Best Decorative Books for Home Decor Gray

Decor 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Wooden Garland Tassels Farmhouse Clearance

Wooden Garland Tassels Farmhouse Clearance

The wood bead garland is made of solid wood beads and strong rope which will bring peace. The length of the wooded beads garland is 61 inches. The wood bead garland can be used in a variety of modern home decors: bohemian, farmhouse, shabby chic, French country, and so on. The bohemian garland can be coffee table decor, bookshelf decor, fireplace mantle decor, draped around plant pots, candle holders or as a wall hanging. If you have a problem with the wooden bead garland, just contact them.

Brand: Df Dualferv

👤I thought these were bohemian, but I couldn't decide on them. They are cute and I am obsessed with them. Get them.

👤Even cuter in person! It's a great value for the money.

👤Very nice. Is what I needed.

2. Sullivans Decorative Jugs Set Grey

Sullivans Decorative Jugs Set Grey

The decorative distressed green, off-white, and blue ceramic jug set is a great way to showcase your style. Home décor pieces are perfect for all seasons and holidays, and can be found in your home. The Multi-Purpose Decorative Ceramic Faux Floral Jug Set has a measurement of 3”L x 3”W x 10”H, 2.25”L x 2.25”W x 7.5”H, and 3.5”L x 3.5”W x 4”H. The jug set can be used in many different ways. You can use the distressed design on its own for a beautiful statement piece or add in faux floral, stems, bouquets, and greenery for an added pop of color. It's perfect for your table, shelf in a family room, mantel, dining room, bathroom or covered patio. The neutral set of 3 is made from 100% ceramic and is sure to set the stage in your home. The durable, high-quality, trend lasting jug set will keep your décor looking fresh and up-to-date year after year. The ceramic jug set is decorative and will fit in with an abundance of styles; modern farmhouse, rustic, classic charm, country, and elegant yet simplistic. The faux floral jug set is perfect for wedding, bridal and baby showers. Bring them to your next gathering for a stunning centerpiece. Your style is reflected in the décor of your home. The ceramic vase set is great for taking your décor to the next level and wowing your guests. The design is so detailed that you can set it out on your own. This set will look beautiful, but you can use it.

Brand: Sullivans

👤Very cute. I thought it was larger.

👤It's beautiful and what I wanted. I thought they would be bigger but they are adorable and work great in my room.

👤These are perfect. I was not sure of the color of the cases when I ordered them. Cream color on top and charcoal color on bottom. I wanted to make sure someone else can see the coloring. What are they looking for?

👤The colors were not described. The tall one and the short one are the same color, so I was a little disappointed since I really liked the blue color shown on the small one, but they are really cute and work well where I had planned. I decided to keep them. I was impressed with the packaging - each jar was in a box with bubble wrap inside and all 3 small boxes were secured so no damage to any of the pieces.

👤The picture was a bit deceiving, but I like the product. They were smaller than I had thought. They were thrown in a box without any padding to protect them. 2 of the 3 were broken into pieces because of the poor packaging. I have to return it because I was so disappointed. It doesn't make me feel confident in the replacements.

👤I wanted to put these in my living room cabinet. Excellent quality. The handle of the white jug was broken, but could be hidden by turning the jug around, so it doesn't bother me at all. It would be helpful if the box was marked as fragile.

👤It was exactly as expected. The jugs are perfect after reading the reviews. These work well because I wasn't looking for anything larger. They were packaged with care. The small boxes were wrapped in bubble wrap after being secured with tape. There was a box that stuck to the top of the bottle, but nothing could be done to remove it. No damage or cracks. These worked out perfectly for me. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The jars are rustic. For a pottery product, they are very light weight. The colors are neutral and will compliment any color scheme. The price is high but you are buying different sizes. They were supposed to be delivered on a certain day. They arrived a day later. I should have been aware of the delayed delivery. Thank goodness. I ordered them with a couple days of cushion in case. If they were advertised that they would be delivered on a certain day, then that is when they should have been delivered.

👤Muy lindos, ms grandes.

3. TenXVI Designs Decorative White Books

TenXVI Designs Decorative White Books

These aren't fake books. They are new, real books with blank pages. These are the perfect piece of accent décor for your bookshelf or console table. The neutral colors of black, white and gray make these books suitable for any room. The books are perfect for staging any table centerpiece or corner shelf. Why do you make a stamped book stack? The books should be displayed with no work.

