Best Decorative Contact Paper for Walls

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1. HeloHo Wallpaper Waterproof Backsplash Decorative

HeloHo Wallpaper Waterproof Backsplash Decorative

The wallpaper decals can be used to smooth the surface. Save your money and time, make your space different, with the Gloss Film Tile Design. Measure and cut according to the grid lines on the backing paper. It is a good ideal for: Kitchen Backsplash,Furniture,Bathroom,Cabinets,Bookcase,Drawer Linings, etc. Please purchase enough rolls at a time to make sure they come from the same batches. Premium packaging with a Core Tube Insert. To avoid any other damage. Premium packaging with a Core Tube Insert. To avoid any other damage.

Brand: Heloho

👤It is difficult to line up by yourself because it is sticky. I love it. Take your time and do small sections. If you get bubbles, poke small holes with a pin. It will not move. There is a If your walls are not smooth, this print is great.

👤I used this paper to make my stairs look better. I'm happy with how it turned out.

👤This was an affordable upgrade in my kitchen. I put it on my countertops with astained concrete contact paper and am very happy with the result.

👤I would have loved to give this 5 stars, but the application is not as easy as others. I was able to cut it in a smaller section because of the pattern. A row of 4. Application was much easier because of this. I like how it looks. Does it look like tile? Does it look better than the wall? Yes. You can tell it's not tile from 5 feet away. It looks great in person. Better than this picture. It's perfect for the price to see if we want to use tile next season.

👤The direction when purchasing said to buy as many as you need at one time for your project. I did. They did not match. The squares were not the same size as the rolls. If you have to peel it off in the installation process, it will come off the wall in a day. I am going to use modpodg to fix this. There is a They are serious when they say you must have a smooth wall. I wouldn't purchase again. It's not worth the extra hassle because it's too cheaply made. Purchase something more expensive.

👤I am very happy with this contact paper. I don't want to spend a lot of money on decorating. The contact paper was very easy to read when I took some of the backing off. I was working in a tight space so I adjusted it a lot. The house had a clean wall beforehand and the humidity was around 35%. I put this up to act as a back/side splash since the inevitable sauce or cooking makes it known. I like having a wall to hang pans on but it is hard to clean. Since putting this up, I have cooked a lot and no peeling has occurred. I bought a roll of white contact paper because I didn't know if you'd see the pegboard holes. They are not visible when you are a foot away. The surface is easy to clean.

👤It is very sticky because it is a sticker. My old slumlord put in a ghetto background in my apartment, which my new landlord wouldn't take down. I covered it with this and it completely changed the look of my kitchen. It looks nicer. They don't always line up when you cut them. It's difficult to cut and try to put them down. If you use a squegee or book, it will help you not get bubbles.

2. D C Fix FA346 8306 4 Decorative Self Adhesive Marble

D C Fix FA346 8306 4 Decorative Self Adhesive Marble

Use: wallpaper for bedroom walls, floors, boys room, countertops, desk, table top, furniture, backsplash, backdrop, shelf, kitchen cabinet, TV stand, Vanity, pantry, wardrobe, crafts, restroom, nightstands, Hutch, accent wall, drawer, closets, The film can be applied to walls, kitchen cupboards, furniture, shelves and more creating a unique, personalized look. D-C-Fix films are ideal for home décor renovations that are simple and affordable. Square Feet Per Roll is 14.08 and is heat resistant up to 70 C or 158 F. It is more durable than traditional contact paper and it is easier to clean. Simply peel and stick, then use the trimming gridlines on the back for precise measurements, it's easy to do. Simply peel and stick, then use the trimming gridlines on the back for precise measurements, it's easy to do.

Brand: D-c-fix

👤Installation was just as frustrating as I anticipated. The finished product looks great, but beware: paper will warp and stain easily from regular kitchen use. I bought a large cutting board to do messy prep work.

👤So happy with this! I completely changed my laundry room. It rolls out really nice on the sticks. I used a credit card. Sticks are wonderful on the corners and edges. It was much better than I expected.

