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1. Tebery 12 Inch Silent Quartz Decorative

Tebery 12 Inch Silent Quartz Decorative

We will give you a full refund or replacement if you are unhappy with this clock. There's a quality guarantee against bad parts. A silent retro wall clock has a sturdy frame and glass lens. There is a silent movement mechanism. The front glass cover of the wall clock makes it easy to read. The battery is not included and the Plus side should be inserted first. A perfect wall clock for every room in the house.

Brand: Tebery

👤I don't know what it is about clock shipping from Amazon, but this is the second wall clock that had the second hand broken when I opened it. I had to return the other clock but this one, I was able to remove the back of the clock and fix the second hand, but I couldn't get all the tiny screws in again.

👤It was pretty in person. I chose this for my aunt because she needs a clock. She loved it. It looks great on her wall. It makes me happy to see her smiling.

👤It doesn't have the noise of a clock and the second hand glides, which is nice. It's hard to describe the sound when there is no other sound in the room. It's soft enough to not bother me when there are other sounds in the room, and once I identified it, it no longer bothered me. There is a Good clock, would recommend.

👤I love how this looks like an iron clock, but is so lightweight it can hang on a tiny nail. There is a I bought 2 tin fleur de lis wall hangings from Amazon to make it look bigger, because I thought it was smaller than I thought. The clock is silent as advertised. There is a It is a great value.

👤The clock looks more like carved wood than plastic, unless you are very close. So far, so good, has kept perfect time for three days. The hour hand is not pointing where it should be. At 6 o'clock, it should point down towards the 6. It points to the left of the 6. The hour hand can't be pushed into the right position if the glass cover is removed. Since it is only $12.99) and looks good, I will deal with the hour hand issue. It really does bug me.

👤Nice design. Not strong. It looks good on the wall. It keeps time so no complaints. I never realized how loud it was until the great bicentenary of 2020. So loud. I didn't know why my dogs were barking so much until a few weeks ago. I would look at the clock and be puzzled. The clock has the same inner workings as Elizabeth Tower. It does not have a bell.

👤The clock is beautiful. It is accurate and looks a lot more expensive than it is. It is silent, which I had never worried about before. I like this feature.

👤Accuracy is a default for any clock. I returned a $50 clock from Amazon because it was so loud in a study room and in the night. I purchased this one. This one is very quiet. I don't notice any noise in the night or in a study room. It looks very attractive. If I need another one, I will buy it with the same brand.

👤It works perfectly, as shown in the pictures. It's value for money.

👤The face is darker than the picture shows.

2. TXL Educational Preschooler Classroom Teach Pink

TXL Educational Preschooler Classroom Teach Pink

Many children don't know how to tell the time on an analogue clock, but teenagers benefit from their teaching clock to help them tell the time on their own. Only parents know what is best for their children. The long one in blue is minute and the short one in pink is hour. If the face of the clock is damaged, it will not shatter like glass, so check out the security tests in the video. The clock is lightweight and you can spend less to get a practical learning wall clock. The sweep movement is perfect for any room. It's not easy for kids to take it off.

Brand: Txl

👤I bought this and the "easy read time teacher" clock. I was expecting the quality to be bad but I decided to give it a try because it was so much less expensive and cute. There is a The clock was a little larger than the easy read, but it appeared to be less high quality. There is a I preferred this one more than the other one. I don't like the addition of the 24 hour clock notation on the easy read. What is the use of a 24 hour clock for preschool or early school children? Even if they do, I think the clock is too busy and may confuse young children who are trying to learn to tell time. There is a The hour numbers on this clock are all the same color as the hour hand. The minute numbers are the same color as the minute hand. The clock is a little easier to learn with the combination of this and the less complicated design. There is a The numbers in the center of the clock help the child know when the clock is in, even if it is past the number and close to the next hour. The hour hand is closer to 6 than 5 at that point, so it could be hard for a person to know if the hour is 5 or 6. This feature helps clarify something. There is a The hour and minute hands reach all the way to the numbers. The min is on this clock. The hand doesn't touch the numbers. This clock won out over the easy read for me, and that is my only complaint so far.

