Best Decorative Candles Holders

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1. IYARA CRAFT Natural Decorative Holders

IYARA CRAFT Natural Decorative Holders

Their bobeche tins can be used for everything from Shabbat candles to Advent wreathes. Iyara Craft's lovely candle holder set is a perfect way to add to the warmth and beauty of your home's décor with its beautiful wood finish and breath-taking intricate details. The handcrafted wood candle holder adds just the right amount of luxury and opulence to any space. The set of 3 candle holders comes with a classy wooden candle tray, which adds to its design, and helps hold the wooden candle holders in place, helping you have a captivating tablescape. It's good for dining room table decoracion. Para el hogar. It can be used as a mantelpiece ornament, a center table piece, side table embellishment, or as a garden adornment in your home, office or studio. They guarantee the best-quality standards in the making of their candle holders. Should you be dissatisfied with the product, they will replace it or give you a full money back guarantee.

Brand: Iyara Craft

👤Excellent quality product. It's too small for dumb people to give bad ratings, so maybe you should learn to read the dimensions before buying. It's common sense. It's funny.

👤It is too small. I don't think it's worth it. It was paid too much for what it was. I'll keep it, but I wouldn't recommend it or buy it again.

👤Too small for a dining table.

👤I buy a lot of things on Amazon. This is one of the things I have ever bought on here. It is cuter than what I was expecting. I couldn't decide which room to put it in, because it looks great anywhere- bedroom, living room, even the bathroom. I was happy with my purchase.

👤It would be better if they were a little bigger. I put them on a table in front of the sofa to make them work. The view of tv is not obstruction because they are so small.

👤They look great on my corner shelf and compliment my color scheme.

👤It's small enough to fit in bathroom cabinets. I decorated my little tray with a plant and a diffuser, it looks amazing.

👤They took a long time to arrive, but I was very happy when they did. They are pretty. They don't look cheap. The costumer service was pleasant. It was worth the money.

👤I put it in the center of the table. It was a little pricey but well made.

👤Im Produkt ist das schn verarbeitet. Ich ist die Geburtstagsgeschenk. Is it possible to obwohl der ursprngliche? Liefertermin ist das paket. Einfach toll. Ich war sogar in pakethalten, damit I am gerechnet.

👤Deko is a hochwertige Deko.

2. Deco 79 Distressed Traditional Candlesticks

Deco 79 Distressed Traditional Candlesticks

The traditional style. The candlesticks have spiked candle plates and a rose blush finish. Natural mango wood candle holders are made in India. The silhouette from the turned wood base is elegant and inspired by antique wood furniture with a textural whitewash and rose blush finish and light natural brown mango wood peeking through some parts. There is a large set of caretakers. The large candle holders weigh 3.3 lbs. The inspo tip is. The ivory and rose blush finish of these pillar candle holders can be used for a pop of color, or solid white pillar candles for a clean look.

Brand: Deco 79

👤The set is beautiful. It was color perfect. I have been looking for this color for a long time. The pin is in the base where the candles should sit. It would have to be removed to use. There is a * The notice tag attached to the candle holders is the main reason I am returning them. The chemicals used to make this product may cause cancer in California. Why would I buy a product for North Carolina and think it wouldn't hurt my family? Shame on Amazon for selling such a product.

👤Stay away! It seems like Termites. I have had these for about four months. There was a powdery substance underneath one of the candle stands. I picked it up to see if there was wood dust falling out of it, and small holes that I believe were made by the termites. We are in a house that has just been built and it is in such a bad condition. These are the culprits. I am worried about our house and furniture. Don't buy these, save yourself. I don't know what to say right now, I'm so angry and worried.

👤These candle sticks are very similar to the ones in Fixer Upper. I had to have another set after I loved the first one so much. I immediately ordered my second set after I found this set on Amazon, which is the same set. The candle holders have a distressed look to them, they are very lightweight, and they are a softer product to the touch than your typical heavy wooden candlestick. The candle holders in the set are different in size from short to medium to tall. I like the way these look grouped with the rest of my wooden candle holders. They look great with my faux-shiplap walls.

