Best Decorative Chair for Desk

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1. Office Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Height

Office Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Height

100% Microfiber is the fabric type. Black and white is a classic design, it is a low back desk chair. It's perfect for different styles. You can use it in a variety of scenarios as you please. The chair's back is designed to fit the curve of the human body. Better sitting experience is provided by thicker cushions. Good Quality is to get the maximum usage of your workspace and the smooth running of the caster. The max Capacity is 250 lbs. They offer a 1 year warranty for their customers. If you have any questions about this chair, please contact them.

Brand: Hbada

👤I've had a home office for decades and have invested in an assortment of office chairs, all of them with arms, and all very expensive. I was looking for a chair with a seat that was shallow, since I'm small, and I like my back to be in contact with the chair's, since my arms are usually resting on my desk. This was perfect for the bill. It is very comfortable on my back. It took me no more than 15' to assemble. The back of the chair is very comfortable for me, but others might not like it because of the firm seat. It is worth a try for the price. It is what I was looking for.

👤Well packaged. It's very easy to understand, the assembly is straight forward and I didn't need them after the assembly. There is no wood backing that can break. The chair is made of plastic and metal. I would have never thought it was made in China, Assembly takes 5 minutes on the first chair and 2 minutes on the second chair. The tools required for assembly are included. One wrench. All you have to do is put 7 screws in and everything will be installed very smoothly. There is a This is a basic chair with no arms, and no back rest. There is a The chair is comfortable and I like it. There is a The chairs are of great quality. I have not included a photo because it looks exactly like the photo above. This chair is worth a lot.

👤I would recommend this chair to anyone. I needed an economical chair for my home office. The price was reasonable. It was easy to assemble and was assembled by my fourteen year old. I like the wide seat. It's easy to change the height. The seat looks great behind my desk.

👤We initially tried it and then bought another one. I like how the back is supported. The seat cushion is thick. I hope it lasts for a long time. I have a medium frame. It looks strong.

👤I work from home and it seems like this chair is suitable for my needs, it is reasonably priced and has good comfort. The seat is not good for comfort and after a while you can feel the thinness, but it is not good after 20 minutes. The backing is not comfortable. This was a huge disappointment. If I paid fifteen dollars for a chair at a flea market, I could be satisfied with the purchase, but not at this price. My hope is that I can return the chair and get a better quality product from this manufacture, but I am a little concerned that if I cannot buy a decent chair at $65 from them I wonder what a $100 chair will be like.

👤This is a good buy. The seat cushion is low enough to have a padded seat cushion, but it isn't super comfortable. There is a The seat back is firm with a little bounce and the caster wheels are made of plastic so it can go on hardwood floors without a pad. It's so easy, you don't need a guide, the seat cushion is cheap, and the chair is not adjusted. I missed the lever, but this chair is not adjusted. It does the job and is a decent chair. If you're looking for luxury executive comfort, I wouldn't get this.

2. HomePop K6499 B247 Velvet Swoop Accent

HomePop K6499 B247 Velvet Swoop Accent

The accent chair has a slightly curved back along with side swoop arms to create a comfortable chair that would go perfect with your living room furniture or even bedroom furniture. Their accent chairs for living room, bedroom, and home office are made with a premium easy-to-care-for fabric that is both stylish and durable for a lavish design that is built to last. Their accent chairs with arms and solid wood legs support up to 250 lbs and can be used in either your living room, bedroom, or home office. Most homes have a small accent chair that adds a decorative accent to any room for a luxurious statement. The accent chair with arms is easy to clean with either a vacuum or a soft dry cloth. The accent chair with arms is easy to clean with either a vacuum or a soft dry cloth.

Brand: Homepop

👤The chair is beautiful. Very strong. I have two cats and a 13 year old boy. The color is striking. Everyone loves my new chairs. It's very easy to assemble. I did it myself. I'm a single mom with very little free time and I'm not very clever.

👤The chairs are very nice and the size is perfect.

👤Excellent quality. It was very comfortable. We have used them several months now, and they have held up well. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth. I am short. I added a pillow and it worked out fine.

