Best Decorative Cork Board White Board

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1. Small Dry Erase White Board

Small Dry Erase White Board

Good for home, fridge, office, cubicle, desk, class, school, college, dorm room, kitchen, locker room, child room or any other place. It's great help for managers, teachers, moms, students and kids. STURDY AND DOUBLE SIDED. The double sided wall hangable small magnet dry erase whiteboard is light weight and suitable for handheld as well. There are 4 x markers with a cap and strong magnets. There is a sturdy surface and a strong magnetic one. All of their TANKEE white boards come with a smooth coating that is easy to write on and clean. Any magnetic product is suitable for a strong magnetic board. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and has 4 hangers. Hangable by landscape and portrait. You can adjust hanging distance easily with the hanging hooks. It is comfortable for daily use in anywhere. A dry erase board is a good idea for many things. Great help for people. It's perfect for play counting, guided reading, learning, presentation, drawing, education and grocery list. 100% satisfaction after-sales service. They want to make you happy and satisfied. Their whiteboards are shipped in reinforced multi-layer padded boxes for maximum protection and they offer a worry-free after-sales service. If you are not completely satisfied with Tankee Dry Erase Board, please contact them. Their customer service team will work hard to resolve any issues you have with this dry erase easel board.

Brand: Tankee

👤The whiteboard extends the boundaries of your consciousness by allowing you to think, write, and read on it. There is a The previous sentence is not completely accurate. You never forget the thought that you are one with the whiteboard.

👤I was about to check out a different board. I saw this. I was so happy to switch. This arrived without a scratch or flaw. It has small magnets and 5 dry-erase markers that have erasers on top. I have never seen this before, but the markers say "ink refillable." I am excited to try it. There is a The best part... The eraser works! The video is here. There was no smudge or stain. Yaaaaasss! The little sticker at the bottom left of the board is not permanent. I am a happy teacher.

👤Well made product. I hang it on the side of my fridge. One side has menu plans and ideas, the other side has an inventory of food to be used up. This serves as a good reminder because I tend to forget food in my freezers. I can draw an asterisk next to a food that needs to be used sooner. When I come across a recipe that I want to cook, I put it on the other side and refer to it often. I don't like throwing away food or buying it again because I forget about it. My food inventory is updated every 2 weeks. I get ideas of what I need to cook from that inventory, or I look through online sources for new ideas to use that food up. My kitchen has become a food/menu information center.

👤I ordered a dry erase board. It was in perfect condition when it was received. I looked at other white boards. I needed a dry erase board that was small enough not to distract from my décor, and this one was perfect. It's small and magnetic and it has pens. I needed to create a small room in my walk-in closet for a home office to separate myself from my family. I could get some work done. My home office will be perfect by the time I get back to work, because I like it the way I like it. There is a #UNSUCKCOVID19

👤I love this whiteboard. I bought it for my mother, who is 90 years old, and she misplaces her notes on little pieces of paper. The problem has been solved by the whiteboard. It helps her remember what she needs to do. It is easy to add and remove information. A good product. She tells me how much she loves it. There is a A happy daughter.

👤This is a great product. Light weight, very helpful. I have a baby and it's hard to keep track of it. It is difficult to find a phone to make notes. It is very easy to write on this board in my bed room. Would recommend anyone.

👤The white board from Tankee was what we needed to get some order in our house. With a year-old baby and a busy work schedule, using this board to keep track of things instantly helped us get coordinated. The hanging model was a better choice for us because we don't want our baby's hands to get caught on any flat surface in the house. The hooks can be a little rough to maneuver around the frame, but they work fine once loosened. There is a The markers are small and one of them was quickly removed from the marker; a little glue fixed that. The markers don't stay in place on the board until they drag down to the bottom of the board. The markers are easy to rinse out because they build up with ink. The colors are bright, but there is no red. There is a The board was a good addition to the house. Thank you, Tankee!

