Best Decorative Chain for Jewelry Making

Chain 2 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. ALEXCRAFT Dainty Paperclip Necklace Jewelry

ALEXCRAFT Dainty Paperclip Necklace Jewelry

Bubble wrapping is used to ensure safe shipment. The gold paperclip chains are made of 14k dainty gold plated solid brass. Light gold colored brass chain. You can make chains in 8 or 18 inch lengths. The chain is about 12 feet long. It is strong and durable. Allergy Free, Eco-friendly, Lead & Nickel. The color won't fade in 2 years with proper care. The chain is in a box. They won't knot when you take out the chain. You can make your own personalized necklaces, bracelets, body jewelry or any other craft with any charms or pendants you add. If you don't like their product, they offer 60 days free return or exchange.

Brand: Alexcraft

👤I buy a chain every week. I make jewelry. My account is called Zubracelets. You can see how this chain has been used. I don't get it off and it still has its color. Alexcraft has the best supplies for hand made jewelry. I am obsessed. They are great.

👤The chain does not look cheap. The links are welded and not clipped shut, so you will need some heavy duty scissors or something to cut the metal links. You need to be accurate before you cut as links cannot be put back together. It's well worth it for the price and quality.

👤The paperclip chain is really beautiful. The color is yellow gold. I have to match wire colors carefully when making a rosary chain, but I love it. You can see a picture of this chain next to a gold paperclip chain on Amazon. There is a The reviewer said their links were bent. I ordered these chains in 3 different sizes and 2 colors and had no issues with either of them! I have not had tarnish on these chains.

👤A different color of gold. I feel stuck with it because it won't coordinate with gold clasps you find in jewelry stores. Will not buy or recommend.

👤It is cute and has a good weight to it. I am working with products from ALEXCRAFT. I am not sure how well it holds up, but so far I like it. It seems to be of good quality. Quality is a must when I sell jewelry. I will try out some of their other products, and I will review them.

👤I have made about everyone who has a necklace with this chain. It doesn't tarnish when you wear it in the shower.

👤I wanted to be a part of this chain. I make jewelry and find parts of the gold plated chain missing. The welded links are not able to be pulled off to discard the turned pieces. I am wasting my money and not being able to sell my creations to my customers. I liked the style and color and gave 2 stars. Maybe I will try again someday, but it needs some tweaking.

👤Product is reviewed well. I will agree, nice case. Danity and shiny, the length is correct. One spot won't fit, it looks like a manufacturer tried adding a small two link that won't fit. It's not the length that will determine the chain. I'm happy!

👤J'ai gardé beaucoup de fois la chaine reste. Je trs satisFAite du produit. Merci.

👤A nice chain to make necklaces and bracelets. I love it!

👤It looks like I bought it at the dollar store and it looks like gold. It was not expensive.

👤I have been trying to find a gold tarnish resistant chain for my business and finally found one.

2. PH PandaHall Stainless Adjustable Bracelet

PH PandaHall Stainless Adjustable Bracelet

The jewelry making kit comes with a black zip pouch and a plastic compartment box, so you can keep your tools and findings safe and organized. hypoALLERGENIC BRACELETS : It is made of environmental steel and will not tarnish or turn colors. The bracelet chain is great to work with and looks great in jewelry making. One size fits all. The chain bracelet can be adjusted up to 9. The light will be captured and the vibrant sparkle will bring out the luxury in you. The extra design of these extender chains is appreciated. It has round beads that don't scratch your skin. SLIDER FEATURE: Two strands of box chain with a jump ring are used to adjust the wrist size, and one end of the chain has an open style jump ring that you can string directly with your own accessory. FASHION TRENDSETTER: This bracelet shines like brilliance because it adjusts to the size you want. The bracelet chain is made with the fashion conscious in mind, it captures elegance for a date night, comfort for playdates, and sleekness for work wear.

Brand: Ph Pandahall

👤I'm very happy with this product and will order more. I don't like bracelets because I can't decide how long I should make them, but this eliminates that problem. There is a I ordered these because I wanted to make the chains shorter, not just by sliding the bead. That was easy to do. You don't need to do it, but if you don't add a couple of beads, you'll end up with long chains dangling from your wrist. I didn't want them to stay that long. I used a steel ring to connect my bracelet after I cut the chains shorter with wire cutter. I will definitely be using them a lot in the future.

👤The bracelets are too delicate and one of the ends broke when I tried to work with them. I returned the bracelets because the seller didn't deliver them, but I am being charged for items I don't have. This was a few months ago.

