Best Decorative Chair Pillow

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1. KingRose Handmade Floral Decorative Cushion

KingRose Handmade Floral Decorative Cushion

The fabric for the pillow cover and flower petals is made of high quality wool and Viscose. The 3D Flower Pillow Case is a great gift for friends or family. The Throw Pillow cover is made of wool. Cute, elegant and unique. The petals are very secure and Sturdy. The cover is only 12 x 20 Inches and 30 x 50 CM. It is easy to remove the hidden Zipper and wash it. The fabric edges are sewn with a zigzag stitch to prevent Fray.

Brand: Kingrose

👤I was surprised by this pillow cover. I read other reviews that talked about how thick and luxurious the fabric is, but I just took them all with a grain of salt. It's all true in the plot twist. This was the most expensive pillow cover I've ever purchased, especially for it being one cover, but it was absolutely worth it, I ordered 12 new pillows for our recently redecorated living room, and it was just one cover. There is a The fabric is thick and soft, even on the front of the pillow where all the 3d flowers are sewn on, it's still incredibly comfortable and not scratchy, which was a concern that I had. It's very well made, it's well sewn and secure, and it's in a hidden enclosure that zips easily. Even though we aren't the most gentle on our pillows, I expect this pillow to last for a long time, even though we have two dogs that love to cuddle up on them. I ordered this cover in a light blue color. It's true to the pics online. Get this PILLOW. You will not regret it. There is a If you're interested in the other pillows/covers in my pic, you can find them at Amazon. There is a gold square on the website.

👤I love this pillow. It was very similar to my accent blanket and photos on my wall in my spare bedroom. There is a cute textured bit of color in the room. There is a The only thing that came with this was a pillowcase. Make sure you buy an actual pillow to go with it. There is a It is not soft, but it is not very dense. I don't like scratchy pillows. If you lay on it, you won't be repelled by the uncomfortablity of it, but not soft enough, that's why I would want to cuddle up with it. There is a The pillow was great. Excellent quality. It's very heavy duty. The color is perfect for an outdoor themed room.

👤The pillow is pretty. I was shopping for a navy pillow at Target and Homegoods and they had the best prices in the $40 range. The cover and pillow insert are very expensive. There is a It picks up lint and pet hair very easily. This is the only throw pillow that needs a daily brushing with a lint brush, and I have 2 dogs.

👤The material feels like excellent quality. It feels like a wool feel to it. Measures are true to size. Great purchase!

👤Wow! The pillows made a big impact on my living room. I was looking for something that would make me happy. The pillows did that. There are no pillows inside. I stuffed these coverings with my ugly pillows and it worked out well for me. They were not going to arrive for another week. It was great to get them early.

👤I returned them because they are made out of felt. They attract all kinds of lint. I wanted to keep these pillows, they were navy and looked like I wanted them. I wish the 3D petals were made of a different material. If you don't mind cleaning these off from all sorts of fuzz, then these work is not for you. It's disappointing that there is no fabric choice. Please consider changing it to something else. The design and quality is there, but the fabric is too much of a pain to keep.

2. Anickal Orange Lumbar Decorative Decoration

Anickal Orange Lumbar Decorative Decoration

The perfect pillow covers can be used to decorate your room. It's suitable for couch, sofa, bed, car, seat, window seat, loveseat, living room, bed room, floor, bench, office, cafe and more. You can choose from 14 colors and 4 sizes. The pillow cover is 30x50 cm. You and your family are protected from harmful rays. It's easier to fill your pillow insert with a hidden zipper. The package includes a set of pillow covers. The pillow insert is not included. Machine wash in cold water.

Brand: Anickal

👤I love all things bedding. I am familiar with this topic. There is a The fabric is a linen-type texture and has no odor. The covers have a hidden zip. There are folds from being folded in the package, but they disappeared when the pillow was added. The fabric is stuck together on the inside in the first picture. I carefully pulled it apart and you will need to push your hand out to the edges to release it. Some edges will look hemmed and some won't. The pillow is very attractive once put together. The color is "Mustard yellow" and it is perfect! I love these and would order again.