👤These are lovely. Light weight but sturdy. They don't fall down. I bought a set of batteries operated candles on Amazon. The candle holders have a metal post that you would put on a real candle to keep it sturdy, but my husband was able to take them off easily. I don't have to worry about fires because of the cute fake candles, but the holders are pretty. Great price and purchase!

👤These are very nice. I love the distressed look. I put battery operated candles in the center spike because I don't use real candles. Great looking set!

👤These are made to look great. My only complaint is not a big deal. The taller one is not as distressed as the other two. It is most likely that I will be the only one to notice it. These are quality construction, affordable and compliment shabby chic decor. That's correct... There is a metal pin that can be used to secure regular type candles.

👤Do not buy these wooden candle holders. I bought these in the winter, but today I noticed dust on one of the holders and my nightstand, while dusting my home. A bug chewed its way out of the candle after it matured. The escape hole is pictured here. There is a pile of wood dust near my nightstand. I am afraid that it may have laid eggs and become a woodworm that chewed its way into my nightstand. Don't be like me and later regret buying this item, it's a candle! A ratings of 4.7 stars is not always a good indicator. If you value the wood furniture in your home, beware.

3. Hanging Lanterns Decorative Tempered Hallway

Hanging Lanterns Decorative Tempered Hallway

5. The wooden lantern has a flame retardant paper base and a square gold one. The vintage candle lantern has a pattern frame distressed by black with grey brush powdering and is a gorgeous touch to any space. It is possible to measure the size of most estates. It uses tea-light, votive or small pillar candles. Both iron and glass. TILE & PORTABLE. A hanging ring is lightweight and convenient to carry around, making it a great home décor accent or centerpiece for many different styles and themes. Four clear glass panes are great for reducing the damage of glass when decorative lanterns are in transportation. The metal frames are strong and well welded. It's ideal for yard, pathway, driveway, shelf, table, bar, photo booths, patio, porch, etc. If you find a problem with their products, they will respond in 24 hours.

Brand: Newimage

4. Sziqiqi Decorative Centerpiece Fireplace Distressed

Sziqiqi Decorative Centerpiece Fireplace Distressed

The candle holder set is antique distressed black andcream and will work with any decor. A wire cage, bird figurine and a pedestal holder are included in the PedESTAL & WIRE CAGE. The votive centerpiece is a great decorative piece for a table centerpiece. There are two heights, 13in/33 cm and 15.7in/40 cm. Adding interest and style to any room's decor is ideal for a wide variety of design settings. It's perfect for everyday use. It is a perfect present to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, housewarming or holiday.

Brand: Sziqiqi

👤The candle holders would have loved them, but one of them was defected. The cage was bent at a 40 degree angle. It wouldn't budge, so I tried to fix it myself. I will order again if I ever get my credit back from the seller.

👤You can decorate with candles or flowers.

👤I don't feel good writing other than a review. The quality of the metal is thin, so I shouldn't do this.

👤The decor is cute and well-made. Not top heavy at all and perfect for a pillar candle.

👤It is very cute and what I expected. One of the wires was easily hidden.

👤I love these. It looks beautiful.

👤These are perfect for my entry way table.

5. IYARA CRAFTs Wooden Candle Holders

IYARA CRAFTs Wooden Candle Holders

The inspo tip is. The ivory and rose blush finish of these pillar candle holders can be used for a pop of color, or solid white pillar candles for a clean look. Iyara Craft's lovely candle holder set is a perfect way to add to the warmth and beauty of your home's décor with its beautiful wood finish and breath-taking intricate details. The handcrafted wood candle holder adds just the right amount of luxury and opulence to any space. The set of 3 candle holders comes with a classy wooden candle tray, which adds to its design, and helps hold the wooden candle holders in place, helping you have a captivating tablescape. It's good for dining room table decoracion. Para el hogar. It can be used as a mantelpiece ornament, a center table piece, side table embellishment, or as a garden adornment in your home, office or studio. They guarantee the best-quality standards in the making of their candle holders. Should you be dissatisfied with the product, they will replace it or give you a full money back guarantee.

