Best Decorative Chair Mat for Carpet

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1. Hardwood Thickest ChairOffice ChairCushion 80x80x0 15cm

Hardwood Thickest ChairOffice ChairCushion 80x80x0 15cm

Wood floor protectors, computer mats, and office mats are all used in a Multipurpose Use. Hard floors include vinyl, stone, tile, woodlaminate and concrete. The chair mat is very flexible and designed to give added ease of movement, it reduces leg fatigue by taking the strain off your legs. Please put the side up. There is no gap between the mat and the floor. Your chair cushion will not slip because of low friction. Help to protect your floor from scratches and damage caused by office chair Casters. It is convenient for people who move around in their office chair. The chair cushions are made of soft materials that are easy to clean, and are strong and durable. It is easy to clean.

Brand: Xiyuan

👤The folds don't come out even with heat or steam, so it's not as thin as it could be. The photos on the sales page show furniture that is manipulated. My wheels roll off and hang up on the lip constantly, due to my size. Measure, measure, measure. Sellers who use stock photography should never rely on images from them. The chair in my pic is a standard American one.

👤I thought the round mat would be a bit bigger, it works out great for my office space. It looked bigger in the photo to me. The only reason I gave a 4Star rating was that my computer chair fits perfectly. It's still a great purchase. I'm okay with it.

👤My chair was always slipping backwards and I bought this pad to stop it. My chair has not moved since I put down the pad. It would be an understatement to say I love it.

👤I thought it would make it easier to sit in my chair. I was wrong. It's too small. It was hard to move on the carpet before I got stuff on it. It's not worth the time or money.

👤It is a little small. I knew the size when I ordered. It does the job and protects my floor.

👤Comes in quarters. The rug does not hold vess. I don't think it's good quality.

2. ES Robbins Everlife Floor Chair

ES Robbins Everlife Floor Chair

It protects hard floor surfaces from caster damage. The mat is held securely in place by the textured underside. A clear vinyl design with light surface texture is ideal for rolling. A large surface area is ideal for "L", "U" and corner style desks. (Lip 12”x20) The anti-skid texture on the underside reduces mat movement. The GreenGUARD Indoor Air Quality is certified.

Brand: Es Robbins

👤This is a piece of plastic that is very expensive. There is no romance in a floor mat, it is a functional object that we must put up with as part of our extravagant and care-free rolly chair-having lives. The floor mats seem bombproof. It's made in the USA and it's large. Get out the measuring tape if you think this mat is too large. You might be surprised. This mat is large, but it's not excessive for a typical desk. By the way, mine was shipped rolled up. It is completely flattened out after 2 months of use. It will flatten down over time, so don't worry about how it looks when it arrives. Is it worth the money? If you're in your chair for more than 8 hours a day, you don't really have many other good choices in this product category.

👤The chair mats are pretty good. It is close to impossible to remove the large black sticker that is on them. It's large and black and close to impossible to remove. Is that something I mentioned? Since there is an aftermath of stickers that can't be removed, no matter how much product is used, it is impossible to remove them. These mats have 3 stickers on them. One came off easily, but the other required more elbow grease. Was there? The sticker was large. You have a pretty decent looking mat that covers your floor with a sticker shadow. Order away if this doesn't bother you.

👤The office is in the home which has all hardwood floors. I ordered this chair mat because I could already see the effect of my office chair rolling over the floor. I can easily move the chair from the desk to the credenza because it protects my floor. It stays in place, but I sometimes have to adjust it due to the movement of my chair. I haven't had to move it more than half an inch. I don't think it would last, but I see no reason why it wouldn't. Even though the mat is large, it arrived in a flat box. There is a The chair mat is good for use on hardwood floors.

👤I work from home on a tile floor with large lines. This might be a challenge. I can't feel the gaps in the chair mat, but it helps provide a smooth rolling surface. It has a very low profile, but a light texture top, so that I'm not sliding all over while trying to remain still. I was able to get into the office because the mat came rolled up and was easy to carry through my house. The instructions to unroll the mat were provided once out of the box. It took me a little bit of weight around the corners for it to be flattened. This is a great purchase.