👤I had a temporary fix for my bathroom. You will be very happy if you plan out your lines ahead. It really looks great, but I can't comment on how it holds up. The old counter top has a texture to it but the pattern on the paper hides it. Very happy!

👤I wanted to press out with the squeegee. I tried. It did not work. Don't try it if it's wrinkled or bent. It will not press out. If it didn't come faulty, it was a good idea.

👤The look of my guest bathroom was changed by this contact paper. I still have to paint the cabinets and change the sink. The contact paper was easy to use, but it was difficult to use when I got around the sink area, and it could have been simpler if I had an extra set of hands. I am happy with it and it is worth the price. Highly recommended! The contact paper has been added to my kitchen counter. It was held up well in the bathroom and kitchen. I don't use my kitchen very often. I'm not worried about how it will hold up in the kitchen. My boyfriend did add caulking to the edges of the kitchen and counter to make it look cleaner than it is. The caulking around the bathroom sink was added to seal the gap between the sink and contact paper. I am happy with the contact paper countertops, but I am still not done with my kitchen. When I am done, I will be able to see what it will look like. This product is very good.

👤This looks great! It was easy to use and cover my kitchen countertops. The pattern is realistic. I need something bright and uplifting for my countertops until the entire kitchen is renovated. Even though someone thought it was marble, I got a compliment. They are easy to clean. This was a great purchase.

👤It turned out great because we used this to cover some granite on our old sideboard so that it would match our house better. It was very easy to use.

👤It is true to color and quality. I used this to cover the Ikea Hemnes nightstands that had seen better days. I watched a video about getting perfect corners with contact paper and it turned out great. The color is white with grey veining and I swapped out the handles for gold pulls on my nightstands.

3. Wallpaper Decorative Self Adhesive Waterproof Furniture

Wallpaper Decorative Self Adhesive Waterproof Furniture

DECORATIVE: The peel and stick wallpaper is suitable for most smooth surfaces. Place on a smooth surface. Make sure peel and stick wallpaper stays flat. The vinyl is 118"x17.7" This wallpaper is easy to use, it has self-adhesive design, no glue is needed, and there are cutting lines on the back paper for you to use. It can be done by one person after cutting it. The wallpaper is made of high-quality materials that are hard to fade, and the color stays the same after long-term use. The flowers and green background are fresh. The wallpaper will always be fresh and comfortable. wallpaper can be used to decorate walls and cabinet surfaces, and can also be used as a lining for drawers and shelves. wallpaper can be used to decorate walls and cabinet surfaces, and can also be used as a lining for drawers and shelves.

Brand: Safiyya

👤Over the past couple of months, I have used several different brands of peel and stick wallpaper and contact paper. The Nu paper brand has two favorites. It went on well with minimal issues. The color is correct. It wasn't smooth and it stuck to the walls. There are no peeling signs after a month. The biggest mistake people make when using peel and stick wall paper is trying to align it. You don't have to worry about it falling off of the wall if you leave agap between sheets.

👤Everything from roll to roll has a different color. All flowers and greenery. The problem is that you can't match the pattern because the second roll runs off the page opposite of the first. If you need more than one roll for your application, I don't recommend using this. It is easy to cut and install.

👤Beautiful! I bought one as a sample and liked it, but when I figured out how much I needed, I went with something else. I used the roll to cover one wall in my closet and it was really nice. I saw this for $20 with other vendors and it was fantastic. It was too much for me because I wanted to cover a 21' x 8' wall.

👤It was beautiful and everything was going great until I got about 8 feet into the roll. I can still make it work, but the second part of the roll is off so there is a white shadow around the flowers. It looks terrible and is not usable. I was using it in an area that wasn't ready when I first ordered it, so I'm past my return window. I am out of money.

👤The pattern is beautiful but not enough glue.

👤I originally ordered a few rolls of this and it worked out well. I ordered 6 more rolls but none of them matched the ones I bought the first time. The dye lot was way off. The product fell off the wall in a few hours. Poor quality product. Don't waste your money. It's not wallpaper as advertised, but it might be ok for shelf paper.

👤I loved the design. It was used for a project. The larger roll was bought to finish the job on the other side after trying the smaller one. The colors are fine. They could have been used on the same wall, it was difficult to get smooth around switch plates. We are very happy with the product and it took us 2 first time users.

