Best Decorative Chair Covers for Dining Room

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1. Genina Waterproof Covers Kitchen Slipcover

Genina Waterproof Covers Kitchen Slipcover

The stretch chair slipcovers are machine washed with cold water. Do not use bleach. There was no dryer. Line dry only. If necessary, reverse side iron cool heat. Genina company designed waterproof chair covers to meet the needs of families with children and pets. If you want to prevent water or drinks from getting to your chair, you need to wipe it with toilet paper or a dry towel. The fabric of the chair cover has been thickened in order to have a waterproof effect. Not only can your chair be better protected, but you don't have to worry about the chair cover showing through the dark chair. Before ordering, please measure the chair seat width and chair back width to be sure that the stretch chair covers fit. Genina multi-color kitchen chair slipcovers can help you change the style of the dining room according to moods or seasons. It is possible to match the color of the dining room with different styles, and it can also make the worn-out chair look new. You can get a brand new chair for very little money. If you don't know whether your chair is suitable for their chair cover, or have other questions, you can contact them and they will solve it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Genina

👤I looked at reviews before I decided to try these slip covers. I was worried because my chairs were larger than the majority of the recommended size limits I had looked at. The package arrived very quickly. They fit perfectly. I thought it might be too small, but the fabric is stretchy and I just kept tugging it into place. I was worried that the rusty red chair would show through the lighter fabric of the slip cover, but I didn't see any evidence of it. There is a I don't know how long these will last, but the price is great and I will order more sets to switch out for different looks or cleaning. I am so happy I found these.

👤I thought I couldn't have nice things until they left the nest. If you cover the dining chairs in plastic, you can use this product to cover them up. The plastic protects them from spills and the cover helps you have nice adult furniture that you can actually use, even if you have breakfast and dinner with those people. The material stretches beyond what should be possible once draped on the chairs. I have not tried washing but it is a genius product.

👤I am not sure why my initial review was not accepted. It's nice as a covering. The chairs to my kitchen table have recently been used as cat scratching posts and I don't have time to fix them. The material is perfect for the person. They are not waterproof. My first submission was not accepted because I claimed they were not waterproof. You can watch the video. They are not waterproof. Water resistance, Mayor. They charge an extra dollar for the "waterproof."

👤I already bought a set of cover chairs and am very satisfied and recommend them.

👤So to begin. The Ikea ekedalen dining set is white. It is prone to staining and yellowing because it is white. Wow, I just bought these and said, WOW. They look like chairs. It looks like I got a brand new dining set. My only concern prior to getting them was that they would look baggy and look a little smaller than they actually are, but once you stretch them over the chairs, they fit nicely and don't bunch up anywhere. Get them!

👤These chair covers are stylish and easy to stretch over. The fit is good. They are easy to clean. There is a They are not waterproof at all, even before washing. Anything that spills onto the chair cover will cause the chair to get wet. It would be better if the description was accurate.

👤I bought a set in gray and a set in taupe because of the good price. The two chairs I bought for my breakfast table were damaged by my cat's claws. It was too late for me to return the chairs. These are the slipcovers I bought. You might see some plastic in the photos. The cat is trained to not scratch the furniture piece with double-sided tape. Hope it works. There is a A child could figure out how to install the slipcovers. There is another note. The dark gray color is a medium gray when you see it in person.

2. Obstal Spandex Dining Covers Living

Obstal Spandex Dining Covers Living

The material is made of 90% Polyester/ 10% Spandex. The chair cover protectors are made from high quality extra stretchy and sturdy spandex fabric. The Dinning chair has a protective and decorative cover. These heavy duty universal fit chair covers are perfect for indoor and outdoor events. Adding colors or texture to your chairs protects them from dirt, dust and scratches. The chair cover protectors are displayed uniformly and the chair legs are covered with sewn-in leg pockets. The chair back is 17-23 inch and the chair type is Dinning and banquet style chairs. The chair seat has a length of 20 inches. The chair legs are 14-19 inches tall. Dinning, wedding, party, event, banquet, decoration are some of the uses. The stretch chair slipcovers are machine washed with cold water. Do not use bleach. There was no dryer. Line dry only. If necessary, reverse side iron cool heat.

Brand: Obstal

👤These fit my chairs well. It appears to be good quality. You couldn't see the navy colour through the white. Everything was in place because of the pockets on the bottom of the cover.

