Best Decorative Clock for Wall

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1. JUJUDA Kitchen Decorative Operated Bathroom

JUJUDA Kitchen Decorative Operated Bathroom

It's easy to use, it's stable, and it's safe to hang with a 1 AA carbon battery. The life of the movement and accuracy of travel time can be affected by too much alkaline power battery. It can be used as a beautiful decoration for living room,bedroom,office,hotel and other places. Their wall clock is silent and accurate because of the original quartz silent movement. The frame of their wall clock is made of metal with high temperature lacquer, and the clock dial is made of E1 class MDF. It is environmental friendly. Black striking Arabic numerals on a large wall clock are easy to read. The warranty for movement is 5 years, but alkaline power battery is not a good choice because it effects the life of the movement and sometimes even affects the accuracy of travel time. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Jujuda

👤We were hesitant to order this wall clock because there were no reviews, but we decided to give it a try because we loved the look of it. We only had it for a month, but so far we have no complaints. The living room is so quiet that it looks beautiful. No annoying tick! It was packaged well.

👤There was a wall clock that was readable in the living room. Many digital clocks blur out when you look at them in a different direction. The clock is easy to see. No tick tock noise. In case one set gets damaged, there was an extra set of hands. You can read the clock at night even though the room is dark and the lighting is dim. Great purchase.

👤The clock is large. It keeps time and doesn't have a sound. The face is so white that I would change it. I would like it to be a light tan. I've already received praise for it.

👤It works perfectly. Adding a battery and a pendulum was all it took.

👤It's easy to read from a distance. Get a lot of praise for it.

👤I love this clock. I love the pendulum. It was well packaged for shipping. The clock slows down when the battery is low because it doesn't want to stop all together. It's not a big deal. This clock is good.

👤There is a subtle tick as the pendulum swings back and forth.

👤The clock is in my living room. Not a single noise from it. I have received praise from visitors.

2. Sorbus Oversized Centurian Numeral Analog

Sorbus Oversized Centurian Numeral Analog

A wall clock with a roman numeral design and accurate analog time display is a great way to keep an eye on the hour. The sound runs calm and smoothly, and the high quality clock movement makes it easy to enjoy peace. It's a great solution for empty wall space as a gallery wall accent, or as a black wall clock, which is a beautiful statement piece for style and practical. Large size makes a grand appearance yet lightweight for easy hanging and transport, and it arrives fully assembled. The clock is made of metal with a powder coated black finish and requires 1 AA battery to operate.

Brand: Sorbus

👤We used to have to hang up in the living room, but now we want a bigger clock. We couldn't find one that matched our living room theme. Since this is metal, we thought we could spray paint it. We love it more now that we did. Initially it was painted white with gold hands, but it was hard to see. I ended up with gold and white hands. Hope this helps people who are having a hard time finding a color. It's a good thing.

👤When I saw the size and price of the clock, I wasn't sure if it was legit. This clock is amazing. It's well made, keeps time and is a great statement piece for an affordable price. I will be buying more for Christmas gifts.

👤My replacement clock only worked for six months. I really like the clock. I wouldn't recommend it. There is a The first clock didn't keep time, so I ordered a replacement. The item is very lightweight and the clock hands were bent when they arrived. If you don't keep the box for a week, it will be hard to return and you will have to wait a long time. We replaced the wall for a few weeks and it has been fine.

👤This is my first review. This clock is awesome. Just get it if you're thinking about it. It is incredibly worth it. It is lightweight and perfectly large. It looks expensive when hung. I think that's correct. We're very happy with ours. If your walls are white, the hook for the nail will show, but we just painted it the color of our wall and it's amazing. Can't see it. It was flawless. The look of the clock is gorgeous. It seems weighted down more on the left side since there are more #'s on the left, so just grab a pea size of gorilla glue or earthquake putty, align it vertically and boom its perfect again. If your wall texture will allow it, it's lightweight enough for double sided tape. I don't have any, but I would use that. If I could, I would give it 10 stars. If you have dark walls like ours, please get it.