👤The strands of these bracelets are very bright. They are not dull. They have a bit of shine to them. There is a Excellent for the bracelets I like to make. Many people are sensitive to nickel, zinc, and cadmium, so I like the look of Stainless Steel. The finish won't tarnish like sterling silver or rub off like sterling silver plated jewelry. I would order them again.

👤I have a tiny wrist so it was not stretched when I attached jewelry or slid it onto my wrist.

👤The product is the best, I liked how you can size it according to your needs... I used it for a fancy bracelet.

👤It's easy to attach. It's pretty. A little on the heavy side.

👤These bracelets are what I needed to finish my bracelets.

👤It was very nice and as advertised. Adding beads, pearls, or other types of beads will make them a nice bracelet. I ordered a second set.

👤The package had one that didn't work. The rubber would get stuck in the bead when you slide the chain. Each time you tried to slide it, it would do it again. Make sure you have some extra beads on hand.

👤Acier inoxydable ternis is 10 days.

👤The product is easy to use and the part is easy to glide on. Will buy again.

👤Just as described. It was perfect. Thank you.

👤It was very nice and comfortable to wear. Perfect length, not to long.

3. Velvet Insert Jewelry Bracelets Keychains

Velvet Insert Jewelry Bracelets Keychains

It is easy to find files. The plastic tabs and white inserts make it easier to find the files according to the tabs. There is a window for simple organization. These delicate gift boxes are ideal for presents like necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Their small gift boxes for presents make great wedding party favors and are helpful to have on hand for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and Valentine's Day. Each box has been designed using durable cardboard and features a bow knot. The perfect size is 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.3 inches. The gift wrap set comes with 6 little gift boxes with inserts and lids. The gift wrap set comes with 6 little gift boxes with inserts and lids.

Brand: Juvale

👤I bought the gift boxes because I sell watches online. I didn't have boxes to package them in. I decided to try them out because of the price and the fact that they had pillow inserts. I was not disappointed at all. The boxes are better than I expected. They are thick and sturdy, have a unique texture on the outside, and come with a pillow insert that is perfect for wrapping the watches around. There is a The bow on top is a perfect finishing touch. There is a Due to the quality of these boxes, I included them in my product photos and used them as a marketing point, instead of just buying boxes to package my watches in. I was amazed at how quickly I got them. They arrived on Wednesday after I ordered them on Tuesday. Fantastic! I will be buying tons more of these boxes. I might need a dash button. I think so.

👤The set of 6 jewelry ring boxes is too big for a ring box. The ring box is compared. I expected this, but it still seemed larger than I thought it would be. The inner cushion is the main problem. It is not a foam insert. There is no way to hang a necklace from a corner, or to thread a necklace through. An overstuffed pillow is a soft foam pad with a velvet covered surface. See the pics. It would be fine to place a tennis bracelet around, but for anything else, it is useless, and you get an empty cardboard box which is too large to use alone. Not worth the money. The ones I bought at the dollar store were of better quality. Save money. The box is exactly like the picture, so I will give it three stars.

👤When I received them, they were falling apart. The corners of the boxes were collapsing because the lids were too small. I don't recommend using these boxes to present a gift to someone. The look on the face of the giftee said it all, I had no choice but to use one of them.

👤These boxes are great. I bought these last year and am about to order more. They have a nice look to them, and I like the fact that they have a black stuffed pillow inside for me to put a bracelet around. It's great for jewelry makers like me. I think they are a tad expensive, but I love the color and texture of them. I would recommend them.

👤I was very pleased to find the boxes were sturdy and well made for small jewelry or other gifts. The reverse side of the black velvet pillow liners has a slot that can be used to secure a bracelet/watch or earrings. It's nice to know that this product is still available on Amazon. Highly recommended and fair pricing.

👤I was embarrassed to use the boxes for my gift but I didn't have time to look for another one. The paper is falling apart because they don't close property. So disappointing.

4. Figaro Cable Link Chain Meters

Figaro Cable Link Chain Meters

Chains such as necklaces, bracelets and anklets are widely used. Friends are a gift for kids. This kit is perfect for making bracelets. The kit is perfect for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, arts and crafts. 10 meters of silver cable link is enough for a lot of jewelry making. The zinc alloy with silver tone is both lead and nickel free. Bubble wrapping is used to ensure safe shipment.