👤Very, very nice! The material was easy to use. Everything looked great after arriving on time. Will order again in a different color.

👤Obstal was able to capture the shine and color. These chair covers are made of Solid Gold. I bought two packs of 20 to identify reserved seating for my son's comedy shows. I will be ordering two more. They are stronger than other covers. The chair ends have a strong full pocket on the footing. Take your time pouring these on because they are not loose stretchy. One last thing... I need a stretch table cloth from this same company, please make one and send me a message. If you already do, I'll send you a message. 5 stars. I would give more if I could.

👤I used this for my child's prom send off. The quality and fit are perfect for a folding chair.

👤These covers are easy to use and remove. I dried them on a low setting after I threw them in the washing machine. I was asked how much they cost and where I bought them. My table looked great, I was definitely envied. Will buy again.

👤The chairs are a little bigger than the cover. I could put them over back and seat, but not down to the legs.

👤I wanted to dress my furniture up for a tea party. The chair covers, chair ties, table cloths, place settings, derby hats, flower Garland, everything was purchased on Amazon... The chair covers fell on my chairs. They do a good job. I was happy with them and I am picky. The chair cover was still in place after being sat in. I washed them after the party. You can't beat the price. They will be used for the Kentucky derby party. There is a The table looked great. I decorated it for my 50th birthday party. My brother looked at the table and said he was underdressed. Hahaha

👤The Pros are value for money, stretchy, easy to install. There is a The job is still being done. The black dots on the fabric were used to mark their stitches. The lines were marked with a pen. I was able to use 8 out of the 10. I hope the next batches will be better. There is a If you plan on ordering this item, you should order in advance so you can inspect it. You will get 10 but 1 or 2 that are not usable. There is a Product works well for covering chairs. The question was posed. Would I buy again? Unless they constantly send marked up products.

3. Chair Covers Dining Room Water Repellent

Chair Covers Dining Room Water Repellent

It's easy to wash. It is machine washed. Do not iron, do not bleach, do not tumble dry. The chair cover is perfect for all chairs. The chair cover is high quality. The chair covers are made of 85% polyester / 15% spandex and are almost 20% thicker than the Slipcovers. The elastic band on the chair covers is easy to fit and anti-slip. Dining room chair covers feel smooth, durable, make your room more tidy and beautiful, and give your old, damaged chairs a brand new look. Dining chair covers protect your chairs from stains, dirt, and pets hairs. Their elastic chair covers are a great way to make your dining chair look brand new, they are budget-friendly and perfect for formal dinners, family parties, or even a change of season. It's a must-have for homes with kids, dogs and cats. It is suitable for chair size. Their chair slipcover fit well for normal and high back dining chairs, back height 20 to 24inch, seat length 14 to 20inch, seat width 14 to 20inch. Before placing the order, you should check the measurement guide in the item picture. It stays in place without shifting or moving because it is elasticized on the bottom. Wide range applications. The covers for the chairs in the dinning room fit most of the chairs. They can be used in many places. These casual, soft and comfortable premium thick slip covers will refresh worn upholstery and add new life to your chairs, mix and match in your living room or even transform your kitchen with this beautiful dining chair slipcover. Do not use bleach if you wash the machine separately in cold water on the gentle cycle. Do not iron. It's easy to set up, just wrap around furniture and tuck into cushions.

Brand: Artrello

👤These chair covers are very nice. It's easy to give a new look while protecting your chairs. The price is excellent and I would purchase again.

👤These chair covers are gorgeous. I am amazed at how easy it is to clean the covers of this table, as I have 2 young children that eat at it daily. I've had them for a while. I have had many spills on them but haven't had to take them off yet. I use a carpet cleaner to wipe them off. It quickly cleaned strawberry jelly, pasta sauce and juice. I was worried about having light colored furniture with young children, but have been reassured by this product. They are a light cream color, stretch wonderfully, and were very affordable. Excellent purchase.

👤The covers look great and they have great stretch ability. My chairs are wider than typical ones. I have washed two and they are perfect. I bought covers to protect my chairs from my child. The initial product description states they are waterproof, but the detailed product listing states they are water resistant. These are not water resistant. There is a My daughter spilled milk on the chair and within three seconds I had to remove the cover and the cushion was already soaked. I put a towel on top of the seat and covered it with plastic. These are simply chair covers. There is a I am crying over the udder catastrophe of spilled milk.

