Best Decorative Cork Board Tiles

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1. Cork Bulletin Decorative Corkboards Hardware

Cork Bulletin Decorative Corkboards Hardware

The perfect gift. The cork memo boards are a great gift for kids. They can be put in a dorm to display an announcement, a toddler's room or a hallway to hang a key set. The modern cork board is a perfect solution to pin your notes and messages in any office, home or commercial environment. You can use it again and again, but your board will retain it's quality and appearance. Push pins, thumb tacks or map pins are all you need to pin your notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars, menus, reminders and more. The template guide can be used to place the boards on the wall.

Brand: Playahoy

👤I was looking for boards to display my pins. The boards were used by a previous buyer for the exact thing I needed. I went ahead and did the same thing because he was happy with the purchase. I like these boards. The cork liner is thin, which is the only negative thing about these. You can't tell that because I put a vinyl cut on one of my boards and displayed the pins around it. I had to remove the vinyl piece from the boards because I didn't pay attention to which way to hang them. Some of the cork lining came off when I took the piece off. I hid since I was just moving it to another direction, but I was worried about it. They work great if you use them to display things. I have moved my pins around so they don't leave gaping holes. I push around with my finger and it fills itself up again. I plan on buying another set of these since I am starting more collections. It's a good thing. The deal for me to buy these cork boards was sealed by the fact that they were a small family business. Someone received a letter in the mail after receiving their order, according to a review I read. They said the note was written by hand. I still wanted to buy because I thought that was an excellent touch, but I think they probably don't do that anymore. I received a letter today. The owners wrote a thank you note. I will continue to support this family business with my purchases and my recommendation to others to do the same.

👤This is my second purchase of these and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a stylish way to hang up their collections. I use mine for charms and pins. I used to have a regular cork board but it never looked nice to me, with these white frames and hexagonal shape, my collection is now pop. I like how sturdy these are, most cork boards I've used are really thin and the tacks always poked out the back, with these, that doesn't happen. I will definitely be buying more once I fill them up. There is a They come with a picture that shows you how to hang them up, so you don't have to look for the right place to hang them.

👤I took a chance on these cork boards and am happy I did. My daughter had to hang jewelry and notes. Target has the same price as the 4 of these. They were well packed and no damage was done to them. I bought clear push pin hooks for her jewelry and they poke through the back. It is fine for us. The pins didn't poke through. The template worked well, but you have to pay attention to which side you cut. If you want to hang it as a diamond or hexagonal, you have to use one of the templates. Very happy! The picture is dark but the white is crisp and the cork is a standard color. The picture makes it appear darker.

2. Bulletin Board Decorative Cork Veneer

Bulletin Board Decorative Cork Veneer

The boards are 11 x 17 inches and lightweight. 20PCS multi-color map thumbtacks. The bulletin board is made with a decorative natural cork surface and an extra thick fiberboard backing. The board now has a set of Command Strips. It's perfect for schools offices or the home. The board can be mounted vertically or horizontally with the dimensions of 20 inches x 15 inches and 1/2 inch thick. Natural and sustainable materials include renewable cork and domestic wood fibers.

Brand: Jelinek Cork Group

👤The look of the board is striking. The cork veneer is an upgrade over the boring look of a standard bulletin board. It looks great in the kitchen. It seems like it will hold the push pins securely, but only time will tell. There is a The board I received was not flat. The opposite edge was at least a few feet away from the wall. It wasn't worth the risk of trying the 3M strips because of the rough surface of the backing and the force required to flatten the cork board against the wall. If the board fell off the wall, there's a chance of a damaged corner or edge. I chose to screw the board to the wall because I wanted a more permanent installation. I only needed 2 wall inserts because the edge was lined up perfectly. I used finishing washers to prevent the screw head from going below the cork. The bronze colored screws that I had in my collection look better than the standard black ones. There is a We will see how well board holds up during normal use.

👤I wanted to put something up on my bedroom wall that looked decent and not too cliché. This is perfect. It comes with four 3m Command strips to hang, but I swapped them out for the Command strips that have the velcro to make it easier to remove when the time comes. This board is very nice. The cork has a nice texture. It's working well for what I need.

