Best Decorative Chair Cushion

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1. Pillow Perfect Damask Reversible Chair

Pillow Perfect Damask Reversible Chair

The chair cushions are suitable for indoor use. The fill is 100 percent polyester. The seam is closed. Attaching the chair cushion to your furniture is done with attached ties. It's easy to care for - lightly spot clean or hand wash fabric, then let the air dry. The measures are 16-inch length X 15.5-inch width X 4-inch depth.

Brand: Pillow Perfect

👤We don't have enough chairs in our TV room for everyone to sit down, so we are expecting visitors who will stay for a week. I bought these because they seemed to be as close as we were going to find in size, because I couldn't find any chair pads that fit our old wooden rocker. I was surprised that I was able to adjust the seat pads so that they fit on the seat and the rocker, without having to change the ties. I had some non-slip rug/floor pads from Amazon that were thin and had a rubbery surface on one side and a thin fabric on the other. They hold the rug/seat pads in place after I cut them to fit. All this is for a fraction of what other seat pads cost. The seat pads have a cream background and soft red flower print. The pads enhance the look of the room, even though I hated to cover the chairs. I'm very happy with how this all worked out, and I credit Amazon with having the products I could work with to achieve it. Thank you, Amazon!

👤They are cute and match my kitchen nicely. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because the measurements are not accurate, but it still works for my chairs.

👤I've been wanting to buy some cushions for my kitchen chairs for a while, and I'm glad I finally did and picked these to try. I needed to dress my chairs up a little to make them more comfortable to sit in. I have a table and chairs in my kitchen. The wood table and chairs are trimmed in a black paint that has a weathered look to it. It was designed to look like an older country kitchen table set. My family has used this table for about 10 years now, so it's taken on even more of a weathered look, and needed a little something to dress it up. There is a The kitchen is currently being done in red and blue with black counter tops and wooden floors. The red and light beige color of the cushions adds to the old country kitchen look of the table, and the pattern and style add to it. The cushions make the table and chairs more comfortable to sit on. There is a If the chair cushions are hard or flat, it will look bad. These are thick but also soft. I can sit on these for hours working on my laptop at the table and still feel comfortable. I'll be ordering more if my family wears these out. These are perfect and I don't need to try any others.

👤There are two cushions with loops attached. There is only one cushion that does not have loops. They will be going back. The photos are deceptive.

👤These are lovely. The thickness is soft to the touch fabric. I always check the seams on things like this that I purchase online, and all appears to be fine. These are great quality. I saw what the store had, but I got these. These are well worth the money, and I am a firm believer in that. I put these on the chairs in my bedroom. They add a nice touch to my bedroom decor.

2. Pillow Perfect Please Thunder Reversible

Pillow Perfect Please Thunder Reversible

The decorative chair pad cushions are suitable for indoor use. Attaching the chair cushion to your furniture is done with attached ties. It's easy to care for - lightly spot clean or handle wash fabric with detergent and cool water. The fill is long- lasting and comfortable. It is possible that the measurement may be up to one-inch since the item is handcrafted and a break in period of 3-4 hours is needed to reach described size. Pillow Perfect is a manufacturer of pillows and cushions.

Brand: Pillow Perfect

👤These chair pads are love at first sight. It was worth every penny. The upholstery fabric is woven and not printed. There were many bows to tie. I wanted to offset my white chairs with a soft black/ gray and cream, which is what I found. They are comfortable. I almost didn't buy these because of the negative reviews, but I'm so glad I did! They are comfortable as well.

👤The white is cream.

👤They feel like they are sitting on a pillowcase full of tennis balls. It was extremely uncomfortable.

👤I like the color and they look really big which makes for a hard sit. I'll have to figure out how to pull enough material over to stitch a chair that is coming apart at the seam, I noticed recently that one chair that is used everyday is coming apart at the seam.

👤Love! The chair covers add a pop of plaid to the kitchen decor and help to cushion long stays at the table.

