Best Decorative Ceramic Jars with Lids for Home Decor

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1. Canister Airtight Sotrage Decorative Container

Canister Airtight Sotrage Decorative Container

The straight jar with natural color cork is a decorative ornament and can be used as a useful container. It is a perfect gift for your family and friends who are enthusiastic about kitchen/pantry organization. FANTESTICRYAN Petal Glass Storage Canister is made of high borosilicate glass and is easy to use. Make sure it is a small jar. The Glass Container is unique in that it can be used as a home and kitchen decor jar, as well as a storage jar. Please care for fragile items. The glass jar has a capacity of 23 FL Oz. It is a great place to store and display dry foods such as coffee beans, tea, homemade chocolate, candy and more. The sealed design can keep food fresh longer. Oval Glass Jars have a dimensions of 4.5'' 9 cm is 3.5'' The Conical Glass Jar is 11.5 cm. 11 cm. Weight: 260g opening for both Jar: 8.5 cm. Fantastic Ryan has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your glass product was damaged during delivery, please contact their customer service. Thank you for understanding. Fantastic Ryan has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your glass product was damaged during delivery, please contact their customer service. Thank you for understanding.

Brand: Fantesticryan

👤The jar can be used for many things. The ribbed design makes it different from your standard glass storage container. I am using the candle holder as a candle holder with a flameless candle because the lid has a nice seal. Simple, yet makes a statement. It doesn't come in different sizes, that's my only complaint.

👤This is pretty. I bought it as a bathroom storage container for q-tips or cotton rounds, but it didn't fit in my bathroom tray. It looks great in our kitchen. You can see the size of it compared to a standard coffee mug in my video. The gold accent on it is very nice. I'm going to buy a spoon that will be used as a sugar container at the coffee station.

👤If you have kids involved in using or cleaning these, it might not last. They're cute. I use one for peanuts at my husband's table. It's great for that. The glad r is not as big as I thought. There were no problems. It is possible that a careless or rough person might break them.

👤I needed a candy jar for my tray and this worked out perfectly. It looks very expensive.

👤The Jars are very easy to clean. Everyone should get them because the lid closes tightly.

👤The lift ring helps open the lid. It has a seal that keeps the contents fresh. The ability to see the contents of the glass is something I like.

👤If you are looking for a container for nuts or coffee, the container is very nice. This came up when I put in the cookie jar. I did not pay attention to the description.

👤There are cute canisters. The counter has a great look on it. I will buy more.

👤They are pretty. My dining table was lit up.

👤I love the shape and detail of this bathroom, I use bath salts in it.

👤I like the look and everything. I wanted a thicker glass. It feels like a small object could easily shatter it. The cap is sturdy and well made. I don't recommend putting something heavy in it. It's ideal for things like tea and cotton balls.

👤Le couvercle est foncé et malheureusement.

👤This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It surpasses my expectations. It is a container for coffee. I use it for sugar because I go through a lot of it. It is more than I expected. Five stars.

2. Kopmath Canister Airtight Dishwasher Canisters

Kopmath Canister Airtight Dishwasher Canisters

Availing gift is a wonderful birthday gift for your kids, a housewarming gift for your friend or a loved one. Versatile Canister 24 The container is 700 liters. It's perfect for coffee beans, sugar, loose tea, salt, cocoa, candy, herb, soda, dog treat. Exposure to light is not possible. Food should be kept dry and preservable. The ceramic jar is easy to use and clean. The mouth is wide enough to hold a measuring cup. The coffee jar is easy to clean in the dishwasher. The rubber seal ring is designed to squeeze more air out as you twist it down to keep food fresh. A "pop" sound is always present when you open a jar. Coffee canisters are made of high-temperature food-grade ceramic, sturdy and durable, unlike glass or plastic. The design of your kitchen countertop is minimalist. The Kopmath ceramic canisters guarantee a return within 30 days and a replacement within 18 months. You can contact them, your email will be processed within 24 hours.

Brand: Kopmath

👤This is a great container for sourdough. When it's on the counter, keep the lid off. The lid of the refrigerator is very good.

👤I wanted to store loose leaf tea. The lid backs itself out over time after the top is closed. The canister is fine, but since it is a key feature of this product, I can't review it well.

👤This item was in excellent condition when it arrived. It's just the right size and it's attractive. I will use it to hold asparagus in the fridge until I am ready to use it. It was perfect.

