Best Decorative Cork Board Squares

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1. SEG Direct Bulletin Decorative Pinboard

SEG Direct Bulletin Decorative Pinboard

Push pins can't be used on walls or hard objects because they are decorative. Some of the pushpin tips will bend. Immense size and right thickness. In size. The felt is thick enough to not hit the wall with push pins. The pin boards are bright colors that are more pleasing to the eye than the brown bulletin board. The classic color combination is good for decorative styles. It adds to the modern look of the house. There are so many ways to put the boards up and an appealing way to display pictures, memories, or anything else you need to hang. You can make any pattern you want. A stunning alternative to magnets. It's functional. The felt board can be used as a memo board, a keeper of keys, or a general place to hang your watch. The fridge can be decorated with these adhesives. "Don't forget the milk" The felt notice board comes with tapes and sticks to protect the wall when it's removed. There is a manual for applying.

Brand: Seg Direct

👤I like the look of these. I was also concerned about the wall. I traced the lightest weight Command strips around the back of the felt panels' backing, then used a knife to cut out a hole in the backing that the Command strip would stick to. You can't use the smooth sticker backing to adhere anything. I know that my wall won't be damaged when I remove them because of the Command strips, so I didn't have to remove the whole sticker. Look at photos. I mixed in some cork tiles from Target. The three blue tiles are from this purchase. *

👤Who doesn't want stuff to cost less? The price did not deter me from buying 3 sets. It was kind of addictive when I started. When I found these, I was looking for a bulletin board to put above my desk. I decided to try these because I am working on decorating my room in shades of blue. The colors are pretty. I love how it made that corner of my room different. If you think you might want to move them, use a temporary glue to hang them. There is nothing temporary about the built in glue. I would like to rearrange a few of the tiles. They are not budging! Not a big deal to me, but forewarnings are a good thing.

👤The foam tiles are thick and sturdy, and hexagonal tiles are novel and attractive. I have gray, teal, and yellow. The seller offered a "free gift" if I gave a positive review. My solution to the problem of the board being stuck was to attach the tiles to the poster board I wanted, cut away the excess poster board, and hang the whole thing using 3M command strips. There is a If I had to do it all over again, I would probably use foam board. Maybe cardboard? I used a poster board because I had a big one. The quality is decent and I like how it looks, but I don't like the idea of giving a good review for free stuff. It's probably overpriced for what it is. It comes with some push pins, which is nice. I have mixed feelings.

👤I don't write reviews often. I have had a month of receiving things that were not what I expected. This came after that. Something is exactly as it is described. There is an electrical panel on the wall. It's ugly. I was looking for something to put over it and not putting anything in the wall. I was looking for a board that was large enough to cover the panel, but also light enough to be put up with command strips, as my original plan was. There is a I found this after that. Which is better. It is light. It's self-adhesive. The ugly panel door can still swing open even after I removed the backing. The glue is strong. I forgot to add push pins to my cart, so it's good. The boards I was looking at were twice the price. They were not as good looking. There is a This is the best purchase I've had on Amazon. It costs $21 and it is worth every penny. Highly recommended.

2. Brands Bulletin Inches Fashion Design

Brands Bulletin Inches Fashion Design

The felt notice board comes with tapes and sticks to protect the wall when it's removed. There is a manual for applying. Push pins and thumbtacks are firmly gripped to stay in place every time, because of the dense board backing material. Natural cork surface resists push pin holes. The stylish black wood decor frame and fashion design on the cork surface will add a chic look that is perfect for home, office, classroom or commercial use. Push pins from U Brands are used to pin your notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars, menus, reminders and more. The included mounting hardware and instructions make it easy to mount your board.

Brand: U Brands

👤This is a good way to store earrings. The board is pretty on the wall and the cork is thick enough to hold the stud earrings in place. I hung the earrings with clear thumb tacks. It looks great and it's a great price. The board was hung on the wall in under a minute. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I ordered this item after I returned a Board Brothers product that had a broken frame. The one that arrived had only one corner damaged, but the damage was bad. The board is advertised as having a wood frame. It doesn't. The frame is pressed cardboard and you can see it from the broken-off corner. I have a board with a real wood frame and have been looking for a second one, and thought I'd found it. I was disappointed and complained to Amazon. The cork on the board is very thick, but you have to press hard to get it to open. The back is only cardboard, but my pushpin did not go through it. Since I try to keep large item returns to a minimum, I haven't decided whether to return or repair the corner.