👤I loved the bulletin board when I first looked at it. I tried to install it with the command strips. It's really hard! Nope, that's not happening! The back of the board is cheap and easy to use, so the command strips should not be used at all. I made it work by putting squares of poster board on the back of the bulletin board. The command strips they sent were useless as they had partial board all over them. I was able to hang my bulletin board. Be careful with the buyer.

👤I ordered this because the picture on the internet looks really nice, but when I opened the package it was less impressive. I might have bought one for less than $10 in the local area. The edges are wrapped over like a canvas, but they are actually rough cut and all the edges are exposed. The front surface was peeling off when I rubbed my finger on it.

👤The finish on the bulletin board is not like ordinary cork, which is why I like it. The 3M product brand strips were used to hang it. The problem with mine is that the finish on the underside of the corkboard wasn't good enough. I was going to return it. I still have it even though I forgot to drop it off. I had to glue the edges down all around the bulletin board in order to use it. I was not happy that I had to do any repair work or finish constructing it when it arrived. I don't know if all of the boards sent to other people have arrived. This was my experience.

3. Facilife Boards Decorative Bulletin Office

Facilife Boards Decorative Bulletin Office

The template guide can be used to place the boards on the wall. Perfect decoration. The hexagonal diamond shape corkboard can be used for a variety of purposes, including push pins to pin notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars, and sticker. 100% wood. The cork board was made from premium cork. Natural wood clips, beautiful and practical, fixed pictures and postcard onboard without perforate them, 16 coloured pins, sturdy and durable, pin important papers and messages to cork boards are included in the gift set. The wooden frame and Smooth corners protect you from harm. The cork board is easy to install, just drill holes in the wall, put the plastic anchor and screws into the anchor to fix the hooks, then hang the corkboard on hooks.

Brand: Facilife

👤They're cute, easy to hang, and come well packed, because of the 3M strips I used. The extra hardware and pins are nice. The frames are not made of wood. The backs of these are made of cardboard, which is not as strong as the frames. I only removed one star because the description leads the buyer to believe they will receive genuine wood frames on each board, and I don't see either of those things as a negative. If I needed more of them, I would buy more of them.

👤It is very easy to hang.

👤The pins go through it. You can glue a thin sheet of cork board to an Amazon box. It's not worth almost $30.

👤They are cuter than a plain old cork board, but they are a little smaller than expected. I was able to add a gold leaf to them.

👤The shape is great and I can organize my notes in my home office.

👤They look cheap. Cute shape. Unfortunately, that is all that is going for them. It's not wood for the boarder.

👤I ordered these for my daughter's dorm room walls. They look great and look bigger than she expected.

4. Self Adhesive Board Tiles Bulletin Multi Color

Self Adhesive Board Tiles Bulletin Multi Color

If you have any issues with your cork board, please contact them. Let them know if you don't like your cork roll. They'll give you a refund or replace your purchase. It will not affect the environment. There are 10 cork boards. You can make your own shape. A fun way to decorate walls. If you need cork boards, you can make your own cork coasters, custom bulletin boards, cork sheets, or both. In your home, office, dorm room, cubicle, kitchen and more. Push pins are suitable for home, kitchen, classroom, office and dormitory use. The steel push pins can be applied to a lot of things. Papers, notes, photos, artwork and other paper things could be held on the wall, cork boards without leaving a hole. If you are looking for gift ideas for women, mum, teenage girls, kids or the family, look no further. This would be a great birthday or Christmas present for anyone who wants to organize their life.

Brand: Hb-life

👤I wanted a way to hang things on the fridge. I think they are pretty good. The push pins go all the way through the cork, which is my only complaint. I double up the boards since the back is glue, however I only had 5 hexagons instead of 10. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

👤This was not what these were intended to do, but they did serve my purpose. I saw a bunch of hexagons used as a head board. I wanted to make a huge art piece for my living room in that style but cutting plywood is not in my wheelhouse and buying precut hexagon board was very expensive. These were my short cut. I fortified the backs of my hexagons with the sketch pads backings because they are not hard enough to hold upholstery staplers. It worked out well and saved me $100s. I'm happy with it. This was a good starting point because they were a good foundation and the size I wanted.

👤I brought the product to make a wall for my clients. I had to remove offices that I moved. They stuck the new wall with the same strength, even though they didn't remove the paint. Great purchase.