👤It is pretty flimsy, so I am giving it 4 stars. The hands are paper thin. It is what I was looking for and it suits my needs. It is on my front porch and will be packed away for the winter. I waited a couple weeks before writing a review as some people complained that it didn't keep accurate time. I have not had that problem yet.

👤It was perfect for the space. It feels a little flimsy. It's very light. There is a The hands are delicate and should not be bent when taking it out of the box. The battery is not included. It doesn't come with screws or nails to mount it. It seems to be accurate once you set the time. You can hear the sound of a tickling tick You won't hear anything during a busy day. I didn't notice until the family was asleep. I can only hear it because it's above my desk. I'm happy I found this one. It's over priced and the Roman numerals aren't correct. This one has 4. They will show it as "IIII" and it will cost more.

3. Decorative SHUNZY Pendulum Battery Operated

Decorative SHUNZY Pendulum Battery Operated

The vintage clock is a good fit in many rooms. Can be wall mounted in reception areas. SHUNZY wall clocks are perfect for living room decor. This design will fit for any occasion's decor, like living room, kitchen, bedroom, home, office, dining room and so on. The kitchen wall clock is easy to use and battery operated. The wall clock battery is powered by 2 AA batteries. There are two for pendulum and one for quartz movement. Accurate and Quiet: Their silent wall clock has a precise sweep movement that will ensure accurate time and no annoying tickling sound. The material and display aredurable. The big wall clock for bedroom is made of superior quality wood and metal. Keeping track of time with an analogue time display is easy. The Large decorative wall clock battery operated is a perfect gift for your family and friends as a Mother's day gift, father's day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, housewarming's gift, anniversary gift and wedding gift.

Brand: Shunzy

👤The clock is silent and nice. The hook that hangs the clock is easy to mount and read. I was surprised to find a spare set of clock hands in the box.

👤It was not as nice as it looked in the picture. It looked cheap when I got it.

👤The clock looks great and really dresses up the room.

👤When you come into a room, it is very beautiful.

👤It works very well on my wall so far. I hope it lasts a long time.

👤Several positive comments have been made about the product.

👤The clock is unique and I like it. It fits my design.

👤The wall clock was packaged well and arrived on time. The clock has no plastic or glass face, so you need to be careful not to bend the hands when adjusting the time or installing the batteries. It is different from other wall clocks and has a pendulum. If you have a cat, be careful. The clock will come crashing down when it jumps up and uses the pendulum. We don't have a cat, so that won't happen.

👤On fonctionne, on the tic-tac léger, plus on the qui est montré.

4. MEISD Decorative Battery Operated Pendulum

MEISD Decorative Battery Operated Pendulum

Home decor is perfect and stylish, easy to read, and meet all your decoration. The MEISD wall clock is 12*20.5 inch. The modern creative Design will dress up any occasion's decor perfectly, like living room, kitchen, bedroom, home, office, dining room and so on. The user manual is simple to use and battery operated. The wall clock battery is powered by 2 AA batteries. There are two for pendulum and one for quartz movement. The silent wall clock's precise quartz sweep movement ensures accurate time and no loud annoying tickling sounds help you enjoy peace as time goes by. The big wall clock for kitchen is made of double layer acrylic with a hollow out numeral design, it is sturdy and elegant. Keeping track of time with an analogue time display is easy. Their large decorative wall clock battery operated is a perfect gift for your family and friends as Mother's day gift, father's day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, housewarming's gift, anniversary gift and wedding gift.

Brand: Meisd

👤We couldn't get the pendulum to work despite what we did. I ordered a second one to see if it was a faulty clock.

👤The clock is small compared to the photos. The seller's pendulum was missing from the box, so I have not been able to contact them. The clock is lost without it. I would like the seller to send me the pendulum.

👤The clock is a nice choice for a contemporary look, even though it is a little smaller on my wall.

👤I know how much I paid, but they looked cheap and like something grandma would have.

👤The clock needed to be replaced. This was a perfect fit.

👤I liked everything, the look, the lightweight, the color, and the noiseless. Everything.

