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1. Pieces Plastic Marking Calendar Supplies

Pieces Plastic Marking Calendar Supplies

5 pieces per package. The novelty design of these plastic push pins is that they can stay in the right place, but also work well on the wall, which is both functional and aesthetic. 50 push pin wall hooks is enough for hanging different small items in different places, practical for home, office, mall and the like. Push pins are practical and can be applied repeatedly, saving time and effort and helping you hang decorations, light strings, rings, etc. The wall push pin hooks are convenient to use, they are easy to install and do not require tools; the small hole by the thumbtack hook will not affect the overall beauty of the wall, but it is not suitable for concrete or ceramic walls. Pin tacks add a lot of fun and elegance to your life, they can be used for home and office decoration, paintings, function well on walls, whiteboards, cork boards, etc.

Brand: Tenare

👤So far, so good. I hung my cards for quicker access. They seem to be holding up. They were what I was looking for.

👤They are very sturdy and look nice on the wall.

👤These hooks were great to hang string lights. It's much better than using nails.

👤These pushpins are more like regular ones. I hang Christmas lights with these ones. They work well.

👤They were what I wanted.

👤They are good enough to fulfill what they are meant to do.

2. Decorative Calendar Picture Classroom Supplies

Decorative Calendar Picture Classroom Supplies

If you have a problem with their products, please email them and they will be happy to solve it for you. You will get 50 pieces of push pins, sufficient quantity can meet your needs and replacements, and these pins are packed in a box to keep your desk organized and easy to carry. The size of each thumb tack is about the same. The total length is 1 inch and the pin needle length is 2.6 cm. It's convenient for you to pin it on the cork board or remove it, it's natural wood color makes it a decorative craft on the wall. The head of the map thumb tack is made of wood and the tip is anti-rust and resistant to wear and tear. The decorative push pins are easy to use and will not hurt your hands, they are wooden heads with steel pins, so that you can easily push them into the bulletin board or cork board with your hand or hammer. The wooden thumb tacks can be used to fix calendars, photos, papers, maps, to do lists, and so on, practical supplies for school, classroom, home and office.

Brand: Yalikop

👤I put a thin wall covering up with this. I like the wood texture and color. Looks great!

👤The product is high quality. It was perfect for my uses.

👤Plastic pushpins seem much nicer.

3. Wooden Walnut Decorative Bulletin Boards

Wooden Walnut Decorative Bulletin Boards

Push pins can be used indoors. There is a clear plastic box with 60 wooden push pins. The needle point is made of steel. The push pin has a steel point and wooden head. It is not easy to break or bend. It's suitable for cork board, bulletin board, notice board, maps and hang photos.

Brand: Updateclassic

👤The pins are made from solid wood. The metal pins are not loosened or pulled out. The wooden part is sturdy enough to hold a metal pin in place if you hit it with a hammer. There is a The wood appears to be finished with a light oil, which protects it from the elements. There was no smell when we opened the box. There is a These pins are very happy. A distinctive touch to your bulletin board.

👤These are made of real wood and look like they are to me. I was hoping for a variety of color tones and tacks, they all look the same and are cheap. They are still functional and good looking, and I will keep mine.

👤I liked how sturdy these are. The classic silver thumbtacks were unattractive and I wanted to create a board for all of my favorite quotes from books. It was a great decision to switch those out. I did not have to worry about pushing them into my cork board. I would buy this again. I don't think I will need to consider the amount included.

👤I am finally throwing out my plastic ones. Big Improvement can't tell how sturdy they are, but I can push them in the wall to make my calendar look good. I love shopping at Amazon.

👤The cheap plastic ones are just as nice. I think they will take on a nice look with use. The older grandkids use these on their corkboard.

👤The metal part can easily break the wood.

👤The wooden push pins are perfect for the bulletin board.

👤They look better to hang vintage signs. Good value for money.

4. EZAKKA Wooden Decorative Boards Calendar

EZAKKA Wooden Decorative Boards Calendar

We can guarantee that any product purchased from them is superior to other products. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact them and they will give you a satisfactory solution. The Cylinder Wood Push Pins are made of good quality wood and steel. There is a pack of 100 pieces. Natural wood can be painted or left natural. These paintable tacks can be sprayed or brushed on to create a striking look. Push pins can be used on cork boards. Can also be hung on the wall. The Geometric Wood Push Pins are packed in a clear mini box to keep your desk organized and easy to carry. Customer service Money-back is provided for 48 days. Feel free to contact them if you have a question. They will try to find a solution to your problem.

