Best Decorative Box for Remotes

Box 5 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Vintage Classic Celtic Motif Secret

Vintage Classic Celtic Motif Secret

If you're not completely satisfied with the Agate Bookends, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund. If you order by Dec 18th you can have it delivered by Christmas. There are two books in the set, Large and Small. The locking mechanism is magnetic. There is a faux leather cover over wood boxes. The majority of book boxes are made of cardboard. Traditional book making techniques were used.

Brand: Enchanted World Of Boxes

👤The shape and color of the one I ordered 3 years ago is very different from the one they show. The box is almost like a brown box now with no curve and little ribbing in the spine, missing highlights that made it look realistic. It is still sturdy and there is no smell.

👤I wanted a unique way to store my wallet, keys, and other items to make it easier to find them at my end table and thought this would be a good way to go. There is a The product photos are not very accurate. I like the color and texture. The quality of the build is good. The smaller of the two is what I have pictured. I am very happy with this purchase and I need to figure out what to do with the bigger one.

👤I was very excited for the boxes, but I was disappointed when they arrived. The boxes I got were dark in color and had faux aged leather that was too dark for the Celtic knot design. Outside of that, they're good boxes. I bought these for the Celtic knot design. I would have given them a 5 star rating if I had received designs that were clear and distinguishable from the ones in the image. I don't know. There are secret book boxes. I ordered two more sets to try to get one with a decent design. No luck. I returned all three sets because they looked similar to the picture. I was hoping for some good ones.

👤These boxes are wonderful. They come in different shades of color, or the picture is a bad representation. Today, I received a rich brown with gold "pages". The leather looks like good leather bound books. My son saw mine and I ordered a new set for him. There are great sizes to hide those items. I use the large one for remotes and the smaller one for smaller items on my nightstand. I need a tall one for my bottles.

👤The larger box has a stronger catch on the lid than the smaller box because of the glue on the magnet. The interior lining of the large box was peeling up. Both of these issues are attractive, and neither of them are dealbreakers.

👤We needed something to hide the glasses, nail files, cleaner, and cloth from view so they wouldn't be sitting out in plain view andcluttering up the end table when not in use. The books are the perfect solution. They look like books and can be closed. They feel like they have a leather binding because of the quality. The book we used was the smaller one, and it worked perfectly.

👤I had to leave my schedule to write about this product. As I opened the packaging, I was so happy. The books are strong. There is a magnetic key. The cover design is nice and I like placing the books with my other books. I bought this product on the recommendation of someone else. I am very happy with my purchase.

2. Hand Carved Wooden Storage Large

Hand Carved Wooden Storage Large

The dimensions of the exterior are 8 inches, 5 inches, and 2.5 inches. The dimensions of the interior are 7 inches, 4 inches, and 2 inches. The Distressed finish gives the antique look to the mango wood. The mango and recycled wooden box features a deep tree of life. It is recommended to have a full velvet lining on your valuables. The wood is durable. The wood is handcrafted from mango and recycled wood. It's water resistant. The box is made of pure, natural wood. Minor imperfections and variations in knots, grain detailing and mineral deposits may occur. The natural wood is unique and charming. You can use it to keep precious stones, watches, tarot cards, herbs, and other items, as well as add a touch of class to your desk. They want you to love their products as much as they do. All of their products are handcrafted in India by skilled artists one at a time, actual pieces may vary slightly in color and size from the images shown online and may also have slight imperfections. Their products are all unique and have a handmade story behind them. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact them via Amazon message.

Brand: Dharmaobjects

👤Terrible craftmanship. There is a huge gap on one side.

👤There are two issues with my order that I received today. 1. The wood seems short and the lid doesn't fully close one side. I'm not sure if it's by design, but some might find it annoying. This has been mentioned before in other reviews. 2. The paint feels strange. I was unsure what type of paint they used but it gave me a strange sensation on my palms. It still gave the same reaction after being washed down. It is a gorgeous storage box.

👤The carved box has intricate details. This is a good price for what I got. I like this wooden box. I will be buying more in the future.

