Best Decorative Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

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1. Hardwood Floor´╝î36 Polyester Anti Slip Computer

Hardwood Floor%EF%BC%8C36 Polyester Anti Slip Computer

If you are not satisfied with their chair cushions, please contact them, the chair cushions come in folded packaging. On the first use, it was slightly curled and creased. The crease is not a quality problem and will be flat after a few days of use. The product may be slightly different from the picture due to the shooting light. Premium Quality Polyester is 4mm thick and is used to make protectors for chairs that are made of hardwood. Eliminating repair costs for hardwood or laminate flooring. The chair mat for hardwood floor is soft like a carpet and absorbs the noise more effectively. The back of the desk mat has a re-useable material that makes it easy to fix the desk mat to the floor. The chair mat doesn't ruin the hardwood floor when removed. The computer chair mat is strong, the place where the chair is placed will not leave dents. You don't need to spend a lot of time trying to fix the flat. If the office chair mat for hardwood floor is dirty, you can use the vacuum cleaner or washing machine. You can put them in a cabinet. The chair mat can be cut into different sizes according to your needs. The black desk chair mat looks stylish and suits any color floor, enhance your room decor and increase the beauty of this floor. It's perfect for office, home,desk,hard floors, and can hide any damage that the floor already had.

Brand: Idrlink

👤I really like this mat. I used a mini vacuum under the cat litter box because it was big and easy to clean up. When they come out, do not put sand or dust on the mat, it will be good for my kitty.

👤Due to the layers of material, it is not possible to lay flat. There are also "humps" that my chairs go over. The noise was caused by the plastic layer underneath. It has a funky way of curling at the edges.

👤This is working well for me. While my previous throw rug did not stay in place, the chair has not damaged the hardwood flor, and it stays in place even when shifted around. It seems like it attracts more debris than my previous rug, but that's probably deceptive because it's easier to see with this rug. I had no problem with the fact that it was folded for shipment. I put it at the desk after laying it out with something over the crease. I've got a mental note to look for a bigger one for under the recliner that shifts around with normal usage.

👤The function of the bag doesn't change despite the fact that it is folded in a plastic bag. The thickness is right for me. The mat stays where it is on the floor because there is a transparent gold on the reverse side that needs to be peeled off. The chair wheels are smooth despite the crease. I'm satisfied with it. It does the job.

👤ROLL IT, NOT FOLD IT is the correct way to ship something like this. It ruins it with permanent creases and defeats the point of ordering something like this in the first place.

👤The pros are 1. The mat is hard enough to sustain scratches from heavy chair wheels. The mat is a good companion for furniture and fitness equipment. It's a perfect match for the treadmill in my home, which protects the floor from the shake during the exercise. 2. It is easy to clean with a vacuum. The mat may get dirty with small dust, but it's not a big deal. The vacuum cleaner can clean it quickly. There is a The material is not the best. This mat may look better on vinyl, but it may not be as smooth. The tradeoff is more expensive. This mat is an economical way to protect the hardwood floor from dents and scratches.

👤This item protects my hard floors from my desk chair. My only complaint is that it was black. It shows all the hair, fur, dirt, and stuff. I can vacuum 75 times a day.

👤The mat was purchased to prevent rolling on the hardwood floor. It works perfectly. The dog fur finds it and holds on, but the vacuums clean easily.