👤The board was in good shape. A nice cork board, but a little pricey. The problem was with the packaging. The way it is packaged can cause damage. There was a gash in the box when the first one arrived. I didn't see the damage until I peeked in. The board was damaged when I opened the box and removed the plastic. It was minor, but I still thought it was in perfect condition. I asked for a replacement. Same problem. The second was more damaged than the first. We kept the one that was less damaged because we knew we were going to be covering that area. I suppose we could have kept trying, but if they changed how they packaged, each would have the same issue.

👤The cork board is great. It looks cute on its own, but it also has a nice backdrop for showcasing whatever you post on it. I have a bunch of postcards, decorative folders, cute keychains, and other items in a bunch and it makes it easy to see the various odds and ends. It's light enough to hang on a wall. I bought these push pins for it and would recommend them.

👤I wanted to make a huge board. I like the size but one of them came flawed with the pattern not being even. It is a sad thing. It would be too much of a hassle to come back to the seller. I don't think I'll be buying from them again.

👤The memory board was made with 2 of these. Wanted cork board that was more formal. Fantastic finish. I was very disappointed to discover that I had to pay a large fee to return 1 Si Be Sure.

👤Absolutely love it! It is very well made and heavy. The instructions came with a paper ruler to make hanging a snap. The easiest and fastest I've ever hung anything. This is a great product and a great price. I'm happy.

3. Cork Bulletin Board Decorative Corkboard

Cork Bulletin Board Decorative Corkboard

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. The wall bulletin board is long and can be used to clip memos, reminders, postcards, bills, photos, and important documents. Give a thoughtful gift to a friend, coworker, or loved one by using the decorative bulletin board in your dorm, bedroom, office, kitchen, or living room. This cute cork board is easy to hang and can be placed on any wall in your home. The cork board is 23.7 x 9.7 x 0.6 inches and push pins are 0.2 x 0.75 and 0.2 inches. There is a memory board for the wall with push pins, sawtooth brackets, and mini screws.

Brand: Juvale

👤I love it! The perfect size for a vision board.

👤This is a very attractive cork board and without anything on it, it looks great in my kitchen. The cork insert is so weak it won't hold much more than a single sheet of paper. I walk into my kitchen in the morning and see papers on the floor, which were secured on the board the night before. The family calendar had a separate hook. The price was right, but the quality was disappointing.

👤The cork board is nice, but I realized quickly that the tacs that come with it are very short and normal tacs poke through the other side. I was disappointed that I had to put the picture hangers on it myself, it wasn't pre-drilled for easy installation. I am not sure if it will last very long or not, it has only been a couple weeks, but it will work for me for now. We will see.

👤I would have liked to read the product reviews before buying this. It is flimsy and the thumbtacks won't hold the surface.

👤I used pushpins to hang my necklaces from the corkboard. It turned out great. I can see my necklaces now that they aren't stuffed in a jewelry box. I love it!

👤The cork board was not what I was expecting. I decided to hang it with 3M hanging strips instead of the attached hardware because I wanted to hang it on wood. The cork is very thin with cardboard behind it. The tacks are going into the cardboard. I was fine with that as long as they didn't go into the wall. I wanted it to fit in the space I had. I would have preferred thicker cork and not the hardware attached already.

👤It turned out to be a cute bow holder for our daughter.

👤Not worth the price. The cheap plastic poster frames from my teenage years are what the frame reminds me of. I was expecting much better for $20.00. It would be better to pay $7.00 to $10.00. Would normally come back, but Rona.

👤The product is flimsy and the cork is not very thick. It depends on what you need it for. It worked well for the space if just a few papers were pinned, because it is long and narrow. It looks nice as well.

👤Die Lieferung ist erfolgte. The Korkwand is an alternative. Sie ist allerdings. Von daher, allerdings knnte man. Gut finde. Is it possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it is possible that it A hat.

👤I thought it would be much larger, but it is. Most are not worth $35. Sorry.