👤I bought these slip covers for my chairs and they were a mess. My chairs were torn and stained. I was sure the covers would be cheap. I thought the price was low enough to take a chance, but I thought they never could look good. When they arrived, I was surprised and put the first one on. They are not the most expensive fabric, but they are worth the money and a wonderful product. It took a bit of stretching to get the first chair on. I was better at putting them on by the fourth chair. Getting the seams lined up correctly is the trick. The covers on the chairs looked expensive. I am selling my house and buying a new one because I need every room to look great. My dining room has a completely new look thanks to these slip covers. When I get my new chairs, I will buy them to put them on before they get messed up, because I would not hesitate to buy them again. Excellent price and product!

👤The fabric is soft, the color is true, and it stretches. The seams are not well sewn, and some are crooked. The chair covers I bought were too small and wouldn't fit over the back of the chairs. One came with a hole in it. The fabric is light so don't expect much protection from spills. I wouldn't buy these again.

👤I have 2 kids and this is the most helpful thing to do. It's very easy to clean my chairs after they're messy as they're waterproof. I chose a gray color that matches my house theme color. The material is perfect. It is thicker than other brands. I highly recommend it.

4. Fab Totes DiningChair Slipcovers Decorative

Fab Totes DiningChair Slipcovers Decorative

It is easy to care for in cold water. At a gentle cycle, wash separately. Mild laundry detergent is being used. Do not use bleach. Make fun of your kids and pets while shopping for more luxury sofa slipcovers in Flamingo P shop. The Fab totes dining chair cover is perfect for high back chairs. Chair back length 14''-20'', chair back height 14''-20'', seat length 14''-20'', seat width 17''-25'' and thickness: 2''-5''. Measure your chairs before ordering them. Premium fabric is used for the dining chair slipcover, it has two-way high stretch, smooth and comfortable characteristics. The kitchen chair cover fabric is durable because of the firm stitches and the surface is hard to pill. It is easy to install the chair covers. Put it on the chair from top to bottom, then stretch it and finish it. Remove the chair cover and wash it in a washing machine. There is no need for bleach or iron. Dining chair covers keep your chairs free of dust, stains and daily wear and tear, and protect your chairs from messes caused by children and pets. The chairs look new. The dining chair slipcover can be used as a home decoration in many rooms, including the kitchen, living room, hotel, wedding banquet, conference banquet celebration, and other important occasions.

Brand: Fab Totes

👤When my granddaughter visits, I bought these to protect my chairs from food and drinks spells. The covers are what I wanted. They fit perfectly on my chairs. The elastic stays in place. I would recommend these to protect your dining room chairs.

👤My chairs are taller than the dimensions of the product say they are, but they still fit without any tearing or showing the color of the chair through the fabric. The cover pulls away from the chair a little at the back of the seat. You don't notice that when you sit. The covers are gray. They are comfortable and can help update old-fashioned, stained chairs. It was very easy to put them on the chair. I want to try couch slip covers next. There is a If your chair is a color you want to make sure is completely hidden, you may be able to see some of the color with the fabric stretched enough. I can't see any wood under the fabric of my chair. I can see a shadow where the wood is in the cover, but I can't see any color. Hope this helps! I would get it again.

👤I am very impressed. I've been debating buying these for a long time, and I'm glad I did. The chairs look new again. I was not sure if this would be enough to save them. They rock. I hate putting covers on things. I don't mind using these covers. They slip on and stretch around the bottom. It takes about 5 seconds and it's a huge plus for me. I don't mind putting them on. They are great for messy kids. All I have to do is put them in the machine. I wish I had these before my chairs were destroyed. If you want a fresh look, I recommend these for houses with messy kiddos or damaged chairs. I might order some different colors for the holidays. The quality was very good. I was worried they would be cheap and flimsy. They had covers on them. It looks like a normal chair. They are very strong.

👤Our cats liked to scratch the leather dining room chairs. We need to use the old chairs when we have large groups for holidays. I needed to cover up the scratches on the leather and these covers did the job. Our chairs are similar to the ones pictured, and stayed put. When people sat on them, they did not pop off. You can't beat them for the price.

👤I wanted to change the look of the dinning set and bought a set of chair covers. I am very pleased with the fabric. Both are accurate. They were strong enough to cover the whole chair. The price was unbeatable. I ordered some for the bar stools and hope to be equally pleased. My only suggestion is to add some thumb tack to hold it down. Highly recommended, budget friendly.