👤I wanted to like them. They are not black and white but more of an off white with different shades of gray. Still cute and well made. They are too small for my rocking chairs and the tufting makes them uncomfortable to sit on for a long time. Will use them until I find something else.

👤Really pleased with the cushions. They can be used on both sides. I was looking for something that was comfortable and they are that.

👤Our kitchen table is complete with these cushions. Adding warmth as we eat breakfast. The first time I used that option, I could get all 4 cushions for $33 with tax and 2 pillows for $50. The picture was attached to the package. They look new.

👤They are not the right people to talk about. I ordered 4 of the same patern and got 2 different ones. It looked like it was bad. I really liked the checkered patern, but the texture is so bad that I am not sure what to think.

👤Really like the cushions. I think they pull the table and chairs together.

3. Pillow Perfect Outdoor Gregoire Reversible

Pillow Perfect Outdoor Gregoire Reversible

100% T-spun cotton. Set of two outdoor or indoor seat cushions. It is suitable for use on the patio or pool and also suitable for indoor use. It is a long- lasting 100% recycled polyester fiber fill. Two rear reinforced 14” ties make it easy to attach cushions to furniture and keep them in place. Spot clean or hand wash with detergent and water.

Brand: Pillow Perfect

👤The cushions are pretty and bright. I think that they will get more comfortable with use because they are a little stiff and squishy. The dining chair has a size that works.

👤These are the most comfortable cushions I have ever sat on. I have had them for a couple of months and they are water proof. I don't know if it's durable. There is a The colors on Amazon are soft blues, pinks, and barn red. The colors are bright turquoise, hot pink, bright orange, and bright burnt orange. They don't match my patio colors. The return would have been difficult due to the size of the items. I decided to keep them and look for better colors.

👤Love the cushions! There is a beautiful floral pattern in the colors. The fabric is very strong and weather resistant. The cushion is about 5 inches in thickness. I only bought one cushion for the seat of my wicker settee, but needed something for the back to balance it out. I used the second cushion for back support. It was a lot cheaper to buy pillows in the same pattern. You will be very pleased with this product.

👤I knew they were bright colors when I looked at the measures. My daughter said that it was really fluffy. I hope they last more than the Ikea ones. There is a They are still sturdy after 3 or 4 months of use. I was hoping that they would be a little bit more comfortable after use but they are the same shape as new.

👤These cushions are great for my rocking chairs. The colors are beautiful. The cushions are firm and I like that. Excellent quality and well made! I will be ordering again because I love them so much.

👤The cushions are very small. They fit like a metal folding chair. Over the years, I have bought a few sets of cushions at different stores and they have all been the same size. You can sit comfortably, these are noticeably smaller. Measure before you buy! The bench cushion is the same as the matching bench cushion. Good quality and good sized ones could be found at Pier 1. The color is new. We will see how it goes. Don't have time to come back tomorrow.

👤This product was purchased for a patio set. The actual colors of the cushion are brighter than the photo provided in the listing, as you can see by the ones I have included. It worked out well for my color scheme, but it was still a surprise. The design is cheerful and appealing, and they are well-made. It's important that you don't rip off the tags, because that will cause damage to the seams. Carefully cut them off with scissors. In my photos, the seating area for the chairs is 16 x 16 and has a cushion of 16 x 16.

👤I love the bright colors of the cushions. The ties were long enough for the chairs.

4. CYLEN Memory Charcoal Ventilated Orthopedic

CYLEN Memory Charcoal Ventilated Orthopedic

The bamboo charcoal infusion reduces temperature from rising. The state of the art memory foam provides a good experience. A new laminated cover allows a maximum air flow. The bamboo memory foam cushion has a 5 year warranty and 60 days no hassle return. The design of their seat and lower back cushion will provide relief from the pressure in your tailbone and lower back area.

