Best Decorative Box with Drawers

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1. Bigso 2 Drawer Birger Laminate Storage

Bigso 2 Drawer Birger Laminate Storage

This stylish 2 drawer chest is easy to use. The space saving solution for your home and office is the Birger. The drawers are fully retractable and can hold letter sized documents, as well as smaller items that may get lost in larger boxes. Now you can enjoy your desk with sleek design and function.

Brand: Bigso

👤I bought this for what it did. We store remotes and coupons inside the drawers so we open them often. There is a Our mail sorter is wooden and always full. There is no problem with the person sitting on top. It slides when opening the drawers, so this solved the problem. Ours is put from the weight. There is a The price is the only complaint I have. Even though it is sturdy, it is still cardboard. It had to cost less than the price to produce and sell this thing. I looked for something cheaper before buying this one. It shouldn't cost as much as it does.

👤The kitchen counter was filled with bills and paperwork. This horizontal storage is great for hiding paperwork until you have time to sort through it. I bought a second one for kid items. I think this would look great on any surface, even though it looks great on our dark brown table. There is a It is only meant to support a small amount of weight, so don't plan on putting a lot of weight on top. It tugs when opening the drawers. I think these are minor items, and I have been very happy with them. It serves its purpose well. Two thumbs up.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the drawer. The canvass look expensive, but they are well made. The drawer is large and easy to pull in and out of. It feels strong. I put my docking station on top of it so far, so good. The color is pretty in person.

👤A great minimalist look. The Manila folders have tabs and a little room. The drawers could be studied. The base is strong. This is made of cardboard. This is just holding my basic insurance, car, tax documents, so it is not going to be used everyday and it is fine for that purpose. If you are looking for a daily use, this is not the one for you.

👤I was looking for a place to keep my expensive jewelry. I can stack the boxes. When pulling and pushing on the drawers, they aren't much drag. Sturdy handles. It was made very well. It's a great idea for jewelry storage.

👤It sits next to my bathroom counter top and serves my purpose well. I can put my lipstick organizers on top of my counter and see them at the counter without having to take up a counter top room. I think it may slant more over time, which is only a slight change. They should have made these from recycled plastic or cardboard.

👤This is a small amount of desktop organization. It's true to the pictures in both color and construction. The leather draws are secure and the canvas exterior is well applied. The drawers do not have label windows and the product description was an overzealous copy/paste job from another product. There is a The drawers fit snug and are easy to open and close with one hand. Each drawer is large enough to hold a US letter size paper with room to spare on either side. Black is the color of the inside of the drawers and the outer case. The box has four feet which you can stick to the bottom of. When drawers are opened and closed, the box has enough traction to stay in place. There is a It's what I was looking for. It's a great way to store papers and other desk items without having to use a full chest of drawers. I get to avoid the look of bare plastic containers.

2. Kingflux Shagreen Decorative Organizer Accessory

Kingflux Shagreen Decorative Organizer Accessory

There are two different designs. Large: 27*17.5* 3.5CM (10.63* 6.9*1.38inch) Small: 24*13* 3.5CM (9.45*5.12*1.38inch) The golden handle is a special element to enhance the accent piece in your home. Keep your items free from scratches and dust with stylish and multi-functional storages. Keep your sunglasses, rings, bracelets, watches and other valuable items well organized. The surface of the storages is made of fine PU leather. The interior is lined with faux suede that is soft and smooth. The construction is made from wood. You can put 3 pieces of the pack on your book shelf or console table. Large rectangular shaped storages are 13.8 inches wide by 9.8 inches deep by 2.8 inches high, and 11.8 inches wide by 7.9 inches deep. Large rectangular shaped storages are 13.8 inches wide by 9.8 inches deep by 2.8 inches high, and 11.8 inches wide by 7.9 inches deep.

Brand: Unp

👤Excellent quality, very beautiful! It is worth it.

👤I use this product in my dining room to hold ear buds. It can be used in many different rooms. The vegan leather helped me make a decision to get these.

