Best Decorative Candles for Home Decor

Candles 30 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. MyGift Sculpture Tealight Holders Display

MyGift Sculpture Tealight Holders Display

There are 2 lotus shaped candle holders, a Buddha head ornament, and a wooden display tray. An Asian inspired candle garden. The Buddha head sculpture and lotus candle holders are made of the same material. MyGift is the official product. The dimensions are 10.75 W X 6 H. X 3.75 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤I kept it for myself because I loved it so much, I originally purchased it to gift someone. I put this on a floating glass shelf in my bathroom and it has become my sanctuary. I use flameless candles because it's hard to clean out the wax from candle drippings. Everyone comments on how beautiful this is when they use my bathroom. I leave the flameless candles on all night for my overnight guests. I will definitely be purchasing more of these, so please don't stop this! I found that they gave you a small amount of stones to use as filler, so I added some small beach pebbles that I had and it was perfect! You can always buy pebbles at Michael's.

👤The Buddha tea light holder set is awesome. It looks great on my ottoman tray, but I wish it was a bit bigger. The room has a peaceful vibe.

👤It makes me feel like I am going for a zen feel. The design is nice. Tealight wax is hard to get off and it melts all the time. Wax upon wax. The tea light tilts when placed on it. I try to get the wax off. It is what it is. I pick up the lotuses to clean and replace tealights, but they don't fit back on the base. It is a slight annoyance, but it is still annoying.

👤I gave this to my husband for his birthday. It looks more expensive than it was. I don't know what the material is, but it has an oldworld look with a shimmer. The stones are well placed around the statie and candles. I like to look at this in my home. If you plan on giving it as a gift, it is best to buy some because it does not come with the candles.

👤I thought it would be a statue that was made up of pieces, but each piece is its own. It is usable, but the price is too high for the lightweight head and tray. I will return it and look for a better option.

👤I wish it was a little heavier. The elephant is easy to move by the small amount of my table. It takes smaller votives than the ones I already have so I had to go find and buy those.

👤This just arrived. I like it. But- The tea light holders are not working. The tea light won't sit inside because they aren't big enough. I can't keep this if the tea light doesn't work. It's really frustrating.

👤The design of the buddha head and the packaging are pretty good. I may add some sand to give it more depth but I'm digging it.

👤I bought this for a friend. She likes it and it looks great in her home.

👤Aproximadamente de 7 cm x 20 cm, the altar is a buffetero o bur. El material de los lotos tiene aspecto rocoso, quiere una. piedra de 300g en su dedo meique. There is a Los rasgos estn. The rostro de Buda is a man who is American. La cabeza del Buda representa el "n├ęctar" de la enseanza, decir lo ms importante de lo importante. Coloca en tu escritorio un libro de enseanzas, velitas en los lotos. Tienes tu primer altar!

2. Aignis Flameless Waterproof Batteries Included

Aignis Flameless Waterproof Batteries Included

These outdoor electric candles are made of water resistant plastic. The bottom cover has a rubber o-ring wrapped around it. No worries about the rain. These candles are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. The candles have a remote. There are 12 waterproof flameless candles in the package. The candle is powered by two AA batteries. If you don't use these candles for a long time, please switch the electric candles off at the bottom to save battery life. There is a smart control and timing function. There are two 10-key remote controls. Once the timer is set, the candles come on at the same time each day and stay on for either 2 or 6 hours. The 888-405-7720 These fake candles with remotes are safe to use because they don't have a real fire or hot wax. These flameless candles can be used in many places, including birthdays, Christmas, home decors, bars, hotels, outdoor parties, holidays, garden weddings, or other occasions.

Brand: Aignis

👤These work well. I read that people had trouble mounting these on candle holders that have a metal spike. The candles have a hard plastic base which makes them not sit level. A wax tea light candle can be used as a base. The tea light needs to be stuck upside down onto the metal spike. You can position these candles right on top with this tacky base.