Brand: Cylen

👤I received a kitten instead of a cushion. We've become best friends after getting to know the little guy. It's a nice cushion. Exactly what I needed.

👤I have been using this pad for a while. I am a very heavy computer user, I usually spend 12 hours a day on the computer for work and sometimes an additional 3-6 hours for leisure, there have been times when I've been at my desk for more than a 24 hour period. I am trying to be more active and this is not good for me. I was having lower back and leg pain. I wouldn't want to stretch or take breaks because it would hurt more to get up. I have a decent chair, but I bought a solid metal frame chair that is durable. I was skeptical when I bought this pad as I am a large person. I have no back or leg pain and I can walk 100 feet. I feel like this item has helped me to become more active and healthy.

👤This is a great product. The Cylen cushion accomplishes two seemingly conflicting functions at the same time. It feels very soft and conforming. Should you suddenly fall down, it eliminates shock. It accommodates the shape of your backside. Remaining firm and supportive. It prevents sore buttocks and provides maximum comfort. There is a The coccyx cutout in the back is very protective. The cushion has a rubber-like material on the bottom that makes it hard to slide. The top is made of plush. I bought a second hard office chair because I liked it so much that I used it on a recliner. I can't recommend this product enough.

👤It's a good cushion to sit on for the chairs that get flat. I use this for work because it gets uncomfortable sitting for so long. This cushion makes it so much better, I don't need to keep shifting to find a non flat spot on my chair anymore. I highly recommend this.

👤This is a good cushion for sitting all day. I like that it gives you a little more height because I have a short torso. I bought a chair cushion because of its height. The keyboard position was too high for me, even though my company gave me a sit-to-stand workstation. The fact that my office chair seat isn't very comfortable was a factor in choosing this cushion. The way the cushion is shaped makes it comfortable. There are curves in the front to accommodate your legs. There is a cutout in the back. I had no idea that was so important to me. I don't sit all day but when I do, it makes me more comfortable. At the end of the work day, I have less pain. I bought another one of these for my chair. There is a The vendor contacted me after I received the item to make sure I was happy with it. I am as well.

👤This thing saved me. It seemed hard at first, but it's not. Highly recommended.

5. Serta Ergonomic Cushioning Chrome Finished 360 Degree

Serta Ergonomic Cushioning Chrome Finished 360 Degree

There are two things: sylish and function. A combination of chic design and comfort. SigningATURE SERTA COMFORT: The arms and seat have memory foam cushions. Fit your space. There are a variety of users in height-adjustable settings. The temperature is at least 350 degrees SWIVEL: The base is chrome-finished and has height control. ROLLING BASE Casters are easy to use. ROLLING BASE Casters are easy to use.

Brand: Serta

👤I am looking at 3 different materials. The leather was ordered in gray, cream, and blush pink. I review the seats. They are comfortable and look good. As expected, the cream shows more wear and tear. I gave 3 stars because I would recommend it. There is a I don't recommend the seats in blush pink. We knew pink would show more dirt, but these are worse than we thought. After only a few months, the twill material is falling apart and looking very run down. You can see what I am referring to by including pictures. They are not worth it, so we wish we didn't get them. Assembly was very easy. I wouldn't recommend paying for them to be assembled.