👤The color is the same. I ignored the reviews that said it was small or uncomfortable because I didn't use it much, but I was glad I did. The chair is very comfortable and supportive. I have wide hips and a heavy bottom and I fit in this chair with room to spare. The navy and gray living room is where this chair fits in. I love this chair. I would buy another if I had more space.

👤It took me a long time to decide on a chair. I wanted a piece from the mid-century and felt like I was taking a risk. It was easy to assemble, comfortable, and affordable, and it went well with the decor of my office. I'm pleased with the purchase and have received several positive feedback.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this chair. I took a chance and was nervous to get chairs online. These are a pretty off white color with a faux linen texture. They're very comfortable and soft, with the added pillow. I screwed the legs on myself in about 20 minutes. Nice and sturdy. I was happy with my purchase.

👤These chairs are wonderful. I decided to go with two chairs instead of a sofa. Really needed this price point. I am into velvet right now. The kitties are not interested in scratching up velvet, so I hope they won't hurt these. I think they are beautiful and like the transitional look. They fit me perfectly. I am 5'4" with short femurs. The standard to large man is a bit small, thus the 4 star for comfort. No one has sat in them other than me yet. A good springy seat that gives when you sit on it but not hard as a rock like so many other write ups have said about other furniture. The springs in the seat allow it to give. If you are looking for something as occasional seating, good-looking, decorative, classy, for a low price point, this is it. The navy blue was balanced out by the cream color.

👤I moved into a house with a small living room and have been looking for 2 chairs. These looked very cute. They are terrible. There was a broken piece on the underside of the seat. I could have reinforced it myself if the rest of the chair had worked. It's pretty much the perfect size for my cat, and they're small. It would be great if they had a place to sit someone. I don't think they could carry more than 200 lbs. They are narrow for anyone with wide hips. On top of that they are very uncomfortable. They feel like you're sitting on something. The back cushion is missing and there is no back support. I don't like having to repack them to get them back. I can't afford to buy something that looks nice and takes up a lot of space.

3. Linon Flokati Armless Office Chair

Linon Flokati Armless Office Chair

The base is chrome. The seat height can be adjusted with a gas lift mechanism. The cushions are padded. 100% Microfiber is the fabric type.

Brand: Linon

👤After only a month, the chair started to look like a shaggy dog that needs grooming. I'm not sure how to fix it. It is too late to return. I might throw it out now. It is very noticeable. It is a joke in my house to get it groomed because it looks nuts.

👤It's perfect to match the fluffy things in my apartment. I am a TERRIBLE builder because it is easy to assemble. Anyone can build this if I can. The chair is great for smaller people. If I gain any weight, I won't fit in this chair. I like the chair.

👤I was impressed. I gambled and bought mine from Amazon Warehouse for $69.00. All the parts arrived. It took no time to assemble. 15 minutes is all it takes to comb out the fur. The chair is a little stiff but hopefully it will get better after breaking it in. I wanted a gold chair. I sprayed it gold because I bought it cheap. It looks great! I am waiting for my white desk to arrive. I will spray the legs with gold.

👤I purchase this chair with my own money. I have a new office in my home. I needed a chair that was feminine. I received a faux float armless office chair. I buy it from Amazon. I have made purchases from them before and have been very satisfied with them. I want to discuss attaching the back of the chair to the bottom. Make sure you line up correctly. My husband helped me with that part. The longer screws are found in the holes close to the back of the chair. The holes further away from the top of the chair have shorter screws. You have to adjust to the situation. The chair is done before and after. I took about an hour to assemble. It should have taken me less time. I call it human error. There is a It is a girl chair. White and furry. Love the shag. The gas lift mechanism adjusts it. The chair has a padded cushion. It is not very comfortable. Cute but not comfortable. I will make it more comfortable. There is a The assembly with the bottom and back of the chair was a little difficult to assemble, but everything else was very easy. The gas lift is a bit jittery going up and down. It is a good chair but not comfortable.

👤Awesome chair. It is matted extremely. I brushed it out after taking a comb. It was hard to put the two pieces together. It's worth it! Cute.

👤I love this chair. It was easy to assemble. I am happy with my purchase, it looks exactly as pictured. I sit on the seat cushion for 8 hours a day, since I work from home. I have to use a lint roller before I go anywhere because the furry fluff falls off and gets on my clothes, which is why the chair is 1 star on comfort.