👤I like the mat. I didn't like how I received it. Works as advertised. There is a Getting this large item into a box for shipping may be a challenge. I have 3 large "speed bumps" in the mat because they folded it over several times. I have spent a lot of time flattening it and it seems to be doing the trick. I haven't been able to resolve the issue of Amazon putting my invoice label on the mat itself, instead of the printed paper version in the box. The sticker is difficult to remove because it has a lot of stuff on it. There is a Over all. I like the mat. I wish it was rolled up instead of folded because there were no stickers added to it.

3. Lorell Tempered Glass Chair 82833

Lorell Tempered Glass Chair 82833

You and your satisfaction are their priority. If you find any damage or don't like your Lesonic Chair Mat, please contact their seller support. For your convenience, they are available 24/7. The material is scratch-resistant and provides long- lasting protection. The construction supports up to 1,000 lbs. Simple upkeep is possible with the easy-to-clean design. It can be used on any floor type. There is a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Lorell

👤I dropped a steel thing on the desk chair mat. I should have thought about this before the event. I make jewelry that is stamped. I dropped one of my alphabet stamps on it. The stamp is 2.5” long by 1/2 wide and weighs about 3 ounces. This is proof that this is genuine glass. The entire mat broke like ice while I was sitting in the chair. Good product. I chose the wrong use.

👤This product is excellent if you want a glass chair mat. It came well packaged for me. There are some things you should know. The quality of the glass seems to be very high. I'm not worried about breaking it because it's thick. If placed on a solid floor, I think it can handle over 500 lbs. I wouldn't risk that much weight on a carpeted floor. The edges are finished. High quality manufacturing. There is a It's on the bigger size, which is what I wanted. There were some reviews that said this was a negative. I think my computer desk is a standard size and full width. The mat fits between the legs of my desk. If you're using a "compact desk", this won't fit between the legs. There is a There is a floor. The description didn't say anything about it. I almost threw them out because I didn't see them at first, but just make sure you find them in the package. The feet are large because the pen is for scale. The feet are pretty thin (1/16" I believe) and there are 4 in each baggie. I don't think they are the ideal feet for carpet, but I think they will be perfect for a hard flooring surface. The product images show the most efficient places in the 4 corners, which the instructions don't suggest. I don't know if the 8 were included as backups or a mistake, but I think they should be in the middle of the mat to help take some pressure off of the center if you are heavier. Use on carpet. The mat on the carpet did a good job of shifting around and hitting the edges of my desk once a week or so, but I didn't see these feet coming. I noticed that the carpet was being crushed. I found some feet that were taller than I was and seem to be doing well. I have noticed that even with these taller feet, the glass seems to collect some water. When I moved the mat, it felt like the carpet was damp. This is not in a wet basement in the north during the summer. If you're using on carpet, my advice is to pick the mat up once a week or so, and let the area air out a little. There is a For those with skateboard wheels on their office chairs. The material of these wheels is very strong and grips the glass really well. It's hard to roll around and pivot because they grip the glass so firmly. The plastic wheels that came with the chair are still an improvement over the skateboard, but it's really annoying. I've tried putting some types of lubricants on the wheels and glass, but they don't last long, and the best I've found so far is pledge. This isn't the fault of the mat at all, it's just something to be aware of in this scenario, because you'll probably find it annoying too! I may have gone for a rubber mat instead of glass. There is a If you happen to read this, I would suggest that you do some R&D on some carpet specific feet. The surface looks like a bunch of "pyramids" to create a really grippy/biting texture without using a sandpaper type texture that may "sand" the carpet and that will also be taller than the current thin feet included to aid. There is a I think it's an excellent buy and I'm very happy with the price.

4. Resilia Carpet Protector Office Inches

Resilia Carpet Protector Office Inches

It's not recommended to use it on hard floors because of the risk of slip and fall. Flexible mat won't tear, crack, curl, break, scratch or discolor; works well on looped, berber, saxony, and sheered carpets; material may bend if under excessive pressure. It's any space. A variety of sizes and colors are available to complement any home or office. When used over a commercial grade carpet, mats perform best. The chair's wheels will not be able to move freely if the carpet or padding is deeper. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Made of recycled, phthalate-free and eco-friendly vinyl; does not contain any Prop 65 regulated contaminants. Made in the USA is a family owned and operated business.