👤The box is made of high quality materials, and has a black velvet lining that covers the inside of the box. The box is well made and it is a nice touch. It's not bad, but it's a bit tight to close and requires two hands to open.

👤The box is well worth the price. The large is the same size as a regular jewelry box. I wouldn't want it to be small. The hand carving is beautiful and has only 2 slight flaws. The hinges work and the lid closes completely. I am proud to give this as a gift to my best friend and feel that the quality of the wood and craftsmanship will make it a lasting heirloom.

👤I can tell you that this box is hand crafted. It doesn't look like mass produced. It is similar to a box you would expect to buy from a crafter. It was nicely built and carved. Exactly what I was hoping for.

👤I like the agedlook, but it looks darker in the pics than I wanted. I have to force it open. It's a good chance it won't open if you put it in a nice box.

👤The box is beautiful, but it is difficult to open and close. I had to open it. It doesn't close all the way without some force when I open it. I just wanted to point out that the box is new, not sure if it's just because it's new or not. The 6 X 4 box works well for the Smith-Rider-Waite cards, but not for the Wildwood Tarot.

👤The box is wooden. I thought the box was a little bigger than shown, but it's very detailed and exactly as shown on the picture. It was a perfect gift.

3. Decorative Treasure Miscellaneous Container Distressed

Decorative Treasure Miscellaneous Container Distressed

It'sTILE: A 6 x 6 inch wooden storage box is perfect for your home or office. There are many small items in the store, including jewelry, paperclips, coins, trinkets, teabags, dried herbs, pins, sewing supplies, game pieces, card collections, letters, photos, keepsakes, and other small items. It's perfect for your bedroom, living room, kitchen counter, office desk, and cubicle. The exclusive white washed wood has an exquisite vintage look. The art design is hand brushed. Every case is different. Excellent gift idea. Quality: Excellent. The wood panels have steel hinges. The finish is stunning. Home decor that is premium quality. Premium products for your home and garden are offered by gbHome. If you want your money back at any time within a year, just ask. Click the "add to cart" button if you want to adorn your living space. Premium products for your home and garden are offered by gbHome. If you want your money back at any time within a year, just ask. Click the "add to cart" button if you want to adorn your living space.

Brand: Gb Home Collection

👤It worked well for me, though the description is a bit misleading. The box is made of pressed paperboard, but the lid is wooden. I used the box to hide wall wart plugs. I was going to drill out two holes in the back of the box and then pass out the two items I was plugging into it. If you plan to change the box, I wouldn't recommend it. The box is solid, but it is not fully made of wood as the advertising suggests, and the hinges are nice. Maybe I didn't read the fine print.

👤It is beautiful. I made a lasso, 2 rosaries and 6 1 decade rosaries as a wedding gift and needed a box for all of them to fit in. The box was perfect. I put the necklace foam cover on the bottom and put the lasso in first, the rosaries and then the decade rosaries. I would buy it again. I was a little concerned about the decoration on top, but I thought it was done on purpose, that it wasn't suppose to be completely filled in.

👤I needed something to sit a globe on in order to give it a more elevated spot on my shelves. The box was the right size. A place to store things was a plus. The design was on top when I received it. Excellent! My husband thinks it's too pretty to be covered up. I might be showing it differently than I intended.

👤This looks exactly like the picture. I wanted it on my porch. It holds my phone cord, tissues, and lipgloss. I have everything I need at my fingertips and my table looks neat. I might add a small knob on the lid edge to make it easier to lift it with one hand.

👤It does a great job of keeping my cable coiled in. It's a small box, but it's as attractive as its picture on the page.

👤The box is small. They fit perfectly, and keep them out of the elements. Also hides our bad habit.

👤It was very neutral looking and can be used for anything. I put my bathroom closet in a Martha Stewart picture. I put it in a plane box because it was sitting on a shelf with jewelry. It is perfect.

👤I bought these boxes for each of my children. I'm in the process of changing them. The three boys' boxes will be painted brown. Three girls will be covered in various types of flowers and jewels. These sizes are perfect for what I need. I love them!