👤It was very easy to apply. Love it.

4. Wallpaper Adhesive Decorative Removable Watercolor

Wallpaper Adhesive Decorative Removable Watercolor

wallpaper can be used to decorate walls and cabinet surfaces, and can also be used as a lining for drawers and shelves. The leaf pattern is perfect for stitching. The wallpaper problem has been solved according to the experience of different customers. There is no problem with the pattern printing. Not a picture. The color depth of green will vary in different light. The leaf wallpaper is made of newly upgraded vinyl material. No extra glue is needed. Leaf Peel and Stick Wallpaper is a design concept. The olive leaf branch is a symbol of peace and friendship. The myth of Noah's Ark in the Bible is a cultural origin. The olive crown is the most sacred prize, and it's a sports origin. It is easy to installLeaf Peel and Stick Wallpaper, just clean the surface, measure the required size, cut the wallpaper, peel and stick, remove the bubbles with the help of cardboard. You could cut the grid design on the back paper easily. TheLeaf Peel and Stick Wallpaper can be used with modern or retro homes, it can work well with living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, cabinet, TV background, drawers, closet shelving, bookcase and so on. It becomes the kiss of charm for the room. Before using the leaf peel and stick wallpaper, make sure the surface is dry and dust-free. It works better on a smooth wall. Peel off the backing from one side and apply the film to the surface. Before using the leaf peel and stick wallpaper, make sure the surface is dry and dust-free. It works better on a smooth wall. Peel off the backing from one side and apply the film to the surface.

Brand: Livebor

👤It's easy to install. It took 2 days to get the 4 rolls that should have been bought the longer one.

👤It doesn't work well on textured walls. Doesn't adhere to the wall and falls down. I'm going to spray it to see if it sticks.

👤Horrendous was the person who installed my kitchen cabinets. I had blow outs. I hated my cabinets. This covered it all up. I don't like my cabinets very much. It took me less than one roll. Two and a half cabinets were done by two of the smaller rolls. It's easy to not notice the seams. I made it easier to install. The paper can be lifted a bit, but not really. It's difficult. The stuff sticks very well. It did not damage my cabinets.

👤I was looking for something to line my shelves after we renovated our kitchen. The contact paper worked well. It makes our kitchen look beautiful. 10 out of 10 would buy again.

👤It would be a good idea! I did it myself for my small office space. If you want to get sq ft, multiply ft to get it. I bought 3 rolls. Purchasing more than you need for error is something I would suggest. There is a Con. It is like a puzzle to make sure it looks perfect. There will be small air bubbles but you can pull off and re stick. I would suggest this seller.

👤I put up the wallpaper myself. It's very easy to work with. It's sticky, but can be moved. I did not need any special tools. I used a knife. I am very happy with how this project turned out. It added a fun accent to my wall and it protects it from traffic.

👤It is a beautiful product, but hardly any come on a roll. We had to order three rolls to make a small bathroom wall. The pattern does line up. I tried everything I could to get it to line up.

👤I put up the wallpaper myself. It's very easy to work with. It's sticky, but can be moved. I did not need any special tools. There are a few screw drivers for the hinges, door knobs, and X-Acto knife. It added a fun accent to the attic door. This wallpaper would be great. It is cheap, easy to use and won't peel the paint off the walls. I would recommend using it in a dorm room.

5. Stick Wallpaper Kitchen Contact Paper Decorative Self Adhesive Wallpaper Removable Waterproof Wall Covering Vinyl

Stick Wallpaper Kitchen Contact Paper Decorative Self Adhesive Wallpaper Removable Waterproof Wall Covering Vinyl

Simply peel and stick, then use the trimming gridlines on the back for precise measurements, it's easy to do. Adding color to your life is possible with very interesting wallpaper. Don't worry about damaging your wall surface, it's easy to remove. It's easy to peel and stick. It's suitable for various scenes, kitchen, bedroom, living room, laundry room. The size is :17.7"x118". The size is :17.7"x118".