👤I initially purchased the 5 candle set from the same vendor and thought it was the same product, but it was not. They are not the same as the package arrived today. I think the difference is the presentation of the product. The first set has a plastic/filament that moves and reflects light in the base of the candle, while this set has a bulb that flickers. Candles look the same. I thought I could return the item and get the other set. I was told that I would have to pay for shipping back and a re-stocking fee when I started the process. The costs were more than what I paid for them. I'm being told that this is a vendor choice. I don't know if this is the case, but I find this highly unacceptable when I want to buy more of their product. If you can't return an item that's a major reason why I wouldn't purchase an item given all things equal. There are several reasons for buyer beware. I will give them a five stars for customer support, as the seller contacted me and refunded most of the cost of the item. I think both products are good, but there is a difference in the light presentation. Depending on what you want to spend and where you put them, either one would work. I believe that there needs to be a link on all product items for return and restocking. If you are a Prime customer, you will not be charged for returns. Amazon needs to change its return policies because other retailers don't have a return policy. Amazon said it was a seller choice. The seller said it was Amazon's choice. I think that Amazon needs to communicate their policy better on their product page. Thank you Aignis.

👤I took off a star for two reasons. You need two batteries that are not provided for each candle. There are two more They are more slender than expected. These are less than what you see in store. It comes in 4 different sizes. The remote has a good flicker and is responsive. I would buy a set of candles again for 28 dollars.

👤I ordered this set from Amazon and used it in our fireplace. The package was in perfect condition. The vendor photos are very good looking. The candle is 2.2 inches in diameter and is a perfect fit on a candelabra with 3 inch holders. The "flame" appearance is fairly realistic, the color of the light is a warm yellow color, which is a candle flame. The candles are not white. I was worried that the remote wouldn't work with the glass fireplace doors closed, but it works just fine. The doors are open in the attached photo, but I usually keep them closed. I am very happy with this purchase.

3. Black Lantern Flameless Candle Centerpiece

Black Lantern Flameless Candle Centerpiece

The lanterns stand 4.5 inches high and 6.5 inches with the handle extended. There are two versions of the figure, one without a handle and one with a handle. Their most realistic outdoor candle is featured in this stylish open frame lantern. The dimensions are 7 L x 7 W x 11 H. Both the lantern and candle are water resistant. Extra convenience is offered by the built-in timer function. The lantern will turn on and off at the same time each day if you set it to timer. 2 C battery pre-installed is included in the product. The lantern can be switched on to enjoy a warm glow. Their US-based support team can be reached via seller messages or phone. The 90 day warranty is on the Mariposa Open Frame Candle Lantern.

Brand: Lamplust

👤Absolutely love these lanterns. The large and medium size are perfect for any space. The candles inside are realistic, and they came with a battery, which is awesome.

👤If lanterns get knocked over, we could have broken glass around our pool. These lanterns solved the problem. They look classy and beautiful without being at risk of broken glass. The candle flame flickers slightly which adds to the realism. There is a ON,OFF, and TIMER setting on the bottom of the device. You don't have to remember to shut off the lantern if you use the timer option. Great purchase! I might add more to our backyard.

👤These are the most realistic candles I have ever purchased. Our guests think they are real. They run for 6-7 hours. I would buy them again.

👤I like to walk up to my door with lanterns. I get a lot of praise. I like the timer feature. Highly recommended!

👤The candle was covered in rust. I have the handle in the garage so I can throw it away. They thought it was okay to take $60 dollars of my money and send me some garbage.

👤The large candle is a great addition to my porch. I don't have to worry about killing the batteries unnecessarily because the candle turns itself off and on with a timer, and that makes life so much easier.

👤The lantern is very nice. It was love at first sight when I saw these, I was so sure that I was going to return them. It was worth every penny. I don't know if it was supposed to come with a remote, I didn't.

👤The switch can stick on the larger size, but overall was very satisfied. I was surprised it had a timer option. I did not expect that. Outside is where you study as well. They never fell over during the windy days.

4. Dawhud Direct Natural Candlescape Decorative

Dawhud Direct Natural Candlescape Decorative

The diameter of the bead is 1.6CM. There are 3 glass votive holders on a wooden plate. The rich earth tones of the candlescaping set will look great in any room. 10 x 2 inches. Tea lights are included.

Brand: Dawhud Direct

👤It is small. It is a little bigger than a cable tv remote. It is not a good idea to use it as a center piece for a large table. It makes it look dwarfed if it's bigger than a bookcase shelf or small entryway table. I didn't realize how small it was. Too much of a hassle to return it. Maybe I will give it back.

👤This candle holder is in love. I put it in a tray in the kitchen. It is definitely eye pleasing, but I won't ever put real candles in it because I wouldn't want anything to get ruined on it.