3. Prandom File Organizer Box 15x12 2x10 75

Prandom File Organizer Box 15x12 2x10 75

The Mini Stowit has rubber feet to help keep it in place and the surface you put it on scratch-free; inside, each drawer has a linen fabric pad that helps ensure your jewelry doesn't scratch. There is aTILE file box for letter size files. The portable file cabinet storage boxes from PRANDOM are 15x12.2x10.75". There is a hedging box. The storage container collapses down to make it easier to store when not in use. A multi-use and highly functional document filing box is a small filing cabinet for document organization, tax paperwork, storing children's art work and other office/ home storage needs. There are labels on one side for file storage. Say no to boring paper filing boxes. The Prandom file folder box set in grey linen is a great way to organize your papers and supplies. Don't give a warranty. The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 3 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name.

Brand: Prandom

👤The sides are not strong enough to hold hanging files. It is good for storing other things. It is easy to assemble.

👤The 5-star reviews seem like an elegant solution to having files at home. All of the hanging files that have index tabs are crushed down because the lid shuts flush to the box. See photo. I didn't give a star because I can see why this would work if you didn't hang files without tabs. This didn't work for me and it was an expensive lesson.

👤The dimensions of the boxes are a bit deceiving. The inside dimensions are about 9 12 and the bottom is in place. The files don't hang well on the sides of the standard file folder. The sides are flimsy so file holders fall inside. I think the option is to put something around the rim to increase the height and make it sturdy. Is it possible that these people actually test a product before selling it? I'll keep them for storage, but I'll look for a box that will hold the files.

👤I put all 25 file folders in and now I can move them without them falling off, because I was frustrated when I first put a few in. It needs multiple file folders to keep it sturdy, but if you do that it is amazing and good to go!

👤I was very disappointed that my files didn't stay on the sides. They all fell down within the box. Files do not slide back and forth like a regular system. I was hoping the box was strong. It is pretty flimsy. I don't think it's worth the trouble of returning so I'm keeping them. The files are pushing up against the lid so it has to be raised. I don't think stacking anything on top of these boxes is a good idea.

👤I can't complain about this product. These work great for the relatively small amount of filing I do. The texture of the product is very nice. It's a good idea for anyone looking for a nice product that isn't too expensive.

👤These are exactly what I was looking for. They are nice looking. I don't have to hide them in a closet because they fit in my shelves.

👤I love it! It is perfect for what I need. The assembly is done for you. The folders fit! The attached pic is attached. I might order another one soon. It's too expensive for me. It is still what I need.

4. Emfogo Jewelry Organizer Necklaces Bracelet

Emfogo Jewelry Organizer Necklaces Bracelet

Don't give a warranty. The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 3 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name. The large capacity jewelry holder. The Emfogo jewelry organizer has a large capacity wood jewelry box and double metal poles with hanging branches. Ample space for you to display and organize your jewelry while keeping them tangle-free. It's perfect for jewelry display. The jewelry stand has a wood tray base. The drawer lined with fine linen is torched finished carbonized black wood and is used for jewelry organizers. The top soft compartment has a lot of space to store rings. A multifunctional jewelry stand can be used as a necklace holder, earring holder, bracelet holder, or watch holder. The jewelry box and jewelry organize stand is decorative. The 6 tiers jewelry tree hanger is simple and elegant. You can use the jewelry box as a vintage décor to add fun style to your home, for example, to your bathroom, makeup area, closet, jewelry area, etc, and keep your makeup area tidy and save space. The jewelry tree can be adjusted. The jewelry tree stand rods can be moved around freely. The metal rod can be extended up to 16 inches, keeping jewelry tangle-free and non-mess. There are jewelry boxes for girls. A necklace holder, earring holder stand or bracelet holder is a perfect gift for a girlfriend, mother, sister,ladies. It's appropriate for any holiday or special date. They will reply within 24 hours if you let them know about any issues. There are jewelry boxes for girls. A necklace holder, earring holder stand or bracelet holder is a perfect gift for a girlfriend, mother, sister,ladies. It's appropriate for any holiday or special date. They will reply within 24 hours if you let them know about any issues.

Brand: Emfogo

👤I like my jewelry organizer. I was looking for a table top organizers and found one that I could put my jewelry off at the end of the day and still find something. The wood is good for what it does. The stands can be adjusted on either side. I have adjusted my necklace to fit. The drawer is used for Apple Watch bands. The drawer is not strong and it dies the job. It is a great organizer for the money.