Brand: Resilia

👤Don't waste your money if you complete POS. Thin, cheap, wrinkled beyond belief...

👤It would have been nicer if it had been thicker. It is thin and leaves a mark on the wheel. The chair can't move smoothly because of the material. It doesn't seem to be durable.

👤I read and searched for a long time before buying this product. I was hoping for the best after reading reviews from people who said they did not get the horrible indentations after placing these on different levels of carpet. Wrong! I have three desks so I bought three mats. I weighed in at over 120 pounds, but after about an hour, I had to grab the arms of my chair and hop with it to get it out of the holes I had sunk into. See the photos. I had to raise my bottom off of the seat so that I could lift the chair and go back to my desk. There is a My boyfriend is over 200 pounds. His chair was locked in place because of the deep grooves in the surface of it. I am not sure if anyone can relate, but he pushes away from his desk by pushing his hands against it. I can't include photos from his experience, but I can say that he removed the mat with language. We had just moved into our new house when I missed the return window. I regret my purchase and would advise anyone against it. We are hopeful that we can use them in our garage.

👤This was ordered for our home office. The chair on the mat had wheels. Tracks were left in the mat when the user sat in the chair because it wasn't firm enough to support the weight. The mat is more effective when used on a low pile carpet. I believe in rating products based on their features. I am not going to lower the rating because we didn't meet our needs with the carpet we had. I think it would work well on a low-pile carpet.

👤The chair mat was rolled up with the help of recommendations to weight the corners to help it lay flat. It worked better for me to roll it up in the opposite direction and then weight it flat overnight. The mat is light in weight. I have some concern over the long term. The carpet is protected from direct compression and dragging by chairs rolling on it.

👤The design is fine, the construction is soft and my chair doesn't roll as well as it did on my older one, the lip is a bit too soft. There are some marks on the mat. I have only had it a couple of weeks and I'm not sure if it's durable.

👤The product is not faulty, but I needed a mat that would work on deep carpet and this was not it. I have to replace it in the correct spot every now and then, because my chair rolls off of it. Again, I don't think it's the fault of the mat, just the buyer.

5. Homek Office Chair Carpeted Floors

Homek Office Chair Carpeted Floors

The Homek desk chair mat for carpet is ideal for protecting carpeted floors from wear and damage caused by chair legs. The thick and sturdy office chair mat is strong enough to protect your carpet floors. The floor chair mat has a studded backing to grip the carpet firmly. The office floor mat has an anti skid surface that makes chair movement easy. Eco friendly. A healthy indoor environment is free from volatile toxins. The chair mat is transparent so that the beauty of your carpet floor can be seen.

Brand: Homek

👤The size works well in the area we are using it in, but it is not very durable and is already getting dips, almost holes after 2 weeks of use. It does not move on the carpet. I wouldn't recommend for constant use.

👤I bought 2 of them. They can't get them to lie flat. I cut one of my fingers trying to unroll it after following instructions. I will not buy from this seller again. The product was misrepresented.

👤The product arrived on time. It was tightly rolled and flattened out quickly. It doesn't shift on the carpet. I don't think it's thick enough for a carpet. I always thought of my carpet as low pile, but they have a different definition. When I sit in the chair, the mat depresses into the carpet and mat, making it difficult to roll out. It is an effort to move and just a small adjustment causes me to go back into the depression. I was hoping for a smooth roll, but it isn't.

👤It's perfectly flat and thick. After flattening it out, it is not noticeable. Negative reviews about how it can't be unrolled should stop. Think of this as a mouth guard. Plastic holds shaped after heating, so all you need to do is leave it out in the sun or grab a hair dryer. After warming a spot up, simply remove the heat and press/ hold it flat for a few seconds to set the flat shape. It will conform to bumps and will flatten out perfectly. You can't tell because I also cut it down. Score it with a razor blade a few times, bend it away from the cut, and then bend it back towards you. I will buy again.