👤I bought this product to decorate our bathroom, and this is how it was shipped to me. All of the glass pieces were thrown in the same plastic bag with the rocks. Absolutely ridiculous. I am extremely disappointed, but I don't know if this is how it normally ships or if it was a mistake. I guess I won't be getting a replacement because it's no longer available.

👤Looks great! It does not come with the candles.

👤This was originally given 5 stars. It was cute and what I was looking for. It lasted 4 days. After burning the candles twice, one of the glass holders broke and I burned the little decoration wrapped around it. I was right there when the fire happened. It was very disappointing and waste of money. Don't buy it if you plan on burning candles in it. It's cute for decoration.

👤It doesn't look like a picture, but as it is shown, it is very big in the picture. The candles aren't real.

👤I need a small side table in my bedroom. The set works. The colors of the votive holders are pretty. I use votives on a timer. The set would look great on our coffee table in the living room.

👤It's a little smaller than I would have liked. It might look a little cheap up close, but I think it's beautiful. I put my candles in and lit them up. The candle holders look a little odd because two of them are more translucent than the third. I might use fake tealights instead of lighting it up a lot. There is a I'm okay with it. It's pretty and adds a little color that I haven't had before.

👤It's too expensive for the size of the centerpiece. I was expecting a lot more.

👤I thought it was larger. For a centerpiece, it was bought to small. It looks good on my TV stand. I replaced the candles with candles.

👤The dimensions of the candlescape were described. The set includes glass votive holders on a wooden plate. Why didn't I get the wooden plate tray? The candle holders are too small for me. There are 3 small glasses. That is a joke.

👤I was expecting a bigger and better product for the price. The tray is small and not what I wanted. I will keep it and put it somewhere else. I had to pay for it. I wouldn't recommend this product.

5. IIQ Holders Tealight Handmade Decorations

IIQ Holders Tealight Handmade Decorations

A centerpiece for a meal is a must. The centerpiece of this 3 tier candle holder is both classy and flexible. It's simple black color makes it a good Christmas Candleholder, Fall Candle Holders for Thanksgiving or just a regular candle holder table centerpiece. Votive canisters are all-match. The votive tealight candle holder has a top diameter and height. Also works with regular tealight candles and small flameless tea lights. Handmade and mouth blowing are included. Each glass candle pedestal is made by skilled craftsmen. There may be slight variations in this tea light holder. The bowl candleholders are perfect for weddings, home decor, dinner parties, holidays, and add a glamorous glow to any table setting. It is safe and long-lasting. The thick glass wall and weighted base of the bowl candle holder prevent it from overheating or cracking, and it will light up your life for a long time. Three candles are sold together. The glass candle holders were wrapped to protect them from damage. Add evaluative to events. The tealight holder has a glass sequin effect that enhances the natural warm light of candles. Use these pretty gold glass votives as a favor for your guests or as part of your overall decor. HasSLE-FREE RETURN They want to provide a pleasant shopping experience. You can ask for a replacement or return if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days.

Brand: Iiq

👤The candle holders were packed well to avoid breaking. They look gorgeous when you light a tealight candle. One of the candle holders has a terrible smell, and it is shown in the sellers photo on the far right and in my uploaded picture on the left. A chemical smell is present when you light a candle in that one. I have birds, so I choose to not use them, and have it near a window to enjoy the light bouncing off it during the day. I think this set is a good value for the price and still recommend it despite only using 2 of the holders for candles.

👤I absolutely adore these! I rarely give reviews on Amazon, but I had to give one for this product. The picture you see is what you get. The product is of good quality. This work is very good. Great gift idea and great value for money.

👤The candle holders are made from mirrored glass and are very reflective, and the various colored glass pieces make this a wonderful purchase. I put scented votive candles in them and they look great. Great purchase for yourself or a gift. It was packaged well and arrived on time. You won't be disappointed if you get them.

👤There are three spherical candle holders in different colors. The mosaic works that create the design are of the highest quality. They have a festive look that isn't tied to a specific holiday. On a summer evening, they look as good outdoors as they do indoors. I gave them as a gift and they were well-received.

👤If I could, I would give this zero stars. I was supposed to be at my cousin's birthday on the 2nd, but I waited two days for this to come. I didn't have the main gift for her because I bought tea lights to go with these. There are many pieces sticking out of the glass making it sharp. There are some sharp places and some loose pieces of glass. The glass pieces are damaged.

