Best Decorative Chain for Hanging Lights

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1. Tosuced Billboards Chalkboards Decorative Ornaments´╝ł

Tosuced Billboards Chalkboards Decorative Ornaments%EF%BC%88

Hanging plants fruit basket mirror chandelier is made of black metal. Package: The Hanging Chains for Bird Feeders have 10 hooks and a 156 inch black chain. PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL The bird chains are made of hard iron and are not easy to rust, and their holding ability is up to 17 lbs, which is sturdy and not easy to rust. Adaptable length and application. You can use your favorite color to brush the hanging chain to make your garden colorful and charming, and you can shorten or lengthen the length of the hanging chain to match your feeders in different heights. ManUFACTURED DESIGN You can change the hanging chain's original color into something you like. MULTI-PURPOSE Hanging bird feeders, plant baskets, bird houses, flower pots, sheep fat baskets, lanterns, wind chimes, ornaments, billboards, and many other things can be done with their bird chain.

Brand: Tosuced

👤You know how it is? You think that going to major retail environments will be easy to find what you want. It's not that easy. You search and look. I was delighted to find this set for hanging a big picture outside. I want to be able to take a picture if the weather turns bad. This is what I was looking for.

👤This is for my pet ratsbin. I hang baskets and toys at different heights for them to rest and play in, using chain and clips. The chains are strong and easy to bend with pliers. Simply count the links you need and then remove and squeeze them back into place. No cutting is required. The clips are strong. This is what you need if you have a small animal and need to hang things in their cage.

👤It's perfect for my bird feeders. Attach hook and clips and you can pick the length you need. I ordered another set for the hummingbird. It's perfect for hanging plants. That's right. I have a life. I do! Get price as well. It cost that much for a chain hanger.

👤These are okay. I thought they would be a bit stronger. A strong storm blew the chains to pieces and destroyed the plant that I used to hang on my deck. I decided to hang some light weight roosting nest in the trees for the birds and have been happy with that. It came with the hooks.

👤The shadow boxes were hung from a ceiling wooden beam. There are clips on each side of the frames. The chain was sturdy enough for this project. I would suggest you get a thicker chain and clips if you're hanging something with a lot of weight. Good for hanging planters.

👤I used chain to hang an outdoor Christmas wreath but it came with hooks only and no clips. I wanted to use the hooks for that reason, but I had to use thepliers to squeeze the hooks shut.

👤I have rats in a cage. The doors are at an awkward angle. My boys can come out and accept their treats when the door is kept level thanks to these chains. The chains are strong enough to hold the weight of 3 adult rats, and can be hung by the sides when the door is closed.

👤I'm very happy with my purchase. Everything you need is in the kit. The chain is open link and can be separated to length with pliers if needed, just like I'd hoped. They are very sturdy and won't bend under normal use circumstances. A good product. You won't find the bits and pieces separately outside of this bundle for less, it's the best value you'll find.

2. Suwimut Birdbaths Billboards Chalkboards Ornaments

Suwimut Birdbaths Billboards Chalkboards Ornaments

It's wide used for your home, it's suitable for chandelier, ceiling light, hanging light fixture and hanging fruit baskets or flower pots. It works with many different types of ceilings. Hanging bird feeders, Birdbaths, plant baskets, bird houses, flower pots, sheep fat baskets, lanterns, wind chimes, ornaments, billboards, and other things are all possible with Suwimut hanging Chain. The hanging chain has 30 hooks and 30 clips. The black chain is made of iron and is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. Hooks and clips are easy to handle. You can shorten or loop the chain to match the height of your feeders. You can place feeders anywhere in your yard.

Brand: Suwimut

👤Facil de usar y resistente. Utilice para enganchar unas luces en terraza.

👤This was the first time I'd ordered something like this. It arrived quickly. I hang a lot of stained glass wall hangings. This product is perfect for my needs, it is easy to use and secure. I highly recommend it.

👤I was able to cut the chain to the length I needed and still be able to get hooks on would, but again when in need of chain and hooks.

👤Too many hooks and not enough clips. I bought them again for more chain and clips.

👤Good product. The chain was easy to cut and put on hooks. I use it to hold up grow lights. The product was perfect.

👤I am very disappointed with this set. The hooks and chains were a waste of money.

👤It's a great way to hang our bird feeders. A small chain with seeds is not a problem.

👤The package was well packaged. It was easy to use. I bought this to hang my feeders. You can choose the length that you want. Would definitely recommend.