Brand: Ezakka

👤The canvas can be held up off the surface where the paint drips. Push pins broke all the time. The flat bottom helps level the canvas, these are sharp and solid. The added benefit for artists was not the usual function.

👤These were what I was looking for. I stained the rest and applied 2 coats of a spray matt varnish on them, they are perfect! The wood is not sanded so I didn't need to stain it, and the wood stains took well.

👤So far, so good. Only time will tell if the pins stay together or fall apart, because only real use will reveal that. The size of the 100 pieces in the box is perfect for what I was looking for. They are larger than map pins, which makes them an ideal replacement for traditional thumb tacks.

👤The push pins are beautiful. Can a push pin be beautiful? These are. If you are looking for something with more design flare for your bulletin board, you have found it. I can see how easy it would be to paint them. The wood material is fastened to a push pin and not visible when pushed in. Storage of extra pins is taken care of by the clear plastic container they come in. The product is cute and functional.

👤I am always hesitant to purchase items like this, as I am either pleasantly surprised or frustrated with poor quality. These are gorgeous! I love things elevated. These spoke to me immediately, because regular old pushpins wouldn't do for me. The geometric design turned my pin board into a work of art. I believe you can paint on it. I love them in their natural state. They are sturdy and well made.

👤Pushpins are neat! They have a longer pin that is easier to grasp than the ones sold at most of the "box store" office supply places. They are finished well and are pleasant to use.

👤The wooden push pins are ideal for the artwork that I create, they keep my compositions elevated off of my art table, and they're also useful with fluid acrylic pour paintings.

👤The wooden head of these push pins is very smooth and stylish, but it can be difficult to remove and position them, leaving just the metal pin sticking out of my corkboard.

👤It was purchased for 7 dollars. There is a The pins are advertised as being strong and sharp. There is a The pins used to chart golf courses were pinned to a wooden door in the picture. It's impressive that no pin is bent despite the pressure being applied. There is a The size of the heads was ideal for that. There is a The heads are very clean and don't get grimy or catch a light. There is a I liked the box they came in. Overall, very satisfied!

👤They were useful for what I needed but wouldn't buy them again as a few of them seem to fall apart. The metal pin came out of a few of them.

5. WenTao Transparent Plastic Bulletin Organization

WenTao Transparent Plastic Bulletin Organization

1. The round heads are made of transparent color pastic and the needle points are made of rose gold steel, which are not easy to bent or broken short, which is why the Premium Push Pins are created to stand years of use. 2. The cute heads and sharp tip of the push pins make them easy to insert into bulletin boards. Cute heads look like decorations and pushpins. 3. The push pins package is easy to carry and keep your desk drawer organized. 4. They are perfect for marking, announcement, cork boards, and hanging string lights all year long. 5. Please stay away from babies and children if you have sharp stitches. Don't nail it to the wall.

Brand: Wentao

👤The price is great for this quantity. The length is perfect. It doesn't stick out in the other side because it shouts fits through the entire cork board.

👤Push pins are the most practical. They are good if you use them for a cork board.

👤They are what you ordered. They are in a box.

👤There are small air bubbles in the clear ball end.

👤Look cute, huge quantity and durable. It was worth the money.

6. TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

50PCS Colorful Push pin with wooden clips, friendly customer service, and a colorful Push pin are what you get. A multicolor push pins set is good for highlighting key points on a map. The rubber patch technology makes the pin heads look beautiful and vivid. These tacks pins are made of sturdy steel with a pointed tip and are easy to insert into cork board. The box is helpful for storing the small colored pushpins. 80 pieces of colorful fashion steel push pins are good for pinning photos, schedules and papers on a bulletin board.

Brand: Tecunite

👤The laundry room bulletin board was improved by these thumbtacks. Love the bright colors. My cat isn't able to pull them out of the board like he could with the pushpins I had previously been using. I had to re-glue some of them because the colorful top was not securely fastened.

👤Cute. Simple and they work well. Pushpins are just normal but more fun.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very strong and heavy, unlike the cheap ones that are easy to break. The rack push pin is heavy.

👤tacs are always needed, but these are great purchased.

👤I love these! There are lots of cute designs. Nice colors. The bulletin board is sturdy.

👤A good variety of patterns. They hold limited weight.

👤A bulletin board for a 7 year old girl.

👤Exactly how they said it was worth the money.

