Best Decorative Boxes with Lids Small

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1. NIKKY HOME Vintage Decorative Keepsake

NIKKY HOME Vintage Decorative Keepsake

The box is 13 x 9.1 x 4.9 inches. It's big enough to fit all of the mail. The hinged storage box has a lightly distressed blue and ivory painted wood finish and is a nice rustic shabby chic decor feel. The wooden stash box is made of premium soild wood and sturdy hinges, and the hinges lock at 90 degrees so the lid remains open. Two rustic metal handles and a pretty wood knob are very sturdy and beautiful. Function and decorative. The decor box is perfect for storing things. It's a great box to keep your memories. A great gift is a memory box for the wedding, a personalized jewelry box, or a baby shower.

Brand: Nikky Home

👤I am giving this box a three-star review because I think it is overpriced for the quality. I was looking forward to the bluish color. The greenish color I received is a false advertisement. The knob is not straight and leaves a huge gap, while the handle on one side is loose, and the other side is tight. I don't believe this box is meant to last long and can't handle a fall. It's large, vintage and has a pretty look to it.

👤I bought a memory box for an infant that had passed away. I was hoping the baby blanket would fit. I folded it up and put it in with room to spare, because I was thrilled when it came. The design is beautiful and the craftsmanship is great. I'm pleased with the purchase, it was a sturdy box and I was hoping it would do the job I was hoping it would. The family I gave it to was very appreciative.

👤My grandmother's costume jewelry and other small items were kept in this. It works well for that and is larger than one might think if they don't check the size with a ruler. It looks more used than just ivory-colored. I like the box a lot, but the picture is a bit cleaner than the one I received. I like it a lot. I hope I will love it in time. I was willing to pay a bit more because it was a one time purchase.

👤The box is sturdy and seems well made. I was expecting it to be small, but it is quite large and looks even larger in person. I couldn't use it where I wanted because the colors ran a little warmer than I was expecting. The blue and cream colors are not in line with other decor items I already had. I would have happily kept this box if I had another spot, but I returned it because I didn't want to offend anyone.

👤It is well made and beautiful. The dimensions are correct. I use it to store incense on the shelf below my coffee table. This fills the need that I had for something classy. It is a bit pricey, but I am keeping it because of its beauty.

👤I love this box. It is strong, heavy and beautiful. I put it in a box for a baby gift. It's large enough for a baby dress and other items. I returned it after it arrived broken. The seller sent a second one. I had it in a couple of days. This may be my go for girl baby gifts.

👤The box is well made. I bought this for my grandma. We all wrote her letters and brought them to the party. It held the standard size envelope and had a good depth. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤It was bought for our two granddaughters to keep their memories. They loved them. One day, they will pass it down to their children. It's pretty. Good quality.

2. Storage Organizer Decorative Baskets Containers

Storage Organizer Decorative Baskets Containers

A set of 3, each with a perfect size, decorative storage bin for gifts, is solid construction and big capacity. Storage possibilities are maximized by the foldable storage boxes. The cardboard used to make these Fabric Bins is soft and absorbent, which protects your hands and items. This helps you keep your stuff in a neat place, which makes your home and office less cluttered. Storage boxes with lids keep stuffs away from dust, with fine workmanship for long-last shape keeping, with sewn-in easy-to- grab leather handles. Convenient handles for easy slide in/out or movement, folds flat for easy storage when not in use. Saving Your Home-Space can be found on the floor, on a closet shelf, bookshelf or desk. Storage boxes fold flat when not in use. The bins are used to organize space. It's perfect for organizing and cutting down on stuff. Storage Bins are soft and space-saving. It should be in the kid's room, family room, or any other room in the house. It can be used to store clothing, books, children's toys, blankets, daily stuffs, photo albums, files, crafts and so on. Storage Bins are soft and space-saving. It should be in the kid's room, family room, or any other room in the house. It can be used to store clothing, books, children's toys, blankets, daily stuffs, photo albums, files, crafts and so on.