👤Im Lilienmuster ist gut.

4. Cork Bulletin Decorative Corkboard Hardware

Cork Bulletin Decorative Corkboard Hardware

Simple set up. The included mounting hardware can be used to install horizontally or vertically. The modern cork board is a perfect solution to pin your notes and messages in any office, home or commercial environment. You can use it again and again, but your board will retain it's quality and appearance. Push pins, thumb tacks or map pins are all you need to pin your notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars, menus, reminders and more. The template guide can be used to place the boards on the wall.

Brand: Playahoy

👤I usually don't leave reviews on Amazon, but after receiving a postcard from Emma, who told me that they're made by a small family business, I had to run over here to leave a review on how much I love this corkboard. I have many corkboards. I use them in my displays when I'm selling my wares at trade shows, but the wear and tear of travel usually takes a toll on them, and they need to be replaced. No big deal. I went with a hexagonal shape because I wanted to try and make something interesting. It stood up to my own corkboard test, how well does it take to be painted? This isn't something most people have to deal with, but if you're thinking about painting a cork board to match your interior design, this one can handle it. I can't say the same for everyone. I had a few coats of spray paint and it looked better than any display I've had before. I'm attaching a picture so you can see it. There is a The cork board is used to check my boxes. The shape and size were perfect. It takes paint well. I survived a cross-country trip and back in my suitcase without getting injured. I'll be back for another when I expand my display. Thank you so much!

👤I wanted to display my pin collection with these. I took away a star because some of the seams weren't flush and one of the three had some dark yellow glue. I put that side facing the wall. I attached the Command strips to the metal brackets on the back. If you are going to use this for pins, I suggest you lay them out first. Use caution if you need to adjust or remove it. I tore a piece of cork while I was rearranging it. I put a pin over it so you can't tell. The pins are great for the thickness. I am very happy with them. I enjoy being able to see my pins. They make me happy.

👤This cork board is gorgeous! I was looking for something simple that still had some flair to it and matched my room, and this was perfect. It is a great size, not too big or small. I use it to hold invitations and smaller items. The item arrived quickly, and I received a hand written thank you card from the seller a few days later, which was a nice surprise. I don't know about the mounting pieces for the wall, but I used two thumb tacks pinned into my wall to hang the board, so you have options for how to hang it! I couldn't find anything like this in size, design, or price anywhere, so if you're considering buying, go for it!

👤These boards are small and cute. You can display them nicely hung or on shelves, and I love that they have white frames. The backing on the boards is so secure that I love it. A nice touch. You can either hang them in one of two ways. The board pictured is my first board from a year ago and it has held up well. I wish this brand would make the more traditional rectangular style pin boards. I haven't seen any yet. I love the quality of the brand but it is hard to find big white frame boards for a fair price. I will order if they ever release them.

5. Juvale 3 Pack Cork Bulletin Boards

Juvale 3 Pack Cork Bulletin Boards

The small cork board is very practical and decorative. It's suitable for home, office, school, kitchen and any other place. A perfect framed cork board is perfect for a memory photo. There are three cork tiles with a hexagonal shape in this set. Natural cork, white and black are the colors. Push pins are in the set. There is a multi purpose. Pin your photos, post card, notes, memos, to-do lists and more on the walls with the hexagon cork board tiles. Peel off the tape backing and stick the boards on a clean surface. This bulletin board is perfect for a birthday, housewarming, or office party. The boards measure 7.8 x 7.8 x 0.25 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤These are very cute. I hung the calendar on the bulletin board in our kitchen because it was small. It looks good. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is that the squares do not allow enough weight to be posted on the board without it falling off the wall. We screwed it to the wall and bypassed the squares. Well packaged. Timely delivery. Would purchase again. I would recommend punching and giving information about the squares.

👤I was excited to open them and put a pin on them, but they are made in Thailand and are cheap. The pins are straight through the board. It does not stick to the wall and one of the stickers was missing when I opened it. This product is terrible. Do not get it. I am lucky if I get a return on this.

👤It is a great product. It comes with a sticker to hold it on the wall. I don't like the stickers. They have fallen many times. I used other methods to keep them up. The texture of my wallpaper might be the reason for it. I thought it would be larger. Each one is large.

