Best Decorative Cork Board for Office

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1. Emfogo Bulletin Kitchen Decorative Carbonized

Emfogo Bulletin Kitchen Decorative Carbonized

We believe shopping should be simple and risk free. They offer a 100% money back guarantee for all of their items. If your shopping experience was not good with them, they will do everything they can to make you happy. Referred materials: The healthy cork board is made of solid wood, no plastic at the edges of the frame, the picture cork board is light but tough, and easy to install and carry, the wooden frame cork board is completely free of chemicals, and the bulletin boards with high-fiber linen can be used Creative destruction is a method of creativity. The hanging bulletin board with linen can be used as a stylish decoration on the door of the restaurant or flower room, classic appearance, you can be creatively decorated and placed. Hanging pin boards can be used to record important things, hang on the wall of the living room or office, and the office cork board can be matched with other scenes design any style you like. A multi-functional bull board. The cork boards for walls are easy to install and remove, they are suitable for home, office, school, classroom, children's room, this vision board is suitable. Two sets of wooden bulletin boards, each with 10 pushpins, are easy to install, and can be used to create custom bulletin boards that can be hung. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Emfogo

👤Cheaply made. Light weight. The paper is heavier. Not strong in the least. The wood frame looks nice. It looks like a fake. I couldn't make these look nice. I thought the price was good for 2, but I will be returning them and spending more money for better quality. Push pins and hanging screws were not included.

👤Light weight is easy to hang. The photo is cute. The board under the fabric that you push the pins into feels like styrofoam, not cork, is the only thing I don't like. It is very soft and not sure it would hold much more than a photo. More pins would be nice.

👤The price is right, but it is like styrofoam under the burlap. I hung them sideways with a nail on the top of the twine. It is a great way to hang children's art. There are two boards and 6 push pins.

👤The product is wrapped in a cloth sleeve and advertised as cork board. It works well for pictures and papers, but anything with weight will have trouble. I use one of these to organize my keys at the office. I have to bush the push pins in order for the keys to not pull them out. I have a thicker cork board in my office. It looks nice.

👤The boards look similar to the ones pictured. They are more of a foam covered board than a corkboard. They are light and work for me. If you need something heavy duty or will be unpinning a lot, you may want something with a different material to hold the pins.

👤There is a chalkboard on the other side of thecork board. I love them for the price and they came in perfect condition. We bought them for a small space for personalization. They work well for that purpose. When the kids are done with their photos, I might hang them one on top of the other. I hung them with a large colored tack.

👤Love it. It was a perfect size to hold my grand daughters art work. Excellent quality. I think it's a good idea.

👤These were bought to display necklace charms. The table they were on looked great and they were more sturdy than I was expecting. I don't think they'd hang if I tried, but I think they'd hang fine. I would highly recommend buying these.

2. Multiple Bulletin Corkboard Vision Supplies

Multiple Bulletin Corkboard Vision Supplies

There is a memory board for the wall with push pins, sawtooth brackets, and mini screws. Their large cork board is perfect for pinning your notes, messages, pictures, drawings, memos, calendars, menus or reminders in any setting. The dense board backing under the pin board's cork surface will keep your push pins firmly gripped in place. The framed cork board is a great piece of décor for your home, kitchen, bedroom, or office. The cork board can be used as a vision board to help you stay on task. It's the perfect addition to your home office décor. The bulletin board makes a practical gift that will instantly upgrade anyone's home office or bedroom study space.

Brand: Skl

👤I ordered this because I was afraid that it would be too thin for a push pin and that the frame would break based on reviews. I will return it if I try it. The push pin was thick enough to hold a laminated diploma. It is not self healing. Command strips can't hold it up. I tried 10 fat strips and it fell in an hour. The frame did not break and I was afraid of falling. Now... I ordered a second because I liked the first one so much. The seller is the same as the item. The second pinboard is not painted all the way. The beige cork is behind it. You can see a difference in the paint when I place them side by side on the wall. Now debating whether or not to return it or just cover it with paper to avoid the hassle.