2. Quartet Whiteboard Magnetic Infinity G3624B

Quartet Whiteboard Magnetic Infinity G3624B

Also, note: For occasional use in a home office. Mounts with magnets or self-stick tape. The back is mountable with self-stick pads, but it is not magnetic. The premium glass dry erase board is a must have for your office or home. The design floats on the wall, making it a unique focal point of your space. Non-absorbent glass allows you to write, erase and rewrite on a clean surface. Resists stains and ghosting, allowing your message to be communicated. The glassware is long-lasting. The glass surface is strong and resistant to scratches and dents. This board is ideal for heavy use and comes with a limited 15 year warranty. Installation is easy with pass-through mounting. You can hang it evenly with the help of the screws in the front. To fit your space, place it vertically or horizontally. Measures 36 x 24. There is a tray with accessories, a marker, and two glass board magnets. The glass board accessories are sold separately. The steel backer underneath the glass surface needs high-powered glass whiteboard magnets to attract it. They recommend the B00T3BJJK4 and B07KVGDDY4 as Quartet magnets.

Brand: Quartet

👤I bought a glass whiteboard earlier this month. My wife has a stunning addition to her home office. The board is heavy, but it is easy to install. There is a There are areas on the board that are rough that make it difficult to write on them. The product came out of the box with a flaw that my wife is very unhappy about. We tried to write on the board with official quartet products, but they wouldn't work. The cleaning spray and the roughness remains were purchased with our money. I was going to buy another one for my office as well. There is a I thought to return the item and guess what... this item can't be returned. This is an unfortunate flaw for a great product to have, and I hope Quartet sees the review and reaches out. I will encourage you to inspect the product before you install it.

👤These are gorgeous, first let me tell you that. That is what being said... I don't write about products at length but this one needs some explanation in regards to installation. I am praying this helps you. Everything looks simple when I opened the box. I have every tool under the sun. The instructions don't tell you what you need to install. So here I go. You will need a drill to use. You will need a higher level. You will need something to protect your skin... Even when you get mad, a good second person loves you. There is a Instructions tell you to hold the unit on the wall and mark the holes with a pen. I learned the trick after installing 2 of these. First thing... Before you put on wall to mark, make sure you take off corner spacers. The first one... I left the unit on and they held it away from the wall. Take the pieces off. If it looks good, have a second person level the unit while you hold it and "Eye Ball" on the wall. You only get one chance. If it looks good, hold it tight to the wall and have your second person use a sharp object to make a circle in all 4 holes. Not just a DOT. Make a circle. The first one I found out that just a dot doesn't work. Take the unit down and open it. Everything looks simple, that should be a warning. The next step is to put the hangers in the rock. There is a The #1GENT... We are going to make the top 2. Do not do the bottoms yet. There is a Do not just shoot the people in the building. Make sure you dig the hole. There is a #3GENT... Only the top two will be introduced. This is critical. I tried to shoot the anchor with the correct phillips but it just stripped. Each hole must be predrilled. So after you have drilled each hole... Attach the top 2 anchors with your drill. Go get the top 2 cylinder pieces after the anchor's are in. Attach them with the correct drill bit. Do not tighten. After you have the top two complete, you can grab your jar of vaseline and put just two bolts on the end. On the first unit. I almost stripped one of the bolts because I didn't do this. The bolts were made easy to screw in by the use of the Vaseline. Now... First, do the top right. Get the first bolt in by holding the unit up to the hole. You should screw it in a quarter of the way. You have to leave until all the bolts are in. The left bolt needs to be screwed in. The unit should hang on the wall with the top 2 complete, but not tightened all the way. We address the bottom now. If you look at the bottom holes, you will understand why we didn't put the anchors in. Everything is off. Use your drill bit to Predrill where the next anchor goes, and analyze where the new center of each hole is. Do this for both of the holes. Then put the mounting cylinders in. The two are not tight on the top. You can pull the unit out to get what you need. I used my drill to tighten everything through the glass holes. Put the bottom 2 in after that. Even if the unit is not perfectly aligned, there should be enough play for you to move it around. After all the bolts are in, tighten them all up. Done. I hope this helps. I ran into a lot of issues after mounting the first one. The entire anchor comes out as seen in the photo if you screw up. The 4th hole was off on my first one. I didn't mount everything to the wall. The 4th Cylinder is floating. Again. They look great. I hope this helps someone. Garbage Anchors are useless if you don't predrill the hole, they will strip and be useless after that. There is a Photo #2. First one done and then starting to mount second. There is a The vaseline on the end of the bolts made life great. There is a The second unit is hanging before the second top bolt. The first unit... The 4th Mount is so far off. I had to float the mount. There is a This is what you get if you have to back one of these out. There is a All done... Look great.

