Best Decorative Clock for Nightstand

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1. HeQiao Silent Metal Table Bright

HeQiao Silent Metal Table Bright

A silent clock. There was no tick noise. It is easy to see time at night. The large face clock has no alarm. Quiet desk clock for home office. The metal alarm clock is stylish.

Brand: Heqiao

👤It does not keep time. It fell behind by three hours after fresh batteries went in. It is cute, but it is useless. I am really happy with this review. The neutral color is nice. It has a light for checking time. It is silent. It is a nice size. I was worried that it would be plastic, but the case is made of metal. Very pleased! You can get a sense of the size by including a pic. Hope it helps.

👤I had to take these apart, the hands fell off, and the face was crooked, unless you are a mechanical genius. I was able to fix all of it because the face is not crooked and the hands are working properly. This has no noise, like a clock.

👤I wanted a clock that was pretty. Digital clocks don't look good. This one is easy to read and I love the light I can use. It keeps you busy.

👤Cute clock. It runs fine, but you have to push the button to see when the night light comes on, and it's very hard to find in the middle of the night. I think the design is poor. There is a Although there is flourescent paint on the hands, it does not glow in the dark. I am giving it away and getting one with a big button on the top that is easy to find in the dark.

👤The weight of the clock is a good thing, but it has two drawbacks. The numbers are light and hard to read, which is disappointing but not a major problem. After a few months, the clock began to change. It has a mechanical sound. One of the main reasons I chose this clock was that it is no longer quiet, which was one of the reasons I chose this clock.

👤The button to illuminate the clock at night is on the back of the clock. I don't think it's a good design because it's not practical to be fumbling around looking for the button when you need the light in the middle of the night It should be on top.

👤I bought a new Duracell battery and it didn't work for a couple hours, the battery was hot to the touch, and the contacts on the battery were discolored from the heat. I got a replacement that is too slow and it takes a while to get used to. I think I'm going to try a different clock.

👤A good quality alarm clock. It is made of metal and glass. It's decorative. The time is on track. The light is a button and you have to hold it. It doesn't stay on its own for the night. It is slightly smaller than I wanted, so it is hard to read the time from afar. It's good for the price.

👤I wanted an alarm clock that was quiet. It is well made and looks good. This is straight away loud, no gentle gradually increasing alarm sound. The clock is a decent size and sits on its feet, making it difficult to knock over. There is a The button for the light is small and hard to find in the dark, and the off button for the alarm can be hard to find, so I have given it a 4 instead of a 5 star. There is a I recommend it if it's a silent and attractive alarm clock.

2. USCCE Alarm Clock Brightness Sounds

USCCE Alarm Clock Brightness Sounds

It takes 60 minutes to wash heavy snorers. The big snooze button can be used to turn off the buzzer without having to open your eyes. The clock will alarm every 5 min and the snooze mode will be turned off by pressing any other buttons. You can set your own time for sleep. It's perfect for heavy sleepers. A small footprint with big whiteLED numbers is easy to read day or night, and display brightness can be adjusted from 0 to 100% depending on personal preference. The time display can be 12 or 24 hours. Pick your favorite sound among the 5 alarm sound options, and wake up to an alarm volume from 30-90db. It's easy to use a digital alarm clock. With a simple press of the top button, you can snooze without stress. While you sleep, you can charge your phone with the integratedusb port. A phone is a great way to start your day. You have the option to back it up with 3AAA batteries if the power goes out. Time and settings are restored and the alarm is also supported. The clock may drain batteries fast, so only use as a backup, and not everyday.

Brand: Uscce

👤Let me just say, wow! I received this clock today and it looked like it was 1. The brightness has been adjusted. This feature is my favorite on the clock. I'm a person with vision loss and it's difficult to find products that work for me. The clock allows me to make the numbers very dim or bright. You can turn off the light that displays the numbers. 2. It's small enough that it doesn't take up a lot of space on my nightstand. 3. The five alarm sound options and the ability to adjust the volume for the alarm are great. 4. I don't have to worry about batteries because it has a cord for power. 5. You can see it in a dark room with the two photos I have added. The photo is not as dim as it looks. 6. It's easy to set the time and alarms. I didn't need to read the tiny instruction book. 7. The number display is easy to see. It is the right size for my needs. I will update my review after a little time with this clock. If you found the review helpful, please click the appropriate button. Thanks!