👤This was a gift for a little girl who was learning to tell time. This seemed to have the best combination of features, including how the hands coordinate with the numbers, hours marked-out in the middle, and pie wedges. There is a The second hand sweeps smoothly, with the clock running silently. The clock is packed in bubble wrap in a retail box and then in a shipping box. The clear plastic face cover was allowed to be scratched in transit. It appears that it is soft and has some marks on it. It's hard to see in most light, but the packing could have been better to prevent this. It would require a ring around the clock to keep face off. There is a The battery was not included.

👤I really like that this shows the hours and minutes, as well as the color of the hands. The hour hand and numbered hours are the same color as the minute hand and numbered minutes. My son is very good at reading time on the clock. It is completely silent, which is great, as the sound of a clock in the middle of the night drives everyone crazy. There is a I wish the clock came in a few more design options. It's hard to find a clock like this and there are only a few design options. I don't like white clocks. I didn't have much choice.

3. HYLANDA Non Ticking Decorative Operated Bathroom

HYLANDA Non Ticking Decorative Operated Bathroom

Customer satisfaction is 30 days Money Back, 1 Year Warranty and friendly after-sale service. 1. There is a wooden teal rustic wall clock with no solid wood. A minute hour hand with a large dial and no frame or glass cover. 2. The wall clock uses a silent non-ticking mechanism with smooth movement and is quiet and accurate. 3. The wall clock is easy to hang, it has a slot design in the back, and the packing has a hook for installation. One AA battery is included in the packing. 4. It is a perfect gift for office, dining room, school, classroom, home. It is a good gift for Mother's Day. 5. There is a service guarantee. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them immediately, you can send a message to them from Amazon, and they will help you with any questions.

Brand: Hylanda

👤The clock is sturdy. The wall has the perfect size. It is not quiet as advertised. The cricket humming sound is annoying. It looks great, but the sounds are not. YUCK! I am changing my review to a 3 star and recommend another wall clock to others.

👤After our kitchen renovation, we needed a new clock that would compliment the new color scheme. It is a bit slow after a month of use. It is fine until I find something better, but I have noticed that most clocks are dull looking.

👤The clock stopped working after a week. Disappointed. It was quiet and enjoyable. I wouldn't recommend it. I threw the box away because I couldn't get a refund.

👤I decided to take a chance despite the bad reviews because I thought it would be a nice looking clock. It works after it arrived in good condition. I'm glad I got it. It looks really nice.

👤I debated buying this clock. I'm very happy I bought it. It was advertised as a true color. My bathroom decor is very similar to my newly renovated bathroom decor.

👤It would have been perfect for my kitchen. The clock refused to tick or tock despite many changes of batteries. There is a It went back.

👤I like my turquoise wall clock. Everyone who comes to my home likes me. It was definitely worth the money.

👤The clock is a great addition to the room. I would recommend getting Reasonable for the price, the seller took great pains to make sure I was happy with the clock.

4. Sorbus Oversized Centurion Parisian Farmhouse

Sorbus Oversized Centurion Parisian Farmhouse

The style is transitional. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, FirsTime & Co. has a Traditional piece that will make an accent statement in your entryway, kitchen, living room or bathroom. A decorative Parisian wall clock has a roman numeral time display. The sound runs calm and smoothly, and the high quality clock movement makes it easy to enjoy peace. It's a great solution for empty wall space as a stand-alone piece or gallery display wall accent, and it's suitable for kitchen, dining, living room, bedroom. It's easy to hang and lightweight for easy transportation. The clock face is made of wood and metal and features distressed colors and gold metal hands.

Brand: Sorbus

👤The clock is beautiful. I searched the entire internet for a day to find one at this price. It looks nice and it matches my decor.

👤The hands on the clock are bent. Is it possible that heat is involved? The hands don't move anymore and the batteries are in. It's still cute for decor, but it's always 5oclock in our living room. I haven't hung it up yet, but it's a cute clock for the price. I knew it was a decent size, but I wish it was a little bigger. The gold in the clock hands is more of a champagne gold / lighter gold than yellow gold. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤The gold hands on the clock are hard to read because of the light background. Pull out your black sharpie and color your hands. What a change!