Brand: Jgfinds

👤I have ordered this before. After a couple of months, the second order turned yellow. It is beyond the return time. A picture shows them together. It breaks pretty easily.

👤The chain does not fail. Back in the 80's, rope and herringbone were unwearable if they bent. It always looks good because it is a link chain. This chain is very good. It is bright, clean and solid. Definitely recommended.

👤I wanted to make necklaces with six pearls and a pretty, delicate, yet strong chain, so I bought this chain. The necklace falls to the collar bone. The chain is beautiful and cheap. I used a small amount of protective coating. The chain will shine even after being coated. Thanks for a great product. I made 20 necklaces for the study group. The little gifts were very popular with the hals.

👤The chain is so thin that the links break. The bracelets I made can not be used or sold due to poor quality. There was a piece of the chain that was white. The product is not useful for its intended purpose and my time making jewelry was wasted.

👤A pretty chain. It turned my neck green. I will not order this type of chain again.

👤It was perfect for my needs. I make other jewelry. I wanted to offer an alternative for my clients who want to wear their product right away, so I decided to sell the pendants alone. I can make my own lengths and match pendant colors. This is a great price for what I need.

👤Buying chain online is one of the most difficult purchases to make. I decided to give this chain a try and I'm happy I did. It's a very attractive chain, not too small or large. The price is correct. This product is very good.

👤I received 30 feet of chain that wasn't spooled. It was tied with a wire tie to keep it out of the way. I had an empty spool. It got tangled after I spooled it myself. Sugestion, please let your chains go. The chain is complimentary to the jewelry I made. Thank you.

👤It's nice for my projects. Thank you.

5. Aluminium Necklace Bracelet Accessories Supplies

Aluminium Necklace Bracelet Accessories Supplies

You will get a 1 piece natural wood chain link that consists of 5 wooden rings, and each wooden chain will be packed in a stable box. The curb Cuban chains are made of aluminum and will not fade easily, the raised surface is bright and flat, and please keep the chain away from little kids. Their cable chains can be used for many things, including bracelets, necklaces, anklets, keychains, pendants, decorative clothes, pants, bags, and more. The large chain design is easy to use and is suitable for glass beads, acrylic beads and other delicate items. The silver twisted link chain is easy to use and can be made into any length you want. You will get a large Cuban chain in their package, each ring is about the same size. It is enough for you to apply during the jewelry making process.

Brand: Yaomiao

👤Plastic, horrible quality.

👤When I bought this item, I was not looking for anything amazing. It is what I wanted. A workable chain for projects. 10/10

👤I use them for necklaces. They are sturdy and cute.

6. Vintage Skeleton JIALEEY Antique Pendant

Vintage Skeleton JIALEEY Antique Pendant

100% brand new and high quality material. The color is antique bronze. The size is 0.225" (14 - 58mm). 125 pieces of key pendants, mixed heart shaped, crown shape, hollow carved shapes, and so on are appropriate for your different needs. The pendants are beautiful and safe. Great for vintage rustic wedding decorations, wedding gifts, craft projects, and bookmarks. These handmade accessories can be used in many different ways. Birthday gift, anniversary present, a good gift for yourself or friends. Birthday party favors, mini treasure toy gifts, medieval middle ages theme party, Halloween and Christmas party are good gifts. It's a great gift for your friends or yourself to make your own lucky charms.

Brand: Jialeey

👤Love the keys and gears. The keys pack is a great value compared to other key packs I have purchased online. See my photos. I save the singles for more special art pieces if there are multiples. The CROWNS tiaras are proud to be a part of the keys and stand up from the surface. There is a Sooo cool! I will use most of them in steampunk art pieces. I can see these being used in a lot of different things. Will be buying again and again.

👤The keys were very small. Most of them are small. One was broken and the other bent. There were a few keys that had a design printed on one side, but no design on the other. The keys are disappointing.

👤If you need keys for a dollhouse, look no further. The majority of them are so bitty that they can get a grain of rice. Don't let children and pets in. The tiny ones are cute. There are larger ones included, but not as many. I used realistic key sizes for the project because I needed more realistic ones for the little ones. They are sturdy and have an antique look. Really cool!

👤There is a great variety of sizes and styles. It's to be expected. There are only 2 of the biggest ones. Mostly small. It was worth the cost and arrived quickly. I'm in love. Thanks a lot. I would like to keep my kids from stealing these.

👤My five year old son loves Hello Neighbor and had to do a 100 days of school project, so we used these keys to represent his favorite game and the project. He loved it so much. There are different styles of metal keys.