👤This is the perfect place for my hanging needs. The amount of hooks that come with it is a relief because I know I will have enough to hang this and other things. Plants were in my bathroom windows. I will hang plants outside, bird feeders, and chimes this spring. The hooks are strong and the chain is coated. I am impressed. I am very happy with the product.

👤C'est un chaine pour suspendre mes lumires del pour mes semis. Pour cet usage, parfait.

3. Installation Chain Hung Fixtures Ceilings Pounds Black

Installation Chain Hung Fixtures Ceilings Pounds Black

There is a Heavy Duty Chain, 2 connection locks, and 2 Hook Rings for the light fixture. The metal adds a rustic feel to your home. Extra tall is 66.9" in totally. You can change the length of the chandelier chain by increasing or decreasing the number of links. Large bearing capacity. It can support up to 65 pounds. The build is nice and heavy. Solid and heavy. It's safer to hang something from the ceiling. Hanging fruit baskets or flower pots are widely used in your home. It works with many different types of ceilings. Easy to install no assembly necessary. You can contact them by your order. Easy to install no assembly necessary. You can contact them by your order.

Brand: Rddeniy

👤The chain on the left is the one that came with my chandelier, and the chain on the right is the one that I received as heavy duty. I will be looking for a better match soon, not this one.

👤The chain is 65lb max on Amazon and should have been read here first. It's not 65lb. It's close to 15-25 lbs. if compared to the one that sells at Lowes or Homedepot. I like my chain to be at least 20lb spec above my fixture weight. There is a The hook rings and connection locks worked well. There is a The lamp pipe is not long.

👤The longer description says it is 66.9" long, while the shorter one says it is 5.6 feet long. It was barely 60" long. The extra half a foot makes a difference. The description says it supports 65 pounds, but the chain is very thin. There is a The lock washers and nuts were missing. The kit is not worth the price of admission.

👤We hung a pot rack without a chain. We needed it to hang low so that it could reach above our island. It worked well. We were able to make it shorter by removing a few links.

👤We hung the lights on the slope ceiling. The metal poles did not work out. We had to replace the metal poles with chains.

👤Quality product and fast shipping.

👤I had everything I needed to turn a wall into a light bar. A bar light is moving.

👤If you want to purchase something that looks like it is described, this is it. There is a I highly recommend buying my 2nd time.

4. Teenitor Hanging Planters Lanterns Ornaments

Teenitor Hanging Planters Lanterns Ornaments

We will provide you with the most satisfactory after-sales service according to the rules of the Amazon platform. It's made from 100%stainless steel, it's very strong and durable, and it's good to be used both outdoors and indoors. Hanging chain can be used to hang bird feeders, bird houses, plant baskets, wind chime, water bucket, etc. There are two sizes to meet your needs: 4x 35-inch and 4x 9.5-Inch. You can extend the chain length by jointing 2 chains, which is very easy to use. The package includes 8 pack of hanging chain, 4 pack of longer chains, and 4 pack of shorter chains. If you have a problem, just email them.

Brand: Teenitor

👤Complete trash. The links opened under the basket. Absolutely not to recommend.

👤I hung my smaller bird feeders from the tree. I liked the chairs. They were unable to stand up to the animals and broke into pieces. I had to buy carabiners clips instead of the S clips that came with them. They wouldn't work for bird feeders, but if I were hanging flower pot, they would.

👤The package arrived quickly. You get 4 long and 4 short. They hold up air plant bulbs. There is a hook and a clasp on each end. It's ideal that you can connect them together. This is a great buy. I attach screw hooks to the ceiling. They fit air plant glass holders. I shortened the two long ones by hanging them from the chain link.

👤I use a lightweight bobbin that is solar powered and provides some light after dark. We needed to have the ability to raise and lower it. Lower to charge in the sunlight and raise at night. The chains are perfect. I strung the chains together and crimped the hooks on the chain so they wouldn't fall apart. The light is raising and lowering and I am happy.

👤I bought this to hang a suet feeders. I haven't had any problems with it since it was there for six months. The squirrel are not stealing the feeders. It has not had any problems due to the rain or snow. This was a great purchase and I am very happy with it.

👤These were used to hang fluorescent lights. Not heavy lights. Two bulb 4 foot long fixture. It worked out well for me. I thought they were more expensive than they are, but they saved me time and money.

👤Light weight. I hope it will work for plastic hummingbird feeders.