👤Very thin. There are claims to be designed for carpet. Not at all. It might work well on hardwood floors. The product is terrible. I will spend more money to replace it. Too much of a pain in the rear to re-roll.

👤The mat works. The chair has large plastic divets. I don't think it will last long. For the price, it is good. Do not step on the mat in socks. When we walked over the mat in our bedroom, my husband and I almost fell because we wore only socks. Wear good footwear when using this mat because it is very slippery.

👤I use a chair with rollers on it and it sunk into the plastic after a few minutes. When I try to move, my feet slip on the plastic and I wear socks. The product was very disappointing.

👤It is hard to roll a chair on thin office carpet. Too emotional. I should have bought a better mat. When it arrived in a small box, I should have known.

👤This might be a key element of the product, as numbers are starting to come off.

6. Deflecto EconoMat Rectangle Straight CM2E442FCOM

Deflecto EconoMat Rectangle Straight CM2E442FCOM

ChairMat, Wood Floor protectors,Computer/ Office Mat are all used in a Multipurpose Use. Hard floors include vinyl, stone, tile, wood, laminate and concrete. If you need a carpet mat, please see it. Their EconoMat chair mat is clear and will prevent wear and tear on your chair. It's perfect for daily usage at home, office or any commercial environment. The non studded bottom surface has superior, non skidding gripping power over hard surface floors. Straight edge allows seamless transition from chair mat to hard floor. Free and Clear is a formula that promotes a healthy work environment.

Brand: Deflecto

👤I see 3 major concerns and will offer my two cents on those topics. The mat comes tightly rolled, that's how they ship it to you for a low cost. Flat-shipping mats are available in other places, but with shipping that can be over $100 for one mat. I bought this for $51 and it is now $43. It took 3 days to completely flatten out for that price. I had no issues with the mat in my apartment in the winter, it was flat in 3 days. I have mine on the floor. I can get it to move half an inch if I start running and jump on the mat. I have 2 legs of a desk on it. I can't take off points for this because I don't think any equivalent product would do better here. The carpet mats with spikes don't work on hardwood floors. The mat is 1.62mm thick and I used a digital caliper to measure it. I think this is a solid middle ground because thicker would create more of an even surface and thinner would be less durable. I have had my chair for over a month and I don't see any marks. I was worried that the dragging would cause problems, but this mat has held up well. There is a I still want to mention it, even though it isn't discussed as much by other reviewers. I have the larger version. I don't think going smaller would be a good idea. Smaller mats seem like you would roll them off of them if you wanted enough space to tuck your chair into your desk. I like the version without the lip because I think it keeps it from sliding. There is a For twice the price, you might be able to get something marginally better, but this is 5 out of 5 stars from me and I am pleased with the quality and price.

👤I bought the product at the local big box office store. The mat was smaller and more expensive than this one. I decided to give this one a try because it was the perfect size for my home office. It's big for rolling around behind a large desk, and it keeps chair noise down, which is important for people who use speakerphone often. I got it out of the box, rolled it, and then shipped it. I put it in a roll for about an hour. I put the mat in my office. It was flat. Love it.

👤The law is called Design Flaw. There is a The thing never went completely flat. I tried to leave it in the sun for a few days, rolling it backwards and then leaving it in the hair dryer for a few hours. Nothing would make it lie flat. It's so soft at the edges that every piece of pet hair, dust, etc goes under it when I roll over it. About half the time, my wheels get hung up on my chair. I have to get up out of the chair and roll it around to the side of the mat that is flatTER. Quality. Have you ever used a cheap plastic cutting board? The ones where one side is shiny and the other is not? Yeah? Imagine a plastic cutting board under your desk. You have it. There is a health hazard. There is a Oh. Let's not forget about the toes. I shuffle my feet like a zombie and walk around this thing like a duck. I have to assume that's what it is, with how many times I TRIPPED on the edge of this thing and went flying, or jammed my toes/toenails into the edge of it and curled up mewling into a fetal position, afraid to look at There is a It slides around. It's probably because of the lint and pet hair. Think of a sledding hill as a family vacation, but instead of sitting on a sled you're walking, yawning and drinking a cup of coffee. There is an electricCTION notice. SERVED. There is a It's protecting a section of my deck where I threw it in a rage this morning. The worst. The price is $40. There is a sting. It will never happen. Returned.