👤I got these to go with a couple of new pillows for our couch. They are soft and made well. I was worried that they might be a tougher material but they aren't. The color is exactly what I thought it would be. I don't have to wash them yet, but I hope they hold up.

👤Poor workmanship. The mustard yellow color was a good match for the pictures. When you open the case, the inside sticks together but you can separate. The lowest setting allowed steam to remove the wrinkling. The 1st cover was stuffed and I found a small seam that was going to unsewn. I was about to stuff the 2nd one when I discovered the seam wasn't sewn. Sending back will not change anything.

👤This product was disappointing. I had to pry open it to separate the portion inside from the rest. The inside looks like it melted after being peeled apart. This product was very disappointing.

👤I bought the pillow covers to be extra for the fall and the years to come. I have a grey couch at home and it seems to blend in with it more than I would like, because the brown is a very light shade. I paid a good price for this item. It's better to buy pillows at a store than it is to buy them at home. I put these covers on top of my pillows and nobody knows what's different.

👤These look like expensive pillows. The blue is a beautiful color. She said she could imagine Donnie's head resting on them when she saw them. I knew I had hit gold when I bought it.

👤Initial impressions: packaging is nothing special, color wasn't exact but close enough to my monitor to not fuss and return it. I ordered the 24 x 24 size and they were measured at 23.5", but I'm not upset about it because my inserts should fill it out pretty well. There was no offensive odor, there were no loose threads, and the zip is hidden, so it seems sturdy for both. The fabric is lightweight and not soft, but it is smooth and not rough. There is a My kids and cat are already lounging on them, so they'll be put to the test if I have any concerns. It seems like a good value. I would suggest these to anyone who is looking for the same thing. My lighting is neutral, not warm or cool white.

3. AerWo Pillows Mongolian Cushion Decorative

AerWo Pillows Mongolian Cushion Decorative

Their luxury faux fur throw pillow covers are made of soft and smooth canvas and faux fur with premium craftsmanship. The measure is 18in x 18in and 45 cm x 45 cm. The Super Luxury Tactile Experience is very luxurious. The pillows are made of top-quality materials and have a scientific blend. It's just perfect for your home decor because of its furry and fluffy touch. It's skin-friendly and pet-friendly so that you can enjoy the soft touch and share your happiness with your family and friends. It's easy and reusable. Their pillowcase is safe for wash machines and dryers so you don't have to worry about it. Machine wash in cold water. To clean the hair, shake or wash the pillowcase. The pillow cover is made with fade resistance and will keep the original hand-feel after a long time of use. The best choice for gifts and decorations is available. It is very easy to insert and replace it with an invisible zip up. A decent gift at an affordable price. There is a note. Due to transportation, the faux fur pillow's hair may be flat and needs to be shaken a little to make it fluffy. There is a 100% guarantee andTILE decline. There is a risk-free 120-Day Money Back Guarantee. Their fur pillows will make you feel good. A perfect decoration in your bedroom, living room, office, coffee shop, on your chair, couch, sofa, and available for all your home needs.

Brand: Aerwo

👤The pillows look better in the photos. The fur is on one side, so it's best if you use a zip up. They lost something awful. When I opened them, he was wearing a black shirt. It is just awful. I can't see the situation changing. I will send them back.

👤My daughter wanted these to be in her bedroom. The pillow cases arrived in a party package. They are great for weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties. The material is cheap, and I could tell right away that it wouldn't hold up to everyday use. These pillow cases are advertised as "luxury". I will be returning for sure.

👤A cheap Santa costume with a one side pillow made of fur. It is produced by a party supply company. It's perfect for a party. It is not appropriate to have it as a home decor item. Thin fur, not a shade of fabric. It's a cheap look.

👤Not what I was hoping for. I wanted something to go with my Amazon basics throw blanket, and these came from a costume warehouse. The fabric was like something from a costume, it was treated with something that gave me allergies, and it was all dust and lint. I don't want to give them to anyone.