👤The Pros. The chair is made of material that I like. If you are wearing shorts and sitting on a leather chair, you won't get that sticky feeling. It breathes better in warm or humid situations. There is no pain from the pressure on the underside of your legs when you sit long periods. I wanted the armrests but for them not to get in the way of my arms, these are wide and out of the way. The ikea desk has a flat surface with no drawer or thickness and the armrests fit under it. If that will be the case for you, see the clearance specifications in the listing photos. The complete specifications are helpful in determining how this chair will fit in an existing desk setup. I wouldn't want the chair if it wasn't under my desk. It is stylish. I am using it in an apartment that will also be used for a rental and I wanted something that would make it feel like a hotel room. This works. It tilts and has a knob to adjust the tension of the tilt, or it can be locked to prevent tilt. It comes with great instructions, the only tool you need to assemble is with it, and it is a quality tool with a comfortable handle. It was easy to put together, compared to any other chair I have had. The back is under my shoulders. This allows me to twist stretch in a way that a high back wouldn't. I can put my elbow on the chair back to stretch my shoulders and back in a way that I hadn't thought of before, and I am grateful for that. There is a Cons. There is no headrest, that is the only real con. I have a chair that I think I might want, but since I have it, I have not thought twice about it. The chair is very comfortable. If I was so tired that I needed to lay my head back, it would be hard to type. I don't think the chair style would look right with a headrest. Additional information. I didn't receive a discount or be paid for the review. I needed a stylish chair that looked like it belonged in a hotel room but worked for me for long hours of sitting and working, I was sold on this one over a few others I had been stalking on Amazon because of the memory foam cushion with coils, design, and tilt. This looked like the cushier between this and the other Serta. There is a There is a There were some mill scruff/scratches on the chrome star base of the chair. I spoke with Rio, who was really helpful and nice, after I called the service department. She immediately sent out a replacement. The seat cushion has a strip on top of it to hold it in place, but after a few weeks of use it seems to slide out. The one on the base seems to line up perfectly with the one on the strip. These minor bugs are expected in a newer line of chairs. Service has been awesome so far and far exceeded the minor issues. I will contact the seller to inquire about this. The wooden campaign desk I am using is from World Market. I was sent a replacement seat cushion after contacting customer service. I'm enjoying the chair. I'm going to get the beige Serta in the future and use it with my thicker desk. It has a half-arm that will allow the chair to slide under my desk at a higher elevation. There was a new update on 7/19/2017. I had to get a pillow to make the chair more upright because of the way the back isangled in a slight lean back configuration. Sometimes I use the lumbar pillow and other times I use the other one, but only for a few days or a week at a time. It's like laying in bed, no one position is comfortable after a while. I think they could have put a little more padding in the back rest area, but it seems less than they did for the seat cushion. I might remove a star for this reason. I'm thinking of getting another Serta chair and taking the wheels off this one.

6. YNester Decorative Cushion Eyelashes Printed

YNester Decorative Cushion Eyelashes Printed

The material is. The covers for the pillows are made of a blend of two materials. Very soft. Throw pillows on the couch. There are Cushion Covers in a certain size. The throw pillow covers are 18 inches high. The pillows insert is not included. There are 1 pieces of 98g and 4 pieces of 400g. The hidden zip up is easy to use and maintain. The pillowcase will use a twist lock technology to make them more robust and durable. The package includes a 4PCS cushion cover. You can put the pillow in. The pillow insert is not included. Special design The pattern on the pillow cover is one side only, using the latest hand-gilt printing technology. Multipurpose Adding a fine elegant look to any space is possible with a pillow cover.

Brand: Ynester

👤I love all four styles of pillows.

👤I used the spare bed for my home office. I needed some gold accents to tie that part of the room to the desk and the rest of the room. These are perfect. I might use another. I like to have spare parts in case one gets damaged. I put them in the bed for a day. So, no idea on how long it will last. They seem well made.

👤When they arrived, instant gratification. The black background is against the metallic gold. My bed never looked better. The gold became dull and faded after a cool drying session. Very disappointed.

👤Mymosas y me gusto muchsimo, la tela es suave, pero lo ped en negro con color oro.

👤My 10 year old girl is a makeup junkie. She loves them! It was well made and soft. Amazon sells packs of 4 inserts that are perfect for this.

👤They are gorgeous. I love pillows. I put them on my bed. They are nicely made and they have a little weight to them so it feels good. The patterns are pretty.

👤I was not disappointed when I found out it was just the covers. I filled them up and they were perfect, they gave the perfect look and feel to my bedroom decor. I would purchase again.