👤The box is small but lovely. Before ordering, make sure it is the size you want. I bought it to hold my keys on the counter.

👤Excellent design. My fault on the measurements was expected to be a bit bigger. Good quality and lovely item.

👤It was perfect and bigger than expected.

👤Bon, satisfaite et rapide, very good.

👤The quality of the wood is not the best.

4. Twinkle Star Powered Christmas Decoration

Twinkle Star Powered Christmas Decoration

The 66ft 200 led lights glow a white light, which makes every night a night to remember. High quality bendable copper wire. Their string lights have 3 strands, while others only have 2. In waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle, and steady on are the settings. You can use the button on theusb to adjust the 8 modes setting if you plug it in directly. You can easily turn on/off the lights through the remote, set them in timer to auto on and off each day, adjust the brightness, and set the 8 modes setting. The wire parts of the string lights are sealed so that they are waterproof and safe to touch after hours of use. It's perfect for indoors or outdoors, and can be used for Birthday, wedding, shows, restaurant, home, and more. It's perfect for indoors or outdoors, and can be used for Birthday, wedding, shows, restaurant, home, and more.

Brand: Twinkle Star

👤These lights are easy to install. I think they will be soft enough to not disturb my son's sleep. I can update in a week. The flashing modes are very loud. I uploaded a video. There is a They worked perfectly out of the box. They feel fragile, so hang them carefully. It does not get hot, nor do you feel a current. I will update if that changes. This is important! If someone makes a harmless mistake, I want to share this. I strung them around the room so that his name would light up. Plugged them in, and nothing. They worked before I strung them. I was confused and frustrated. My husband laughed at me. I attached them to the decorative letters with thumb tacks by hanging them from a screw in metal eyelets. Apparently they were grounded by that. They didn't light up and the plug got hot. Oh, yeah... Woops... I have them hanging with the plastic things. That worked out well. I added a picture of them. There is a Don't use any kind of metal to hang these lights. * * The PLUG will get very hot very quickly. It is a single word.

👤I tried a lot of different string lights trying to find a color that I liked, and these Twinkle Star ones are pretty comfortable and have a RF remote which is convenient because you don't need to point the remote at the receiver. There is a The remote is IR only, so you need to point it at the receiver, but the ones from TaoTronics are nicer. Some "Warm White" lights string are compared to some other lights string. The Yihong fairy string lights have a green tint and a yellow tint. 66Ft 200LED, Warm White, slight tint, TaoTronics 33ft 100LED string lights. Warm white with a slight teal tint.

👤The box was empty. When plugged in, the plug got very warm. It's too cheap to bother to come back.

👤They turned on for half a second and then turned off and won't turn back on after a while. Very disappointed.

👤These lights are wonderful. They are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. The highest brightness setting lights up the room just enough so that you don't need any additional lights on, but not so bright that you can't watch tv. The lowest setting is bright enough to create a romantic atmosphere without actually making the room brighter. The remote has several settings that range from a steady glow, to a slow pulse, to twinkling. The string of lights is long. I realized I had enough left to do a second wall after finishing one wall. The picture doesn't do justice to how pretty these lights are in person. It is a work in progress.

👤The manzanita branch was used as a bed head decoration and I bought string lights to illuminate it. There is a The copper wire is very thin and insulated with an invisible and thin coating, making it the best kind. These are almost invisible, unlike some that have a thick plastic coating and look like an electrical wire. There is a I thought I would need three strands to dress all the branches, but it turned out to be perfect, allowing me to dress up every little branch. There is a The power supply is not provided. The electronics for the lighting modes and the remote receiver are held in ausb suck. I originally bought a power supply with three ports, but they wouldn't fit all together because the light on which they were on was too thick. I decided to take a chance on rewiring them in parallel on a single of the USB dongles, and it worked out great. There is a The wires are connected to a single device and works perfectly on a single remote. I use a regular power adapter that has a capacity of 0.8 Amp x 5V.

