Best Decorative Ceiling Tiles 2x4

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1. Art3d Decorative Panels Diamond Design

Art3d Decorative Panels Diamond Design

If you don't like their products, don't give them a 1 star review, their professional acoustic engineers will analyze the situation for you, and if it can't be solved, they will give you a 100% refund. Premium quality 3d wall panels are fire resistant and light weight. You can come in a box of 33 tiles. There is a size of 11.8" x 11.8" and a color of matt white. Light weight and fire resistant. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV backdrop, sofa background, basement walls, feature walls, ceiling are recommended uses. The living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV backdrop, sofa background, basement walls, feature walls, ceiling are recommended uses.

Brand: Art3d

👤If you want to put tiles on the wall, use 3m mounting tape, they look great and are not brittle, it is the best way to put them on the wall. To.

👤The project took a week to complete. More than 160 panels were involved in my project. The panels themselves are very sturdy, and the final product is an incredibly unique accent wall that matches my entire living room. Take the panels out and let them "air out" for 24 hours before installing. You want to make sure they are adjusted to your environment when installing hundreds of them. They were stacked in alternating patterns to provide maximum air flow. See the picture. - I put thin wood panels on the wall because my house is brand new and I wanted to avoid glue on the wall. I ripped the sheets into 8'x2' panels after buying them at Lowe's. I was able to install them myself. See the pictures. I used Gorilla Glue Industrial Liquid Nails/Adhesion to adhere the panels. If I ever tried to remove these panels, the drywall would be destroyed. It's important to glue all the surfaces along the back. Don't let the thin line get outside the edge, or you'll have a mess on your hands. I used a laser to align the panels. Every small deviation will result in a major offsets later, so it's important to find a reliable method of applying tiles straight. I started in the top right corner and worked my way down. I tried using super-thin tile spacers in the beginning, but found that it was harder to keep the panels in place than just butting them up against each other with a laser level. Take your time and do it the right way. When you fill the gaps with caulk, they look better, even if you try hard. Take a look at the pictures of the wall before caulking to see how bad the gaps are. Paint the panels before you install them. I can't recommend this enough. I put panels up first and then painted them. You cannot use a roller to paint the 160+ panels because they were painted by hand with latex paint. If you do paint, you will need several coats since standard latex paint will not adhere completely on the first application. Three applications were taken by my tiles. I have never experienced such pain in my hand after painting. If I could do it all over again, I would spray paint the tiles before installation and then touch up the seams after I finished. It would have saved a lot of time, as painting took a long time. Take your time. I used a compound saw. It worked well. I think it would be difficult to cut a bunch of panels with a razor blade or scissors, as I did along the final column/ bottom row, if you had to do it by hand. I originally planned to use the raised outlet covers to blend them with the panels. I found that painting the wall behind the panels made it look good, and there was no need to use a riser. The risers I bought were flimsy and difficult to install. I think they would have made the final product look worse. The project took 80 man hours. More than half of that was painting. Hanging panels can be done much faster if you are doing a basic pattern that doesn't require cutting or backer board. I highly recommend the product.

2. Plain Beautiful Hours 231ac 24x24 25 Ceiling

Plain Beautiful Hours 231ac 24x24 25 Ceiling

Water based paints are paintable. It is made of lightweight PVC to give a crisp design. Glues directly to most ceiling and wall materials. With scissors, cuts to size. In just hours, you can create a beautiful new ceiling. In just hours, you can create a beautiful new ceiling.

Brand: From Plain To Beautiful In Hours

👤The plastic tiles with the copper appearance are very easy to install. I used copper plated nails from the Hardware store. I split them in half by using scissors. If you cut them into single pieces, be aware that they have a patter so you will need to cut each one exactly as the 1st.

👤These tiles are gorgeous. Even though we had trouble putting them up, we get so many praise. I'm happy we got them. There is a We tried a lot of glue. The ceiling wouldn't adhere to it. We lightly tapped in small nails. It was perfect! There is a We spent hours trying to get them to stick and just go for the nails.

👤I am so shocked. I was very happy with my purchase. We built a closet in our master bedroom and put them in it. I wanted something to stand out with the shower, sink and toilet, it was only 4' x 8'. I knew that these tiles would be perfect when I saw them. We only had to cut around the ceiling fan because they are 24” x 24” sheets. I also have a crown that is going up. I still need to decide on a paint colour, but I have plenty of time because we are confined to our homes and we can't shop/ buy paint locally right now.