Brand: Ciciwind

👤The colors on my roll are not accurate. The design is very cute and cheery. I was expecting bright baby colors. The baby blues you see in the picture are more of a green color. I think it's like a greenish teal. I think they called it sea green or something, because the Seattle Seahawks uniforms are not silver or navy. The Texas Longhorns burnt orange is kind of dull. It's just a stop sign red, not a pink one, instead it's just plain red. The pattern is lovely, but the colors on my roll are not quite right. I put mine in the package to return it.

👤I painted a desk for my granddaughter and used contact paper for the background and lining of the drawers because I loved the colors in it. It looked like wallpaper because it was easy to work with and match the designs.

👤I got an old oak refrigerator cabinet that smelled of perfume. I used alcohol, 409, and made new shelves, but it still smelled like it. This was not wallpaper, it was contact paper. I did a lot of lockers in the 70s with similar stuff, but this is much lighter and 888-282-0465 888-282-0465. The colors are bright and pretty, and the smell of perfume is completely blocked. I am very happy with the outcome. It took me about two hours to put all the shelves in the cabinet. There is a I would not use this as wallpaper if you didn't prime your walls. It is contact paper.

👤I put this on a piece of furniture to add some color. I am happy with the paper. I thought it was more pink than the pictures showed. That was disappointing but I love the patterns.

👤I used this as wallpaper in my camper, but only had enough paper to do one wall. It is a little harder to hang than other papers I have used, but I love how it turned out.

👤My bathroom is small and disorganized. I put some plastic storage boxes in there and used a towel on top, but I saw this and thought it would liven up the space. I was hesitant to apply them because of my fear of future use, but they kept curling. The backing was pulled off after the break down. It will be easy to remove them from the plastic since I have had to go back to press it down a few times. It suits my purpose perfectly and I am very happy with it. The colors in the photo are a little deceiving. The background is white and the image makes some of the circles look pink and red. Still works for me.

👤I am happy with my purchase, it was easy to put on and stays on, I have had issues with other wallpaper peeling off, but I am happy with my purchase.

👤I like it a lot more now that I have put it up. The pattern is so busy that it's not very noticeable, but there are some issues that make it impossible to match it. The people are comparing two different colors. My color was the same on all three rolls. The product photos show larger circles than the actual product does. The largest circle motifs are only 7 inches across.

6. Self Adhesive Removable Wallpaper Decorative Furniture

Self Adhesive Removable Wallpaper Decorative Furniture

If you don't like the wallpaper or it doesn't match their description, contact them. ROLL SIZE Blue Wood Paper is 17' wide x 120' long and covers 14.2 square feet, enough size allows you to use it in any scene. SELF ADHESIVE & REMOVABLE There is a self-adhesive vinyl wood paper. Attach the liner to the dry, flat surface. The material is easy to remove and clean. There is no need for additional glue. It is easy to install. Peel and stick wallpaper is easy to install. There are grid lines on the back of their contact paper that make it easy to cut it. MULTI USE&DECORATIVE Any size of cabinets, smooth countertops, notebooks, drawers, handicrafts, nightstands, bookcases, shelves, doors and even walls are all possible with Rustic Wood Paper. The quality guarantee. Premium packaging with a Core Tube Insert is used to avoid wrinkling, folds, or any other damage upon arrival. The Wrap is made of vinyl. If you are not satisfied with your purchases, please contact them through Amazon, they are committed to providing you with quality products and services. The quality guarantee. Premium packaging with a Core Tube Insert is used to avoid wrinkling, folds, or any other damage upon arrival. The Wrap is made of vinyl. If you are not satisfied with your purchases, please contact them through Amazon, they are committed to providing you with quality products and services.

Brand: Arthome Wall Decor

👤I bought this because the mirror frame wasn't matching and I have a farmhouse theme. It was easy to apply and didn't bubble much. I cleaned the surface before applying. I reinforced it with some tape on the back because it was hard to stick to the sides of the mirror. It is good to go! It only took me 20 minutes to do it, and I am happy with how it turned out. I still have a few left so I am going to use this on something else, it is an easy and cheap way to make a mirror.

