Best Decorative Chain for Hanging Plants

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1. Hanging Birdbaths Planters Lanterns Ornaments

Hanging Birdbaths Planters Lanterns Ornaments

MULTI-PURPOSE Hanging bird feeders, plant baskets, bird houses, flower pots, sheep fat baskets, lanterns, wind chimes, ornaments, billboards, and many other things can be done with their bird chain. 33 lbs. The holding capacity can be used. 156 in. The hanging chain can be adjusted to fit different branches. The chain adjusts to fit the tree branch. It's strong and rust-resistant, perfect for indoor or outdoor use. You can place feeders anywhere in your yard.

Brand: Imisno

👤My mother is a birdwatcher. The shepherd hook is a pain to use for bird feeders because my big dog and her leash make it difficult. I needed something that was easy to modify with baffles for animals, but also easy to reach for my mother, and that was also possible with my pergola. The perfect solution was the protect. There is a The hook choices are great, the black finish is great, and the product label might make you worry about quality, but don't. This product assortment is great.

👤This was difficult to find. I wanted a chain that was not too flimsy and not too industrial. It's not an easy thing to find. When this product arrived, I was very happy. The hooks, clasps and extras that were included were of the highest quality. Excellent quality and perfect for my project. This is what you need to be able to choose your own lengths. The links are strong enough to hold a heavy object but easy to open in order to get the length you want. Excellent find!

👤This kit has everything. You can cut a long link-chain in black. You can mount a screw into wood to hang the chain that would support a bird feeders, planter, etc. with the assorted hardware that comes with it. Their literature says it supports up to 35 lbs. I have a bird feeders that holds 10# of food and it handles it well, but I don't know if I'd trust it for that weight. The left over hooks and chain can be conveniently stored in a plastic case.

👤I like this kit. It comes with the chain and all the hooks and screws. I have already completed two projects with it and I have more to do. I've used it to hang an address plaque. I found a chain kit and a flag holder on Amazon, and found a piece of wide board that was painted white, nailed on some nice looking numbers, and only cost 97 cents each at Walmart. It is mounted to a light post. I fixed several hanging yard ornaments that came with fake rawhide string as the hanger. I replaced the strings with a chain after the gray squirrels snapped them. Let them try to take it. Great product. Very strong without looking like an industrial person.

👤The kit comes with a long chain and a variety of clips and hooks. I got it to hang grow lights that I'm using to start my vegi seeds early for my garden, but I can think of a lot of other uses for it around the house and garden now. I'm going to buy a few more to have on hand.

👤There are a lot of options. You can separate a long chain at the length you want, and different hooks andclasps depending on what you want to hang it on. It was very easy to install a bird-feeder. I'm going to hang some plants.

👤The product is made from high quality materials. I like the organized packaging. I like being able to reuse the container. I used it for indoor plants, but am going to order more for hanging baskets.

2. WOERFU Antique Decorative Hanging Lighting

WOERFU Antique Decorative Hanging Lighting

A perfect prop for a haunted house. It is resistant to rust. Art hanging light chain. 50 lbs. of metal chains,brushed nickel chains, are supported by the light fixture. The maximum weight. It's perfect for hanging lighting fixture, mirrors, frames and planters, making curtain ties and pulls, or any other interior or exterior decorating project. Comes with two connection locks. Comes with two connection locks.

Brand: Woerfu

👤There are 10,547 stars. Can I give it something? I need half the length. I made two hanging chains out of one purchase by taking a chain out in the middle. I will be buying more if I need it, they're gorgeous, hold hanging plants all over my home, and I have no issues with them. I put these together with a bronze hook for my ceiling. This is the one, stop looking around.

👤I love the look of these. I hung my window. The chain is strong and I don't worry about the window's weight.

👤They are very heavy. And are gorgeous! I bought 3 hanging lamps and I can't wait to hang them all up.

👤It's perfect for hanging a piece of stained glass. It adds interest to the whole piece.

👤These are very well made. They look very old and expensive. I love them.