👤I let my kids create their own bulletin boards from the sets I bought. My daughter and son made things, my son made a geometric pattern. They were able to show their owner's personality. These have been up for a while. The glue is very strong. I used 3m strips to put the piece back up. My kids have a lot of things on their boards. There is a Not really repositionable. They won't be sticky if you try to move them. They didn't damage my wall. Too thin for a push pin. The pins go all the way through the set to the wall behind it. It doesn't seem to do any damage. These cork board tiles are good.

👤I was very excited to see these. I was excited to have these in a cute design near the chalkboard to hang daily schedules, art work, etc., because I was going to redecorate our home for the new year. The corkboard pieces did not adhere to the wall well at all. They are falling onto the floor. One piece ripped when trying to get it up, because it stuck to the floor so well. I would like them to stick that to the wall. They are not thick enough for the push pins, which leaves them sticking out of the corkboard. It's a great idea. These did not do the job that they were made to do.

👤The tiles worked well for me. Excellent coverage of the entire surface is what adhesion is. They are not moving. These will only work on flat surfaces. There could be issues with the texture of the wall. The cork material would be less than it could have been. The cork is very flaky. It would crack with a slight bending. Very soft. I don't think it would hold anything of weight with a tack pin. The cork is very soft and the tacks will fall out when holding weight, so I would recommend this for hanging up single sheets of paper or photos. The tiles are about a quarter of an inch thick, so it's a little disappointing that they're not as thin. I still like them because they are easy to install and look great. You get 10 for the same price as other companies. These tiles are very similar to square tiles and I like the shape of them. It gives it a more modern look. I gave these a four with one point lost for cork quality and thickness.

5. Magicfly Premium Self Adhesive Bulletin Pictures

Magicfly Premium Self Adhesive Bulletin Pictures

If you are looking for gift ideas for women, men, children or families, then this is it. Anyone who wants an orderly, organized life will not refuse to use the cork board. The square comes with four cork tiles with bonus 40 pins, perfect for creating your own office/leisure zone. It's fun to decorate walls. Attach 5 squares on each cork and peel off the front paper. Make sure the cork tiles stick to the wall by pressing them. There are no need to make holes in the wall. The cork tile is 12 x 12 inches and suitable for decoration. It is thick enough to hold push pins. No more worried about damaging the wall. The product is made of 100% high quality natural wood, which does not harm the human body, and is non-toxic. It is suitable for glass surface, ceramic tile, white paint wall, wooden board, smooth marble, etc. Make sure you choose the right surface to decorate.

Brand: Magicfly

👤It worked out great. We used it to go above the board. I painted it red as well. It took the paint well. Looks great! The glue did well. Good product.

👤The squares come with useless stickers. They stick to the wall. I am glad I put them down for a while. The Command strip was necessary to keep them up. The squares are fine.

👤The packaging for this item was different from what was pictured on the site, but the product was the same. The tiles were broken and not usable. The push pins were a bonus, but they were not included in the package. They were returned for a refund. There is a The review process was easy, but I didn't get a full refund of the purchase price. Trying to figure out how to get some answers.

👤I read the reviews and thought it was a 3M product. I bought. I followed the instructions to put cork boards on a cabinet. I held pressure on the stickers for 30 seconds. I did not hang or thumbtack the paper on the cork boards. Most of the boards fell off within a couple of hours. I've tried to press the cork boards back on the squares, but they fall off again. The product should not be sold until they get a better one. The stickers stuck to my wall but not to the cork.

👤It looked great on my wall. It didn't last a full 24 hours before it crashed. I only had two squares up and each one was half full, and there were mostly sticky notes and small pieces of paper on them. The glue did not come off easily, it took some paint off with it. If you are in an apartment or a dorm, these are not for you. The boards are strong and I think some of the thickness plays against that. They are nice and thick, but maybe they should lose some of their thickness to take off some weight.

👤The board will fall to the ground if the strips lose their grip on the board. The corners will break off after it hits the ground more than once. If you are planning on having them all touching, there will be a gap or warp. If you want to build a frame to set them on and attach to the wall, but don't want to buy the excellent board, these are the perfect board.

👤The tiles were ordered to surround the dart board. The tape was double sided. There are two squares at each corner and one in the middle. The tiles fell off the wall due to the lack of glue between the tape and the cork. I had to buy glue to stick the tiles onto the wall. There is a The tape doesn't work.