👤I like it. It works well. It was on time. Very soft.

7. Noahas Sheepskin Universal Restaurant White Square

Noahas Sheepskin Universal Restaurant White Square

People fall in love with the faux fur sheepskin chair cushion because of its unique design. The seat cushion is rich in appeal and has a distinct accent to your decor. The chair pad has a smooth touch. The seat pad adds a touch of elegance to the room. Very soft and cute! The best thing about it is that it's very high quality. Shake off with a delicate setting or hand wash with it. The machine wash can be better protected with laundry bags. It's easy to handle and care for, so don't worry about it fading or coming away. This is the best gift for your family this holiday season, and it's a sheepskin seat cushion! The neutral style of the seat cover can be enjoyed by everyone. They are a professional production of chair cushion manufacturers, and they have a top quality Fluffy Chair Pad. Quality control is a priority for their company and they try to provide their customers with the best products.

Brand: Noahas

👤The item is shown and the specifications are given as a cushion. I received a piece of faux fur. There is no foam on this item. I checked for openings just in case, but it's a solid piece of faux fur. Totally false.

👤It was very fluffy and soft. I was expecting it to be dingy and cheap, but it is very soft and fluffy. I use it as a seat cushion. It's not like a pillow or cushion. It's a nice look and looks very fluffy. It flattens out after I sit on it for a while. I shake it. It looks nice and fluffy again.

👤They don't shed, can be washed and dried in a dryer with no fuzzies, fluff up with one shake, great for near a window, back of the sofa or in a cat hammock. Excellent product for a low price. No matter where you put them, they are not tacky. My mom's cat loves them too.

👤These are pretty. We taped the bar stools to the underside with double-sided tape. We tucked the front of the chairs inside the little gap so they wouldn't move and loosened the legs again. If you like, you can let them hang over. Our babies are like you can see.

👤I was hoping it would have a little bit of thickness for cushion, but it doesn't. The chair is really pretty. It will protect my white leather chair.

👤I have a desk chair that is in perfect shape, except for the seat that is starting to peal. This throw is perfect for hiding the patched spot and doesn't slide around. I'm happy to be able to have a nice looking chair without throwing it out because my desk is in my living room. There is a There was a small amount of shed within the first day or two of use, but it doesn't seem to have gone away.

👤This is just a square of faux fur, but it was perfect to cover my desk chair seat. I didn't want them to get on my butt. It is cute and fluffy.

👤I love this! I need a new one but it was dirty and I didn't want to ruin it.

👤La peau a été envoyé plié en quatre et sous.

8. Tufted Decorative Accent Studded Details

Tufted Decorative Accent Studded Details

The best-selling chair features soft fabric upholstery in a soothing dark teal color that is certain to accent any room. The Medford has a regal look with a tufted back and seven buttons. This chair has Studded trim at the base of the seat and hand-carved wooden legs. There is a hammock that is compatible with the sprung hammock. Extra comfort is provided by padded arms and plush cushions. You can watch TV, read a book, or lounge around. There is a Scottish home decor. The accent chair is a perfect way to add seating. It's well suited for a living room, bedroom, dining room, or loft, measuring 28 inches long, 29.5 inches wide, and 33.5 inches high. ATILE STATEMENT The chair adds warmth and charm. It's assembled so all you have to do is pick a room. ATILE STATEMENT The chair adds warmth and charm. It's assembled so all you have to do is pick a room.

Brand: Great Deal Furniture

👤I am very happy with the chairs. They are a great addition to my living room. They were in good condition when they arrived. The legs are under the chairs. While the chair is set up, you can't see that one of the pouches has been ripped. The way the chairs were built was a little weird. It's in two pieces. I wouldn't buy these if they were in the middle of a room because the backs will always be up against the wall. I do most of my knitting in this chair, which is not a big lounge chair, but is a very comfortable sitting chair. I would definitely buy the chairs again, I have received many positive comments on them.