Brand: Iyara Craft

👤You said wood for the start. Why isn't brown like wood? The picture shows it looking brown. I thought it would look like wood. For two, it's very small. You state that they are crafts, that usually means pouring kind not candleholders. It's disappointing that the biggest one is cracked on the side, if you want to call it that. Look at photos. I am very upset with the amount of money you charged. You can get the same thing at a family dollar. I have been collecting elephants since I was 13 years old. Very upsetting.

👤I knew it was smaller than I thought. I expected it to be a little bigger. I like the style.

👤A tray should be with the candle holders. I received 3 candle holders and 3 tea lights. I am disappointed that the tray wasn't included in the gift.

👤I have a gift for a person who loves elephants and I am not sure about the scent.

👤I am very happy with the item I received. It's perfect to fit on a small table or on a shelve. I think my daughter will like it. The cost was reasonable.

👤There are multiple patterns in this display of candle and base. I've received a lot of praise for them. There is a I am very pleased with my purchase and wish they were bigger.

👤We like that they are elephants. She and her husband have a new home and she is enjoying having things to put in it. The tea candles are easy to replace. This is a gift that will last a long time.

👤I like it because I'm an elephant collector. There are different elephants in different positions and sizes in my living room.

👤We wanted something to be a center piece on the coffee table. This works well. When the candles are lit, it looks really good. It seems to be well made, so I would recommend it.

👤I received the order in a timely manner. The product was wrapped so that it wouldn't break. This is a nice item. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It's simply gorgeous.

6. Stonebriar Industrial Romantic Short Hurricane

Stonebriar Industrial Romantic Short Hurricane

This vintage inspired metal pillar candle holder can fit your favorite pillar candle of 3 or 4 inches. The candle holder has a rustic frame that has been lightly distressed for a vintage feel. Stonebriar's romantic pillar holder is a great centerpiece for coffee table, dining table, mantel, or any table top. A pillar candle holder is a great gift idea and can be used for a wedding or birthday party. Stonebriar black frame pillar candle holder is available in 2 different sizes. Purchase one size or both sizes and create your own set.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤The small fits our large jar candle perfectly. The only reason for 4 stars is that it is a little odd on the bottom.

👤The candles won't stand straight because the glass cylinder is not flat on the bottom. Only one out of four sets was flat. It's very disappointing.

👤I like this for large jar candles. I used frosted glass spray paint because I didn't like the clear glass. I went to the local craft shop to get some candle sand because my candle was wobbly.

👤I was shopping for a lamp for our table on the boat deck. I bought this one because it was simple and didn't have a lot of metal obscuring the candle flame. A tall chimney section would not have been stable. I ordered four pillar candles and this was easy to take.

👤I was looking for a set for my table in the dining room. I found these. They were on other sites for more money. They arrived quickly. They look great for the look I was going for. The price is good. There are a few bubbles in the glass hurricanes. I didn't notice the flaws after I put my candles in them.

👤When the first candle holder arrived, it had rust and white on the black iron, so I returned for a new one. Just got the second one. It has the same problem. The seller needs to check the holders before sending them out. Very disappointed. I will find something else for my candle after returning the second one.

👤I found other candle holders but none of them were made like this one because the bottom of the glass is not a cylinder and it won't tip over if you lift it out to clean it. You can burn a pillar candle in it without fear of the wax getting onto the glass because the glass is easy to clean. It is a good fit for my decor. I have ordered two more and one for a gift. Thank you Amazon for carrying it.

👤I like these. They are the same as described. The only reason I gave 3 stars was because the candle was crooked. The bottom is not as flat. It can't be seen from the outside. It looks good. I ordered the large at first and they are really large. It was too big for my table centerpiece. I swapped them for the small.