👤I mean something that weights 2 lbs or less. I tried to hang a large fern, but the links started to stretch out. It is not a heavy duty chain. The chain is light duty. Maybe for an artwork.

👤This product was great for hanging a light fixture in my daughter's room. The hooks make the chains easy to use. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

👤I'm making my own swings and bought these to use. I'm sure my birds will love their swings, they double up great for extra strength. I bought a second lot and they are easy to part as each link has two parts that can be opened to remove or add things. The swings are safe for the Birds to chew on.

👤Terrible! I bought these to hang up food and water containers in the chicken run and all the links have fallen apart after a month so I can't return them.

👤I used strong chains to hold my stained glass window. There is a white rose with a blue background. Been up for a month and is Highly Recommended.

👤It's really handy to have some spare parts.

5. WOERFU Antique Pendant Chandelier Lighting

WOERFU Antique Pendant Chandelier Lighting

Easy to install no assembly necessary. You can contact them by your order. 6 feet chain, antique Bronze Finish, resistant to rust. The brushed nickel chain supports 50 lbs. The maximum weight. It's perfect for hanging lighting fixture, mirrors, frames and planters, making curtain ties and pulls, or any other interior or exterior decorating project. Comes with two connection locks. Comes with two connection locks.

Brand: Woerfu

👤I wouldn't use it for more than 25lb chandeliers. The color of the chain doesn't match the end connections. I had to double up the chain because it wouldn't fit under the chandeliers weight.

👤Buying online with a picture is not a good idea because you never see the real product. The short chain that came with my chandelier is very light when compared to this chain. I think it will hold up, but I expected something heavier.

👤I need a new chain for the lamp I am repairing. I didn't want brass or silver because it is a dark bronze light fixture. This is going to do the job, even though it is a reddish tone. The chain is close to the ceiling, so I don't think it will be noticeable.

👤My husband hung a light from the ceiling. The strength is amazing. If I have to hang anything else up, I would buy again. Great job!

👤This was used to hang a mirror. The mirror is very sturdy and has an upgraded look. The delivery was negative, but I was notified of the delay by Amazon.

👤The chain was perfect for us. We looked at several stores for a chain to replace the shorter chain we have had for decades. My wife was sad that we couldn't hang the chandelier because of the high ceiling and short chain. The chain gave her what she wanted. Happy wife, happy life!

👤It isn't bronze. It is good so far.

👤It was perfect! They don't sell an antique brass chain in our local stores anymore. We needed a vintage light fixture hung over our kitchen table.

👤It's perfect for a chandelier, it has a good variation of colour and is easy to match. The link is adjusted.

👤I was looking for a vintage bronze colour. Very happy!

👤It's perfect for a lamp reconstruction.

6. Addlon Commercial Weatherproof Heavy Duty Decorative

Addlon Commercial Weatherproof Heavy Duty Decorative

The outdoor string lights are waterproof and heavy-duty. The insulation material can protect the strand from the elements. Flexible heavy-duty cord can be used indoors and outdoors. For greater mood lighting flexibility and a soft glow, a dimmer switch is not included to create the perfect atmosphere for a birthday party, family reunion, or wedding reception. It adds flair to bistro deck porch patio garden backyard terrace pergola restaurant malls for wedding BBQ party banquets. The ideal outdoor lighting. Each strand has 15 hanging sockets and 11W S14 bulbs. The distance between the bulbs is over 3 feet. The light is bright enough to illuminate any place. It is easy to hang with hooks, guide wires, or zip ties with the hanging hook above. Simply use grounded cord plugs to connect with another. You can link up to 5 strands. It is guaranteed that your satisfaction is first. Please contact them if you are not completely satisfied. It is guaranteed that your satisfaction is first. Please contact them if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Addlon

👤I ordered four Strings to hang across my backyard and they looked great for about a month before my wife noticed they went out during a light rain. I found out that they blew the fuse on the outlet they were plugged into. The lights did not come back on after the switch was reset. I ordered replacement bulbs to see if they would help since I now have four dead strings. I'm not sure what has happened, but for lights intended to be hung outside they don't hold up to the elements very well.

👤I researched many lights before making a decision. I am very happy that I chose these, they give off great light and look amazing!

👤Unless you are stringing the length of your house, a 4 foot distance between bulbs is not going to do it. If you want the look they advertise in their photos, you need bulbs that are at least 10 or 12 inches apart. The effect shown in the photos is not what it appears to be. Disappointing.