👤The recommended glue did not work well. Ceiling installation required trial and error of three different glues and finally we screw the panels into the ceiling. The material is brittle and difficult to cut.

👤I saw a lot of good reviews for these, and they were absolutely gorgeous. They wouldn't stick to our popcorn ceiling even with the super power grip glue. The return and refund was very easy and fast. I would buy from the seller again, but I would not buy this product for overhead popcorn ceilings.

👤This product is very good. It looks the same as the pictures. It really changes a ceiling when it goes up. All arrived in perfect order. Installation can be done with one. It depends on how many trips you want to make. The glue we used is holding up. Had no issues. They've been up for a week or two now and no one is budging. It's great for covering popcorn ceilings.

👤This product is very easy to install. We used it in a powder room with many angles. Everything went up without a hitch.

👤This was bought for a craft project. Looks great.

3. Maison Ceilings R47 Romanesque Glue Up

Maison Ceilings R47 Romanesque Glue Up

There are 96 tiles. There is a cover of 256 Sq. Ft. is a large area. Popcorn ceilings are instantly transformed. Excellent for any residential kitchen, living room, bedroom or outdoor porch. No expensive tools are needed for easy glue up application. There are 96 tiles. There is a cover of 256 Sq. Ft. is a large area. Water based paints are paintable. There are compatible surfaces: Drywall, plaster, Concrete, Plywood. Water based paints are paintable. There are compatible surfaces: Drywall, plaster, Concrete, Plywood.

Brand: A La Maison Ceilings

👤After sweeping and vaccuming the popcorn ceiling, I installed these over it. I used Loc Tite instant grab glue. I applied 21, half to 3/4" high blobs or stacks to each tile using 1 tube per 8 tiles. I put them on a diagonal to hide the high and low spots on my ceiling and non perfectly squared walls. I bought two 8 packs on Amazon to test it out before I decided to install it in my kitchen, dining and laundry rooms. I bought the rest from the website that had enough in stock. There is a I ordered a thick rigid vinyl tape from Pro Ceilings because I didn't want to caulk the seams after watching videos and instructions on their website. I included a photo of the seams that weren't covered with tape. There is a The seams can be seen on the low side of the room since I have low ceilings on the east side. If you have tall Ceilings, you don't need to caulk or cover the seams. There is a The test tiles I painted white before installing them were noticable, and no one can tell the difference between the painted and non painted tiles unless I point them out. These are easy to cut with a razor knife. The tiles aren't perfect, since the foam is flexible, and you can squeeze them together to hide the underlaying ceiling. Consider your existing light fixture if you notice that this particular Patten is about 3/8" thick. I had a 4' by 1' fixture that I didn't want to cut the tiles around to fit the light, so I changed it to a smaller footprint fixture. I will be adding more tiles to the main living areas in my home, as I found a lot of flaws in my living room which would have to be fixed with paint and texture, but these tiles are a beautiful resolution to a costly and labor intensive project.

👤These are gorgeous. The bathroom looks great. I don't think I would like them, they are very flimsy. There is a reason for that. The tiles were easy to cut. I would buy again.

👤If you are considering doing it, just do it. The end result is mind blowing, and I can't even begin to tell you how easy it was. We are remodeling our newly purchased home. Their jaws move. This is in the kitchen area. We will be doing it in the bar area of the dining room. When you look at your finished product, you will never guess it is styrofoam. It was important to caulk between the tiles. It was the most difficult part. My advice is to find the center of the ceiling and work your way out. We did a large space for 2 hours. We over estimated how many it would take. We had extra on hand in case we messed one up. Make sure your blade is sharp.

👤The price is too high for a product that is light. feather light should be painted with regular ceiling paint or similar latex paint. The price should be reviewed by the seller. They went up quickly and follow the directions. You need the exact type of glue if you don't. They say you need to use the correct glue or it will melt. They look nice and should hold up well if painted with either a airless sprayer or rough texture roller. If you expect to slap em up and they make magic, you'll be sadly disappointed, take your time make layout lines and have a helpers, you'll be very pleased.

4. Plain Beautiful Hours 232uw 24x24 10p Economy

Plain Beautiful Hours 232uw 24x24 10p Economy

The appearance is fashionable. The hexagonal sound insulation board has a design that can absorb unnecessary echo and also help decorate the wall surface. It is made of lightweight PVC to give a crisp design. You can easily lay into a 15 in. The grid system.