Brand: Jtirey

👤I'm glad I bought these. I needed storage in my laundry room so I bought a few sets. These boxes are different from other options because of the covers on them. The quality and look of the baskets are far better than the capacity they have. Steve commented that I had failed to space them evenly apart, even though my husband's friends had commented on how cool they look. I would buy them again or look for other products from this company and recommend them to my friends.

👤When the kids went online, we bought these to hold school supplies. They are made of fabric covered hard cardboard and so far are holding up. There is a We liked them so much that we bought a second set. They'll probably fall apart at some point, but they're great for organizing around the house. They are easy to pull into shape, as they are flattened, and they are good for storing as they don't take up a lot of space.

👤The number of stars are low because I can only review for the brand. I bought the rainbow storage boxes and navy stripe in different sizes. The rainbow is pretty and colorful, but it is a cloth covered cardboard box. I wouldn't recommend this item. The navy stripe boxes are collapsible when not in use. 5 stars for navy stripe and 2.5 stars for the rainbow.

👤The bins fit where I put them. I like the colors. Each box had a board on the bottom of the box to hold it up if the lid is on it. I love how sturdy they are and make a nice addition to my room. Thank you!

👤Best, best, best! I scored with these. The value is great. Very strong. The colors go with my place. I should have taken a picture before that. I would buy it again for anyone I knew. There are handles on the bins. They are made well. The fabric is good. I was glad I waited and found these. If the seller has something I need, I will buy other products from them.

👤I love these boxes. They fit nicely on my shelves. There are toys for the kids in them. They are sturdy and useful. I ordered another set after buying 2 sets.

👤I would only buy the storage boxes that were in the right size and color for the house. The boxes are not collapsing. You can pop the on with two fingers, instead of pushing out the collapsed sides of other storage boxes. They are sturdy, but don't come in large. I had to add some boring competitors brand that were fine, but these are 10 in storage box ratings.

👤The storage boxes look nice. I liked them so much that I ordered another set. The colors on the boxes are similar.

3. Ruosuruosu Decorative Seagrass Bathroom Stackable

Ruosuruosu Decorative Seagrass Bathroom Stackable

These boxes are made from quality paperboard and are durable. They can be used in different ways. Each size has a floral design. Small: 13 inches x 11.8 inches x 3.3 inches, Medium: 14 inches x 12.4 inches x 3.5 inches, and Large: 13 inches x 13 inches x 3.7 inches. Storage baskets made with seagrass are handmade by skilled craftspeople. Humans have braided various types of objects with seagrass for the longest time. Adding a genuine expression to a space. Storage boxes with lids are both useful and elegant. It can be placed in the living room,bedroom, children's room,bathroom and even work place. The small storage basket can be used to store cosmetics, beauty accessories and office supplies. The medium ones are good for snacks and books. Kids can store toys, clothes, blankets and sundries in the large storage bins. The iron frame on each side of the storage boxes increases stability and can bear a certain weight. The baskets are closed with buttons so that the items can't be opened by naughty babies or pets. There are three large, medium and small grass storage baskets in the package. The baskets can be cleaned with dry cloth. L: 14.2x9"x7"H, M: 12x7"x6H, S: 10x5"x4. L: 14.2x9"x7"H, M: 12x7"x6H, S: 10x5"x4.

Brand: Ruosuruosu

👤I was interested in the product but wanted to try it out. These storage boxes are amazing. The quality of the material and the stability of the storage box are important. It's very convenient to use. I can put most things in it. I like the appearance of the handle. I use it to decorate my room. If it gets dirty, you can wash it at any time, and it is new again. I would definitely recommend this product to people who have a lot of things like me. It's very easy to stack.

👤I got these for underbed storage, but they are so small that I have to look for something else. The smallest basket will hold 2 rolls of toilet paper, the largest will hold 6 rolls, and there is room for a couple hand towels and a few washcloths. These would look great under a book shelf or entertainment center. My family used to weave baskets that were more sturdy than these, if they weren't used much. These should only be used for decorative purposes. The price was too high.