👤The outdoor string lights are perfect. The light set is well made and looks heavy duty. The outdoor patio lighting is provided by the lights bulbs. The light strings can be used for more than you need. We put them on our fence and on our trellises. Our lights have never failed in the past 3 months because of our weather, which can be very hot and often very wet. We love the sets we bought and put them on a timer.

👤My backyard looks like an Oasis.

👤I had been looking to get stringed like this for a while and all the ones I found in stores looked cheap and did not offer the true look I was hoping for. When I got them in and realized the quality, I ordered a second strand. A hole above each light is a great place to hang nails, instead of using a cheap clip. I plan on ordering more this summer when I look to add some outside.

👤I bought a string from Harbor Freight Tools. When I put them up, I really liked them and wanted to buy more. I looked at local stores and they were twice the price. The price of this 48ft string was cheaper than any others I've seen. I put them up with the 24ft string to run the perimeter of my patio. They are perfect. I hung them using cup hooks or hooks with screw ends. The only problem I had was with the light bulbs. I lost the 3 extra bulbs when the box opened and I couldn't secure it. Extra came with the purchase. In the future, the company might be able to secure the box with tape.

👤Some others are less expensive but are not as sturdy as these.

7. EBoot Hanging Planters Lanterns Ornaments

EBoot Hanging Planters Lanterns Ornaments

This 5-link wood link chain decor and rustic bead garland can be sent to your family members, friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors at housewarming parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversary, birthday, or other occasions. The hanging chain is strong enough to hold most of the heavy feeders and planters. You can shorten or loop the chain to match the height of your feeders. The hanging chain has a 35 inch length with a hook and clip and a 61 g weight. The material is strong and rust resistant and is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Hanging bird feeders, bird houses, plant baskets, flower pots, lanterns, wind chime and more are all ways to decorate your outdoor or indoor space.

Brand: Eboot

👤The seller says the chain is strong and rust resistant. It isn't rust resistant. It was outside for 2 days and there was a lot of rain. It had rust by the third day. The rust is unmistakeable and I'm including a picture. Very disappointing.

👤They're hangey and dangley. They're chains. If you're buying a home theater surround-sound speaker system, you'll be disappointed. This is a very safe bet if you want dangley chains. If you've gotten this far, you probably want these. You can add them to your cart.

👤There was only one in the pack that was listed for 2. They are not eligible for return.

👤It was great for our hummingbird feeders, but quickly rusted. If you are using it indoors or outdoors against a dark background, it might not be an issue. It was stained when we used it on a white deck fence. The chains rusted within the first month of use, not sure what this will mean for the longevity of the chain.

👤I needed something for my green screen for the video calls. There isn't much room for a green screen in my room. I have to hang it from the ceiling. I used a plant hook, chain, and additional chain to put it up and it works very well. There is a The green screen is a bit heavier than you would think. It is a bit heavy because it has a metal edge. The chain was a perfect solution to what I wanted to do.

👤I bought these chains because the listing said they don't rust. Not a year outside. They are rusty.

👤I bought these chains to hang a piece of stained glass in my window. The chains were capped with three S hooks and one clip.

👤I hang wind chimes on the inside of my windows, but they don't come with the right length of chain. The links are a smaller size and would do the job without overpowering the look of the windchime. When I opened the package, I was very pleased to see that the links are in a figure 8 pattern so that they can be opened at either end if you need to shorten or add to the length. I used a pair of needle nose pliers. There is a I don't know how much they can stand but for my purposes they were perfect and no one could tell me to switch the chains out.

👤I don't know how to rate them. The feeders and other glass suncatchers in my garden are held well by them until a racoon decides that they will use their might and break it! The chain disappears. I don't think the racoon had a hard time hanging the chain because he didn't like dropping the feeders to the ground. Where is the chain? There is a That's my dilemma! How to rate this chain? There is a Ps. You can see the carabiner but not the chain.

👤One of the two has a ring. The other has been looped into a bow with a ring in the middle and has nothing to attach it to. I am happy I only ordered one pair from this company. I will order the others from a different company.

8. ECUDIS Extension Connection Replacement Chandelier

ECUDIS Extension Connection Replacement Chandelier

You can place feeders anywhere in your yard. The chain length is 20 feet and the wire diameter is 0.12. Supports 50 lbs. The maximum weight. The package includes a heavy duty chain and connection locks. You can change the length of the chandelier chain by increasing or decreasing the number of links. Hanging fruit baskets or flower pots can be done with a black metal hanging chain. Hanging fruit baskets or flower pots can be done with a black metal hanging chain.