👤It works well to organize my costume jewelry, which has been a mess in my room. Everything is in a nice place. It's nice to have my necklaces untangled. This helps me pick a necklace without feeling like it's a chore. There is a It was easy to put together. I'm not worried about it falling over or tipping because I need to wear long necklaces. I already have something that does that for me so I don't use the earring part. I needed it to hang my necklaces.

👤It was assembled in 10 seconds. A beautiful look with a rustic farmhouse. The price point is also great. I have a small apartment and I am trying to get organized. I needed to get rid of the mess on my bathroom counter.

👤This is what I thought I was buying. Sturdy, elegant, and holds a lot of jewelry. The quality is amazing and it looks great on my furniture. Do it if you're thinking about buying it.

👤It's cute. It works well for my jewelry. It would be a little short for necklaces. I don't have the bars extended. It's a lot bigger and fits a lot more than I thought it would. It's definitely worth the money. I highly recommend.

👤It looks like a barge, but it holds my jewelry. I had to glue one piece together because it was not super sturdy. But does the job.

👤I'm very disappointed. When it arrived, I thought it would be perfect, but after putting in the two posts one of them caused the bottom part to come off. I tried to fix it with glue but it just looked like a mess. If you want something that is sturdy, do not purchase this.

👤It was a great purchase and I am very happy with it. It is very well put together and sturdy. The top part is very convenient for necklaces. It's nice to have a place for my jewelry.

5. Organizer Holder Storage Drawers Decorative

Organizer Holder Storage Drawers Decorative

3 Slot Leather Desktop Caddy has a dimensions of 6.3(L) x 5.1(W) x 2.8(H) inches. A small wooden box with drawers can be filled with daily essentials like pens, paper clips, sticky notes and household items. This small storage box has a French type that reads mercerie and bouton, perfect for desktop organization, and is also used as a jewelry box. Their desk organizers are made of quality wood. The perfect size is a small wooden box. You will get a vintage storage box with 2 drawers.

Brand: Juvale

👤I bought 7 of these drawer units over the course of a year. The wood used was in poor condition. Live Larvae are moving around. The wood was not treated prior to use. They ate through the drawers, the outer box, a brand new desktop bookcase, and even my greeting cards that were in the drawers. I pulled Live La Rivae out of the holes. If you have a strong stomach, watch the video. I contacted Amazon and was told they were purchased too long ago, I didn't know what was in the wood until it hatched and wriggled out. I would have to contact the manufacturer if Amazon could not do anything for me. If something is sold by Amazon, they should contact the marshals. The rep told me that she was doing me a favor by finding their phone number for me, as they aren't required to do that much. I didn't want to leave a review until I spoke to someone, but now that customers are on their own at Amazon, I'm posting my review here. I order stuff from Amazon. I'm done. I will do without if I can't get it elsewhere. The multi billionaire should not have to stand by his company. I was disappointed in Amazon. Since they just sold books, I've been ordering. All good things must end. I don't want to buy from them anymore. Who knows what worms will crawl out of the next hole? I checked this company and they sell a lot of wooden things on Amazon. Beware!

👤I like this box. The set of 2 is only one box with 2 drawers. There were a few things I changed. If you don't want the printed writing on the front, acetone will take it off. I sanded the edges down because they were sharper than I wanted. The box is small, but the drawers are bigger than I expected. Surprise! It's a solid box with drawers that can fit in either drawer space. It is fully assembled. I really like it and am thinking of buying another one.

👤I was a little leery at first, but decided to give it a try. I'm very happy I did. This is a great small organizer. It holds my collection of tapestry, embroidery, quilting and straight needles in one drawer and my collection of embroidery scissors in the bottom drawer. My small needs are in one spot. The quality is good and the price point was right up my alley.

👤I needed something affordable that would do the job and this was perfect, not too big or small. My paint tubes are 37 liters. I took the advice from one of the reviews to use acetone nail polish remover to remove the words from it. I wouldn't suggest doing it because it also removes the color of the wood as you can see in the pic I posted. I had to paint the wood with clear nail polish and permanent marker so that it wouldn't look bad. There was a great buy.