👤It feels like the palm fronds are dry and could crack easily. The box lid is secured by a string. I would send them back, but my partner decided to keep some small items in them. I think they are not very sanitary.

👤The boxes are made of bamboo. That looks really good in my apartment. Very simple and traditional. Just love it!

👤I am very happy with the baskets. Each basket has a specific purpose and the storage helps keep my home neat.

👤Material is good if they are small in real.

👤Smaller than expected. I made them work for me. There is a nice stack up in the entrance way.

👤I needed something nice that I could keep out of the public eye. This is great!

4. Soul Lane Decorative Cardboard Decoration

Soul Lane Decorative Cardboard Decoration

The wooden box with hinged lids can't be closed sometimes due to the weather. The best quality service will be provided if the product has a quality problem. You can get a free replacement within 180 days. If you're not happy with their products, they will give you a full refund. They can provide 100% satisfactory service, but they may not be able to provide 100% products that satisfy you. These sturdy paperboard storage boxes are perfect for organizing every room in the house. These boxes look great on an office shelf. They can be used to keep jewelry, sewing notions and hair accessories. These boxes are charming because of their floral pattern, which is lovely in shades of rose and yellow. Each box has a floral pattern. Storage boxes look beautiful on display, but are also great for keeping family heirlooms clean and safe, and for making a statement in a closet. They can be used to hold cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink or to store wool and knitting needles inside. They can hold remotes, extra charges and recipe clippings. These boxes are great for a wedding shower gift, a birthday gift for a daughter, or a photo studio gift. They look great in an office. They're great for holding journals, trinkets or collections in a teens room. These boxes are made from quality paperboard and are durable. Each size has a floral design. Small: 13 inches x 9 inches x 5.7 inches, Medium: 14 inches x 10.4 inches x 6.3 inches, Large: 18 inches x 11.6 inches x 7 inches.

Brand: Soul & Lane

👤I have purchased similar boxes at JoAnn's and Michael's for less money that have handles or pick-up slots, because the quality is less than spectacular. Some items need to be purchased in person.

👤These boxes are very nice. My closets are beautiful. They are made to last. Light weight boxes are sturdy enough for basic uses.

👤These boxes are very nice. They are very pretty. I will be buying more.

👤I found a pretty hat box that I wanted.

👤Very disappointing. It was way overpriced. I only gave it a star because it had to leave the review.

👤Storage boxes are really nice.

5. Prandom Collapsible Decorative Organizer 17 7x11 8x11 8

Prandom Collapsible Decorative Organizer 17 7x11 8x11 8

The outer surface is made of waterproof PVR fabrics. Wipe with a clean cloth. The Bins are designed to match interior decor and style in any room in the home or office. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the grey and white color scheme. Theurdy side design makes these bins collapsible which will take full advantage of your closet shelf, and also can be folded flat to save space when not in use. The storage container dimensions have been increased to 17.7”x 11.8”x 11.8” which can allow you to hold more stuff. The bin is 3 times longer life-span than a cheap bin. There is a 3 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name.

Brand: Prandom

👤I noticed the yellow trim and handles when I opened the package. It makes the boxes look cheap. The pink fabric is transparent so you can see that the box is covered in fabric. I thought I hated it. I was completely satisfied when I put them all together. Being able to store so much stuff in them made it even more special. I like my boxes.

👤I was looking forward to using these boxes and wanted to like them. I have never returned any items I have purchased on Amazon. These boxes are going back to me. There were dark spots on the fabric and the material is see through, you can see the brown cardboard through the material, showing the ragged edges of the cardboard. The pink was not like the picture it looked like, and the trim around the boxes was dirty yellow. There are many better options out there.