👤Sturdy. I put screws through the cork board to hold it in place. Even though I changed the hanging spot, the board held up. Trash was the cause of the adhesion on the other hand. A few boards fell off the wall after a few minutes. I need to buy stronger stuff.

6. Moi Doi Bulletin Hexagon Adhesive

Moi Doi Bulletin Hexagon Adhesive

The set includes a cork board and push pins. This product can be used to rip off the wall, because it has a glue on the back. It is easy to cut, decorate, frame, or hang them up. No matter where it is placed, it is a beautiful scenery. With 7 message boards you can choose from a large number of designs that can be used as a vision board on your wall or as a way to share important notes with your family. Environmentally friendly cork tackboard features. The cork hexagon boards are made of cork. The cork is bio-degradable for an intelligent design that rejects the concept of waste, and it is also free of harmful by-products and carcinogens. Give your office, dorm room, or living room a makeover with a hexagon cork board wall. You can do it with some style. You can make a memo board as an art installation. You can paint cork tiles in your favorite colors and hang them on the wall. It is almost endless. They believe shopping should be simple and risk free. They offer a 100% money back guarantee for all of their items. If your shopping experience was not good with them, they will do everything they can to make you happy.

Brand: Moi Doi

👤I got these cork boards for my dorm room and I have no complaints about them. You can either put all of the boards together or separate them out into individual hexagons. The back of the glue is good quality and sticks well. There is a All you have to do is stick them and start using them right away because the boards come with plenty of pins. Good quality product. I would recommend it. If you found this review helpful, please hit theHelpful button.

👤I'm so upset. I put three of these on the wall and tried to move them, but they ruined my walls. Magic erasers haven't worked, even when you goof off. The wall is ruined and needs to be painted.

👤I was looking for a regular rectangular cork board to display my personal things that I collect as memories, and thanks to an amazing Amazon algorithm, I was able to find cute cork boards that were innovative and cute. I didn't know cork boards came in cute honeycomb designs. I immediately bought them and tracked their shipment. I did not peel off the cover completely because I read a review that showed how they stick to the wall and do not come out easily. I pasted the corners to the wall. The glue seems to be very strong and has been on my wall for over a week. There is a It comes with a lot of clips that have pins that you can use to stick them to the board. An innovative idea. Thank you Amazon!

👤These are going to be the perfect addition to my office and I have been looking for something like this for a while. The boards are about 8” in size and each edge is about 4” long. They are easy to arrange and can be used in many patterns. They came with wooden clips that you can attach to the boards to clip things onto them. So cute! When buying, it is important to consider how you will attach these to your wall. If you want to avoid wall damage, you should look into options like command strips and order at the same time so you don't have to wait to set them up. Great product! Would definitely recommend!

👤I was excited to see these. I used to tape it up to make sure it was perfect. I was ready to peel off the backing and stick them, but that seemed to stick for a few days. It looked great. When I woke up the next day, most of them were on the floor, a couple were stuck together, and one of them ripped in half. It would have been nice for it to stick to my wall. It's a waste of money. I bought 2 packs of these. It's a shame. Don't do what I did.

👤I like the shapes and it is a good product. If you want to remove it, use the already offered glue, it will break off and leave marks on the wall. I advise you to use the command strips instead of putting it on the wall.

7. Juvale 3 Pack Cork Bulletin Boards

Juvale 3 Pack Cork Bulletin Boards

The small cork board is very practical and decorative. It's suitable for home, office, school, kitchen and any other place. A perfect framed cork board is perfect for a memory photo. There are three cork tiles with a hexagonal shape in this set. Natural cork, white and black are the colors. Push pins are in the set. There is a multi purpose. Pin your photos, post card, notes, memos, to-do lists and more on the walls with the hexagon cork board tiles. Peel off the tape backing and stick the boards on a clean surface. This bulletin board is perfect for a birthday, housewarming, or office party. The boards measure 7.8 x 7.8 x 0.25 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤These are very cute. I hung the calendar on the bulletin board in our kitchen because it was small. It looks good. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is that the squares do not allow enough weight to be posted on the board without it falling off the wall. We screwed it to the wall and bypassed the squares. Well packaged. Timely delivery. Would purchase again. I would recommend punching and giving information about the squares.

👤I was excited to open them and put a pin on them, but they are made in Thailand and are cheap. The pins are straight through the board. It does not stick to the wall and one of the stickers was missing when I opened it. This product is terrible. Do not get it. I am lucky if I get a return on this.