👤I had read that the Brightness wasn't as advertised. That was the first thing I looked at. It can range from very bright to completely dark. There was no display. "Try turning up the brightness" was given the fix. I don't know if it's been there before, but there was a plastic message covering the display that said "Check to make sure the brightness control was all the way up before turning on." There is no way anyone could miss this notice. The clock display is white over black. I find it easier to read than Red or Blue. The display is easy to read and the brightness can be turned down. This appears to be well constructed. If I find any issues with the clock, I'll add them here, but for now, it's the best small clock I've ever had. I plan to buy more in the future. A few days after I received this clock, I received a nice note from the manufacturer asking my opinions and giving details of how to handle any problems I might have. That made me think. This clock and the company are great.

👤I bought this item in November 2020. The clock no longer works today. The product has a 30 day warranty. It was a little longer than 90 days. The clock in the above review was out of warranty. USCCE told me they were replacing the clock and the replacement had already been shipped. The clock is working properly after I received it two days later. This company is behind their products.

👤Excellent design, sensible. I'm getting at least one or two more, using a 25% off coupon they enclosed. The precise dimming is very good. Goes below 1% brightness. According to my meter, the Consumes 0.00 watt is unmeasurable. It saves me $3 per year. White numbers are pleasant and not too geeky. Simple look. If you remove USCCE from the front, it will be even better. If you register, the 2 year warranty is confirmed by email. Nice! The buttons are labeled with white lettering. Nice! The email for warranty and support is put on the bottom of the clock, and the dots don't blink as on some other clocks. It might crowd other outlets. The alarm sounds are not ideal. The CR2032 button battery is a very common size, but AA would have been nicer. The display and alarm don't work during a power outage. The clock is very light. It would look better on your nightstand.

3. NIKKY HOME Vintage Battery Operated

NIKKY HOME Vintage Battery Operated

The Antique clock is the perfect size for a shelf or table top. Vintage table top clock operates on a battery and has environmental and energy saving benefits. Not included is the 1 AA battery. Their desk shelf clocks are made with real pewter with front cover and hollow out back cover, full with French Country accent, and are vintage and delicate. This clock is a wonderful addition to any workspace, bookshelf, living room, office, kitchen, or bedroom. Birthdays, housewarmings, graduations, college, and back-to-school are some of the reasons why this is an excellent gift idea. For the past ten years, their brand has been dedicated to offer their clients trendy and cute home decor. They are working hard to create a dream lifestyle for you. Home decoration is an essential part of life these days, let's follow your heart and decorate your home together.

Brand: Nikky Home

👤The clock works perfectly and is definitely a cheaper clock. It looks like pictures, and keeps time well. The back is plastic, but it's on my mantle, and it looks pretty cool. If this is the style you're after, you'll be happy with this purchase.

👤It is easy to read from across the room and stylish. The back of the clock is beautiful with filigree holes. It would look great on a nightstand, end table, or any other location. The size is perfect. I am so grateful to have it in our home, I can't believe how well thought out it was. Everyone is happy.

👤I was looking for a wall clock for my living room, but I found a wall clock that I liked. Nothing seemed right. I thought I would give a desk top clock a try since I have some decorative shelves. This was perfect. It doesn't look like it's on a desk. It doesn't look like an office.

👤I use this in my home office. It's very quiet and unique.

👤This is a good clock. The front and back are made of plastic. I will keep it, but I think it's overpriced for the cheap materials used.

👤Don't let reviews discourage you because the back of this click is plastic. It looks and feels like a clock. I'm picky and I like it.

👤This clock is beautiful. It is small, well made, beautifully designed, modestly priced, and visible from across the room which is surprising due to the size. It is absolutely lovely.

👤The clock is perfect for my mantle. It's easy to read.

👤The back of the clock is plastic and it's a bit pricey.