2. RongZhen Hardwood Protector Multi Purpose Cuttable

RongZhen Hardwood Protector Multi Purpose Cuttable

If you want to remove the gaming chair mat from the ground, there would be no mess on the floor. The computer desk chair mat is not locked up. It is possible to cut it to the shape you want. The hard floor chair mat is not made for carpet. This mat is made for hard floor only and not for carpet. The Chair Mat is made of 100% polyester fibers and has no cracks, Curls or Discoloration. There is no off-gassing, 100% odorless, non-toxic, and non-BPA, non-thalate-free to keep a healthy indoor environment. It is a carpet like mat. The surface is a soft loop-like fabric like a carpet and the mat is made of upgraded version adsorption material. The chair will not scratch the floor if you move it. It is designed for use on all hard floor surfaces. It's not suitable for carpets or half rugs. The chair can be easily moved. The chairs and caster won't get caught if the floors are protected from scratches. It allows your office chair to move easily while carrying out daily tasks, but has enough grip to keep the chair rolling. Reducing the risk of leg fatigue is one thing. Remove the film from the back, put it on a clean floor and press lightly, it will stick to the floor. It is possible to wash it. You can easily remove it when you turn the edge. It can be rolled up and stored when not in use. The effect will not be weakened if it is used again. If you are not satisfied with their chair cushions, please contact them, the chair cushions come in folded packaging. On the first use, it was slightly curled and creased. The crease is not a quality problem and will be flat after a few days of use. The product may be slightly different from the picture due to the shooting light.

Brand: Aidoupetprivateorder

👤Not what we were expecting. It is cheap and not worth the money.

👤It performs as advertised, but the rug doesn't stop and you have to vacuum frequently.

👤This is a piece of carpet. I was hoping for a bigger bottom. The bottom has a thin coating. The pieces are already starting to break.

👤It's not usable, it's AWFUL, and it came in a very small package, but it's not usable because it's a thin piece of felt with a paper on the back.

👤The mat is very thin. The photo they show is not accurate because the chair they show is very small. Take your own measurement before ordering. I wish I had ordered 2 because 1 isn't enough, and it's a little pricey, but I think it will do the trick.

👤Not all is described. Terrible quality.

👤I needed a chair mat that worked with carpet. With the amount of time I spend at my desk, I needed something better than the usual carpet chair mats. I decided to try this one since it's easier to roll on and it's under the desk legs. It works well, but it tends to bunch up when I roll back and forward, which is understandable since it doesn't have the grub for carpet, but still works well.

👤It arrived on time and in perfect condition. The mat is light. It seems very durable. It stays put on hard floors. Everything is as expected and hoped.

👤The chair is hard to move, it does not lay flat, and it looks nothing like the images.

3. Kuyal Transparent Office Protector Chairmats

Kuyal Transparent Office Protector Chairmats

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Each chair mat comes with a 60 day return policy. If you are not happy with your chair mat, contact them directly. They want to provide the best products and customer service. It is only designed for hard floor surfaces. There was no movement. The anti-slide coating on the underside is designed to keep them firmly in place. The smooth side is facing down. No lead, tin, Cadmium, and Toxey are allowed in the indoor environment. The chair mat is very flexible and designed to give added ease of movement, it reduces leg fatigue by taking the strain off your legs. You can choose the one with the lip or the one with the Rectangle. It is helpful to prevent damage to hard flooring caused by your office chair. Standard use will not crack, break, scratch or discolor. ChairMat, Wood Floor protectors,Computer/ Office Mat are all used in a Multipurpose Use. Hard floors include vinyl, stone, tile, wood, laminate and concrete. If you need a carpet mat, please see it.

Brand: Kuyal

👤The mats are thick. It's a two person job to roll them up. I had to kneel on one end while laying the weights. I bought two of them. I have only returned a few items to Amazon in the past, and these may soon return. After getting them to roll out, I had to put everything on top of them. I left them for 24 hours. They were still rolled at the edges after 24 hours. I tried to re-roll them in the opposite direction from where I received them. The mats are now wavy after the reverse roll attempt. Awesome. Current effort. I put the mats under the rug and put weights, a bench, and a stool on top of it. There is a They're going back if they're not completely flat by the morning. People are getting two different products according to the reviews on here. Some people are saying it is easy to roll out, lay flat and not fall down. I'm surprised that products from Amazon are variable. There is a You have a chance of getting a usable product for this item. Good luck! The mats are finally flat. The answer? There is a gun called a HEAT GUN. Put a glove on your left hand. The heat gun should be run a few inches from the surface when you start in the middle of the mat. Once the heat "soaks" through, the mat will lay flat. For about a square-foot at a time. Once that area is flat, and still heated up, use your left hand to smooth it out, again smoothing it in the direction of the edge/corner. You can do this on the hardwood floor, but you need to cook the mat. I can roll the chair across both mats without hitting a speedbump because they are finally flat. I'm raising this to two stars from one because of all the effort involved in getting a workable product.