5. NaturalCozy 5 Piece Round Small Baskets

NaturalCozy 5 Piece Round Small Baskets

No more pantyhose, they are nicely shaped. Baskets came flat and now they won't stand up straight. If this sounds familiar, you may be a victim of this syndrome. Not on their watch! Their baskets are stacked together in their own box so they don't get smushed during shipping. No more bins that are sad. Life is messy. Your house doesn't have to be. You can defeat messy rooms with five rope baskets. Use the largest baskets for Montessori toy displays or countertop fruits holder, create the cutest remote basket with a medium size container, and keep jewelry or keys in the smallest one. 5 lovely sizes Biggest (10.0”x3.5”), ( 9.1”x 3.1”), (8.7”x2.9”), (7.3”x 2.5”), Smallest ( 6.3”x 2.2). Made from natural cotton. Nom, nom, nom! Your little one is going to love turning basket handles into their own teethers when you transform the nursery with some seriously stylish toy storage. No worries, mom! Their baskets are made from 100% natural cotton, so they are completely safe for little mouths and hands. There are no toxic chemicals or ingredients. There are no faux leathers that could be harmful for your pet or little one. Classic neutral colors that match any design scheme will be the new design. Yes, please! Storage baskets are the perfect accents to any decor. You won't find a tacky logo anywhere in sight. When you are a full-time mom or dad, you need a storage solution that works just as hard as you do. Their storage basket set is ready to tackle some heavy-duty actions and will sustain the roughest toddler play. With their soft yet firm handwoven rope basket designs, you will never have to worry about scratches or marks being left on your coffee table, shelf, front door table, nightstand or any other table.

Brand: Naturalcozy

👤This set is so wonderful. These are perfect for my daughter's Montessori materials. The sizes are useful. The material is sturdy and simple. My daughter is able to play with the baskets on her own, because they're not too heavy for her to turn over and play with on their own. They come in a sturdy box and nest inside each other. The box is great for storing baskets when you don't need them for your current rotation, and you can stack other things on the box without worrying about your baskets getting dirty or squashing.

👤The cotton rope baskets are great. I didn't want the hassle of trying to change them as they are needed with many other baskets. These baskets were delivered in a nice box. They are sturdy, hold their shape, and are attractive baskets. My cat is very fond of her new toy basket. I have many uses for the other baskets. Buy them! You will not be sorry.

👤I bought these for my baby to play with. She likes to put things in buckets and bowls. She likes to throw them everywhere. When I use the little one to hold random stuff, she likes to dig through them and find something shiny to love. They look great despite the wear and tear. They would be great in a home without a baby. It's probably even more so...

👤I was very excited to have these baskets around my house. When I opened my first set, they smelled bad. There was no gel packet in the box or bag that the baskets were placed in. I ordered it because I thought it was a mistake. The smell of these is moldy. I will return them as well. I tried to write the seller a letter without having to do a review, but I couldn't even get it done. If the baskets arrive without the smell, they are a good value.

👤I absolutely adore these! They are strong and not flimsy. They worked great, they shipped very fast. I love the handles!

👤It is exactly what I needed with five different baskets. I use the big one on my coffee table for VT controllers, the two medium ones next to my bed, and the middle one on my desk for small electronic items. I used to use the smallest ones on my kitchen counter. Great sizes and high quality workmanship. I would recommend anyone who wants matching containers to do so. I will have these for a long time.

👤There are five baskets that arrive together. They are better than I had thought, and will last for a long time. They can be hand-washed in gentle detergent (no bleach) or machine washed on a cold cycle inside a lingerie bag. The baskets are made of fabric and are soft to the touch and rigid enough to hold their shape. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤The baskets are perfect for my baby group. The babies love picking them up, throwing small toys in the bin, and wearing hats and chewing on them. They are soft and easy to clean. I ordered a second set. Thanks for making them available.

6. Philip Whitney Rustic Trinket Jewelry

Philip Whitney Rustic Trinket Jewelry

It can be used as Cremation URN. Versatility is a big part of the box. It is a functional storage box and adds a décor value to any space. The box is distressed to give it an antique look. You can keep your most important items in this box, including photos, letters, chess pieces, heirlooms, and jewelry. This sturdy wooden box is what you need to organize your space. The box has a special mechanism to keep its contents safe. The product has a dimensions of 2.95L. X.05W

Brand: Philip Whitney

👤The coffee table box is perfect for storing my remotes. It's nice looking and the right amount of rustic.