👤It is a great product. It comes with a sticker to hold it on the wall. I don't like the stickers. They have fallen many times. I used other methods to keep them up. The texture of my wallpaper might be the reason for it. I thought it would be larger. Each one is large.

👤I used these for my collection of pins. The shape is very sturdy and cool. I bought stands for them to sit on instead of hanging them on the wall. My pins look great on my shelf. An excellent purchase!

👤It's easy to install. Good for a small area. I expected it to be thinner. The glue didn't stay very long. Stayed after that. If you hang many things, the glue won't be strong enough.

👤Cute. I like how they look. They fell off my wall. I no longer have 2 of them because I can't get to them. They were cute for a day.

👤I really like this design, but I am disappointed that they don't stick to the wall. I would recommend that they have more sticky glue. I have one piece that won't stick, even without anything pinned to it.

👤The little hexagons can be arranged in any design you choose. If you prefer, you can hang them so that they all show the cork side, instead of the black, white, and cork side. I needed a small space to post reminders at the narrow end of my kitchen cabinet.

👤Je collés sur un mur de mon bureau. C'est beaucoup plus original décoratif. THe contente de mon achat.

👤The raw cork is cut into 3 small hexagons. They were only lightly painted. The boards are too thin. I stuck them to my wall and pinned them to the wall using push pins, but they pierced through the boards and left puncture holes in my wall. There is a I would expect a higher level of quality for that price.

👤Estn un poco caras. Vienen con parches para adherir.

👤The materials are cheap but they work. The white isn't well painted.

8. SUNGIFT Bulletin Frameless Self Adhesive Corkboards

SUNGIFT Bulletin Frameless Self Adhesive Corkboards

If you have a problem with your cork boards, please contact them. If you don't like your corkboards, just let them know and they'll replace or refund your purchase. The cork board tiles are made from premium natural cork and will not affect the environment. High density cork is not easy to deform and looks great at the same time. Push pins will not go through your boards and damage your wall if you have thick cork tiles. 6 pack of cork boards with 50 push pins are suitable for home, kitchen, classroom, office and dormitory use. Push pins can be applied to a variety of objects. Papers, notes, photos, artwork and other paper things can be held on the wall, as well as cut and trim your cork boards. It is easy to install, it covers the entire back of the cork board, it is easy to mount in any space, and it does not need to worry about cork or metope stripping. Make sure the wall is clean before you use it. It's ideal for women, mum, teenage girls, kids or family. You can make your own shape. A fun way to decorate walls. There are do it yourself coasters, custom bulletin boards, mini walls, dart back boards, etc. If you have any issues with your corkboards, please contact them.

Brand: Sungift

👤I didn't give it a star because they are very sturdy and I like how thick they are. If you ever want to take the sheetrock down, you will also have to take the paint with you. I posted a video to show the reality of that. It's not a big deal, not the end of the world, but there will be money involved to remove them due to the hours of labor involved. You will be spending a lot of money on things like sheetrock putty, sandpaper, block, paint brushes, rollers, and more, because you will need to paint the entire wall. I will have to purchase something else to fix the damage done to the wall. There is a If you're renting the home with integrity, and moving into your new home, you won't have to worry about moving. Huge mistake. I think that's correct. It will be much easier to fill in some tiny holes with putty and a drop of paint if we use a pre-mounted cork board instead of the dry erase boards we bought years back. We have two months to plan before we move. There is a Hope this sheds some light on your decision. Lord, bless y'all!

👤The boards fell off in the middle of the night, less than 12 hours after they were put up. Over time, the rest of the panels seem to separate. I have had to press them onto the wall a number of times already. Adding some form of additional glue will resolve this, but that means you'll end up spending the same amount as you would've spent if you'd just purchased another brand. The cork board is softer than other cork boards, but it does fall at the site of pinning. I gave these a rating of 2.6 out of 5.

👤I was happy with the thickness. This is much thicker than a framed bulletin board and has a solid core unlike some that wrap cork around a frame and are hollow in the back. There is a The boards are likely to hold up well. I took note of some other reviews and sprayed the backs with permanent spray before mounting them. The back surface was covered by the glue. I don't have to worry about them slipping or losing tackiness. If you follow my advice, make sure you put the panels up right the first time. There was no way to adjust it after it touched the wall. One panel was torn from the back to the front. I used spray glue to make sure the wall was secure after removing the paper backing. The quality of the tear will not be a problem and you can see it once it is mounted. It is worse than the picture shows. I wanted to get the shot, but I didn't want to damage it further. There is a Good buy. Good price. Looks good. It works well.