👤I ordered these for my dining room chairs, which have had a lot of wear and spills, and are 12 years old. I like the fabric. They didn't fit my chairs. The back of the chair had a section that was too short. My daughter loves them.

5. SoulFeel Stretch Spandex Protector Slipcovers

SoulFeel Stretch Spandex Protector Slipcovers

Smiry chair seat covers are great for chairs in the kitchen, dining room and more. Smiry has the perfect after-sales service for dining room seat covers. The dining chair covers are made of stretchy spandex fabric, which is soft, comfortable and Wrinkle resistant. Wrap your chair in anti-dust and decorate it with elastic, it will fit with a sewn-in elastic hem. The chair is suitable for the back height, seat length, and seat width. It's a brand new, easy to clean and wash machine. It is widely used for home, kitchen, hotel, wedding banquet, dinner, meeting, celebration, ceremony, family dining room decoration.

Brand: Soulfeel

👤Absolutely love these chair covers. It was a perfect fit. They come in a variety of colors. This one is called style 22. Some people posted photos and reviews. I'm sharing my photos with you because I made the right choice buying these.

👤The story behind my dining table and chairs has been going on for a long time. I have never liked the set that came with my marriage. I have tried other chair covers but they fell to the floor and never did anything to improve my dislike for the set. Purchasing a new set has always been put on the back burner. I was looking for something else on Amazon when I found these chair covers, and I am very happy with this purchase, I may just hang onto the dining set for years to come. I have been looking for an update for my chairs for a long time and the covers gave me a new look. The price of this update is very reasonable and it was less time- consuming than any update I have tried before. The chairs were covered with pictures taken after ten minutes after the package was opened. The print on my computer was a bit gold. I was looking for a taupe color, but this pattern was the one I liked the most. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the color was more taupe than gold. The covers fit like a glove. I like how they look and how nice they look in my dining room. My husband said I hit a home run with this update to the chairs. They are new. I don't know how easy it will be to clean them, but they look like they will wash well. I think they will be durable.

👤I thought it wouldn't fit on my chairs but it looks very nice and fit perfectly. It deserves 10. The original fabric was destroyed by my cats.

👤I was a little hesitant about getting these. I am very happy with the result. I was looking for a budget-friendly way to refresh my small dining room. I decided to take a chance on them and am very happy I did. They have given my dining room chairs a new lease on life. My new dining set has been praised by friends and family. As a mother of a young child, I love that I can just take them off and throw them in the washing machine when my 3 year old spills something on them. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a budget friendly dining room makeover, and especially to anyone with a dining set that is hard to clean, because they can easily be removed and washed. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤The fabric looks great and it meshes with our decor. Not every cover had the same size. Some were too small. We ordered the 6 pk and 2 went on smoothly, one was a little hassle but fit in the end, and the last one I could get on actually wouldn't slip down all the way and we had to tuck the excess into itself. It would have ripped if we forced it. We have 2 extra covers for chairs that won't be used. We need to cover at least 4 chairs to protect them from our cats. The other 2 chairs will not have covers when we pull them out for dinner. We didn't have the time or desire to go through the hassle of returning them. The covers need to be taken care of to make sure they fit.

6. FORCHEER Slipcovers Computer Protector Banquets

FORCHEER Slipcovers Computer Protector Banquets

If you don't know whether your chair is suitable for their chair cover, or have other questions, you can contact them and they will solve it for you within 24 hours. Please measure your chair before ordering. Please email them if you have a question about the item. The Dining Chair Covers are made of high stretch and spandex fabric,durable to look and wear,practical for your home decor. It's perfect for dining room, kitchen,bedroom, living room, hotel,banquet,ceremony,party,restaurant and so on. It can protect your chair from stains and wear. The best in each style can be found in the various pattern and solid colors. It will be very convenient to install the matching size. Don't use chlorine bleach, wash dark colors separately.

Brand: Forcheer

👤Six covers were too small. Four of them fit perfectly. The chairs are the same size. It was too late for me to return. I attached a picture of one chair with the correct size and the other with the cover barely fitting.

👤We have chairs that are out of date. The covers fit perfectly. Our dining area was completely transformed. We love them! They don't slide around while using. It was comfortable to sit on. A bargain transformation. We may buy other styles to change things. Installation on 4 chairs took a while. It's easy.