👤We are updating our family room and we need a chain to finish it, and I spent a long time at Amazon researching for a unique chain, and I found this amazing chain. This is the best chain on the market. Do you want to be different?

👤The chain arrived quickly and was exactly what it was labeled. I was able to cut it down to the size I needed with heavy duty wire cutter because it is pretty strong. I placed a second order for another project because I was very pleased with my first order.

👤I was looking for something different to hang my birdcage and this chain is perfect.

👤The design is perfect for an old stain glass window. The chain was welded to the back. Sturdy!

👤A hanging plant stand was made. It worked well.

3. Outus Hanging Birdbaths Planters Lanterns

Outus Hanging Birdbaths Planters Lanterns

Hanging bird feeders, bird houses, plant baskets, flower pots, lanterns, wind chime and more are all ways to decorate your outdoor or indoor space. The hanging chain for bird feeders is 19.7 inch in total length and can hold up to 20 lbs. The clip on the long hanging chain allows you to shorten or lengthen the length of your feeders. The hanging chain is made of iron and weather-resistant finish, strong and rust resistant, and it's perfect for indoor or outdoor use. You can install and remove the chain easily with the help of the 1.8 inch hook and 1.2 inch clip. Hanging bird feeders, plant baskets, bird houses, flower pots, suet baskets, lanterns, wind chimes, ornaments, etc., are just some of the things you can do to decorate your outdoor or indoor space.

Brand: Outus

👤Do not know how they call it a pack. The picture shows four people. The label says "4pack". It is a single 36" chain with a small clip on one end and a large clip on the other. There are four of anything. I could make four clips, but no other clips, because the description said 36 total length. A rip-off. I had previously ordered ten 12 inchers and they were no longer available.

👤Heavy stained glass can be held in windows with strong chains.

👤It is easy to adjust the length of the chain. I hang my feeders from them. The first few days are when they rusted. I wish they were made with a non-rusting material so that they don't make a mess.

👤After using it for over four months, there were no complaints. It holds my flowers well even when there is a dramatic wind and it is very sturdy. My patio is complete with these chains.

👤I received 4 chains. I strung them together to hang a bird feeders from a tree branch. I used my multi tool to cut the 4th chain in half and used those 2 pieces to lower the hanging flower pots on my porch.

👤I hung it over the kitchen sink in front of the widow.

👤These chains are great. If you have two pair of pliers, they're easy to shorten. The place that they attach to the Hummingbird feeders is a negative to the chains. That part is made of plastic. The negative aspect is directed at the feeder. The chains are great, at an awesome value.

👤I was looking for a way to lower the hanging baskets so they get more sunlight. They were not found at a nursery. Once again, Amazon came to the rescue. I am very happy with these chains. There is no set height for the baskets, and I am able to adjust them. A nice find. Very happy.

👤The bird feeders were suspended from each chain.

👤I was looking for chains that I could use to hang art. I wanted something strong that could hold the weight. These are correct. I don't expect any weathering issues since they are inside.

4. Panacea 86401 Chain Extender 36 Inch

Panacea 86401 Chain Extender 36 Inch

The mini steel chains are widely used in their daily life. The metal chain is perfect for hanging a bird house, plant basket, flower pot, wind chime, toilet handle chain and more. Panacea chain is black. A 36inch hook can be used to hold wind chimes, flowering baskets, tube feeders or lanterns. Your garden looks more complete. Adding a powder-coated finish for added strength. The metal construction will support the weight of your basket or bird feeders, and the black color will mesh with any surrounding. It is available in black. Measures 36 inches.

Brand: Panacea

👤It's a long chain. I wanted it to hang some baskets. It's fine. The price was okay. It arrived quickly.

👤A few months ago, I got this with a fruit basket for a friend's house. He says it's working well. All three tiers of the basket were full when I saw it.

👤What can I say? It does what it is made to do. I hang my lanterns with this accessory.

👤I needed to lower a few fronds on my porch. It was long enough to cut in half and still have an extra chain. It's easy to hang the ferns evenly when I take them down - just a little nailpolish on the right loop. I already had a ring and S hooks, so I might have reconsidered the hanging basket thing.