Brand: From Plain To Beautiful In Hours

👤I bought hundreds of these, but they were too expensive. It leaves a very echoey room. When you open the door if there is a drat, the ceiling tiles will lift up for a second and then come back down, and you have to leave the regular ceiling tile on top. The ceiling tiles are better than the loos.

👤The caulking can be seen through the plastic on these. I have to paint them. I wanted to do something quick and easy to make my ceiling look better but for the price I paid, they sold bad stock for cheap. If I had known, I would have gone with foam type material.

👤The product is horrible. These are cheap and don't sit correctly in a dropped ceiling.

👤It was stepped on all the way through the panels. The boxes they used gave little protection. :0 ().

👤I love how easy it is to change my popcorn ceilings.

👤This product is for the ceiling, so I thought it would be more sturdy. This product is very light and cheap. I can't return them because I broke some of them.

👤I ordered these for my bathroom. They are hard to cut and crack. They are very thin and shiny and feel cheap. I would have liked to have gone with something else.

👤The raised side of the tiles did not work in the grid when I had to make cuts. We had to use thedulled side to flip them over.

5. Laurel Wreath Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

Laurel Wreath Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

Black painted with natural antique finish, no need to paint anymore. Any wall designs have Embossed real metal design. Tin look, no metal echo, easy installation, and a drop in grid system. It's affordable to cut with scissors. The weight is 0.37 pounds. Water-based paints are paintable. In just hours, you can create a beautiful new ceiling. In just hours, you can create a beautiful new ceiling.

Brand: From Plain To Beautiful In Hours

👤The box was very damaged, like a raccoon trying to escape. The tiles were still usable despite being damaged in the corner due to how tiles are installed. I put these on the wall as art because I am not allowed to paint or use nails in my apartment. They still feel cheap to me, even though I get so many praise. The gold paint is not perfect. The tiles were off-gassed for two weeks. I had to put them outside because of the stink. You can walk up to my wall installation on a high ceiling, but the sloppy quality of work will be less noticeable.

👤There are two large things to install. You have to cut them so they don't look right, and you have to cover up the seams that don't match, unless you have a perfect fit.

👤They sent bronze for the 3 orders after ordering the black. They have sent a replacement black and bronze.

👤I don't mind reviewing this product and I don't mind getting a $3 Amazon gift card reward, I'm very happy with this brother, it's the first time I've been very happy in my history shopping. I'm very happy with it. I recommend this product, but people prefer something else. I'm very happy with it. That is a lot of different designs.

👤These are easy to work with. They will turn your space into a statement room.

👤We were pleasantly surprised when we got this product. It is easy to install. I love it!

👤It got the job done. They were put up with a gun staple. They would be better for a drop in ceiling. Not strong enough to support a wall.

👤I use little nails to put these on the ceiling. Our library is beautiful.

6. Art3d Ceiling Tiles Plastic 12 Pack

Art3d Ceiling Tiles Plastic 12 Pack

We stand by their product. They will give you a free replacement or refund if you are not satisfied. Add to cart and get 100% money back guarantee, worry-free warranty and friendly customer service. It is possible to lay a standard 15/16" T-bar drop ceiling grid system over any flat surface. It's made out of lightweight, flexible and water and recycable resistant material, and it's safe and fully recycable. Packing toxicity: There are 12 tiles of 24"x 24" and one piece of blank tile for border filling. There is 48 sq.ft. There is construction. It's thin and lightweight, easy to cut with a scissors or a knife, and it's paintable. These stylish 3D designs are great for ceiling or wall decoration.

Brand: Art3d

👤Several types of glue were supposed to be the best. None of them have worked.

👤We were not able to put up sheetrock because of the challenging ducting/pipes. We found a tile that beautified the area and hid the problem areas in the ceiling. It is easy to install and stylish. It was a great way to finish the bathroom.

👤I replaced the popcorn ceiling in my dining room with tiles. There is a learning curve when applying the glue and cutting the tiles. I was able to complete the project myself. The popcorn ceiling was removed before I applied White Edge Banding to cover the edges between the tiles. The room has been transformed by it. It looks amazing.

👤The tiles were described. We needed them in the bathroom to fix the tiles that were broken. The lip was different on some tiles, but it was easy to cut it down with scissors. Overall happy with the look. I'm not sure if I would do this in my main room as they are paper thin and wouldn't help with sound transfer, but I'm trying to see if I could use under the acoustic tile.

👤Came quickly and looked good in my bathroom.

👤I like that it did its job, just use special glue if you use a staple gun.

