Best Decorative Couch Pillows Black

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1. NiNi ALL Decorative Bedroom Outdoor

NiNi ALL Decorative Bedroom Outdoor

Two pieces of 18 by 18 inches are included. Only the covers are required. Please allow 12 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing. The material is 100% Polyester. The material is very soft to touch. The pillow covers are made with a invisible zip. It's suitable for your couch, sofa, car, bedroom, living room and garden. Care instructions: wash machine in cold water. Do not use bleach. Due to the production process, pillow covers in different light intensity and angle, the surface will produce plush silver reflective, so that the products exhibit different colors, this is a normal phenomenon, and not the product quality problems.

Brand: Nini All

👤The color is very nice, no flaws, and it washes well. Purchase this instead of getting rid of your boring throw pillows. It gives a new lease on life to your throw pillow. Excellent quality. After this, we bought two more.

👤I've been working on getting this zip for several hours. I can't figure out what it is. I would give it 5 stars, but what is the point of a pillow cover that won't zip?

👤I put these on my pillows and they are not dark blue, they are royal blue. There is a crease in them that will not come out.

👤The black is expensive. I recommend it.

👤I like these. I had sum pillows that didn't go with my new couch, but these pillow covers are perfect. They are soft and well made.

👤They are very soft and warm. The zipper blends in nicely and isn't noticeable. Would buy again.

👤These are cute. You need to pile a few using them.

👤These pillows are very similar to the ones you picked out in the store. It is durable and stylish.

2. MIULEE Decorative Cushion Pillowcases Bedroom

MIULEE Decorative Cushion Pillowcases Bedroom

The size is 18 x 18 inches. It's suitable for sofa,bed, home,office. Please allow 12 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing. Due to the production process, pillow covers in different light intensity and angle, the surface will produce plush silver reflective, so that the products exhibit different colors, this is a normal phenomenon, and not the product quality problems. There is a hiding place. The pillow cover is noble. Pillow inserts are not included. It'sOUCH your life.

Brand: Miulee

👤The quality of the fabric was good. The pillow cover only has half the length of the zipper. Unless your pillow insert is thin and flexible, you won't be able to place it into the cover. The inserts were too firm to fit inside the cover. We would have been very happy with a standard zip along the entire length of the cover, as the manufacturer was too cheap to provide it.

👤We love them! The "Velvet Dark Green" color is beautiful. We loved how soft they were after we pulled them out. They are pretty much the same as the color shown in the picture. Maybe it's just a small amount of blue. Don't trust my pictures too much, because my camera made them look blue. I used an 18x18 pillow and they filled up. Not much of a basketball is blown up like a basketball. There is a The white handle of the zipper is a small critique. The little handle sticks out from the hidden zip up. But. Put them on the bottom and it will be hidden. I would buy these again. There is a This isn't a review for the long term because we only had them for one day.

👤I put these on my toss pillows in October of last year after buying them in grey for my new leather sofa. They did the trick against the larger turquoise pillows as the color was a perfect accent. There were a lot of loose threads. While having company for Thanksgiving, my adult daughter was laying against a long haired one. The case was torn and was everywhere after 30 minutes. They are past return date, but I was about to return today. Sad that these are old. Don't buy if you're warned. Soft fabric, but not well made.

👤I was excited to get these because of the light green color and feel. The ones I got were not 18 x 18. There is a They were 16 years old. My 18 inch pillow was not going in without tearing the zip. I wish they had the 20 x 20 option. I bought others after returning them.

👤I have bought a fair amount of these. I don't think I've ever had a broken zipper, which is nicely matching and hidden. They clean well with soapy water. The deep colors change in different lighting. Cream and white are translucent. It was very soft and nice to lay on. Cream is delicious to look at with an expensive looking sheen that is matched only by its luxurious feel. The value is great. The video has a full description.

👤Since I don't have a money tree in my back yard, I decided to give these covers a try, even though they were over $100 a piece. I was very happy when I got them out of the package. The color is deep and saturated. The fabric is very soft and smooth. I was a bit worried after reading some reviews about the small opening and ripped seams, but found that by being patient and turning the pillow over, I was able to insert it in a little at a time. I didn't mind that the zipper was visible, it wasn't the case for me. The cover is the same color as the zip up. I am very happy with the covers. I knew they could look cheap, but they are not. These could be passed for something from a high-end store. Would definitely recommend.

3. NIDITW Inspirational Blessed Cushion Decorative

NIDITW Inspirational Blessed Cushion Decorative

The pattern is only available on the front side and the back side. The size is 30 cm x 50 cm and the deviation is allowed. The pillow cover has a hidden zip. The pillow insert is not included. It is suitable for travel home bedroom indoors and outdoors. It is a nice Mothers Day gift.

Brand: Niditw

👤Cheaply made. You are paying for something. I got a family and a pack of cute ones. The blessing pillow zips up with the pillow insert, but not more than half way through. There is a I was able to zip it up, however it was difficult to do so, and it does not zip down now. I don't expect canvas material pillows to last long, but I decided to keep it. I like the colors and say so.

👤These are more like sunbrella fabric. They did not send these because they are copies of an original design that they posted. The price was good, but the quality was not. I was expecting a red linen pillow case with white words, but instead I got a cream linen pillow case. In my picture, the white side of the pillows is visible, whereas the white side of the pillows is not. It's okay to buy them for the holidays. I've learned that buying from a better quality store is better than buying cheap on Amazon.

👤I would give 2 stars if I could. A sham for a throw pillow is very large. I was expecting more than that. The canvas is very rough and does not look like what is pictured. I was going to give it as a Christmas gift, but now I will return.