👤It's big so you need big pillar candles. The industrial style dining table looks great.

👤I wanted a candle pillar holder that would match my decor but it was too big for the space I wanted to put it in.

👤Exactly as shown. It was worth it.

👤We love the candle holder. The picture says it all.

👤The gift was well received.

7. Decorative Removable Hurricane Decorations Everyday

Decorative Removable Hurricane Decorations Everyday

It's a great way to display decorative tables in your home. The swirl holder design. The candle holder has a swirl hoop design in a black finish. Adding a soft glow to your room by lighting a pillar or votive candle is possible withDecorative Candles. The décor candle holder can be wiped with a damp cloth, but the glass from the swirl holder can be washed using a mild soap. It's suitable for. It will give a touch to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining space. An ideal gift. This candle holder is a great option for those looking for a gift for a loved one.

Brand: Xuanjia

👤The holder was undamaged and on time. I apologize for my poor picture, it is a candle in the holder for scale. That candle is pretty large. The holder accomplishes what I was looking for. The metal hoops cast a shadow on the wall as the candle burned down. I feel like my candle is more protected than some of the ones that are flimsy. The base of the glass holder isn't perfect but for its price, I think it's a good product. I saw this complaint in reviews for the black one, but I don't notice any glaringly obnoxious asymmetry with the gold one.

👤It's bigger in person than I anticipated, so just buy it. You will love it! Really?

👤I thought the candle holder would be much smaller. The design is a perfect match for the decor in my dining room. I think I will order a second one.

👤This has arrived. It was well packaged. I didn't have any candles to put in but it was perfect for my little diffuser. The middle insert is glass. It was well made. The black part is made out of a medal, which is a big plus for me. I would definitely recommend this.

👤I love this purchase. It's perfect for the console behind the sofa. There was no electrical plug. The white pillar candle adds beauty. 5 stars!

👤I like this. It is very stylish and goes well in my decor. I like it.

👤These are well made. They will fit in almost any scheme in your home. I like them.

👤The candle holder is nice. It is very strong. I used ornaments to make a Christmas decoration because I didn't have a candle. I am very happy with this purchase.

8. Romadedi Decorative Candle Holder Bird

Romadedi Decorative Candle Holder Bird

A decorative birdhouse is a candle holder set, more a decorative piece, and you can add other ornaments to the cage, for garden, fireplace mantle, side table, entryway decoration, table centerpiece and more. The candle holders for pillar candles are of good quality and have a gold brushed finish. A good tailing is a bird atop filigree like candle pedestal edge and distressed ivory/distressed black. The gold brush surface makes it suitable for farmhouse, french country, victorian, rustic styles, but also metallic modern and industrial style. 10'' (26 cm), 12'' (31 cm) tall and fit for candle or battery operated candle less than 10 cm in diameter are available.

Brand: Romadedi

👤These are perfect for what I need to do. The windows in our great room are 9 feet high and have a wide window sill. It goes with our nature theme. Birds and other creatures come to our back yard. We put candles in them. Looks great!

👤I love these! I don't think the description is accurate. These are cute vintage farm houses. I put one on my mantle and the other on a side table in our living room with flame less battery operated candles.

👤The candle holders were exactly what I was looking for. The little birds are cute.

👤It's Muy Bonitas! There is a Ahora, a la foto toma encuenta, quien tienen sin velas. El finas y elegantes son unos.

👤Cute for my entryway.

👤They are the perfect finishing touch to our dining room.

👤The item was exactly what it was described.

👤These are very nice. It was exactly as described and pictured.

👤Just get them! Cute and rustic.

👤The size and quality are good. It was what I wanted.