👤It works well for my pins. It is strong enough to hold my pins.

👤Ok. It is beautiful. Exactly what I want. There is a It was packed securely. The frame is sturdy and well put together. It is thick enough to hold a tack. I don't like 1. It is advertised as self healing cork. For the price, I can always replace the cork down the line. 2. It is advertised as easy to hang. I'm not sure how to hang it. The hardware was not placed in the middle of each side. I can string a line across and hang, but that doesn't make it a sturdy hang for something I'll be touching and pushing on a lot. Why didn't you put some of the teeth on it? Why didn't you add a line of wire to the package? I have to buy something else.

👤The company reached out to me after my bad experience and sent me a new board. I was sent a new board to try out after I was told they were changing the cork in their boards to a better quality product. Push pins still leave small scars when they are not fully closed, the cork is improved and much thicker. The new product is better than the original, but I still wish the cork was thicker. The product was greatly improved and customer service was great, so I adjusted from 1 star to 4. There is a This bord is not real cork. The fake cork material in the frame is so thin that a push pin can only go half way before hitting the backing of the frame. The fake cork does not self heal as stated in the description. The pins are loose after a day and the "cork" is not strong enough to hold the weight of a single photo.

👤The cork board is pretty. Despite reviews, I took my chances and found a white cork board. It arrived without any damage. The description says that the cork is self healing. Be aware there. I am very gentle with it because it is not great. Push pins are too long. If you can't use push pins well, what is the point of the cork board? The board is beautiful and does not satisfy completely, but I will keep it and try to be gentle with it. This board is worth the high price tag and stellar review because it could be improved.

3. SUNGIFT Hexagon Board Tiles Adhesive

SUNGIFT Hexagon Board Tiles Adhesive

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. SUNGIFT cork board tiles are made from premium natural cork and will not affect the environment. High density cork is not easy to deform. Push pins will not go through your boards and damage your wall if you have thick Natual hexagonal cork tiles. The ideal gift for women, mum, teenage girls, kids or family is the dow hen memory boards. You can make your own shape. A fun way to decorate walls. You can make your own art installation with these memo boards. You can paint cork tiles in your favorite colors and hang them on the wall. The cork boards are easy to install and do not need to worry about colloid and cork stripping. Make sure the wall is clean before use. The small bulletin board is suitable for home, kitchen, classroom, office and dormitory use and they are reuseable. Push pins can be applied to a variety of objects. Papers, notes, photos, artwork and other paper things can be held on the wall.

Brand: Sungift

👤I used these to display my Disney pins. The boards work great with them because they are thicker and longer than other pins. The pins don't poke through the back, and the hole left behind isn't too large. The cork is soft and not hard, so I'm not concerned about the pin backs being damaged. I hung these with 3M tape because I was worried that the board would become difficult to remove without damaging the wall. I didn't put the tape on the wall because I couldn't get the tape to adhere to the back, but I did stick the tape on with the help of the glue and it worked great.

👤Command stiffens are something to buy for the wall. My fiancée decided she didn't like one's position after I hung these up. I thought it wouldn't re-adhere. I didn't think it would come off the wall in one piece. It took 45 minutes to take off one of them. I tried to be careful, but it probably would have been worse. The problem is that the entire layer of glue still remains on the wall, without the small cork bits that make it stick to it. It's going to be a nightmare to remove. The glue must be strong so it wouldn't fall off the wall anytime soon. There is a The product seems to be alright. There is a Do not use the product's antiseptic.

👤The boards came as expected. I used an exacto knife, Command/M3 velcro strips, and some exposed rectangle parts to adhere the rectangles to my walls, after reading some reviews about the not being good enough. It works well. I like how the hexagons look on the wall.