👤This wallpaper was received last week. I opened it and was not sure at first if it was good. The paper is beautiful. I ordered 2 rolls thinking it would cover the whole wall. I had some paint and finished the wall. It was easy to install. I think this is a 10.

👤If you mess up, you can peel it off and start over. I applied vinyl wallpaper to my bookcase, and you could see the seams. I put a strip across the seam. The product is affordable and wonderful.

👤I looked through a lot of different styles and chose this print. You can see what I had in mind when I painted the trim. I didn't have a problem with bubbling. I smoothed it out while I peeled it off. Had no problem with it sticking. I bought 5 rolls and have seen no changes to the design so far. We don't like the cabinets they use in our double wide home. This was a cost effective way to change the look of our kitchen. That's correct... Everyone who has seen the back splash so far could not tell it was a "Peel and Stick" item. This was applied to clean, smooth, painted surfaces. I would use a semi-gloss paint first for better adhering.

👤I ordered 2 rolls. I had to remove the backing from one but it wasn't bad. If you're planning on positioning the design vertically, you'll need to order more since it's for the wood to go horizontal. It was perfect for my kitchen counter. I had no problems aligning it when I removed it. The glue is easy to use. It worked great because it has diff tiles sizes with rough edges.

👤This is heavier than normal shelving paper. The paper was easy to cut and peel off. I used this to cover the wall plates in the house. There is a The grid provided on the backing paper makes it easy to cut and measure. It was easy to remove the backing from the face print. There is a It could be a lot better. I "washed" the plates with alcohol to clean them and improve their appearance. It was difficult to reposition the vinyl once it was on the product, and it was not advised if the glue was on the new surface. There is a My wife likes the look. It was easy to do the wall plates.

7. Guvana Wallpaper Self Adhesive Waterproof Decorative

Guvana Wallpaper Self Adhesive Waterproof Decorative

If you purchase two items or more, they will package them together. To avoid color difference, buy at rolls at a time. Strip wallpaper. Black and White Size:17.7" x 118"(45 cm x 300 cm)/Roll Material:Vinyl Strip wallpaper self-adhesive. Peel and stick. It's easy to do paste for one person. It can be done easily. The wallpaper is peel and stick. It won't damage your wall when removed. Strip wallpaper is waterproof. The wallpaper is easy to clean because it is waterproof. Please wipe with a wet towel when cleaning. Strip wallpaper usage. It's perfect for cabinets liner,shelves liner,drawer liner, furniture,dining room,bedroom, bathroom, living room, TV background, etc. No matter what happens when you buy or use, you can contact them. They have professional customer service staff to help you. No matter what happens when you buy or use, you can contact them. They have professional customer service staff to help you.

Brand: Guvana

👤Really good product! It is easy to place on the surface.

👤It was amazing for the price. I recommend getting at least seven rolls for a wall. When I received it, I realized it wasn't enough so I ordered 3 more.

👤This stuff is great. It is smooth sailing after the learning curve. If you love a polished look and want an exacto knife, take your time and get it. Start in the middle of the paper backing and work your way out if you follow the other tips. Cut on the black line if you need to. There is a I'm trying to find more stuff that I can put this on. I like it.

👤The peel and stick process was simple. It came out well.

👤The wallpaper is beautiful. I've gotten a lot of praise for it. It's thin and the wallpaper can be ripped when cutting it in certain corners. I think the price makes it worthwhile. I liked the way it turned out.

👤I love this wallpaper! It looks chic and was easy to apply. I lifted some parts that were already laid down in order to make sure they were straight and smooth. This paper is very strong. If you stretch the wallpaper, it will warp and you want to make sure it stays straight. It's pretty easy. I bought two rolls. I have a ceiling that is around 70” high and 31” across. If you are hesitant about making this purchase, go for it. I am very pleased with my purchase of this wallpaper. The accent wall behind my bar cart was amazing.

👤I bought four of these rolls for my girlfriend's bathroom. The product is good. It takes a methodical approach to apply the product, starting from the middle and working your way away from the center, cutting off excess after working out all the trapped air pockets. The reason for the one star deduction is that two of the four rolls I purchased were slightly defects. There were white spots on one roll of black strips. Two white blemish marks appeared on the other roll. There are different sections of the same roll in the photos submitted. It is easy to mar when scratched with fingernails. I will ask if a replacement roll could be sent. I don't want to use a Sharpie marker to color in the mess.