👤The job was done for my drop down ceiling.

👤The ceiling tiles are great. It's not easy to install on the sides as they are very thin and have little self support. You should buy more than you need. The finished result is awesome.

7. Cloud Flexible Fluorescent Light Cover

Cloud Flexible Fluorescent Light Cover

Any standard 2x4 fluorescent ceiling light can be fitted with the decorative cloud light covers from Octo Lights. The actual size of each cover is 22.38” x 46.5” Contact them for 1x4, 2x2 or custom sizes. Easy installation. The flexible panel makes it easy to install the fluorescent light covers. Simply place cover over the light panel and enjoy the skyscape. The light cover is backlit. Contact them if you want to use LED. There is a prescribed rate for class rooms or offices. Escape the indoors without leaving your desk. If you want to make your fluorescent lighting system feel like it's outside on a nice day, use the cloud design light diffuser panels from the Octo Lights. Flexible construction. The light panel covers are made out of a lightweight eco-friendly, self-extinguishing flexible material for easy installation and quick exchange. These panels are safe for all environments, but they are not meant to replace hard acrylic Diffuser covers. High-quality, photo prints of beautiful skies will enrich and lighten your space. There are 20 cloud-themed designs in the Octo Lights cloud series. Pick your favorites or mix and match to create a skyscape of your choice. High-quality, photo prints of beautiful skies will enrich and lighten your space. There are 20 cloud-themed designs in the Octo Lights cloud series. Pick your favorites or mix and match to create a skyscape of your choice.

Brand: Octo Lights

👤I like the way they look. I think I have installed skylights in my office. People are surprised when they first see them. I feel calmer in my office than I have before. My employees have also said the same things about them. I am in charge of a large IT team. Technical issues and personnel issues are some of the issues we deal with. We live in a dreary area near the Great Lakes that has long winters and short summers. Everyone who has seen the two lights in my office thinks they are cool. One of my senior employees came to my office to see me about some issues, and after we talked, he sat back in the chair and said he was more relaxed. He looked up and wondered if it was because of the clouds. I think they are making me feel calmer. Several of my employees have commented on my office feeling calmer now that I have skylights in it. They think I need to put them in all of the light fixture. These were very easy to install. It is easy to place a large sheet of thick paper on a table that is above your head. There is a These are very strong. Even though they arrived rolled up like a tube, they flattened out immediately and there were no curled ends or lifting-up edges. They are very easy to put in. There is a I am considering getting brighter bulbs because the room is quite dark.

👤My daughter is a teacher at the elementary school and I got her some light covers. She says that they were easy to install and made a big difference in the way the overhead lights are reflected. The classroom is calm. Students complain about headaches from the glare of the florescent lights, but the students have not complained of headaches. The students commented on how "Woah" they were as they walked into the classroom. "That's so cool" and "we got an upgrade".

👤I cut them down to fit the light fixture. It is very easy to cut with scissors or a cutter. I installed them about six months ago and I am very happy with the purchase. They let a lot of light in, but block the fluorescent glare. I get a lot of praise for them. Quality product, well packaged.

👤I loved it! Within minutes of installing it, it made my office more inviting and made me less stressed. I bought this one and the Cloud 008 together to make it look more realistic. There is a We had to remove the plastic frame from the ceiling in order to get the cloud flexible material placed within the frame, but not on the inside of the original diffuser. I put it above the original plastic diffuser, but the pattern on it was visible through the cloud diffuser. The back of the clouds had to be secured with tape so they wouldn't fall into the room. The film is very thin and can easily be scratched so be careful when installing it. There is a The second photo shows the original plastic pattern. It is slight. It's only around the edges of the frame, I don't mind.

8. Schoolhouse Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Antique

Schoolhouse Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Antique

In just hours, you can create a beautiful new ceiling. Tin look, no metal echo, easy installation, and a drop in grid system. It's affordable to cut with scissors. Water-based paints are paintable. In just hours, you can create a beautiful new ceiling. In just hours, you can create a beautiful new ceiling.

Brand: From Plain To Beautiful In Hours

👤Measure twice and cut once with these tiles. You need to understand the philosophy of cutting in order to not make mistakes. To make a short story long. I bought and exchanged several top of the line cutters. $250 was invested to prevent the loss of 25 dollar tiles. The tool is not worth it if you are not a craftsman. Good luck!

👤The tiles look great. Even though the box they shipped in was undamaged, many of them came with broken or bent corners. I think they were damaged at the factory. Depending on how you use them, this may not matter. If you drop one in installation it will likely crack.

