house. It would be fine if it was a scent that was pleasant, but it almost smells like a teenage boy walking through the house. I will not be ordering again.

👤I understand the risk of buying a scented item online. I was taken aback by how gross this was. The public restroom-lemon scent and the odd chemical scent on the top of the diffuser are strange. My husband put the scent on his desk despite it being bad at first. He was in there for two days before admitting defeat. There is a The packaging was sleek and classic. The aesthetic was what we were going for. The two stars are the reason. Maybe it's the Clean Cotton that doesn't pass the sniff test. Maybe we got a bad one. I don't know. All I can say is that you should steer clear of that scent.

👤The Summer Peach and Clean Cotton were purchased. The look is gorgeous! I can't decide where to put them. May need to buy more for the other rooms. There is a I like Summer Peach. It is clean and refreshing, yet still makes it's presence known. Will be giving more gifts for Christmas.

👤I ordered the jasmine one and it smells great, my whole room has that sweet and natural smell. I will buy more.

👤I have tried and bought many expensive name brand diffusers before but this one fills the room right when you open it, unlike the other ones. I love the scent of the clean cotton in the diffuser and the aroma around my house. My 10 year old daughter loves peach scent and I bought her a summer peach scent. She said she is in love with the diffuser she placed next to her desk. Once it runs out, I will buy it again. This is a great gift idea for any occasion. The design is great, the price is great, and it makes the room smell luxurious.

👤The product exceeded my expectations. The whole family room is filled with the scent. My girls are very sensitive to cheap oil and they gave a thumbs up for this product. The product packaging and the content look like they are from a high end boutique shop. If you want to impress your friends with a gift that is inexpensive, this is the gift for you. This was a nice treat for the whole family. I will be buying more for my friends and family.

👤This is beautiful to look at but I am sensitive to heavy smells and this is a strong way to fight them. I had to go outside after one day. I hope you don't have a weird nose.

6. Decorative Books Designer Decor Inspired

Decorative Books Designer Decor Inspired

WITH CUTE ACCENTS! Add their lavender, ucasian beads, and rope! They allow you to add coastal farmhouse decor to your aesthetic notebook. That is more creative than a fake book. Have fun with it! Pete and Eile have books for life and for decoration. The coffee table book decor set will make your space look luxurious. Home decor books improve the appearance of your house and improve your quality of life. Adding a decorative book set will change the room environment and style. The fashion books were designed by an Interior Designer who wanted to offer a modern and affordable concept. These are not real books. There are only decorative books.

Brand: Boa Spaces

👤The books have a nice style. I was happy with my purchase.

👤Ya have to do better with the price.

👤I would not have paid 30 dollars for cardboard if I had read the description completely. They are extremely overpriced.

👤It is the perfect look for my coffee table. Would definitely recommend.

7. Ambipolar Decorative Bookend Vintage Antique

Ambipolar Decorative Bookend Vintage Antique

Risk Free includes a 5-star warranty, 30-Day full refund warranty and 18-Months After-Sales Service. 100% customer satisfaction is what they are committed to. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. It's ideal for home or office decoration, and it's also french farmhouse inspired. It can be used as a decoration in your garden, perfect for organizing your books, DVDs,old magazines or anything else on your shelves in your work space, home,affe, office, bookshop or School. This gift is perfect for a gift with a vintage textured finish and will be remembered in any occasion. Their bookends are made of heavy duty metal and can hold large and heavy books.

Brand: Ambipolar

👤If they let us do halves, it would be 3& 1/2 stars. Before buying bookends, I was worried that the high height wouldn't be enough to hold up some of the tall books I have. I was correct. The books were behind them. I have gone back and forth between buying another one of my original final 3. I had to get a plate that ran under the first few books for the heavier books. There is a I like the weight of the kitty bookends, but I would suggest them only for small books, like paperbacks, because they make a great decoration for the ends.

👤The positive is that they're cute as everyone gets out. They are heavy for their size. They're cute. There is a The paws slide easily when they're holding books. If you glue felt on the bottoms of the paws, they will hold the books without sliding on a smooth surface like a desk. If you're placing the bottoms on furniture, I would line them with felt or something. There is a They're a little smaller than I thought they would be, but that's totes on me because I didn't read the description well and just looked at the first picture. If you have reference books that are more than 11 inches in length, they're about 5 inches tall, which I think contributes to the sliding issue. For value with the price. I'd expect them to be more heavy-duty and not slide, but I'm convinced they're decorative, which makes the price more tolerable to me. There is a I'm keeping them because they're cute. If you're a cat person, you'd probably kick them out.