👤I didn't use this item because it would have been too low. I kept the item as I might need it in the future.

👤This was the perfect chain extension for us. It did what it needed to do quickly and easily. There were no complaints from us.

👤The Chinese can't measure. This was not 36” as advertised. It was short by 1.25 inches. I paid for 36 inches.

👤The job is done. If used from a hook. I shortened it by doubling it over a curtain rod. It is holding a heavy plant.

5. TIHOOD Bracket Lanterns Planters Decoration

TIHOOD Bracket Lanterns Planters Decoration

GrayBunny has premium products for your lawn and garden that exceed industry standards. Just ask if you would like your money back. Click the button on the right to add your items to the cart. Heavy duty steel construction is used for the metal plant brackets. Sturdy construction for hanging baskets. You should bring your heavy pots and baskets. The package includes a pack of 4 plant hanging brackets. Approx. The dimensions are 10inchX x 7.8inch. Black is the color. There is a multi-pronged approach. You can put Plant Hanging brackets on a wall, deck, fence, door, garage, balcony or garden. Simple design with primitive swirls and clean finish adds color to the occasions. Hanging bird feeders, lanterns, planters, flower pots, holiday decorations, string lights, wind chimes, ornaments, candle holders, path lights, and so on are all possible with a wall mounted hook. The classic design of the hand forged brackets add a vintage flavor to your home or garden.

Brand: Tihood

👤It was almost overwhelming to choose from so many plant brackets. I went with this set because it came in a 4 pack, had a nice design, and got great reviews. I am glad I did because these have worked out well for my purpose, which was to hang lightweight birdbaths a foot off the ground. After visiting the birdbath, the birds like to perch on the top of the brackets. Once I decide what plants I want, I will purchase more plants.

👤I was looking for something that was reasonably priced to hang my herbs. I wouldn't hang anything heavy from them. I put a decent amount of soil and mint in the pot.

👤The appearance of the brackets is nice. The scrolls look great with the basket hanging on them and the look is still appealing. The plants are not strong enough to hold the heavy plants. If I wanted to match it to something else, I could spray paint the brackets to a different color. I would recommend these brackets to friends and family.

👤I can't imagine why the manufacturer would send a screw kit for mounting these on a hollow wall, but the screws they sent were PanHead. The screws are supposed to be in a hole. The brackets did not have a hole. I have to find screws.

👤I got these to hang an indoor tiered basket set, outdoor bird feeders, and an outdoor hanging plant. I've tried the tiered baskets and bird feeders, and they're just the right size and staying strong. I like the look and quality of these. It was worth the buy.

👤They are easy to put up. I would buy them again if I needed them in the future.

👤These are the same as pictured. They look to have been dipped or painted. I don't think they will chip soon. They were easy to install. I have flower baskets on them and they have held up well. None of my baskets fell off last week.

👤They are useless. The screws are larger than the ones that are the best quality. They look different. I tried to hang these over my window but it was difficult with the hardware included. I need to spend more money at the hardware store to make this work. I was really disappointed in these.

👤The product looked the same. Customer service was amazing and I had some issues with shipping. I will buy from this seller again.

6. Stainless Steel Chain Lsquirrel Camping

Stainless Steel Chain Lsquirrel Camping

The garden plant hanger is not easy to rust. The length is 6.5 feet and the width is 2mm. Before purchasing, please choose the correct size. The maximum work load is 77 pounds. The chain is made of high quality 304stainless steel and has excellent rust resistance. The 304SS chain is more durable than any other metal chain. Lsqurel chain are made with a stable and firm structure. It exhibits high strength, rigidity, and good heat/cold resistance, which are ideal for use in times of high and low temperatures as well as in frequently ruined places. Wear resistance is important for long term use. The mini steel chains are widely used in their daily life. The metal chain is perfect for hanging a bird house, plant basket, flower pot, wind chime, toilet handle chain and more.