6. Wooden Storage Box Hinged Locking

Wooden Storage Box Hinged Locking

Bin organizers are perfect for hiding supplies, notes, papers, receipts, and cards in closets, under beds, or on shelves. Anything you want, really. Their wooden box with hinged lid is made from sustainable wood that fits in any room. This wooden chest is thick enough for engraving and has beautiful contrasting wood grain. This small wooden box is beautiful from afar, but also pleasing to hold. They don't use rough, unfinished, inferior wood in their gift boxes because they want them to have a smooth finish. Are you looking for a small wooden jewelry box for women? Look no further. The lock on their storage box is high quality. It's a great place to keep your important items. There is no such thing as too much storage. They made this box large enough to hold any toy, photo, or memory you want. You can make your house tidy and harmonious by keeping your favorite items out of sight. Their wooden storage box is built to last. It starts with wood that is harder to scratch and dents than oak. They use thick panels to make a box that can hold two people. Their wooden storage box is built to last. It starts with wood that is harder to scratch and dents than oak. They use thick panels to make a box that can hold two people.

Brand: Featuret Design

👤I bought this box to use as an urn for my husband because I wanted to create a special one for him, and the skeleton key was the cherry on top, I was able to put it on my urn necklace. Thank you so much for the beautiful box.

👤I purchased in July of 2021. I don't know if the box was made by American or not. I put a name on it to make it unique. This wooden box is beautiful. You will love it as well. This is a great gift for a Birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, because my good jewelry is protected in this beautiful box.

👤A gift for an 8-year-old with 2 smaller siblings. The box was plain, but it was a quality piece. I wanted something more exciting than a pirate box. He loved that it had a key and could lock it, so I am glad I got it. I bought him some coins and foreign money. I'm very happy that he was happy with it, but I'm not sure if it will be a treasure box. It might follow him to adulthood for other things.

👤It's perfect for my stuff. I had to return 2 others I bought because they were not well packaged, but this one is very well packaged. It is classy. There is a The first box I sent had a malfunctioning locking mechanism. A replacement box was shipped the day after I was contacted by email. It is perfect. I have never seen a quick and positive response from any company.

👤This box is strong. It is large enough to hold a lot of things. There was a small flaw near the lockset. I would have returned it for a new one, but I didn't have time to wait for it. It will be used for a 9 year old granddaughter's golden birthday. I think the flaw will be missed by my granddaughter, because it is in a visible place. The hinges seem to be more durable than most of the others. The "golden key" is significant for the present. The shipping was on time and well packaged. It fits what I was looking for.

👤I wanted to give my adult son a box to keep his watches in for his birthday. I had ordered another one in the same price point that I was told was made with balsa wood. I ordered the box based on other reviews. What a beautiful box. Well made, heavy and beautiful wood! My son loved the lock and it worked well. He said how well it was made. This is a lifetime box, not something you'll throw away in a few years. I would have engraved it for him if I had the time. I would buy another one of these.

👤A nice box. I love the color of the wood. The lock is useless because the locking mechanism is not screwed on correctly.

👤I was told to take a chance after this box popped up with no reviews. Solid craftsmanship, absolutely stunning. I am very knowledgeable in woodworking, so that is saying a lot. It's as advertised. The lock works perfectly and smoothly. It is possible to have engraving/carving done to personalize it without feeling like you are breaking it. This thing would probably come out even more beautiful if it took a beating. What a wonderful surprise!

7. Bestwishes Jewelry Organizer Storage Display

Bestwishes Jewelry Organizer Storage Display

The design is unique and it's size is 11.8"x 7.87"x 3.15". This well-built watch box is sturdy as well as elegant. The sleek design can match the color of the drawer. Your man must be very happy when he receives a nice gift. It is gorgeous and upscale. It is easy to clean. You just need to clean the display case organizers. You can find the most favorable treasure in seconds in your watch organizers box, which has a mirror, hanging hooks for necklaces, a large pocket, 2 ring cases, 8 watch slots with velvet pillows, and a compartment for earrings and brooches. The first-class craft is made of high quality and sponge cushions, which are indeformable and soft, to protect your watches from dust, damp and shock. The flexible squares are large enough to fit men's giant wrists, but also flexible enough to fit women's jewelry. The lockable organizer is an ideal gift for Birthday, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Christmas and Father's Day because of its elegant appearance and easy-to-open design. The best customer service is offered by this brand. You can have peace of mind. If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase, please let them know and they will either replace it or refund your money, your choice!