👤I don't know what sheerness is. The gold hands weren't a problem according to the review I read. They were a big problem for me. We had a clock for 2 days and I couldn't see the time because I couldn't see the gold hands. I asked my husband to paint my hands black so that I wouldn't have to send it back. I can finally read it. It's a great clock for the price, but it shouldn't require painting to be great.

👤It was purchased for our master bedroom. The distressed wood look matches the room decor and the color is spot on for the walls. It was a draw between this clock and a couple others, but my gut was telling me to get this one, and I kept coming back to Purchased for our master bedroom. The distressed wood look matches the room decor and the color is spot on for the walls. I kept coming back to this clock, even though it was a draw between it and a few others. It is possessed by the devil, there is no other way to explain why I bought it. The quiet soft soothing tick was a bonus for the style and color and made my soul die a little with each tock. I lay awake in the night counting the ear piercing tick and tock, waiting for the end to come or the mechanism itself meeting its demise. The hands are the best part of the clock. The hands are golden. The golden colored hands blend in perfectly with the wood background. It is very easy to read when you first wake up in the morning, you just have to walk over to the wall and stare at it. If you can understand Roman numerals, it helps. It could be 32:74 in the morning if not. I can hear the mocking tick-tock from three rooms away. The clock blends in with our decor, but I can't find it on the wall. It is. It is possessed by the devil, there is no other way to explain why I bought it. The quiet soft soothing tick was a bonus for the style and color and made my soul die a little with each tock. I lay awake in the night counting the ear piercing tick and tock, waiting for the end to come or the mechanism itself meeting its demise. The hands are the best part of the clock. The hands are golden. The golden colored hands blend in perfectly with the wood background. It is very easy to read when you first wake up in the morning, you just have to walk over to the wall and stare at it. If you can understand Roman numerals, it helps. It could be 32:74 in the morning if not. I can hear the mocking tick-tock from three rooms away. The clock blends in with our decor, but I can't find it on the wall.

5. Decorative Battery Operated Vintage Country

Decorative Battery Operated Vintage Country

The quality assurance was tested. Every single Umbra clock is tested to ensure accurate time keeping and the ribbon wall clock uses a single AA battery. Brown wooden wall clock material is not solid wood. There was no frame or glass cover. The wooden wall clock has large black arabic numerals that can be seen easily. Size: The wall clock is 12 inches in diameter. The wall clock is silent and keeps accurate time. It's perfect for the bedroom, living room, computer room, coffee shop, office, conference room. The back slot design is easy to hang. Please use the normal carbon battery if you want to be powered by one AA battery. They will give you a full refund or replacement if you are unhappy with this clock. There's a quality guarantee against bad parts.

Brand: Jomparis

👤It's very pretty in person and a good size for my bedroom, so you can get an idea of the size.

👤I bought this clock for two reasons, one, I like the beachy look to it, and the other, it doesn't tick. I couldn't tell if it was running after I put one battery in. There was no second hand. It's funny. I saw that it was keeping time perfectly after letting it set for 5 minutes. If you want to change the time, you should only use the wheel on the back of the clock. You don't want to put your hands on the front. Not sure, but that could affect the timekeeping. A good price for a beautiful clock. I love my beachy clock.

👤The clock in my son's room made it hard for him to fall asleep when he woke up in the middle of the night. The clock is beautiful and keeps time, but I don't like the fact that it has a loud motor at night. I replaced the second hand with a loud motor mechanism. Even though it is a beautiful design, I don't think I would buy it again.

👤The clock is made of wood. The sticker is coming off after I put it up. I thought it was going to be painted. Will not purchase again.

👤I thought it would be a little bigger. It's simple and cute.

👤The clock looks like sunrise on the beach, easy to read numbers, blue slats, and black numbers, silent accurate. Came on time, bought used and gave another life to the clock. I no longer need to look for my phone. Would recommend this purchase to someone looking for a wall clock. Thanks.

👤I finally found the clock that I wanted in my bedroom. It is very easy to read. It doesn't make a sound and I love the fact that it matches my decor.

👤The clock is cheap and as pictured. I put it in a room that was fine because the price was right. It is a very thin piece of wood. The clock hands are thin. This is what I expected. I wouldn't suggest it for a room where you want it to look nice.

👤It's a great mix of colors, light weight and good dimensions, I got this for my car.