4. Kendal Traditional Fabric Accent Chair

Kendal Traditional Fabric Accent Chair

The accent chair has clean lines and is contemporary. This chair has a minimalist design and is comfortable to sit in, providing plenty of seating space in any room. The accent chair is generously upholstered, giving it a refined appearance. This provides a smooth texture for this piece. Their wood has a lot of resilience, but it also gives this piece a beautiful natural-grain look. This wood will stand out in any room. There are stepped legs. The chair has elegant legs for a chic look. This piece has two straight front legs and two gently sloped back legs, which makes it a stable structure and a refined look to your home. It's necessary to assemble: This chair requires some assembly. The instructions and tools are included. It's necessary to assemble: This chair requires some assembly. The instructions and tools are included.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤I love my chair. The flowers in this chair are perfect. It accents my living room very well and is what I was looking for. It was easy to assemble.

👤I was hesitant to purchase this chair because of the many reviews, but after receiving it, I was very pleased with my purchase! It was easy to follow and comfortable. I put it in a bedroom. If you're tall and long-legged, the chair will be perfect, if you're shorter, a throw pillow to complement the colors works perfectly.

👤I have had them for a while now. Light weight enough to move around and large enough to make a statement. It's easy to assemble, sturdy and comfortable. I don't like climbing up and out of furniture. My accent chairs are in my living room.

👤I bought 2 of these for my reading device. I needed dark blue for my color scheme. They are perfect. Light and dark gray are also present. I bought them for decor and won't be sitting for more than an hour. I put them together.

👤The bolts to put the chair together were missing. Send a message about the missing parts. I am not sure if they will be sent. Very disappointed. This review needs to be updated. My daughter was able to assemble the chair after finding the bolts in the box. She is very happy with the comfort and strength. It was easy to assemble once the bolts were found.

👤The print is very vivid. The fabric is strong. When you sit down, your feet are on the floor and your back is supported. It matches my accent.

👤Had not considered Amazon for furniture, but it was a great value. Amazon knows how to put on a sale. The Pandemic Project hurt the inside of my house. I hid what I wanted while looking for an accent chair. I look at the Black Friday Deals every day. It was easy to assemble, I put it together in 30 minutes. The fabric is beautiful. It was bold but not overpowering. I am so happy I made this purchase.

👤It's very easy to assemble, but be sure to follow the instructions to make sure the back piece is tight. I bought two and thought "I got this" on the second one. You need to flip it and drop it. It makes a difference in the strength. We love them! It was very comfortable.

👤The product arrived undamaged. The chairs were purchased for our family room. Our blue wall has a perfect colour to it. They were easy to put together and perfect for the space. The side table is the perfect size.

👤These are pretty looking. The grey is hard to match but it's still pretty. I had to redo the chair I put the legs on backwards for because it was easy to assemble. They are not really comfortable. It's more than a piece of furniture. I expected that for the price. Why do accent chairs cost so much? I think it's not the right time to get into that. I'll get some pillows to make the sitting experience better. The sitting area is too long and my legs aren't the right size. They're just high enough that people won't ask about it.

5. Flash Furniture Shaggy Light Accent

Flash Furniture Shaggy Light Accent

This chair is for people who don't use the words "traditional" and "conventional". If you want to liven things up, you could even take this chair to the office. Light pink, shaggy upholstery, molded back and seat with fire retardant foam. The wooden legs have metal bracing. The weight capacity. The accent chair is designed for commercial use. The overall size is 18.5"W x 21"D x 34"H. Back Size: 11 W x 16 H. The overall size is 18.5"W x 21"D x 34"H. Back Size: 11 W x 16 H.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤It's easy to put together. Absolutely adorable!

👤This is so cute that I was excited for it. I thought it would be sturdy and well packaged because it was $70 for one chair. Maybe my expectations need to be lowered when it comes to Amazon. I got a single screw for four legs. I went to Home Depot to buy the other 3. When I get home to try to put it together again, one of the holes where the screw goes in is not working. I will have to return the package which is a huge hassle and I will try to have them send another one. It is cute.