3. Houseables Magnetic Bulletin Decorative Refrigerator

Houseables Magnetic Bulletin Decorative Refrigerator

Kitchen island walls, bathroom backsplashes, bedroom walls, laundry rooms are recommended use. Do you read me is a flat magnetic bulletin board that is ideal for posting reminders, notes, letters, magnetic spice jars, photos, and more. Just remove ink with a wipe or cleaning solution, it's compatible with most dry erase markers. It is approximately 17” wide and 12” high. Their magnetic board is made of heavy-duty steel and features a powder coat and a matt finish. It's resistant to scratches, chips, and rust. You can change the dry erase bulletin board where you need it. It can be placed to your college dorm door, the wall in your kitchen, the classroom, the laundry room, or anywhere you need quick access to your notes. It's ideal for parents, children, teachers, students, or working professionals. Their magnetic board has one pierced hole in each corner for mounting to the wall. Installation is easy with four screws. The board is not magnetic and requires hardware. Once you have your magnetic board installed, organize it. It's great for hanging calendars, sticky notes, reminders, and anything else you need to keep things in order.

Brand: Houseables

👤It is difficult to remove the dry erase markers from the magnetic board when I leave for a while. I have attached a picture of the smudges that won't come off the board even after using a dry erase board cleaning spray. September 24, 2020 is an update. I discovered that the marker I was using was the one that was unwipeable. Up to 5 stars. I was wrong. Even if it was on the board a few hours, the markers still stain it. Back to 3 stars.

👤I used this to put up a magnet board in my daughters play area since I can't put magnets on my fridge. It works well for her as it is just the right size to fit all of her magnets while not taking up a lot of space. I hung it using command strips meant for pictures and they held up just fine. I would recommend a small magnetic board to anyone.

👤It is strong and sturdy and I thought it would be great for tracking things, but after I wrote stuff with a quality marker it wouldn't come off. I used dry erase liquid spray and it wouldn't touch me. I was making lists and it was on there. I tried using regular alcohol and it started to take it off, but it was smeared around. I was going to buy more for other walls. I tried to contact them, but they didn't reply.

👤The thing has to be readable, erase and allow magnets to stick. I had to admit that I had been on my wall for 3 months. The gray color makes it hard to read. No matter what kind of cleaner I use, not all dry erase markers erase all the way. Magnets stick. Given 3) I bought a dry erase product that is supposed to stick to refrigerators and stuck it to this thing. I wouldn't recommend this as a marker board, but it does work well as a base for a good marker board, and you can attach it to your wall.

👤I saw some ideas of creating a magnetic board makeup storage. I'm still adding makeup to my board, but I like how it came out. My plastic containers are from a dollar tree. I would buy this again. It's convenient for storing things.

👤I put a wooden sandwich board outside my store and wanted something to attach to it. I needed something that I could write on and erase. I love the way my wooden sign looks, and it was easy to screw onto it with the included screws. The black board is hard to remove because it is stained by the white chalk markers. I will probably use something else in the future when I replace them. These boards stain easily because the whole point of the board was to change the message.

👤The board is what I was expecting. I used to hold cross stitch patterns as I worked them. The small card is in the package. You won't be disappointed. It's worth it.

4. Whiteboard 1 24 X 18

Whiteboard 1 24 X 18

The steel backer underneath the glass surface needs high-powered glass whiteboard magnets to attract it. They recommend the B00T3BJJK4 and B07KVGDDY4 as Quartet magnets. The kit contains a combination whiteboard corkboard, magnetic dry eraser, colorful markers, magnets, and thumb tacks. The board is 18 x 24 inches and can be hung in portrait or vertical orientation. The wall mounted memoboard has hanging hooks. The erasable surface of the white board is easy to write on. Pining notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars, menus, reminders, and more is possible with the cork part. The board is made of heavy duty aluminum. A perfect vision board is perfect for planning monthly and weekly schedules, to do list tasks and organize family chores. Good for home, fridge, office, cubicle, desk, class, school, college, dorm room, kitchen, locker room, child room or any other place. It's great help for managers, teachers, moms, students and kids.

Brand: Navy Penguin

👤My daughter received this board as a Christmas gift. I bought her the only thing she liked. It's the perfect size for her room. She was very happy that the eraser was magnetized. It was easy to install. You can slide the hooks back and forth to make it easier to install. I got an apology from the company and a promise to send me a new board with pins for free after I contacted them, because I didn't get my push pins in the box with the board. Good customer service is refreshing these days. I highly recommend this purchase to anyone looking for a product like this.