👤This was sealed with packing tape and shipped in a tight roll. It will not flatten out if you can clean the dirt off. I tried rolling it inside out, laying it flat and piling weights, boxes, books on top of it. It will not flatten. I put in between 2 pieces of plywood outside and let it bake for 3 days in 90 degree heat, hoping the heat would cook it flat. No luck. It will not flatten out and will slide all over the floor. Don't spend your money on this. Go to Office Max and buy the flat ones that they sell with the sticky back, and you won't have to worry about this crappy thing.

👤I'm hoping it's durable because Mat is so soft. Doesn't have a weird plastic smell and, after rolling in the other direction, went down flat. The size is perfect and the chair rolls over smoothly. It's clear, which allows the floor to shine through. I was worried that this one might not be up to snuff because it was cheaper, but I can't imagine it needing to be any better. Great purchase!

4. Kuyal Floors Transparent Protection Rectangle

Kuyal Floors Transparent Protection Rectangle

SALLOUS is your best choice. Their chair mat has many years of experience in exporting to America. If you have a question, feel free to contact them, they will provide a 6 month warranty service. Only hard floor surfaces are designed. There was no movement. The anti-slide coating on the underside is designed to keep them firmly in place. It helps to prevent damage to hard flooring caused by your office chair. Standard use will not crack, break, scratch, or discolor. The chair mat is very flexible and designed to reduce leg fatigue by taking the strain off your legs. It's safe for your home. The chair mat is made from non-toxic materials. A healthy indoor environment is important. The chair mat is made of pure polyethylene. You are buying a safe option for your home or office. ChairMat, Wood Floor protectors,Computer/ Office Mat are multi-purpose uses. Hard floors include vinyl, stone, tile, wood, laminate and concrete. If you need a carpet mat, please see it.

Brand: Kuyal

👤I had expected a strong smell of plastic. The mat had neither problem. It was delivered on time, well packaged, transparent and lay perfectly flat within a few hours.

👤The chair mat sticks to the chair wheels, making it difficult to move the chair around. It is soft and not carpet friendly, so it may be best on bare floors. If it wasn't so much trouble, I would have returned it. I don't recommend it.

👤I tried to heat it up and bend it in a different direction, but it wouldn't lay flat. When my chair rolls, it makes it bunch up even more. It's really annoying. I wish I had a better one that wouldn't catch my chair when I roll it.

👤I like to read reviews for items I order online, but it's not convenient to return them. I like the mat. I put 2 pound weights on each corner. When I took the weights off, it didn't curl. My office chair is not damaged. The mat hasn't moved when I move my chair. I was happy with my purchase.

👤There is a giant peace of plastic. It slides on the wrong mat. The waste of money is awful.

👤This is junk. Very thin. It is impossible to have it flat on the floor because it is roll tight. I tried everything. The hair dryer, heater, and weight are used. You will have a bunch of waves on the mat and it looks terrible. The picture with the perfect flat beautiful mat is not a real picture. I went to a big box store to buy a mat that was flat on the shelf and it worked perfectly. The price was double. You get what you pay for. Just be aware.

👤The bad review made me afraid to order the mat. This is made for wood floors. It works well on wood floors. I laid it out in the sun to flatten it. The driveway is great for this. I used a blow dryer on it. It is flat and does not slide around.

👤Will not lay down after a week of weights being put on it.

👤It is easy to put some weights on it. There is a tip. Put it next to a radiator to warm it up. The chair is very easy to slide on and off. There is a I have two stations on my desk that are 1.6 meters wide and I need to move from side to side constantly. The mat is large enough to hold the movement. My version is for hard floor. It is thin and not strong, so it will not work on carpet. One side is smooth and the other side is coarse. The smooth side should be under the floor. Highly recommended! Make sure it's rolled properly, with a little heat on it.

👤A good floor protection will last a long time. When you first take it out of the box, it has a rubbery smell, but it will go away as it rolls up. It will take a couple of days in a warm room before it is completely flat.