👤Just got two sets of these, and they went on like they were baked in olive oil. Several people have said they thought I bought new chairs when they came into my dining room. The material is sturdy and easy to put in the chairs. Since I don't use my formal dining area often, another review will follow if I'm not happy.

👤A quick and inexpensive way to update your room. I ordered a new set. The chairs are wide. They had to be stretched across the chair.

👤I have had to return slip covers I have bought for our chairs. I was hesitant about them. I absolutely adore them! That is saying a lot, so does my husband. He loves the slipcovers and thought it was genius, but he was wondering why we hadn't done it before. It is hard to find a perfect fit and these are definitely that. They don't look like slipcovers. Very pleased with the purchase. There is a I bought these gray ones because I love them so much.

👤You can change your dining room without buying new furniture. This is my second set. I use a burgundy set during the holidays. They fit perfectly. I've washed them many times. The only challenge I had was that some of the fibers were left on my chair cushions. That came off with a lint brush. Next, I will be getting navy or dark green.

👤It is easy to use. The chairs I bought at the store did not match my color scheme. I will be able to change colors for each season at this price. The diamond grid on them is beautiful. It was easy to put on. They do not have a negative. I accidentally caught my ring on them. It's okay at this price.

👤Updating stained chairs is an easy fix for me. Things get damaged very easily when you have children. I don't have time to clean up stains or change things so I got these. My first set of chair covers. I got a floral print the first time, but wanted a more modern feel.

👤Is it possible that this is super? A super satisfaction.

7. HZDHCLH Removable Anti Dust Slipcover Protector

HZDHCLH Removable Anti Dust Slipcover Protector

Easy care. It is possible to machine wash in cold water. At a gentle cycle, wash separately. Mild laundry detergent is being used. Do not use bleach. Turquoize makes a full range of sofa covers, please browse them. High quality spandex and polyester are used in chair cushions. HZDHCLH dining chair seat covers are soft, comfortable, durable and Wrinkle resistant. The material is stretchy and secure with a sewn-in elastic hem. WIDELY USAGE: Are you worried about the chair? The HZDHCLH chair cover can transform your old dining room chairs into a sophisticated set. The HZDHCLH chair covers are stylish and elegant. It is perfect for home decor, kitchen, dining room,bedroom, living room, office or meeting room, hotel, wedding banquet, celebration and ceremony. The chair can be scratched by kids or pets. Shrink and package. The back height is 18-23inch, the seat length is 15-19inch, the seat width is 15-19inch, and the seat thickness is 3-6inch. Please measure your chair before purchasing to ensure the best fit. The perFECT fit is a requirement. The chair covers for dining room are pilling resistant and fadeless. The Large chair slipcovers can be held in place. If chairs have curved back, please be careful, it appears that the covers little holes if being applied to chairs over-sized. It's easy to wash. It is machine washed. Do not iron, do not bleach, do not tumble dry. The chair cover is perfect for all chairs.

Brand: Hzdhclh

👤It would be easy to work with my video five star investment. I haven't had the chance to wash them, so there is no review on that for me.

👤I don't have the money to buy a new table and chair at the moment because I have had my dining table for over 15 years. I have to get my home ready for guests in time for Thanksgiving. I decided to give these chair covers a try. It looks like I bought 6 new chairs. The material has a snug fit. I didn't have to make any changes as they fit perfectly on my chairs, I am unsure of the chair sizes, I purchased them 15 years ago. I need to wash them for the washing machine. I am satisfied and thankful that I bought these chair covers on a whim.

👤I was going to make the covers myself for my dining room chairs because the vinyl was starting to peel a little. The chairs were going to be challenging so I decided to look for a new one. I looked at Amazon first and found these! I was unsure if my chairs would fit. There is a Surprise, they fit perfectly, they were easy to put on, and my dining room looks amazing! I ordered another set after putting them on. My son was going to get rid of his dining room chairs until he saw mines, so I ordered for him to get rid of his chairs as well. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I love the covers.

👤I was concerned that the cover might not fit our chairs, which are 21-22" wide. It's stretchy enough to fit over both the seat and back. The material has a nice feel, like a very smooth dry fit material you see in workout shirts, not cheap spandex feeling. I bought 2 sets of 4 pack and was happy with the price and feel. After spilling food on it, the only thing left is to wash it. Will update later if it cleans up well and shrinks.