👤The sun room has a color scheme.

👤I didn't think it was a real reclaimed Barn Wood sticker, but I did think it was a clock face on the board. I thought it would have texture. The numbers on the clock face would be raised. It looks less expensive from far away. I couldn't put it where I wanted because the gaudiness was too obvious, but I was able to find a spot in the kitchen that was acceptable.

👤I don't know why people are upset. It is what it says it is. It's kept proper time so far and it goes well with my d├ęcor. What do you expect from the price? The one picture in the ad makes it look bigger than it is. Maybe the seller could show the actual size of 10 instead of showing a picture of it. I'm completely satisfied if the clock keeps working.

6. Bernhard Products Fireplace Beautiful Decorative

Bernhard Products Fireplace Beautiful Decorative

The locksmith customer service is round. They are a family-owned business and will do everything in their power to exceed your expectations. They have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty. There are shooting notes. If the clock arrives damaged, please let them know and they'll replace it. If the pendulum hits the side of the clock, the easiest fix is to add weight to it. They have free tape. The extra large wall clock can be used to decorate and enhance any room. A dark brown frame, black roman numerals and decorative hands on a white background make it easy to see. There is a silent mechanism with sweeping movement. Accurate time all day is guaranteed by precise quartz movements. 18 inches in diameter is extra large. It's great for a living room, bedroom, kitchen, guest room, family room, office, restaurant, or above a fireplace. The glass cover protects against dust and debris. The frame is lightweight and easy to hang. Extra clarity is achieved by using a red second hand. The finish is contemporary. The large nail slot is easy to install. The side of the battery that should be inserted first is not included.

Brand: Bernhard Products

👤I liked the look of the clock face and was excited to hang it. Within a few months, I noticed it was losing time. Was wondering if it was the cheap battery. I replaced it with another. Didn't help. Another premium national brand battery followed. Didn't help. I'm past the return date with Amazon and can't find the warranty information for Bernhard Products. The quality was very disappointing. It's possible that it's an intermittent quality issue since there are others who are also experiencing the same issue. I like the interface and would keep this up if it worked. I paid cash for it so I was expecting it to work for a long time. I own a clock that doesn't keep time, so I have a low rating.

👤I bought this for my wife because she liked it. I got the clock, unnoticed, and put a battery in it. I hid it until Christmas morning. The clock was stopped when she opened the gift. The battery had failed. The clock ran again after a brand-new battery was put in. This morning. The clock stopped again when we checked the time. I checked the battery and it was full. The clock was easy to read from a distance. Time is being returned because no man is left.

👤We were surprised by the quality of the clock. It is impressive for the money. It is easy to read from across the room. It fits our decor very well. It is light and made of plastic, but it is rich looking when it is on the wall. There is a We were very happy with the money.

👤I was looking for a wall clock with Roman numerals large enough for my eyes to see. My husband jokes that we are not blind yet. This clock is perfect for the bill. It is silent, but I like the sound of the clock. The Roman Numerals are helping my daughter learn Roman Numerals while telling the time, and they are also helping to tell the time.

👤I wrote a letter to the company about my problem with the clock and to my surprise, they said the clock had a one year warranty. It looks great on my living room wall.

👤We love the clock. It matches our living room perfectly. When we received it, there was a crack on the side and customer care was great about fixing the issue with no problems at all and very quick to answer any questions. Highly recommend buying from them.

👤It takes a lot of energy from the environment to return things that don't work. We wish they were made with reliable parts. The hands were not tight on the clock. We hung it up hoping for the best. Every hour it gained 10 minutes. We returned it the next day.

👤The clock looks great in my living room. It is easy to see from anywhere in the room with the larger size. I have been using my clock for Adweek and absolutely love it! This clock is very good.