5. Cleartex Ultimat Chair Polycarbonate FC121001009R

Cleartex Ultimat Chair Polycarbonate FC121001009R

The dimensions are 47. 5 x 35. 5 x 0. 1 (H).ANTI-SLIP: The chair mat is wear resistant and allows the chair to move easily. The chair mats are thick and sturdy, so they won't break or crack. The Mind Reader's range combines premium floor protection standard with prices that you can afford. It's indoors air friendly. The floor mats for office are completely odorless and free of harmful toxins. The Stable GRIP is an efffortless roll. The unique surface texture of these floor mats allows your office chair to move easily while carrying out daily tasks but has enough grip to maintain controlled rolling, so the chair doesn't skid around. The ease of rolling between tasks reduces the risk of leg fatigue. The chair mat will take the force of the office chair caster so that your hardwood floors don't have to. The Mind Reader Office Chair Mat is great for keeping your hard floor clean. It's perfect for protecting floors from gaming desk chairs. It's a unique 9-sided design that makes it easy to glide or shift between games. It is designed to last under constant use from gaming chairs with no impact on quality. Save money by replacing damaged flooring or mats that are low quality. Clear 38 x 39 inch hard floor protection; smooth back with textured top surface; clear to see floor underneath.

Brand: Floortex

👤I use my office for both work and virtual reality. If you have a concrete foundation under your rugs, some of the more energetic virtual reality games will kill you, but my office chair was damaging my expensive workout mats. The thin Cleartex mat is strong enough for my chair wheels, but thin enough that I don't need to move it when I roll the chair out of the room to play in virtual reality. Love it.

👤The worst product you could buy. It was made of cheap materials and poor craftsmanship. Would not recommend buying something.

👤The chair mat had cracks after 3 months. The quality was poor for the price. I had to throw it away. My son is light. He is 116 lbs.

👤It's much nicer looking than a square. It seems to be thick enough plastic to hold up on my carpet, which was shipped flat. I bought the solid floor type without the spikes because we have sofback carpet and mats that puncture the backing of the last carpet. The spikes hold it in place.

👤We put the mats on the floor. The person standing on the mat can go flying if they move too quickly. We had to find another mat because it became too much of a hazard.

👤It works just like advertised.

6. AiBOB Polyethylene Hardwood Without Computer

AiBOB Polyethylene Hardwood Without Computer

The dimensions are 47 x 59 inches. It's perfect for hard floors. This perfect office floor mat is perfect for protecting your flooring from scratches and dust. The office chair mat is for hard floors. The chair mat is safe for your home. The chair mat is made of pure polyethylene. You are buying a safe option for your home or office. It is possible to achieve a flawless rolling stable grip. The unique surface texture allows your office chair to move easily while carrying out daily tasks, but has enough grip to maintain controlled rolling so the chair doesn't skid around. Rolling between tasks reduces the risk of physical fatigue. There is surface durability and flexibility. Their office chair mat is tough and will not crack or shatter while protecting your office floor from chair caster damage. The mat is strong and solid, making it easy for your chair's wheels to glide across it. The desk chair mat can be laid flat. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Each chair mat comes with a 60 day return policy. If you are not happy with your chair mat, contact them directly. They want to provide the best products and customer service.

Brand: Aibob

👤I left it in my patio for a day and it was a strong toxic smell. I returned the product. There is a I put it on my lawn grass to flatten it out after I received it. I saw my lawn grass die the next day, so I took a photo. There is a The water from the pad fell back to the lawn and killed the grass.

👤It was a good idea to roll this mat before packaging it. Who was responsible for approving the idea? There is a No matter what you do the mat will always stay curved. The instructions say it will be fine after a few hours. Try days and not much. There is a There are dents in my chair that don't seem to go away in a couple of hours, which raises questions about the long term dependability of this item. I might return it and pay more for one that is rolled the right way so that when I open it the curve faces down.

👤I ordered the mat because it claimed to be odorless and non-toxic. I was willing to pay a premium for the sake of my health. It had a strong smell from the box. It took five days for the smell to go away. It is probably adequate as a floor mat, but the claim that it is odorless is a misrepresentation.