4. Sharper Image Electronic Display Contemporary

Sharper Image Electronic Display Contemporary

Tell time in style. The Sharper Image Word Clock Office Decor is a new way to tell time. The clock is both a clock and an accent piece, and features a beautiful finish, generous yet compact desktop size, and a trendy design that features clusters of letters. It looks like a word search puzzle at first glance, but when the display lights up, it becomes clear that it is a functional clock. Surprise! There are five-minute intervals. The clock shows time in five-minute intervals. It displays time in terms of minutes past the hour up to 30 minutes, and then minutes until the hour, such as: "five minutes past ten" or "fifteen minutes to eight" Time advance and time reverse buttons make it easy to set the clock's time. The word "o'clock" is illuminated at the top of the hour. Start a conversation with a unique take on telling time. The perfect Christmas or holiday gift is the word clock, which is unlike any clock you have seen before. It can be used as home or office décor. There is a standardized copper finish. The copper finish on the clock's face is great for any style of home or office décor. The clock is the perfect accent for a modern space. It's great for the home or office. The clock is the perfect size for displaying on your desk, nightstand, or anywhere else. You can plug the power cable into the home or office for a fun and unique decoration.

Brand: Sharper Image

👤1. It seems well made 2. It is easy to set 3. Non Dimmable 4. It is not a consistent output because of the light variance between each letter. It's difficult on the eyes. The cord is not long. An extension cord is likely to be required. 6. It needs to be reset each time it is unplugged or without power.

👤I am very disappointed. My word clock will continue to blink all the words. There is no manual to fix this. It doesn't look like the photos either. I am disappointed.

👤We wanted to like this, but after getting a replacement clock after the first one had a warped face, we decided it was too cheap to work for us. The clock needs to be plugged into an outlet. The clock does not have a battery or charging feature, but we thought it would charge. The clock on the side makes the cable even more prominent. If we mounted the clock to the wall, we couldn't hide the cord. - The clock has to be reset to the current time if the cable goes off, and the settings have to be returned to the original settings. There is a We should have known better to expect a high-end product for $25. We could have fixed the slight warping of the face of the replacement clock, but we couldn't get over the cord on the wall. The clock might work better for people who want to sit it down.

👤You have to accept that it only tells time in 5 minutes. Don't use this as a clock to keep you on time for meetings, it looks great and is a great conversation piece, but that's not the point. I think it would be better if it had been designed to run on batteries, but I found a way to have an ugly black cord on the wall. There is a I used a rechargeable power bank to power the clock since the cord that powers it ends with ausb port. To hide the power bank, I put it in a shadowbox picture frame. The power bank usually lasts 2 days before needing to be plugged in. The power bank needs to have at least 10,000 mAh if you do this. I tried to power the clock with a 5,000 mAh bank.

👤The style of this clock is very nice. I had an interest in one of these. I ordered this one after I found it in the Rose-gold copper. I really wanted it for my bedroom, but it's not bright with the lights off. I put it in the living room. I was looking for a white 5V adapter so it wouldn't be noticed while hanging on the wall. I would like the lighting to have a dimmer option. No complaints. The clock is great for this price. It would be a cool gift idea.

👤Time is moving clockwise in my mind. The clock will say, "It is twenty minutes after eleven", making you look at something different. There is a It's easy to read in a well-lit room. There is a I ignored the instructions when I opened the box. I took the screws out of the back. I missed one of the tiny screws. I was going to put in batteries. I read the instructions and saw the plug. I didn't see it. When I shook the box, I realized there was a smaller box inside that had the plug and cord. I was happy that I didn't throw it away. There is a If you need a clock that's exact to the second this is not the clock for you, but in reality how important is those few minutes in between it's gonna work fine for me. The website had the "Lipsum Ipsum" nonsense to fill up space, even though it did not have the correct certificate. It reminded me of the days when everyone had a Home page with an under construction icon. I was forced to return to Amazon because registration didn't take me to the right page. I think websites are not their strength. I'm happy with my attention-getting. There is a It's still a nice looking clock. One point was taken off by directions, accuracy, website, etc.