👤Son lindas and his friend hasta ahora.

👤I bought pink ones and am getting brown so I recommend to brush the pillows.

👤The price is nice for what you get. I think they are not the best quality. They are ok. I will have them out all winter. We will have to see how they hold up. Keep that in mind.

👤I think they'd be great for use as a troll wig.

4. Oneslong Decorative Pillow Embroidery Livingroom

Oneslong Decorative Pillow Embroidery Livingroom

There is a pack of 2 pillow covers with no insert. Cotton canvas are made of thick, durable, heavy cotton and are machine washable. The front of the pillow cover is colorful. The back is white. The opening of the pillow sham is 13-14 in, making it easy to insert and remove the cushion. Decorative. It adds color to living and bedrooms. They'll replace or refund your order if you're not completely satisfied.

Brand: Oneslong

👤I needed to match the guest room rug with these pillows. They were much nicer than I thought and they matched perfectly.

👤These are lovely and fit in my bedroom nicely. There would be no small thread pulls in a perfect world. All pillows match. The pillow's fabric is medium to heavy weight and called a duck cloth. It is very soft. The zippers were installed correctly. The bedroom has several shades of tan, beige, and white. I wanted to show that they can all work, so don't overthink the shades, they all go! The pillow cases are not white. The colors of the embroidered clothing are soft and not as dark as my photo is. There is a I can fix those minor flaws with a needle and thread.

👤I chose the "Floral (grey&teal)" option, and was not disappointed. The colors and texture make it look more expensive than it is. The embroidered colors are pretty much the same as the picture. The base color is bright white. The navy couch has a stone-colored pillow. Would recommend!

👤The pillow covers are made to last. I was pleasantly surprised by the detail of the stitching. I think these are gorgeous. The price is awesome too.

👤The pillow covers are beautiful. I bought the covers for my new furniture to match the decor in my living room. The material is of good quality. The colors give the room a finishing touch.

👤Read it closely. I thought they were pillows, but they are actually pillow cases, which was fine once I realized the pillows are not included. The design is very accurate in the photo. I bought the cases with a floral print. They are beautiful and not just a printed design like most pillows, they are actually a stitched design.

👤This is an accent pillow on my bed. It looks like an older pillow was used to fill this case. It looks great on my bed.

👤It fit my pillows nicely. I sprayed them with guard. The last set I got was better.

👤Some of my favorite new purchases are absolutely stunning. Excellent quality, lovely work!

👤The material of these decorative pillow covers is durable and has a great texture. They were as I had expected.

👤I love these, they add brightness and colour to my dark living room.

👤It was as advertised. Good quality. I love it.

5. Adorable Hedgehog Butterfly Decorative Pillowcases

Adorable Hedgehog Butterfly Decorative Pillowcases

The washing instructions are machine wash and dry clean. It is easy to maintain. Vintage style animals include a butterfly bird with a quote. Cotton Linen Textile has good permeability and strong absorption. The standard pillowcase is 18 x 18 Inches and 45 x 45 cm. The Overlock Seaming Technique and Hidden-ZIPper Design are features. The Pillow Core can be easily inserted and removed. The package includes a 4PC cushion cover, no insert or Filler, and a pattern print one side only. Different pillows pattern can bring a different style and fashion, animal pillow cover is a thoughtful gift for your friends and a nice choice for your home.

Brand: Royalours

👤This was advertised as a linen cotton blend, but what we got was plastic. It had a coarse weave and a plastic shine. It feels like touching a cheap piece of furniture. I wouldn't want to rest my head on it. The printed pattern is the same as pictured, except for the shine on the fabric. It doesn't look right. I will return it immediately.

👤These covers are small, but I love them. I had a hard time getting them to cover my cushions. I was afraid I would rip the zippers and ruin the pillows, so I would buy a larger size.

👤I was looking for an accent to complement our new leather couches. I put the pillows with some hazel brown and natural linen color neutrals behind them. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I really like these. My couch needed to dress it up and they are stylish.