👤This is what I was looking for to replace the cheap weekly calendar that we used last year. There is a We can see the whole month at a glance. It covers most of the width of our cellar door, which is substantial, but it doesn't stick out too much because of the good depth. I bought a cheap version of this from Target last year, despite not being a fan of it. We relied on the calendar last school year to keep track of school games and pick up times for three children, so I knew it was a safe bet to order this one this year. The kids are not happy about being reminded of the first day of school in a couple of weeks.

👤I ordered this in August of last year. Most of the outlines are coming off after 7 months of having it. They are smeared. I only used dry erase markers and a dry erase eraser to clean it. I tried to draw the lines back using a permanent marker, but most of them were gone by the time I got to them. I don't recommend this product for long term use. I was very happy when I got it, but my opinion has changed since then. The company needs to use more permanent outlines. The company contacted me shortly after I posted my first review, explaining what had happened in the production of the first calendar. The company sent me a new calendar. I only had the replacement calendar for a short time, but I have not had an issue with the lines coming off with the new calendar.

👤This is a great purchase. The quality is excellent. The board was delivered a little ahead of schedule. No big deal. The board was warped when I opened the box after it was damaged. I decided to contact the seller instead of contacting AMAZON because they can't talk to anyone right now. A replacement was on it's way after I got a response. Excellent! I live in an apartment and there was a delay in delivery. The post office held it for a while. I explained to NAVY PENGUIN that I hadn't gotten the new board, and they contacted me to see how it arrived. They immediately found out that it was waiting for a pick up. I explained that I am a disabled man and live 25 miles away from civilization. The Navy said they would contact the post office to see how they could get this delivered. He went out of his way to make sure I got my dry erase board, even though the post office never tried again. I received a replacement board after picking up my board at the post office. I promised NAVY PENGUIN that the extra board would be donated to a classroom at the elementary school I live next door to. They are a happy customer after I referred them to a friend. I think you understand that the company did something for me.

5. Board Dudes Designer Cork CYL45

Board Dudes Designer Cork CYL45

The highest quality. Natrual cork is self-healing. A cork tile is a decorative bulletin board surface. Combine tiles to create a full wall display. Foam-backing will not damage your walls. There are 12 pieces of mounting tape. It's great for home, school or office.

Brand: The Board Dudes

👤I bought this to display my pins. I wanted something that looked better than a plain board. I agree with others that the pieces of the board are useless. I used magnets to attach my board to the metal file cabinet.

👤This is great for my home office. I needed a cork board that wasn't boring and didn't look like an office. It was easy to install with the double sided tape. We are only on the first day. Either way, a great purchase.

👤I use the pattern to cover a mirrored wall because I love it. The little stickers are not heavy enough for that project. I'm using a glue product. They are pricey. I like the way they look on a painted wall and on a mirrored wall. Better than plain squares.

👤The cork board has a personality. The back is made of foam. It thought it made it easier to push the pins in. I like it.

👤The glue did not work. I had to hang the boards with a nail. Clean walls with normal plaster. The boards fell off the wall after being allowed to set.

👤I have a piece of paper on my wall that won't stay up. I bought a new sticky hook, but it doesn't work. It's too heavy for a wall.

👤I bought four of the designer die cut cork tiles to cover the cabinet that had a lot of sticker and tape marks. The tiles look great. They're thick enough to be used as a bulletin board, but I may leave them bare as decoration.

👤3 were used in our bedroom. I can put pictures, vison board ideas and childrens art on them.

6. Quartet Erase Whiteboard Magnetic MWDW1723M BK

Quartet Erase Whiteboard Magnetic MWDW1723M BK

The bulletin board strips have 35 pushpins and a storage box to meet your daily needs. This set of cork strips is great for bulletin bars. If you have any issues with your cork board strips, please ask for a replacement in fast shipping. A dry erase board can be used as a bulletin board. The best under light use. The frame is black. The board can be hung in either portrait or landscape orientation. There are mounting hardware, dry erase marker and magnet accessories.