7. SecreShow Waterproof Non Ticking Thermometer Decorative Bronze

SecreShow Waterproof Non Ticking Thermometer Decorative Bronze

The clock requires a AA battery for operation, not included. The combo of a Thermometer and Humidity. The outdoor clock has a built-in hygrometer. The humidity readings are automatically calculated from zero to 100%. The Premium Rubber Gasket is around the Silent Quartz Mechanism, which is locked. The clock face was sealed as well, so the inside of the glass didn't steam up. The clock face is easy to read even from a distance, thanks to the Retro Black-Bronze frame, white dial face, and large black numbers. It's great for mounting to patio, garden, fence, lanai, garage, screened pool, poolside, farmhouse, yard or backyard. It's easy to use, you need one AA zinc carbon battery, analkaline battery or a rechargeable battery which may have influence on the life span of clock movement, as well as the accuracy of the time. If you have any problems, please contact them and they will provide a friendly after-sale service for you.

Brand: Rsobl

👤I bought this clock as a gift. It didn't work. I contacted the company by email and they never responded. I contacted Amazon directly and they were kind enough to send me a replacement, but it does not work. I'm returning the clocks. The item is being reported and investigated by Amazon.

👤For about five months, this clock worked well on my patio. The hour hand got caught behind the thermometer hand. It was four o'clock every day and there was no way to fix the unit. My recommendation is to look for something that is reliable and well-built.

👤I was pleased with it when I got it. After a couple of weeks. The little hand was stuck on the humidity hand. It stays on the number 6. The little doesn't keep time. My 30 days are up and I can return or exchange. The clock is big enough to see.

👤I bought this clock for my pool. The clock face is easy to read. The minute hand on the humidity gauge got stuck and I had to return my first clock. No problems were replaced. The second clock does not tell accurate temperature. It was raining and the temperature was 100. The features don't work like the look.

👤I gave this item a 1 star on all categories because it was easy to read. 1 star because it stop working, value for money? If the company impresses me by replacing it and it works better, I will give it 5 stars. I was hopeful but it produced a single star. Secreshow clock Co. is on your court.

👤This is a great honor for the company. The clock portion malfunctioned after we inserted a brand new battery and received an outdoor waterproof clock. I wrote to the company to wish for 12 hours. They wrote back to me. They told me a new clock would be delivered by January 5th. It was delivered on January 4th and works perfectly. We didn't have to return the clock. This is a new company that provides great service.

👤This is the 4th or 5th time I have purchased this product. It looks good in the box. It works. After one year, the paper clock face comes back and the hands come off the sprocket. It's inexpensive. I have found that even a product 4 times the cost essentially does the same things, so I find the least expensive is the best way to go.

👤I put this unit on the wall in our garage. I wanted to see something from 40' away. You can see the time from that distance. You don't know if the unit is working until you put a battery in. I've never seen a clock without one. The temp and humidity gauge are not very accurate. They are hard to read. There is a It does what I wanted, but it would be better if it was a 3-star since the price is high for the problems listed.

👤The clock was fogged over after 2 days of rain. The clock is protected from rain. Not a good purchase! I think I'll return it.

8. Antique Bronze Baldaud Numeral Wall

Antique Bronze Baldaud Numeral Wall

The Large decorative wall clock battery operated is a perfect gift for your family and friends as a Mother's day gift, father's day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, housewarming's gift, anniversary gift and wedding gift. The round wall clock is both rustic and modern with it's sleek design and antique inspired details. The clock frame is finished in distressed Black. The clock inner has roman numerals. Hangs securely to any surface with durable hangers on the back. Measures 30 inches in diameter.

Brand: Patton Wall Decor

👤I thought I would try this one because my last clock stopped working. It is great. Large numbers and very easy to read. It looks like it is above my fireplace. The piece in the back makes it very difficult to hang, so I didn't give it 5 stars. They put a hangar on the back of your wall and you have to find a small screw to fit it. It is very hard to hang it because it is a closed hangar and it is hard to catch the screw in the wall. My other clock was easy to hang and had a "open" style hangar. This one wasn't. If the mfr changed that feature, it would get a five star review.

👤A large clock was needed for our room. This fit the bill at 30. It was packaged well and attached to an inner box. The frame is a thick plastic died to match a wood look, but from afar it looks like genuine antique wood. The clock is operating correctly so far. It is silent, which was a necessity for our application. Highly recommended!

👤My mom wanted a large wall clock. I chose this one because she had a big wall to fill and I didn't want it to be too small and look lost. She loves it and it looks great. It's very easy to hang and makes no sound. The purchase was well received by all around!