👤Can't use it because of that. No noise! I should have read the other reviews. Random orders don't get their hardware. Nobody returns crap to Amazon if you have to return it for a full refund. This chair is not usable. There is a It sheds like crazy. I took it out of the box and it looked like I hugged a pink cat as I have fuzz all over me.

👤I was skeptical when I ordered this because everyone said it was short. I was comfortable with the dimensions, but I was concerned by the reviews. This is perfect. It is a great height for my desk and it looks adorable in my office. Definitely would but again.

👤I bought this for my daughter's room. The color is off, but it is easy to assemble. It's not as bright as a coral. Whatever. She was happy with it.

👤This chair fits in my room and I love it. If you sit in this chair a lot, a seat cover or a cheap dog brush might be needed. I only sit in this chair for 10 hours a week, and it has lasted a year. I have to tighten the bolts underneath the chair if I want to sit down. I am very weak and it is hard for me to get the bolts tight, so this might not be because of the manufacturing. I would probably never have to do this again if I asked my dad to fix it.

👤Product has tools that you can't use. The holes for screws don't match up.

👤The chair is short. I was expecting it to be taller but it is not. I know it isn't drawn to scale. I think it would be small. It is not worth 77 dollars.

6. Flash Furniture White Plastic Chair

Flash Furniture White Plastic Chair

The accent and party chair has a wooden base with a plastic seat. It's ideal for the dining table, living room, library or as a desk chair. The chair has floor glides. The molded construction has a waterfall seat edge. Modern style is accepted in many settings. Overall Size: 18.25"W x 22.5"D x 31.5"H, Seat Size: 18.25"W x 15"D x 17.5"H, and Back Size: 16"W x 15"H. Overall Size: 18.25"W x 22.5"D x 31.5"H, Seat Size: 18.25"W x 15"D x 17.5"H, and Back Size: 16"W x 15"H.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤The design is very attractive. Assembly instructions were not included in the chair. It feels like the thing is about to fall backward when I lean back in the chair. It hasn't fallen or collapsed in the time I've owned it.

👤The chair took over a week longer than was stated. The packaging was terrible. The box had holes in it and the tape was barely holding it closed. The chair and base were not protected from scratching. The box didn't include the hardware to assemble the legs. I've checked the box 3 times to make sure, and each time it was empty.

👤What type of company sends you furniture that is not assembled? The chair was young. There were 2 types of bolts and rounded rubber pieces in the box. No instructions at all. I watched a video on how to assemble the chair after searching on the internet. It was easy, but written instructions would have been nicer. The chair is sturdy so far.

👤A lot of reviews mention that the chair comes with no instructions. You don't need anything. It comes in two pieces, the plastic chair and the legs, which are all attached in one piece, so all you have to do is put the rubber pieces in the 4 holes on the bottom of the chair and screw in the 4 bolts with the Allen wrench they provide. Simple. It took me 60 seconds to do it. The chair is sturdy and comfortable.

👤It's horrible. The box was destroyed. There were about 2,000 screws in the box. The pieces of the chair are scratched. There was not a single piece of instructions in the box. It is like someone threw a box of scrap metal in and shipped it.

👤It's pretty good for the price. The legs didn't line up because some of the holes weren't drilled correctly. The one that was drilled was very strong. A comfortable chair is needed for a simple office desk. I put a fluffy throw over my bed and it's very comfortable.

👤The chair was purchased for an 8 year old child. The chair was received in excellent condition. Despite the recent Pandemic, packaged and shipped well. The fit and finish was acceptable, but not perfect. It was very easy to assemble. The chair proved to be more comfortable than expected. A 140 lbs adult can sit.

👤Beware. This does not come with instructions. It was easy to figure it out. If you aren't good at puzzle and problem solving, this may not be the chair for you. You should be able to do it if you are able to figure it out. There is a I was looking for a small space in a living room and it was perfect once it was assembled. Nobody over 135 pounds has sat in it yet. A throw over the back and a pillow make this look classy.