Brand: Tenxvi Designs

👤It's gorgeous for farmhouse decor. It is actually 3 books with blank pages that you can write in. I don't think I wasted money on fake prop decor. I think about having our family write notes to each other. This is a beautiful piece.

👤I was hesitant on ordering these because they were selling out so I decided to take the plunge this time. It was a little disappointing that the paper was hard covered and the person was not as nice looking. I think you get too much for what you get. I should have found some journals and painted them myself.

👤The book stack is easy to add to your display and it is cute for every day display. I added a few things and dressed it up for the occasion.

👤I thought the price was a bit high, but it was worth it. These books have plain white pages, but I am only using them for decor. If you're looking for something that blends well with artificial plants, look no further.

👤A stack of books. I like that the pages are real, so you can choose to write in them or have your guests write something. The book has nice details that give it a warm vibe.

👤These are fine. I wish I would have gone to half price books and found my own books. The color is grey-ish white and it doesn't go with the combo I have on my table.

👤I knew these would berustic, but my print was damaged when I bent over. Will be back.

👤The producto cumpli con mis expectativas, is real.

4. Decorative Hardcover Decoration Bookshelf Farmhouse

Decorative Hardcover Decoration Bookshelf Farmhouse

They're very happy that you found their shop. If they can custom make something for you, they would love to. They want you to contact them if you don't get your item as you want. They are here to help. These aren't your normal faux books for decoration. Each one is a real hardcover journal with interchangeable covers, book spine stickers and decorative book accents. You can make your Pete & Eile stacked books decor your own. The A5 book is 8.2 x 5.5” and has 150 pages. They can be used as art sketches, guest books, dream journals, and cute journals. Your pen glides as smooth as silk across each page as you write, because the 100gsm paper is the same as a fancy thick letterhead. Whether you enjoy vintage home decor more or prefer modern home decor, their books let you achieve decorating goals on your terms. Are you a fan of re-organizing? If you want, you can change up your look weekly or daily. Have a pizza night in Rome. A lazy morning with coffee, croissants and the Eiffel Tower? Title your book! While they love quote decor, they thought it would be cool if you added a meaningful message that made sense to you. The sticker pack has beautiful symbols to personalize your stack. WITH CUTE ACCENTS! Add their lavender, ucasian beads, and rope! They allow you to add coastal farmhouse decor to your aesthetic notebook. That is more creative than a fake book. Have fun with it! Pete and Eile have books for life and for decoration.

Brand: Pete&eile

👤The books were in great condition after I received them. It was almost perfect. The books I received were advertised. I got confused here. Two books had an image, and the third one did the same. The third book has a kind of wood grain printed on it instead of a person or a building. It won't be displayed on its own, but it does make the binder look different than the other two and may affect the label I put on it. One of the books has an image on the front and back of it. There's the second book. If you hold the book the same way you would a book, the image on the front is upside down. There is no image on the back of this one. I'm not reducing stars for that because I will be stacking the books laying them down, only binder and top of one book visible, so it has no impact on my use. I bring this up so the sellers can see the quality control of the books, as the images online seem to show all 3 books with images on the fronts and no upside down. I'm not sure if any of them have an image on the back. It is possible that only one book has an image on the back for those that stack the books vertically in a way that allows people to see both ends. There is a The books are heavy and thick. Picking up the box that they were shipped in made me wonder what I had bought. The quality of the books themselves is really impressive, aside from the quality control aspect. The binding on the books seems to be something that will last if they are used to write in. I have to label the binders myself, but I missed a part. I have to come up with something interesting to put on them, but that was my issue, as it is clearly stated online that you can name the books however you please. There are a few sheets of letters, numbers and characters in the books, along with artificial lavender and artificial eucalyptus. There are two of each letter in upper and lower case, three of each letter in lower case, two of each number 0-9, and two of each of 26 assorted symbols. Since there are 3 books, I would only change the number of letters in upper case. I would be short on the upper case "L" if I wanted to label my books. There is a The little lavenderpoppies aren't staying put well. The lavender package left me with 15 or so pops on the table. In the last picture, you can see that moving the lavender off of the books yielded another 4 pictures. I spent some time explaining what I wanted the seller to improve, but I want to make it clear that the overall quality is very nice and I highly recommend. I'm sure that anyone else that didn't get a weird run with missing and or upside down images would find nothing to complain about. Nice decor!