Brand: Ecudis

👤This was what I was looking for. I needed more chain to hang the chandelier from the ceiling. The size seems to be the right size to hold the chandelier well. The chain would be too heavy for the ceiling anchor if it were thicker.

👤Definitely recommend. These chains can be used for more than one purpose. It's also possible to use indoors and outdoors. I wish they would add a few more screws.

👤I bought 2 sets of swag style hang two shades instead of overhead light. I was able to put it together with the electrical cord.

👤It's perfect for lowering a chandelier. It is long and sturdy. The seller was very responsive to questions. The product looks great in black.

👤I used this to hang a large light. It holds the weight without any issues. It is worth the money.

👤They were ordered without seeing them in person. They are what I expected. Perfect length, thick, sturdy.

👤I bought a plug in hanging lamp. I didn't like the way it looked. I sewed the chain around the wire to dress it up. It was easy to do and it worked well.

👤It was better than the chain on the chandelier and I will rerun it.

9. YHZONE Billboards Chalkboards Birdbaths Decorative

YHZONE Billboards Chalkboards Birdbaths Decorative

Hanging fruit baskets or flower pots can be done with a black metal hanging chain. Complete accessories Their hanging chains are 157 inches long and come with 10 hooks, 10 hooks for ceiling cup screw hooks and 10 eye screw hooks. It's easy to use at wall,ceiling or trees. Premium quality material. Their iron hanging basket chains and hooks are up to 33 lbs, and are all black painted to prevent oxidation, so you can use it indoors and outdoors. You can make your garden colorful and charming by painting the hanging chain with your favorite color, and you can personalize the length and style of the bird feeders chain. The application is wide. Their bird chain link are suitable for hanging garden bird feeders, plant baskets, bird houses, birdbaths,flower pots, sheep fat baskets, lanterns, wind chime ornaments, picture frame,ceiling sign,stained glass,billboards, chalkboards,herb air drying cage etc. Classic Black The classic black paint they use is a cleaner, more modern look that suits their decor. The hanging rope is very sturdy and I will let you know if you have any problems with it.

Brand: Yhzone

👤I hung my baskets from the ceiling project. If you will, there will be a room divider. A lot of tugging went on, not a lot of weight. There is a I always push them when I walk by. I like watching them sway. I was able to use the hooks in the ceiling, the chain and the other hooks and clips to do it all. I still have clips. There is a The one chain has more baskets on it, but they are currently used to hold fruits and vegetables. There is a The chain can be shortened. Use pliers to open it. A great package of hardware. Highly recommend!

👤I don't need to hang my plants. I like the items in one lot. Thank you!

👤This set can be used in many different ways. I would like to be able to determine the length of chain for my project. There is a I will buy this again because of the fact that you are given multiple hooks and attachments.

👤Hanging flower pots or ornaments is very easy with the set. Good price.

👤Good quality for a good price. Would buy again.

👤Light weight projects use a good product.

👤The YHZONE metal wire hanging chain kit has 13 feet of chain. The chain is painted poorly with black paint and seems to be made of cheap steel. Each link is not welded. The strength is 33 pounds. I'm using this for a small birdfeeder. I wouldn't trust this chain for a flower pot. The eye hooks are a joke. They're the smallest eye-hooks I've ever seen. They are shown as 1.37" long in the product photo, but they are 0.75" long. If you want a cheap all-in-one chain and eyelet kit, and don't care about how long it lasts or how much weight it holds, then get this one. If you want something that will last, and that you can trust to hold your plants, pots, or heavier bird feeders, buy something that is a lot better. I almost threw this set in the trash because the rope holding our bird feeders was almost done. I'll go to the hardware store to buy something better. I don't like the four and five-star reviews of this product. Caveat emptor.

👤We hang flowers from the hooks on our porch. We usually use a piece of chain to extend them. The hanging pots don't hook into this chain and we used zip-ties to hold them. They failed after several months in the sun. With this set, we can hang even heavy hanging baskets with no fear of falling. These are very weather tolerant. They are small enough to be hidden but strong enough to hold a lot of baskets. There are many uses and applications in this set.