👤The containers are great. They are used for coffee and sugar on my counter. They are not brown yet from the coffee oils. They are easy to open and close, and everything seems to be fresh.

👤I use this container to store tea. It is not clear glass and it is not humid.

👤The lid came out of the pot. The rubber seal was cut on the first line. Then it fits and stays in place. A 1 pound bag of coffee can be held in a ceramic pot.

👤This item is very disappointing. The lid is letting air in. I had to return it.

👤We used this in our coffee bar to put our espresso machines in. The container is very fragile.

3. Sullivans Decorative Jugs Set Grey

Sullivans Decorative Jugs Set Grey

The decorative distressed green, off-white, and blue ceramic jug set is a great way to showcase your style. Home décor pieces are perfect for all seasons and holidays, and can be found in your home. The Multi-Purpose Decorative Ceramic Faux Floral Jug Set has a measurement of 3”L x 3”W x 10”H, 2.25”L x 2.25”W x 7.5”H, and 3.5”L x 3.5”W x 4”H. The jug set can be used in many different ways. You can use the distressed design on its own for a beautiful statement piece or add in faux floral, stems, bouquets, and greenery for an added pop of color. It's perfect for your table, shelf in a family room, mantel, dining room, bathroom or covered patio. The neutral set of 3 is made from 100% ceramic and is sure to set the stage in your home. The durable, high-quality, trend lasting jug set will keep your décor looking fresh and up-to-date year after year. The ceramic jug set is decorative and will fit in with an abundance of styles; modern farmhouse, rustic, classic charm, country, and elegant yet simplistic. The faux floral jug set is perfect for wedding, bridal and baby showers. Bring them to your next gathering for a stunning centerpiece. Your style is reflected in the décor of your home. The ceramic vase set is great for taking your décor to the next level and wowing your guests. The design is so detailed that you can set it out on your own. This set will look beautiful, but you can use it.

Brand: Sullivans

👤Very cute. I thought it was larger.

👤It's beautiful and what I wanted. I thought they would be bigger but they are adorable and work great in my room.

👤These are perfect. I was not sure of the color of the cases when I ordered them. Cream color on top and charcoal color on bottom. I wanted to make sure someone else can see the coloring. What are they looking for?

👤The colors were not described. The tall one and the short one are the same color, so I was a little disappointed since I really liked the blue color shown on the small one, but they are really cute and work well where I had planned. I decided to keep them. I was impressed with the packaging - each jar was in a box with bubble wrap inside and all 3 small boxes were secured so no damage to any of the pieces.

👤The picture was a bit deceiving, but I like the product. They were smaller than I had thought. They were thrown in a box without any padding to protect them. 2 of the 3 were broken into pieces because of the poor packaging. I have to return it because I was so disappointed. It doesn't make me feel confident in the replacements.

👤I wanted to put these in my living room cabinet. Excellent quality. The handle of the white jug was broken, but could be hidden by turning the jug around, so it doesn't bother me at all. It would be helpful if the box was marked as fragile.

👤It was exactly as expected. The jugs are perfect after reading the reviews. These work well because I wasn't looking for anything larger. They were packaged with care. The small boxes were wrapped in bubble wrap after being secured with tape. There was a box that stuck to the top of the bottle, but nothing could be done to remove it. No damage or cracks. These worked out perfectly for me. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The jars are rustic. For a pottery product, they are very light weight. The colors are neutral and will compliment any color scheme. The price is high but you are buying different sizes. They were supposed to be delivered on a certain day. They arrived a day later. I should have been aware of the delayed delivery. Thank goodness. I ordered them with a couple days of cushion in case. If they were advertised that they would be delivered on a certain day, then that is when they should have been delivered.

👤Muy lindos, ms grandes.

4. Home Decorative Porcelain Centerpiece Decoration

Home Decorative Porcelain Centerpiece Decoration

The new arrival of the egg is lucky. Each of the three decor boxes has its own distinctive shape and bright blue pattern. Use these jars for decoration on a mantle, end table, bookshelf, and home office. Can be placed on the kitchen, living room, table, shelf, and other places. The porcelain is hand painted and glazed. Each box is hand painted. A is 4'' x 3'' x 2''. 3'' x 2''. C: 3'' x 3''. Inches. A is 4'' x 3'' x 2''. 3'' x 2''. C: 3'' x 3''. Inches.

Brand: A & B Home

👤There are small works of art that are pleasing to the eye.