👤This product was easy to install.

👤You would lose product if you received it with all of the edges creased. Turn found marks all over it. I think I waited a month to arrive.

👤The color of the product was way off and did not look like what the picture or comments described. It took a long time to arrive and then return. It took a long time to get this. Would not recommend.

👤It looks great and is very easy to use. It is thick and easy to get bubbles out.

👤Product is beautiful, but no more.

8. Stone Wallpaper Removable Castle Fortress

Stone Wallpaper Removable Castle Fortress

The size is :17.7"x118". The length is 32.8ft and the width is 10m. Dark grey peel and stick stone wallpaper is a decoration. The wallpaper is self-adhesive. There are many options for room, kitchen, home bar, apartment, living room, dining room, house, bedroom, TV backdrop decoration, office, counter, Backsplash or as a decoration to parties. The wallpaper decals can be used to smooth the surface. The wallpaper decals can be used to smooth the surface.

Brand: Zerostage

👤My son loves the peel and stick because it's a wall feature that he likes the most. There is a It's important. If you have to replace the peel and stick, do it slowly because it was strong hold.

👤The product is well placed to the wall. It is difficult to tell when you have made a mistake because of the pattern. The back is marked to make measuring easier. This is a great product.

👤I really wanted to read this paper. I was so excited to use it to decorate a game room. When I finished, it looked great. It was easy to apply in that way. It is difficult if you are doing it by yourself and doing long strips. You have to deal with trying to line things up. There is a After everything was done, I was pretty happy. Some strips fell the next day. I thought it was an installation error. I put new strips up in shorter strips when I pulled it down because I still had a bit left on the roll. The pattern hid my bad cutting lines. I used a damp rag to clean the wall to make sure it wasn't making it hard to stick. I was very pleased with it. The re-applied strips and some of the original ones that had not fallen had fallen. I said screw it. I was done with the whole roll and had no more to try. I'm giving it 3 stars because it might have had more to do with the lightly textured wall surface than it did with the paper. I'm a fairly educated and handy person, but there's always a chance that it was user error. Maybe it was a bad batches. I live in Alaska and our air is very dry. I don't know. It was cool for a couple of days.

👤Comes in a roll. You cut, peel and paste. Be careful not to roll it up. The pattern is very easy to change. It looks great in my daugher's room.

👤I liked this wallpaper. For a long time, I searched for something like this. I settled for a cartoony looking one. It was cartoony and made everything feel a little cluttered and too busy where I had hung it up. This paper is very nice, durable, cool, and realistic. It was easy to take it down because it started to peel off before I was ready.

👤It is so easy to put it back together using my husbands technique, which is spray water mixed with a little soap on the sticky side and on the walls. I didn't care if the pieces didn't match because the print is not large. You can use a plastic scraper to remove bubbles. The way my project turned out was wonderful. There is a The material is very thin and that makes it easier to work with.

👤If you don't mind wasting a bit of money, you can match some panels. Because of the extra waste I need to order more so that I can finish the room, I ordered 11 rolls instead of the usual 12. 2 of the 11 rolls were numbered inside down and one had damage. It costs a small fortune to send it via the recommended method, as suggested by Amazon, but I wanted to return. This was a pain from the start. When unwrapping the rolls, tape stuck and when trying to remove it carefully, it stuck to paper and needed to be peel off in small sections. The peel and stick can't be applied to a wall between the two challenges. Very easy. I don't think it's worth the money. I liked the gray stone look of the paper, but I wish I'd gotten paste needed wall paper. I'm not new to wallpapering. I can't post anything else so I'm only rating this a one star.