👤I would like to give this a negative star. I bought it to hold a gift. When I opened the box, there were splinters and pieces of wood all over the place. There is carelessness and then there is rustic. Returned.

👤The item did not seem finished. There were pieces of wood sticking out. The size was excellent, as the top lets taller items in. Everything was white. I wouldn't give a box as a gift.

👤A sturdy box, a good size to hold letters or stuff. I like the space in this box.

👤excessive splinters returned. You can sand it all down, but it's not worth the time or money.

👤There were 3 lose screws that were attached to each other. Not enough to assemble. Pre drilled hole was too big and one screw fit in it. The solution was to use gorilla glue and 2 small nails. The box won't stay aligned because of loose hinges. It will work for me, but it is not worth the price. The edges were a little more rough than I expected. I don't need to assemble this. I don't need more products to make it work.

👤The box was made poorly. The hinges were loose and crooked. The edges of the box were very rough. It was in a box, that's the only positive comment. Not worth the money.

👤It was bought for a family heirloom. The cover of the box messed up the staining. It shouldn't have been sold at this price.

7. Hosley Decorative Storage Box Aromatherapy

Hosley Decorative Storage Box Aromatherapy

Natural seaweed woven products have both storage and a natural scent. They are a decorative touch to any room's decor. It's perfect for weddings, events, spa, meditation, bathroom and everyday use. Pair this with your existing decor, or with a lot of their other decors to create a unique accent in your home! It has a sleek design with crisp edges. The wooden storage box will add warmth to any décor. The boxes are made of metal, wood, and leather and measure 9 L x 6 W x 4.5 H. Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage. Please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations by achieving a neutral carbon footprint.

Brand: Hosley

👤The box is really cute. It is perfect for the task I wanted. I hid my feminine hygiene products in a cool box in my bathroom.

👤I am pleasantly surprised by the box, it seems sturdy and beautiful, and the color and look is gorgeous. I use it to store my tarot cards and some stones/crystals and that extra little space makes me want to buy another deck. There is a The price for this is very good, it could easily run for twice the price in a store like Hobby Lobby. I just wiped the box down with a damp cloth and used essential oil spray to get the smell out of the box, I think it's the textured lining. The smell is still bad but not as bad as it was before.

👤There is a soft lining on the inside and bottom. This will hide my remotes from my cat.

👤This item is a pleasant surprise. For a small amount of money, you can get a good looking storage chest that works great. I usually find myself in my recliner sofa when I'm done working. I will often need different things as I use the internet or watch tv. Sometimes I will need a measuring tape, knife, or multi-tool, as I peruse the info on the web, or I will need a magnifying glass, or I may need a rubber band. Also, etc. You understand the idea. Before this purchase, I had a wire mesh desk organizers that sat on a table next to me. It was not big enough and looked messy. I ordered this because I wanted a nicer look and more storage capacity. The chest does both very well. I now have all the accessories I need next to me, with plenty of style to spare.

👤We bought the boxes so that we could put together an invite and gift for the men in our wedding party. We wanted them to be able to use it later.

👤I got this for my best friend's birthday, and it's perfect. The chest is long and wide.

👤I liked this container so much that I returned for a second. I think they look nice in my cave. I use it to store remote controls. I keep my keys and charging cables in the other. I use them to organize my coffee table.

👤I was very happy with this little chest, but I left a book and a silk purse in it overnight. I had to throw the book out after it picked up a bad smell from the chest. The silk purse had a bad smell, but it dissipated the next day. I dismissed the warning tag on the chest because it said it could cause cancer and birth defects.

👤They told me they had no stock. Did you keep the item up? It's confusing.

👤It's ideal for storing memories. It looks nice.