7. 300 Count Assorted Decorative Bulletin Corkboard

300 Count Assorted Decorative Bulletin Corkboard

The wood push pin is an ideal replacement for thumb tacks. They can be used on cork board for fixing papers, memos, posters, schedule, do it yourself projects, photos, calendars and marking world maps, and the thumb tack is also popular for tea bar, bistro, hotel, restaurant, dining hall, store, newsstand. The colored thumb tacks contain 10 assorted colors, 30 of each color, for a total of 300. Each color is easy to use. The diameter of the pushpin head is 0.4 inch. The colored plastic on the pushpin can be used for decoration or color marking. Colorful thumb tacks can be used to hang photos and posters on cork board, bulletin boards, notice boards, foam boards, maps and hang photos and posters on the wall. They can be used to hang decorations. Push pins can't be used on walls or hard objects because they are decorative. Some of the pushpin tips will bend.

Brand: Updateclassic

👤I ignored other reviews because they were cute. They work, but are flimsy. Unless your surface is simi- soft like corkboard, you have to be very careful pushing them in. The flat part is pushed through by the needle.

👤The thumb tacks have always been on corrugated boards, they are bigger than any I have bought and are in a plastic case. It was a pleasant surprise to open them and see the larger size and variety of colors. Really like them.

👤3.5 out of 5 stars. It's a good idea to have a neat tack box with all the colors. 5 stars to that and the packaging, however the tacks break easily and you have to be careful when using them.

👤tacs are cute and do the job, they are very short. I hung Polaroid pictures on a cork board. It took a lot of tacs to get one picture. Some of the colored parts were loose. I liked the case they came in.

👤These are cute and I wanted a short nail part for my thin board.

👤I use them on the cork boards at work to add a little color.

👤These worked great on my wall, but I realized they might be for cork boards because they bent when pushed against the wall.

👤The thumb tacks were terrible when you pushed them.

8. Wonsunss Decorative BoardNail Plant 30 Pcs

Wonsunss Decorative BoardNail Plant 30 Pcs

The photo hanging kit is perfect for pictures, photos, posters, framed maps, framed postcards and paintings in home, office and workplace. You will get 30 colorful plant and animal pushpins, various colors and sizes, wonderful gifts suitable for students and friends, enough thumb pins to meet your daily needs. The pushpins are colorful and cute. Hanging paper, photos and memos give you a lovely style, bright and bright colors can enhance your mood and attract children's attention. The pushpin can make your board look like a garden. It's a good decoration for classrooms. It can mark locations, points of interest or travel routes, fix papers, paintings, and hold pictures. There are message notes. It sticks tightly to the wall and is easy to locate. The pins are strong enough to hold them. The poster needs to be firmly in place. Will not warp or bend when pressed into the wall. Your decorations will not fall. The stitching part is firm and won't tilt over time. The colorful pushpins are loved by teachers, employees and students because of their charming pattern design. Birthday, Christmas and New Year gifts are possible. Students, teachers, and seminar participants may find it hard to refuse these beautiful gifts.

Brand: Wonsunss

👤Cute but have had a few breaks.

👤The pins for cork boards were lightened with these.

👤The top part of the pin can break easily if you have some glue on it.

👤Push pins for anyone that is flocking.

9. AmazonBasics Plastic Steel Point 100 Count

AmazonBasics Plastic Steel Point 100 Count

Map push pins can be used for fastening maps to cork boards. The standard size has a steel point and plastic head for easy removal. The heads come in a gold color. Push pins are kept neatly stored in a clear container. It's ideal for office, home, or classroom and is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Get ready for these. I had issues using them. Ladies, be careful.

👤Push pins. They will not hold weight. It's definitely not pounds, maybe grams or a few ounces. It's best suited for items that are on paper.

👤I bought these for a craft project and they were perfect. The gold beads are shiny and have a good finish. The pins went into my board. I was able to bend them back and use them despite the fact that they were bent as I pushed them in. The quantity was great for the price. I bought a second set.

👤It was much smaller than anticipated. I thought they would be the same as the one on the right. I tried to stick one of them in a cork board. I haven't tried weight yet.

👤I bought these because they looked small to use on thin cork squares that I put up on the back of my desk. They are the same size as regular thumbtacks, so they don't go that far into the cork. I already had a box of standard thumb tacks so it was a waste of money.