👤I had to knock stars off of these boxes because they smell terrible. I think it's a chemical smell associated with production. They need to be aired out before being used. They are very handy and take mere seconds to assemble. I use them for DVDs and they work well.

👤These have saved my life as a home health nurse. Storage boxes are perfect for organizing my medical supplies, we carry tons of them with us. I love them!

👤These storage boxes are very nice. They are adorable, large, and 3 different colors. I use them under the entry bench to keep my and my kids out of trouble. These boxes are large enough to hold a lot of winter things and have an inside divider for better sotring. My kids started to use their new storage space immediately. I needed different colors so that the kids could choose their own boxes. It worked with my child. Yey! There is a There is only one thing that could have been better and that is the inside velcro. I am happy with the purchase.

👤I bought these for my mom. She likes them, they look good, but the smell is terrible. They smell like a basement.

👤The design is feminine and cute. I used it as a treasure box for my daughter's schoolwork. It's sturdy enough to hold all that stuff. I like that it comes with a lid. The lids are folded to make them flat for shipping. Some boxes crinkle in the corners, but they open up nicely. I ordered the 2 pack because I wanted them to stack nicely if you didn't want to put a set of weights on top.

👤The set of two is grey and has nice materials. Pop the bottom piece on the lid. Look good. It appears well-made and sturdy. Despite what the description says, there are no dividers. The box itself, the bottom piece and the lid make up the three pieces. There was no fourth piece to serve as a divider. Will use them, even though I'm disappointed because the divider was a selling point. I've been down that road before, so I'm not going to try to get the divider inserts from Amazon. It's always more hassle than it's worth, because there's always a demand to return the original order.

6. Decorative Treasure Miscellaneous Container Distressed

Decorative Treasure Miscellaneous Container Distressed

We want you to love their products as much as they do. All of their products are handcrafted in India by skilled artists one at a time, actual pieces may vary slightly in color and size from the images shown online and may also have slight imperfections. Their products are all unique and have a handmade story behind them. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact them via Amazon message. It'sTILE: A wooden box for your home or office. There are many small items in the store, including jewelry, paperclips, coins, trinkets, teabags, dried herbs, pins, sewing supplies, game pieces, cards, letters, photos, keepsakes, and other small items. It's perfect for your bedroom, living room, kitchen counter, office desk, and cubicle. The exclusive white washed wood has an antique look. The art design is hand brushed. Every case is different. Excellent gift idea. Quality: Excellent. The wood panels have steel hinges. The finish is stunning. Home decor that is premium quality. Premium products for your home and garden are offered by gbHome. If you want your money back at any time within a year, just ask. Click the "add to cart" button if you want to adorn your living space.

Brand: Gb Home Collection

👤The photo is not accurate. The box is grey and charcoal. It is cream and brown. It was extremely frustrating and disappointing.

👤I have a lot of things in my back porch, and I like to keep it organized. I can't stand the feel of my remote controls because they are covered in dust. They have to be wiped down every time I use them. I live in Florida and my porch is screened in. The box is a god send. It keeps them organized. I only gave four stars because I didn't like the design on top, but the box fit the size I needed.

👤I wanted a box to hold letters. The wooden box is nicely constructed. It's large enough to hold the letters. The design appears to have been done well. I like it.

👤The box is pretty and sturdy but it was shipped in a box barely bigger than the one it was in so there was no shipping protection. I don't think that was good for the box. I am worried that it took some extra banging around with no protection. The box was made well and the engravings are pretty.

👤I hide remote controls from my dog. The small holds them so the dog can't get them. It is very attractive.

👤The lid is etched and lovely. It fits the purpose of my purchase. I bought it to hold and conceal my pill container boxes, which I don't care to leave out, the box fits as if it were made for just this function. Very happy with the purchase.

👤This box is very nice. I bought it to hold things on my bathroom counter so they were out of sight. I am not in this box and the hinges should hold up as often as possible. It was the right decision for my use.

👤The box looks beautiful and works well. I put a clasp on it so it wouldn't open if I needed to take it.