👤These are both cute and sturdy. It's nice to have a bunch of that match and also a nice variety. I have been able to make a lot of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and keychains using these keys. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so there is one for everyone. Would purchase again.

👤The keys are cute. They are perfect for the project because I needed them to embellish painted rock favors. The variety is excellent and they are metal not plastic.

👤I ordered this to find key charms for a necklace and they seem to be perfect. There are many unique ones, but only a few good ones for a necklace. The selection is better than the key charms I bought from Michaels. I would recommend these keys to someone who is looking for interesting keys. The majority of them don't look like skeleton keys but I didn't care about that aspect.

👤La llaves, una increbles, ninguna llego rota o con algn detalle, todas son de las compres.

👤Me encantaron! Estn sper, hechas de diferentes estilos. Muchas gracias!

👤I am encantaron. Son de diferentes. Estn detalladas.

7. Wholesale Pendants Necklace Bracelet JIALEEY

Wholesale Pendants Necklace Bracelet JIALEEY

The material is metal. The package includes 100 pieces. The size is 0.28-0.98 inch. Charms that are Exquisite and Classical. It can be used in many different ways. It's perfect for necklace, bracelet, dangle, scrapbooking project, keychain, sweater chain, anklet, cellphone decorative accessories, etc. It's the best choice for jewelry.

Brand: Jialeey

👤Look closely. There was only one like it. It is terrible. Terrible. Very racist.

👤I was shocked by these. I wish I had taken a picture before we made bracelets for my daughter's party. There were many other cute ones. I will have leftovers for a long time, even though I only received 99. I only had to buy a couple of dollars for the little things to attach to the bracelets. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤I haven't found a single defect. The pieces are cute and the alloy is heavy, which is great.

👤A small hole to run the chain through. The end round piece that hooks into the lobster clasp doesn't fit in the hole of the charm no matter how small it is. I don't want my young neice having trouble with her skin because it comes with a polishing cloth which indicates it tarnishes.

👤I wanted to enhance my necklace business with some charms such as these. I had been looking for other places. They won me over when I saw they were prime-able. The package provides a lot of variety and you can't beat the price for how many you receive, however, there were quite a few I didn't feel like I could use and I ended up wasting them. The charms were too small for the jump rings I have been using. It's a good selection for charms.

👤I would have liked to use it, but the piece arrived broken, which is really annoying. I didn't want a skull and crossbones or hello kitty, so there were some duplicate things. I think it is an angel. I don't know what it was supposed to be, it was just something decorative. The 2 cats I got looked pretty disturbing. I wish they looked better. I got more dog stuff, but only a paw print. There is no bone like in the main picture. Overall a decent purchase. I probably wouldn't buy again.

👤When I placed this order, I didn't know what to expect. The choices are wonderful and the charms are very well made. This is the answer if you don't know what you want. You can't go wrong with the volume. 5 out of 5 stars.

👤I ordered these because I wanted to see some of the charms in the package. Even if two charms were similar, they weren't the same in size, so they couldn't be used in earrings. I use these charms in all manner of jewelry-making and beading, and am quite satisfied with most of the charms. The larger charms were not as heavy as I would have liked, but they were still usable.

👤The price should be 450 to 500 rs.

👤Illegaron solo 77, pero estn incompletas, las piezas cumplieron con lo ofertado. Y leyendo los comentarios hechos por los otros compradores creo. No tienes volvera, pero fueron 23 piezas.

👤These jewels are great for bracelets. There are many great choices and good quality.

👤Le voy a dar 4 estrellas, pero dice 100 y slo llegaron 90. En general estn.

8. Chain Jewelry Making Plated Paperclip

Chain Jewelry Making Plated Paperclip

They can be used for many different purposes. It can be used to replace pendant necklaces, bracelets and anklets. 14K gold plated fine chain is perfect for your jewelry making project, can add charms or pendants to make your own personalized chain necklaces, bracelet, chain tassels, layers of chain, body jewelry, and mask holder necklace or any other crafts. This is not in a box. 14K gold plated brass jewelry chain is safe for sensitive skin and is not easy to break. It's perfect for everyone. You can make many jewelry treasures with a 3.6 meter chain. Paperclip Chain necklace and bracelet is right on trend, with this raw chain supplies, you can make many trendy jewelries by yourself. They had prepared a strong box to carry the raw Paperclip chains to make sure they were in perfect condition. If you don't like their products, they will give you 90 days free return or exchange. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Alexcraft

👤Really, really pretty gold chain. I love it! I bought the 3 different ones because I couldn't decide on the size. I included a size comparison if you are on the fence. I can't suggest one over the others because they are all perfect. A nice gold can have a yellow color. They are very shiny. No tarnishing so far. I measured my chain and it is all correct. It is continuous, which is perfect for deciding where to cut your chain. The links are solid, so you will have to cut the chain, but it is better that way, so much stronger. I'm happy! The rose gold color is not available. The silver color is the same size as the largest gold chain and it is beautiful. I am not sure if it is nice, but I am sure it is.