👤The votive holders are lovely. I ordered 2 sets. One of the votive holders was smashed when they came in two boxes. It looked like it was smashed in packing, not in shipping, because the box it was in was fine. I'm afraid to order more.

👤The craftsmanship is better than I thought. I will give this to my daughter, who was murdered, and I think this is very special. You are.

👤When I left my previous job, I bought nine of these as little gifts for my co-workers, I added some votive candles and some candy, and wrapped them in tissue paper and a small gift bag. My coworkers liked them very much. There is a I think the candle holders are pretty.

👤They look ok, but not like the picture on the page.

👤Amigos. Llegaron en excelente.

👤They don't look as nice as the pictures show. Very disappointed.

6. Flameless Candles Flickering Battery Operated

Flameless Candles Flickering Battery Operated

It's safe housing. Their flameless candle is covered with an imitation glass shell, which is very strong, even if it accidentally dropped. It's safe to keep kids and pets around without worry. With flickering flame techno, the LED candles produce the real and natural effect of a burning wax candle without wax melting. The display of these flickering flameless candles is impressive. Turn on/off, adjust the bright/dim and light/flicker with a timer. 2- 24 hours cycle saves your battery energy. Amaking decline The elegant gray housing creates a cozy and special glow, offering a romantic and mysterious atmosphere for meditation, yoga, spa, reading, sleep. For dinner, weddings, birthdays, night parties, or any memorable days, decorate. The pack includes a 10-key remote control with timer and an user manual. The batteries are not included. Not waterproof. The pack includes a 10-key remote control with timer and an user manual. The batteries are not included. Not waterproof.

Brand: Aignis

👤I loved them when I first got them. early May. Light weight, good color, great glow. They ran for 20 days after I set them to run for 6 hours a night. I can't put new batteries in 2 sets every 3 weeks. The reviews are very good. I bought 2 sets and they both faded at the same time, so I almost thought it was my set. I'm going to re-charge them, set it for 2 hours a night and hopefully they will last longer. I'm only at 126 hours. It was perplexed.

👤I love them. Real candles will not be allowed in where I live. These are great. Especially for the price. I will be buying more sets to put around my room. If I fell asleep they would turn off the timer. The brightness is like a candle flame.

👤I was pleasantly surprised at how much it looked like a candle. I didn't think these candles would take up so much battery power, but they do, in case you're not familiar with math. The batteries for all three have already burned out, even though I haven't been running them that long. Thank goodness. Amazon batteries are cheap.

👤These candles deserve a review. My man cave has a wall fireplace. I was looking for something that was a little more my style. There's no internet there. I was reluctant to light an open flame, so I searched for an alternative and found these. Everyone thinks they are real candles, because they look great on or off. I think my wife wants to move it upstairs. The candles are pretty cool.

👤I love these! I needed a lightweight pillar candle stand that was plastic and fit into the candle stands I already had, and these are amazing. They look very realistic. Especially through the shaded glass. Love the 2 modes too! I have them set on their included remote/timer to come on after dinner and go off after 11PM. It sets a nice relaxing mood in the house.

👤I was surprised to find that the product required nine batteries per candle, but it was easy to set it up. We just turn it on and off in its most realistic mode. Since it is battery driven, there is no risk of it being pulled off if it falls off, and since it looks like a candle sitting on the window ledge, it is cool. Very happy with it. If the product still exists, there will probably be another in a different color next year.

👤I have always wanted battery operated candles, but was afraid of having to change batteries often.

👤I love these candles. They match my decor. The flame flickers like a candle. You can dim the lights on them too. I'm getting another set.

7. Glitzhome Farmhouse Lanterns Decorative Hanging

Glitzhome Farmhouse Lanterns Decorative Hanging

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by LampLust. The support team can be reached by phone or message. The gold Decorative Lanterns have a 90 day replacement warranty. A candle lantern is a great idea for a table, shelf, stairs, pathway, wall, patio, porch, or any other area. Hanging lanterns can be hung on a tree or hook. The brown Wood Metal coating is an attractive home decoration for wedding, party, Halloween and Christmas. There are two lanterns in this set, the larger one is 11.42 inches long and the smaller one is 8.66 inches long. This candle lantern is painted by hand of brown firwood and features reflective galvanized metal floors. The knob top has a loop. Each has high quality hinges. A gift is an invention. It's perfect to celebrate holidays, birthdays, weddings and many more. You will want to keep it at home. Enjoy! By Whole House Worlds. There are different types of decorative candle lanterns, such as industrial style lanterns, farmhouse style lanterns, etc. You can sneak a peek at most popular decorative home candle lanterns by checking their store.