7. Signature Design Ashley Office Program

Signature Design Ashley Office Program

This chair is made with all the right support and has a sleek sense of style. The seat is made of a metal and plastic base with a smooth, rolling caster wheels for easy movement and a comfortable seat made of faux leather. The classic nucleus. This chair is finished in a classic black color, so it won't be an issue to match with your furniture. Hardware and tools are included. Also, note: The hardware in these chairs is located in a red hardware bag that is attached to an orange hardware ribbon that extends to the outside of the carton. Direct from the manuFACTURER. In a timely manner, the extra mile is taken to package, protect and deliver your purchase by the company. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. For every taste and budget, the trusted source for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses was designed and manufactured by the company.

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

👤The chair I ordered was based on the good reviews here. It's not worth four or five stars. The seat has very little padding. The back is inflexible. The front of the chair slopes forward so it should be called a task chair. It's uncomfortable for your lower back as it pulls your hips and sitting bones forward and strains your thighs and hamstrings, but for some reason it's supposed to be correct. The position is similar to driving a car, with your knees slightly higher than your hips. It will keep me from spending too long at the computer.

👤The chair has a small footprint and good caster. I didn't like the fact that I got a backache after sitting in it for a few hours. The leather bubbled up after 2 months. I got rid of it.

👤The chair is not at a 90 angle. Your butt slides off when it slants down.

👤I like the look of this chair. I have a minimalist decor in my office. The gas shock used to adjust height gave out after just over a month of modest use. I'm 5'10 and 180 pounds. I would update my review if customer service could help, because the chair is great.

👤The chair is tilted forward because they put it together wrong. It's funny how many bad reviews were written because they didn't know how to put the chair together. I had it wrong the first time, but quickly realized what I did. There is nothing wrong with the chair. I almost didn't buy it because of the bad reviews. I am glad I bought it.

👤I was a little nervous but I am very happy with this chair. It's easy to put together. The base is a strong metal and the wheels are plastic. It looks and feels good. There is a The chair is small for a task chair, but it is decent size. It is a task chair. Not a full size chair. It was unfair to knock it down. It's perfect for a teenager or anyone who just has an informal office, and I bought it for my son's room. I'm going to buy another one for my other sons room.

👤I used a stability ball for my desk before purchasing this chair. I loved working out. It made my back very tired. I was looking for a chair that could slide under my desk. Also supplied a comfortable chair. I have a nice desk and this chair is very nice. There is a This chair is easy to assemble and sturdy, and my boyfriend agrees, it is easy to clean, because we have a dog. There is no way to recline, so I wish it had arm rests.

👤I purchased this chair from the same company that sells the standard dining chair version and thought it would be comfortable. I was wrong. I have no issues with the look of the chair, but I do have some issues with the lack of comfort. After a few minutes my lower back hurts and there is no way I can sit on this chair for any length of time, because the seat pitches a bit forward. It has no padding on the seat. I have to think about how I need to get out of this chair because it is killing my back, instead of being able to focus on my work. I will have my nine year old try virtual school for the first time at his desk and see what he thinks. Maybe it will be ok for a young child. I suggest you look for a different chair.

8. Roundhill Furniture Botticelli Armless Contemporary

Roundhill Furniture Botticelli Armless Contemporary

The fabric for the upholstery is Classic Chevron. Ready to assemble. The legs are covered in espresso. The tight upholstery is made to last a long time. It's made of wood and has a solid foundation. Grey and White is the upholstery color. The seat and back are padded. The graffiti design is a nice touch. The set up has a width of 23.25" and a depth of 18.75". The photo may be different from the actual item due to the lighting. The photo may be different from the actual item due to the lighting.

Brand: Roundhill Furniture

👤My wife uses the chair for both working at her desk and watching TV in the bedroom. The chair looks good. There was a gob of wood at the bottom of one leg, but it wasn't noticeable when assembled. I was fortunate that I was sent the wrong assembly manual because it was easy to assemble. It took me a while to figure out that I was not missing any parts and that the instructions were for a different model chair. The chair is comfortable and will hold up over time. We give it 5 stars for attractiveness, style, ease of assembly, and comfort. I gave it 3 stars for the wood, but I was not disappointed since it is a great value. The conclusion is that this is a 4 star product, especially when you consider the price.