Brand: Quartet

👤I decided to give it a try because it was the only option that seemed reasonable, even though I had read a few bad reviews. There were no problems with my board, but it seems that the production is not consistent. It seems that anyone who encounters manufacturing defects can use the warranty from Quartet. I was concerned that the expo markers wouldn't work after reading a review that said so. My markers work on this board without staining or blotting. This board is made to work with the former, so wet-erase markers will most likely appear splotchy. There is a I don't usually write reviews, but after reading something I thought it would be useful to say my piece. I think this product is very good.

👤Why does this woman think she's changed by a whiteboard? If you keep reading, you'll discover my reason is sound. There is a The board's integrity is the first thing. The packaging looks like a nice whiteboard. There were no complaints. The size was perfect for what I needed. My father and I are changed humans because I needed it. There is a My father retired in February after working for the same place for over 40 years. When I was a small child, I used to climb on a stool and write on a whiteboard in his office, "I love you daddy", using one of his dry erase markers. He kept it. He moved the whiteboard all over the buildings. We had a bring your family day four years ago and I didn't know then. I walk in. There's a board with my scrawl on it. I added it by writing a sentiment above it and then circling it with a cloud shape. I cried. When I first started working there, he wrote that he loved me, too, above it. He couldn't take this whiteboard with him. I offered to pay a lot more than what it was worth, to get a new one, and everything I could think of, but no. I came up with a new plan. I take pictures on the dl. I ordered this whiteboard from Amazon. I order sharpies that are in the right colors so they won't come off. I duplicate every line as close to the original as possible. I left him off so he could write it himself. I gave him a whiteboard after he left his office on Christmas day. We both cried this time. There is a We are different. For years to come, this whiteboard preserved memories. When the day comes when he passes on, that whiteboard will live with me. This whiteboard has changed our lives. I may cry a lot, because I'm typing this again.

👤I put this on top of my chest freezer. We write it down with the date when we put it in. The date is written on the package with a Sharpie. There is a You don't have to do a scavenger hunt every 6 months if you do this. As you take it out, make sure to erase each item. The board is large for our purpose. Magnets and markers are not good. No problem. There is a I wish there was a better way to attach the freezer. It would be great if the board was magnetic. I used a couple of small pads. It is doing the trick. There is a I would buy another one. There is a Thank you for reading.

7. Lockways Magnetic Whiteboard Bulletin Stainless

Lockways Magnetic Whiteboard Bulletin Stainless

There is a message board. A great idea for a gift. The magnetic board and corkboard can be used as a school blackboard or as a planners board. It's easy to put a memo, document paper,message note on a magnetic surface. Excellent writing and dry erase performance with smooth scratch- resistant surfaces, again and again. The easy and safe wall-mounting solution is available. Installation of a door or window can be done with self-adhesive backing. It is possible to pack and deliver a package quickly. STRIP SET has unique protection in a multi-layer box. There are 8 Magnets and 4 Dry Erase Markers. LIFETIME REPLACEMENT SERVICE. If you have any issues with the Lockways Dry Erase Board, please contact them.

Brand: Lockways

👤I like these! I lay these flat for a day with a book on top to help flatten them. I didn't use the sticky tape on the back. I used command strips on the top corners of the bars. I wanted to be flexible if I decide to move them so I didn't have to worry about ruining my paint. I attached a magnetic cup for chalk, which is really strong. Everything is holding up. I am happy with this purchase.

👤I was very excited to find these strips. My plan was to have my daughter's paper from kindergarten on display. I received the mail. They had a great attachment to the wall after they wiped and dried the wall. Two papers were put on each strip with a magnet and enjoyed for a couple of days. Two people were stuck on the floor when they walked in the morning. The other fell off and was stuck in the kitchen. I'm not sure if I want to come back since they are bent and cannot be used again. It was a great idea but didn't work. Please let me know if I can return for credit.

👤I applied the two sets of two to the wall of my son's bedroom for his pre-school art. The walls were painted a month ago. One metal strip was on the wall for three days before it fell, sticking to the floor, and bending when I tried to get it back. I pulled the other one off the wall in the corner because I noticed it was taking off paint. The other two strips are not moving. There is a I am very disappointed. The product will be damaged if you find another way to re-affix the strips. A patch and repaint job is required on the wall. It's a good thing. I would like these to come with 3m Command strips instead of foam tape, which would allow for a really strong hold but also allow for easy removal, which I use for pictures all over my house. I used these to rehang the strip that fell and half of the one that came off the wall, but now the depths of all four strips don't match up, so they look a bit jank when not completely hidden by my son's artwork.