👤The pendulum was easy to install and worked well, I love it.

👤J'ai remis des batteries neuves. J'ai sommes en attente de leurs part. Ce qui est aussi, a Merci!

👤The photo de fonctionne trs bien was exactement. L'adore et la recommande.

5. Wall Clock Non Ticking Operated Decorative

Wall Clock Non Ticking Operated Decorative

The style is coastal. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, FirsTime & Co.'sCoastal and Tropical piece can make an accent statement in your entryway, kitchen, living room or bathroom. A simple design with a white clock face and black Arabic numbers, brown wooden hour and minute hands, no frames and no glass. The silent environment is made up of a non-ticking quartz sweep movement. Haven't heard the annoying tick noise. It is easy to use and powered by a 1 AA Carbon Zinc battery, it is for hang. It can be used as a gift for grandmother, girlfriend or Thanksgiving Day, Christmas gift, and it is a beautiful modern simple wall clock. If you have a question about their product, please contact them, they will help you solve the problem.

Brand: Mosewa

👤I've been looking for an inexpensive wall clock. I wanted it to be battery operated. I was a little concerned about this one. It's perfect. The modern look is pretty neutral and I like it.

👤The clock arrived quickly, was well packaged, and has been accurate since I bought it. It looks great in my studio. Very happy with the purchase.

👤One of the two that were silent had a sound. It does stick out from the wall when you look at it from the side.

👤The clock arrived in perfect condition. It is completely silent. The clock mechanism can be accommodated from the wall. It has dark Arabic numerals and hands. It is easy to read during the day. It has enough contrast to be seen at night in a dark bathroom. It's perfect for our room because it's minimalist and no frills.

👤I was looking for a silent wall clock. I wanted it for my bedroom which is mostly white. I have an accent of wood called "Scandi-esk", so when I found this one I was hopeful. I love this clock! It looks great and is quiet. The white with the wood for the hands is a winner. Nice design, decent quality and price! Would buy again.

👤Not quiet; can hear a sound 15 feet away.

👤It's nice to have a battery wall clock that doesn't have the constant clock noise. I'm very happy with the time I have. I will purchase another from them if I need it. Thanks!

👤I liked the look and price of this clock, but I wanted a color that worked for what I was looking for. I put the battery in and it worked, but it didn't last long or keep up with the time. I tried a bunch of things. It was difficult to set the time with the dial on the back. Not worth what I paid.

6. Pendulum Decorative Swinging Battery Operated

Pendulum Decorative Swinging Battery Operated

It's elegant. It is a classic. It was vintage. The premium Verona Wooden Pendulum Clock is a must have. Their clock is made with real wood, carved design, rich dark brown finish, white analogue dial, gold accents, and a glass front, and it adds style and character to any home or office. Features and dimensions: Their grandfather clock is 27x11.5x4.75 inches and is carved with precision out of thick and durable wood. All of their clocks are quiet and elegant, without the annoyance of constant chime and tick. The set up is simple with their included attachment wall hanging hooks. The perfect ring. They believe in providing the highest quality clocks. They want their amazing customers to be able to feel the difference of owning real wood, carvings, and glass. Their clock is classic yet modern and is the perfect piece for any large or small kitchen, living room, dining room, entryway, bedroom, hallway, bathroom and any indoor or interior walls in your home or office. Give the gift of display. If you're looking for a thoughtful and generous gift to give a friend or family member, then you've found the right gift with their finely-crafted, antique feeling Verona Clock! The wooden pendulum clocks are the perfect décor to be admired in any home. Each of their wooden wall clocks is designed to be appreciated for a long time. The locksmith customer service is round. They are a family-owned business and will do everything in their power to exceed your expectations. They have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty. There are shooting notes. If the clock arrives damaged, please let them know and they'll replace it. If the pendulum hits the side of the clock, the easiest fix is to add weight to it. They have free tape.