10. Westinghouse Lighting 7048000 12 Foot Polished

Westinghouse Lighting 7048000 12 Foot Polished

Hanging lights, flower pots and drape ties are suggested applications. The complete kit has a brass finish chain. The white switch has a gold cord. A 15-foot SPT-1 cord set is included. It can hold up to 35 pounds. Installation hardware and instructions are included. Installation hardware and instructions are included.

Brand: Westinghouse Lighting

👤These are the same as described. I have two sets of vintage swags that I use as grow lights for some of my indoor plants. The chain/cord set was easy to use, but I had to look up how to open a link separately as that wasn't addressed in the instructions. Hardware was included to hang the hooks. I hung mine from a wood beam. I would have had problems with my drill bit being smaller than it would have been required to feed the anchor through the hole because most people don't want to ruin their bits. I would have expected wire nuts to be included in the kit, but they weren't, and I can understand why. It would have been nice to have a matching twist lock chain link in each set. This still gets 5 stars because everything that was supposed to be included was there, but the above are just considerations you may want to make when embarking on a similar project.

👤The links are strong. Will hold their shape well. The kit allowed me to extend my lamp from its current location to the center of the room. The price was great.

👤I bought a green shade drop-down lamp. I bought this because the electric cord on the lamp wasn't long enough. The court on the lamp was too short and I replaced it with a cord and chain. This is a two wire cord and much smaller than the one that came on the lamp. It is quite satisfactory for the application. I like this better than the lamp that came with it.

👤This worked well for my application of installing a pool table light. The light fixture is very heavy and I doubled the chain. Looks great!

👤We needed to change the chandelier because the chain wasn't long enough and we moved to another spot.

👤It is easy to assemble. My chain was over 40 years old. I didn't know I could replace it. The hanging crystal chandelier lamp is new. Thanks to the polished brass kit.

👤The set is great for making a lamp. It's easy. no matter what!

👤I was skeptical about the artificial color of the brass gold colored cord and chain. I thought it was too yellow over my wall. It is camouflaged with warm tone lighting when light is on. So satisfying.

👤I bought a hanging lamp that should be wired directly, but we got this to convert it. I can use this to convert it into a lamp. I have used the kit before and it works well for what you want, as long as you have all the parts you want.

11. National Hardware N275 016 Extension Chains

National Hardware N275 016 Extension Chains

Hook chains are used for hanging bird feeders, plant baskets, bird houses, flower pots, suet baskets, lanterns, wind chimes, billboards, chalkboards, ornaments and other fixture hanging and mounting. By your imagination, explore its usage. Hang and position plants. Can be attached to a Ceiling hook. Proper support is ensured by metal construction. The entire kit is needed for the ceiling hook. To be used with a ceiling hook.

Brand: National Hardware

👤A great chain. I used this on several hanging plants outside and it was easy to separate the chain with pliers and take many chain lengths on multiple hanging pots.

👤It is holding up my real crystal chandelier.

👤It was not very long, but it said exactly how long it was in the description. I knew what I was getting. Home Depot has rolls of chain for 49 cents a foot. I had to get it from here.

👤The chandelier chain is nice. I hung a wicker bird cage from the vaulted ceiling in my kitchen until I decided on a pendent light. The chain is sturdy and looks great. It's so strong that I had trouble opening the last link to get to the wicker hanger. A good deal. I checked out a lighting store and they wanted about $20 for a white chain. The big box stores did not have white. Quite happy.

👤My macrame plant hangers hang lower from the ceiling because of the perfect chain. They are metal and painted white. You can split the chain into smaller sections by bending a link with pliers.

👤The planter is strong to hold when filled with water. It's not necessary to take it down to the water. It's almost impossible to shorten it due to the strength of the links.

👤There are 28 links in one strip. My husband used pliers to split them. For my hanging plants, I double them up.

👤This is the same as advertised. I'm very happy with it. I am using it to make art. When I moved in, I found an old industrial hook and some loose crystals. I wanted to find a way to use these materials to fill in a dead corner because I couldn't spend a lot of money on my project. The chain is the perfect item to hang the project on.

👤It's too heavy and large for me. I can't return it. There is no way to contact the seller. Absolutely upset.


What is the best product for decorative chain for hanging lights?

Decorative chain for hanging lights products from Tosuced. In this article about decorative chain for hanging lights you can see why people choose the product. Suwimut and Rddeniy are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative chain for hanging lights.

What are the best brands for decorative chain for hanging lights?

Tosuced, Suwimut and Rddeniy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative chain for hanging lights. Find the detail in this article. Teenitor, Woerfu and Addlon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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