👤I used these for my collection of pins. The shape is very sturdy and cool. I bought stands for them to sit on instead of hanging them on the wall. My pins look great on my shelf. An excellent purchase!

👤It's easy to install. Good for a small area. I expected it to be thinner. The glue didn't stay very long. Stayed after that. If you hang many things, the glue won't be strong enough.

👤Cute. I like how they look. They fell off my wall. I no longer have 2 of them because I can't get to them. They were cute for a day.

👤I really like this design, but I am disappointed that they don't stick to the wall. I would recommend that they have more sticky glue. I have one piece that won't stick, even without anything pinned to it.

👤The little hexagons can be arranged in any design you choose. If you prefer, you can hang them so that they all show the cork side, instead of the black, white, and cork side. I needed a small space to post reminders at the narrow end of my kitchen cabinet.

👤Je collés sur un mur de mon bureau. C'est beaucoup plus original décoratif. THe contente de mon achat.

👤The raw cork is cut into 3 small hexagons. They were only lightly painted. The boards are too thin. I stuck them to my wall and pinned them to the wall using push pins, but they pierced through the boards and left puncture holes in my wall. There is a I would expect a higher level of quality for that price.

👤Estn un poco caras. Vienen con parches para adherir.

👤The materials are cheap but they work. The white isn't well painted.

6. GoTiling Self Adhesive Lightweight Decorative Classroom

GoTiling Self Adhesive Lightweight Decorative Classroom

It's great for pinning notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars, menus, reminders and more. Do you want to do a little decoration in your home? Do you want to cover up peeling walls? Do you want your staffs to be friendly? Do not miss their bar strips! It's Thick enough for push pins and damage-free. Each strip is 13 x 2 x 0.4 inches. Eco-friendly materials are made from 100% polyester fiber. The wall is stably coated with more glue than magnet felt strips. It is very convenient to use the push pin in the bulletin board. The back of the felt board strip has a good amount of glue on it. It should be mounted on smooth areas such as glass, tiles and doors. The set includes a bar with pushpins. The bulletin bar strip can be used in offices, homes and classrooms to display photos, work plans, memos, and more. You can hang pendants like keys and earrings.

Brand: Gotiling

👤I liked the idea of not having a huge board taking up a lot of wall space, which I had never seen a bulletin board like. I am very happy with this purchase. The wall has a strong glue that will hold it in place. I was able to take it off and move it around. Very happy with the purchase!

👤These were much smaller than I anticipated. Don't even try to put them on a smooth wall. They aren't going to stick. If you're putting on a tiled space, make sure the tile is smooth. They aren't going to stick if it has no texture. I don't think it will work in my space. I don't know if the glue is strong enough.

👤This was a great purchase. The hang seems very sturdy. It's stuck to the wall and I was nervous buying it, but it's really stuck to the wall. Didn't try to move it like that, so can't comment on that. Would buy again.

👤It's very easy to install, useful for my office. They stuck to the wall.

👤The board strips gave me a place in my small office where I could keep my notes and artwork. I like it more than a bulletin board.

👤The product is okay. It used to be on the classroom walls.

👤It was very easy to install. Kids love it.

7. AkTop Bulletin Hexagon Corkboard Decorative

AkTop Bulletin Hexagon Corkboard Decorative

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will respond to your questions within 24 hours. The perfect solution to pin your notes and messages in any office, home or commercial environment is the quick setup of the white frame diamond cork tile. 16 natural wood clips, beautiful and practical, hold more than 30 sheets of office A4 paper, 16 color pins, sturdy and durable, pin important papers and messages to cork boards, 1 plastic box, orderly placement of small parts are all free gifts. Natural cork thickness 10mm, high-quality dense cork, super self-healing ability and repairability, reused for a long time without distortion, no unsightly pin holes. A corkboard that can be used as a Photo Wall, Behavior Reward and Miscellaneous List, as well as a Travel Map, is perfect for decoration. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Aktop

👤These are some of the most aesthetically pleasing cork boards I've seen, but they have some disadvantages. There is a Another reviewer said the instructions were garbage. These can be held up by two nails per board, but because I wanted to put less holes in my wall I decided to make my life harder by attaching picture hardware to the backs. They had metal brackets, screws, and drywall mounts. The problem is that the brackets are not deep enough for the frame to hold the board and it will fall easily. The brackets are not mentioned in the instructions. I believe these can be hung with command strips, but I didn't try it myself, but the frame seems to be able to handle them. There is a The cork is very thin. It is backed by cardboard. Most of my pins poke through the back cardboard that I bought to display them. They're not loose, they're snug in the cork, and it's not visible from the front, but I know this may annoy pin collectors. There is a I don't think these looks are enough for me, at least not for that price.