Brand: Glitzhome

👤I am lost for words. The product was damaged and the manufacture could not sell it. There is a Fraud is defined when opened. There is a The picture of this is worth more than the cardboard box. It looks like a kindergarten class built this. It's amazing.

👤I love them! I hope they hold up to the weather, but they are pretty delicate, and I am looking forward to decorating with them all the time. It is an hour. They held up well after being outdoors for 2 months.

👤It's a great place to fill in the space in front of the fireplace.

👤I love lanterns. They are large and beautiful. I don't plan on opening the hook anytime soon. I have no regrets about buying these, they were packaged and shipped well. It was perfect in my dining room.

👤Beautiful but not well made. It was broken but not worth returning. They look great on the porch.

👤Poorly made and falling apart. Other pieces were barely hanging on after it came broken. It is obvious that it is cheap and was put together quickly. I was able to superglue the pieces back in place, and will only use it outside. I wouldn't recommend it for inside.

👤These are not good. The large one was broken in three places. My husband is fixing something before our company arrives. These are the cheapest and worst items I have ever had the misfortune to buy on Amazon. Don't waste your money, the price for this junk is very high. I would give them that if they had no stars. I don't read the reviews until this last time.

👤The design for these lanterns is beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. I didn't realize how cheap they were until my lanterns broke. I paid a lot for them and I'm very disappointed.

👤I received a badly damaged one. The top was bent after a bad knock. I returned the item and ordered it again after the seller agreed to a refund. The second one was wrapped perfectly, with many layers of protection, but still came damaged, with no apparent damage to the shipping box. The wooden struts are very frail and ready to break. The nail securing this piece of furniture was close to the edge. It was never a chance. I decided to keep the second shipment because I love it. I put the strut back on myself. I believe that this item is too fragile to survive normal shipping processes. Considering the price, it's not worth it. There is a This item should be removed from the list.

8. Aromatherapy Lavender Christmas Bathroom Thanksgiving

Aromatherapy Lavender Christmas Bathroom Thanksgiving

The candles in this gift set are scented with Lavender, Lemon, Mediterranean Fig and Fresh Spring. You can make a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for people you love. The candle set is made from all-natural soy wax, 8% essential oil, and a lead-free cotton wicks, which can provide a healthier and more romantic feeling when you use it. The candle jar is not easy to rust and is made of tinplate. The scent of the candle can be preserved. The tin can be used as a decorative storage container. The scented candles gift set has four different decorative patterns on cans. 25-30 hours long burns for each tin are included. The candle is 3W x 2H inch. Surprise scented candles gift set for women with a vintage-designed greeting card in an exquisite colorful gift box and an ideal present for women's birthdays, Valentine's day, thanksgiving, anniversary, or mother's day, is an ideal present. Show your taste. Surprise scented candles gift set for women with a vintage-designed greeting card in an exquisite colorful gift box and an ideal present for women's birthdays, Valentine's day, thanksgiving, anniversary, or mother's day, is an ideal present. Show your taste.

Brand: Yinuo Light

👤I got this candle gift set for my yoga class and they work well. The candle lasts for a while and the scent is pleasant. I can melt the remaining candle in the candle jar and use it as a container once I'm done. I think you will be happy with this candle for yourself or as a gift set.

👤I bought the top spot, Gardenia, Lavender, Jasmine,Vanilla. There is a I bought two more and none of them have a scent. When I smell them, they have no scent at all. It's so odd. I'm going to try to return if possible.

👤These candles have been purchased twice by me. I have purchased larger candles in the past, but they seem to last longer. The box the candles come in at Target is really sturdy and attractive, it could easily be used for something else. I don't think gender plays a role in these candles, with the exception of one that is called "boyfriend." It is possible to avoid buying for a Heteronormative male, since he probably doesn't want candles of any kind anyways.

👤The story is funny. I bought these for someone. I thought I would keep it. I kept them all. The smell is good and the design is pretty. I like the lid. These tins are fabulous.

👤I received the Christmas version of these candles as a gift and I was excited to have them in my house. Since it was the same company, I thought these would be the same quality. So wrong... There is no scent when lit. So disappointed.

