Best Decorative Bowl Silver

Bowl 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Elegance 72650 Hammered Stainless Silver

Elegance 72650 Hammered Stainless Silver

It is easy to clean it by wiping the dirt down with a damp cloth and towel. A perfect gift for a wedding. There are multiple uses of food. It's perfect for a candy dish, nut bowl, ice cream/banana split dish. Carrying flowers, spare change, keys, wallet, and as an elegant catchall are some of the popular uses. The hammered steel finish is versatile and can be used in any home or office setting. It's perfect for the coffee table, dining table, kitchen counter, or desk. The measurement is 8.25"L x 4.5" W x 2.75" H. There is a hammered finish inside and outside.

Brand: Elegance

👤Be careful! False advertisement! Very small. I returned the dish because it was not worth the price. Actual dimensions are 7 1/2” X 5 1/2”

👤I bought this so that I wouldn't waste time looking for my keys when I got home. The bowl is lovely and expensive looking.

👤The bowl is very small. I wanted to put balls in it. The gum drops are the same size as the picture depicts. Cute, but needs bigger.

👤The shine and quality is great, but the size was not what I was expecting. Way too small. I improvised!

👤I needed a dish to hold the candy for my guests. This bowl works well for that... It's easy to keep clean. I love it!

👤The product is light. I would not give as a gift. It looks nice.

👤I use this as a container in my bathroom. It's pretty and works well with the chrome fixture.

👤I like it. It was not as big as I expected. I didn't check the size before buying, you can put keys and other small things, but more fruits will go bad.

👤I like shiny things so I bought this to keep my keys in my car.

👤It looked better than expected when it arrived.

👤The bowl is cute. I wanted it to be larger so I could fit more fruit in it. It's a nice piece.

2. Pieces Mosaic Decorative Centerpiece Turquoise

Pieces Mosaic Decorative Centerpiece Turquoise

You can give these delicate centerpiece balls as cute gifts, or you can make them into your own home decoration. You will receive a large amount of mosaic glass orbs, which are designed into 3 different colors, and these colors are harmoniously matched together, which will bring an elegant and noble feeling to your dining table or living room, and enough quantity can also meet your decoration needs. Quality class material: their mosaic spheres are made of quality glass, designed in mosaic style, strong and sturdy enough, not easy to break under normal use, and can be safely applied as kitchen decoration or vase filler; In addition, the surface of the sphere is made of quality glass. These decorative spheres are made of mosaic style glass and the colored glass pieces are pasted together like broken sequins, shining under the light, which can refract light or natural sunlight, and the beautiful handmade mirror glass mosaic balls are delicate from every angle. Their glass mosaic balls are suitable for a lot of things, including bowl filling, vase filling, bowl decorations, plate decorations, and so on, and you can combine them with candles, fake leaves, and tableware as the core. Each mosaic sphere ball is roughly the same size. If you want to decorate your home in a portable size, 2.5 inches/ 6.5 cm in diameter, it would not take up a lot of space.

Brand: Cunhill

👤It is beautiful. I ordered 12 but it wasn't enough to fill my large glass bowl so I ordered 12 more. I used to have balls that were larger than the ones I have now. They make a striking display. Highly recommended.

👤The black color rubbed off on your hands as they were small. Don't waste your money after you've returned it.

👤These are still beautiful, even smaller than I 888-276-5932s. One of the spheres was missing pieces. They are pretty.

👤I put them in a vase in my office. They look good.

👤The colors were perfect.

👤Es sper chulo pero pensé, eran un poco ms ran de.

3. Elegance Hammered 6 Inch Stainless Steel

Elegance Hammered 6 Inch Stainless Steel

There are set details. 6 bowls are in the set. The pinch bowl has a diameter of 3.14 inches and a height of 1.6 inches. The pieces are made by hand. No two products are the same. Bowls protect the texture and color for a long time. There are multiple uses of food. It's perfect for an ice cream dish. The perfect catchall is one of the popular uses. The elegant hammered steel finish is a great complement to any home or office setting.

Brand: Elegance

👤The 6 inch candy dish was purchased for my office. It looks very classy and expensive. It's the perfect size for a candy dish. You can see a video and a photo of it, as well as an idea of the actual size.

👤The hammered surface reflects the light and surrounding colors. It was well made. It is a sparkler. I use mine as a fruit bowl when I'm not using it as a serving bowl. It would be pretty much a stand-alone piece.