👤There is a Disney pin collector here. It was difficult to find fun ways to display my smaller pin collections because of the ready cut cork board. They are a little thin and the pins punch through. They will work if you are a pin collector. I put fabric over mine and put frame hangers on the back so I can move them when I want. The pins don't poke through the back. I will be getting more.

👤The bulletin boards were put up at 3 pm. I followed the directions that were written. They were all over the floor when I arrived at work this morning. Some of the things I had up got ruined because they stuck to the glue. Paper and pictures are fine.

👤Product is fine on the wall. It will rip the paint and drywall to shreds when you remove them. It took 3 hours to remove mine and it came apart in small pieces. The red circle is where the damage was done.

👤They are cute, but the glue didn't stick on my walls. I am not surprised that my walls didn't stick well because they have texture and shiny paint. If my wall was a newer style, it would probably work better. My husband secured them with tiny nails.

4. Wooden Decorative Bulletin Thumbtack Accessories

Wooden Decorative Bulletin Thumbtack Accessories

80 pieces of push pins are stored in a plastic box, the quantity is enough, and they are suitable for home, office, kitchen, classroom use. Push pin clips have a unique design. The cork board/bulletin board can be used to display documents, pictures and notes without damage. You don't need to remove the cork board frequently. The pins are made from high quality wood and sharp needle, which makes them strong and durable. It is a good choice to use tools to split it if you need temporary high-quality push pins and clothing clips. You can use glue to bond them together. Each box has 32 cute bulletin board pins. The clip is about 0.31 inches in size. There is a specific and intuitive size in the picture. Cute pin clip can be used to hang photos, artworks, notes on corkboard and other notes, perfect accessories for cork board, bulletin board, right-hand assistant for your office, family and school. They can guarantee that any product purchased from them is superior to other products. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact them and they will give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Updateclassic

👤The glue that holds the clip and tack together is not very sound, so really can only hold one light item. They are good, but not as strong as I needed.

👤I have only used a few of them so far, and they seem like good quality, finish, and holding on well. I think the pricing is high because of the simple construction and cheap starting material. The pricing is the same as other sellers. There is a I don't think I need to buy more of these. The box of 32 should last a long time if they don't break.

👤I had to throw away 5 of the thumb tacks because they came apart from the clips. Cheap quality. It's better to just buy plain thumb tacks and tiny clips and glue them yourself.

👤The pins fall apart when you touch them. They crumble faster than a good pie crust when you look at them with a side eye. If you try to use the push pin without the wooden part, the tack will try to get away from the flat push part. Garbage is absolute and complete. Don't waste time or money on this product.

👤The product is garbage. It's so flimsy. The pins are easy to detach from. I used half of them and had to attach them to the bulletin board, but I lost most of them. It is a matter of time before each pic is out of the picture. It's not worth it to send it back. Do not buy!

👤I had to glue them back together after a lot of them came in broken. The pens are easy to separate from the tack, but they tend to separate a lot while pushing the tack into the cork board.

👤The wooden clip part was separated from the pins before I opened them. The rest are coming apart. It's enough to break the bonds between the two parts if they're moved on a corkboard or tried to secure a page with a slip. If you want to use a thumbtack or push pins, you should order them instead.

👤I wanted them the same way. They are a great pop of color to a bland corkboard.

5. Emfogo Bulletin Decorative Hanging Perfect

Emfogo Bulletin Decorative Hanging Perfect

Installation is easy. Place the felt board on your ideal spot by peeling the coating at the back. Remove it in seconds. It is better to use marble or wood walls. A bulletin board is a perfect solution to pin your notes and messages in any office, home or commercial environment. The board is made of natural cork and solid wood and will add a classic look to your space. Self-healing cork helps extend the life of your cork board. You can use any push pins, thumb tacks or map pins to pin all of your notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars, menus, Puzzle, jewelry,reminders and more, it is easy to see on it. The Hanging Cork board can be hung vertically or horizontally to fit your space. Easy to hang and hold everything you want to hang up without putting holes in your wall are some of the benefits of mounting hardware and instructions. It is possible and versatile. Two sets of wooden bulletin boards, each with 10 pushpins, are displayed inside, and you can use all conventional tacks and pushpins. The bulletin board has a natural wooden frame and will add luster to other spaces. If you have a problem or are not satisfied, please let them know, they will try their best to solve your problem, and they provide more better product quality and 100% consumer satisfaction guaranteed for their cork board. If you have any advice on their product or service, please give it to them.