8. Jolitac Decorative Pattern Invisible Magnetic

Jolitac Decorative Pattern Invisible Magnetic

There are three faux book boxes. This set of 3 boxes with the appearance of vintage books is perfect for hiding your treasures. Theurdy Material: The books are bound with faux leather and made of Medium Density Fiberboard. There is a secret compartment. A secret hollow compartment is hidden by a magnetic closure and is perfect for hiding jewelry, keys, cash, credit cards, and other small valuables. Storage book box size Medium: 8.7 x 6.7 x 2.25 inches; Small: 7 x 5 x 1.75 inches. There are 14 different styles of book boxes, with different decorative effects, there is always a match for your needs. Don't hesitate.

Brand: Jolitac

👤The book boxes are sturdy. Some of them are really bad weed, like someone kept them for a long time. I left them open to air out for 3 weeks and the smell is still there. I was able to fix the peeling cover with superglue. The boxes are sturdy and pretty, but they would be better used for something else.

👤The boxes are described as looking and quality the same way. They look great on the shelf and are not flimsy. I would never consider buying from them, they're real jerks of POT! The boxes stunk up our entire living room for 4 days. I'm not joking. It was very unexpected and not welcome. You want a new product to smell good. These were in a room where someone was smoking pot in excess and they were saturated. Not pleased with that front.

👤I was excited to get these to add to our book case for hidden storage. The magnetic closing won't keep it closed, and they Stink! The smell stinks up our entire office, so I keep hoping it will go away. They should have returned them. I don't know what I can do to get rid of the smell. Not worth it! Yuck!

👤I wanted to use these boxes to store small things in my dining room. They arrive and are a decent looking but they smell of glue or epoxy. The fumes got worse when I opened the boxes. I wasn't thrilled, but I was not worried as usually these things will go away after they have been unwrapped. I put them on a shelf to do their thing. I reached one of them down and the fumes were just as strong as ever. I'm not sure if these are safe to have. I received them on July 23rd.

👤I own a lot of books. I found these little boxes to be a perfect addition to my room. They are used to store my jewelry. The boxes are sturdy and well made. I recommend!

👤The boxes are very good. These are an incredible value after looking at similar ones in retail stores. The textured covers give them a more authentic look. The inside is lined with a black textured fabric. Great purchase! Very happy!

👤I hid the candies at my desk. There's an odd chemical smell that I can't scrub away, but they came in a timely manner and looked exactly like the photo. I've washed them with soap and water, sprayed them with cleaner, and stuffed them with coffee grounds and newspapers. I don't want to keep peanut butter cups in them for fear of the taste being contaminated.

👤I love these! I bought them for my escape room. They were more expensive than anything I could find in the stores. They look great and are more sturdy than I thought. They had little magnets on the lids to keep them closed. It was a great addition to standard use. I will be securing them shut for my puzzle.

9. Large Wooden Box Hinged Lid

Large Wooden Box Hinged Lid

A premium oak wood catchall box is a great way to organize your home. The wood storage box is made of premium Oak with a Cedar inlay. Your box is locked in the open position with Smooth 90 degree golden hinges. It's perfect for storing collectibles, mail, and more. It is designed to fit all shapes of mail. The Premium Quality Locking Stash Box is a must have in your home. The wooden box from Lake is of the highest quality. It's right for your home or office. If this box is the right box for you, please see the dimensions and photos. The dimensions are 8” long. 5” tall and wide. The inside dimensions are 9.75” long, 7” wide, and 4.5” tall. It is designed to make space on desks, countertops, drawers, bookshelves and more. You should organize your collectibles. It's easy to organize and de-clutter your home or workspace. Also comes in a Blonde color. Add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and dining area by buying more to organize. Adds luxury to your workspace. The lid remains open because the hinges lock at 90 degrees. Your home should be a happy place. Premium Oak Wood with a Cedar Wood Inlay has a black finish. Any room will be enriched with this classic design. It's a great place to store kitchen herbs and spices. The seal will keep pollutants out of your box. This box will last a long time. All wood was made from sustainable sources. Give the gift of organization with a wooden storage box. The box is perfect for gift wrapping. You can organize any space in your home or workspace.