👤I used command strips, not the nails or things provided. I don't know how to hang them up but the instructions on Amazon are confusing. It is a great buy. For a small board, it's definitely large.

👤The price for these cork boards is great. I need something to put up some decorations. I hung them up with some command strips. The cork is thin so be careful when pushing the pins in because they will come out a little on the other side. You shouldn't need to purchase any more tacks at this time.

👤I made a honeycomb for the bees to use at my house. We hung the tiles at the back to minimize the number of holes in the wall. The minimal backing makes these a bit delicate. I am very happy with my purchase. The honey bee push pins are adorable.

👤I have been buying more things online during the covid. I ordered the descent cork boards because I needed them so that I could put stuff in the rooms that my girls cared less about. No regrets at all. They have a lot of tacks and pin tacks.

👤We wanted a framed cork board to display some small items for sale at the convention booth. The reviews were so good that we decided to order them. They arrived in perfect condition. The cork boards are very nice and everything was promised in the description. We decided to use the clothespins to hold product information signs on the boards. We put one on an easel and it looks professional. Just want! These would be great for parties.

👤I don't get paid for this review, I just have a lot of time to myself. I bought it to decorate with pins from Disney. It looks amazing, and there are many ways to decorate it. I would not use it on a daily basis to pin things over and over because I only have around for decor. It's sturdy and reliable, but you can't expect it to last forever. I still think it's a must buy.

8. Emfogo Bulletin Kitchen Decorative Carbonized

Emfogo Bulletin Kitchen Decorative Carbonized

We believe shopping should be simple and risk free. They offer a 100% money back guarantee for all of their items. If your shopping experience was not good with them, they will do everything they can to make you happy. Referred materials: The healthy cork board is made of solid wood, no plastic at the edges of the frame, the picture cork board is light but tough, and easy to install and carry, the wooden frame cork board is completely free of chemicals, and the bulletin boards with high-fiber linen can be used Creative destruction is a method of creativity. The hanging bulletin board with linen can be used as a stylish decoration on the door of the restaurant or flower room, classic appearance, you can be creatively decorated and placed. Hanging pin boards can be used to record important things, hang on the wall of the living room or office, and the office cork board can be matched with other scenes design any style you like. A multi-functional bull board. The cork boards for walls are easy to install and remove, they are suitable for home, office, school, classroom, children's room, this vision board is suitable. Two sets of wooden bulletin boards, each with 10 pushpins, are easy to install, and can be used to create custom bulletin boards that can be hung. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Emfogo

👤Cheaply made. Light weight. The paper is heavier. Not strong in the least. The wood frame looks nice. It looks like a fake. I couldn't make these look nice. I thought the price was good for 2, but I will be returning them and spending more money for better quality. Push pins and hanging screws were not included.

👤Light weight is easy to hang. The photo is cute. The board under the fabric that you push the pins into feels like styrofoam, not cork, is the only thing I don't like. It is very soft and not sure it would hold much more than a photo. More pins would be nice.

👤The price is right, but it is like styrofoam under the burlap. I hung them sideways with a nail on the top of the twine. It is a great way to hang children's art. There are two boards and 6 push pins.

👤The product is wrapped in a cloth sleeve and advertised as cork board. It works well for pictures and papers, but anything with weight will have trouble. I use one of these to organize my keys at the office. I have to bush the push pins in order for the keys to not pull them out. I have a thicker cork board in my office. It looks nice.

👤The boards look similar to the ones pictured. They are more of a foam covered board than a corkboard. They are light and work for me. If you need something heavy duty or will be unpinning a lot, you may want something with a different material to hold the pins.