5. Bedside Bluetooth Wireless Charging Dimmable

Bedside Bluetooth Wireless Charging Dimmable

It's great for the home or office. The clock is the perfect size for displaying on your desk, nightstand, or anywhere else. You can plug the power cable into the home or office for a fun and unique decoration. They listened to your feedback and have improved sound quality and display dimmer with this New Edition. The built-in QI Wireless Charging pad is compatible with all Qi-enabled phones so you can rest your device on top for easy charging without wires. It also has a 1A port that can be used to power an additional device. Wake up happy. You can set two different wake-up times to make sure you are never late for work. You can wake up at a different time than your partner. You can find the perfect brightness of the display no matter the setting with the 5-level light dimmer. The display is even dimmer. The Dawn is a room filling speaker that can stream music from your phone or tablets. You can tune in to an FM Radio Station with up to 10 preset stations. 6W Stereo Speakers and a Passive Subwoofer give you richer bass. The style and function are related. The Dawn Bedside Alarm Clock is made from premium materials and has a soft touch top face and fabric wrap surround to look amazing in any setting. The perfect bedside hub is this all in one solution. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. i-box is a UK company that sells high quality audio products. Thousands of happy customers have been served by them and they offer a hassle-free 12-month warranty, easy return policy and friendly customer service. The gift box has an easy to follow User Guide.

Brand: I-box

👤I was using an old radio from the 80s. I wanted something with digital tuning. It is a plus that there are two alarms. The radio has a wireless charging option for newer phones. It is easy to use. The display is dimmable and has 4 levels. The device works well and is easy to use. I'm happy with the wireless charging, but the phone needs to be perfect or it won't charge. The cats sometimes make noise at night. There is a The alarm is something I don't like. In 10 seconds, it starts to get loud. The volume control is digital and I find it too loud on the lowest setting. The alarm volume was steady, but I wish it was a bit quieter. Maybe there is a setting for that. I'm not going to down grade these because they are personal preferences and not major flaws. After using this clock radio for several months, I have grown to hate it. There is a Everything I have said is correct. That will not change. Before buying, please read all of this. There is a The alarm volume is very loud. It starts slowly and increases in volume. The sound quality is good. It should be possible to have it at a fixed volume. There is a The lowest volume level is too high to fall asleep. It would be nice to cut that in half. The buttons to turn the alarm on and off are too easy to accidentally hit, so you have to wake up an hour late. There is a The tuning on the radio is not good. I live in the Chicago area. This should have a clear tuning. It was very disappointing for me. There is a The radio locks up when I charge my phone with both a wireless and a cord. That's correct. It crashes like any other computer inside. Oh... The alarm won't work during this time. Plug it back in to reset. There is no wake up call. Sucks. The return policy is only 1 month. Send it back before it's too late. How do you get in touch with the company? I am disappointed that I can't air my frustration with them directly, because I couldn't find any company info. There is a If you use a magnetic vent phone mount for your car, you can't charge your phone without the metal plate on it. There is a This is a bonus. This is the most expensive paperweight I own. I thought about putting it in the kitchen or office as a radio, but the devices work for that.

👤I don't like the alarm clock. If you don't like being blasted with noise at 10x the volume, don't buy. It doesn't work right. I am throwing it away. There is a If it did work, the alarm settings would wake the dead if they were set to radio or alarm. There is a There is no alarm button on the Alarm clock. Can't turn alarm off. None of my sons can figure it out, they are all tech savvy. After a complaint, they responded with instructions, but they don't work for the company. There is a The company admits that the alarm function cannot be adjusted, and they are working on an adjustment feature in future products.

6. Timekeeper Desktop Swivel Clock Tabletop

Timekeeper Desktop Swivel Clock Tabletop

NIKKY HOME was founded in 2009 to become a leading fashion home and decoration brand all over the world. Every piece of furniture, home decor, and art is matched perfectly together in the form of art, fully expressing its founder's fashion ideas. They are working hard to create a lifestyle for you. The clock has a body that can be turned to angle the clock face for easy viewing on your desk, table, nightstand, end table, shelf, etc. A quiet step movement. The desk clock has one AA battery. A desk clock. A desk clock.