Brand: Lsquirrel

👤A nice chain. It is welded so make sure it works with your project or you'll lose it. The link sizes are around 1/2” wide and 1/2” long.

👤I bought another item on Amazon and ordered this chain to fix it. I bought a computer chair. The chair's back reclined under even mild pressure, even when it was set to straight back mode. When the straight back mode worked, I clipped the chain to the armrests and put it behind the back of the chair to give it even better support. The links are under constant tension and this suggests they have good strength. They are nice and uniform, with no broken welds. I think they can handle a few hundred pounds of load even when most of the load is focused on small portions of the chain. Would recommend.

👤A high amount of austenite makes sennas mostly non-magnetic. Austenite means that 304 and 316 steels are non-ferromagnetic even though they have high amounts of iron in their chemical composition. ferrite can form in some locations if the crystal structure of an austenitic stainless steel is changed through work-hardening or special thermal treatment. There is a The chain is very magnetic, compared to other 304stainless parts I have around.

👤I needed a light weight to hang the pot shelf. This was perfect. It was difficult to cut. It's actually a piece of steel. It was easy to cut, but I didn't think that was the case. I used a hack saw. It is strong. I highly recommend this chain.

👤The marketing department made the comparison photos and I had to return the product. I didn't know that the chain loops were too small to hang on my hook. I would like them to compare the chain loops to a quarter.

👤I used the chain and hammock holder. My own hanging pot rack was created with liquid nail. I live in a small apartment with very little storage space. A little creativity goes a long way.

👤I wanted to hang the mirror in the powder room. The mirror hangs from an ornamental post on the wall, and this chain shows above it. It looks nice. I'm glad I made this purchase.

👤Will be coming back. The smallest size is for jewelry making. The clasps will not disengage. It looks like a good chain to hang something with.

👤It is in good condition. The chain has no opening. I can easily buy a ring to connect my lock and it doesn't matter. Will buy again when needed. Thanks.

👤It works as I hoped.

7. Harrier Decorator Chain Pound Bronze

Harrier Decorator Chain Pound Bronze

Measures 36 inches. 35 pounds is a safe work load. Great for hanging plants. The bronze finish accents the home. The links are 1.5 inches long and are 0.13 inch thick. Measures 10 feet long.

Brand: Harrier Hardware

👤There was only one lamp chain available at local home centers. There is a The one listed as bronze was the one that was listed. I had to see it in bright sunlight to see that it wasn't black. The seller thanked me for not cursing at the company. Took it to the garage and painted it. It should be dry before being installed on a lamp cord. Done.

👤It's perfect for my hanging baskets.

👤I hung the hummingbird feeders with this chain. I hung the feeder after I threw the chain up and over the branch. There is a The chain is sturdy, has been up all this rainy season, and has not broken or rusted, that's what I can tell.

👤The hummingbird feed hanging off of it looks lovely.

👤Fast shipping. It was strong for what I needed.

👤Buscaba para colgar mis plantas afuera.

8. LUTER Decorative Hanging Chains Billboards Chalkboards

LUTER Decorative Hanging Chains Billboards Chalkboards

Hanging bird feeders, plant baskets, bird houses, flower pots, lanterns, wind chimes, billboards, chalkboards, and other fixture hanging and mounting can be done with the hanging chains. Heavy duty steel chain is used in hanging chains. Weather- and Rust- resistant. Capable of holding up to 9 pounds. Don't worry about the weight anymore! It is easy to install and remove a chain hanger. Remove it quickly to save time. You can remove two chains from the S hook with a tool and combine 3 single chains to hold a basket. Black finishDecorative chains come in simple and stylish designs. Anything hangs on it. A classic and timeless design is what you should use to decorate your garden. The chain can be shortened or extended with a clip. You can meet your needs in different heights. The hanging chain only weights 26g. It's easy to carry and take a small place. Hook chains are used for hanging bird feeders, plant baskets, bird houses, flower pots, suet baskets, lanterns, wind chimes, billboards, chalkboards, ornaments and other fixture hanging and mounting. By your imagination, explore its usage.