👤These are supposed to be black, but mine are not. The ridges look like they were wiped off. It looks more rusty than anything else. The edges are rough and the cats themselves are not well defined, like the mold they were poured into had been used a million times. These would not be purchased again.

👤These are adorable! They pop against my light gray wall and are wonderful with the gray/white/black/yellow color scheme. I have yellow books in my library and found them on top of the shelf with black cats pushing against them. Oh my gosh! It was perfect. And heavy? They're small cats but can hold a lot of books. It was perfect! Love! Excellent recommendation.

👤They are small and meet the average for book holders. If you're trying to hold up a few small paperbacks, you'll be fine. There is a I was trying to use them to hold up the 7 cookbooks on my kitchen counter, but it was a complete failure. The metal kittys slide on the granite surface and the books fall down. I expected more substance for $33.

👤These were not what I was expecting. The cats are cast in two different colors. I could see the spot glue that was supposed to hold the halves together. The cast iron is so thin that they are not heavy enough to hold books. I returned it.

8. Progress Lighting P4008 31 Chandelier Textured

Progress Lighting P4008 31 Chandelier Textured

Customer care is important. They offer premium products that exceed industry standards and thoughtful customer care. Simple classic design. The Five Light Collection's Five- Light Chandelier is ideal for any dining room or sitting room in a new traditional or rustic setting. Light bases are decorated with white-sleeved candle covers as they surround a vintage frame. There is a textURED black finish. The light fixture has curved arms that are covered in a textured black finish. Measures 21-inch width by 16-inch height. For optimal illumination, use five candelabra base bulbs that are sold separately. The black finish is textured. The candle sleeves are white.

Brand: Progress Lighting

👤I am very happy with this chandelier. I was looking for a country farmhouse feel in my kitchen area. There is a It was nice to be able to adjust the lighting after installing a dimmer switch. I show two pictures of it, one at the highest and one at the lowest light. There is a The installation went well.

👤The dining room looks great. The price is very good and the house I'm upgrading is perfect.

👤I didn't want a light that was hard to clean. This one was spot on. It has a nice clean appearance and is in my dining room.

👤The fact that you have to disassemble a chain to adjust it is ridiculous. The design was from old school. The price is too high for the quality you receive.

👤When the box was delivered, I thought it was a returned item. I didn't have the items to hang the light. There are two screws and a bolt to hold the top up. It's so frustrating. I found screws that worked and figured out a way to hold the top on. It is a little lighter than it looks in the picture.

👤I love the light fixture. I ordered it and I am very happy. I wanted it to hang over the dining table.

👤I was looking for a chandelier to hang over my dining table. It's 3' x 5'. I picked this one because of the reviews and it was perfect. The shipping was packed and fast. This fixture is recommended by me. It had a lot of chain and wire to hang from the ceiling.

👤I was very happy with this chandelier. It's the perfect size for a small room, it gives tons of light, and everyone likes it. I am going to decorate it with greens and berries. The texture was disappointing. It almost looks wet. The answer is yes, would I recommend this item?

👤It is very good quality.

👤It's beautiful and functional. The value is great.

👤candles will need covers if they are hung crooked and an okay rating.

9. Creative Co Op Resin Pattern Storage

Creative Co Op Resin Pattern Storage

The decorative books are foldable when you receive them. You can make fake books. The package includes 5 fake books. The box has a diamond-patterned inlay that adds a distinct touch of glamour. The box and lid have a cream base with black and diamond patterned inlay. It adds a touch of class and style to a room. Works well with a wide range of styles and themes. Store notepads, stationery, and pens.

Brand: Creative Co-op

👤I want a refund. I'm not in the US and returning the item will be more expensive than ordering it again. I don't want to spend more money on something that is broken and I don't want to return money that is broken. I want a refund without returning the item.

👤I like the box so much that I look at it more and more. The quality of the box is shown by the bold pattern that does not break up in sections. Knock offs of designer bags are easy to spot because the designs on the sides do not match and the logos can be split on two sides. The designs on this box are similar. I thought the box was modern at first, but after looking at it more I realized it was a bold pattern. I think it is an old design. The glass lid is easy to fit over the box. I am happy to have this box. Ten stars.

👤I like using decorative storage boxes on my bathroom and bedroom cabinets because they look so pretty. The box is smooth inside and out, and it has an interesting pattern. There is a There are a lot of small flaws in the box. The top has many small round divots, and all the edges are badly pieced together, with one edge having a crack. Not terrible, but noticeable. It will bother you if you are a picky person.