7. Keepsake Dedoot Decorative Handmade 9 3x7 6x4 5

Keepsake Dedoot Decorative Handmade 9 3x7 6x4 5

The card box for the wedding reception has a white box, a card sign, rubber bands, and an instruction manual. You can do a card box following the instructions. If the lock is hard to open, turn it with the key and open it again. The gift storage box is made of high quality wood. The outside size is close to the size of the building. The inside size is 9.1 x 7 x 3.54inches. The gold lock and two keys on the vintage storage box keep your stuff inside from falling out. The box is not polished and may have some coloring that is not consistent with the original design. The jewelry box is a blank canvas. You can draw, decorate, or both to make the wooden box unique and beautiful. The wood classic gift box is perfect for many arts, crafts, hobby projects, home decor and storage. The wooden box can be used as a jewelry box, gift box, photo box, letter collections and so on. It's perfect for organizing things.

Brand: Dedoot

👤Very poor made. The box is not sanded. The box does not match the lid. The color is not even. I sent it back. I don't recommend this item.

👤Don't but this item. This mis- purchase compelled me to write a negative review. There is a The box uses decent wood, but the significant issues are: 1) the staining and varnish are so poorly applied, I can see streaks, different coloration, and missing areas, and 2) the box uses decent wood, but the significant issues are: 1) the staining and varnish are so poorly applied, There were areas of the box that didn't have stain or varnish. I don't know how the manufacture would make such a mistake. The first time you open the box, the hinges and lock bend. They are so flimsy that they look like black-painted aluminum. I apologized and replaced the poor quality item with another box after I purchased it as a gift. I was embarrassed.

👤The size and shape I ordered were not of the best quality. The hinges were loss and cheap. That is said. I knew they wouldn't be of the greatest quality when I bought them. I had a feeling. My father wanted to replace his old cigar boxes with keepsake boxes. I bought him these. He was happy to receive them. I was not happy with the quality. I bought them online without looking at them first.

👤The box was disappointing. The finish was not perfect and the lid was not latched. I used it as a base for a retirement gift and ordered hardware to decorate it. It was a decent base from which to expand, but as a simple box, it needs a lot of improvement.

👤The box is a useful size, a bit bigger than most jewelry/keepsake boxes, but it looks like a middle school shop project, made by a kid with no training, talent, or interest in the project. The lock is hard to manipulate, the wood is rough, and the boards and joints don't fit together. I threw it away.

👤I got this for my daughter in law to keep the letters from her young Marine recruit. I was disappointed that it wasn't as sturdy as was described. Don't expect it to be nice. She was thrilled to have a place to keep them. I was not happy with the quality of the item.

👤If you want a box that locks and doesn't break when you try to open it, then this is not for you. Quality is not good and it is lightweight. The person giving anything other than 2 stars is a liar. It broke the key when I locked it.

👤The colour was close to teal than blue. It is a bit rough, both metaphorically and literally. The wood is lightly sanded and my sweater sleeve caught as I passed it. The box doesn't close perfectly, but it does close well enough to open, so you don't have to play with the lock. There is a gap on the left side of the credit cards, which is about the thickness of 2 credit cards, while the right side is flush with the base. It's not a big issue for a box.

8. Jewelkeeper Paperboard Suitcases Set Decoration

Jewelkeeper Paperboard Suitcases Set Decoration

The vintage style, decorative nesting paperboard suitcases are the ideal storage solution for any room in the house. They can be placed under a coffee table or on a child's bookcase. They can be used to display flowers as a centerpiece, or to organize important papers, receipts, and office supplies. These suitcases are great to hold postcards, photos, and greeting cards. Use these suitcases as gift baskets, they are ideal to store a wedding gift, a baby shower gift, or use as a kid's birthday party display. They can be put in a nursery to be used for baby gifts or souvenirs. They can be used to store doll clothes, jewelry, hair accessories, stickers, dolls, toys and more. The idea for Trinkets, Scrapbooking, Arts & Crafts is to have a suitcase that can hold all your sewing and knitting supplies. You can make your own fruit baskets or floral arrangements. These stylish suitcase boxes are made from quality paperboard and can be stacked or used separately. Their suitcase sets are made with recycled cardboard and come with brass fixture and a leatherette handle. Their set of 3 pastel retro suitcases with hand stitch finish will add a touch of charm to any room. Each 3-piece set has one of the following sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Their top-notch customer service and best all around value is backed by them.