👤This bowl is small, shiny and attractive, perfect for my needs. I like its shape. There is a The photography on the product page makes it look like a showpiece bowl. There is a * The small size is very small. It would be okay for cherries, but not oranges. There is a If the bowl is full, you're not going to see it. The outside is nothing special. There is a * The bowl is hammered thin, so it doesn't have much heft. My five stars are not a problem for me, so I wanted to mention the features that might matter to someone else.

👤I liked the look. The description states that size is true. The 8'' or 10'' bowl is the better choice if you are looking for fruit. This bowl is better for candy dishes or dumping stuffs.

👤I just needed a dish to hold my keys. This was perfect for my decor.

👤My family left their keys all over the house. When they needed them again, no one in my house could remember where they were put. They all depended on me to keep track of their keys and to let them know where they were at a moment's notice. I had to find the keys in the laundry and put them all in the same place because the process was exhausting. My children and husband wouldn't do this. I decided to purchase this bowl because I will not be around to save their %SSES. It worked. Everyone puts their keys in it when I put it on the hallway table. I don't know what to do with all my time.

👤I use this at work. It's just the right size and very attractive and not too big or small. It was in a cardboard box.

👤I bought the largest one and it looks great as a fruit bowl center piece on my island.

👤The dishes are beautiful. They look great with savouries or sweet food. Excellent package, plus came promptly and well packaged.

👤The coffee table is beautiful.

👤cabe en una mano...

👤It was bought to match the bowl. A great size for a snack bowl, but would prefer a more subtle shape around edges.

👤Es una elegante, de buen tamao... lo q No me gusto, no me aluminio, no me acero, no me a sea. lo recomiendo.

4. Vistella Fruit Basket Chrome Silver

Vistella Fruit Basket Chrome Silver

It's perfect for fruit or bread. The Vistella Fruit Bowl is a great addition to your kitchen or living room. A gorgeous centerpiece for your counter or table. The fruit baskets measure 15” long, 10” wide and 5.7” tall and will allow you to spread the fruits out evenly without compromising on ripening. There are multiple functions. It's perfect for all types of household storage. It is a good serving platter for vegetables, bread pastries, and other dry goodies. High quality is achieved using a high grade of metal. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Vistella Fruit Bowls have a limited warranty. They take full responsibility for the quality of the product. If you have any requirements, customer service is available for the lifetime of your product.

Brand: Vistella

👤The shape and material made the fruit bruise. We got rid of it in a month.

👤I received a gift for a new homeowner that I liked so much that I used it as a fruit bowl. The price is reasonable and doesn't tarnish or lose color. I love it!

👤The basket arrived in perfect condition. It is lightweight, free form, and goes with everything. I bought it to hold the ceremony programs at my daughter's wedding, but a woven basket did not fit the theme. It can be used as a fruit or bread basket with her grey and white dishes or as a decorative piece that can be put to use as needed. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤The design of the bowl is beautiful. The gold paint was missing from the damage marks I received. It looked like it had been damaged by other objects. I was disappointed because I wanted to keep the bowl, but the condition I received it in was not acceptable.

👤The material is sturdy and I like everything about it. The only thing I can say is that I didn't read the dimensions, because the basket is huge. Keep that in mind. It is the largest fruit basket I have ever seen. I love the design.

👤I love this piece. It's a minimalist and a bougie housewife. It is also plated. It should last with care.

👤There is a wonderful place to display fruit. There are oranges, etc. Very attractive. It reminds you to eat fruit. There is a It goes with any decor. Love it.

👤My dislikes: We have less waste because my kids eat more fruit. It's perfect for small kitchens. I can put bananas on the same bowl. I can get rid of the banana hanger. There is a It is aesthetically pleasing.

👤The item was exactly as advertised. Very happy.

👤It looks nice. It is fairly cheap made. I was hoping it would have more weight to it. It doesn't. Again, looks lovely, but not the best.

👤Absolutely gorgeous fruit basket. I've never seen a shape like that before.

5. Pieces Mosaic Sphere Decorative Centerpiece

Pieces Mosaic Sphere Decorative Centerpiece

The glass sphere balls are made from polyfoam and glass, which has advantages of high durability, strong resistance to temperature, and decorative touch, which can serve you for a long time. The glass balls are wrapped in poly foam and can be seen in the light, they are a novel design that can enhance the atmosphere of the home and create a dynamic home style. The 4 inch glass orbs can be used for a variety of decorative effects, such as in vases, trays, tables and more. There are 6 pieces of decorative glass balls that are suitable for you to place on the table, shelf, tray for living room, bed room, study room, adequate amounts for you to satisfy your daily usages or party supplies, please handle them with care. Each mosaic sphere ball is about the size of a small book. If you want to decorate your home in a size that is portable for you to carry and store, make sure you check the size you want before buying.