Brand: Lovely Home Essentials

👤Just got a clock. We can't give ratings on how accurate it is. Only time will tell. It is a good looking clock. My wife is very pleased with how it matches our decor. It is made of wood, and has glass inserts in all of its parts. Plastic was the most comparable clock we had. The movement is made of quartz. I had to address how wide the pendulum swings. The glass panel on the side was hit by it. There is nothing the seller can do. They didn't make the clock. They sell it. Light weight material is used for the pendulum. My wife came up with a solution in about two seconds. Add weight to the pendulum. I used small discs to make craft magnets. The pendulum has a stick to it. The more you can reduce the swing's arcs. You can add more magnets. And... It should not say anything. The clock needs to be set. The chance of the pendulum hitting the inside of the case is lessened by this.

👤I don't know how to contact the seller and I'm hoping he/she will contact me as to what I can do. There is a The clock was a birthday present and perfect for the space, but this morning it stopped at 6. We were getting ready to change the time. There is a The pendulum continues to swing, so we changed the batteries twice, and that doesn't bother us. There is a I don't know what's wrong with it. Please contact the seller so I can change the review. There is a * I wrote to the company and they sent me a new clock and they were very nice, I just submitted a photo of the clock with the pendulum swinging. It was past the warranty, but they helped us out legally, even though they didn't have to. I'm happy to be able to keep this clock. Thanks!

👤The clock is a good value. The wooden clock case was better than expected. The dial was easy to read and the glass front and sides made it easy to see the action of the pendulum. There was no need for instructions. The quartz movement did not keep accurate time, which was disappointing. An old mechanical clock that required constant attention was replaced by it. There was no way to regulate the pendulum because it swung too fast and the arcs covered the entire width of the case. Someone familiar with mechanical pendulum clocks would notice it. I was contacted by the seller who was concerned about my decision, which is a big positive in my book.

👤The clock appears to be well made and has a nice case. The pendulum arm was bent and the disk was damaged. Poor packaging probably caused most of the damage. I was able to take the pendulum apart and get rid of the warp in the arm and the dents in the disk. After a few minutes the pendulum started hitting the sides of the clock case and made an annoying click, but after the clock was assembled it kept good time. I made sure the clock was leveled. The problem was solved by attaching an additional weight to the pendulum. I could have just returned it, but it was simpler to fix the problems.

7. Pendulum Wall Clock Battery Operated

Pendulum Wall Clock Battery Operated

The novel is classic and modern. The wooden pendulum wall clock from Lovely Home Essentials has an elegant design and a beautiful finish. Their pendulum wall clock is the perfect size for any room, making it a great addition to the décor of any living room, kitchen or office. They are confident that you will like the timeless style, quality and value of this timepiece. Keeping accurate time is the most important aspect of a timekeeping piece. They have taken great care to make sure the clock is of the highest quality. Every movement is tested to make sure the clock will work perfectly. They can prevent issues such as clocks that stop working by paying attention to detail. Your new clock will keep time and will be enjoyed for a long time. Their mission is to provide high quality clocks that bring joy to their customers and their homes. Their clocks are made from real wood and glass. They use sturdy, high quality materials and parts to create a timepiece that is truly precise and put together with care and excellent craftsmanship. They value each and every one of their customers and care about them very much. Their grandfather wall clock is battery operated and easy to see, it is 23.5” tall x 8.5” wide. A hook is pre-attached for an easy set up. The large Arabic numbers are easy to read. Their wood pendulum clocks are quiet and elegant and have been designed to be silent and classy. The locksmith customer service and one year warranty! They pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and high quality products. If you don't like the quality of their clock, they will replace it for you. They take extra care to package their clocks so they arrive in pristine condition and can be shipped with Amazon Prime for fast delivery. They want to know how much you love your new clock.