Brand: Timekeeper

👤The product is described as being 6.8" x 5.5" x 4. The product size is 5 x 4.5 x 1.5. The box it comes in is about 6 feet high. The second hand is not as long as it is described. It is not as large as advertised. Although it is a nice looking clock, it is not the right size. I would say that was a little disappointed.

👤It was tick, tick. It was tick, tick. I bought this clock because I like the style, it can be seen from across a room, and it's relatively inexpensive. You get what you pay for. You can't tell until you pick it up and look closely. Even though I just received it, I'll assume the clock keeps accurate time. I didn't place the clock where I wanted it because I can hear the tick of the second hand. It will be like the dripping faucet that gets louder and louder as you struggle to sleep at 2 AM once you become aware of the tick, tick. There is a If you find the clock annoying and your hearing is good, consider the intended location before purchasing it. I wouldn't consider it for my bedroom or my desk because I prefer the sounds of silence.

👤You get what you pay for. This is a prime example of when you can actually get more than you pay for. The clock is perfect after almost two months. It's close to me, it's easy to read, and it ticks, which is the old school way to keep a good time. Pick this one if you need a clock next time.

👤I love this desk clock. It was smaller than I anticipated. I attached a photo of my water bottle and used it to measure the size. It moves up and down. I don't mind the sound of a small tickling for each second, but I can see people being annoyed by it. It's a perfect desk size and doesn't take a lot of room. Simple and accurate. A battery that doesn't come with it. The battery cover has a dial behind it. It's easy. It's not good if you work late.

👤I am very happy with this clock. I've been looking for one with a swivel base for about a year, but couldn't find it. I stumbled across this clock while browsing and ordered it right away. It makes a very soft sound with the second hand, but that doesn't bother me. I am very pleased with it because it fits in with what I had for it.

👤I like the clock. I should have measured the actual size. I am disappointed in the clock because I did not do that. There is a I can't read it far away because my eyes are not good at it. That is not the fault of the clock. It is easy to put the battery in.

👤I agree with the review. You can see in the picture that it's a nice looking clock. The picture doesn't give scale. I wanted a clock with a diameter of 5 or 6 and this clock has a much smaller clockface. I was disappointed in that. I am still looking for a larger clockface. Try to find out what the scale of the clock is before you buy it, and get used to trial and error. The clockface is light gray and not bright enough to see across the room without sunlight, which is the reason I want a larger clockface. I have to live with these clocks that aren't what I hoped because of the trial and error that comes with buying online. Buying in person at a bricks and mortar store is an advantage. Pick your poison because the selection isn't there.



The face is made of glass. Crystal 75%/Other 25%. The country of origin is the United States. The item package dimensions are: 4.09999999581 L x 3.79999999612 W x 2.399999997552 H.

Brand: Godinger

👤The only thing I don't like about this clock is that it makes a loud noise when the second hand moves. I have mine in the bathroom. I don't hear it. I wouldn't put it in my bedroom if I was a light sleeper.

👤It is a little clock, but it is similar to The Tell Tale Heart. I couldn't have this on my desk. The plastic face on the one I returned was not nice. Had it not been so annoying, I would have kept it. It is only fifteen dollars.

👤The clock is held by a crystal. It runs on a single battery. I bought this for myself and it comes in a nice gift box. The product card is printed on very smooth paper. It was impressive until I saw a rough spot on the ring around the clock. It is a thin coating and the rough place looks like it would have been broken off of a mold. Quality control is an issue. I asked my husband if he could file down the rough place, but he was worried it would make it worse. Maybe this doesn't happen on all of them. The defect is not noticeable for the place I'm using it in. It's not worth the time or money to return it. I'm happy with it because I don't notice the defect when it's on the shelf. I wouldn't buy another for someone else.

👤I decided to ignore the one-star reviews and take my chances with the clock. The first clock didn't keep time at all. The hour and minute hands didn't budge despite the second hand moving well. I gave up trying to replace the battery and ordered a new one. I was willing to take a chance because I love the clock. The replacement looks great on my Vanity. I give it 5 stars overall, but I don't think it's a good gift for someone who has to deal with all this. Amazon's return process is very easy, and the price is amazing.