👤It looks great on the wall. The picture seemed to show a bit more of a bulky person. We love how it is. It works well with the fire place.

👤Looks great. I would recommend it.

👤The clock is beautiful. It is easy to read in our bedroom. My husband said it was hard to hang.

👤I love this clock. It is also completely silent. It was the best purchase in a long time.

👤My husband gave me a beautiful gift. Looks great!

9. Bekith 12 Inch Classic Ticking Decorative

Bekith 12 Inch Classic Ticking Decorative

Energy saving and powered by 1* AA batteries. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have a problem. They will get you the perfect solutions. Accurate time and absolutely quiet environment are guaranteed by the non-ticking mechanism. It's a classic style that's suitable for classroom, office, living room, guest room, dining room, meeting rooms, restaurant or any other place that needs a peaceful environment. Large black numbers are easy to read and front glass cover keeps dust away from the dial. The slot in the back is easy to hang. The battery is not included. The clock with antiqued bronze frame is a classic and vintage looking wall clock.

Brand: Bekith

👤I ordered this clock because it looked good and I wanted the space it would occupy. I liked the fact that it was silent. I have slept in a room with a cheap clock and had to listen to the noise every second. I didn't want that. The noise of the clock mechanism is very annoying, but I like the styling of the clock and like the constant moving sweep hand. It doesn't tick, but it isn't silent. If the cheap clock mechanism is playing, all you hear is the grinding sound. In a quiet room, it's very noticeable and annoying, even if you don't notice it, because it's in a loud space. There is a A nice looking clock, but don't buy it if you want a silent clock in your bedroom. There was an update on 12/09/2018. I have had a clock for a year and a half and just changed the battery. The clock runs in just 24 hours. I took the battery out and reinstalled it. I mentioned in the first review that the runs are fast and have an infernal noise. I don't recommend this clock for anyone.

👤I needed to replace my wall clock. Even though it didn't say so, I thought it was made of wood from the picture. The frame is plastic, but it looks like real wood, so I was very happy that it was plastic. There is no sound on the clock, the time is easy to see, and the face is beautiful. I am very pleased with the purchase.

👤The clock is attractive and works well when it does, but it did not work for a while. The clock just stops after a while, and the battery holder is a piece of junk. If you remove and replace the battery, it will work again for a while, and then it will stop. Replacing the battery will get it going again for a few days, and then it will stop. I've seen this battery holder on other clocks, and all work the same, but for a few months, then for a few weeks, then for a few days, and then it gets thrown out.

👤The clock has a second hand sweep. Just a seamless sweep, no more tick, tick, jerk, jerk. How refreshing! All plastic construction looks good. A good performer. One AA battery is required.

👤I bought this clock because we don't have an analogue clock in our home. I wanted our children to learn how to tell time. It's easy to read and the frame is beautiful. You can't beat that price. The batteries are still going strong even though it has been on the wall for several months. I am very happy with this purchase. BONUS: Our son is very interested in learning how to tell time and it has been a great teaching tool.

👤This is the worst failure that I have ever had. The item stopped working within a few weeks. Changing batteries numerous times, reset, and stop would work for a while and then stop again. A knock would get it going but then it wouldn't work again. I can't return as that date has passed. It's a good price, quiet, and keeps excellent time, but that's all for nothing since it quit working so quickly. My advice is to call roll the dice and hope you get a good one, or simply avoid this clock and get something better.

10. Sorbus Centurion Numeral Industrial Farmhouse

Sorbus Centurion Numeral Industrial Farmhouse

The clock is made of metal with a powder coated black finish and requires 1 AA battery to operate. A wall clock with a roman numeral design and accurate analog time display is a great way to keep an eye on the hour. The sound runs calm and smoothly, and the high quality clock movement makes it easy to enjoy peace. It's a great solution for empty wall space as a gallery display wall accent, it's suitable for kitchen, dining, living room, bedroom, foyer. It's easy to hang and lightweight for easy transportation. The design is made of metal and features roman numeral style numbers on weathered metal inserts, Distressed hues in beige/black/brown/ gray/white/silver, and a battery operated clock.