7. OFM Collection Chair Carpet Clear

OFM Collection Chair Carpet Clear

The chair mat protects the carpet and flooring from the desk chair wheels. The transparent chair mat allows for a variety of colors to be seen. The chair mat needs a pile of at least 1 inch thick. The best surface for the mat to work with is a thick carpet pile. The spiked edges allow for easy off/on rolling. Under desk coverage is possible with an elastic LIP. The chair mat for carpets is 2.2mm thick. It takes 48 to 72 hours to locate a person. Please review the process in the carousel.

Brand: Ofm

👤It's good for the price. There are some problems. I am not upset. I bought it. I am not in love with it. There is a They ship it rolled up. Since it's a harder plastic, you end up having to wrestle it to get it out, so I don't know how else they would do it. With the spiked bottom... It is unpleasant but not painful. There is a My chair wheels scratch the plastic. I tried to take pictures of it but they were not very good. I am not a small guy. At all. I am 6'4 and weigh 290 pounds, which is less than I used to be. It could be that I'm heavy enough to dent it, but others won't. I will have to buy another matt once it wears through those spots.

👤You will have to warm it up before you can try to get it to lay on the floor for your chair, as it will come rolled up in a box. It will be sticking up. If you warm it up first and then have 2 people push it down, it will become workable. You need a hair dryer set on high heat and you need to sit on top of a chair mat and heating the plastic until you see it settle to the floor. You have to continue this procedure all the way down to the other end so that it sits flat on the floor. The chair mat will work fine once you finish this task.

👤The mat was rolled up tightly and put in a box. It was a mat burrito when I removed it from the box. I took it out into the sun and left it on my driveway for 8 hours in the hopes that it would change. They suggest using a hair dryer to warm it up and then flatten it. It was flat after a week of working with it. There are some stubborn spots. I put the mat under my desk. The office has carpet with padding. The mat is so thin that it sinks under my chair. It's like trying to push a chair through a gel when I try to roll it forward or back. There is a If you have commercial carpet that is straight to cement or hardwood floor, I suggest you pass on this mat.

👤Excellent value. I read a lot of reviews. People found the mat hard to unroll. It's almost summer here, and I just threw the thing on my deck to heat it for a few hours. The thing was fully flat in less than a minute. Take care. That's another show if you're in the cold. It is very stiff in the box.

👤The plastic is soft. The chair needs a lot of effort and movement to move on the carpet. It's easier to stand up and lift the chair. The plastic on the chair's wheels is soft, and the pleats from them will eventually go away. Went back to rolling on the carpet.

8. RongZhen Hardwood Protector Multi Purpose Cuttable

RongZhen Hardwood Protector Multi Purpose Cuttable

If you want to remove the gaming chair mat from the ground, there would be no mess on the floor. The computer desk chair mat is not locked up. It is possible to cut it to the shape you want. The hard floor chair mat is not made for carpet. This mat is made for hard floor only and not for carpet. The Chair Mat is made of 100% polyester fibers and has no cracks, Curls or Discoloration. There is no off-gassing, 100% odorless, non-toxic, and non-BPA, non-thalate-free to keep a healthy indoor environment. It is a carpet like mat. The surface is a soft loop-like fabric like a carpet and the mat is made of upgraded version adsorption material. The chair will not scratch the floor if you move it. It is designed for use on all hard floor surfaces. It's not suitable for carpets or half rugs. The chair can be easily moved. The chairs and caster won't get caught if the floors are protected from scratches. It allows your office chair to move easily while carrying out daily tasks, but has enough grip to keep the chair rolling. Reducing the risk of leg fatigue is one thing. Remove the film from the back, put it on a clean floor and press lightly, it will stick to the floor. It is possible to wash it. You can easily remove it when you turn the edge. It can be rolled up and stored when not in use. The effect will not be weakened if it is used again. If you are not satisfied with their chair cushions, please contact them, the chair cushions come in folded packaging. On the first use, it was slightly curled and creased. The crease is not a quality problem and will be flat after a few days of use. The product may be slightly different from the picture due to the shooting light.