👤The clock was too small for my side table and the face looked like someone used it. It goes back to Amazon. I have it on my new desk at work because I was too lazy to return. My boss told me to work from home after I relocated to long island.

👤I don't regret taking a chance on this item because there was only one review. This picture doesn't do it justice. I was blown away by the beauty of it. I bought it for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift and I'm very excited for him to open it. I've been taking it out of its package to look at it. Beautiful crystal work. This clock is a steal at about 23 bucks. They should showcase the crystal stand on the back of it. It is thick, which people who love crystal will love. I will be buying more from this brand. I was not disappointed in the least. Thank you for the clock!

8. AmazonBasics Digital Alarm Clock Nightlight

AmazonBasics Digital Alarm Clock Nightlight

The power cord is operated. The clock is powered by a power cord. The batteries did not operate. A digital alarm clock with a green display is easy to use. A nightlight illuminates a dark room. It is possible to sleep a little longer if you repeat the snooze function. An integrated power supply is powered by AC. Time and alarms can be retained in memory for 8 hours if batteries are used as a backup power source. Measures 4.5 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches and weighs 0.55 pounds.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The bad: -Can't have a backup battery in case of power failure -Can't have night light if you want to. The bad thing is -None. I was looking for a simple alarm clock. I did not need a radio. On it. I just wanted an alarm clock with big digits and an alarm. The digital alarm is perfect since it only has an alarm clock with snooze. If you have a lot of power failures, you can put a backup battery in the clock. The nightlight can be turned on and off. I would highly recommend this digital alarm clock for its simplicity and value.

👤It was wonderful at first. It was bright. I was ok with the sound that screamed panic all over my room because it was not complicated to set up and understand. I would have given it 5 stars if the clock stopped working after 3 months. I bought it in April and it was terrible by July. I can't give it back because it is useless now that it is reset. I spent my money.

👤It was easy to set up, but that doesn't make up for its flaws. The screen was bright at night. I have dimmer path light in my room that can't be adjusted, so it can't be adjusted. After only 2 days of use, it is making a very loud buzzing noise. I like how easy it is to see the numbers, as someone who wears contacts can't see alarm clocks at night. The electric buzzing it is making doesn't make up for it.

👤On the first night, this product melted on my nightstand.

👤The clock doesn't keep time, it speeds up a few minutes a day. I would expect this to be out of a battery clock, not a wall plug-in clock. It would not be a good idea to recommend it. After the return window was closed, this all began. I work for Amazon Basics Products.

👤I bought this because it was the cheapest one that would arrive soonest. I used this alarm clock for the first time and almost broke my laptop. You might ask how. I keep my alarm clock on the other side of the room so that I don't hit snooze and over sleep. When the alarm went off in the morning, it was so loud that I was thrown into a fight or flight response. I ran through the charging cord to my laptop and tried to turn it off, but it flew off the table and onto the floor. If this clock was on my nightstand. I probably would have sucker-punched my husband if I had known the alarm was so loud. There is no high/low volume switch. I will definitely return this. The screen is bright and the nightlight feature on the top is cool. Unless you turn it away from your bed or a soft light doesn't bother you, it may be too bright for bedroom use. If you're going to have an alarm sound, make the volume level adjust.

9. Clock Mensent Silent Ticking Battery Powered

Clock Mensent Silent Ticking Battery Powered

Totally silent. The sweep second hand creates a peaceful environment for sleep because it does not make any annoying sounds. The clock is 100*-110*50mm and powered by 1 AA batteries. A new upgrade is a multifunctional alarm clock with lighting, time and snooze, easy for setting, suitable for everybody. The numbers are clear and large and the light is bright enough to read them. Love yourself. It protects you from harm of radiation, with this beside alarm clock, no need to set alarm anymore in your mobile, you can keep your mobile away when you are sleeping.