👤The delivery date was September 29th, so I am amazed that these came so quickly. They came on July 24 after I ordered them on July 9. Not bad. The set of 4 is lovely. The background on each cover is different. I don't like matchy. I used my existing couch pillows that were 18 X 18 and it was a tight fit. I did manage. They are full and a change from beige. It was worth the price.

👤C'est un tissu tisse qui ressemble a un couvre-tout pour peinturer. C'est trs rude sur la peau. There is a Je n'est pas trop sur le visage lorsque je m'étend sur le sofa... Pour contre la fermeture, est vraiment invisible et est des dessins beau!

👤TheAdorable Animal Set of cushion covers look exactly like the photos that I bought. Really pleased with them.

👤The pillow covers are lovely. They look great in my den. They look like linen but are softer to the touch. They arrived early than expected.

6. YOUR SMILE Classical Embroidery Decorative

YOUR SMILE Classical Embroidery Decorative

The fabric is high quality and super comfortable. Fashion and simplicity are included. The new PC Pillow cover/Shell is 12 X 20. X 50 cm. Both sides have the same design. There is a way to close one side. The machine wash was cold and gently cycle only.

Brand: Your Smile

👤I bought two of these covers. The pattern is the same as shown, the quality is good, the cover is well constructed, and the material looks and feels durable. The material has a smooth feel, but is not made of super soft material, which is why I only gave it a 4 in softness. The colors are nicely blended and have a sheen to them, which reflects the light and highlights the pattern with a positive effect. The pillow inserts were a little too fluffy and it was difficult for me to pull the sides together to keep the insert from getting caught in the zipper at the same time. The shape was great once it was zippered. The pillow cover is pretty. I am very happy with this purchase and would buy them again.

👤The accent pillow brings together all the colors of my room. The pattern reminds me of "pussy willow" stalks and is embroidered onto the background fabric. The embroidered threads are in shades of blue, silvery blue and taupe on a white background. There are a variety of colors in embroidered buds. Very nice looking.

👤I like everything about them. My first one arrived today. It appears to be a fabric cover. It looks like it was specially made to go with my sofa, as it is the look and feel of a pillow that comes as a complimentary element with a sofa you might have just bought. There is a The fabric is soft but not super soft like a pillow. But, like I said... We tend to buy the extra soft ones for our furniture throw pillows. I went to the store to buy a pillow to put on because I live in a rural area. They didn't have a 12 x 20. The closest I could get was 22 x 12. I crossed my fingers that I could just stuff in those two extra inches, knowing that the pillow would probably be on the softer side. It worked well. The cheapo pillows at Hobby are soft and the corners need a little more stuffing. It filled out the corners of the cover with the extra pillow. The pillow wasn't overstuffed. After all. I am ordering two more covers. I'm going to buy the 12 x 22 fillers to make sure. There isn't any pressure on the zippers. However, be careful with the zippers. I suppose it's a little sticky where it is new. I think it will open and close more smoothly and efficiently with more use. It's fine, just a little stiff. I was extra gentle and noticed that my pillow didn't add any pressure. I didn't want to overfill and cause the zip to blow out or the cover to come loose. It will loosen in time. There is a I am very happy with my purchase. If you're on the fence, you should order this cover. You will not be sorry. It looks expensive, but it's also very classy and elegant. You should order it.

7. Brushed Microfiber Decorative Cushion Pillowcases

Brushed Microfiber Decorative Cushion Pillowcases

100% Microfiber. The PIECES SET is 18x18 inch and 45x45 cm. 2 pieces of decorative throw pillow cover are included in the package. It's best for any room in your house. Super rich. The print is made from 100% premium velvet fabric and is comfortable to touch and lay on. You can add a vibrant element to your bed. These pillow covers are high safety and gentle on your skin, making them ideal for kids and pets. Installation and removal are easy with the invisible zipper design. The seams have been locked up for easy washing. Unique characteristic: The front and back of the pillow cover are the same color and pattern. It's perfect for snuggling up on the sofa, couch or bed in your bedroom or living room. Easy care. Do not use bleach or iron in the machine for easy care and maintenance. Purchase the same quality and color curtain drapes.