9. TRIROCKS Farmhouse Lantern Decorative Rectangle

TRIROCKS Farmhouse Lantern Decorative Rectangle

The candle lanterns are made of glass. The lanterns may be damaged during long-term transportation. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, they will give you a full refund or a replacement. The cane is called DecoraTVE. The top is made of steel. The wind lamp is made of white wood and transparent glass. Glass is included. Adds a gorgeous touch to any space with the graceful marriage of beauty and practicality. Measures the larger 8L x 8W x 20.2"H with and the smaller 6L x 6W x 13"H with a loop of 24.5"H. You can place electronic candles or candles with flames in a lantern. Adding a lantern to your porch steps, mantels and windows will create a romantic atmosphere. It's suitable for yards, paths, driveways, shelves, tables, bars, photo booths, terraces, porches, etc. It's a great choice as a gift, it's suitable as a Thanksgiving gift, Halloween gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, Christmas, wedding gift, holiday gift and party to create a warm atmosphere. Everyone will love this lantern. Customer service is something that needs to be metered. If you find a problem with their products, they will respond in 24 hours.

Brand: Trirocks

👤Our living room is above our fire place. The living room decoration vibes are really nice. It's big enough to stand out but not too big.

👤I almost never leave reviews or comments on things I buy on the internet, but this one really deserves it, I am in love with my farmhouse lanterns, I am going to use them for my wedding decoration, it definitely exceeded me and my mom's expectations. The smaller lantern is inside the big one in the picture. These are really good. I am very happy with my purchase.

10. SUJUN Holders Candles Decorative Candlestick

SUJUN Holders Candles Decorative Candlestick

The Divacheli unique handmade ceramic match container is engineered and designed in the USA. It's innovative design makes it a functional home decor item for any style of home. A glass match holder and matches in glass jar is a modern invention. Distinctive design, understated but elegant, is what the tuter canister holder is. The visual effect of the high and low undulating candlelight gives you a wonderful feeling. It's great for a variety of scenarios. The skilled artisans use high quality metal to create the candle holders. The surface is low-key but gentlemanly. To clean and dry, use a soft cloth. Do not use abrasives. S:3.15inch9.45inch0.9inch, M:3.15inch11.42inch0.9inch, L:3.15inch13.28inch0.9inch. It's suitable for led and3/4inch candles. Candles are not included. Ornaments for birthday, candlelight dinner, dining room, living room, parlor, study and bar can be found in the metal candle stand. A nice metal candelabra is a great gift for a day of commemoration. 3 Piece Candle stand. Candles are not included.

Brand: Sujun

👤unpack the styrofoam and plastic, then assemble the candleholders. Try to get the candleholders to stand straight and stay upright by assembling without using a spatula. Then tell us what you have. Garbage is the only word for it. There is a Finally, return the abominations for a full refund and try to make up for the pollution you caused.

👤I love them so much. I have been looking for them for a long time and finally decided to get them. It took me about 30 seconds to assemble them. They have padding on the bottom to protect your surfaces, and they aren't crooked or chippy. I want to buy more of them for other places around the house because they are slim and elegant.

👤Great! These candle stick holders are gorgeous. I had been looking for some that would not break the bank. These look great on my mantle.

👤I don't write reviews because I don't think people should know that these candle holders are not as good as they are advertised to be. I have to take the time out of my busy schedule to return the candle holders because they don't work as advertised. I bought the right size candles just in case.

👤I was happy with the look of the candle holders. They are strong. When I read some of the other reviews, I was worried about assembly, but it took 3 steps and I was done in less than 5 minutes. I will buy another set of these. When I told her the price and that I ordered them from Amazon, she couldn't believe it.

👤I went back and forth on ordering them because of the mixed reviews. I will say that each piece has a sticky piece of tape that is painted the same color as the candlestick on each end, so if it wasn't, I don't think it was. If you don't peel all those off first, these won't work. They are great for the price.