👤I did not read the description lines very closely, but it is important to understand how bad the quality of these "cork" strips are. THIN! It's not deep enough for store-bought push-pins. The "bonus push pins" that come with the item are not really a bonus, they are a requirement because they are small and made to work with the thin board. "Cork Sheet with Particle Board" was written by Barney. It's the same thing. The particle board is a cheap ragged soft fiber board with a thin veneer of "cork" on one side. The "cork" veneer is only 1 inch thick. The side edges have been cut raggedly and are unpresentable. The back is not smooth but there is a small grid left by the machine that pressed the board. I put them in the trash. I can't say anything about the mounting and the adhesion. This is a direct-marketed Chinese product, and it's shown by the typo "Inck" and the mistake "made by" in the description. Dollar store quality products are often sold for $10+ for the appeal of Prime shipping. The listing and marketing are done to draw your attention away from how bad the quality will be.

8. Quartet Whiteboard Magnetic Plastic 63536

Quartet Whiteboard Magnetic Plastic 63536

The mounts are either vertically or horizontally. Instructions and mounting hardware are included. The 11" x 14" Quartet Magnetic Dry-Erase Board is great for use at home or a personal office space. Write reminders, schedules and more with the dry-erase marker, hang papers or photos with the two magnets, and use the magnetic surface to write. TILE INSTALLATION You can set up your dry-erase board vertically or horizontally. Self-stick pads are easy to install. The board comes with a dry-erase marker and two magnets. The smooth and durable painted steel surface makes writing with dry-erase markers easy. The curved frame is white. 60 day warranty. Also, note: For occasional use in a home office. Mounts with magnets or self-stick tape. The back is mountable with self-stick pads, but it is not magnetic.

Brand: Quartet

👤Considering the price, the basic white board aspect is fine. It's large enough to hang on a refrigerator for family messages or to record upcoming appointments. This isn't a product intended for a rough service installation, it's just a plastic and cardboard frame. It's fine if you use a home or dorm room. There is a It's laughable that the included magnets can be used to mount it to a refrigerator. The included magnets are weak, and a lot of the fridges are not strongly magnetic. I didn't bother trying them. They're better suited to holding business cards or the latest drawing by your in-house Picaso to the lower portion of the white board. I left the ends of the Command Strips hanging out the sides so I could grab them if I ever wanted to move the white board. There is a The included marker works well. It is well suited to use with a small board. The integral eraser does a good job. The marker doesn't smudge when it's fresh. Can't say how it will go with the marker that's been on the board for a few weeks. It's hard to not like this white board. This white board is still used a lot. It's mostly used to remind us of upcoming appointments. The marker is easy to erase after a long time on the board. The performance was very good.

👤I ordered two of them. It's a good size for a to-do list or reminders, just a little bit bigger than a standard sheet of paper. If you only use this occasionally, you will be fine with this little kit because the marker has an eraser on it. I ordered a set of markers and a cleaning liquid because I plan to use them daily. I don't plan to use the magnets. If your to-do list includes something on paper, those are useful. The whiteboard was in perfect shape, but only had a clear bubblewrap sleeve on it. I put in another order after I received a note that the other one wasn't going to happen. There was a small crack on the side of that box. I put some tape and a sticker on it as it didn't have any other flaws. It's the easiest option for me. I'm happy with where I ended up with these, they were a great price, about seven bucks each. I don't plan to hang these, just put them on a table next to a wall with a heavy coaster in front of them to keep them from moving around. It's a great solution for those of us who like to draw things out.

👤Beware! The cheap white board is attached to by strips of strong, sticky material. There are two little round magnets on this board. The board doesn't erase very well. If I hadn't taken off the shrink wrap and labels on the board, it would have been a mess. I would have returned it. I find more and more misleading descriptions on Amazon.

9. Quartet Calendar Planner Magnetic 22476

Quartet Calendar Planner Magnetic 22476

60 day warranty on single dry-erase marker. There is a cork strip across the bottom of the magnetic dry erase calendar combo board. The calendar board size is ideal for individual use. The board has a calendar design with a dark wood frame. One month dry erase calendar surface is magnetic to double as a magnetic bulletin board. There are mounting hardware, dry erase marker and magnet accessories.