5. Head Statue Planter Bookends Decor

Head Statue Planter Bookends Decor

A perfect gift for a family or friend. This rustic books for decoration is a great gift for a new home owner. It works well for mother's day and father's day gifts. The stand has pads on the bottom to hold the books in place. A cool gift. A modern set is an elegant face statue sculpture for a living room table, desk or wall shelf accent. Plants not included in the vase are hanging plants. Measures are taken. The height is 8 inches. The planter's depth is 888-405-7720.

Brand: Blu Devil

👤It is light and sturdy. It is very lightweight and almost ceramic but it is not made out of material that is similar to ceramic. It is a perfect gift for art lovers. I got them to hold my collection. There were fake flowers from the roller general and hobby lobby. It is packaged so well that there are no broken or damaged things. It has padding at the bottom to keep it from scratching furniture. My pictures don't do it justice for lighting and colors. It is perfect.

👤I loved these bookends when I got them. I had planned to keep them well dressed with fresh flowers from my patio all spring and summer, and they were the perfect height to support and display my cocktail/bar books on top of my bar. I was surprised that they were heavy enough to support my books without having to add rocks or anything inside. I had these on a bar with a black glass top and was worried that the hard surface on the glass would scratch, but these have pads underneath that prevent contact with the bookends themselves. These were the perfect bookends. I discovered that these are not waterproof. You would think that the "Indoor Vase Plant Pot" would be water tight. Not in this case. The base of the vase is separate from the inside, and the water and plant stems are only going down as far as the base of the head. Imagine my surprise when I went to empty them out and discovered that a bunch of water had seeped into the base of each bookend, which was completely closed off from the actual vase part where the water and flowers go. My flowers were thirsty when they were in there. The bookends are upside down in my sink and only one of them has drained. There's gotta be some gross plant matter that got into that base and is going to rot. These have been rendered useless for me. I am very disappointed. There is a You'll be fine if you never plan to put anything that requires water in there, but these are not, repeat not, "Indoor Vase Plant Pots" for actual live plants.

👤I thought they would be heavy but they are not. I think they can hold flowers, but with the amount of books I own and the weight distribution of them, I need them to be a little heavier so they don't topple over and hold the books together. I filled them with rocks to find a solution to that concern. I usually use shiny stones for bamboo plants. I filled the part with them. It is perfect now. There are pictures of it on my bookshelf.

👤They are of good quality, a decent size, and a unique set of book ends. I bought it as a gift but am considering getting it for myself as well. The purchase was worth it.

👤This looks great on my bookshelf. Excellent quality and sturdy.

6. MyGift Distressed Decorative Wooden Letters

MyGift Distressed Decorative Wooden Letters

The cut out letters are in a vintage multicolored finish. A lightly aged finish creates a stylish antique look. It's the perfect country rustic flair to add to your decor. The letters can be wall-mounted with appropriate hardware. The patent dimensions are 5.9 H x 16.9 W x 0.8 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤These letters are cute. They arrived quickly. They were almost 1” thick and were described as being height of 5.9” The letters are stand alone and can be arranged wherever you want. There is a The first set of letters I received had a broken E, and the Vender immediately sent me replacements. They arrived before I had a chance to turn around. I will definitely be ordering more from this Vender in the future.

👤The item was damaged when it was delivered. I don't think it would have been damaged during shipping if it was light weight and packaged well. Maybe the item was damaged before it was shipped. Very disappointing.

👤The wood block letters are not fake. I thought they were attached, but they are not. You receive four letters. I didn't mind because they are weighted nicely and stand on their own, and it gives you more options for decorating with. I like the size. They are big enough to make a statement and give a nice pop of color, but neutral enough to match a lot of decor. I'm very happy with the product.

👤This is not a single piece. The letters are 4 separate ones. There are no holes in the back to hang, but I loved the distressed look of that bedroom, I redecorated it and it was my theme. We used small pieces of clay, and not a single time has one fallen off. An excellent choice. :

👤These look similar to the picture. They fall over or knock down easily if they are freestanding. My other ones are mounted on wood. They get three stars because of that.

👤The description says the letters are only used for tables, but I bought sticky Velcro wall mounts and put one on each letter. It sticks to the wall. I am very happy with my purchase. I have a cross on the wall.