Brand: Jewelkeeper

👤I don't normally buy products on Amazon without reviews, but I couldn't find anything else that was similar to what I was looking for. I made an exception for these. It doesn't feel like they'd get torn easily, since they're just paperboard. They are pre-assembled and boxed up like dolls, with plastic covers on the handles to keep them from scratching during shipping. The handles are easy to carry around if you want to. The high quality of the latches makes them feel solid. It was just right that the lids fit. I didn't take a picture of them empty, but there is a star pattern all over the inside. It's cute! I covered up the logo on the inside because I don't like logos. It's on the outside of the suitcase. It's not loud or clashing. There is a The stitching is very nice. It makes the suitcases look more expensive. I had to brush off some of the pieces of paperboard that were left in the suitcases because they were still there. It's not a big deal. The image is true to color. It could be because of my monitor, but maybe a tiny bit warmer in person. They're not too bright, but they're not beige-y, so this color was perfect. I used these for a gift for my sweetheart, and they worked well. I filled them with shredded paper and tissue paper to make them appear a bit deeper in the photos. I think the star pattern would make them good for baby showers, but they're versatile in general. I have the smallest suitcase left over and I'm thinking of putting something cushiony on the bottom to make it more jewelry-worthy. There is a These are well made and worked perfectly for my needs. I was hesitant to spend twenty dollars on gift boxes, but they make for a great presentation. I searched for a while and didn't see anything else that was the same color and size as I was looking for. I wanted to find a single suitcase, but these were fairly priced and I will use all of them.

👤Exceeded my expectations. These are the most beautiful bags I have ever seen. It was added so much elegance and beauty. I love them. They are presentable and sturdy.

👤I love these suitcases. They're perfect for a baby shower.

👤So cute. It was used for a baby. There is a prop for a baby photo shoot. See the photo. It was very cute.

👤My granddaughters are going to be doing a craft project with one set of these sets. They were perfect for our project. I ordered an additional set.

👤I'm using fabric and lace to decorate them. They were used as gift boxes for my friends. A scented candle is filled with a CD and a meditation book. A piece of jewelry is being read. I'm going to buy another set.

👤I love leopard print so much that whenever I see a leopard print item I usually get it. I knew I had to have them when I saw them. I store a lot of small things in containers, but they are not always very cute or nice to look at. I own a lot of makeup, lip balms and bath and body products. I don't seem to have enough storage containers for them. I bought these because I wanted to use them to store greeting cards, but even the largest of the three is not large enough to hold a large card. I had to stop that idea. I decided to keep my makeup in the cubbies. They are not for heavy duty items nor should they be thrown in a basement with things stacked on top of them. They wouldn't have any weight on top of them. They are perfect for smaller items. If you are having a shower, wedding, or any other type of event where you need decorative displays, I would recommend these. They are a cute way to class up an event and are inexpensive. It would be cute to stack them in your house. I think they are functional and can be used for display. If I had more space in my house, I would order another set to display on a shelf. There is a The little clasps are pretty sturdy, but I wouldn't use them for anything where they're going to be getting moved around a lot or put against other things where they could get scratched up or crushed. If you have a small apartment, these would be great to use on the floor or on a shelf. They are small but they make a statement.