Brand: Mensent

👤I am skeptical about most advertising claims, but I found nothing to dislike about this bedside or deskside alarm clock. There is a video clip with sound attached to demonstrate its completely silent movement, which reminds one of the old, silent electric clocks or maybe the smoothness of a Rolex timepiece. The alarm is loud enough to wake you from across a large bedroom. I bought the first one for my spouse because she can hear a pin drop. I'm buying another one for my office because I loved it so much. I highly recommend that you put this product to the test if you think that civility is golden.

👤The clock is good for the price. I only used the alarm once. I was woken up immediately. I bought this as a back up for those times when I have bad storms in southern Louisiana and my power goes out, and my electronic appliances are not working. The button in the back is used to turn on the light only when needed, so it doesn't use up battery juice. Big enough numbers for me to see from a distance but not big enough to take up a lot of space on my table. I'm very pleased with this so far. I plan to use it as a backup alarm clock for my phone, so I can wake up early for work.

👤I love this clock. It's so simple! One that was hard to set, used military time, and wasn't attractive drove me crazy, in comparison to one that was hard to set, used military time, and wasn't attractive. Out it goes! This one is easy to set and quiet. I ordered 3 more after I loved it and ordered one for my dressing room and guest rooms. The alarm is not an issue for some, I have an assistant who wakes me up, so it is not an issue. Highly recommended!

👤I don't use the alarm but it works great as a clock. I like the way it looks. Some of the reviews were frightening but I was glad I got it.

👤The clock is easy to use and read.

👤It's perfect for my bathroom. The light green color is in my color scheme. I love it!

👤The alarm is soft and hard to hear. Our other clock stopped working and was difficult to set, so we were very disappointed when we bought this clock for the alarm. Since I don't sleep with my hearing aids, I can't hear a faint alarm but I can wake up. My husband is a light snorer so he can barely hear the alarm. It is advertised as a very loud alarm, so something is wrong. It would cost more to mail the clock back than it would to buy it. The alarm on this clock is too soft and we like the simplicity of setting the clock and alarm.

👤I was looking for something small and colorful to add to my bathroom shelf. This is something that I love. The package was well packaged and on time. If you're looking for a bathroom, desk or guest room, it's highly recommended.

10. Konigswerk Vintage Bedside Battery Operated

Konigswerk Vintage Bedside Battery Operated

Vintage housing calls to mind 1940s-era designs. It's suitable for the bedside bedroom kitchen table office shelf. People who are heavy sleepers have a unique loud alarm clock. A good wake up clock for people who have trouble waking up. A good sleep and best working environment are ensured by quiet and smooth sweeping of the quartz movement and second hand. It's perfect for kids or seniors, it's easy to use and read. Operates on a accurate movement of the quartz stone. Not included is the 1 AA battery.

Brand: Konigswerk

👤I received this clock and was very pleased with the look. The clock doesn't work so I wasn't excited about that. It was interesting that the instructions call for aAAA battery when it is just a AA battery. I bought another clock with the hope that it will work, because I like the one I have. I will review the second one as an update. The second one worked just fine. The piece on the top of the clock does not stand up straight like the picture shows. It's not a big deal to me, but it may be to others.

👤The Carbon Zinc battery was hard to find. I ordered them on line. There is a The clock is made of plastic. There is a I should have bought a clock that has an easy to find alkaline battery. There is a If you buy the clock, you should order the Carbon Zinc Batteries at the same time.

👤I needed an alarm clock that was reliable. I chose the clock. When it arrived, I noticed that it was flimsy and rattled, and that was the start of the disappointment. I knocked it off the nightstand. I shouldn't have done that. I didn't mean to. I was reaching for the phone. Can't miss those now? The clock fell onto the carpet. The clock I had before this one was always knocked off the nightstand and it lasted for years, but then it was a cheapo. Do not buy this clock if you are looking for a reliable, well-built clock.

👤I like the clock. The clock hands were loose when I received it. I had to disassemble it to fix it. I am a handy person. It shouldn't have been that way.

👤The clock only worked for a few days before the second hand got stuck. I would wake up in the middle of the night because of the blocked mechanics. If I bang it on the table a few times, it will come unstuck. I don't see how to fix it so it keeps time. A bad day!