Brand: Sorbus

👤This clock would be perfect if there was only one minor flaw. The person who made this does not know Roman numerals. 11 is at 6 o'clock and 7 is also wrong. Will see how the return goes. I would like to order the correct version, but it is not available.

👤My first impression was that it was a lot cheaper than I expected. The numbers are actually stickers and the clock I received was filled with stickers that were bubbling up on the edges. I paid for what I got. You can't really tell if they're stickers from high on the wall. A return is being Debating a return

👤I thought that the manufacturer would fix the error in the Roman Numerals, but it wasn't the case. I thought it would make a unique conversation piece. It's perfect for what I needed.

👤I gave this clock a 5 star review. The numbers are not wood, they are just wood looking stickers. The fourth is incorrect, but it is not a dealbreaker for me. The rest seem okay. I thought $44 was a good deal. I think this clock looks really cool. It looks the same. The stickers are more sturdy than a postcard, but if they begin to peel I will be pretty upset.

👤The wall clock has the least offensive colors to match any living room. The click on the wall started a dry sound very second after I placed it. It reminded me of junior high school in the late 1980s, where you had to take a bus home after school. This clock is wonderful. I couldn't handle the noise. It pulsates by the second. It is almost psychotic. My house is large. The abandoned dairy barn was built in 1944. The mechanical parts of the clock make scratching noises. For a few more dollars, the retailer could at least afford the buyer at the price they are asking. A silent battery operated system turns the clock. It is borderline miserable to hear.

👤Would have given it 3 stars. We were sent the wrong clock. We like the one we received and didn't want to return it. It looks decent, but it's not very well built. It was quiet for a while, but now it's as loud as any other cheapy clock we've owned. The hands are very flimsy. I had to bend them back into shape. I wouldn't recommend looking for amazing quality just because of the price, but I would recommend looking for something better.

👤It is everything I wanted. It does not function. I have tried changing the batteries several times, but the hands don't budge. I tried to contact Amazon customer service and was told I could return but not exchange. The price has gone up since I made the purchase a few weeks ago. I asked if they would match what I paid, but was told no. I contacted Sorbus to see if they would help out, but was told if I purchased through Amazon, they wouldn't assist in customer service, and I would have to go through Amazon's customer service. There is a It looks like I will be keeping a broken clock since it is not worth the hassle of repackaging and bringing it to a UPS to pay double what I originally paid for a functioning model. I was disappointed that I bought a broken clock, but luckily I bought it for decoration.

11. Nicunom Decorative Non Ticking Operated Movement

Nicunom Decorative Non Ticking Operated Movement

One year manufacture warranty is part of the full satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy with the clock, you can get a full refund or replacement. The wall clock is 12 inches in diameter. Sturdy plastic frame and glass lens keep dust away from the dial. The retro design of the frame and dial face make it easy to read and see. A good sleeping or working environment can be ensured by silent non-ticking, quiet sweep and precise movements. Installation is easy with the back slot design. The battery is not included. Vintage design wall clock is great for any room in your home.

Brand: Nicunom

👤The clock is worth what you pay. There is no noise at the clock and the hands are running smoothly. I ordered a second one because I liked it so much. I look vintage, so that's a plus. It fits in a lot of decors.

👤The clock is beautiful. I love that it's accurate and quiet. It's perfect for home or office. It was worth the price.

👤So far, nice clock... The frame of the clock is black and gold. I wanted to show more gold. I brushed some gold paint on it. Now perfect!

👤The clock is beautiful. You can still see it from across the room even though it's a little smaller than I wanted.

👤The clock is high quality. It is keeping accurate time so far. I'm very happy with it.

👤It is not 12 inches but it is easy to see. It is nice, but I would have liked it a little bigger.

👤Simple and easy to read. I can attest to its accuracy after having it for a while. It's a great value for money.

👤This is what we wanted. The face is perfect and the color is great.

👤An elderly person who has failing vision was given a clock. It's easy to read from a distance.

👤L'heure rapidement. Silencieuse. The Utile is called "Trotteuse Utile".

👤I didn't know that the clock was the size that it was, and I didn't connect the size to the label. It still fits on the wall that it now hangs on.

👤It's very easy to read and not have a "tick tock". Right price, right click.

👤I wouldn't buy it. There is no movement after 20 minutes.


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