9. Snap N Store Storage 3 Piece Medium SNS03327

Snap N Store Storage 3 Piece Medium SNS03327

It's perfect for wedding or baby boxes. The patent pending design assembles in seconds for use. It is easy to setup for everyday storage and collapsible when boxes are not used. Magnetic closure that will allow quick access to your belongings. It makes organization easy and attractive. There is a pack of three; Small: 8 L x 4 W x 6 H; Medium: 10 L x 4. Large: 12. The measurement is 5 x 5. H is 5.

Brand: Snap-n-store

👤Estimated delivery date. The design on the boxes is beautiful. I was looking for a place where I could store my pet toys. I decided to try it. When I put the large box together, I was surprised that it was small. I didn't do it perfectly, but I did glue the sides of the box. I am happy with the purchase and will probably order the product again in the future. The boxes are cute and it is a good price.

👤I am not impressed with the boxes. They were not assembled well. The brown paper in the corners was supposed to disappear when the boxes were folded. I can't get it to go where I want it to go because the glue is not good. I can't get to a store to get what I need, so I'm keeping the boxes. I will have to adjust it with shipping tape. When I give the boxes to my mother, I want it to look right. There is a They can be adjusted if you have no choice. If you have a choice, get the other one.

👤These boxes are easy to assemble and can be used in many ways. Went back and got a second set after ordering one set. It's great in a family room. It's ideal for any kind of collection. Can be used individually or as a collection. Either way, they create an impact. There is a The art on the boxes is very nice and the white is bright. Good value. It was well packaged and arrived in perfect shape.

👤I was excited to find a storage solution for a special item of my daughter's, but when unfolding and putting it in, there are large gaps where the sides do not line up. Very disappointed. Not worth what I paid for them.

👤I don't like that when I stack the boxes because the sides aren't strong enough. The magnetic flap has to connect. The boxes are large and look nice. I put them on display at work. I got the white with the black flowers. I might get more of these for home storage. They would work well for organizing accessories. I use them for pantry items, such as snack bars, small bags of nuts, paper plates, plastic utensils, cup-of-soup pouches, and so on.

👤I like these storage boxes. I was looking for a way to store nail polish, face masks, and other items on my leaning bookshelf. I didn't have to look at the products because they were stored nicely. This works the trick. It's simple and sturdy, but you have to assemble them, it's one piece, you just have to fold it the right way. Definitely recommend them.

👤I am happy with the purchase, but I would suggest that the inner side bendable paper should have been made of more durable material such as thin plastic, because if you close and open them more than once, they will start to tear. The brown paper used for the side tabs of these boxes is very nondurable.

10. Lignotie Memory Keepsake Box Decorative

Lignotie Memory Keepsake Box Decorative

The fabric storage box is a great way to organize and store items in a home. Use alone or with a cube bookshelf. There is a memory box for storage. Their sentimental box can be found in a variety of places, it can take pride of place anywhere to showcase its unique beauty, and it will bring a reflection and heart-warming meaning each time you look at it. The large decorative box with lid for home decor is made from a solid Acacia wood storage box that is durable and beautiful tan to ensure you receive the memorable and unique piece to grace any surroundings for years to come. Any home decor can be stylish and decorative. Their box with lid is a rustic centerpiece for desks, tables, and countertops and is dressed in Chamois leather flannelette interior and decorated with an opening-controlling chain and brass lock. Their versatile wooden storage box is perfect for photos and letters, as a desk box for collectibles and souvenirs, and as a multifunctional storage box, perfect as a large box for photos and letters. There is a unique gift idea. This unique, exclusive, and elegant memory storage box is an ideal wooden box for gifts; Each, rare in its appearance and focusing on bringing out the wood's beauty while preserving its characteristics, and no one ever the same to impress everyone. There is a unique gift idea. This unique, exclusive, and elegant memory storage box is an ideal wooden box for gifts; Each, rare in its appearance and focusing on bringing out the wood's beauty while preserving its characteristics, and no one ever the same to impress everyone.

Brand: Lignotie

👤The leather lining is not straight and thin. The box is flimsy and hollow.