👤I purchased these chairs for style and bargain because they were for my office and I had a budget to consider. One of the third-party sellers on here sold the chair for $20 cheaper than a competitor site but had a 1 chair per customer limit. I bought a single chair from that seller. There is a They all arrived on the same day. The boxes and chairs are all the same. When you are buying mass-produced products from a factory in China, you should expect some inconsistencies in the chairs. There is a The instructions show two bolts to secure the front leg and two bolts to secure the seat to the backing. There are bolts that secure the seat to the chair. I couldn't get a bolt to fit into the back of the chair because there were two rows of bolts. I started right to left to secure after starting each strew. The last screw I put in to each chair could not be fully secured, even if it was the top or bottom row. There are five other screws on the chair, so it doesn't seem to have an effect on its stability. I'm pretty sure the screw isn't going in because the hole wasn't drilled correctly in production, even though a sheet was enclosed to request replacement parts. Three of the four chairs have a shortened leg that makes them rock when you sit down or stand up. The chair backs against the wall are more noticeable. The felt furniture stickers on the bottom are not perfect, but they keep the legs from scratching the floor. I don't think I would use them often, because they look nice in my office's lobby when someone has to wait.

👤The chairs are comfortable. Sturdy and easy to put together. The price was the selling point as these chairs are usually more expensive than what I paid. It almost feels like you are sitting on cardboard when you sit down. There is a layer of cardboard above the foam. I don't know if there is but it feels like it. We use ours as more decorative as no one sits in the room so I cannot testify to their real comfort. I put some Scotch guard on them before I assembled. I would recommend that because there was no staining with that.

9. Linon OC050FLOK01U Chair Chrome

Linon OC050FLOK01U Chair Chrome

A metal frame with a chrome base. The office addition is very eye catching. There is a faux fur seat and back. The seat height can be adjusted to 17 or 20. The silver chrome is easy to use. The seat has a dimensions of 17W x 17.5D x 5.5H. The seat has a dimensions of 17W x 17.5D x 5.5H.

Brand: Linon

👤Cute! The bottom gold is spray painted.

👤The chair is easy to assemble. I use her as a work chair when I work from home, but her best use is as my cat's nap spot, she leaps into her whenever I get up. I was worried about my plus-sized behind, but she handles me just fine. Get lots of praise on her.

👤The chair is cute. It is for short term sitting and not long term. I removed the plastic from the box and sat in the chair to assemble it. It feels like a board. You can feel the board under the fur. I am not going to make it. I will return it tomorrow. This is perfect if you want something cute but not overly functional.

👤I bought this chair 3/2020 to replace my old computer chair and wanted something aesthetic to go with my current set up. I attached a picture of the chair for reference. The chair has my thoughts on it. There is a It's not as bad as some reviewers have said. If you plan to use it and spend a lot of time at your desk, I recommend you have adequate back support. I spend most of my time playing games and doing digital art, and I sit like a character from Lord of the Rings. The chair is relatively comfortable most of the time. I'm a small framed short woman. My curvy sisters may find this chair hard to use. The chair can be warm on hot summer days, but it's not too cold in the winter. There is a After a year of use, the chair is sturdy and I have not had it wiggle or wobble. This is great, considering how hard golem sitting is. This chair is very easy to nap in, like all fuzzy furniture. Maintenance is needed to keep it looking good. My cats have their claws in it. If a crumb is dropped on the fur, it will destroy it. Is this chair a replica? I recommend buying a large wire pet brush to combat this. I brush my chair once a week to keep the mess to a minimum. It will fall down. There will be a lot of hair in the brush, but I promise as long as you don't assault the chair with the wire brush, it will be fine. If the fur on the seat doesn't come out with a good brushing, I will usually wipe it down with a damp rag and let it dry overnight. There is a The chair is great but not for everyone. If you're not into grooming chairs, I suggest looking elsewhere. If the upkeep sounds worth it, I recommend this chair. I think it's worth the money.

👤This isn't white, off white, it's not even pink. It's class! I would rather sit on a pile of bricks. It was cheap. Don't waste money or time.