👤I lightly pressed the corner to try out the location. The glue stuck to the wall but good. It is not replaceable so you should put it where you can see it. Making a big mess will cause the corkboard to fall and damage the wall. This is just a small portion. I can't imagine you peeling the paper all the way off. I used double-sided poster-hanging tape to put up the 5 panels I have left. Not messing with the glue again. Couldn't remove the first one without tearing it to pieces. 10 percent of the glue was exposed. It wasted an entire panel because of the sticky mess that can't be vacuumed up because of the glue. Not to mention the damage to the wall. Don't mess with this if you don't want these stuck on your wall until the sun goes supernova and sticky cork falls under your fingernails.

9. Afumazi Hexagon Adhesive Bulletin Display

Afumazi Hexagon Adhesive Bulletin Display

DIMENSIONS The bulletin board is 12 x 12 inches. The bulletin board has a size of 6 inches. The felt board is lightweight and durable. This sticky strips can be used in many places. There is a reminder note on it. The felt corkboard has a strong back design which makes it hard to fall off. It's easy to peel off the protection paper and install the felt pin board. You can combine felt cork board tiles with different colors and place them where you want. It matches the décor.

Brand: Afumazi

👤My daughter ordered these because it said renter friendly and it damaged the walls.

👤I like the look, but they don't stick well. I had to use double sided tape to get them to stay.

👤Command strips are needed to keep in place.

👤Adheres to the wall. Very strong as well. I use it in my home office. Comes with its tacks. It took less than 10 minutes.

👤It's easy to mount in any configuration you need. Adheres well. We use it to display art work by kids.

👤The office has a great addition. It was easy on the skin and good. You get push pins for loving the colors.

👤The colors and stick are gorgeous. Highly recommended.

10. SUNGIFT Hexagon Board Tiles Adhesive

SUNGIFT Hexagon Board Tiles Adhesive

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. SUNGIFT cork board tiles are made from premium natural cork and will not affect the environment. High density cork is not easy to deform. Push pins will not go through your boards and damage your wall if you have thick Natual hexagonal cork tiles. The ideal gift for women, mum, teenage girls, kids or family is the dow hen memory boards. You can make your own shape. A fun way to decorate walls. You can make your own art installation with these memo boards. You can paint cork tiles in your favorite colors and hang them on the wall. The cork boards are easy to install and do not need to worry about colloid and cork stripping. Make sure the wall is clean before use. The small bulletin board is suitable for home, kitchen, classroom, office and dormitory use and they are reuseable. Push pins can be applied to a variety of objects. Papers, notes, photos, artwork and other paper things can be held on the wall.

Brand: Sungift

👤I used these to display my Disney pins. The boards work great with them because they are thicker and longer than other pins. The pins don't poke through the back, and the hole left behind isn't too large. The cork is soft and not hard, so I'm not concerned about the pin backs being damaged. I hung these with 3M tape because I was worried that the board would become difficult to remove without damaging the wall. I didn't put the tape on the wall because I couldn't get the tape to adhere to the back, but I did stick the tape on with the help of the glue and it worked great.

👤Command stiffens are something to buy for the wall. My fiancée decided she didn't like one's position after I hung these up. I thought it wouldn't re-adhere. I didn't think it would come off the wall in one piece. It took 45 minutes to take off one of them. I tried to be careful, but it probably would have been worse. The problem is that the entire layer of glue still remains on the wall, without the small cork bits that make it stick to it. It's going to be a nightmare to remove. The glue must be strong so it wouldn't fall off the wall anytime soon. There is a The product seems to be alright. There is a Do not use the product's antiseptic.

👤The boards came as expected. I used an exacto knife, Command/M3 velcro strips, and some exposed rectangle parts to adhere the rectangles to my walls, after reading some reviews about the not being good enough. It works well. I like how the hexagons look on the wall.