Brand: Patelai

👤The sphere is turning your hands black. Really gross. Returned right away.

👤I mix them up with different colors and they are beautiful.

👤A sparkle was added to the coffee table.

👤I received a total of two balls from the two sets. I haven't been able to get it resolved.

👤It's perfect for any area of your home. I mixed with glass balls. There is a And it is flying!

👤The value of your coins adds a lot to the room.

👤The color is what you see. I love these!

6. Decorative Perfect Farmehouse Christmas Ornaments

Decorative Perfect Farmehouse Christmas Ornaments

The moss balls can be used as a compound of Christmas ornaments. It's perfect for outdoor Garden weddings, woodland party, shelf/ table decor, aisle decor, home moss garden decor, farmhouse rustic decor, bowl/vase filler. The possibilities are endless. Simple and rustic look made a difference. Perfect for any rustic decoration or project, the Orbs Decorative balls set is country-style. You will receive many positive comments on it. There are multiple applications. It's nice to fill your lanterns, décor tray, bowl, basket, vase, and make a beautiful table center piece for your dining table, coffee table, and entry way. Something different and attractive comes to your home. 6 cm diameter fits many containers. The rustic touch is brought by natural jute. Completely hand-made by a skilled artisan. It can be used for a long time. The best gift idea is a different design with a nice handmade feel to it and packed in a perfect craft packaging box, A wonderful Christmas gift or a house warming presents for new apartment, men and women...

Brand: Elkpruu

👤I was not sure if the reviews were true about the size, but they are very small, maybe 1.5 inches. If you like the size, they are nice quality.

👤I wanted to change my coffee table. I ordered these balls and a new centerpiece bowl and they look great. I like the rustic look.

👤The bowl still looks empty. Go elsewhere if you have waste of money.

👤They are small in the picture. Too much money.

👤I used them very small.

👤Dan personalidad por la elaboracin.

👤These balls are wonderful. They give me warmth at my table.

👤This is the perfect size and color to decorate with.

7. Kensington Hill Rayden Decorative Studded

Kensington Hill Rayden Decorative Studded

The diameter is 4 1/2 inches. The wide is 23 feet and the high is 14 feet. The weight is 5.97 lbs. The bowl has a metal base. The brand was from the Kensington Hill. There is a clear bowl. The base is black and gold. Iron and glass construction. Food safe design. Use for display or presentation of food. The objects shown are not included.

Brand: Kensington Hill

👤The bowl is sturdy and thick. It is beautiful and has a lot of weight. I was tempted to use the bowl as a centerpiece without the base, but decided against it as the base completes the look. This is my favorite item from Amazon. I use it on my dining table. The bowl is larger than the picture shows, so the photo is misleading. Pay attention to the measurement advertised.

👤Illego roto, Es un malo. No me regresaron.

👤It looks really good on my side table with miss balls. It was well packaged and heavy.

👤Was not expecting it to be so large. Wow! This centerpiece was very pleased with me. It makes a statement.

👤It's perfect and my latest centerpiece.

8. Spectrum Diversified Shapes Circles Chrome

Spectrum Diversified Shapes Circles Chrome

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Vistella Fruit Bowls have a limited warranty. They take full responsibility for the quality of the product. If you have any requirements, customer service is available for the lifetime of your product. The kitchen organizer has clean, smooth lines and introduces a fresh, contemporary style. The modern finishes complement a variety of kitchen styles and color schemes, showing off your style in the best light. Open design encourages innovation. You can enjoy fruits and vegetables when you have wire storage limits. The air circulation prevents the build up of ethylene gas. Store a plague of fruit. The basket is perfect for storing apples, lemons, limes, and other fruits. You can use your fruit basket for vegetables. You can display produce on the counter. Leave out apples, oranges, pears, or bananas to encourage your family to eat a healthy snack. Food storage that is beautiful can keep produce in good shape. To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth and towel. It is necessary to wipe down to prevent dirt build up. Open circle shape design. A fruit basket or centerpiece.