👤These are very cute. It was packaged in bubble wrap and a heavy box. The letters are rustic and weathered. The colors are the same. It's perfect for a rustic or mellow gray and teal theme. They are lightweight and stand firmly in place. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤This item is the same as it was described. The colors are nice and the quality is good. The only complaint I have is that the letters should be together with a bottom or they should leave it. I was not expecting them to be so light. The sellers are not fault for any of these issues because you can see in the picture that these are separate letters. The product was very good.

👤Muy modernas, a good one!

7. Garland Tassels Farmhouse Country Decoration

Garland Tassels Farmhouse Country Decoration

Bird S: 2.6''H; Bird M: 2.7''H; Bird L: 3.2''H; Bird XL: 3.9''H. The total length of the beads is 58 inches. Natural wooden bead garlands are perfect for farmhouse, primitives, country, vintage art, home and outdoor decorations. It looks great draped around plant pots, candle holders, mason jars, hung on a wall, on door knobs or styled on a tray for a rustic chic feel anywhere you like. Birthday party, baby shower, Christmas, wedding, housewarming, Mother's Day, Father's Day, class party, and more are examples of thoughtful gifts. Feel free to contact them if there is any damage or unhappiness. It's their responsibility to make sure you get the quality you deserve.

Brand: Ramirabi

👤I used them to tie my curtains back. Everyone in my bathroom comments on the beads. I'm in love with them. The room is made by them. It is worth the money.

👤I like the farmhouse vibe of the decor I buy. It is cute.

👤These beads are of great quality.

👤These beads are gorgeous. They are very well made. It is more than I expected. I put them around the vase. I am going for a farmhouse vibe at my house. I am very happy.

👤I have a dining room in my condo. I keep a bowl of fruit, flowers, and other items in the center of my table. I have a stone Buddha that lives in the middle. I needed something else to go with him. The beads are a perfect accompaniment. They are not expensive, they are the perfect size, and the color goes with everything. You can't beat the price. I uploaded a video to judge them for myself.

👤The little decoration is perfect for the center piece. They add a little pop to my dining room table center piece.

👤I ordered it in gray. It had a blue tint to it that I didn't notice from the picture. I kept it because I still like it and it can read blue.

👤This is a great way to decorate your home with neutral colored beads and it can be used in so many different ways. The middle of the table decor is where the Christmas tree is located.

👤I bought this item because it was farmhouse decor and it fit in perfectly. It's pretty and good quality.

8. Decorative Sustainable Entryway Bookshelf Farmhouse

Decorative Sustainable Entryway Bookshelf Farmhouse

A wonderful Christmas gift for a new apartment, family or friends. You will never create a more beautiful space in your home than with this statement piece. The Wood Chain Link will make your home look better. PREMIUM, LIGHT WEIGHT, COMPACT. The Hand Carved Wood Chain Link is a top quality decoration. Their beautifully constructed chains will fit nicely in bowls, on top of shelves and more. When laid flat, each chain is about 20” long. Their product is larger than most other chain links on the market today, making it the perfect eye-catching chain link for a home. Modern minimalist style is all the new talk in home decor and this piece captures its style so wonderfully. Aquila Home Decor will change the look of your home. THE The perfect gift. For anyone who loves to decorate but doesn't have the time or inclination to organize the space they dream of. Imagine a smile on the face of your friend, sister, mom, or significant other when they unbox your gift and see their beautiful hand carved wood chain link decor. A black, Christian owned small home decor business in the United States. They offer a money-back guarantee. They will give you a refund if you are not happy with your purchase.

Brand: Generic

9. MODE HOME Silvery Decorative Treasure

MODE HOME Silvery Decorative Treasure

Not yet? The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 2 year warranty. All questions will be answered by their professional customer service. These storage cubes are practical for your apartment. The wood is 90 percent WOOD, 8% PU, 2% IRON. Eco-friendly wood construction makes the boxes waterproof. They have a sleek design with crisp edges. The wooden storage box will add warmth to any décor. The uses are listed. This is a great way to add a decorative touch to a room. It's perfect for weddings, events, spas, meditation, and bathroom settings. MEASUREMENTS are in inches. 2 nested packing 2 nested packing

Brand: Mode Home

👤For a great price, this is a very beautiful and high end. It is not glittery. You can put it in different places. I moved them to my mantle from my guess bathroom because I move my decor around a lot. I paid 26.98 for it because I got the last one used and it was just great. It was in perfect condition. They look very classy. This is not over the top and I am in to the decor.

👤The gold covering on these boxes exposes the air bubbles underneath. I can't show these because they look cheap with the flawed covering application.