👤My bathroom is blue and white. I use them for a lot of things. They keep my countertop clean.

5. Utensil Farmhouse Kitchen Countertop Organizer

Utensil Farmhouse Kitchen Countertop Organizer

An ideal of dimensions is given by the last 2 photos. Adding a charming utensil crock to your kitchen counter is a great way to add a touch of style to your kitchen. Premium pine wood has a torched finish to upgrade your home decor. The beautiful wood grain makes every piece unique and with high quality craftsmanship, this piece is made to last. The double holder has enough space to hold your frequently used kitchen essentials and is easy to access when you need them. There are large compartments in the utensil organizers to keep things in place. It's ideal for Knives, Spatulas, Tongs, Whisks, Ladles, Skimmers, Peelers, Bottle Openers, Silverware or any other gadgets. This unique gift is perfect for a wedding, Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday or Housewarming Party.

Brand: Cb Accessories

👤This is not cheap pressed wood. It's made of pine. It's pretty light. The wood grain is real and it does seem sturdy. There are no edges that look like wood was pressed together. It is light and I wish it had more of a finish. If it was exposed to water it would absorb it. It needs something to protect it. It seems to be fine despite the fact that we didn't seal ours. Works well. It's what we needed. It looks great in our kitchen. I think it will last for a long time.

👤Over the last few years, I've been using a lot of things to hold my kitchen utensils, but none of them have been utensil holders. I've used coffee cans and other things. I decided it was time to end it all. I don't like the price. The price for a couple of pieces of cheap wood should not be as much as it is. My husband said that he could have built me something like this for an eighth of the price. The wood is so thin and flimsy that it reminds me of pressure-treated wood, which is shredded and compressed into boards. If it's mediocre quality, painting something to look "rustic" and putting "farmhouse" in the title doesn't justify selling it for $35. If you want to ask me why I paid that much, read below. This was the largest one I could find for my assortment. I have so many things that it was getting ridiculous. I pulled 5 other things out when I pulled something out because it was so jam-packed. I can go nuts with my utensils in this space. It's divided by section. It allows me to have a clean kitchen. When I made dinner today, I only got the spatula after reaching for it. No more encounters with the Zaboomafoo closet. I give it 3 stars for the space, but 2 for the price and quality.

👤I bought this item for our kitchen utensils. It's very lightweight but sturdy, and I like that it's divided into 3 sections. I've had issues with previous organizers, such as utensils not standing up straight, getting stuck sideways, and just getting messed up together. This is great for my needs and I'm sad I didn't get it sooner. Would recommend!

👤The wood in my kitchen is pretty. I put it with a farmhouse utensil holder. It is large enough to hold a lot. Highly recommended.

👤The wood is beautiful. The three compartments are great for keeping larger items in order. It is perfect on our kitchen counter.

👤I like this. It has a rustic vibe and holds a lot. I have another one in my cart that I have to order as I have many in the one I have. I am a cook.

👤I needed a narrower utensil holder to fit in the renovated kitchen where the larger ones used to sit. This one held all of my kitchen tools. It's not much, but it works for what I need.

6. Style Setter 203192 GB Canister 13 25x4 6x8

Style Setter 203192 GB Canister 13 25x4 6x8

American made glassware has been made since 1905. A set of glass containers in various sizes makes an elegant accompaniment to any counter or pantry shelf. The canister dimensions are 4.2 x 4.2 x 7.1 inches. An Airtight Seal for Keeping Cookies, Coffee, Flour, Sugar, Rice, and Other Dry Foods is included in the glass lid. It was super fresh. The glass is gorgeous. Superbly stylish design can be achieved with thick, durable Glass Jars. It's a good idea to display, organize, and store all kinds of snacks withoutcluttering your kitchen. The perfect hostess gift is a chic set that is practical and stunning for any special occasion. The perfect hostess gift is a chic set that is practical and stunning for any special occasion.

Brand: Style Setter

👤I debated for weeks to buy these. The reviews were correct. I usually buy based on reviews. I'm happy I went ahead with the purchase. The seal is perfect and they are very chic. My interpretation of farmhouse chic is a beautiful addition to my design. The quality will not be the same for the price. I bought the chalkboard signs after I added them.

👤These are very pretty. It fits my needs just fine. The glass "seams" are obvious on the lids, but I fear that the plastic part of the plastic could turn brittle and crack with age. The medium canister is not even and it is a concern to me. I tried to catch it as I thought it was tipping over.