👤This is the first time I didn't have to send the chairs back because I was able to get a new one. I am very happy with the covers. They are easy to put on the chairs. They are tight, which is better than any of the others I've tried. The legs of my chairs are hard to deal with but the white background of the covers makes them look good. Believe me. I wanted to throw these chairs out for the trash guy. They look great now.

👤This is a great product. I have two chairs that are in good shape, but they don't look good because of their age. These brought new life to my chairs. The fabric is soft to the touch and it fits my chairs well. I thought about changing the chairs, but this is better because I can change the colors and patterns of the covers, and I will purchase different colors and patterns to change it up periodically. The product is great value for a fraction of what it costs.

8. Stretch Cushions Protector Removable Washable

Stretch Cushions Protector Removable Washable

The fabric is stretch knit. Super stretching. The soft, rich, comfortable and Wrinkle free fabric is made from high spandex knitted jacquard fabric. Protect your chairs from spills and accidents by giving your old, damaged or ugly chair a new look. The chair seat width and depth is 14-19 inches and the chair back height is 19-27 inches. The elastic band on the cover will help wrap your chair. Function-over-Fashion: Their slipcovers make it easy to transform your dining room. It can transform an old, worn out couch into the stunning centerpiece of your room if you use them. Fit for most shape of dining chair. Chair covers can be used for many things. It is easy to care for in cold water. At a gentle cycle, wash separately. Mild laundry detergent is being used. Do not use bleach. Make fun of your kids and pets while shopping for more luxury sofa slipcovers in Flamingo P shop.

Brand: Flamingo P

👤I used to take the chairs apart and recover them. Not any more! It is easy to change the chair design and atmosphere of a room. I have a pattern everyday set and a red one for Christmas. It would be great to have many to choose from for a special occasion. There is a My husband thought I had bought new chairs. It takes a little to get them on. They stay put. They are not a cushion back chair when you sit in them. I let them air dry to avoid pilling. Pet hair can be easily removed with a roller or vacuum.

👤I was going to throw away my old chairs because the fabric wouldn't clean anymore. I decided to cover them with a slip-cover and started looking on Amazon. These were the perfect color for the room, even though they were the wrong size or color. I would call them "Sea Foam green" but not "Sage". I was worried they would be too small but they were. I covered both chairs in a few minutes. I bought 2 new-looking chairs which blend nicely with my other chairs, and they were great for the price.

👤I have basic, standard chairs. They have a bunch of extra fabric since these fit a variety of chairs. Think about it when you try on pants that are too long. They don't have the fitted look. Returned. They should make them in a couple sizes so they fit better.

👤The covers are nice. They are made to last. I gave it 4 stars because it doesn't fit my bar chairs as well as it does the dining room chairs. The cover is long for the bar chair and bundle up at the back, but it fits perfectly on the dining room chairs, so I would highly recommend measuring your chairs before purchasing. I love the colour and material.

👤The quality of the chair covers was perfect, they stretched over the chairs perfectly. The color is a beautiful light gray. The fact that they are clean seals the deal. I will buy from this seller again and recommend their product.

👤The material is short lived. It leaves a sloppy fit. The chairs were fitted with the covers over a month ago.

👤It was easy on and off. Color matches photos online. Don't use fabric softener. I was able to spot clean, throw in the wash the next day and no stains after spaghetti night, so I'm thinking about spraying it with fabric protection. It looks good.

👤Excellent quality. The fabric is comfortable to sit on. My chairs were transformed by it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to give their chairs a special touch.

👤Estn super bien de silla grande, el respaldo y asiento. No se transparentan, lo tiene vestidura original, pero lo tienes una vestidura original.

👤Me encant. El color, la textura. Se ajusta perfecto. Mi silla est forrada en vini-piel. No tuve, cambiar la silla.

👤La tela y el color son bonitos.

9. NORTHERN BROTHERS Slipcovers Parsons Slipcover

NORTHERN BROTHERS Slipcovers Parsons Slipcover

The Northern Brothers dining chair covers are made of high quality fabric. The dining chair is made of two-way high stretchy and luxurious, feel smooth, durable, and is more fixed than an ordinary dinning room chair. The dining chair cover is perfect for the high back chair. The chair-back height is 19-23'' and the width is 15.5-18''. The chair seat width and length are both short. Measure before ordering. Dining room chair covers can be used to refresh the look of the chair and extend the life of it. As they update furniture to fit your evolving style, chair covers protect your dining chairs from stains, dirt and pet damages. It's perfect for homes with kids, dogs and cats, and it's also perfect for style andDurability. Hand wash or machine wash with cold water. Mild laundry detergent is being used. Do not use bleach. There was no ironing. It's easy to set up, just wrap around furniture and tuck into cushions.