Brand: H.versailtex

👤Buyers beware! The design on the pillows is centered. They are not! The set looks almost nothing like the picture. Waited a couple of weeks for the product to arrive. The self-adhesive flap was completely worn out after being opened so many times. It looked like something you would buy at a garage sale. There are worn patches on the pillows, so it's not certain if you can see them in the pictures. Someone might have tried to iron them. This product has been ordered and will be returned. Many, many times. I'm returning them as well. Hopefully, you won't be foolish enough to buy it.

👤These were bought to match my curtain. The pillows are soft and easy to insert. When I put the pillow in, I don't like it that the end of the zipper tears and the threading is coming out. The product is great and will be buying more.

👤Beautiful pillows! Very soft... The pattern we received on both pillows does not match the picture we were shown. The fabric was cut in the wrong spot. It was a little disappointing. I still love them!

👤These are soft. They are thick. You cannot see through the white portion of my pillows. I washed and dried them, they did not bleed or shrink. The white is a bright white and the blue is a navy blue. The zip to the pillow cover is small, but not an issue. Very happy!

👤I like the fabric, but they are not centered on the pattern like the stock photo shows. The pillows are white and the curtains are cream, but the background color on the pillows is more white.

👤The material is soft and the covers are beautiful. I am disappointed. I bought the curtains and the kitchen curtains. The covers are brown on white. I don't understand why they wouldn't sell them in the same colors. There is a I wouldn't have bought the 3 set of covers if I'd noticed.

👤I have found the perfect couch pillow case after searching for a long time. It is soft to the touch and has a zip to take off for washing. I warn you that the blue dye left a stain on the white part, so you should use color safe washing detergent.

👤I opened the pillows. Very disappointed! They look the same. They look used and worn. I will return the pillow covers. The seller should be ashamed.

👤Not close to the colors shown in the picture. There is a grey colour. Only a tiny bit of the zip is open. As I heard the tearing, I had to squeeze the pillows. Don't waste your money!

👤Me encantando la fundas, pero tiene una calidad.

👤Cumpli con mis expectativas. It's a calidad.

👤No estn cortadas simétricamente.

8. Yastouay Farmhouse Decorative Chenille Pillowcase

Yastouay Farmhouse Decorative Chenille Pillowcase

The package includes 2 pillow covers. PILLOW INSERT is not included. It is recommended to allow 1-2 cm deviation because of manual cutting and measurement. The pillow is made of a fabric with a linen-like texture, but it is softer and more comfortable than linen fabric, and pillows of different materials can be mixed and matched. The cushion cover has a hidden zipper that makes it easy to remove and replace. There are washing tips. The cycle is gentle and is machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30C. Do not use bleach. Don't dry clean. Keep it as new as possible, made of fade-resistant and shrink-resistant fabric. Perfect disposition. The rich pure color of the pillow cover can be used in many scenes, bringing a gorgeous appearance to your home decoration, living room, bedding, kitchen, car, terrace, toss, chair, bedroom, office, etc.

Brand: Yastouay

👤Love the way it is soft and durable.

👤The throw pillow covers are pretty. They have a nice texture. They are soft. The color I received was teal. It's hard to see the color in the photos. The cover was under a lamp that was cool, warm and natural toned. If you choose teal, hopefully that will help with color expectation. I would say the color is around a light teal and sea foam. I'm using 18x18 inserts and 18x18 cases. There is a The zippers are open and close. There is a nice hidden seam. These are a good quality at a decent price.

👤The pillowcases feel like upholstery fabric. There are smooth and well-hidden pins. The sides and corners are straight. The white accents in the fabric are subtle. The color is gray, but it looked bluish on my computer.

👤The rust colored pillowcase covers changed the look of my sofa. The texture of the fabric is soft and durable, which makes it attractive. My 18'x18" throw pillows fit nicely inside the cases. They have a hidden zipper that is made to be hidden. If you don't use hard detergents or bleach, these can be washed in cold or warm water.