Brand: Lovely Home Essentials

👤Selling good products on Amazon is one thing, but standing behind them is a different thing. I bought the clock in December of 2020 and was very happy. The clock is well made and attractive. It was shipped in a timely fashion. All good. The pendulum ceased to function in 7 months. Checked connections still don't swing. A replacement was hung on my wall in less than a week after I contacted the seller. Excellent customer service. Eric is behind what he sells. I was impressed with his attention to customer service. It was actually blown away. There is a The clock is very well made. The movement is not the best but it is solid for this price range. Is this a clock from Germany? No. I never had to adjust the time on my clock because it was battery operated and kept time perfectly. The clock has two batteries, one runs the timekeeping and the other runs the pendulum. Make sure the batteries are installed correctly. The batteries faced the same direction on my clock. It's true! The pendulum is made of lightweight material and bends easily. The movement that makes a clock not be as robust as it could be. It also means that if your pendulum is twisted, it is easy to fix it. The clock is good and the seller is even better. I don't think you will be disappointed with this purchase.

👤The wall in our master bedroom looks amazing with this beautiful pendulum timepiece.

👤The clock is nice. Real wood! It is fine if you read comments about the pendulum. It has to be light in order to not drain the batteries. It seems to keep perfect time.

👤I like the design of the pendulum and ordered it. Even though the packaging was protecting the pendulum, it came twisted and damaged when I received it. Pendulums from other quality brands are more stable. The pendulum is as important as the clock in this clock. I don't recommend.

👤This clock is very unique. Can't find it anywhere except here. Everyone else has the same style of clock. I loved it! Can't wait to see what this vendor comes up with. Quality was excellent. Reviewers said that the pendulum was cheap. They almost didn't buy it because of their reviews. What a mistake that would have been. The pendulum is not cheap, but it is light. It's perfect for the style of the clock.

👤The clock is very cheap. If you can't afford it, I wouldn't recommend it. There is a The board under the clock face was detached. It looks like it was supposed to be attached with glue and tiny pins. We need to reglue. A rubber band is currently held in place. There is a The pendulum is very light and moves in the smallest breeze, it was covered with plastic, but still had a small dent at the bottom. It looks okay from a distance. Will look for something better.

👤Returned. Would have kept it. I thought the color in front was going to be dark brown, but it actually looked black to me, and it didn't look right with my furnishings.

8. Sorbus Decorative Bedrooms Farmhouse Operated

Sorbus Decorative Bedrooms Farmhouse Operated

The battery is not included in this notice. If you use too much alkaline power battery, it can affect the life of the movement and even affect the accuracy of travel time. A wall clock with a Arabic numeral time display can be used to keep an eye on the hour. The sound runs calm and smoothly, and the high quality quartz clock movement makes it easy to enjoy peace as time goes by. It's a great solution for empty wall space as a stand alone piece or gallery display wall accent, and it's suitable for kitchen, dining, living room, bedroom, foyer, and classroom. It is easy to hang and lightweight for easy transport. The clock hands are made of metal and have a black spade style clock movement.

Brand: Sorbus

👤The color is brown and black with grey arms. The grey arms are out of place. The clock looks nothing like the picture. The picture of the product needs to be updated. I will paint the arms black if I keep it.

👤The hands blend into the clock, making it hard to read the time. I solved the problem by painting them. It was supposed to be grey but it is more bronze and brownish. It will do.

👤The Amazon photo is warmer-toned gray. I love it more this way. It is hard to read given the confluence of black lines, but a little light Paint can fix it. The hands will be painted with a silver or gray color. It seems very well made, and so far very accurate.

👤I searched for a clock at many stores, but couldn't find it. Stores don't have the choices that Amazon does. This clock is awesome and I found it. It looks great on my wall. The box was well packed. I had to adjust the hands a bit as they probably got bent during packing. All is great.

👤A nice clock. I haven't used a wall.clock in a long time, so it's hard to see the hands. I can fix it because it has scratches, but it only has four stars because it can only see close up.

👤We are going to paint the hands and numbers. Cool looking. You will hang it on the wall if you keep that and color in mind.

👤I like this clock. It is worth it for the price. The hands are not white. It can be hard to read at times, but I like the look of it.

👤I like the overall look of the clock, but it's hard to see the hands on the clock. I am tempted to paint the tips of each hand with glow in the dark paint.

👤The photo shows a clock that is not grey. It's brown. Had to come back.