👤Our daughter wanted a new desk chair for her birthday, so we allowed her to shop around for one. After discussing it with mom and dad, we agreed to use this one. She raced to meet the delivery guy in the driveway after he brought it. The package is easy to assemble and lightweight enough for a 10 year old to carry on their own. She had collected the tools and assembled them before dad finished making his cup of coffee. If a 10 year old could figure it out in a few minutes without the instructions, it's not hard for anyone. There is a It's very comfortable for a kid, and it's sturdy. It's not very comfortable for adults, but the back support and light padding are very spot on for kids. She hasn't had any problems with the roller wheels. There is a The image shows a peach- pink color, but it's not a bad thing that the color is a pink side. You're not getting the specific color in the image if you're looking for it. There is a The faux fur fabric needs to be brushed once in a while to get the clean look back, and it does shed a little when doing so, so keep that in mind. You need to brush out the chair once or twice a week if you're ok with it.

10. HON Wave Mid Back Chair Adjustable

HON Wave Mid Back Chair Adjustable

Budget friendly. These office chairs are of the highest quality so you can stretch your furniture dollar while working in comfort. Pull up to your computer desk, take a break with this five-star base and durable wheels, and collaborate with your teammate, or wheel over to the snack area for a quick break. It's hard mid back. They use only high-quality materials to keep your chair rolling for years, but they also have a 5-year limited warranty in case something goes wrong. Adaptable arms: These arms are adjusted to fit your body and give you a break from your neck and back. HON is backed by a lifetime warranty and a network of dealers, so you can rest assured that you are buying quality furniture that is more than a practical solution.

Brand: Hon

👤Down to 2 stars. The arm rests are not the best things about this chair. They creek and groan from the cheap plastic parts rubbing against each other. If you are on a phone call, you have to either not move or take your arms off, you will have a noise on your call. These things are like no other chair I've owned. The noise of the arm rests outweighs everything else and I am very grateful for it being as comfortable as the other reviews state. Down to 3 stars is an updated review. The arm rests make a lot of noise and are more difficult to sit in than any other chair. I rest my arms a lot in the chair. I don't like the sound of plastic rubbing on plastic as it's not a solid fit on either one. The chair is comfortable, but not great for sitting for long hours, but it's solidly built and not bad for sitting. It's not a $3K chair that makes you want to sit, but it is well-built, easy to assemble, and a solid chair for a reasonable price. It works well on a chair mat. I miss some of the support from more involved chairs, but you won't get warm or sweat from a heavy leather chair. I am leery but this is not a fake or cheap chair. HON is a good brand and stands behind what they sell. The basyx is recommended by HON.

👤The first one I got was a few years old and worked for me for a couple more years. It's comfortable. The arm was deteoriated a bit and a weld broke on the bottom of it. The second one seems to be the same quality as the first one, and it beat the more expensive chair I tried first.

👤This chair is mostly used outside. The comfort of the chair is of paramount importance to her. She had a hard time finding a chair that would allow her to sit for twelve hours a day. Hon seems to be one of the best chair manufacturers, she did a lot of research to find out. She is very happy with the chair. The adjustment features suit her perfectly when she is trying to find a comfortable position. The quality of the chair is very good, and the comfort has been great so far. If the long term satisfaction with the chair remains high, it will be seen. I expect the chair to be comfortable and good quality.

👤The adjustability leaves a little to be desired, but it is better than a budget chair, and the seat feels short, but it is pushing you off of it. It rolls very quickly. It's difficult to stay stable on it. I'll keep because it's too much of a hassle to leave and it does the job. I probably paid too much.

👤I thought this chair was a great deal for the price, but after a while I felt like I was paying for something. It is well built but has some problems. The good first. There is a Good: It has a mesh back to prevent sweating and a soft cushion bottom which does a good job of covering your farts. There is a The rest of the arm rests is hard plastic, so if you lay your arms across it, it hurts. The seat does not go down very far with the adjustment so people shorter than 5'5" might not get their feet to touch the ground, the mesh on the seat cushion traps dirt and crumbs, and it's hard to get them out, and the seat cushion is not very comfortable. The design and manufacturing of the seat and back support is poor. There is a It's a good chair, but not great. It's worth it if you want to save money. If you want something really good, spend more.