👤The size and color were great. I put it in my home. I think I will purchase a set for my mother.

👤There are bumps on the box. It wasn't a cheap box, so I was disappointed.

👤I didn't like the look of the foil. The boxes looked like leather. There were a few bubbles and some edges were damaged.

👤The mother of sparkle! These are gorgeous! They are not just silver. There is no glitter on these. They are also beautiful and shiny. I'm going to order the gold ones for another room that I saw in the similar products search and hopefully they are just as beautiful as these are. If you're looking for sparkle and glamour, you will not regret these.

👤I loved it. Just like the picture.

👤The boxes were sturdy. I used them to store make up brushes.

👤I was pleased with my purchase of a beautiful product.

10. Decorative Books Designer Decor Inspired

Decorative Books Designer Decor Inspired

WITH CUTE ACCENTS! Add their lavender, ucasian beads, and rope! They allow you to add coastal farmhouse decor to your aesthetic notebook. That is more creative than a fake book. Have fun with it! Pete and Eile have books for life and for decoration. The coffee table book decor set will make your space look luxurious. Home decor books improve the appearance of your house and improve your quality of life. Adding a decorative book set will change the room environment and style. The fashion books were designed by an Interior Designer who wanted to offer a modern and affordable concept. These are not real books. There are only decorative books.

Brand: Boa Spaces

👤The books have a nice style. I was happy with my purchase.

👤Ya have to do better with the price.

👤I would not have paid 30 dollars for cardboard if I had read the description completely. They are extremely overpriced.

👤It is the perfect look for my coffee table. Would definitely recommend.

11. Decorative Treasure Miscellaneous Container Distressed

Decorative Treasure Miscellaneous Container Distressed

We want you to love their products as much as they do. All of their products are handcrafted in India by skilled artists one at a time, actual pieces may vary slightly in color and size from the images shown online and may also have slight imperfections. Their products are all unique and have a handmade story behind them. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact them via Amazon message. It'sTILE: A wooden box for your home or office. There are many small items in the store, including jewelry, paperclips, coins, trinkets, teabags, dried herbs, pins, sewing supplies, game pieces, cards, letters, photos, keepsakes, and other small items. It's perfect for your bedroom, living room, kitchen counter, office desk, and cubicle. The exclusive white washed wood has an antique look. The art design is hand brushed. Every case is different. Excellent gift idea. Quality: Excellent. The wood panels have steel hinges. The finish is stunning. Home decor that is premium quality. Premium products for your home and garden are offered by gbHome. If you want your money back at any time within a year, just ask. Click the "add to cart" button if you want to adorn your living space.

Brand: Gb Home Collection

👤The photo is not accurate. The box is grey and charcoal. It is cream and brown. It was extremely frustrating and disappointing.

👤I have a lot of things in my back porch, and I like to keep it organized. I can't stand the feel of my remote controls because they are covered in dust. They have to be wiped down every time I use them. I live in Florida and my porch is screened in. The box is a god send. It keeps them organized. I only gave four stars because I didn't like the design on top, but the box fit the size I needed.

👤I wanted a box to hold letters. The wooden box is nicely constructed. It's large enough to hold the letters. The design appears to have been done well. I like it.

👤The box is pretty and sturdy but it was shipped in a box barely bigger than the one it was in so there was no shipping protection. I don't think that was good for the box. I am worried that it took some extra banging around with no protection. The box was made well and the engravings are pretty.

👤I hide remote controls from my dog. The small holds them so the dog can't get them. It is very attractive.

👤The lid is etched and lovely. It fits the purpose of my purchase. I bought it to hold and conceal my pill container boxes, which I don't care to leave out, the box fits as if it were made for just this function. Very happy with the purchase.

👤This box is very nice. I bought it to hold things on my bathroom counter so they were out of sight. I am not in this box and the hinges should hold up as often as possible. It was the right decision for my use.

👤The box looks beautiful and works well. I put a clasp on it so it wouldn't open if I needed to take it.


What is the best product for decorative books for home decor gray?

Decorative books for home decor gray products from Df Dualferv. In this article about decorative books for home decor gray you can see why people choose the product. Sullivans and Tenxvi Designs are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative books for home decor gray.

What are the best brands for decorative books for home decor gray?

Df Dualferv, Sullivans and Tenxvi Designs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative books for home decor gray. Find the detail in this article. Pete&eile, Blu Devil and Mygift are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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