Brand: Luter

👤Sturdy chain hooks. A year ago, I was outdoors holding a heavy fern. The end clip stretches after they rust a little. You have a good amount of time to replace before the plant falls. I hung 2 chain hooks per plant this time. It is definitely worth the money.

👤Sturdy chains. They were used to hang plants on a porch. Not for outdoor use.

👤It works well for what I need. Would buy again.

👤It's perfect for hanging plants outdoors. There are birdfeeders. There are Christmas lights and decorations. Big box stores have a higher cost.

👤The chain is great for hanging the suncatcher. Remove the hook and clip.

👤These chains have a large hook on one end and a snap on the other. I used them to replace the cheap looking plastic hook on my wife's basket with a single hook and four snaps. I would buy them again.

👤These are chains. They can be used to hang stuff from your trees. They look nice. If you want to hang them from your trees, you have to buy them.

👤Look like what I was expecting. I can't write a review until I use them. It was delivered quickly. Thank you.

👤I hang plants from my stair banister because they love the light. Hanging chains are a great idea, they look good and can be used again and again. Highly recommended.

👤Excellent service, item good quality, and excellent value, just what I had expected.

9. 20Inches Lanterns Billboards Chalkboards Ornaments

20Inches Lanterns Billboards Chalkboards Ornaments

We will take care of any quality problems within a year of purchasing their hanging chains. If you have any questions, please contact them. The hanging chain can be used for bird feeders, plants, flowerpot, bird house, lantern, lamps, glass globe, billboard, wind chime, blackboard and other ornaments. The length of the chain is 17.1 inches, total 19.7 inches, hooks 1.22 inches, which light in weight, durable exquisite appearance. The hanging chain is made of stable iron and has a black protective layer to prevent rust oxidation. HANGING CHAIN You can easily attach trees with a hook and remove it in a few minutes. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact them, they will provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Avokor

👤After the second attempt, I suggested taking a photo of my packages, but I didn't have a gps device, so I asked if you had one.

👤A 10-inch lightweight plastic pot with soil and two 4-inch petunias are too heavy for this chain. The planter fell down when the closed clip at the bottom broke. I'll get better clips next time.

👤The double pack of chains was perfect. I had to replace a broken rope. They are perfect length, sturdy, and easy to install. They don't come with extra hooks, that's my recommendation. I had to use an open type hook on my pots because they are thicker. I didn't have a way to hang my pots on the shepherds hook. It is nothing that a quick trip to a local store for hooks wouldn't do, but it is an additional item I needed.

👤I don't use them for two hanging baskets, but they would be great for that. I hang one side of the chain on a hook that's screwed into the top of my porch and the other side on a hanging basket. This makes it easier for you to see the flowers. It works well for me. I am glad I bought them.

👤The chains are pulled apart by the extra weight when you water the plants. Don't buy this product for hanging baskets. The supported weight should be looked at more closely.

👤The chains were supposed to be used to secure the bird feeders, but they broke. If a squirrel climbed on this chain, the feeders would have crashed to the ground. Don't buy these for bird feeders that have no weight at all.

👤The chains are not very strong. They are light and won't hold up most hanging plants. The heavier plants were held up by S hooks. I wish they were a little heavier.

👤I had a macrame plant holder in my living room that wouldn't hang low enough so my plant couldn't get the sunlight it needs, but with the sturdy extension it can get the light it needs. Thank you so much!

👤Me tienes tiles para adornos. No haba usarlas hasta hoy. The tarjeta de agradecimiento was adentro de la caja.

👤Pour suspendre des lampes solaires

👤Las cadenas estn forzadas.