Brand: Quartet

👤I bought this item to remind me of all of the things I have to do in my week, especially all of the things related to my kids' daycare. I didn't have to write on the board when I made the magnets because I made them myself. The board's size is manageable because the space given for each day is large enough. There is a I liked the idea of the board starting with Monday and ending with the 2 weekend days together, but after about 2 weeks of using the board, I think I have changed my mind. The days were reassigned so that they were Sunday through Saturday. I'm always off a day when I look at the calendar. There is a The board is easy to hang and it looks nice. There were no complaints there. The magnets have a tendency to stick to the board more than they should, but the black marker and 2 magnets work well. I have been careful with the board to avoid breaking it because of the cardboard back. I bought more magnetic dry erase markers from Office Depot so that I could have multiple colors. I put my kids' school newsletters on the corkboard strip. I like this board a lot. It was easy to hang on the wall. I am still using this daily and it works great! The marker is not broken and it is still readable.

👤I didn't look closely enough at the pictures to see that this is not an Americanized calendar. The week begins on Monday. I have had it for a couple months now, and still have a hard time reading it. Gonna have to do the same thing as another buyer suggested, get some washi rape to redo the days up top. I love it. marker is very clean and easy to erase. I mark up every day, and haven't seen any leftover markings. Very clean. Put up with 3M stickies after opting out of the hardware. It was fairly large. It would take up the entire freezer door for the fridge. Very happy with the product.

👤The item was three days earlier than it was supposed to be. The package looked great on the wall. It's already being used. I've been looking for a dry erase calendar to help organize my family's schedules and this is perfect. There were a few small scratches on the corners, but nothing that made it look bad. It's easy to install and it looks great. The magnets are strong and even though my four year-old and two year-old have hit it a couple of times, nothing has fallen off. The package was so cold when it arrived that it was hard to get rid of it. It works perfectly once it warms up. It might be something with the temperature.

👤I've been looking for a dry-erase calendar for a long time, but couldn't find one that suited my needs. I didn't like that the days ran Monday - Sunday. The washi tape used was the same width as the "days" bar, so it fit perfectly. I wrote the days on the tape on Sunday and Saturday. If I have tape that matches, it's easy to modify it - for example, I used Christmas colors in December and Pink and White hearts in February. There is a The board is easy to erase. I have had this since September of 2015, and there has been no staining. The washi tape doesn't have any leftover. The cork strip at the bottom is perfect for my needs. We combine multiple school district calendars into one calendar. It is perfect! There is a The included pen works, but I like to color code everything so I don't use it. The magnets are useful, but I mostly use one to mark the day. I am using for reference.

10. Quartet Combination Whiteboard Corkboard 95223B

Quartet Combination Whiteboard Corkboard 95223B

There are mounting hardware, dry erase marker and magnet accessories. The cork combo board can help keep you organized. For occasional use in small or home offices, 2' x 3' with attached marker tray. The wood frame is attractive and durable. The board is half dry-erase and half cork. The mounting system can be used to mount the board vertically or horizontally. 60 day warranty on single dry-erase marker.

Brand: Quartet

👤The product worked well for me. It was under $9 when I bought it. I knew I could make it perfect. I attached 2 picture hangers to the back of the thing because I didn't want to use sticky tape to hang it. They cost $5 for 100 of them, so I always have some on hand. There is a The plastic frame was wide enough for a small screw to be inserted into the wall, but you can't see the top of the hanger above the whiteboard. I hung it vertically because I didn't want it to look like it was floating on the water. I have seen these in Target for over $20 and I am very satisfied with the price here.

👤I'm very pleased with this board. I didn't use permanent glues. I bought a command hook and a Lion Ex tra large binder clip as suggested by another viewer at Amazon. The price is very reasonable. The push pins I bought at Amazon are from the Quartet brand. I thought they were too big for the cork board. It works well for hanging my small calendar. There is an update. The 4 pound command hook was not strong enough to hold on to the wall for a day. The wall is painted with paint. I hung it on a small nail by the same clip that I had attached. When hung this way, it moves very freely. I need it to be portable. This was a less damaging alternative to the permanent glue that came with the board.