👤There is a Disney pin collector here. It was difficult to find fun ways to display my smaller pin collections because of the ready cut cork board. They are a little thin and the pins punch through. They will work if you are a pin collector. I put fabric over mine and put frame hangers on the back so I can move them when I want. The pins don't poke through the back. I will be getting more.

👤The bulletin boards were put up at 3 pm. I followed the directions that were written. They were all over the floor when I arrived at work this morning. Some of the things I had up got ruined because they stuck to the glue. Paper and pictures are fine.

👤Product is fine on the wall. It will rip the paint and drywall to shreds when you remove them. It took 3 hours to remove mine and it came apart in small pieces. The red circle is where the damage was done.

👤They are cute, but the glue didn't stick on my walls. I am not surprised that my walls didn't stick well because they have texture and shiny paint. If my wall was a newer style, it would probably work better. My husband secured them with tiny nails.

11. Navaris Hexagon Felt Board Tiles

Navaris Hexagon Felt Board Tiles

The cork board is easy to install, just drill holes in the wall, put the plastic anchor and screws into the anchor to fix the hooks, then hang the corkboard on hooks. There is a multi-PURPOSE. The felt bulletin boards can be used as a learning tool at home or in a classroom to display your favorite picture, menu, reminders, mail, upcoming travel plans, calendar or any message of your choice. Also included: There are twelve felt pads in the package, measuring 6.9 x 6.7 x 0.6 inches. The small pads can be hung together to make a large display. The felt fabric memory boards do not require tools to hang in your kitchen, office or kids room, and the included tape allows you to adhere them to any wall without drilling holes. Light weight: The felt memo board is a lightweight and foam-backed organizational tool. There are things to note. The tape is only suitable for smooth surfaces. It is not suitable for wood or brick. They recommend using at least 4 pieces of tape to secure the felt board.

Brand: Navaris

👤We use these tiles in several rooms and they are great for thumbtacks to display photos or notes. They look great, are thick, and really nice. The included doublesided tape is not very good, if there is anything heavy on the board, the tape won't stick after a few days. I got some more robust tape and it seems to be holding up. I recommend these tiles, but be careful with the included glue, it could end up being an upgrade.

👤I hung all the hexagons and woke them up on the ground. I rehung them, and they all fell. The hexagons themselves were not included in the pads. I have a wall and I have sticky glue on it. Which is not what I wanted.

👤To those of you who say that it's not very good. I cleaned my wall and tried to remove one tile to make it fit. Big fat negative. They're going to have to stay where they are until either A: They fall off or B: I peel them off my wall. It's a good thing! These guys are not going anywhere soon.

👤The tiles look great. I have 4 tapes per tile, but they keep falling off. I don't have any paper pinned to the tile, so the tape is supposed to hold up, but it is only the weight of the tile that is supposed to hold it up. I have had to put a tile back on my wall many times after installing them. There is a The tape isn't strong enough.

👤It's great for a home office. I appreciate the extra glue in the pack if I decide to move them. It was hard to use a regular push pin on the products I bought because they were very thin. These are thick and do not have a problem with push pins.

👤The quality and thickness is great, but the back side is so slippery that even with 3M Command Strips it was still falling off the wall. We glue the strips to the board. The strips were stuck to the wall.

👤The product design looks great. The problem is that the squares stick better to the wall. After 2 nights of pieces falling off the wall at 3am and scaring the living shit out of me and my husband, I used a piece of Gorilla glue on the segment and applied it to the square.

👤I didn't use them because they were bought too long ago. When I put them up they looked nice, but they fell off the wall after a week. I gave it a one star because what's the point of having something so pretty but not serving its purpose? I would love to return it.

👤It looks great on the wall. The felt boards were coming off the wall. I used super glue to reinforce the glue. The wall is covered with the glue. The rubber backing of the felt board didn't stick to it.

👤These pieces are a great addition to my office. It is an artwork with a purpose. Clean cut and tidy. The pieces kept falling because the double sided tape was not strong enough. I had to buy a different type of double sided tape to attach them back to the wall.


What is the best product for decorative cork board tiles?

Decorative cork board tiles products from Playahoy. In this article about decorative cork board tiles you can see why people choose the product. Jelinek Cork Group and Facilife are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative cork board tiles.

What are the best brands for decorative cork board tiles?

Playahoy, Jelinek Cork Group and Facilife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative cork board tiles. Find the detail in this article. Hb-life, Magicfly and Moi Doi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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