👤It's easy to make cute DiY Jewelry.

👤I loved this brand. My buyers are not happy that this is not gold. Sad.

👤Me encant la cadena.

👤I love this chain. I wanted the chain to be thicker and stronger so that I could make a custom anklet. The chain is shiny and nice. The chain is super sturdy, and you will need wire cutter to open the individual links, but it is soldered shut. Will definitely be buying from this brand again.

👤This chain is great. It doesn't cause skin irritation. The quality is topnotch.

👤It felt cheap and faded in less than 3 days.

👤Cheap looking, not durable. Poor overall quality. The box was not on the spool as advertised.

👤I can not use it because it looks cheap and fake, it looks horrible next to higher quality materials. It was bad for me to take a chance on something cheap.

👤It was perfect and as described. It arrived quickly.

👤Absolutely love this chain. Have had no issues with it so far.

👤A nice chain. Exactly as described.

9. Rhinestone Chain Trimming Decoration Crystals

Rhinestone Chain Trimming Decoration Crystals

Measures 10 feet long. Use the chain of gold strips for crafts, to create custom jewelry, or to embellish bridal veils, candles, vases, ribbons and garments. To apply, simply use glue or hand sew the gold rhinestones onto any clean, smooth surface such as glass, metal, wood, and fabric. The vibrant gold rhinestone string trim will instantly add elegance to any party centerpiece, costume, dessert, or phone case. The roll is 11 yards in length and has a width of 2mm. There is a gold bling chain roll.

Brand: Juvale

👤My birthday jeans were made with this chain. They turned out great. I will buy for other crafts again.

👤I love how quickly this product was delivered, it's pretty, sturdy, and adds to the adorable personalized candy purses that I make for my customers.

👤Very nice! Love the shine. The gold is not cheap and the rhinestones are beautiful. I used this to make a hat. I love it! It is easy to cut. I used E6000 glue and tweezers. Exactly what I wanted.

👤I absolutely adore this. I thought I needed two but one line the whole outfit. It is beautiful. It was used for my child's prom outfit.

👤I used them for a costume. It was easy to break the chain apart to place the material.

👤The cup chain is connected to the stone. This wasn't the case with this spool. It was broken in two places. If I were to invest the money in equipment that would make a wire wrapped cup chain, I would be able to make it. I intended for this chain to be linked with jump rings or wire loops.

👤The bling was placed around the circle part, label, and top handle of the henny bottle.

👤I bought this chain at Walmart for around $3.50. I got more with this chain. It's great for my crafts. I will keep ordering these. It was delivered quickly as well.

👤Es un material de una calidad. sirvi perfecto La ocupaba! Sin duda la volvera.

👤The item looks beautiful and adds sparkle to my projects.

👤Cemente calidad. Sin duda lo is a comprar.

10. PP OPOUNT Jewelry Necklace Lobster

PP OPOUNT Jewelry Necklace Lobster

There is a gold bling chain roll. You will receive a 32.8 feet gold plated link chain, a 32.8 feet silver plated link chain, 1 curved tweezers, 1 jump ring opener, 1 black jewelry pliers, 1000PCS split ring and lobster clasp set, a great value kit, value suit to satisfy any necklace do-it There are different sizes of jump rings: 4mm gold and silver open ring, 175 in each color, 5mm gold and silver split ring, 150 in each color, 6mm gold and silver split ring, 80 in each color, 8mm gold and silver open loops, and 10mm They are made of metal and light. The chain is easy to roll back to the scroll, when you don't use it, you just roll it back to the reel, which is convenient and easy to store. They can be used for many different purposes. It can be used to replace pendant necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

Brand: Pp Opount

👤I've made a necklace with this set and repaired 3 others, so I have little to complain about. It is worth it for the money. The pliers are great but the tweezers are not. The container the rings come in could use an upgrade. If you drop it, you'll be vacuuming up rings from your carpet and having to sort them out. I had a mess when I closed them with good tape. I like this set a lot and would purchase it again if needed.