Brand: Oyydecor

👤My husband and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary soon. I was a little skeptical at first because it was very affordable compared to other high-quality products that I followed, but now I can't wait to buy this watch box to surprise him! I'm very happy to choose this one. The wood is of good quality and the product is in line with the picture posted. The appearance of the watch box, the quality of the watch pad, and the fact that it is kept open are the most important things. It fully meets my expectations. I invested in a serious watch for a man who likes modern fashion, and I know he will like to keep them in a stylish box for future wear. I highly recommend this product.

👤The jewelry box was great, but the holders of the watches are small and they run a little small. I bought it for my husband.

👤This is a great place to put things. I used it for jewelry. There is a lot of stuff. The color is elegant. The material is soft and nice. A great gift for someone.

👤The display and organizer arrived in 2 days as promised and was well protected. The 42MM is my largest watch and it fits in the upper display. The room to spare for my thicker Breitling is not a problem when the glass lid is closed. The bottom drawer is large and the ring compartment is flexible. The exterior finish is contemporary and padded. The workmanship is very good and the hardware is high quality. I am very happy with the purchase and it is a great value.

👤It's nice for the money, but the material feels cheap to me and I'm keeping it.

👤I bought this for my fiancée as a Christmas gift. It's perfect for everything he has. There is a He had only one suggestion, that there was a little light in there. It's great.

👤The box was nice. The blue color is appealing to me. Shipping was fast.

👤It took me a long time to find a box that fits my watches and jewelry. You can fit two in one compartment if you have thin strap watches. A good purchase.

8. Beautiful File Organizer Box Set

Beautiful File Organizer Box Set

Excellent customer service and a money back guarantee! If you want to get your money back, be absolutely satisfied with your pirate chest. The portable file cabinet storage boxes from ZICOTO can be used to organize all your paperwork, letters, folders and hanging files. The portable file folder box is very stable and easy to clean, and a practical lid keeps dust away from your documents. Space-saving: stack the file boxes for hanging files in your storeroom or shelves for optimal space usage; when not in use, take advantage of the folding feature and put the collapsible file box away The built-in handles make it easy to move the portable file basket, and the practical card slots make it easy to find anything in no time. Say no to boring paper filing boxes. The Zicoto file folder box set in grey linen is a great way to organize your papers and supplies. Say no to boring paper filing boxes. The Zicoto file folder box set in grey linen is a great way to organize your papers and supplies.

Brand: Zicoto

👤The box looks nice and seems sturdy, but the reason I bought it was because it said you could use hanging file folders with it. It is too wide to hang the standard, letter-size, hanging file folders. What size is there? The regular file folders will fall down. I am very disappointed that the item is false. I would give zero stars if I could. I can buy storage boxes anywhere. This is okay if you are looking for another storage box. Don't believe the listing if you want a stylish folder box. You will be better off looking somewhere else.

👤All papers fall out of the folder when you open the lid, because they don't fit in the box. All my boxes fell down. The fabric is coming down. The top is falling. I haven't used them yet. I can't believe how bad these are. There is a The customer service was amazing, they sent me new ones and they are perfect, I now give 5 stars and recommend.

👤The box is too wide to fit a normal folder. They can't slide them up and down. Disappointing.

👤The fabric doesn't make a good track for your folders to slide on, so these are good looking, sturdy, and enough to fill right up with paper. They aren't the best if you're using them. The fabric is starting to tear where I've been sliding them because of a seam that got caught on. If you want to get into these frequently, they are a bit of a pain. A metal or plastic track would have been better.

👤I use this product to store my financial information so I can file my taxes. My wooden file cabinet has more action than they see. That leads me to the missing detail comment. Hanging file folders can get caught on the sides of the box. A strip of metal on each edge would solve that problem. I would be happy to pay a few cents more to get that feature so the file holders would move as if on a metal rail.

👤I had to write this review because I am so impressed with it. The way the product was packaged and the thank you card from the small-business owners were not only the product itself, but the way they were packaged and complete with a thank you card from the small-business owners. The product and price are great for two complete sets of the boxes. I had been looking at another brand and it was only $25 and some change, so this product was definitely affordable. I love the gray color in my room. I had read that they didn't come with side rails to allow the hanging folders to glide easily in some orders, but all you had to do was reach out and the company sent them out to the customer. I thought that was a small chore to do, but I was hoping that wouldn't happen. The glides came in my package so I was all set to put them up. I absolutely love them and the fact that they are from a husband and wife small family-owned business which I didn't know when I ordered them was a huge plus. They are strong and need to be since they are holding all my items. The contents are identified by several hard card label inserts. My hanging folders fit perfectly. Some of the files are off, but that's because of the fact that the file is not a box. If there were no label tabs, the lid wouldn't fit on, but it fit enough for me. Each one is heavy. I didn't stack them because I was afraid the box would get crushed over time. The owner's name, phone number and email are included in the thank you you receive with your order, which is important to me because I think it's special and important. A very personal touch. I am very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend ordering from Zicoto.