Brand: Aidoupetprivateorder

👤Not what we were expecting. It is cheap and not worth the money.

👤It performs as advertised, but the rug doesn't stop and you have to vacuum frequently.

👤This is a piece of carpet. I was hoping for a bigger bottom. The bottom has a thin coating. The pieces are already starting to break.

👤It's not usable, it's AWFUL, and it came in a very small package, but it's not usable because it's a thin piece of felt with a paper on the back.

👤The mat is very thin. The photo they show is not accurate because the chair they show is very small. Take your own measurement before ordering. I wish I had ordered 2 because 1 isn't enough, and it's a little pricey, but I think it will do the trick.

👤Not all is described. Terrible quality.

👤I needed a chair mat that worked with carpet. With the amount of time I spend at my desk, I needed something better than the usual carpet chair mats. I decided to try this one since it's easier to roll on and it's under the desk legs. It works well, but it tends to bunch up when I roll back and forward, which is understandable since it doesn't have the grub for carpet, but still works well.

👤It arrived on time and in perfect condition. The mat is light. It seems very durable. It stays put on hard floors. Everything is as expected and hoped.

👤The chair is hard to move, it does not lay flat, and it looks nothing like the images.

9. COOLMAT Upgraded Hardwood Protector Multi Purpose

COOLMAT Upgraded Hardwood Protector Multi Purpose

The chair cushions are made of soft materials that are easy to clean, and are strong and durable. It is easy to clean. Excellent floor protectors and no residuals. Sturdy and durable material to protect your floor but won't leave any marks. It's great for hardwood, tile and laminate floor. Not suitable for carpets. Premium Quality and Eco-friendly. The mat is made of high quality fiber and non slip backing. 100% odorless, no curling, Non-toxic,BPA, and Phthalate-free. Anti-Skid and noise reduction The self-adhesive backing is perfect to keep the mat in place. The mat won't be lifted by chair legs or chair castors. The noise can be reduced by the surface of the fiber. It is easy to use and clean. Remove the backing film and place it on the floor, press slightly and it sticks to the floor, no rolled up corners, no bunches up. It is easy to vacuum. 100% Quality Guarantee is a multi-purpose guarantee. It's suitable for home office, living room, kitchen, Gym, or even pet mat. Before delivery, they do strict quality inspection. They can provide you with the best after-sale service.

Brand: Coolmat Aotu

👤I wasted my money and you should do the same. The fabric rolls and balls up and creates static that shocks you when you touch it. The first day I used it, I threw it away.

👤Adding some rug tape will hold it in place. Very thin and not great.

👤This is the biggest POS I've ever purchased and it doesn't stay in place. Purchase something sturdy with the money. I am sending it back.

👤Slides under chair, pilling like crazy!

👤I bought this to protect my hardwood floors from being scratched by my office chair. It was easy to cut to size and it fit perfectly. I am very pleased with the product, it has a light backing to keep it in place.

👤On the first day, I got dirty. The carpet piece is coming off. Have too many times to sweep it.

👤I don't like that I can't roll my office chair around on this rug because it doesn't go with a carpet rug that's already on the floor.

👤This product is garbage.

10. Heavy Chair Mat Carpeted Office

Heavy Chair Mat Carpeted Office

ECO-FRIENDLY No off-gassing is free of volatile toxins and harmful chemicals. The carpet mat is firmly in place with the studded underside. The material is very thick and can be used for a long time. Made of non toxic, phthalate free polycarbonate. The design is transparent. The transparent materil does not cover the carpet. Simple wet duster cloth is enough to clean.

Brand: Mat

👤It slides on the carpet. It didn't get better with time. It's too late to come back.

👤It's difficult to move the chair after 6 months because it digs in. "Heavy duty" is a term that I would question a lot. I bought a real glass one after throwing it out.