👤When I returned them, I decided not to use them. Excellent product quality!

👤I put these tiles on the ceiling of a basement family room. I have received a lot of praise for how they look.

👤The toughest part was removing the ceiling fan. The selection at Lowes and Home Depot is not as good as it could be. It looks great in my ceiling. Very happy!

👤These look great above our game table. The stated dimensions don't include the perimeter of each tile. If you want precise measurements, be careful when laying out your design. onlookers don't realize these aren't copper

👤I like these but after waiting a long time a few were damaged. I don't know if I can finish my project now. Is there a way to replace the damaged ones?

👤I purchased 50 tiles and more than 15 were broken, but the quality left something to be desired.

9. Maison Ceilings R187 8pw Vectors Ceiling

Maison Ceilings R187 8pw Vectors Ceiling

Water based paints are paintable. Goes over popcorn. Most ceiling surfaces. It is easy to paint with any water-based paint. Loctite Power Grab is an easy glue up application. There are no expensive tools needed. The package covers 21. 6 square feet.

Brand: A La Maison Ceilings

👤The pictures show the final result over the popcorn ceiling. The old ceiling is hiding well and looks good. I had to spray paint them with zinsser ceiling spray paint them first before installing, you have to spray a bit from a distance so that you don't mess with the foam. It looks like plain styrofoam if you don't paint it. I caulked the seams after installing the styrofoam tiles. If you have to cut tiles near the edges of your ceiling, I would recommend measuring it and dividing it by the tiles width so that it looks symmetrical at the sides of the ceiling. One tile looks different because I sprayed it with another paint that turned out to be a different shade than the zinsser ceiling paint. It has instructions with pictures on how to install.

👤The package was well packaged. Tiles are easy to put up and stay in place. They weigh next to nothing so gravity doesn't have much downward pull. Loctite power grab is applied with heavy duty construction glue. If you're using an instant bond type of glue, there's no wiggle room and you must get it lined up exactly before applying. There is a We applied a thin line of caulking. The water stained mess on our ceiling is a lot better than this one.

👤I was not sure how I was going to like them. After installing them, I took a moment to admire the beauty of the laundry room ceiling. It's easy to install. I recommend cutting them to size with scissors as an exacto knife destroys them.

👤The tile should be put in the basement. It was easy to install. I would suggest buying more product than you need as some of the product in each package was damaged. The edges and corners of the tiles were smashed.

👤We installed this on one of my walls in my gym area and it looks amazing and can tell a difference with the sound in the room.

👤A la Maison Ceilings. Ceiling tile turned my peeling, ugly, sand-finish ceilings into brand new ones. The look of each room has been changed. The tiles are easy to use. It's easy to cut a light-weight.

👤The product was everything it said it was and more will be buying it.

👤I returned it. I've used thicker syrofoam cups.

10. Maison Ceilings 1993 Line Art

Maison Ceilings 1993 Line Art

You can combine felt cork board tiles with different colors and place them where you want. It matches the décor. Goes over popcorn. Most ceiling surfaces. Easy to install with any water-based paint. There are compatible surfaces- Drywall, plaster, Concrete, Plywood. Loctite Power Grab is no expensive tools needed to glue up application. The package covers 21.6 square feet. There are 8 tiles per package. The area is covered per piece. It is very easy to install. Dampens provides sound insulation. The size is 2 x 2. Dampens provides sound insulation. The size is 2 x 2.

Brand: A La Maison Ceilings

👤I was disappointed at first. I didn't think I could put these plates on my ceiling. We taped a few on the ceiling to see how it looked. They look great when they're on the ceiling. It's easy to install. Damage edges and random ones had flaws. If you didn't catch them right away, the random ones were the worst. We had to cut the bad edges smaller.

👤This is a ceiling renovation. They are thin and heavy, but once painted they look great. The ceiling in our bedroom is ugly. I didn't know what to do about it other than hire a drywaller and show it off. We had to glue them on, but these were the perfect solution. We are waiting on the second order to finish because we didn't order enough. The first picture is my old ugly ceiling and the second is what we have done so far. I can't wait to finish it. We only took a couple of hours to do all of this. It is very easy to do.

👤I bought a house in 1875 that had been wallpapered and painted multiple times. They were cracked and a mess. The tiles looked fantastic and were easy to install. They were easy to install. I painted them with flat ceiling paint and caulked them. If you want to make your ceilings beautiful for cheap, buy these.