9. Umbra Mini Stowit Jewelry Box

Umbra Mini Stowit Jewelry Box

You can keep your jewelry organized and easily accessible with the Mini Stowit, which has different sized storage drawers and hidden compartments. The clean modern design of Mini Stowit combines the features of a classic jewelry box with a clean modern design that looks great. There is a large display. Place your most frequently used jewelry and accessories on the top surface of Mini Stowit for quick grab-and-go access or use it as a display for showing off your favorite keepsakes like crystals, figurines and more. Mini Stowit has hidden storage compartments that allow jewelry to be kept private and out of sight. The Mini Stowit has rubber feet to help keep it in place and the surface you put it on scratch-free; inside, each drawer has a linen fabric pad that helps ensure your jewelry doesn't scratch.

Brand: Umbra

👤The drawers and sliding parts of this piece don't work well. I don't know if I'm keeping it yet. The price tag on the box was half of what I paid. That definitely upset me as well.

👤I expected the box to be better for the price. The felt liners looked like they were put in quickly. The felt in the white box was softer than the felt in the black box, which was unexpected. I was going to use the box for keys, husband's wallet, sunglasses, and a few odds/ends of jewelry to have on our dresser while also being cute, but it wasn't big enough for them to sit in the drawers. The dimensions seemed like they would work. It is a very cool piece with many ways to access items. There are several ways to access items. You have access to everything, it's not a simple open and close. It's unique and holds things in a cool way if you like it. After messing with it for a while, I realized I don't need that hassle to get my wallet out. There is a The white is shiny white and not a matt white. It's not important either way, but it is different than the black/brown one. They were not what I was looking for.

👤I really wanted to use this product. I searched the web for a box that looked like this one and I loved it. I have some issues with it. The material is thin and the metal easily bends, it does not feel well made and the drawers stick sometimes. There are two metal pieces that protrude into the drawer to hold it in place and the inner dimensions of the largest, bottom drawer aren't quite accurate. If your items are the same height as the drawer, you can't close it. I wish I had known that before buying.

👤The black/walnut color turned out very well, it's both elegant and simple, not too dark. It looks like it was made within the price point I purchased it for. The product looks better in the box than it does in the packaging. I thought they sent me a mini, but the organizers is smaller than I thought. I realized there was enough room for everyday jewelry needs once opened. I used the top for perfume bottles and small boxes. There is a The black/walnut organize is the only thing I can say about it, the interior is rough compared to the other two colors. The material reminds me of potato bags, I wish it was felt. No one complains other than that.

👤The box is sleek and perfect for storing small items like car keys. There are three compartments in which things can be stored. The top compartment has the deepest measurement for more difficult objects. The front compartment has the largest length x width footprint but is not super high so is most suitable for "thin" objects like a wallet or extra cash. The third compartment is hidden from view and can be accessed from the side of the top compartment that needs to be open. The tiny compartment is great for small items. The bottom of the compartments are lined with fabric so that metal objects don't make noise if you drop them in or slide them around. The top surface can be used as a resting place for things like your wallet, watch, keys, or bracelets when all of the compartments are closed. There is a The black/wood version will fit nicely in a gentleman's study or library room in your home. The white/wood version will look great in a casual environment. The Frenchie Co. made a carbon fiber wallet.