👤These were great for my furniture. It's good to use for my adult kids. The lids are glass and have a seal. The design on them should be praised as well.

👤I looked for a while until I found these. It was perfect size. The pattern is perfect. Stays sealed well. You will not regret buying these.

👤Very happy! The seals on the jars are beautiful. It was worth the wait!

👤Had to return after it was broken. The manufacturer packing will give you a chance of it being damaged.

👤I ordered these for my country themed kitchen and they are perfect, will probably order another set for completion. They are pretty.

👤The glass canister set was very nice. The seal is easy to open. A small canister can hold a large bag of sugar. The small is 7 in height, the med is 7 in height, and the tall is 8 in height. Great purchase. It was worth the money.

👤It was much smaller than I anticipated. Tea bags that aren't used much are more suited to crackers. The openings are too small to fit measuring cups, so they wouldn't work for coffee or flour.

👤These are not as cute as they look in the picture. It's great for smaller spaces. The price is great. The pattern is very dainty.

👤The cannisters were packaged well and came quickly. The problem is that there are only 2 sizes and not 3 as stated in the photo and I only found out now and it's too late to do anything about it.

👤The jar was shattered. I tried to contact Amazon but didn't get a response. The lid seals are not very nice.

👤The design is great. Would buy again.

7. CTG Design Pineapple Ceramic Storage

CTG Design Pineapple Ceramic Storage

The jar measures 3. x 5 The dimensions are 5H. The jewelry holder is made of ceramic with a glossy finish. The pineapple design is cute and the jewelry organizers has a white body with gold plated pineapple crown lid. It's a great room decor if you organize rings, earrings, necklace, watch and other items. Availing gift is a wonderful birthday gift for your kids, a housewarming gift for your friend or a loved one.

Brand: Truu Design

👤Exactly what I needed. I was afraid of ordering this because of the reviews that said the item was broken or chippy. It was in perfect condition. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality. I have this on top of a bedroom cabinet. It's the perfect size and colors that I need.

👤My grandma loves pineapples and thinks they are good fortune, so I brought this for her. My family fought over it because it was cute.

👤The arrived faster than expected and the quality is better than I expected.

👤El pia es una imagen, es un 10.

👤I love the gold and white ceramic.

👤The counter is cute for a butter dish.

👤La pia! Lastima q is out of stock. Amigos, y amigos, y amigos, y amigos, y amigos, y amigos, y amigos, y amigos, y amigos, y amigos, y amigos, y amigos

👤It looked terrible online. My mom likes pineapples. I bought a broken one for her as a gift. I sent it to my mom's house in hopes that it would be a perfect surprise. It made her so disappointed. I hope they will issue me a refund for this product.

👤The jar is made of pineapple. It was bought for an ex. I hope her child knocks it off the shelf. It was great quality and build, so it will probably not break. For delivery, packaged well.

👤A cute jar. Our kitchen counter has a golden shine. There are a lot of reviews that complain about how small it is, but it's accurate at the tip of the lid. The gold one was in a box with styrofoam and bubble wrap and arrived in good shape.

👤We are broken because I arrived over two weeks late. The pineapple vase was not usable after being smashed into pieces.

👤It is cute and does the job, but I received mine with a chip on the base of the pineapple, as seen in the photos. Changing the packaging is something that might be considered. It would be a good idea to make it a little more secure during shipping.

8. Jojuno Pineapple Centerpiece Figurine Decorative

Jojuno Pineapple Centerpiece Figurine Decorative

It is made of high quality ceramic. Pineapple Home Decor Decorative Jars can also be used as ceramic storage jars. The color of this beautiful and lovely home decoration is very unique. This piece of furniture will make your room look better. It is 5 x 5 x 9 Inches. You can come with a nice gift box. It's a perfect gift for your lover.

Brand: Jojuno

👤I love pineapples. I have 2 coral and 1 teal. They are a great accent piece and can be used anywhere in the home. It was perfect size. I'm going to give a few more to my family. It looks great with my decor. Arrives quickly and is in a gift box. The price is great. I highly recommend these.

👤If you like pink and gold, it's absolutely beautiful. This is a cute cracker/cookie jar because the top has suction to attach onto the bottom portion. I use it for display on a desk in the living room to match other pink accents. It is elegant.

👤I will buy another pineapple for my kitchen because I love the color.

👤The item arrived broken. I don't want to have to deal with it again. Very disappointing.