👤The pillow covers are pretty. I love how the rust colored covers give my living room a pop of color. The texture of the fabric makes them look substantial. They are easy to carry and the zipper works well. They are made to last.

👤These are pillow cases. The fabric is easy to clean. It is thick and textured, but still soft. The best part is that it is almost invisible. It is a high quality pillow.

👤The fabric is thick but still soft, the color is accurate, and the price is reasonable. They would be comfortable to rest your head on and last a long time.

👤The color was just as pictured. The fabric is comfortable. One of them had a broken zipper at the end. I used a safety pin to hold the sides together until I could find the same color thread to sew it up.

9. Decorative Throw Cushions Farmhouse Decoration

Decorative Throw Cushions Farmhouse Decoration

Pack of 4 geometric throw pillow covers, 18x18 inches. There would be a 1-2 cm deviation due to hand-cutting and sewing. The pillow covers are made of cotton linen fabric and are durable with modern patterns printed on one side. It's comfortable, skin-friendly, and wear-resistant. CRAFTSMANSHIP Premium quality invisible and hidden zipper is sewed with high-quality workmanship, making it easy to remove or stuff a pillow. The pillow covers are more durable because of the strong invisible zipper. UNIQUE DECOR The yellow decorations for living room will refresh your home decoration. It will be a great gift for girls and women. There are great gift ideas for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. There are weapon tips. The yellow throw pillow covers are machine washed for easy care and maintenance, and do not use bleach or iron. After every wash, it stays the same. The color of the item may be different from the images. If you don't like their products, please don't hesitate to contact them, and they will do their best to make sure you are satisfied again.

Brand: Mercijzyasang

👤I was pleased with the pillow covers. I like the designs. They're of good quality. The zippers wereucked in so they wouldn't annoy you or dangle. There is a They may have been designed for 18x18 pillow inserts, but I had other plans. I have a bunch of pillows that are past their prime. We're talking dirty, faded and pileated. I crammed them into the covers and gave them new life. The covers fit over the entire pillow. I would not use these to recycle something that I would have thrown away. Hope this helps!

👤I thought the pillows and the covers were what I bought. The package was smaller than I thought. The covers were the only thing that opened it. Whomp! The wife appreciated my efforts to decorate our home when she saw them. Happy spouse!

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. The material is light and strong. I wanted the summer colors to lighten the couch. The pillows worked well.

👤I wouldn't want to lay my head on them. Everything in the picture had a green hue. A very green hue. I returned them.

👤I did not buy the pillows to go inside. They have a small piece of metal on the side. I just bought cotton to go inside and the pillows are very soft. I love the covers and my interior.

👤The price was reasonable for a set of 4. The fabric seems to last a long time. I wanted this to be black and white and not beige, so please mention this to buyers who may be looking for a specific color scheme.

👤The picture shows color. The material feels good even though it has not been washed. The texture is a bit tougher than I thought and there is a spot that might have been printed error. It doesn't bother me, so I don't return and get another set.

👤The product is okay. The black started to disappear after some wear and first wash. The fabric is strong. Don't see me using it again. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤A set of fundas, otro en negro, and resitentes, are included. Amigos, amigos, amigo Compraré ms para las camas. 100% of the price is for the maravilla (menos de 300 por cada set de 4 fundas).

👤Nos cojn, pero combinaran con todo, en Mi caso hasta con la mascota.

👤Las fundas tienen perfectas y una imagen a la cama.

👤Muy bonitos are mucho.

10. Yellow Pillow Decorative Cushion Bedroom

Yellow Pillow Decorative Cushion Bedroom

There are six different patterns. The modern design of the yellow and white pillow case is suitable for all styles of room decoration. Your home can get better with this set. The modern decorative throw pillowcase is made from a high quality fabric which is soft and comfortable and friendly to your skin. The unique disposition is. A decorative pillow cover design with simple geometry pattern is a good decoration. Bright yellow pillow covers can help improve the light in your room, for example used in living room, bedroom, office and car, couch, sofa, chair, floor and so on. The standard size. This size fits most family pillows, you can match whichever pillows you need, which is excellent for your pillow decoration. Not including pillow insert. The invisible ZIPPER is. The yellow pillow covers are designed to make the pillowcase look better and to provide easy removal.