👤I bought these in black and liked them a lot. I ordered 2 sets in both gold and rose gold. I like the black ones. The Gold and Rose Gold varieties have this paragraph in them. They are terrible. The bases are scratched up, and the holes in them are not colored. I think they looked used because of the scratches, but the poor coloring around the hole says they are very cheaply made. The gold is not very nice. If I saw these at a store, I wouldn't buy them for $5 a set, much less $25 a set. I am shocked. I don't recommend these at all. - I would rather curve upward than downward on stars if possible, and it is possible in this case considering the appallingly overpriced competition found at big department stores and specialty stores. I am already counting the days until next November, because Christmas is sadly passed. I live for Autumn, Winter, and the holidays, so it's always sad to take down my decorations, especially my window candles. I use the GE electric window candles which are nice enough for the price, but the electrical cords are a bit of a hassle, and if one of these falls over, even by less than 2 ft., and even if the bulb does not break, the fuse will blow, so they I bought some flameless candles to replace the electric Christmas window candles because I wanted to save them for Christmas. I have become a fan of flameless candles. It's seriously. There is a I wanted to raise the flameless candles a bit higher for a better effect, so I began looking at candleholders. I decided to purchase two sets of Sujun candleholders in the black colour after reading a lot of mixed reviews on Amazon. I think the prices at large department stores and speciality stores such as Pottery Barn are too high for what you get, and I think that items made in China are usually not of heirloom quality. Those who want to spend their hard earned money at such stores are welcome to do so, but I would rather spend a lot more for fine quality antiques or less for mass produced items made in China which are of mediocre quality at best. These candleholders are called Sujun. There is a This kind of minimalist style is not something I usually drink from. Something about these candleholders appealed to me, even though I like an antique style better. I think their varied height combined with their small bases which would fit my window sills with room to spare, and their black colour which mimics cast iron won me over, and the price point was/is utterable without the buyer gasping and fainting. I bought two boxes. They look like the photos. There is a The quality is okay, but I didn't expect much more. If you saw these candleholders at the dollar store, you would not pay more than $5.99 for the three piece set. I don't know what metal they are made of, but it is lightweight and can pass as cast iron from a distance. These candleholders hold my flameless candles just fine, if they're placed out of harm's way, and I can't knock them over, they should do their job well enough for a long time. I can see the black colour fading if left in direct sunlight, so I may look for a clear spray with a matt finish to help protect their surfaces. UV rays can be deadly. I recommend that they be handled as gently as possible. I would only recommend using flameless candles in these if the bottoms are not heavily weighted, as I would never use more than a barely damp, soft cloth to wipe off dust. Do everything you can to avoid fire. There is a They look like the photos and were child's play to assemble. Turn the stick around and try the other end if you're stuck in one end and it doesn't seem to want to go in very easily. Take your time and be gentle. The pieces are not marked since they are supposed to be universal components, but I think some cups and bases work better with different ends of the sticks. If they had problems with assembly, they should have tried this. If you place them out of harms way and are careful with them, they should hold up well, but a coat or two of a good spray to protect their surfaces should help. I think it is worth it to spray them because it will prolong their useful life by quite a bit, and it adds to their cost slightly. I wouldn't put them in the sun. The sun fades the best made products. Clean with a barely damp, soft cloth and wipe dry with a clean soft cloth. They will need all the care they can get while they grace your tables, mantles, windowsills, and bookcases. I think these holders are overpriced for what they are, but the style is pleasing and functional, and if they are well cared for, they could last for years and years and still be worth something. I would buy them again if I could find better vintage ones at a reasonable price. If I can get true Gold tone and not Rose Gold, I might purchase two more sets of the Sunjun candleholders. The reason I chose black is that they would work all year long with virtually any colour scheme, so I could use them all year long and even mix them in with seasonal holiday decor. I am not sure if I would invest in a couple of White coloured sets at this point in time, but the White colour would be a nice touch for Spring/Easter. I agree with reviewers who said that the candleholders look nice on their own, but they look better with the flameless candles. The candles look real in these candleholders even during the daytime, and they look even more real at night in a room with low ambient lighting. I like that the holders' height lifts up the candles to make them stand out in a room, and their tall, skinny profile allows them to fit into even tight spots on small tables, buffets, window sills, etc. They are good for the budget minded because they will not break the bank. You will be sorely disappointed if you expect old fashioned high quality here. I think you will be very pleased with these candleholders and be very happy that you saved money by shopping at a specialty store such as Pottery Barn, instead of spending more money on a similar brand. The money you saved can be spent on some nice flameless candles to go with your Sujun candleholders or something else you need or want. At the end of the day, these candleholders rate it three stars and a reasonably enthusiastic thumbs up from me, so they don't have to put a point on it. With Amazon's money back guarantee, you don't have to worry about losing them if you want to send them back, and I think you will end up keeping them, even if you buy a few more sets.