👤The board looks nice. It was easy to mount with the included glue. This board only works with the included marker. All of our pens fade into the background as if you had splashed the surface with water or rubbing alcohol. We tried conditioning it by cleaning it thoroughly and then coating it lightly with mineral oil, but it didn't help much because our markers fade. The second board works exactly the same as the first board, even though we thought it was just a faulty one, and we were sent another product from Amazon for free. If you own any other pens or plan to use any other brands, this board is not worth it.

👤The board is great. It's hard to mess up a basic whiteboard with a black frame. They only give you four strips to mount it. They worked well for the first couple of weeks with writing andinning things every day and keeping a magnetic basket to hold markers. The board fell when the strips came undone. I tried to put it back to the wall, but within a few days it would fall again. The strips aren't strong enough to hold a board that is frequently used. We had to attach a wire across the back and hang it on the wall with nails. Once the mounting strips give way, you have to do this yourself because there are no hooks or anything built into the back of the board.

11. Navaris Combination Chalk Cork Board

Navaris Combination Chalk Cork Board

100% satisfaction after-sales service. They want to make you happy and satisfied. Their whiteboards are shipped in reinforced multi-layer padded boxes for maximum protection and they offer a worry-free after-sales service. If you are not completely satisfied with Tankee Dry Erase Board, please contact them. Their customer service team will work hard to resolve any issues you have with this dry erase easel board. This pinboard with frame is a 3-in-1 corkboard, and you can write on it. Attaching notes and photos with magnets is possible on the chalkboard surface. Functions and Determinants: The combo of pinboard and blackboard can be used as a weekly planner on the kitchen wall, as an individual blackboard in the children's room, or as an office chalkboard. Made of metal sheet, paper, cork, and bagasse board. There are 4 pieces of chalk, 3 magnets, and 10 pins. You can use the supplied chalk to write and draw on the magnetic pinboard. To get rid of it, use a damp cloth or sponge. There is a message board. A great idea for a gift. The magnetic board and corkboard can be used as a school blackboard or as a planners board.

Brand: Navaris

👤A great addition to my kitchen wall. It is pretty good and clean. We use it daily for school notes, lists, and more. I wish the cork board part was a little thicker because the thumbtacks want to fall out if they are not in the air. It is a nice board.

👤I have been looking for something like this to keep schedules and lists in one place, and this product is it. The box was creased right down the middle when I ordered it. U wrapped the board and it crumbled in half after opening the box. I think it was damaged when it was shipped. I returned it for a new item, it came today, and when I opened the box, I could see the plastic wrap was snapped, too. If it was shipped in a more protective box, it would be a better product.

👤It arrived quickly. Even though it fits where I wanted it on the wall, I still wish it was bigger.

👤Cheap! I threw this in the dumpster. There is a I would come home to find it on the floor. It was a waste of money.

👤The frame shattered when it fell off the first time I hung it, from a height of less than 6 feet. The frame is made of paperboard, not wood. I have a piece of chalk and corkboard to figure out what to do with.

👤No more missing doctor's appointments.

👤I was taking the wrapping off when it fell apart. The frame pulled away when split in half. A cheaply made product. It was exactly the style I wanted and I was so excited to hang it. Don't buy.

👤Overall appearance is nice, however I was expecting it to be a little higher quality. The chalkboard side was either put together poorly or water damaged. The board is not leveled, which made it difficult to hang with other things on my wall.

👤The board isn't worth the money. I would return the packaging if someone in the family did not dispose of it. The clips and screws are the only positives about it. I would have to look at it. I would rather not.

👤The magnetic chalk board is great, but the cork side is not as strong as the pins. I keep finding my hospital letters on the floor, it doesn't matter where I put the pin, they keep falling out. I am a little disapointed that it is what I wanted.

👤I was a bit worried about ordering this after reading some poor reviews. I am very happy with this purchase. Well packaged, it arrived. There are no screws in the pictures. I ordered some magnets that work perfectly, and they were added to the 3 I already had. I screwed through the frame at the 4 corners, rather than hang from the supplied hangers. The kitchen wall looks great.

👤The board was good but the cork was wrinkled and can't be sent back. I'll cover it with papers.


What is the best product for decorative cork board white board?

Decorative cork board white board products from Tankee. In this article about decorative cork board white board you can see why people choose the product. Quartet and Houseables are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative cork board white board.

What are the best brands for decorative cork board white board?

Tankee, Quartet and Houseables are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative cork board white board. Find the detail in this article. Navy Penguin, The Board Dudes and Lockways are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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