👤The mat is nice. I bought it to protect my floors from the chair. The chair is very strong. The floor is well protected. There are no hard nubs on the carpet. There is a strong odor to the mat that is only now getting fainter, which is the reason for 4 stars instead of 5. I can still smell a faint odor from the review I just wrote. Not nose to mat. The doorway leads to the room it is in. A nice mat. You have to get past the smell.

👤I need to buy 2 of them. The larger one needed to be purchased. I wanted to test this one before buying the second one. There was a faint odor in my daughters room. The odor has gone away. It is advertised as odorless. I have had this for a few days now and can not get it to lay completely flat. I had it in the sun for a short time and then flipped it inside to see if I could get it to lay flat. It still has its hair up. I put rocks on the coroners to flatten out the matt I took outside. I brought it inside and it was curled a bit. Not as bad as a few days ago. I would have to pass on buying a larger one that will be used more often and I would need to do more research for that one. There is a I've had this for more than a week. It's not going to lay down. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I'm not sure what to think after having this for a few hours. I opened the box and it smelled terrible. I decided I was overreacting and set it up. I started to feel unwell after an hour or so. I put the thing in the garage in the hopes that it will outgas over the course of the next few days and I will be in the same room with it. I've got all the windows open so that the smell doesn't come back. It seems like a nice floormat. There is an update. It has been sitting out in the sun for a week. I've scrubbed it with a mixture of detergent and water and it is slightly better, but I can't stand to be in the room with it. I tried, but after a few hours, I was coughing and my eyes were watering, and I could smell the plastic in the air. What is this thing made of? I'm returning the thing. I'm afraid for my health to be in the same room with it, it's beyond annoying.

7. Hardwood Thickest ChairOffice ChairCushion 80x80x0 15cm

Hardwood Thickest ChairOffice ChairCushion 80x80x0 15cm

Wood floor protectors, computer mats, and office mats are all used in a Multipurpose Use. Hard floors include vinyl, stone, tile, woodlaminate and concrete. The chair mat is very flexible and designed to give added ease of movement, it reduces leg fatigue by taking the strain off your legs. Please put the side up. There is no gap between the mat and the floor. Your chair cushion will not slip because of low friction. Help to protect your floor from scratches and damage caused by office chair Casters. It is convenient for people who move around in their office chair. The chair cushions are made of soft materials that are easy to clean, and are strong and durable. It is easy to clean.

Brand: Xiyuan

👤The folds don't come out even with heat or steam, so it's not as thin as it could be. The photos on the sales page show furniture that is manipulated. My wheels roll off and hang up on the lip constantly, due to my size. Measure, measure, measure. Sellers who use stock photography should never rely on images from them. The chair in my pic is a standard American one.

👤I thought the round mat would be a bit bigger, it works out great for my office space. It looked bigger in the photo to me. The only reason I gave a 4Star rating was that my computer chair fits perfectly. It's still a great purchase. I'm okay with it.

👤My chair was always slipping backwards and I bought this pad to stop it. My chair has not moved since I put down the pad. It would be an understatement to say I love it.

👤I thought it would make it easier to sit in my chair. I was wrong. It's too small. It was hard to move on the carpet before I got stuff on it. It's not worth the time or money.

👤It is a little small. I knew the size when I ordered. It does the job and protects my floor.

👤Comes in quarters. The rug does not hold vess. I don't think it's good quality.

8. AmazonBasics Vinyl Hard Floor Chair

AmazonBasics Vinyl Hard Floor Chair

Chair covers for dining room with elastic band are easy to use and care for. It feels smooth, waterproof and durable. Do not use bleach, it's easy to clean with cold water. Do not iron. The chair mat protects hard floors from damage caused by desk chair wheels or feet. It's ideal for use at desks or work stations with chairs with either rolling wheels or stationary feet. It is possible to show your flooring with a transparent, heavy-duty construction, but it is slip and scuff resistant. The design has rounded corners for added safety. Allow up to 72 hours for mat to return to a flattened state. The dimensions are 47 x 59 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤What is that? What assembly would be required? "Well, nothing that requires a screwdriver or a wrench, but you do need to find a hot place to lay these down where they will flatten out and assume a shape that doesn't resemble a fruit rollup out of the package." Don't be surprised that these are incredibly thin, as others have noted. "How thin is it?" You are the one who is inquisitive. Take a few cards with the thickness of a driver's license, stack them on top of each other, and you have the idea. I just got them, so I'm leaning towards the "you get what you pay for" side, and I think these are probably not worth what I paid for.