👤There is a chalkboard on the other side of thecork board. I love them for the price and they came in perfect condition. We bought them for a small space for personalization. They work well for that purpose. When the kids are done with their photos, I might hang them one on top of the other. I hung them with a large colored tack.

👤Love it. It was a perfect size to hold my grand daughters art work. Excellent quality. I think it's a good idea.

👤These were bought to display necklace charms. The table they were on looked great and they were more sturdy than I was expecting. I don't think they'd hang if I tried, but I think they'd hang fine. I would highly recommend buying these.

9. Moi Doi Bulletin Hexagon Adhesive

Moi Doi Bulletin Hexagon Adhesive

The set includes a cork board and push pins. This product can be used to rip off the wall, because it has a glue on the back. It is easy to cut, decorate, frame, or hang them up. No matter where it is placed, it is a beautiful scenery. With 7 message boards you can choose from a large number of designs that can be used as a vision board on your wall or as a way to share important notes with your family. Environmentally friendly cork tackboard features. The cork hexagon boards are made of cork. The cork is bio-degradable for an intelligent design that rejects the concept of waste, and it is also free of harmful by-products and carcinogens. Give your office, dorm room, or living room a makeover with a hexagon cork board wall. You can do it with some style. You can make a memo board as an art installation. You can paint cork tiles in your favorite colors and hang them on the wall. It is almost endless. They believe shopping should be simple and risk free. They offer a 100% money back guarantee for all of their items. If your shopping experience was not good with them, they will do everything they can to make you happy.

Brand: Moi Doi

👤I got these cork boards for my dorm room and I have no complaints about them. You can either put all of the boards together or separate them out into individual hexagons. The back of the glue is good quality and sticks well. There is a All you have to do is stick them and start using them right away because the boards come with plenty of pins. Good quality product. I would recommend it. If you found this review helpful, please hit theHelpful button.

👤I'm so upset. I put three of these on the wall and tried to move them, but they ruined my walls. Magic erasers haven't worked, even when you goof off. The wall is ruined and needs to be painted.

👤I was looking for a regular rectangular cork board to display my personal things that I collect as memories, and thanks to an amazing Amazon algorithm, I was able to find cute cork boards that were innovative and cute. I didn't know cork boards came in cute honeycomb designs. I immediately bought them and tracked their shipment. I did not peel off the cover completely because I read a review that showed how they stick to the wall and do not come out easily. I pasted the corners to the wall. The glue seems to be very strong and has been on my wall for over a week. There is a It comes with a lot of clips that have pins that you can use to stick them to the board. An innovative idea. Thank you Amazon!

👤These are going to be the perfect addition to my office and I have been looking for something like this for a while. The boards are about 8” in size and each edge is about 4” long. They are easy to arrange and can be used in many patterns. They came with wooden clips that you can attach to the boards to clip things onto them. So cute! When buying, it is important to consider how you will attach these to your wall. If you want to avoid wall damage, you should look into options like command strips and order at the same time so you don't have to wait to set them up. Great product! Would definitely recommend!

👤I was excited to see these. I used to tape it up to make sure it was perfect. I was ready to peel off the backing and stick them, but that seemed to stick for a few days. It looked great. When I woke up the next day, most of them were on the floor, a couple were stuck together, and one of them ripped in half. It would have been nice for it to stick to my wall. It's a waste of money. I bought 2 packs of these. It's a shame. Don't do what I did.

👤I like the shapes and it is a good product. If you want to remove it, use the already offered glue, it will break off and leave marks on the wall. I advise you to use the command strips instead of putting it on the wall.

10. Decorative Board Bulletin Office Inches

Decorative Board Bulletin Office Inches

BONUS FUNCTION The felt wall tiles can absorb sound. Use the cork bulletin board to clip memos, reminders, postcards, bills, photos, and important documents. The perfect gift is a cork board for a friend, coworker, or loved one at an upcoming wedding, baby shower, or birthday party. The bulletin board can be hung in the living room, kitchen, office, or classroom thanks to the 5 tape included in each pack. Reliable quality. The bulletin board is made from high-quality cork and EVA material. DIMENSIONS The bulletin board is 12 x 12 inches.