👤The finish on this ceramic pineapple is very good. We've thought of many uses.

👤Top is a great product, but it doesn't fit just right.

👤I thought it was larger. I returned it.

👤I got a refund after this arrived broken.

👤Good quality but not as good as I expected.

9. Lawei Glass Storage Sealed Bamboo

Lawei Glass Storage Sealed Bamboo

Seashells, flowers, dried beans, grains, cookies, candy, fruit, and more can be put there. Each jar has a capacity of 51 ounces and is 4 x 9 inches. Natural bamboo lid more sanitary, food grade silicone ring healthy and dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended. The contents of the jar can be easily seen with clear glass. You can cover the lid in a few minutes. Saving space is achieved by storing bulk foods. The glass food storage jars will make your home more orderly. It's perfect for storing and preserving a variety of ingredients. It's perfect for storing and preserving a variety of ingredients.

Brand: Lawei

👤The glasses had growth on them. It looked like a fungus. Disgusting. I opened two of the three boxes I ordered and all three glasses showed the same growth. I am a student. I wouldn't want to put food in this.

👤I needed storage no bigger than 9 inches to fit in my pantry. Don't fit because the lid is . They are 9 inches tall in the description, but no mention of the lid on or off.

👤Sturdy, beautiful and eco friendly. The capacity is great.

👤I was surprised that the glass was a little thinner than I thought, and I could easily see it breaking, which is terrible because they were so expensive. I will most likely cry on the first day. Today, I found a jar that was 10x cheaper at Ikea. I was going to send these back. I have already thrown out the boxes. It is so much work. I hope I can save someone money.

👤I was looking for a container that was tall. The best option was a set of three. That was a good thing. It was a decent set for the price. The wooden tops were not consistent in their quality and had gaps. We don't know what to do with the other two and we chose the best one for the gift. They might be used for storage in our cupboard. The glass is clean and looks nice from a few feet away. There is a gap in the wood on the lids.

👤The glass containers with bamboo lids were perfect for my coffee station. I love them because they hold enough coffee, but not a lot up the area. I bought the sevenfly bamboo scoop on Amazon and put together this cute coffee station area. These glass containers are perfect for the scoops and coffee. I love these containers.

👤I washed and dried these before putting them in the container. I used the containers on the counter every day. I'm not sure how they would hold up to a lot of bumping, but they work well to look good, keep smells and freshness in, and allow the lid to be easily pulled off or put back on. A coffee jar for someone with low wrist strength would be a good idea.

👤They need better packaging for shipment after 2 of the three were shattered. The jars work great for what I need.

👤Too thin. 1/3 jars were shut. I am afraid that force might break it.

👤The jar I ordered was sealed so tightly that we couldn't open it. It broke and cut my husband's finger.

👤We will not use these until we buy our first home. When we do, I am so excited! They are a nice size, but not sure about the thickness of glass and the longevity. yet. I am sure they will be fine.

👤J'ai ouvert le couvercle.

10. Modern Innovations Apothecary Centerpiece Decorative

Modern Innovations Apothecary Centerpiece Decorative

The large eggplant-shaped candy jar has a classic and stylish design that would compliment any room or table décor. The large eggplant-shaped candy jar has a classic and stylish design that would compliment any room or table décor. The jar is made of food grade quality material that will not break or shatter, and is also free of the harmful chemical BpA. The container can hold up to 128 ounces. It can be used to hold cookies, candy, cotton balls, bath salts, and other items. The jar is 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

Brand: Modern Innovations

👤I really liked this jar when I received it. It is big, nice looking and not glass. I needed a container for my bath salts and this is what I found. The rubber lined lid is lined with rubber to keep ants away from candy and food. It keeps the scent of my bath salts inside. There is a It is now mid-March. The rubber lining on this jar turned yellow when I received it last month. It does not take away from its usefulness. You can see it on the photo I included, but it is more noticeable in person. I tried to get rid of it. Nothing has worked so far. I hope I can find an effective way to look at it. It's a shame that the jar looks cheap because it's a nice looking jar.

👤This candy jar is perfect for the concession stand in the theatre room. It's light-weight and looks just as good as the Glass jars. It's a clear jar and I like that the lid is sealed so you can get to candy quickly. It's a large size so it will hold a lot of candy or cookies, which is nice, that way I don't have to fill it as often. It would make a nice gift. Put it in a pretty box with candy and boom. It's the sweetest gift giving. They gave lables with the chalk marker. Excellent!