👤I love this chair. I was a little hesitant about buying furniture online. I bought it because of other reviews. I wanted a chair for a small sitting area in my bedroom. The chair is perfect. It was easy to assemble and well made. I put it together by myself. I was concerned about the color since some of the picture posted looked like the material had a little shine to it. It definitely doesn't. It's a nice gray. I like the way it feels. I would recommend this chair for a small area. It was a plus that the arrived sooner than expected.

👤I was able to put this together myself. I opened the box and carried it upstairs. It was very easy to put together. It's a nice addition to my small library, and no parts were missing or ripped. I don't have any issues with my back or body, but I found the chair comfortable. It's very firm, just how I like it. I found the side table on Amazon.

👤Beautiful and confortable! It's perfect for watching TV or reading. It took me 10 minutes to put it together. It's easy to assemble. If the legs seem loose, switch them out.

👤If you are a person over 5 feet tall, you might want to stop reading now and look elsewhere, as this chair is small and not built for tall or heavy people. I received two of these chairs and wanted to share with you the pros and cons of them, the chair arrived quickly, in excellent condition, and very well packaged so I am very pleased with the seller! It was easy to put together, and it came in 4 parts, which included the back of the chair, the base of the chair, and the legs. The chair is very sturdy and the legs are strong enough to screw into the base of the chair. The chair is well made and looks great. The material is soft and warm to the touch but doesn't feel like regular chair fabric, it feels more like car seat fabric, which is not terrible but just odd, the chair is small, which is a pro and a con, pro I like the chairs and will keep them, but I think it would be better to buy a used furniture store and try out the chairs for a bit. If you want a chair that looks great, fits into a small space, and only needs to serve the purpose of short-term sitting or just to be decorative, then these are not bad. I am curious to see how they hold up over time and if they become more comfortable as they wear in. I hope this helps you make an informed decision.

9. Pillow Perfect Indoor Outdoor Reversible

Pillow Perfect Indoor Outdoor Reversible

100% T-spun cotton. Set of two (2) outdoor or indoor seat cushions. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and protects fill material from the elements. It is a long- lasting 100% recycled polyester fiber fill. Two rear reinforced 14” ties make it easy to attach cushions to furniture and keep them in place. Spot clean or hand wash with cool water and mild detergent.

Brand: Pillow Perfect

👤I waited a year to see how they would hold up. They look like new after being outside for a year. The cushions are thick and comfy and with all the colors in the fabric they would go with anything.

👤The online description of the cushions said "blue." aisley has several colors in its patterns along with a majority color. There is no "blue" in either cushion, I received them today. I was not able to find a pattern or color that would complement my patio chairs/tables of mostly creamy white with a seafoam stripe. I held up the smallest wicker table I could find to my computer monitor to see if any of the cushions I saw online would fit with the stripes in my set. I had hoped that there would be one color that would complement my patio set. The "blue" cushions that arrived today were actually seafoam green, a lighter "green grass" green, a "golden" yellow, an "orange" red, and gray on a cream-white background. The lowest rating on color was the reason. By dumb luck, the new cushions blended well with the stripes in my patio set. I'm not moving the cushions. I don't know about any other colors, only about this one. I didn't rate the cushions on their water resistance as they arrived today. I only sat on them for a short time, and it's too cold to sit outside today. I think online shopping sites should get better at color representations and written descriptions as all of the computer monitors may not be set for correct color representations and therefore, the need for "accurate" written color descriptions.

👤I panicked after reading the reviews and ordering chair cushions. I tried to cancel my order. The cushions are made in the USA and are beautiful to look at and comfortable to sit on. They are for the furniture on the porch. I am very happy with the cushions. It is good that they are thick. They are firm and soft. It is not memory foam soft. It is comfortable. The pattern and colors are what I wanted. Buy them if you think you will like them. Ignore the negative reviews.