Brand: Fascidorm

👤I was not expecting much, but they were really nice. When I ordered them, I thought they were pillows, but I was happy with them as pillow cases. The designs were really nice and the material felt soft. Home decor tends to be expensive at times.

👤If you want to change the look of your pillows quickly, they are ok, but this particular type feel very silky soft and loose fit, like a cover you would put on your sleeping pillows. I will probably spend more money on the next set so that I can get thicker and better quality fabric.

👤My wife loves the pillow covers. The right size. The material is strong.

👤It was perfect! I love them! The material is white and black rich and soft. I am happy with the delivery.

👤They fit perfectly and look great.

👤I was looking for a pillow but it was pillow cases. I am very disappointed because I have to go to a kohls near me.

👤The pillow cases are very soft, but they break easily. It was disappointing that two of the zippers broke in the first week.

11. ITFRO Hand Painted Painting Wildlife Branches

ITFRO Hand Painted Painting Wildlife Branches

The pattern is only available on the front side and the back side. The size is 12x20 inches/30 cmX50 cm and there is a deviation of 1-2 cm. There is a hidden design that is safe to machine wash. It's suitable for indoor/ outdoor use. Mother's day is a nice day to give a gift to your mom.

Brand: Itfro

👤It is simply beautiful and wonderful. Excellent product. Couldn't be happier with it.

👤I ran across this gem while searching for a pillow cover for my son's bed. It was not what my son would have been hoping for, but the sentiment touched my heart and I put it in my cart. I had to clip the labels from the pillow insert to prevent them from showing through because the fabric was a bit transparent. I threw the fabric in the wash without checking the care label because the texture was rough and I thought it was due to the size. Did I make a mistake? Not in my book. The cover is soft and the colors are bright. There was no damage to the sewing integrity and it is still in great condition. I can't say anything about similar covers. They have fallen apart in the wash. I like the feel of the new cover and the lines remind me of the good in difficult situations, what more can you ask for in a pillow cover?

👤They are 11 1/2 X 19. I was expecting them to be more of a mustard yellow, but they are a brighter yellow. It's really thick and nice. It's necessary to iron. I'll update my review when the 14X22 arrives. There is an update. There is a black mark on the seam after ironing. You can see the wrinkling in the pillow through the material if you put the pillows in. If you use your couch for support, the outside can be wrinkled up very easily. Want to come back, but not yet.

👤The pillow cover is pretty. The material has a texture that is more like linen. Maybe it would be a good idea to call it a rough linen. The image could be a little more centered. The writing runs off the right side of the pillow if you look at my attached photo. I will angle the pillow so you can see the writing better. I ordered my own pillow stuffer after taking other reviewers' advice. The stuffer I bought from Amazon worked great.

👤I bought this to add a decorative throw pillow to our bedding from Hilea. The deer pattern with the mountain silhouette is a perfect throw for king-sized shams. I don't know how durable it is, so I'll update once it's washed. I'm very pleased with how it adds to the look of my bed.

👤The picture design on this pillow is perfect for my sun room. I ordered two but they are not the same size. Trying to find an insert was impossible. I am not sure if other people found a good fit for the cover because it needs to be bigger to fit the insert. I will make my own insert. Complying in size to available inserts is important for a product.

👤The colors are bright and well made. There is a linen look to the material. Exactly what I wanted. For reference, the bed is king-size. I highly recommend.


What is the best product for decorative chair pillow?

Decorative chair pillow products from Kingrose. In this article about decorative chair pillow you can see why people choose the product. Anickal and Aerwo are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative chair pillow.

What are the best brands for decorative chair pillow?

Kingrose, Anickal and Aerwo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative chair pillow. Find the detail in this article. Oneslong, Royalours and Your Smile are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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