👤I didn't read all the way down because it seemed like a lot of selling for a simple clock, however I missed the important point that the clock uses carbon zinc battery only. When I put it in, nothing happened. I was one day past the return window, so I was glad I came back and read through more. I wanted to make the clock work so I made it. I found Panasonic carbon zinc batteries on Amazon and they arrived today. It seems to be working well. It's a lovely and quaint clock that will remind me not to relax on my sun porch. I'll come back here if it stops working or doesn't keep correct time. It's a good thing.

👤The clock stopped working after two months. Very cheap.

👤The clock is advertised as a "non-ticking" clock. As the second hand moves, it makes consecration noISE. If you're looking for a quiet clock, this isn't it. This would be a good choice if you just want functional and don't mind the noise.

11. Sharp Atomic Desktop Clock Temperature

Sharp Atomic Desktop Clock Temperature

The snooze button on top of the clock can be used to illuminate the whole display for 5 seconds. When the alarm sounds, the backlight will illuminate. The Atomic Clock has a built in receiver that is synchronized with the WWVB radio broadcast by the US Government's National Institute of Standards and Technology in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Atomic Clock will always be within its range as it gets WWVB updates. The clock can be hung on the wall or displayed on the nightstand by pulling out the backstand. There are 3 xAAA batteries needed. You should always know what day of the week it is with a glance. The day of the week is displayed on the clock. You can get the real time temperature of your room on your clock. The snooze button on the clock can be pressed to illuminate the whole display for 5 seconds. When the alarm sounds, the backlight will illuminate.

Brand: Sharp

👤It is very difficult to get atomic works to work on this clock. I have had it for several hours. It is not working right. I tried to read the instructions. It was very hard to push the button for X number seconds. Before I bought the clock, I should have read the description closer. I assumed the back light would stay lit. After you push the snooze/light button, it will go off. Who doesn't want to know when it is in a dark room? I don't usually write bad reviews. I didn't have the chance to write to the seller. The gem is going back tomorrow. One person. What do I think about this clock?

👤The feature did not connect for 2 days. The atomic feature was not shown in the icon. Unless you push the button on the top, the time is unreadable at night. The light is too bright. After not being able to see the time, it blinds you with bright light. I will send it back.

👤I bought this for my husband who is hard of hearing and was hoping the alarm would be loud. He did not sleep on the first night. It took four days to get the Atomic part to sync after the initial set up was not user friendly. I had to go out on the back porch to connect it. It worked for a couple of hours but then vanished. The old LaCrosse atomic clock had no issues. He wanted a louder alarm and clearer readout so he tried this replacement. The atomic connection is not being kept by the readout. Have decided to keep the product for clarity, but have found a loud alarm on his phone and suggested he use it when he really has to get up. If I get a solution to the atomic connection, I will post an update to this review.

👤I like the size of the clock but the brightness of the numbers is not good at all, it is portable and perfect, but the dimming light only stays on for a short time, it was purchased for an older person that wears glasses, and it still isn't bright enough.

👤I bought this clock because I thought it would be accurate. I woke up 3 hours earlier than I had set the alarm because it malfunctioned. I changed the batteries which were new when I inserted them. I was told not to place the clock near any other devices that might interfere with its signals. I kept my electronic device on the other side of the room, thinking it would solve the problem. I was unable to turn on the alarm last night, and the time was one hour ahead of the actual time this morning. The clock was a waste of money. I apologize for buying it.

👤I liked the clock that I replaced in my bedroom because it had more information. My daughter threw the box away and I can't return it. It doesn't light up unless you push the button. The point of having a visible clock to check the time in the middle of the night is being defeated by that. I was surprised that this is a brand name that is not cheap. I am out over $20 and still don't have a clock in my bedroom. Very disappointed.


What is the best product for decorative clock for nightstand?

Decorative clock for nightstand products from Heqiao. In this article about decorative clock for nightstand you can see why people choose the product. Uscce and Nikky Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative clock for nightstand.

What are the best brands for decorative clock for nightstand?

Heqiao, Uscce and Nikky Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative clock for nightstand. Find the detail in this article. Sharper Image, I-box and Timekeeper are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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