Brand: Spectrum Diversified

👤It was perfect. I love the design of the fruit bowl. Although it's very lightweight, it's sturdy and large, and it's fairly large. No tipping will occur because the weight is evenly distributed. There are three different sized rings that create the open walls of the bowl. This size variation adds to its visual appeal by creating a better sense of depth and movement. The design is simple and attractive. Some of the rings don't touch each other on the clock sides. There is a The rings are mostly attached to each other. Don't worry. The stability of the bowl is not compromised by this. Unless it's under immense pressure, there is no concern about bending, breaking, shattering or snapping. There is a The open-work metal bowl is great for holding fruits, yarn, ornaments, and any other items. There is a The bowl's walls are very wide and can hold more than one might think. There is a This inexpensive conversation piece has a shiny chrome finish. There is a When you order online, it ends up being a smaller version of what you had in mind. That's not the case here. The price and size are great. There is a This bowl is great for adding a modern vibe to your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home. It would be a great centerpiece for a coffee table. There is a Various sized objects can be held and displayed inside without a problem because of its wide slanted walls. I highly recommend this buy to all of you. There is a I'd be all over them in a second if this bowl came in different shapes and designs. There is a That's my review. Let me know if I have helped you with the description of this product. Thanks! There is a Please read on if you want to learn about my unusual plan for this bowl. I've been looking for a modern chrome bowl for almost a year. I didn't know what it was until I found it. I plan to use it as a base for my chandelier. I like to think outside the box. There is a I'll be hanging this bowl from the ceiling with self-adhesive hooks and chains. The ceiling hooks are perfect for hanging glass plant terrariums and candle holders. There is a It's easy to hang the bowl from the bottom using 3 of the same length chains because of the flattened surface. There is a Should I choose to do so, I can attach glass votive holders from the bowl, or on top of it. There is a If it is facing upwards, I can display something really cool and artistic inside the bowl, along with a glowing candle or light of some sort. There is a There will be more space to hang my beads if it faces downward. There is a I'll be hanging beads from the open areas of the bowl. I'll use different lengths and patterns to play with. I got a gorgeous roll ofAB beads from Amazon and I plan to use them in my jewelry. There is a There are so many dishonest companies on here that they should be careful. Many companies use the same photo and claim to be their own. I ordered a roll of beautiful beads. I got plain, cheap, clear beads. There is a Be aware of that. There is a I have plans for a chandelier. I hope this gave you some ideas to create your own project. I use nail design and party products to decorate votive holders. If you look hard enough, you can find inspiration from all corners. There is a Thank you for reading!

9. Creative Scents Centerpiece Decorations Centerpieces

Creative Scents Centerpiece Decorations Centerpieces

There is a multi function storage and application. The tray is made of metal, gold and mirrored bottom and is an indispensable item. It's applicable for bars, restaurants, cafes, office, home and bathroom tray. You can use a jewelry holder tray to display your beauty must haves. Be patient with your space. The decorative bowl has a lovely curve, sleek lines and crackled mosaic detailing, which adds a touch of class and beautiful presence to any space. The 10” x 5.5” x 4.5” décor centerpiece bowl is designed to last. The table accents bowl is carefully constructed to keep it looking great. The functional pen is great. This table top decoration can be used to hold various items around the house, and it looks amazing on its own. You can display your tchotchkes, use it as a candy bowl, or hold a flower arrangement. The silver décor bowl blends perfectly with your space. It can be placed in the living room, dining area or reception area. This is the perfect gift for the person on your list. It is the perfect present for any anniversary, wedding, housewarming, Mother's Day, or birthday. Click the button to add the centerpiece to your cart.

Brand: Creative Scents

👤A must have! I bought all 3 pieces. Very classy and elegant. It's worth the money. Accepting praise already! I love it!

👤The decor is cute. I didn't think there would be as many gaps between silver pieces. I wish it was a set with the balls.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I wish I didn't have to buy the balls seperately, but other than that, I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤The set had balls and candle holders. Look great together! Highly recommended.

👤I bought the set with the candle stands and curved dish. They look great on my bar top. The glitter stones look great. It is a nice product to display. It's easy to pair with other display items. There is a If you look closely at the finish on the glitter glass pieces, it's not perfect. I might not give it to someone. It looks lovely as a display piece.

👤I originally purchased this for a centerpiece for my table and it was small. I love it. It's beautiful if you move it to another area. This was purchased with the balls. There are only three balls that will fit in this piece. Should have gone back for the larger one. I didn't want to wait for it because this is gorgeous.