👤The chair wheels have left marks in the mat that make it harder to roll over than the original floor, after just one day of use by a 120lb person. I am getting a new mat.

👤If you're going to use it on carpet, it needs to be on a very low pile. On my low-med. The chair is difficult to move around because the wheels sink into the mat. Disappointed and wouldn't buy again. Came up. It is difficult to lay down.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. The carpet underneath the chair is clean and the recliner does not slide anymore. There was a greasy crumb on the carpet from the gears in the chair. I no longer have this problem with the carpet protectors.

👤I am not sure if I should use this on a carpet. It does an ok job, but should be thicker. It is hard to roll my office chair back and forth on it, but I think it works well on a hard wood floor. It seems durable. The price is great.

👤The wheels are wet. I own a medium pile carpet. It won't work on hard floors because it has carpet spikes, but it would be great on low pile carpet. It seems to last a long time.

👤I have a cracked one and it's perfect. This was not close to "thick." I had to buy the product because the description didn't give the thickness. It was a poor description.

11. ES Robbins Carpet 36 Inch 48 Inch

ES Robbins Carpet 36 Inch 48 Inch

Protects carpets up to a quarter inch thick. The chair mat is by 48 inches. The anchor bar cleat system holds securely and is gentle on carpet and fingers. A modern addition to your workspace. Can be used to protect carpets from pets. Greenguard is certified for low chemical emissions.

Brand: Es Robbins

👤I spent 15 minutes trying to flatten the mat. The mat may have solidified in it's bent shape because of the temperature difference. I don't think it should have been rolled to ship and I am not sure if I will be able to use it with my desk chair.

👤Waited for the mat to warm up. It was un rolled and laid flat for 2 days. A heavy box was used to iron it out. Still bent. After 2 hours of use, the wheels sink into the mat and don't spring back. The smell is horrible for days. It's a poor quality and you should spend more money to get something thicker. It's nearly impossible to remove the "made in America" label. I don't think it was. This item was very disappointing.

👤We made sure the mat would work on the carpet and that it had the correct chair rollers, within a few days the mat will have permanent dents where the chair sits. It was more difficult to have the mat on the carpet than it was to have it on the floor. The box was thrown away due to the virus and we have no way of returning it. I can't get a refund if I don't send it back. It's not a typical item to find a box for. Very upset with the situation. I would appreciate a return of the mat.

👤The seller didn't charge me because the product was at least 3 days late. The mat is hard to lay flat, and it has a horrible smell, which I'm sure will go away in time, but I dislike all toxic smells. It's bad to breath-in, it's not nearly as functional as what's in the picture. My desk chair doesn't roll very well.

👤The product was rolled up in a small box. It was so stiff that it took two people to roll it. I tried to flatten it out by putting heavy objects on it. Even if it was steam-rolled, you couldn't get this thing flat. It was not worth $50. The delivery person had to help me roll it back up, and also commented on the quality. I would say that it was rolled up in a small box and put in a place where it wouldn't freeze in the cold outside. The weather should be taken into account when shipping a product. I would say it would have been bad even if the temperatures weren't that bad. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤This mat protects the carpet and makes it easier for the chair to roll in my husband's home office. It is black and doesn't match the carpet, but every clear one we have tried has failed and broken into pieces within a year. This one seems to be able to last many years of use. Very happy with it so far.

👤The instructions included in the mat helped it be unrolled without cracking. It's black and not clear like most others, but it's a great size. The new carpet made it hard to push the chair around, so it was easier to roll the chair across the floor. Even though I've had the mat for a week, I can't help but notice that the grooves are starting to wear into it. It is still easier to roll on carpet when the wheels rest in the dimples. The mats should be thicker so the dimples don't happen. It's great.


What is the best product for decorative chair mat for carpet?

Decorative chair mat for carpet products from Xiyuan. In this article about decorative chair mat for carpet you can see why people choose the product. Es Robbins and Lorell are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative chair mat for carpet.

What are the best brands for decorative chair mat for carpet?

Xiyuan, Es Robbins and Lorell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative chair mat for carpet. Find the detail in this article. Resilia, Homek and Deflecto are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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