Brand: Emfogo

👤My wall was ruined when I took my gun and shot holes in it. I can fix the holes at my leisure now that I know how to do it. My neighbor is going to order them to cover the exit holes. No more alcohol.

👤I was surprised at how small they were. I was trying to gauge size from the photos, not the specifications. The texture of the cork is less substantial than I'm used to. It feels squishy. I'm going to keep them and use them, but it doesn't feel sturdy and I think the cork will wear out faster than I'm used to.

👤It is cute. The board is not strong. The pins won't hold much weight if it's a couple millimeter thick with a bunch of air behind it. It will rip the board if you couple sheets of thin paper. There were manufacturing errors with dents on the frame.

👤The pins don't seem to go into the cork deep enough to hold anything. I'm not happy.

👤I only received the 2 boards. The package includes 10 nails, 2 screws, plastic anchors, and product instruction. I only received the two boards.

👤There is a missing item. Only one board was received. Will be back soon.

👤It was exactly as advertised. Very light. The cork board is more foam than cork. They were the price I wanted to spend and do the job for.

👤Good size for small items. There is a cork side and a board chalk side. Regular chalk does not do as well with a chalk board. Maybe a pen. Came with rope and tacks. The project was a great success.

6. Pushpins Decorative Colorful Thumbtacks Whiteboard

Pushpins Decorative Colorful Thumbtacks Whiteboard

It's ideal for office, home, or classroom and is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty. The flower pushpins come with a clear box that is convenient to use and storage. There are orange, pink green, purple,yellow,white and light-blue. The flower thumbtacks are made of sturdy and durable material. Eco-friendly paint is safe for humans. The flower drawing pins are designed with small patterns which will make them easy to notice. Bulletin boards, cork boards, soft wood and paperboard, hanging posters, marking maps, and more are some of the applications of decorative flower drawing pushpins. They are great for home use. 30 flower pushpins, a friendly customer service, and a lot of them. Pushpins have sharp tips and should be left away from kids.

Brand: Phinus

👤These push pins are pretty much roses. They are a good value for the price. The sellers included a note to review the product and get a credit for it. I lost the note card. I will let others know how much I love this item. They are small and cute like a push pin. I would definitely order from this seller again.

👤They are great and I use them in my room. There is a nice variety in color and they are so cute. I just put hot glue on the broken one and it was easy to fix. You can get a lot of them for a good price.

👤I was put off by how small the container was, and I thought I received less than what the order said. I realized after counting all the pins that the pin's size is deceiving and it just looks like you got less than you actually are. I love the quality of these pins and the fact that you can store them in a small container makes it so much more efficient for me to keep track of them. It feels like a great deal, and I would definitely buy more of these in the warm color variety next time.

👤A cork board on a wall is really cute. It's a nicer touch to have papers on a bulletin board. Soft colors, not the bright push pins.

👤The flower push pins are pretty. They are small and have a push pin back. They were mostly in light pink, purple, white, and a couple light teal/blue. My daughter likes them a lot but struggles to pull them out because they are a flat, but she can get them out if they aren't pushed into the cork board. I would buy them again.

👤Very cute! I use them in my office. A lot of them were broken when they arrived.

👤I'm not sure what to say. They are cuter than regular thumbtacks, so why not buy them? They are all on our bulletin board. There were no issues with them breaking. I wouldn't go back to regular thumbtacks after this.

👤These little tacks will give a tackboard some interest. My room has a floral theme.