👤I was looking for a unique bowl that would compliment the coffee table. The bowl is perfect on all counts. It's completely different from the other bowls I've seen. The bowl's unusual shape, mosaic inlay, and pedestal feet are what I like the most. The bowl seems very durable and substantial. I ordered a second bowl and candle holders because I liked it so much.

👤It's on our kitchen table. It's a solid piece. I bought the balls that fit inside. This piece is lovely because of them. It makes it expensive.

👤This ornament can be used to keep keys in place. Love the silver color. The table is made of glass. Excellent quality and great value. It was perfect as a gift.

👤Me sorprendi el producto, una calidad excelente.

👤Justo lo, I am encanto the color. Y vena, con unicel, a los lados.

👤I use mine as a candy dish.

👤Les derniers colis reu ce bol ainsi. J'aimerais soit remboursé. Merci.

10. Torre Tagus 902423 Silver Textured

Torre Tagus 902423 Silver Textured

Care instructions Use a soapy washcloth to wipe clean. Don't immerse in water. Not dishwasher safe. Not safe for microwaves. The Torre & Tagus spun textured bowl is designed to accommodate a variety of looks. The Brava bowl has a metallic exterior that makes it a center piece or a background piece. No two bowls will be the same. Its unique nature gives it a strong presence. This bowl is perfect for standing alone or doubling as a fruit bowl. The Brava design sets the tone for any event. It is versatile in its size: 10 x 10 x 3 inches.

Brand: Torre & Tagus

👤A vaseca bud vase and this are part of a set. I have a vase. I had to get the bowl. Being ceramic, they have to be handled with care, but they are nice and of great quality.

👤I used it to make an orchid arrangement. I absolutely recommend it. Very elegant.

👤This was beautiful, but it was broken. I returned it.

👤I love this bowl. Absolutely gorgeous.

👤Beautiful texture presentation.

👤This is beautiful and you won't be disappointed.

👤It looks like it would have been a beautiful bowl, but it arrived in a million pieces. What a waste!

11. Beautiful Handmade Black Decorative Balls

Beautiful Handmade Black Decorative Balls

The addition of parties and home is great. These wicker balls are a great way to liven up your party space or home. It is eco friendly and reuseable. Hang them on the walls or string fairy lights on the patio. It's unique. Black spheres with silver detailing are handcrafted by the artisans of India. Each is 3” in diameter and has its own distinctive pattern, a striking combination of modern and classic decorating design that will guarantee longevity. This eye-catching accent and their ethicallysourced water buffalo horn decorative display bowl will complement each other. The table centerpiece is a great way to compliment farmhouse, modern, rustic or vintage decor. A set of orbs designed to last will never go out of style, never seen before, and will not lose its appeal. The black and silver accent will look great in your home. The coffee and dining tables display are handmade from premium-grade materials. The polished black finish as well as the different silver pattern and studded design will cause interesting topic of discussion, perfect event accessories for dressing up your venue. Birthdays, housewarming, Christmas, Mother's Day, and Friendsgiving are some of the reasons why Enchant your friends for them. They guarantee that your family will love you even more if you treat them. It makes a contemporary home accent with its rich texture and unforgettable features. Their water buffalo horn decorative display bowl is perfect with the orbs. 100% sustainable is on the forefront of their minds and they want to support their planet. Responsible mind-set, quality offering, quality design. Living well. Doing well... Your money back or 100% satisfaction?

Brand: U'neeque Collections

👤The product description is accurate, but the visuals are not, so I went off that as most would. These are not as complimentary to balls. The tray in the picture is 12”x12” and I put a regular size ornament with the balls.

👤I love these! I put it in my wine fridge. During holiday shipping chaos, package arrived intact and on time.

👤These were the final touches to my masterpiece. I love them.

👤I liked everything about this product.

👤These are gorgeous and unique. I would like to see other designs as well.

👤The colors are stated. It's a good idea to mix with others.

👤These should be sent back to me. It was too small for the money.

👤The balls are nice. The size and color were perfect. It makes any room pop!


What is the best product for decorative bowl silver?

Decorative bowl silver products from Elegance. In this article about decorative bowl silver you can see why people choose the product. Cunhill and Vistella are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative bowl silver.

What are the best brands for decorative bowl silver?

Elegance, Cunhill and Vistella are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative bowl silver. Find the detail in this article. Patelai, Elkpruu and Kensington Hill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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