9. Wallpaper Removable Adhesive Decorative Furniture

Wallpaper Removable Adhesive Decorative Furniture

The film is top quality. New furniture products can be created. The process is easy to follow. The black wood contact paper is the tool you have been looking for. Use your imagination to create new furniture pieces. Their product can help you improve your creativity. The back paper line grid design is easy to cut. It is easy to clean, just wipe it with a wet towel. Simple dark blue wallpaper is a fashion appearance. A wide range of uses can be used for smooth and flat surface objects. They are happy to serve you if you have any questions before or after purchase. They are happy to serve you if you have any questions before or after purchase.

Brand: Safiyya

👤Bright color! The matt finish hides flaws. I had a cutting mat, clear ruler and a craft knife in my kitchen. Before I started, I cleaned the cabinets thoroughly. I have had a lot of practice with contact paper, my best advice is to take it slowly and be precise to get a good look that will last. It's easy to wipe clean and I had it up for a month now. Everyone who sees it thinks I painted the cabinets. If the mood strikes, I can pull it down and change it up.

👤This is not normal. I have used various kinds of paper. There are arcade cabinets, aquariums, countertops, and other things. The paper claims to be waterproof and durable. If you use this on a countertop, you should be able to replace it twice a day. I put this on a new aquarium and it stretched into itself. Those were turned into holes. I ran my fingers along the edge as a joke. I smoothed out the bubbles after the credit card ripped it. This will work for me, but I'll probably cut it again and just tape it on. Very disappointed.

👤It is great with white.

👤If you are doing more than an accent wall, you will need a lot of this roll. The color is dark teal and it is exactly what I wanted. It is pretty thin. If you remove the backing too much it leaves white lines, which is a dark solid color. It was at the top. It is also darker where the 2 pieces overlap. You can see the light color of the wall under and see some inconsistencies in the pigmentation. It doesn't look bad once up. This was the first time I used a solid color. It is harder to hide any flaws. I applied it using a squeegee. I did remove and reapply when I applied, it was up for a week now. I wanted the area of our apartment opposite our front door to be picked-me-up. When you enter, you will see the first thing.

👤I had to cut the wallpaper on my cricut without cutting through the backing because it is so thin. I was working with small pieces. I was able to make it work. If I were doing a wall, I would be very upset. It's so thin that you can't see it when you move it. The color is exactly what I wanted and it worked well for my application, which is why I gave it 3 stars.

👤I am changing my review because I realized that the strips were different colors after putting this all up at night and going back to finish them. They are very see through. It isn't noticeable if they are all the same color. The sent me some that are more transparent than the rest. I know I have to use more rolls to cover the existing rolls, so I want my money back or replacement rolls. I am upset about this.

10. Decorative Wallpaper Self Adhesive Removable Furniture

Decorative Wallpaper Self Adhesive Removable Furniture

Safe for walls, easy to clean, and water-resistant. The golden grid pattern is thick and not transparent, it has a sense of design, whether you are decorating walls or furniture, it will bring. Please be patient and don't worry when using wallpaper. Please don't paste it all on the surface at one time, paste one side first, then gently paste the rest of the surface, and gently smooth the surface. If the wallpaper isn't in the correct position, you can gently remove it. If there are bubbles, they can be gently discharged with a needle. It's easy to clean, just wipe with a wet towel, and the wallpaper won't leave any traces after being removed. It's a multifunctional thing. The thick wallpaper can be used on any smooth and dry surface, such as wall coverings, furniture, cabinet linings, shelves, etc. Their wallpaper will not let you down. If you don't like them, please let them know and they will give you a refund. It is the perfect gift for any occasion, because you have nothing to lose. Their wallpaper will not let you down. If you don't like them, please let them know and they will give you a refund. It is the perfect gift for any occasion, because you have nothing to lose.

Brand: Safiyya

👤This was done for an accent wall in a real estate listing. It did a great job covering a bad paint job and made the bathroom look trendy. I couldn't get the pattern to line up completely. I painted the room for the buyers and took it down. The contact paper held up well, and it looked off some paint and a little dry wall at times. It will last well for the long run if you are willing to fix it once you take it down.

👤I was excited to receive the first roll. I had to order a second roll. I began to use it after I received it again. The first roll that I ordered didn't match the line up. The texture and pattern measurement are different, as you can see in the picture. Very disappointed.