7. Wall Pops HB3234 Board White

Wall Pops HB3234 Board White

Comes with two pins. Comes with two pushpins. The cork board is tropical. It's 17in long and 23in wide. 5-in wide. Hang from hooks or pins. Hang from hooks or pins.

Brand: Wall Pops

👤The cork is probably less than an inch deep.

👤I wanted to add a little tropical touch to my craft room. I love it. It is. It is almost like having a picture. It is a corkboard that has not hung out yet. I think it will be fine as it is more than what I thought it would look like.

👤The corkboard is trendy. My 14 year old daughter has it in her room with pictures and souvenirs but also left some of the design area out because she loved it so much. It's a little spendy but it's solid.

👤The price was exactly what I expected, it was cute and thin cork so big pins andtacks don't push in very far. The corner is smashed and paint is chipping, but it's not bad to cover with some white and still hang up.

👤I bought this to display my collection of pins. The leaves match my bed. It's a nice looking corkboard. Very happy.

👤The tacks that came with the board are hard to push into.

👤I'm glad I bought this. I was happy that it looked like I expected it to.

👤The board looks nice.

👤It looks good. The board material is very hard. It is difficult to use normal pins.

8. Quartet Board Bulletin Corkboard 79279

Quartet Board Bulletin Corkboard 79279

The measures are 16-inch length X 15.5-inch width X 4-inch depth. The bulletin board in Cork is perfect for displaying reminders. The board is perfect for small or home office use. The board is easy to hang. The full board is 11 x 17 The bulletin surface is 8 x 14. No magnetic. Post items to the cork surface with push pins or thumbtacks. The bulletin board is mounted on a wall in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Brand: Quartet

👤The frame is nice. I have never had a bulletin board that thin. It has a cardboard backing that looks like a picture, and push pins that go through the corkboard and through the backing, hitting the wall. It's very cheap, thin corkboard. I don't think it will last very long, and I'm worried about the damage from the push pins. Disappointed.

👤The cork pin board is attractive. I have used Quartet at work for many years and found that it would work for what I wanted to do. I might have been happier with a different choice. There is a If you want to use it on a different surface, you'll need to find other materials, because the method for hanging it is limited to drilling into a wall. I'll have to decide if I want to make holes in the laminate or use a solution that I can remove at a later time. There is a I bought this based on the picture on Amazon. I wanted to maximize the usable area because I have a limited space to mount it horizontally. The 11 X 17 inch size was a good choice from a good company. The board comes in 2 sizes and both use the same size framing material. The larger size picture shows a narrower frame and more pin surface than the 11 X 17 inch version. The frame of the smaller one covers more surface area than the larger one. I'm sure I could tell you how much less it was, but that's too extreme. There is a I will keep it because I will be able to make it work, but I had higher expectations from Quartet.

👤I found a good cork board that I could use to put my jewelry on. It is not very thick. The job was done. The frame of the board keeps push pins from hitting the wall if you push them flush to the board. The installation stuff it came with was not clear. I used photo hooks to attach them to the edge of the frame. It worked out well. I have a bad idea of size and it was a tad smaller than I thought.

👤None of the items listed look like the images that were used for them. The frame is thick, so it's less like 11*17 and more like 8 x 14. There is a big bent crease in the middle.

👤This looks really nice, which is what I cared for. The cork is very thin and it is easy to push the pins through the wall. I didn't use the enclosed hangers because I didn't want to have to make holes in the frame to fix it. I think the board should have had the hanger on it. I used two command strips to hang pictures. This was a good value because I wasn't looking for an investment piece. The frame is black and wide, giving it a more upscale look.

👤I ordered 2 of the cork boards from Amazon but couldn't find the cork squares with double sided tape to hang them up. I searched Amazon and found this item. They are all diff sizes and they look great where I hung them up. I hung the board next to the phone in a small space. I bought a cork for my small office. This item looks great because the cork is nicely seated inside the picture frame. They look perfect, they are so convenient to have. I will post the pictures when I figure out how to do it. It's a good thing. I hung up my cork boards using the "Monkey Hooks" that are advertised on TV. No tools were needed.