Brand: Blake & Lake

👤I use this and other boxes to etch on for friends special occasions. I've purchased four of these boxes and they all have the same quality and craftsmanship. They are package perfectly to keep the wood surfaces from getting damaged. I bought another one and it arrived quicker than I expected. Excellent service and quality.

👤There is not much to say about a box. It's nice to get something that's exactly what you're looking for. It was well-packaged to arrive safely and it was very sturdy and attractive.

👤A nice box. Well done. Strong hinges are a big plus. No lock is a plus for me. There are multiple uses for this box. This is a well made well made. Well done. It's a good thing.

👤It has a paper core. It was very cheap to make. This is not wood, so if you are expecting a well made solid wood box, look somewhere else. I'm not happy with this product.

👤This box is great for storing small things that you might need to keep around. These are not complaints, but suggestions for how the box could be made even better. The only things I wish for this box were that it had a knob or handle for opening it in the middle of the lid and that it had rubber, non-slip feet in order for it to be placed on slippery surfaces. I know that I can modify the box at a hardware store, but it would be even better with the minimal modifications.

👤The item's measurements are incorrect. I needed it for a specific purchase. It's about the size of a photo file box. The box is 3.5 feet tall inside and 4 feet tall outside, but it can't fit most of the interior because the lip that runs around the whole edge is too tall. It's in the same position around the interior as it is around the outside. The description does not reflect the actual dimensions.

👤I was surprised by the quality of this box, since cheap imported stuff that falls apart or requires modifications just to work is a daily occurrence. All the bolts were set. The finish was not different. The wood was made with care. It's large enough to hold my wife's things. Direct hit! Thank you for that. Quality has not gone out of style.

👤This box is made to last. There is a dark staining on the outside. There is no scratching on the felt. The inside of the wood is very smooth. A nice box.

👤The box had corner damage. It was damaged before it was shipped, so it makes no sense. Control of low quality.

👤The box is well designed. It is an elegant way to keep your table and counter tops organized and uncluttered, and it has a beautiful, well finished, minimalist design. The raised edge of the box countersinks with the lid, making the process of closing it quiet and smooth.

👤It was bought for my boyfriend to store his containers. Excellent quality and smell proof. I would love to see a handle on it.

10. SICOHOME Treasure 9 0inch Collection Decoration

SICOHOME Treasure 9 0inch Collection Decoration

The pirate style treasure chest is wood. The trunk is about the same size. The inside is 9 x 6.3 x 3.7. The hasp made its mark on the chest. The Eiffel tower key ring is free. It's great as a gift, part of a Christmas exchange, a memory box for the wedding, or a personalized jewelry box. It's ideal to keep makeups and jewelries, store holiday cards, tarot decks, save keeping, remotes and stuff in the living room.

Brand: Sicohome

👤There are some flaws in this box. The color is not the same as on line, but it will work for me. If the red stain gets wet, it will stain walls, bleed and stain surfaces. The two trim pieces on the box top are so close together that they can cause injury to fingers or hands. I use a box to hide the can of Air Freshener Spray. The box was stuck to the tank top with the help of Velcro. The main reason I'm keeping it with all these flaws is that it is pretty and a good match to the ZOHUMI Octagonal Vintage Design facial tissue holder. I keep a beverage glass coaster under the tissue holder because of the bleeding red stain. It won't stain my white top.

👤Garbage. Don't do it. Looks great. Really beautiful. God knows what chemicals are used to make this. I have never smelled a product like that. It smells like beef. It was nasty. Stinks up the house. Anything you put in it. If you put it on a flat surface, the bowed bottom will spin.

👤I gave this box three stars because it is very pretty. It's large enough to hold a lot of jewellery or trinkets. There is a It is all that is left. The hinges look like they would come apart pretty quick, because of the poor quality and irregular edges. The wood on the inside looked like a thin sheet of wood had been pasted on the top layer. Maybe that is the design. I am not happy with the product. It is pretty at first glance.

👤I was looking for a box that would hold postcards and this was perfect. The box was damaged when I received my first order, which means quality control needs to be increased a bit. I received a replacement today. Without taking off the shrink wrap, this box is damaged, and someone wrapped and sent out a damaged product again. One would think that the replacement would be undamaged. I will return this box and seek another vendor for my purchase.