👤The pictures and description were blue. I looked lovely in the pictures. The cushions are green, orange, and gold. It's the ugliest possible combination. I wanted to keep them but got sick when I looked at them. Couldn't say if the comfort or quality was good. The plastic bags are too ugly to remove. It's a shame.

👤The blue is missing. It's more teal which I don't like. Post a better picture seller.

👤The chair pads were what we needed. We love our new table and chairs, but the chairs were a little too hard, so we ordered these pads mostly for comfort. They would add to the attractiveness of the dining area and give comfort to those sitting on them. I tried to post a photo but it was not possible. I am very happy with the chair pads, they are very comfortable, easy to clean, and they are beautiful.

10. Arlee Memory Non Skid Cushion Chair

Arlee Memory Non Skid Cushion Chair

The Papasan Chair is a great way to add a bit of fun to your room. High quality memory foam is used for support. Their pads are filled with premium grade memory foam that helps reduce pressure on hips, tailbone, and lower back. The pads evenly distribute the weight. The seat cushions have microdot skid-resistant backing to ensure they don't shift, move, or slip. The cushion is secured firmly to the chair with this technology. Perfect for dining room, living room, kitchen, office, den, and any indoor space. Their chair pads come in a variety of colors. It's perfect for office chairs, kitchen chairs, rocking chairs, or any seat that needs extra padding. Sturdy design for long-lasting comfort and style. Over time, low-quality cushions flatten. To keep chair pads fuller longer, Arlee chair pads are fully tufted. Their style keeps your decor up-to-date. Recliners are easy to clean. By only treating the stained area, you can spot clean or hand wash. Before putting the chair back on the floor, the chair pad should be dry. Do not use bleach. Recliners are easy to clean. By only treating the stained area, you can spot clean or hand wash. Before putting the chair back on the floor, the chair pad should be dry. Do not use bleach. Let it die. It takes 3-6 hours for the memory foam to expand. If it's cold outside, it could take another 3-6 hours to get to full expansion. Don't worry if you can't sit on it, it's recommended to wait 24 hours. The item is no longer firm or uncomfortable to sit on when the memory foam is softened.

Brand: Arlee

👤This is not the one you want. You can see that one side is about the same size. Both of them are 13-3/4".

👤These are not as good as other brands. I only used them a few times in the month that I had them, and one has already gone flat, and neither were very comfortable from the beginning. I am past my return window. Don't spend the extra money on these knock-offs. The other users were close to my weight as well. The good one that I already owned has lasted me three years before starting to flatten, but is in better shape than the new ones. I hope this helps someone.

👤This is the cushion for you if you prefer a very firm cushion. It's a booster for children, but not so much for an adult unless you increase the height of your dining table as well. This is a great buy if you don't want a soft and comfy cushion and have a lot of steel. I will try another brand. Amazon is standing by their word on returns.

👤I bought four of them for my family and they have been used for more than two months. The seat is not comfortable. There is a I wish I could return it but it's too late for that and you don't even care if you have a comfortable cushion.

👤These are the seat cushions that I use for my chairs. The non skid is perfect. Don't think you bought the wrong size because the size may seem off until you sit on them. Love them.

👤I could have said there was a zip on these. The product page doesn't state there is a zip up, so that's on me. My star rating has nothing to do with a lack of zip ties. The cushions are made of bricks. Like bricks. They're heavy and dense. I could hit someone with this cushion and knock them out. We used them for 10 hours of board games and they held up well. They are very firm right off the bat and then flatten after a while, but they weren't really uncomfortable? They are not slippery. We had a hard time getting out of the bench because the suckers don't budge, meaning we had a hard time standing up. We don't hate them? But they also don't like each other. There are better options for us. Our cats voted that we should keep them, but we're not sure if we will.