10. Hipiwe Vintage Glass Jewelry Trinket

Hipiwe Vintage Glass Jewelry Trinket

The antique brass box corners give your jewelry box a more durable look. This glass jewelry box is made of metal and glass. The metal frame is finished in gold and has a clear glass wall that can hold your items securely. The Ornate square shape glass box is Exquisite Glass Trinket Box. It looks like a piece of special decor which can light up your place and make everyone smile, thanks to the glass top surface and chain link box. The Vintage Luxury Glass Box can be used for a variety of things, from a Vanity, Table, Centerpiece, decorating, desk, Countertop, bathroom, display jewelry, serving in the party, and wedding centerpiece. A double layer glass holder with one lovely small drawer helps you organize jewelry, trinkets, rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets, watches, cotton pads, lipstick, and other items. Please pay attention to the size before purchasing. The elegant gold glass box is a perfect gift. Birthday, Mother's Day, Wedding, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year, and many more. The elegant gold glass box is a perfect gift. Birthday, Mother's Day, Wedding, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year, and many more.

Brand: Hipiwe

👤I have my crystals in it. I'm happy with the box.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the box. I bought this for my sister because she wanted to keep all of her crystals. I was surprised that it came in tact. The price is amazing and it is a beautiful box. I feel like I could have paid more for it.

👤The jewelry box is beautiful. I put the L arger 3 drawer unit on the floor. It looks like a set.

👤My daughter likes it. It went well in her bathroom.

👤Really beautiful! The welding on the hinges could be better. If that's your preference, be careful. It's amazing and very good quality, especially for the price. Will be buying their other boxes soon.

👤I thought it would be worse, but it is.

11. Stola Organizer Decorative Resistant Herringbone

Stola Organizer Decorative Resistant Herringbone

The jewelry storage box is built with high quality hardwoods and is a perfect gift for a ceremony. You can hold standard size file folders in your home office. This stylish filing box is great for your desk. It is easy to clean a fabric file box. The portable file bin has handles on the front and back for easy mobility. The front pocket of this file organizer has added office supply storage. The green and white stripes of the chic Herringbone Ribbon pattern are perfect for popping of color. The green and white stripes of the chic Herringbone Ribbon pattern are perfect for popping of color.

Brand: Stola

👤I'm mostly paperless these days, but there are a few things that I need to keep just in case. I didn't want to invest in the whole "filing cabinet with dividers and file folders" set-up because there aren't that many documents involved here. I needed something small that I could put on a shelf. I settled on this one due to its size and appearance, and the pattern and colors. There is a It's perfect for me. I'm using hanging folders to hold papers by subject, and regular file folders to separate sources, for example, the MEDICAL hanging folder. Everything fits perfectly, and I can store it in the closet as planned. If I need more storage, I would purchase another.

👤It will stand up and not fall over. I bought a few. I use on for my Sunday Basket, it holds hanging file folders, and the other for carrying my journal, pens and laptop from room to room. I am using the last one as a project basket. They are pretty.

👤The pattern and color of this bag are very striking. The bag is not a file holder. I don't know where they found this bag. It is not what I ordered. I will have to send it back. I can't order another of the same type because they are all out of this style. The product arrived in the mail and is what I needed it to be. If you get this product, it is a great product. Highly recommend it!

👤I became a widow recently and needed to arrange financial documents in an organized way. I ordered this item and file folders to fit my needs. It's perfect! The handles on the front and back are nice. I can't speak about the longevity of the file bin, but I believe it will last a long time for me. I was surprised to find the folder bin on Amazon, I had no idea it existed. I was going to use a large paper box from work. I'm glad I won't have to carry that box around. I now have a container that is perfect for me. It is sturdy and lightweight. There is a Liquid spills can be sopped up without ruining the bin. It was worth the money for me.

👤This is easy to use and has plenty of space inside. I bought the hanging file holders which fit in perfectly and the colorful paper file folders which were recommended add-ons. I have a lot of files in there with room for many more. The style,Durability and overall quality made the purchase worthwhile for me, even though the profit margin is huge. It's perfect for a home office or someone who doesn't have a lot of filing needs.

👤It is very sturdy but not fabric. It's made of plastic. The desktop is cute. It has many files. I love it!

👤I like this. It's a decent size and can fit standard hanging file folders. It's very deep. The bottom of it is inside. It's made of plastic or vinyl. If you love hummingbirds... You'll love it. It's the right size for my desk.


What is the best product for decorative box with drawers?

Decorative box with drawers products from Bigso. In this article about decorative box with drawers you can see why people choose the product. Unp and Prandom are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative box with drawers.

What are the best brands for decorative box with drawers?

Bigso, Unp and Prandom are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative box with drawers. Find the detail in this article. Emfogo, Juvale and Featuret Design are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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