👤These candles are disappointing. The Freesia and Lavender have been burned. A hint of scent. After reading the 1 and star rating reviews, I know that the candles are better than I thought. These candles are disappointing because of the design on candle holders and the pretty gift box. I'm not coming back because it's not worth the hassle. This purchase cost $15.00 and I wasted it.

👤Me decan, pero no tiene olor NINGUNO. No las pk bote la caja.

👤I gave these to my wife as a gift. The art on the tin is unique. They last as long as you would expect from a candle of this size. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering. These aren't cheap candles thrown into a box. The packaging screams quality and they make a great gift.

9. Stonebriar Rustic Natural Candle Accessories

Stonebriar Rustic Natural Candle Accessories

There is a collection of stone briar. It can be used as a beautiful display for your candles.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤It's perfect to switch up every season. It is a good size for a lot of things.

👤Absolutely love! This is perfect for my home. It was worth the buy.

👤I bought this product a second time and it worked the same way. Don't waste money or time. I am frustrated by this product. I'm not sure what happened. We were hoping for a dark brown product, but it was not what we received. It is an ugly yellow/green color. It appears other people are not receiving the same thing we did.

👤It was what I needed. It feels a little cheap, but it looks right, and it was exactly what I needed without overspending.

👤Just buy it! It is worth your money.

👤I love it! It is not huge. It is a great way to organize decor on the island or countertop.

👤Does not look like the one in the picture. No 4 inch diameter.

👤The tray arrived very quickly. It's the perfect size to hold my three candles. The bottom edge of the tray was a little rough. I got a small splinter from it. There were white spots on it that looked like mold. See the picture. I used a Clorox wipe to clean it. I want to kill anybacteria that may be present. The wipe did clean off some of the brown paint, so be careful when you clean it. The tray is only for decorative purposes.

👤I paid $30 for a piece of dollar tree wood. It was sickening. The tray I received is an ugly brown/yellow colour, it has visible glue on the top and an ugly plastic surface. Some people are getting a better tray, while others are getting the garbage I did. I will just go to Homesense and get something that is worth my money, because I have to pack this junk up and take time out of my day to return it. It is unfair that sellers can get away with selling stuff like this.

👤A tray is the only thing that can offer a flat surface to hold or display items. The tray is failing. There was no flat surface on this tray. It was not sitting on the table. The top of the tray was not flat, which caused items on the tray to fall over. The quality is cheap. It looked like something was picked up at the store. It is not worth the price. I returned it.

👤You can see in the picture that the tray was completely asymmetrical.

👤A gorgeous tray. Light weight but strong. It goes with my decor. Other reviews said that mine came in perfect condition. There is a It's nice for the price.

👤It didn't look like the picture when I took it out of the box. The middle of the glue is like a sheet of paper. I put it on my table to see if I could make a difference. I am very disappointed.

10. Stonebriar Decorative Inspired Decorations Everyday

Stonebriar Decorative Inspired Decorations Everyday

The wood pillar candle holder is 4.2" x 4.2" and will fit your favorite pillar candle. This candle holder has a decorative white spun wood pillar stand that has been lightly distressed for a vintage seaside feel. Stonebriar's wooden pillar holder is a great centerpiece for any coffee table, dining table, mantel, or any table top. A pillar candle holder is a great gift idea and can be used for a wedding or birthday party. The candle holder is available in 3 different sizes. Purchase one size or all sizes and create your own set.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤I love them! It's perfect for my table top.

👤I am not happy with this. I ordered the small one first and then the rest of the set. You can see by my pictures that the product doesn't look like the picture. The white washing effect that I thought was paint is actually a packed down substance that leaves a grimy mess every time you pick it up. The chalk was packed in where the candle's curves were. It wasn't smooth but pitted in areas giving it a tacky cheap look, as advertised, and if that was enough already, it was not rustic as advertised. The candle is supposed to be set at the top, but it isn't. I don't know if this one was a mistake, and these candle holders are great. This is more of a $5 item and not a $15 one, based on this one. I will not be buying the others. Don't waste your money, it's not worth it. Cheers.

👤They used paste to put it back together after it was broken. Also has a crack in it. It's a piece of garbage.

👤The two I received were not the same as the picture. They are more like plaster. Very light. The top of one of my cars had been damaged. I decided to paint them myself because I love their shape. I am going to put the patched part on the wall. They looked nice in the pictures. I really like them after I painted them. Not a total loss.