👤The desk chair can't roll because the mat is too soft and it dents into it.

👤Not crazy about this item. When set up, did not lay out flat, rolled up in a box. It was left out for a week to see if it would flatten out on it's own. Nope! It took some time to flatten it because of the heat and blow dryer that had to be put over it. Adding the extra work into something that should not have been packaged and delivered that way doesn't make the purchase worth it. This is not a rug, it's a dense plastic that should not be rolled up unless it's a specific type of plastic that can be rolled and self flatten after a few days. Certainly not the case here. Not worth 1 star, but can't submit the review without a rating.

👤It wouldn't lay flat out of the tube. Put a chair on it.

👤This item has not been flattened out. There are three ripples in it that will not fall down. I am giving the product 3 starts instead of 4 because of this. I would be a little more generous if it had been flattened as the advertisement said it would be. It protects your wood floor from rolling chairs like mine which I use daily at my computer, so I'm honest and helpful here to anyone who is looking to purchase this. The product is sturdy and good. It did not "flatten" me. I didn't like the way it was creased. What I wrote below still stands. Good quality product for the price is the first thing. It is not flat. I received this thing and it is folded and bent. It's important to read the box it ships in. The product is ROLLED for lower shipping costs. Under warm conditions, it will "flatten" out depending on the material within 12 to 72 hours. I put mine under the rug in my den and waited for a few days to see what would happen. This will flatten out. The 72 hours is over.

👤It was perfect for the job. That was an advantage because it came rolled up. The curve that was rolled out on the floor is flat on the hardwood within a couple of hours. It's easy to roll on and off with the tapered edge. The desk was too heavy to lift, so I trimmed 2 small pieces around the legs. It is easy to cut with scissors. It's better than the options that work less well for more money. The slightly larger size is appreciated.

9. Deflecto EconoMat Rectangle Straight CM2E442FCOM

Deflecto EconoMat Rectangle Straight CM2E442FCOM

ChairMat, Wood Floor protectors,Computer/ Office Mat are all used in a Multipurpose Use. Hard floors include vinyl, stone, tile, wood, laminate and concrete. If you need a carpet mat, please see it. Their EconoMat chair mat is clear and will prevent wear and tear on your chair. It's perfect for daily usage at home, office or any commercial environment. The non studded bottom surface has superior, non skidding gripping power over hard surface floors. Straight edge allows seamless transition from chair mat to hard floor. Free and Clear is a formula that promotes a healthy work environment.

Brand: Deflecto

👤I see 3 major concerns and will offer my two cents on those topics. The mat comes tightly rolled, that's how they ship it to you for a low cost. Flat-shipping mats are available in other places, but with shipping that can be over $100 for one mat. I bought this for $51 and it is now $43. It took 3 days to completely flatten out for that price. I had no issues with the mat in my apartment in the winter, it was flat in 3 days. I have mine on the floor. I can get it to move half an inch if I start running and jump on the mat. I have 2 legs of a desk on it. I can't take off points for this because I don't think any equivalent product would do better here. The carpet mats with spikes don't work on hardwood floors. The mat is 1.62mm thick and I used a digital caliper to measure it. I think this is a solid middle ground because thicker would create more of an even surface and thinner would be less durable. I have had my chair for over a month and I don't see any marks. I was worried that the dragging would cause problems, but this mat has held up well. There is a I still want to mention it, even though it isn't discussed as much by other reviewers. I have the larger version. I don't think going smaller would be a good idea. Smaller mats seem like you would roll them off of them if you wanted enough space to tuck your chair into your desk. I like the version without the lip because I think it keeps it from sliding. There is a For twice the price, you might be able to get something marginally better, but this is 5 out of 5 stars from me and I am pleased with the quality and price.