11. Scented Handmade Romantic Tealight Aromatherapy

Scented Handmade Romantic Tealight Aromatherapy

We guarantee the best-quality standards in the making of their candle holders. Should you be dissatisfied with the product, they will replace it or give you a full money back guarantee. A romantic ambience maker puts a candle into a shiny bowl, the light goes through a glass bowl and a colorful fragment, the best helpers make a proposal and vow in darkness. This beautiful candle holder is made of hundreds of small glass colorful fragment pasted on glass bowl, all texture was handmade, light a candle within to create a wonderful glow full of warm ambience. All of the candle was made from natural material, glass, gypsum, lime and other healthy material, even place real paraffin candle in and it will be still safe. A unique style mosaic design and other gothic floral pattern can be used as a make up holder, office pen holder, and other accessories. There are wedding, parties and home decor. Glass votive candle holders are a great way to add glow and elegance to your event or home. For experts artisans great for bedroom, living room, table decoration, also applicable to special restaurant, coffee shop, western restaurant, bar bar, tourist inn as decorative table lamp

Brand: Rancco

👤I was somewhat disappointed when I first saw it, since the tiles are white. The tiles take the stage when a candle is lit and the white disappears into a rainbow. Stunning!

👤I was surprised that there was so much white on my candle holder. The photos that I saw showed a black rim. I keep my shelves black because I have white flowers on display. Give option of white or black. Not what I wanted for the colors.

👤The lit holder reflects blue and greens not captured in the colors it actually reflects as the camera picks up different light than the eye sees. It is navy and light blue to aqua with a white rim. The tea candle is shown next to it, so the size could be smaller. I think the bottom is not quite flat, but I like it more centered. It is what I wanted for my bathroom. I don't like perfumes and prefer tea candles without them. I buy tea candles in large sets and use them in the bathroom because there is no candle provided by the way you must purchase them elsewhere. This one is perfect for my needs.

👤I love candles. My whole order was short because I only received one in this color. I contacted the seller but never heard back, so I am writing a review now. If they don't correct this, I won't buy from them again.

👤My headline reads... I ordered a second rainbow tealight holder. If you want to see the colors without lighting them, just put it on a window sill and the sun will illuminate them. The fact that they are hand made makes them unique and even though some customers preferred black "grouting" as opposed to white, my only comment is that the white would reflect the light better than the black.

👤Other reviewers have stated that this thing is TINY. There is no way this thing will hold a ton of pencils, and the photo of the little boy with his pumpkin is fake. The color isn't terrible, but it's not as pretty or rich as the photos show. The whole smell was confusing. I smelled the holder because this doesn't come with a candle. It has a smell of toothpaste. It's really weird. I wouldn't recommend thia product.

👤A friend of mine gave me an electric tea candle, so I bought this to place it in. Good thing it's a small candle. It has a nice glow.

👤It is a nice product. The reason I am rating it a 4 instead of a 5 is that the colored glass is set in a clay that is white, which I would have preferred. It's nice enough to keep.


What is the best product for decorative candles holders?

Decorative candles holders products from Iyara Craft. In this article about decorative candles holders you can see why people choose the product. Deco 79 and Newimage are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative candles holders.

What are the best brands for decorative candles holders?

Iyara Craft, Deco 79 and Newimage are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative candles holders. Find the detail in this article. Sziqiqi, Iyara Craft and Stonebriar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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