9. MEISD Decorative Battery Operated Pendulum

MEISD Decorative Battery Operated Pendulum

Howard Miller is the world's leading clock company and a respected brand name in fine specialty furnishings such as curio cabinets, wine and bar furnishings, custom storage cabinets, and SmartMoves. The MEISD wall clock is a great size for living room decor. The modern creative Design will dress up any occasion's decor perfectly, like living room, kitchen, bedroom, home, office, dining room and so on. The user manual is simple to use and battery operated. The metal modern wall clock battery is powered by 2 AA batteries. There are two for pendulum and one for quartz movement. The silent wall clock's precise quartz sweep movement ensures accurate time and no loud annoying tickling sounds help you enjoy peace as time goes by. The wall clock for kitchen is made of superior quality metal and has a color painting. Keeping track of time with an analogue time display is easy. The wall clock battery operated decorative is a perfect gift for your family and friends as Mother's day gift, father's day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, housewarming's gift, anniversary gift and wedding gift.

Brand: Meisd

👤It arrived quickly. There were two sets of hands. If you put your fingers in the wrong place, it would be easy to damage the installed hands. Two batteries, one for the clock and the other for the pendulum. The hands are delicate. Changing times need to be taken care of. I put the extra hands in a glass cigar tube because I didn't need the extra hands. The clock has been on over a week. The movement has been correct.

👤I am sending my second clock back because the pendulum isn't working. I like the style. It is very annoying. I send it back and try again, but it doesn't work.

👤I had to return the clock because it was so small. I fell in love with this one.

👤The design elements are great. Looks good. The Wall Clock has a swinging Pendulum.

👤I like the clock. I used it to decorate my bedroom. I wish it was a bit bigger.

👤Looked better in pictures. The pattern and design are printed on cheap material.

👤I recommend the best clock in the market, cheap and stylish, and you will not be disappointed.

👤The middle section of the clock is made of cardboard. Not sure what it is. Very cheap.

10. Jomparis Non Ticking Battery Operated Kitchen

Jomparis Non Ticking Battery Operated Kitchen

It is possible to have a silent environment for bedroom, kitchen, meeting room and any other place. Modern and Simple Design has a cement grey dial with white numbers. The functional art is as beautiful as it is practical. The white frame is made of high-quality material. The large numbers are clear to read and the front glass cover guarantees a clear view. It is easier to read with gray dial and white numbers. The Jomparis wall clock is a true piece of artwork. The wall clock will complement any decor. The Jomparis wall clock is powered by an AA battery. A brand new battery can last a year. Installation is easy with the back slot design. If you are unhappy with this clock, you can get a full refund or replacement within 90 days. There's a quality guarantee against bad parts.

Brand: Jomparis

👤I bought this for my boss. She replaced her "standard issue" black plastic wall clock with an upgraded brushed finish unit. The problem? The sound it made was unbearable. We're talking about a 20-year prison sentence. She was too discouraged to risk another clock after it fell. I bought this with high hopes, and I was not disappointed. The second hand has no sound. Even in a bland office environment, the rose gold finish provides an elegant appeal. I'm considering buying another one for my wall.

👤The clock is malfunctioning. The short hand fell to the six when I put the battery in. The short hand fell to the 6 when it was 9 or higher. I think it was too loose. I had to return it. The numbers were big but the time wouldn't go forward. They contacted me as soon as they saw my review. They gave me a full refund and sent me a new one. This company acted as fast as possible. The second clock works well.

👤I've had this problem for over 2 years, but now realize that the hands are out of sync and that the minute hand lags is too fast. I tried to manually correct/adjust but couldn't. China stuff is over-priced on Amazon again.

👤The clock doesn't work. It tells time for a few hours and then it stops. If you put the battery back in, it will start again, but then it will stop again. The battery is new and it's not the problem. I am very disappointed. I bought this clock for my daughter's room, which has other teal accents. It goes perfectly with her room. I would have returned this one and purchased another one, but now the teal color isn't available, I don't think it will work. I will have to return this one and find something else.