Brand: Northern Brothers

👤I was skeptical of buying these covers because they would slide against the original chair cover, and I didn't think it would fit. It fits perfectly, with enough stretch to fit many chair sizes. The quality of the material is very good. It was the perfect solution for my chairs. The room is new again. I definitely recommend.

👤We got 2 kids in our house and all of our chair is dirty so we decided to get a chair cover that we can wash. I decided to give this brand a try because it has so many products like this. We are very happy with this product and it's easy to push it because it's stretchable. I have posted images that will show you how to turn an old-style chair into a modern one. I will give an update after a couple of months.

👤The cover was perfect. The other 3 are small. The chair won't be covered like the first one did because I cannot pull anymore.

👤These are great! When our rooms to go chairs looked different than the photos, I was on the verge of breakdown. I told them that these saved the day and they didn't notice. I received a lot of positive feedback and the kids will definitely help this new dining set last this time.

👤I put my covers on my chairs. There isn't any quality control with this product. I bought a pack of 4 and each was different. The cover was small, but the others stretched over perfectly, so I could barely get one over the top of the chair. The back of the chair has more material on it than the others. I had to cut off some of the threads. There is a mistake on one of the seams on the front corner of the seat, and the other corners are straight. I usually don't care if the quality is good, but these seem to be items that didn't pass quality standards. I would have given a higher rating if the covers were the same. They look decent, and will do the job they were intended to do, which is protecting the nice material of my chairs from my kids.

👤5 stars. My chairs were ruined by these. I bought these covers for Halloween. They left my chairs when they took them off. I've tried for two hours to get it off. I'm devastated.

👤My children are so young that buying new chairs seemed like a good idea. They found a way to start ripping the material and there were teeth marks all over the place. I started looking for covers. I decided on these based on the reviews. Since the material stretches when put on the chairs, it helps to not show my damaged chairs underneath. I picked a dark cover because my chairs are dark. There is a This is a simple product that works. It does what it says, so no need to wonder if it will work.

10. SPRINGRICO Universal Removable Protector Restaurant

SPRINGRICO Universal Removable Protector Restaurant

It will be very convenient to install the matching size. Don't use chlorine bleach, wash dark colors separately. Reinvent your chairs. Are your dining chairs looking different? Maybe the kids spilled one too many things on them, the color and pattern is faded and dull, or you have finally had enough of that weird scratchy fabric? You don't need a reason. The dining room chair covers are soft and comfy, so they are a great addition to your chairs. These universal kitchen chair covers are designed with a top combination of spandex and polyester that means they fit snug without ballooning on regular chairs. It's still important to check their image, measure your chair and see how perfect they are. The elastic band at the bottom keeps the chair cover fixed and it doesn't allow slide or slip-off when you sit on them. It is. As if you just changed! Party and organize events like never before. Have faith that your chairs are protected. If you have boring, unattractive chairs or chairs with aged surface, give them a stunning makeover. Instantly transform them into comfortable and welcoming chairs where your guests would love to sit in. It is easy to Launder and care. Their dining room seat covers are better than sticky fingers or customers wiping their fingers on your chairs. Just wash and dry. The iron iswrinkle free, so leave it in the cupboard. The colors and shape of the fabric are not affected by multiple washes thanks to the durable materials that keep the colors and shape intact. How many do you need? They have the pack size of 2, 4 or 6 so you can have the exact number of matching slipcovers for chairs that you need. Let's decorate! If you love the new look of your chair, they will give you a full refund. 100% of the time, they strive for your satisfaction.

Brand: Springrico

👤I get a lot of praise for these. It's very easy to install vibrant colors. I bought them to protect the fabric on my chairs. I wish I would have found them sooner. I would highly recommend this product.

👤I was not sure what to expect but I am very happy with the covers. They were very flexible and stay put on the legs. I was worried that the fabric wouldn't ride up. I'll buy these again if I need them again.

👤We've had Pottery Barn dining chairs for over a decade. Years of kids and dogs left the chairs nasty looking, and the slipcovers we bought for them broke. The slip covers made them look new. Visitors thought we had a new set. They are easy to put on, like panty hose, and you can put them on top of each other. They will have to adjust a little. It was very fast.