Brand: Stockroom Plus

👤I'm not putting a lot of weight on these, but they worked well. I had no problems with the reviews that said they didn't stick. They bowed around the edges when I received them. I put up the books with the strips that came with them without any problems. They are cute and useful.

👤These look nice and serve their purpose. I didn't read the description well because I thought they had actual frames, but it's just white paint. It is more of a foam board than a cork board. I had some issues getting it to stick, but after pressing harder on the squares, it is still hanging on the wall.

👤It's cute. I thought it would be bigger. It was a little bigger than a personal pizza. I thought it was cork with a strong backing. It's like a thick foam. It's a little floppy. Not worth much, maybe $7.

👤It blends right in to my office. Does the job for the small amount I use it for is to stick up business cards and small notes to myself?

👤I needed three for my area. It is a nice cork board, but needs to be less expensive for the size.

👤Read reviews first and remember not to get something for nothing. It is only in a small area. Poor quality and not worth a cheap price. The granddaughter is putting in a playhouse.

👤Light and thin. It works like a corkboard. Comes with a stick.

👤In the beginning it was bad but now it's good.

👤The small cork board needs to be tacked to the wall because the sticky pads that come with it do not hold the board up.

11. Elegant Boards Bulletin Hardware Template

Elegant Boards Bulletin Hardware Template

It is suitable for glass surface, ceramic tile, white paint wall, wooden board, smooth marble, etc. Make sure you choose the right surface to decorate. The modern cork board is a perfect solution to pin your notes and messages in any office, home or commercial environment. You can use it again and again, but your board will retain it's quality and appearance. Push pins, thumb tacks or map pins are all you need to pin your notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars, menus, reminders and more. Each board is 12 X 12 in size. It's the perfect size to fit a wall. The template guide can be used to place the boards on the wall.

Brand: Elegant Boards

👤These are amazing! We bought them to display the Disney pins for the kids and we are thrilled with how well they push in!

👤Since my first review, I have ordered them twice more. There is a I am happy with these! The framed corkboards fit right in the black frame of the stairwell. It'll be easy to expand when needed, because I wanted a place to hang concert paraphernalia. Started with two packs. The 3M strips make them easy to move around.

👤I have a family picture wall in my staircase. I purchased the framed bulletin boards as a way to display more pictures. They are perfect! They are sturdy and attractive. They will soon be filled with new pictures. The 888-666-1846 I have only mounted 2 of them so far, with assistance from taller family members. The other 2 boards will be mounted by me. They will make a great transition from the stairway wall to the living room wall. When the boards are mounted, I will post pictures of that. I think they will be beautiful.

👤Well made cork boards. Exactly what I needed. Well packed, arrived well. Don't hesitate to purchase from this vendor. I kept the 3M hangers on back, rather than using the installed hardware.

👤The packaging is good. The boards were well protected in the box and arrived in perfect condition. The templates help in deciding where to hang the boards. Excellent feature. These boards are perfect for narrow spaces. Even though I was working in a narrow space and had to deal with a light switch, I got more space to pin things because there are multiple boards. The pin was dense enough to hold items, but not thick enough to go all the way through. Great product.

👤I was a little hesitant about the size of the board since I was going to be using it for story-boarding, but it works out perfectly for me. You can rearrange them if necessary. It's easy to put a pin in it. The pins are in place without having to push them in. If you push in pins all the way that weren't given with the set, they might pop out the back by a millimeter. The border is thick enough to protect your wall from scratches. I haven't put them up on my walls yet, but there is a template included with the packaging. It was packaged in a way that protected the wood. This product is exactly what I was looking for, even if it was smaller than I had originally wanted. I would use the four small ones instead of the big one.

👤The boards were packaged well when they arrived. They seem to be well constructed and look professional. They were difficult to attach items to. You have to apply a lot of pressure to the pins. I have arthritic hands and this is difficult. I will only use the boards for items that won't be changed frequently. I have used cork boards before.


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Decorative cork board squares products from Seg Direct. In this article about decorative cork board squares you can see why people choose the product. U Brands and Juvale are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative cork board squares.

What are the best brands for decorative cork board squares?

Seg Direct, U Brands and Juvale are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative cork board squares. Find the detail in this article. Playahoy, Gotiling and Aktop are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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