👤So cute! I put it in my dorm room and it's already received a lot of praise. I had no issues with mine, it came in good condition. It is completely silent, which I really like. I was between buying a couple of clocks. I'm glad I went with this one.

👤I thought the box was not as good as I thought, it was light and mostly made of plastic. My daughter's room has a theme of rose, white, and gold. We really liked it when we hung it. It is very readable from a distance. My other daughter's room has a light gray, white and gold theme. It looked better there. The clock is not fancy but it works well for my daughters' rooms, which are usually over a hundred dollars.

👤I don't like writing bad reviews, but this product was bad. I put in another battery after putting it up. After about two hours it stopped. The unit that drives this is faulty. It was a perfect complement to the room. It's a dud, a paper tiger. No thanks.

👤The light on this clock needs to be right because the numbers blend into the face of the clock. If you are looking for something bolder, this isn't it. It is silent and fits with my decor. I would like the case to be metal.

11. Coastal Wall Clock Noiseless Weathered

Coastal Wall Clock Noiseless Weathered

The design is made of metal and features roman numeral style numbers on weathered metal inserts, Distressed hues in beige/black/brown/ gray/white/silver, and a battery operated clock. There is a weathered blue solid fir real wood frame. 100% silent noiseless movement with see-through gears. If the clock is not working, there will be no sound. The AA battery is not included. The movement is high quality and has a lifetime warranty. This is a natural wood product, actual color may vary from picture, some clocks may also have natural wood knots holes or scratch marks which adds to the rustic farmhouse coastal beach look. The clock has a diameter of 24 inches and a thickness of 1 inch.

Brand: Oldtown Clocks

👤Someone tried to fill a crack in the item before sending it to me. Highly professional! The size and style are perfect, but it's disappointing that anyone would think that it's okay to do for $150.

👤The smaller clock hand was damaged when I opened the package. I read the insert that came with the package and thought I could fix the clock hands, but I still need to adjust them every six hours. I was at the doctor's office when my husband said the clock was broken. I told him I would fix it because I thought he was talking about the hands. He told me to look at the clock when I got home and I saw two Roman numeral fives and no four. I have to worry about returning this not so light clock because it is unacceptable for the price and I am recovering from health issues. I can not do that. It's in the garbage. I love the look of this clock, but I am disappointed and frustrated.

👤This is a clock that I love. The colors are the same as the picture. The clock is very well made. It was packaged very well so no one got hurt.

👤This clock is beautiful. When I purchased it, I didn't have the highest expectations, but upon arrival it was cracked. I was going to return it, but I was offered to keep it with the blemish for a discount. I agreed because it could look like a natural space in the wood. The hands didn't work after it was hung up. I was disappointed because the clock is pretty and looks great on my wall, but it is not what you paid for. I followed the seller's instructions and tried it again. Guess what, the is a known issue. It works! Third time was charm and not a strike out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The mfr wants to help and is honest. It's a beautiful clock. I received nothing but compliment on it even when the time was wrong.

👤The clock stopped working after 3 months, but I like the look of it. It isn't made well. I wouldn't spend that much on this. Oldtown, will you be able to send me a new clock or parts to fix it for free? Oldtown's customer service has been great. They are giving me a free fix for my clock. They want to make sure their customers are taken care of. I'm looking forward to receiving the parts. Thank you!

👤The directions said that the instructions on how to fix the clock when it doesn't work are included in the product. Customer service told me the same thing that the instructions said. I have a clock that has never kept time but it was too much of a hassle to try and find a box that would fit in, repack it, take it to the store and then send it back and only get a refund minus shipping costs. It's a nice looking clock, but I'm very disappointed. Since it never gave the correct time, it's just a piece of decor.


What is the best product for decorative clock for wall?

Decorative clock for wall products from Jujuda. In this article about decorative clock for wall you can see why people choose the product. Sorbus and Shunzy are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative clock for wall.

What are the best brands for decorative clock for wall?

Jujuda, Sorbus and Shunzy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative clock for wall. Find the detail in this article. Meisd, Mosewa and Lovely Home Essentials are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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