10. YHZONE Billboards Chalkboards Birdbaths Decorative

YHZONE Billboards Chalkboards Birdbaths Decorative

Hanging fruit baskets or flower pots can be done with a black metal hanging chain. Complete accessories Their hanging chains are 157 inches long and come with 10 hooks, 10 hooks for ceiling cup screw hooks and 10 eye screw hooks. It's easy to use at wall,ceiling or trees. Premium quality material. Their iron hanging basket chains and hooks are up to 33 lbs, and are all black painted to prevent oxidation, so you can use it indoors and outdoors. You can make your garden colorful and charming by painting the hanging chain with your favorite color, and you can personalize the length and style of the bird feeders chain. The application is wide. Their bird chain link are suitable for hanging garden bird feeders, plant baskets, bird houses, birdbaths,flower pots, sheep fat baskets, lanterns, wind chime ornaments, picture frame,ceiling sign,stained glass,billboards, chalkboards,herb air drying cage etc. Classic Black The classic black paint they use is a cleaner, more modern look that suits their decor. The hanging rope is very sturdy and I will let you know if you have any problems with it.

Brand: Yhzone

👤I hung my baskets from the ceiling project. If you will, there will be a room divider. A lot of tugging went on, not a lot of weight. There is a I always push them when I walk by. I like watching them sway. I was able to use the hooks in the ceiling, the chain and the other hooks and clips to do it all. I still have clips. There is a The one chain has more baskets on it, but they are currently used to hold fruits and vegetables. There is a The chain can be shortened. Use pliers to open it. A great package of hardware. Highly recommend!

👤I don't need to hang my plants. I like the items in one lot. Thank you!

👤This set can be used in many different ways. I would like to be able to determine the length of chain for my project. There is a I will buy this again because of the fact that you are given multiple hooks and attachments.

👤Hanging flower pots or ornaments is very easy with the set. Good price.

👤Good quality for a good price. Would buy again.

👤Light weight projects use a good product.

👤The YHZONE metal wire hanging chain kit has 13 feet of chain. The chain is painted poorly with black paint and seems to be made of cheap steel. Each link is not welded. The strength is 33 pounds. I'm using this for a small birdfeeder. I wouldn't trust this chain for a flower pot. The eye hooks are a joke. They're the smallest eye-hooks I've ever seen. They are shown as 1.37" long in the product photo, but they are 0.75" long. If you want a cheap all-in-one chain and eyelet kit, and don't care about how long it lasts or how much weight it holds, then get this one. If you want something that will last, and that you can trust to hold your plants, pots, or heavier bird feeders, buy something that is a lot better. I almost threw this set in the trash because the rope holding our bird feeders was almost done. I'll go to the hardware store to buy something better. I don't like the four and five-star reviews of this product. Caveat emptor.

👤We hang flowers from the hooks on our porch. We usually use a piece of chain to extend them. The hanging pots don't hook into this chain and we used zip-ties to hold them. They failed after several months in the sun. With this set, we can hang even heavy hanging baskets with no fear of falling. These are very weather tolerant. They are small enough to be hidden but strong enough to hold a lot of baskets. There are many uses and applications in this set.

11. KingChain 536521 Black Decorative Chain

KingChain 536521 Black Decorative Chain

The pack includes 1 pc. Use decorative chain to accentuate any living space - use for hanging lighting, planters, for curtain ties and many other interior or exterior decorating projects. A classic oval shape is used for planters and lighting. The paint finish will not chip off. The safe work load is 45 lbs. The safe work load is 45 lbs.

Brand: Kingchain

👤We use this to secure the chandelier light on our porch. To chain it to stop it from blowing in the wind. Works well.

👤The chain is good for use in the garden. Orchids and baskets are hung from the oak tree.

👤There were 21 ferns on my porch. These chains were filthy.

👤The chain was better than expected. The black was perfect. This is better quality than what I was buying at the hardware store. Will purchase again.

👤The chain was bought to hang solar lamps. There is a The product was perfect for what I needed.

👤I extended chains on some light fixture.

👤Good quality and fast delivery.


What is the best product for decorative chain for hanging plants?

Decorative chain for hanging plants products from Imisno. In this article about decorative chain for hanging plants you can see why people choose the product. Woerfu and Outus are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative chain for hanging plants.

What are the best brands for decorative chain for hanging plants?

Imisno, Woerfu and Outus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative chain for hanging plants. Find the detail in this article. Panacea, Tihood and Lsquirrel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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