11. Serta Ergonomic Cushioning Chrome Finished 360 Degree

Serta Ergonomic Cushioning Chrome Finished 360 Degree

There are two things: sylish and function. A combination of chic design and comfort. SigningATURE SERTA COMFORT: The arms and seat have memory foam cushions. Fit your space. There are a variety of users in height-adjustable settings. The temperature is at least 350 degrees SWIVEL: The base is chrome-finished and has height control. ROLLING BASE Casters are easy to use. ROLLING BASE Casters are easy to use.

Brand: Serta

👤I am looking at 3 different materials. The leather was ordered in gray, cream, and blush pink. I review the seats. They are comfortable and look good. As expected, the cream shows more wear and tear. I gave 3 stars because I would recommend it. There is a I don't recommend the seats in blush pink. We knew pink would show more dirt, but these are worse than we thought. After only a few months, the twill material is falling apart and looking very run down. You can see what I am referring to by including pictures. They are not worth it, so we wish we didn't get them. Assembly was very easy. I wouldn't recommend paying for them to be assembled.

👤The Pros. The chair is made of material that I like. If you are wearing shorts and sitting on a leather chair, you won't get that sticky feeling. It breathes better in warm or humid situations. There is no pain from the pressure on the underside of your legs when you sit long periods. I wanted the armrests but for them not to get in the way of my arms, these are wide and out of the way. The ikea desk has a flat surface with no drawer or thickness and the armrests fit under it. If that will be the case for you, see the clearance specifications in the listing photos. The complete specifications are helpful in determining how this chair will fit in an existing desk setup. I wouldn't want the chair if it wasn't under my desk. It is stylish. I am using it in an apartment that will also be used for a rental and I wanted something that would make it feel like a hotel room. This works. It tilts and has a knob to adjust the tension of the tilt, or it can be locked to prevent tilt. It comes with great instructions, the only tool you need to assemble is with it, and it is a quality tool with a comfortable handle. It was easy to put together, compared to any other chair I have had. The back is under my shoulders. This allows me to twist stretch in a way that a high back wouldn't. I can put my elbow on the chair back to stretch my shoulders and back in a way that I hadn't thought of before, and I am grateful for that. There is a Cons. There is no headrest, that is the only real con. I have a chair that I think I might want, but since I have it, I have not thought twice about it. The chair is very comfortable. If I was so tired that I needed to lay my head back, it would be hard to type. I don't think the chair style would look right with a headrest. Additional information. I didn't receive a discount or be paid for the review. I needed a stylish chair that looked like it belonged in a hotel room but worked for me for long hours of sitting and working, I was sold on this one over a few others I had been stalking on Amazon because of the memory foam cushion with coils, design, and tilt. This looked like the cushier between this and the other Serta. There is a There is a There were some mill scruff/scratches on the chrome star base of the chair. I spoke with Rio, who was really helpful and nice, after I called the service department. She immediately sent out a replacement. The seat cushion has a strip on top of it to hold it in place, but after a few weeks of use it seems to slide out. The one on the base seems to line up perfectly with the one on the strip. These minor bugs are expected in a newer line of chairs. Service has been awesome so far and far exceeded the minor issues. I will contact the seller to inquire about this. The wooden campaign desk I am using is from World Market. I was sent a replacement seat cushion after contacting customer service. I'm enjoying the chair. I'm going to get the beige Serta in the future and use it with my thicker desk. It has a half-arm that will allow the chair to slide under my desk at a higher elevation. There was a new update on 7/19/2017. I had to get a pillow to make the chair more upright because of the way the back isangled in a slight lean back configuration. Sometimes I use the lumbar pillow and other times I use the other one, but only for a few days or a week at a time. It's like laying in bed, no one position is comfortable after a while. I think they could have put a little more padding in the back rest area, but it seems less than they did for the seat cushion. I might remove a star for this reason. I'm thinking of getting another Serta chair and taking the wheels off this one.


What is the best product for decorative chair for desk?

Decorative chair for desk products from Hbada. In this article about decorative chair for desk you can see why people choose the product. Homepop and Linon are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative chair for desk.

What are the best brands for decorative chair for desk?

Hbada, Homepop and Linon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative chair for desk. Find the detail in this article. Christopher Knight Home, Flash Furniture and Signature Design By Ashley are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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