👤This box is amazing. I can't believe that someone can make this and sell it for less than 20 bucks. It's Awesome... I put it between my wife and I 2 recliner chairs and put all the little things we need on top of it. I'm weird about everything in it's place. This is a perfect box. I sent it back because it was too big. The box is perfect.

👤The box is pretty. It is the perfect size for what I am using it for. I have bought more expensive boxes where the lid is not straight. The one that met up was secure. Came with no flaws. I had to contact the seller to find out that the little bonus that was supposed to come with this box was missing. They immediately returned my account for 2.14 and that was fine with me. Customer service was great. I was very pleased with the purchase.

11. Maggift Leather Remote Control Organizer

Maggift Leather Remote Control Organizer

There are 14 different styles of book boxes, with different decorative effects, there is always a match for your needs. Don't hesitate. The PU remote control holder is made from high quality PU leather. It's a 3 slot remote control holder that can be used at home or office. There are 3 different compartments for different heights. The leather remote control holder can pick up small items on your desk, counter, home bar, and dressing table. 3 Slot Leather Desktop Caddy has a dimensions of 6.3(L) x 5.1(W) x 2.8(H) inches.

Brand: Maggift

👤I have a lot of things, including remotes, phones, and tablets. Oh my... The 21st century needed to have fully connected things. The phones and remotes were all over the place. I needed a better way to organize. The budget is tight. I wanted something that was pleasing to the eye and functional. I was surprised by the quality of the product. I think this is a good idea.

👤It works well to hold three entertainment remotes, one ceiling fan remote, reading glasses case, phone cord, and space for one more item. It is the same as shown. It was sold for a few dollars less than what the supplier charged me, but that is on me for not doing comparison shopping. I was disappointed that there was no bubble wrap for delivery. The remote is covered in a thin piece of plastic and placed in an Amazon bag for delivery. The remote stand is nice, but it is not metal or a material that can handle rough handling. The delivery man threw the bag on the porch. I think bubble wrapping should be added before placing product into the bag. I think a box isn't being considered because they are trying to reduce delivery costs, but they haven't taken alternative steps to keep the product safe. Just giving an update.

👤I was getting tired of having my remotes scattered around the living room, or taking up a lot of counter space when organized. I was looking for a remote control caddy and item. It is larger than expected, and can fit a few remotes per compartment. It looks great in my living room, it has a deep rich dark brown leather finish. It took a day or two to get used to the new look, but now that I am, I am happy. It is nice to have all the remotes in one place and not have to look for them. It's interesting how a small organizational device can change the function of a room. I would recommend it to anyone considering buying one.

👤Well made organizers. It works well on a small coffee table. The compartments are good for average items, but they won't work for long remotes. I like to have items that take up space on a small side table in the organizers, and I use them for pens, purse size tissues, and similar items. Very useful.

👤Well made and looks good. When we watch TV, I buy this to organize our cell phones and remotes. My wife and I both own the large iPhone 8+. I have a protective cover for my box. They fit in this case with room to spare. Two large remotes are also in the case. The phones are charged in the case. We ordered a second one to use in the bedroom because we liked this one so much.

👤This holder is large enough to hold my 4 remote controls and sofa side-table miscellany. It's not large to take up a lot of room. I was fishing the remote controls from between the sofa and the side-table where she knocked them off, and she was also filching anything on the side-table that wasn't nailed down. It looks nice in a conservative way, seems to be reasonably good quality, and it has improved organization on the side-table!


What is the best product for decorative box for remotes?

Decorative box for remotes products from Enchanted World Of Boxes. In this article about decorative box for remotes you can see why people choose the product. Dharmaobjects and Gb Home Collection are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative box for remotes.

What are the best brands for decorative box for remotes?

Enchanted World Of Boxes, Dharmaobjects and Gb Home Collection are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative box for remotes. Find the detail in this article. Twinkle Star, Naturalcozy and Philip Whitney are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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