👤I ordered 24 tiles. I put them up. I had to use it even though it was a little damaged. I decided to do another room. I ordered more packages. I couldn't use the tiles that were damaged. The person who put them in the delivery box must have seen the damage because it was so severe. I didn't like having to wait and deal with the hassle of returning the damaged ones, so I returned them and got a new one. The new ones were working well. I needed 52 tiles for the room I was going to do. The company raised the price by $9 per package when I ordered them. I found a company on Amazon where I could get 40 tiles for $130, so definitely a much lower price. The tiles I received from this company were not as good as the ones I just received. The other company sells individual tiles for $3.50 per tile, so I can order the 12 I need from them.

👤Great product! I was working on a bathroom in the basement. The floor, walls, doors, and fixture were all installed. My first attempt was with beadboard. That didn't go well. I started searching. I didn't want to mess with Sheetrock again. It will be too soon if I never touch another piece of Sheetrock again. I ordered two boxes to allow for mess-ups. These things are easy to install. When you open the package, don't be alarmed. They are super light and you are wondering if it is styrofoam. Trust me, it works. I used a white glue. If a screw head is slightly popped out, these tiles are more forgiving. I used a base of plywood and glue them up. They need paint even though they look great. They are very easy to mar. Be careful with rings, fingernails, etc. I put the light fixture back up. I hope paint will help. It was a great experience. It would be easy to work with an existing ceiling.

11. Steampunk Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Antique

Steampunk Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Antique

Tin look, no metal echo, easy installation, and a drop in grid system. It's affordable to cut with scissors. Water-based paints are paintable. In just hours, you can create a beautiful new ceiling. In just hours, you can create a beautiful new ceiling.

Brand: From Plain To Beautiful In Hours

👤The price is steep but I love it. I am saving for my next box, but I still have a long way to go. I need 2 more and a box of 25 may take a while on my Navy pension.

👤I looked at the big box store and it was going to cost me over $1500 to get these, but they look so nice and easy to cut with heavy duty scissors and a straight edge, and I was so happy that my handyman put them up for me.

👤Wow! Very impressive! A lot of people compliment our ceiling. I never thought I'd say those words. It looks very nice. Liquid Nails is easy to put up. Don't get it close to the edge. A small tack was used. Beautiful!

👤These are easy to install. Only one person was needed. The power grab I used was all purpose. They are a bit pricey. I can't find anything that looks better. The tin ones cost more. I was short by six. I went to see the manufacturer. Only 6 were ordered. They are $13 each plus shipping. The manufacturer's price is more than Amazon's. I needed 56. They look great. There were no issues with the packaging.

👤I cannot locate the original photo on the left, so I used faux metal tile styles. There is a These tiles are great. It's easy to handle. There are no dangerous edges with real metal tiles. There is a If you're installing them alone, it's simple. They look great as well. There is a I don't see how they work. I wouldn't recommend it as I'd be concerned about cracking the material. I found that regular screws worked well. For both plaster and lath ceilings. I would buy these again. It's worth the price.

👤The title says "steampunk-faux" tin ceiling tile, but the description says the material is metal. It was a waste of time. They feel like a hard plastic Halloween mask after they were returned. We needed something that was weather proof and fire proof. Why do these come up when you search for METAL ceiling tiles? Fix that pronto.

👤The ceiling is everything. I was able to fit them exactly and they looked like a million bucks. My kitchen was transformed from a boring place to a beautiful one.

👤Wife loved them. They were used for around the tub and then the bathroom.

👤The tiles look good once installed. The corners look awful after closer inspection. The tiles in the box had rolled or slightly bent corners. There were three tiles that had split corners. The corners are rolled andbent. There is a The box I received was in good shape and the tiles were wrapped in bubble wrap, so I am not sure if the rolled corners were a result of shipping or a problem with the tiles themselves. I was able to get them installed. I used a quick grab glue recommended for this type of job. There is a These tiles are too expensive for what they are and look terrible installed. I will not buy them again.


What is the best product for decorative ceiling tiles 2x4?

Decorative ceiling tiles 2x4 products from Art3d. In this article about decorative ceiling tiles 2x4 you can see why people choose the product. From Plain To Beautiful In Hours and A La Maison Ceilings are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative ceiling tiles 2x4.

What are the best brands for decorative ceiling tiles 2x4?

Art3d, From Plain To Beautiful In Hours and A La Maison Ceilings are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative ceiling tiles 2x4. Find the detail in this article.

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