👤At first. We gave one to a family friend. We have purchased more units for our family and friends.

👤My boyfriend was looking for a memory box to store things from our relationship. He loved it, it was perfect, good quality, and just right.

👤I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤There were 3 boxes bought. The boxes are made of wood. The quality of this one is poor and not acceptable, as you can see on the video. The product is not worth the price.

👤Thin lining, scratches on lid, shallow etching. Will hide in a closet shelf.

👤I wanted to put it on a shelf, but there was a large flaw in the front of the box, which was unfortunate since I wanted to put it on a shelf.

11. Guozi Decorative Cardboard Storage Reinforced

Guozi Decorative Cardboard Storage Reinforced

15.75 inches high x 27.75 inches wide x 16 inches deep The boxes which increase the life of boxes, also can be well to protect the things inside the box are strengthened by the metal corners. They can be folded down for storage when not in use. Save a lot of space by stacking boxes Sturdy enough which can be stacked together. This storage box is easy to clean. The stain will be easily removed if you apply some warm water to a rag. It can be used for photos, letters, trinkets and other items. Storage is perfect for every room in the house. Versatile andStylish. There are butterfly pattern boxes that can be used to add a decorative accent. Versatile andStylish. There are butterfly pattern boxes that can be used to add a decorative accent.

Brand: Guozi

👤The box was exactly what I wanted. Although it was packed unassembled, the warehouse also packed another heavy item in the same shipment and the lid got bent and creased. I know they don't care, but a little common sense would have been appreciated.

👤This is pretty, but not large enough for what I was looking for. I was looking for a standard size file, but this isn't it. It's hard to picture it until it's in front of you. The assembly requires metal screws. I'm coming back, not what I wanted.

👤I like this box. I got it today and it was easy to assemble, except for the snaps on the side that were hard to snap together. It is sturdy and big, and a little taller than the measurements on the post. It is 7 inches tall. 14 inches wide and 10 inches deep. There are two sides to this. It was on the pricey side, but I really love it.

👤The box snaps together. I think the snaps would pull out of the cardboard if it was too heavy. Some of the snaps did not work for me. I feel like I might need to use packaging tape to secure it. It won't be pretty. It's hard to find a box of this size.

👤I can't shop for items like this at the box stores because of the difficult times. I was pleasantly surprised by the box from Amazon that served my purpose. It's easy to assemble and pretty to look at.

👤These look the same as they do online. It's easy to put together. They are pretty. I needed three for a shelf and it cost me a lot. I don't think they are strong enough for the price.

👤This is a pretty box. It's a great gift for my granddaughter's to begin keeping Momentos of their little lives, because it arrives only about an inch high.

👤The perfect size and strength makes it very beautiful. I bought a second one because I loved it so much. It's pretty on my bookshelf.

👤We bought two boxes to hold a collection of small trinkets and Christmas presents for our teenage granddaughters. The boxes were emptied on Christmas Day. " Our youngest said that the box alone would have sufficed. It's cool. If you can delight a teenager with this product, you can delight anyone. Thank you!

👤This is a great box. We are using it to store old photos and it is the right size and strength. It's easy to assemble, and it looks really good.

👤I use this in my kitchen to stop it from being taken so quickly, it is pretty and enhances the kitchen decor, it is made of metal, it is strong, and I keep my kitchen roll in it to stop it from being taken so quickly. It is not.

👤I wanted to keep bits and pieces like CDs and videotapes here. They were easy to put together. More designs on a bookcase would be nice.


What is the best product for decorative boxes with lids small?

Decorative boxes with lids small products from Nikky Home. In this article about decorative boxes with lids small you can see why people choose the product. Jtirey and Ruosuruosu are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative boxes with lids small.

What are the best brands for decorative boxes with lids small?

Nikky Home, Jtirey and Ruosuruosu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative boxes with lids small. Find the detail in this article. Soul & Lane, Prandom and Gb Home Collection are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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