👤The box is beautiful. It is sturdy and looks better than I anticipated. This is a perfect piece for the re-style of some large bookshelves in my house. It looks exactly like the picture. The top closes perfectly. It's not a big deal if the top stays on when opened, but I'd like it to have hinges. This is gorgeous. This is a must buy if you are a fan of this style.

👤Honest review here. A wonderful house warming gift. It was well made. It is well priced and pictured. A super chicken! There is a There are pros and cons. The size is as nice in person as the picture is. It's not made of wood but it is well made and looks like a real bone in-lay. There is a This is a steal and it is at $28.00. Highly recommended!

👤This brand continues to impress me. The box is carefully packed so that it won't be damaged in transit. It will fit with a wide variety of décor styles. The quality of workmanship was very good.

👤This is a good size box for your desk. My daughter's room is black and white. She keeps her pictures in here. It has a nice interior and glossy exterior. It's just right for your desk or drawer.

👤I expected it to be smaller with the wood interior. There is a The black and white design is very striking. There is a It has small flaws, but that hand crafted look is what makes it so beautiful to me. I'm very happy with it.

10. Noble Nest Decorative Leaves Farmhouse

Noble Nest Decorative Leaves Farmhouse

These are not real books. There are only decorative books. Adding a cozy feel and bringing rustic charm to your home is what the Farmhouse Home Decor is all about. It has a black printed warm sentiment on the spine and green leaves on top for decoration. It is a great addition to your decor. This set of three faux books will add a bit of a coastal cottage charm to your home or guest room. The wood books are painted white. The neutral color and rustic finish of these faux books allow them to be used as décor for your coffee table, entry table, tiered tray, end table, counter, fireplace mantel, or shelf. The wooden faux books for decoration are made of solid wood that is eco-friendly, sturdy and durable for long lasting use. It will be a timeless home decor item that will go well with almost any room in the house. This adorable mini wooden stack of fake books is the perfect size for a tiered tray. The block is 5" x 4" and is a good size for a tiered tray. You can see their additional farmhouse decorations. A thoughtful gift idea is made possible by this decorative book. Purchase with confidence. Their farmhouse books decor is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Every order includes brand-new items that are hand packaged and sealed in a box. They will make it right if you don't like your order.

Brand: Noble Nest

👤This arrived on time and no one had a problem. There is a The problem was with the way the product was made. The rope was too big for it to be stable. I cut off the rope and added my own after I removed the cheap looking weed that I thought was a piece of article eucalyptus. I added some lavender. I had to glue the wood pieces together. I liked it a lot better after I finished remodeling it.

👤It's perfect for my tray. It was made well and cute.

👤I thought it was larger than it is.

👤I love them for my tiered tray. They are perfect for what I needed them for.

11. BIHOIB Decorative Reading Bookends Sculptures

BIHOIB Decorative Reading Bookends Sculptures

The sculpture is abstract. The thinker style and abstract hollow design add a unique taste and show individuality. Each size is 5'' x 7.5'' inch. Artificial surface polishing technology looks modern. Black and white in one pair, heavy and good to be a decorative bookend for shelves, bookshelves and desk. A good home decor artwork for living room is a formal gift. The product is made of ceramic. If it is damaged during transportation, please contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Bihoib

👤These were well-packed in multiple layers of bubble wrap and arrived without a chip. They look just as nice when unwrapped as they do in the photo. The ones are about 7 inches high and heavy. There is a bit of felt under the butt area of the figures. They have a bohemian mid-century modern feel but would work well in any decor if the owner is a book lover. They would be a great gift for the person who reads. They don't have a matt finish, but rather are glossy, which is my only disappointment. Not horrible, but not very sophisticated.

👤They were well packaged. They were wrapped in bubble wrap individually, taped up, and then wrapped together in more bubble wrap with some tape. They will arrive in perfect condition. There is a The figures are perfect. A smooth finish. There are felt pads on the surface. I wish the legs had felt pads. The soles of the legs are not painted. If you want to add more weight, there is a hole in the bottom that you can fill with sand and get a plug. I would definitely recommend them. They are the best bookends I have ever seen.

👤Cumplen su funcin. Acabado es brillante. Se vens! Mi mam los quera.


What is the best product for decorative books for home decor black and white?

Decorative books for home decor black and white products from Parisloft. In this article about decorative books for home decor black and white you can see why people choose the product. Ardax and Blu Devil are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative books for home decor black and white.

What are the best brands for decorative books for home decor black and white?

Parisloft, Ardax and Blu Devil are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative books for home decor black and white. Find the detail in this article. Ambipolar, Culture & Nature and Boa Spaces are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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