👤I wanted a shatter resistant item that would hold my salt in my bathtub. This works perfectly and I had in mind. There is a Sometimes the lid will push itself open a little bit. When you close the jar, the back pressure from the air inside is what it is. I want to make a small hole in the ring to let the air in as you push the lid down, but I keep forgetting. I believe it would be easy to fix. Most people wouldn't notice or care, but I'm a perfectionist and I've noticed it lifts up. It doesn't make the seal less effective. The lid is still in the neck, but it just lifts up on one side. I was happy with the jar. I put the salt in the towel closet to get it out of the way, but forgot to put it in the bath. It's right there all the time.

👤I was looking for something similar to this jar. It is absolutely beautiful. The bath bombs fit perfectly due to their shape.

👤The top is missing something. The top is flat. It will serve the purpose, but not what I received.

👤It was on time. Sturdy shiny plastic. The lid is easy to remove and replace. It was over priced. An equivalent jar could be found at discount stores for less than $25.00.

👤I have ordered several of them. I can't have glass containers for kids and teens. They are pretty, but not practical. These are too good to be true. Solid plastic that looks like glass has a lid to keep things fresh. My kids love them, and they look great on the shelf. Stop scrolling and buy these on Amazon. If you like the clear look, they would look pretty on a kitchen counter. I love them! I think I may get a few more.

11. Exquisite Oriental Ceramic Canister Canisters

Exquisite Oriental Ceramic Canister Canisters

100% satisfaction guarantee. Their bottles were designed to make your events more enjoyable. If they don't meet your expectations, contact them. There is a size of 23.67oz. You can put ceramic food canisters on your dining table or kitchen table as a decoration. This is a product of exquisite home life, not just ordinary canisters to store food. High quality ceramic is safe and durable. It's a good thing that it's a non-absorbent, high hardness, abrasion resistance. The Chinese style pattern makes people feel comfortable. It's perfect for storing and preserving a variety of ingredients. China's ceramics are famous in the world. The Ceramic Canister is an ideal home decoration because it matches well with the kitchen. All products at Redson are guaranteed 1000% warranty and a full refund. If the jark is damaged in transit due to its large volume, they are willing to replace it.

Brand: Redson

👤I used this as a decorative object and as a container for salts in my bathroom. I was afraid I would break the jar when I got the lid out. Someone took a jar with a pretty pattern in the glass and tried to make it into a tea canister by putting some kind of metallic foil around the lid with some kind of tape. This can't possibly last long. I just removed the foam tape and kept it because air tightness is not important to me. I would probably pass it on to someone else if I had seen it in person before I bought it. It looks great in my bathroom. The metallic covering on the lid does not seem very durable and I think it will peel off at some point.

👤Update 8/2020. She didn't fit in this, but I don't regret buying it, it's a lovely jar. I would recommend this for a pet's ashes if they were no bigger than 20 lbs. I bought it for my Uncle's dog's ashes. I wanted something pretty for her to rest in because she was with me for the long haul and I couldn't put her in with him. I love this jar. I thought it would be larger. It is about the size of a pyrex measuring cup. I will display it and find something else for her even if she doesn't fit. If she can't be with her hooman, she deserves at least that.

👤When this canister arrived, I was very disappointed. The underside of the lid is covered with foam to keep it air tight. The look was completely destroyed by it. I saw the foil in the pictures but thought it was a packing cover, not the actual one. There is a This item is cheap. Returning it.

👤I put candy in it for my kids and it will be passed down as a grandma's candy jar.

👤Before ordering it, read the size and it is very well packaged. Don't be discouraged if you want to order this great piece, it's clearly detailed on size and it's of the highest quality. I used mine for tea storage.

👤The jar is pretty. It was supposed to be wrapped, but there was no wrap.

👤I bought one of them. I saw silver, but the description said bamboo lid. There are yellow gold lids. Not what I wanted. I'll probably spray paint them.


What is the best product for decorative ceramic jars with lids for home decor?

Decorative ceramic jars with lids for home decor products from Fantesticryan. In this article about decorative ceramic jars with lids for home decor you can see why people choose the product. Kopmath and Sullivans are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative ceramic jars with lids for home decor.

What are the best brands for decorative ceramic jars with lids for home decor?

Fantesticryan, Kopmath and Sullivans are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative ceramic jars with lids for home decor. Find the detail in this article. A & B Home, Cb Accessories and Style Setter are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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