👤The colors are vibrant and fit my chairs perfectly. The material is very soft. They're easy to put on the chairs. The money spent was great value. My dining room is really bright. I was very happy to purchase this. I am happy that I bought another set.

👤These chair covers are gorgeous! I wish I had ordered them before I let my kids sit on my chairs because they would cover any marks I don't want guests to see. I only took a star off because my first order came with only 5 chair covers and they were able to get me another set right away. Measure your chairs. You don't want to pull out the stretchy ones.

👤They look nice and are very easy to put on. It is more cost effective than getting the upholstery done. I am very pleased. These are a must have. It's easy to change your decor.

👤Chair covers are very nice and easy to use. It was nice and soft. I just got it and can't say much about ease of cleaning or durability until it is subjected to a stress test by the grandkids. One suggestion is to have a strap on the bottom of the chair seat to keep it in place.

👤The covers are life saving. The fit is perfect on my dinning room chairs, they look great, you almost can't tell you have slip covers on your chairs. I ordered two more sets and plan on ordering more. I hope they come out with something. The pattern is prettier. This product is really nice and I would recommend it.

11. Smiry Covers Dining Stretch Jacquard

Smiry Covers Dining Stretch Jacquard

The material is 98% Polyester/ 8% Spandex. The chair seat covers have a series of styles - stylish, classic and smiple - to them. Amiry dining chair seat covers are a great way to give your old chairs a new look. The seat covers for chairs are made of a high quality material that is stretchable, non-slip and Wrinkle resistant, making them great for protecting your chair from spills and stains. Seat cushion thickness: 1.5''-2.4''; seat cushion length: 14''-18''; seat cushion width:14''-18''. The measurement guide is in the item picture. Machine wash cold separately, gently cycle only, no bleach, tumble dry low or hang to dry, no ironing is needed. Smiry chair seat covers are great for chairs in the kitchen, dining room and more. Smiry has the perfect after-sales service for dining room seat covers.

Brand: Smiry

👤I have been looking for this for a long time, and finally found it! My dining chairs were dirty. I don't want to replace all the chairs. I found a lot. The cover is easy to put on and can be washed whenever you need it. My chair is 21” and it fits very well. It is a very nice fabric.

👤I like them so far. I have a set of six matching chairs, two of which have arms on them, but I couldn't find a nice looking slipcover for them. I bought simple slip covers for the chairs without arms and then bought seat covers for the ones with arms. My dining set was given to us by our grandparents. I was not a fan of the mustard colored seats. We had to remove the seats from the chairs, wrap them in seat covers, and put them back on the chair, but it looks great now. I really like the way it turned out. Thank you!

👤I feel like I'm always taking the cat fur out of the cats when they are in the dining room. When they get all furry, I can just throw them in the washing machine. I don't know how easy it is to clean them or how well they hold up. They were easy to install. Reviewers say that they had to take the seat off the chair. I didn't have to do that with my chairs. They fit over the top. They're thick. Even though it's gray, it's still opaque so it covers the old upholstery. I have 8 chairs and these came in 4 packs.

👤The set is great for any chairs. The material is durable and nice. It depends on how the cushions are attached to the chair. I would have to detach the cushion from the chair to fully cover my chair, but it's okay for now. I had to tuck the edges around the corners of the cushions. I tried to use the ties to secure them, but they looked a bit tacky. I had to cut the ties because my cats were playing with them. The set is still a great value. I think it still looks good.

👤It fit perfectly. We had to apply the chair covers after taking the back of the chair off. It took us 45 minutes to do all four chairs. I promise it was very easy. I am going to purchase another set for my kitchen set.

👤My dining chairs have raised overstuffed seats and there is no way to use the ties. I tucked the ties under so they wouldn't show and the covers fit the raised seats well. The fit was perfect because they are cut for chairs that are wider at the front side. My chairs are so ornate that I prefer a clean minimalist look for the covers. The design of these covers makes them look nicer than the plain stretch cushion covers. I am very happy with the purchase.


What is the best product for decorative chair covers for dining room?

Decorative chair covers for dining room products from Genina. In this article about decorative chair covers for dining room you can see why people choose the product. Obstal and Artrello are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative chair covers for dining room.

What are the best brands for decorative chair covers for dining room?

Genina, Obstal and Artrello are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative chair covers for dining room. Find the detail in this article. Fab Totes, Soulfeel and Forcheer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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