👤I've been working at home due to the Pandemic. I've hesitated to buy an office chair because I'm not at home full time, and I usually just work at my kitchen table when I'm there. The chairs are wooden. My purchase. The chair seat is larger than the cushion. It's not a perfect match for every chair. I was sitting on a hemorrhoid inducing wooden plank for a couple of weeks. It was instant relief. It's in a good way. I don't want it to be so soft that I flatten it out in 2 days. It has held up well. I paid $30 for a pair of cushions. I didn't expect the chair to be comfortable at work. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of comfort. When I read the negative reviews on products like this, I think that people want something to perform well beyond the price point of the item that they purchased. They are 26.98 for 2 at the time of this review. Don't expect chair cushions to cure all your problems. The cushions are very good. There is a If you find they are small for your chair, I have found that positioning them so they line up with the very front of the seat and then centered on the sides is the most comfortable position for longer periods of sitting.

11. OSP Designs Papasan Chair White

OSP Designs Papasan Chair White

Their twist on the classic papasan chair design will make your home feel laid back. The large Dacron-filled cushion is a good place to start. The wicker is wrapped over a metal frame. You can twist and turn with the help of a 360 swivel. The Papasan Chair is a great way to add a bit of fun to your room. The Papasan Chair is a great way to add a bit of fun to your room.

Brand: Osp Home Furnishings

👤It was very comfortable. I fall asleep in it all the time. * The bolts came out and the ball bearings popped out.

👤The cushion lost its fluff when I bought two in July. It is like sitting on metal. There is a warning about possible exposure to lead and other chemicals.

👤I felt compelled to do a review because of how bad this chair was. I weigh 190 and the chair's weight capacity is 200 lbs. I used to use cheap $50 folding saucer chairs and they would last 6 months to a year before the screw/bolt holding one side together would break. I could keep using it if I replaced it with a new one. I saw the OSP Designs Papasan Chair and thought I should spend more money to get a better chair. I was wrong. There is a The first problem with it is that it has sucks. I could feel the metal when I sat on it. I bought a Blazing Needles Solid Twill Papasan Chair Cushion on Amazon. I was happy with the chair at that point. There is a The chair started to be loose/rocking after the screw/bolt in the back of the base ripped out. I put a screw/washer/bolt through the tube to reinforce it. I was happy with the chair again. There is a The ball bearings would come out of the chair over the next few months. One of the thin rounded metal rods broke. The chair is leaning to the right as well as being loose from the right to the left. There is a There is no way to be happy with this garbage. It is falling apart and is funny until I think of the money I paid for it and the better cushion. I got a chair for $125 but it's more expensive than other places. The chair is an absolute scam and should have a lower weight capacity. Most people rating it 4-5 stars are not using the chair a lot or weighing less than 200 lbs. The chair might be fine for you.

👤The chair is made of metal, and I can feel every hardwire in the chair, and for the price, I really thought it was larger. The first picture shows how sm it is. It's basically a chair and if you expect to get real cozy, don't buy a new thicker cushion after a few months. It looks nice, but maybe no 5 stars or 2. Oh, *sigh*

👤Absolutely love this chair. If you are shorter than me, the cushion is great for sinking in to read, watch TV, play on the Wii or even nap. My nephew and niece climbed all over it and it was very sturdy. It spins completely, which was a happy surprise. The gray base is great with the blue color. It's worth the money.

👤I was looking for a papasan chair online and was concerned about the reviews because they were easy to break and not high quality. I was very happy to find this chair. It has a sturdy metal frame that is wrapped in a wicker material. I am happy that I made the purchase, even though I was concerned that there wouldn't be any reviews. I recommend.


What is the best product for decorative chair cushion?

Decorative chair cushion products from Pillow Perfect. In this article about decorative chair cushion you can see why people choose the product. Cylen and Serta are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative chair cushion.

What are the best brands for decorative chair cushion?

Pillow Perfect, Cylen and Serta are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative chair cushion. Find the detail in this article. Ynester, Noahas and Great Deal Furniture are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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