👤There is nothing like the picture. Disappointed. I didn't expect this when I bought 2 smalls ones that were hand crafted and wouldn't be the same. Definitely not white washed! One has white horizontal stripes and the other has double the size stripes in a light beige paint. Will not be able to display together. Too tired to return. I am glad I didn't order the other sizes.

👤The candle was delivered. Very cheap. If I were to burn the pillar candle it would be a fire hazard. Light weight. The side of the candle is made of wood. Will be back.

👤When the first one arrived, I was very happy. The package was just the right amount ofrustic-ness. The first one was beautiful. I ordered a second after they came back in stock. The first one was very similar. The wood was very dark and not very clean, making it look dirty. There was a big crack in the back. It is not worth the hassle of returning. I'm going to try to re paint myself to look like something I can display. Quality control seems to be lacking.

👤The Stonebriar Antique White Wooden Pillar Candleholder is medium in size. It is the same as pictured and my candles fit in the holder perfectly. The weight is light and they are not real wood. The holder I received has a large crack that is filled in with antiquing paint, so I gave it 3 stars. I have a defect that is out of sight.

11. Alpine Corporation Pouring Tabletop Fountain

Alpine Corporation Pouring Tabletop Fountain

The 888-405-7720 These fake candles with remotes are safe to use because they don't have a real fire or hot wax. These flameless candles can be used in many places, including birthdays, Christmas, home decors, bars, hotels, outdoor parties, holidays, garden weddings, or other occasions. 3-TIER INDOOR FOUNTAIN: It's perfect for creating a romantic and serene atmosphere in any space of your choice, such as your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or office. There is an endocannabinoid accessory. Natural stone-like pillars and real river stones make for a rustic charm that brings the beauty of the outdoors to your indoor spaces, and creates a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table, coffee table, or kitchen island. Relax your senses. Tealight candles create a warm glow for a zen-like atmosphere and a water stream trickles from each tier mimicking the comforting sounds of a small waterfall. Plug into an outlet, fill the lower basin with water, and the interior pump will create a lovely water flow. TheDEAL size: The Fountain is the perfect size for any table or countertop in your home and comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Alpine Corporation

👤I love this fountain. I wanted to add some zen to my outdoor retreat. I am amazed at the negative reviews and I am happy I didn't listen to them. People said, "not enough water sound." I can hear my voice. I fiddled with placement a bit, but I think the sound is great. This fountain is only about 12 inches tall and it is $30. I will add a photo and a video to show how much I love it. There is a If you are looking for a fountain that looks and sounds lovey, this is it. If you are expecting a water fall or pond with a fountain, please continue your search.

👤2.5 years ago, we purchased this for our bedroom. It has worked well. It is run semi-continuously. You can enjoy the running water sounds if the pump is quiet. We use small tea light candles occasionally. We keep it filled with water and chemicals. We clean it once a year with bleach and CLR on the bowl and mild detergent on the tower parts and pump. We bleach the pebbles. A lot of paint is starting to fall off. We hope to see a few more years of service from this fountain this year because of a little touch up with model airplane paint.

👤Really pleased with the fountain. I think it has a great sound. Not loud but soft. I did not want to use candles in the holders. I put some of the crystals in the holders. It doesn't have a switch to turn it off and on, the only complaint I have is that. It is a personal preference on my part. I had to add my own rocks because it didn't come with any. I would recommend this fountain. It is peaceful and brings a sense of calm to the space.

👤I'm a nice person, so let's start on a positive note. I like to give contructive criticism, rather than being critical. The fountain looks nice. So far. It's quality is poor. There is no switch to turn it on or off. To turn it off, you need to unplugged. It was made of cheap plastic. It's too much for this stuff. I don't think $10 is worth it. I found a fountain with an On/Off switch for $20 at another store.

👤I love this! I was looking for something that was practical and not fancy. Listen to the water sounds. I light my candles. It is relaxing.

👤This fountain is really nice. I didn't give 5 stars because I wish the water sound was louder and there were only a few rocks to go with it. I had to buy more. There is a The fountain is nice.

👤The fountain is perfect. The filter was removed in order to get perfect water flow. Quiet, and purchased tea lights. Love the look. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The fountain is dangerous. The candle flame was able to start a fire in the water tower. It is not to be left unattended, as you can see in the image. I don't recommend using candles in the fountain.


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