👤Don't buy. The material on this necklace turned black and changed colors 2 days after it was worn. I bought this for my wife because she makes jewelry and shares it with friends and family as gifts. It's so bad to make jewelry with this product. I was working overseas all year and now my wife tells me that this product is worthless. She didn't want to hurt my feelings about the gift. The window to return the item and get my money back is over. This is a really bad product and I am writing a review to let you know.

👤The case that comes with the product is too thin and it's easy for things to fall out of it. I didn't know that one of the compartments was broken until I opened the box. There were little gold rings everywhere. They were the tiny ones and it was annoying. Fir shopping purposes, it would be great if they put this item in a better box or wrap it better. It's a good purchase.

👤My wife uses these on her store. She does laser engraving and the chains are so bad that they have caused problems with customer satisfaction. It will turn into a nasty color in a month if you buy it.

👤Haven't used them yet. They came as described.

👤Cheap rings pull apart quickly.

👤I have used these several times to make necklaces for my grand daughter, and so far they have held up to 4 years old. Will purchase again.

👤The product was the same as described. It's perfect to make or repair jewelry. The storage box is great.

👤The items could not have been better. The gold stuff is terrible. tarnishes. The leaves are green. Black oil covers the pliers arnt grey.

👤Very impressed with this kit. There is a Everything you need in a starter kit. The colour of chains was very realistic. Fast delivery, great value for money. I will be buying again. Very happy.

👤I wore my first necklace for a day and the colour of it changed from gold to black. Don't buy cheap equipment.

👤The links are weak. I used them to make a bracelet, but a small pull on it opened the links.

👤You have to clear the bead quickly.

11. PP OPOUNT Necklace Jewelry Bracelet

PP OPOUNT Necklace Jewelry Bracelet

You can send these lobster claw clasps as a gift for your family or friends who like to make handmade crafts, and use the product to enjoy the fun of handmade time with your friends and family. The package contains 8 rolls of link chains, 10 feet per roll, and 80 feet in total. The jump rings are 4mm x 6mm. 80 lobster clasps are in a size of 5mm x 12mm. Many beautiful jewelry chains can be made with complete accessories kit. Good quality materials. The necklace chains are made of good quality iron-clad copper and can be worn for a long time. There are 8 beautiful colors of metal chains: white silver, rose-gold, gold, bronze, red copper, gun black, and Eletrophoretic black. You can pick the right color for your clothing and skin tone. It is easy to use and store. Jewerly link chains of each color are rolled on the reel so they won't get entangled, wrap the chains around the reel after use, which is convenient to save and use next time. It's a good idea to bring a lot of comfort. Chains such as necklaces, bracelets and anklets are widely used. Friends are a gift for kids.

Brand: Pp Opount

👤Exactly what I ordered. I'm very excited.

👤I didn't think I'd find a use for all of them after I bought this package for one project. Since there are so many new patterns and designs that use these materials, I've used them more than I expected. They are very durable. Make sure that you have good wire cutter to cut the chains that are strong and small.

👤The set is perfect for anyone who wants to start making jewelry, but my daughter couldn't use the plyers because they were already broke when she opened it. She had another pair of shoes. 5 stars because it's perfect for the beginning!

👤These are for making my own jewelry. Sturdy chains. Good value for money. Thanks.

👤The first pack was ok, but not great, the sound pack was fused and I may have to make a couple small bracelets inside of the neckesses.

👤The chains seem to be durable for their size. The rose gold is not pink. I have bought similar products in rose gold and this chain doesn't match them.

👤I really like them. The gold is bright. I will not be using it. Everything you need to make a nice necklace. But that gold.

👤Thinner than I expected. The quality may last a while. It is good for beginners.

👤After just one wear, the chain broke and changed color. It's really bad.

👤This collection is perfect for people who like to make jewelry. The colors are great for making gifts.


What is the best product for decorative chain for jewelry making?

Decorative chain for jewelry making products from Alexcraft. In this article about decorative chain for jewelry making you can see why people choose the product. Ph Pandahall and Juvale are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative chain for jewelry making.

What are the best brands for decorative chain for jewelry making?

Alexcraft, Ph Pandahall and Juvale are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative chain for jewelry making. Find the detail in this article. Jgfinds, Yaomiao and Jialeey are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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