👤Junk. Junk. Can't even use corkboard. They bend in half. What uses do you have for this item? There is a trashcan decoration. I spent 5 bucks on these. I will return if I can.

👤These are hard to push. cardboard, cork board, anything. Don't think you will hurt yourself by putting a wall in it.

👤The head would pop off if many broke. I was putting them in the wall. They didn't stand up to the occasion. Disappointing. If you feel like being extremely careful, you can use cork board 100% of the time.

👤I bought the gold push pins from AmazonBasics. They say they are 0.2-inch-diameter spherical plastic head. The gold ones are smaller. There is a These are 0.11-inches in length. The gold pins have a description on them.

👤The metal shift can bend under pressure, but it is not permanent.

👤Look good. Good quality. It is expensive. I bought them because she wanted them.

👤Buona qualita' prezzo giusto.

👤Me sirven, pense mas pequeas.

10. Pieces Wooden Decorative Thumbtacks Artworks

Pieces Wooden Decorative Thumbtacks Artworks

The tail is pointed, please stay away from children and not scratch your hands. Push pin clips are printed in different patterns. The mini wooden clip pins are small. It's easy to pin them on the cork board. A good person to help at home, classroom and office. Push pin clips are in a box.

Brand: Juthfer

👤Before buying, I should read reviews. I put them on the board. I did not have them centered so I tried to move a few of them. The tack got stuck in the board when I tried to pull them out. They all broke when I tried to move 3. I need pliers to remove the tack. They are not worth the money.

👤I didn't want the creatures to have a hole in them, so I used push pin close pins. Overall, they did what I wanted, but some of them pulled apart. Use them again and again with ease.

👤It's very cute and very durable. The Pina stuck in my bulletin board and detached from the mini clothespins when I moved the location. I was very disappointed.

👤These are cute and useful. I don't like putting a hole through the paper. I don't have to worry about punching a hole in the papers.

👤These are sturdy and cute. I have an issue with them because the pin part hurts if you hit a dark wall.

👤These are the prettiest things I have ever seen. I didn't like the idea of poking holes in paper and pictures so these were a great option. They are cute and hold well.

👤They come in a container that is closable. Will have to see how sturdy they are.

👤The backing is not as strong as it could be if you take it out of the wall to re-position it or use it again. I only managed to have 2 out of 15 remain intact.

11. Decorative Butterfly Bulletin Decorations Sunenlyst

Decorative Butterfly Bulletin Decorations Sunenlyst

The quantity of push pin style picture hooks is for you to choose, enough for you to use in different places and able to meet your hanging needs in daily life. The model of butterfly is made of plastic, and the thumb tacks are made of high qualitystainless steel. The push pins needle is easy to use and reuse. The butterfly style is beautiful. Cute pushpins are decorated with 3D butterfly modeling, which makes them look like a vivid garden. butterfly pins are a nice present for children or friends and can be different colors and styles. Decorative push pins can be widely used for bulletin boards, photos walls, maps, cork boards, and also can be applied to decorate school, office, and your room. 36 butterfly pins with random patterns are contained in the product. The length of the nail and the size of thumb tacks are the same. Their products come with a lifetime guarantee, they pay attention to customer experience and feelings. If you have a problem with pink butterfly thumb tacks, please contact them.

Brand: Sunenlyst

👤Well constructed! They are just butterflies that are applied to thumbtacks with a glue gun. The wings are made of a flexible plastic that won't tear, the wings are printed on both sides, and the body is also 3D. This is rare for novelty items. Great job! These can be added to gifts or flower pots.

👤I love pins like these. They are large. I just glue it back on after I found out they were 5 out of 36 that had come in the package not attached to the pin. Great quality and beautiful colors!

👤These are fun, cute and realistic, but not all of them are. There is a cork board by my teacher desk.

👤Exactly what I wanted. The price is great for the quality of the butterflies. Highly recommended.

👤The cork board in the local government office is a happy place because of these thumbtacks.

👤These thumbtacks are adorable. The only problem is that taking them off can be difficult, and the wings just fell off. They come off nicely when removed with more caution.

👤I love them, but I wish they were bigger. I love them!


What is the best product for decorative cork board pins?

Decorative cork board pins products from Tenare. In this article about decorative cork board pins you can see why people choose the product. Yalikop and Updateclassic are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative cork board pins.

What are the best brands for decorative cork board pins?

Tenare, Yalikop and Updateclassic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative cork board pins. Find the detail in this article. Ezakka, Wentao and Tecunite are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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