👤I bought the product at the local big box office store. The mat was smaller and more expensive than this one. I decided to give this one a try because it was the perfect size for my home office. It's big for rolling around behind a large desk, and it keeps chair noise down, which is important for people who use speakerphone often. I got it out of the box, rolled it, and then shipped it. I put it in a roll for about an hour. I put the mat in my office. It was flat. Love it.

👤The law is called Design Flaw. There is a The thing never went completely flat. I tried to leave it in the sun for a few days, rolling it backwards and then leaving it in the hair dryer for a few hours. Nothing would make it lie flat. It's so soft at the edges that every piece of pet hair, dust, etc goes under it when I roll over it. About half the time, my wheels get hung up on my chair. I have to get up out of the chair and roll it around to the side of the mat that is flatTER. Quality. Have you ever used a cheap plastic cutting board? The ones where one side is shiny and the other is not? Yeah? Imagine a plastic cutting board under your desk. You have it. There is a health hazard. There is a Oh. Let's not forget about the toes. I shuffle my feet like a zombie and walk around this thing like a duck. I have to assume that's what it is, with how many times I TRIPPED on the edge of this thing and went flying, or jammed my toes/toenails into the edge of it and curled up mewling into a fetal position, afraid to look at There is a It slides around. It's probably because of the lint and pet hair. Think of a sledding hill as a family vacation, but instead of sitting on a sled you're walking, yawning and drinking a cup of coffee. There is an electricCTION notice. SERVED. There is a It's protecting a section of my deck where I threw it in a rage this morning. The worst. The price is $40. There is a sting. It will never happen. Returned.

10. Resilia Protector Hardwood Non Skid Decorative

Resilia Protector Hardwood Non Skid Decorative

Free and Clear is a formula that promotes a healthy work environment. Protects hard flora. Protect surfaces from damage. Does not change. Will not slide on tile, wood or other smooth surfaces. It's easy to cut You can cut with scissors or a utility knife to create a custom size for your project. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Heavy duty, recycled, phthalate free, eco-friendly, flexible PVC vinyl does not contain any Prop 65 regulated contaminants. Made in the USA is a family owned business.

Brand: Resilia

👤This product has been a lifesaver for my dog. He used to slide all over the place. I ordered more because it worked so well.

👤I got this runner to protect a wall next to the cat's litter box, not to protect the floor or rug. I attached it to the wall next to the litter box with heavy duty Velcro. It protects the wall from the litter that gets scattered around. It is easy to clean.

👤I am very pleased with this product. I had searched all over, including Home Depot. The spikes on the bottom of the carpet runners are offered by most sellers. The wood floors have a flat bottom. I want to keep my original hardwood floors pristine after refinishing them. I made a few rooms for my parrots. I keep the floors clean and tidy by putting these down. It is very easy to clean this place because of all the food and poops that come here. First, vacuum and then mop up. Once per month, take them outside, roll them, and soak them in a tub with Dawn to get them really clean. They are good to go if you let them air dry. There is a These are great runners for any wood floor, for any other reason as well. It is very durable. They are easy to flatten out.

👤Excellent product. My wood floors will be protected from the water damage caused by my dogs and cats. The company is a small business that e-mailed me to follow up on my satisfaction. It was a great purchase. Would buy again.

👤After refinishing the entire first floor, I purchased the Resilia Hard Wood Floor covering. They are great for this purpose and are not noticeable. We started using throw rugs because we had a vac that glides over the Resilia, but it kept getting stuck in the throw rug materials. They are easy to cut to size with standard scissors. I did not give 5 stars for Durability because I have only had them a few weeks and will update after several months of use.

👤I thought the product was flimsy but it was easy to lay down and good thickness. I use this for my pug dog who is weak in her hind legs and can't navigate the tile floors.

👤The people who gave good reviews must have a bad sense of smell. This products are very bad. I smelled up my house. I put it in the garage because I was hoping it would air out. It did not after three hours. I put it outside for six hours. It still smelled bad. I will ask for a refund. I am worried that this stink could make me sick. Really bad. Stay away.