9. Uquelic Decorative Bulletin Message Vintage

Uquelic Decorative Bulletin Message Vintage

If you have any issues with your cork board tiles, please contact them. Let them know if you don't like your cork roll. They'll give you a refund or replace your purchase. The framed cork board is lightweight and can be used by both adults and children. It can either be hung on the wall or on the table. The cork board is made of wooden frame, high density cork top layer and cardboard backing layer with strong and reliable quality. The cork is self healing. The pin board has 20 wooden push pins, which you can use to nail photos, daily plans, memos, work plans and other decorative objects. For creative. The bulletin boards can be used for multiple scenes to make your place snug to live. It can be both functional and decorative. The cork boards have a variety of accessories, which include hemp rope, 2 kinds of hooks and others. It can meet your hanging needs.

Brand: Uquelic

👤I bought 4 of them to put on my wall. They are adequate, but not super sturdy, and I didn't want to hassle with a return so I just covered it with a memo.

👤The frame ends were falling off when I got them out of the box. They were broken in the floor when I hung them up. I bought two sets and most of them are broken less than 48 hours later.

👤There were no premade holes for the hooks.

👤It's nice to hang corkboard, but it's also a bit flimsy. I wouldn't recommend it for a child. I don't think they'd last long with a kid that's tough on stuff. Not bad for the price.

👤I have a small area and the cork boards are perfect for it. There was a good amount of accessories needed. I was a little disappointed with the frame, which was plastic, and it looked like wood. Overall, very good.

👤They are small. Only if you need a small piece of paper.

👤The screw holes were pre-drilled. I was worried that the mounting screws would crack the plastic Frames.

👤A cork board. I was expecting a bit more quality than I got. The pins can be held without them going through the back. It's great to use for kids bedrooms. I will definitely order more of them.

10. Moi Doi Bulletin Hexagon Adhesive

Moi Doi Bulletin Hexagon Adhesive

The set includes a cork board and push pins. This product can be used to rip off the wall, because it has a glue on the back. It is easy to cut, decorate, frame, or hang them up. No matter where it is placed, it is a beautiful scenery. With 7 message boards you can choose from a large number of designs that can be used as a vision board on your wall or as a way to share important notes with your family. Environmentally friendly cork tackboard features. The cork hexagon boards are made of cork. The cork is bio-degradable for an intelligent design that rejects the concept of waste, and it is also free of harmful by-products and carcinogens. Give your office, dorm room, or living room a makeover with a hexagon cork board wall. You can do it with some style. You can make a memo board as an art installation. You can paint cork tiles in your favorite colors and hang them on the wall. It is almost endless. They believe shopping should be simple and risk free. They offer a 100% money back guarantee for all of their items. If your shopping experience was not good with them, they will do everything they can to make you happy.

Brand: Moi Doi

👤I got these cork boards for my dorm room and I have no complaints about them. You can either put all of the boards together or separate them out into individual hexagons. The back of the glue is good quality and sticks well. There is a All you have to do is stick them and start using them right away because the boards come with plenty of pins. Good quality product. I would recommend it. If you found this review helpful, please hit theHelpful button.

👤I'm so upset. I put three of these on the wall and tried to move them, but they ruined my walls. Magic erasers haven't worked, even when you goof off. The wall is ruined and needs to be painted.

👤I was looking for a regular rectangular cork board to display my personal things that I collect as memories, and thanks to an amazing Amazon algorithm, I was able to find cute cork boards that were innovative and cute. I didn't know cork boards came in cute honeycomb designs. I immediately bought them and tracked their shipment. I did not peel off the cover completely because I read a review that showed how they stick to the wall and do not come out easily. I pasted the corners to the wall. The glue seems to be very strong and has been on my wall for over a week. There is a It comes with a lot of clips that have pins that you can use to stick them to the board. An innovative idea. Thank you Amazon!