👤I always line the drawers and paint/refinish furniture with liners from Amazon. I chose this brand for the first time because of its neutral but current design and price. You get what you pay for. It was impossible to place without bubbles. It was a problem because of the poor quality. It tore in places as I tried to move it. I will not buy this brand again, and have to delay selling my piece until my new paper arrives.

👤The quality looks great but if you need more than one roll, it's almost impossible to line up the pattern. I'm seriously considering taking it down because I'm so disappointed.

👤The liner was easy to use. If needed, the graph lines on the back are an added bonus. I was looking for a pop of colour to add to my stand.

👤For the most part, the patterns worked well, but some were difficult to get up. I used it in my kitchen as a back splash. This is an excellent solution for renters.

👤Don't buy! I ordered 2 rolls and they weren't the same. One has glitter while the other does not. It is impossible to match up. Not happy.

👤I used it to match a bathroom I was selling. Next, will use it in a cabinet.

11. Art3d X78 7 Marble Contact Countertops

Art3d X78 7 Marble Contact Countertops

matt surface looks more reality than glossy one. The wallpaper is waterproof and oil proof, and can be applied to the object with a smooth surface, such as a kitchen counter, furniture, notebook, drawer, crafts, bedside table, bookcase, door or wall. Just peel and stick. It is not sticky without being removed. The roll is in self-adhesive contact paper. The product is high quality and does not need glue. It's safe for your family. Brand new furniture products can be created with top quality self-adhesive film. The process is easy to follow. You have been looking for a marble contact paper. Use your imagination to create new furniture pieces. Their product can help you improve your creativity.

Brand: Art3d

👤I decided it was time to ride in style because the paint on the hood of my car has been missing since I bought it. A good car wrap material would have cost me $75. Does my car look like I can afford it? Is my car deserving of such high end material? $6 contact paper saved me. My car is now easily located in the most congested parking lots because of the low price of $12 and the most corrosive application known to car hoods. My friends see me coming down the road. Did you just drive down X Road? No, texts. They know it's me. There is a It's the best $12 (2 rolls required). I have invested in a car. It's probably never going to peel off without stripping the paint from my hood and weathering the elements. I don't think summer heat could destroy this stuff. Highly recommended.

👤The paper was easy to use and the results were amazing. I used it on my foldable table and it looked like a marble table. There is a Use glass wipe cleaner to remove bubbles when placing paper on face. It glided quickly. The last minute trick is to use a hair blow-dryer. If you want to stretch the paper, gently stretch it and then pat it on the edges, you need to direct the hot air from the blow-dryer at the edges.

👤I did a small project at home, but here is what I got. I use this in my home to practice my nails. I couldn't afford it. I built a cheap version of it to make my demo.

👤The installation in our kitchen covered our ugly yellow counter tops. It wouldn't stick in some places and there were a few bubbles, but that could be user error. I ordered an extra roll in case. I wouldn't recommend putting a light color contact paper over a dark place. I bought three rolls for the counter and had 2 feet left. The pattern of the seams is not noticeable. It is clear and pretty. Not blurry like some others said. I am curious to see if it is water proof or just water resistant. The sink is shallow and the water tends pool around the sides of the sink, plus I don't have a dishwasher so the water gets everywhere. I will give it 5 stars if it can survive my kitchen, but for now I will leave it at three because of the installation. There is a This would be a great product for cabinets, makeup tables, desks, nightstands, etc. It's kind of a toss up using in a kitchen or bathroom. Before and after pictures were added. This product has exceeded my expectations. It hasn't faded even with sitting water, and has survived my kitchen. It cleans up very well. I am very happy that I was able to use in my kitchen. I hope that when I move in a couple months, it will peel off nicely and leave no damage as I am in a rental. I will keep you updated in another few months.


What is the best product for decorative contact paper for walls?

Decorative contact paper for walls products from Heloho. In this article about decorative contact paper for walls you can see why people choose the product. D-c-fix and Safiyya are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative contact paper for walls.

What are the best brands for decorative contact paper for walls?

Heloho, D-c-fix and Safiyya are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative contact paper for walls. Find the detail in this article. Livebor, Ciciwind and Arthome Wall Decor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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