👤I don't have a garage so I park my bike inside under my new floors. This is the perfect situation. The size is perfect for my bike. The floor is clear so you can see it. It doesn't draw attention to itself. It is waterproof and does a good job of protecting the floor. I placed some heavy potted plants on the ends because it does slip on the floor a little. It held it's shape a bit but it relaxed a bit. I would buy again.

11. Hardwood Anti Slip Rectangular Non Toxic Protector

Hardwood Anti Slip Rectangular Non Toxic Protector

Every stitch matters to them because of its resilience, long lasting, and easy to care for. They want you to be relaxing. Chair pads made of foam faux leather are for chairs and chairs to come. It was built into every inch. These cushions are easy to care for. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Sit and relax with the Sweet Home Collection. The mats are free from lead, tin, and other metals and are made from recycled materials. It is not suitable to use with pile carpets. There is no crack, break, SCRATCH or desk floor mats. The unique surface texture of your office chair allows it to move easily while carrying out daily tasks, and leaves no mark on the mat, which reduces the risk of leg fatigue. It is rigid enough to support heavy duty equipment and can be used under chairs, computer desk, plants, ornaments, crafts, dog crates, and more. It is suitable for hard floor surfaces only. The desk floor mats are held firmly in place by the grid backing of the computer chair. Not only does it protect floors, chairs and appliances, but it also protects you from falling over. You and your satisfaction are their priority. If you find any damage or don't like your Lesonic Chair Mat, please contact their seller support. For your convenience, they are available 24/7.

Brand: Lesonic

👤I ordered two and neither one was completely flat on the floor. I have to pick up the chair to get it over the edge of the mat when I try to wheel it back onto the mat. It hurts when you hit it with your foot or toes. I go over it a lot. The chair is where it lays flat. The edges are raised to catch on everything. I have had this mat for a while now and it doesn't flatten out as claimed. It's like a tortilla with all 4 edges raised off the ground. I tried to turn it over, but it was not possible.

👤We use it in our office. The wheels are protected from the floor. Being able to move around isn't good. I have only had a couple of weeks and the corners have never gone against the floor. The corners have never relaxed because it's shipped rolled up. I have to pick the chair up to put it back on the mat every time I push back or move to the side because the wheels get caught on the edges.

👤The mat is just 90 mil thick. It is more prone to warping. The mine was delivered. The ends were still curled after two weeks. I was able to get out most of the curling by using a hairdryer. October, 2018). The mat is curling. It's ready for the garbage after a year of trying to lay flat.

👤You get a thin mat that slides around and the edge gets caught on my chair for $30USD. The edge gets bent. The fact that I had to invest more money to fix the issues seems a bit ridiculous.

👤It was okay when I got this item. Not great, but okay. My opinion hasn't improved since then. There is a The mat tends to move after a while. We are trying to get it back in position. I have put rubber anti-slip pieces under the mat to try and stop the mat from moving. We move the mat back to where it should be every few days. It does not end there. There is a The mat got bent in positions due to the constant movement and the edges began to bend upwards. If you roll the chair beyond the mat, the wheels on the chair get stuck, and the ends are bent even more. I still have this mat because I need to protect the floor until I find a better item.

👤I bought this mat for my desk. Since my desk is not typical, I decided to just lift one end of the desk and put it on the mat. I was able to do this without having to wedge anything under the other side because the mat is thin. I can say that I did not have a problem getting the mat to lay flat, since I only had it for a couple weeks. I put my mat in my living room with jugs of water on the corners, and within a couple hours, it was flat enough to fit under the desk. I can see where you'd want to take your chair off the sides, but not the whole point of the chair mat to not allow the chair to come into contact with the wood floor. A great buy for the price. I hope it holds up as well as possible.


What is the best product for decorative chair mat for hardwood floor?

Decorative chair mat for hardwood floor products from Idrlink. In this article about decorative chair mat for hardwood floor you can see why people choose the product. Aidoupetprivateorder and Kuyal are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative chair mat for hardwood floor.

What are the best brands for decorative chair mat for hardwood floor?

Idrlink, Aidoupetprivateorder and Kuyal are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative chair mat for hardwood floor. Find the detail in this article. Floortex, Aibob and Xiyuan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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