👤These are going to be the perfect addition to my office and I have been looking for something like this for a while. The boards are about 8” in size and each edge is about 4” long. They are easy to arrange and can be used in many patterns. They came with wooden clips that you can attach to the boards to clip things onto them. So cute! When buying, it is important to consider how you will attach these to your wall. If you want to avoid wall damage, you should look into options like command strips and order at the same time so you don't have to wait to set them up. Great product! Would definitely recommend!

👤I was excited to see these. I used to tape it up to make sure it was perfect. I was ready to peel off the backing and stick them, but that seemed to stick for a few days. It looked great. When I woke up the next day, most of them were on the floor, a couple were stuck together, and one of them ripped in half. It would have been nice for it to stick to my wall. It's a waste of money. I bought 2 packs of these. It's a shame. Don't do what I did.

👤I like the shapes and it is a good product. If you want to remove it, use the already offered glue, it will break off and leave marks on the wall. I advise you to use the command strips instead of putting it on the wall.

11. Quartet Bulletin 23 Inch 35 Inch 35 380352

Quartet Bulletin 23 Inch 35 Inch 35 380352

Customer service Money-back is provided for 48 days. Feel free to contact them if you have a question. They will try to find a solution to your problem. The bulletin board is made of natural cork. For occasional use in a home office. Easy to use mounting system holds board in place. The standard yield is 4,000 pages.

Brand: Quartet

👤This is the cheapest cork board I could find. It was cheap like I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. I got a two foot by three foot board for $16. The internal measurement of the cork part is 21 1/2 inch by 33 1/2 inch. This is so much better that the really expensive ones that cost twice or three times as much for the same size have the same stars as this one. It is great for me that I took a chance. If you need something to pin notes to, this is a great board. I used to use sticky notes, but now they fall off my wall. Now I can point them to this. The sticky notes stick to this better than my wall so I am happy. There is a The board is too thin and it has cardboard on the back, according to some reviews. I have not had a problem with these being true. I didn't use the screws because I don't like putting holes in my walls and other people complained about the hanging device anyways. I hung my Command Strips on each corner and in the middle of the top and bottom. I found that this holds it in place, it won't move or swing, and it creates more space between the cork, cardboard and my wall, so that makes me happy. There is a I pinned stuff with thumb tacks and pushpins in my photos. There are sticky notes on the right. Hope this helps.

👤I cut out a piece of paper to mount a small clock in it, but I found it was mostly cardboard. There is a thin layer of cork. It can't hold something heavier than paper. I tried to hang a plastic frame on it, but the pin fell out.

👤I bought two of them for my office. We mounted to the wall on different floors and it was fine for a while. The board were easy to mount and they looked great. Both boards warped in the same way within two months. I don't think it's a coincidence. It was really inconvenient to bring the broken board back out because we had to pay for a new board and we had to return the broken one. Unfortunate purchase.

👤The shipment arrived undamaged. The board is okay. You pay for quality because this was 15.41 with prime. Most of the board was going to be covered and I was not going to pin items. This is perfect if you are posting pictures. There is a The cork is thin and some reviewers have said that. I measured with a 1 cm pin. You can do the math on how thin the cork is. There is a The design of the hanging clip is odd. The bottom portion of it will stick out if you hang it on the wall. I think it gives you more cork space in the bottom area. Instructions are not useful. Half of the board was measured and marked in both directions. Level and mark corrections are used. Then use a drill with a 5/32 drill bit. I used the end of something hard to push the anchor in. The plate has a screw in the middle. The board setup is decent, although it is a bit crooked.


What is the best product for decorative cork board for office?

Decorative cork board for office products from Emfogo. In this article about decorative cork board for office you can see why people choose the product. Skl and Sungift are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative cork board for office.

What are the best brands for decorative cork board for office?

Emfogo, Skl and Sungift are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative cork board for office. Find the detail in this article. Updateclassic, Phinus and Wall Pops are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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