👤I received them today. They are not like Christmas red. The letters are not white. I like that they are more like a beige for me because my walls are grey beige, but I really wanted white. This is the only thing I dislike. The pillow cover is sewn together with no holes. My family room sofa will have these pillows on it. I will have to come back and make some changes.

👤We love it! The fabric is tightly woven. Before the red dye goes on, the words "Blessed" are stenciled on. A well-made gift is perfect. I'm ordering pillows for Christmas gifts. I need to know that I'm Blessed to still be here. I am still recovering from C-19. "The price is right" too! The "With God..." pillow has the same fabric as the "Blessed" pillow. They don't come with a pillow insert. Order the inserts separately. It's well- worth the price.

👤The burgundy throw pillow was a case of a Tweed pillow and it looked cheap and squishy. If I knew it was going to be this material, I wouldn't have bought it. I was going to have to buy a pillow. I don't think this seller is a good one. The description is different.

👤The cover is a pretty one, but it doesn't tell you that it has an off white backing or that it has a solid red backing. The white was cream and the red was a burnt shade.

👤It doesn't look very pretty for a Christmas gift, it looks like it's been painted on, but I love what it says, it's rough, but it's not dead, it's been painted on, it's rough, but it's not

4. HWY 50 Decorative Corduroy Decoration

HWY 50 Decorative Corduroy Decoration

The material is Corduroy, made of cotton and pati y. The throw pillow covers are soft and comfortable; natural, simple, fashion, elegant, luxury, modern, square decoration; the same design of 2 sides ( Both Sides) is hidden. The packing includes new pillowcases 18 by 18 inches. It is suitable for living room, couch, bed, chair, car, patio, bedroom, office, floor, bench, indoor, toss, bedding, and family. Hand wash or machine wash separately and softly. There was no bleaching. Hang dry. HWY 50 is a registered brand, so please allow 1-2 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing.

Brand: Hwy 50

👤I thought it would be one color. It is not. The squares are two toned yellow andbutterscotch. It was perfect for my bed, but I was lucky. The yellow is soft and bright. The mustard is a darker yellow. I like how the seam has a hidden zip.

👤I bought 3 sets of these. I decided to add some color to my couch by covering it with pillow covers.

👤The pillows were beautiful, but the color was not. What is that? I thought.

👤Our family room will get a lot of wear from these covers. Have not washed them yet. I hope they hold up over time.

👤We were pleasantly surprised to find that the color was exactly the same as the picture showed. The pillow cases are soft and well made for the money. They are exactly what we were looking for.

👤The dimensions didn't make the pillows on the couch appear smaller and harder to lay on, it was just 888-353-1299

👤The pillow covers are soft and don't fade when washed.

👤It was well made. I was looking for something to make my furniture look better. Would purchase again.

5. UIOIU Decorative Texture Bedroom UUBZT14

UIOIU Decorative Texture Bedroom UUBZT14

The material is high-grade cotton and polyester blend. Only 4 pillow covers are included, not the inserts. The pillow covers in New Living styles are decorative and bring home the beautiful moment with simple and classic designs. It is possible to wash and care in cold water. It's perfect for living room, bedroom, car, sofa, bed, and so on.

Brand: Uioiu

👤They look like navy and ink. I thought they had gold in it. It's a copper color. The back ground is not as green as the front ground. I was looking for a light color.

👤I ordered the grey marble pillow covers, but I am still looking at them. The pillow has a blue accent. The gold doesn't pop either, so not what I ordered.

👤The black/ gold pillow covers were ordered by me. The colors are off. It looks more blue. The gold is dull. Very disappointed.

👤The gray throws are next to the pillows. Striking but blue.

👤The item was not as advertised. The highlights were brown. I was disappointed.

👤The pillows look grey and blue to not match my pictures, so I return them.

👤It was better than expected. The fabric is beautiful and the fit is perfect.

6. Eternal Beauty Christmas Decorative Glitter

Eternal Beauty Christmas Decorative Glitter

Their decorative pillows covers are made from two different types of material, both of which are high quality. The pillow case has 5mm round sparkling sequins. Workmanship Strict - 18 x 18 pillow cover set. The zipper of the throw pillows hides well. The pillow cover can be plugged into the opening. The package includes 2 packs of 18 X 18. The pillows cover the couch. Only pillow cases. PILLOW INSERT is not included. The sequins pillow case will be more bright in the sun. It's perfect for weddings, Christmas, New Year, and everyday use as a pillow decor for your couch sofa bed. Wherever they are placed, it will create a warm and festive mood. If you want to clean these sequin pillow covers, just dry wash or hand wash them. If you don't like their products, they'll give you a 30 day guarantee. Contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Eternal Beauty

👤These pillow covers are wonderful. They are what I needed to make my bedroom look a little bit better.

👤The thread was an issue for me and I really like the pillowcases. I had them in the box until I moved in my new house and now I have to buy new pillowcases because they went everywhere after I put it in the box. If you buy these pillowcases, make sure you open the box immediately so you don't run out of time to return them, I'm scared to buy them again because I don't wanna run into the same problem.

👤It's a good product. I put it where I need it. The French windows were empty at first. Everything is fine since I put it in. It matches my style very well. The product is of good quality. I like it very much.

👤The teal and silver pillow covers are gorgeous. The color is what I was expecting. I have a pillow case with me. There is a sequined side and a solid teal side. I think the purchase is a good one.

👤They are cute, but I wish they had the pillow inside. It can be difficult to find pillows that fit. That is the reason for buying online.

👤The furniture is just beautiful when you walk in and the day or night you stay in that room.

👤It is ok. I had to put two pillows on it to make it look puffy because it is a little bigger than it should be. Constantly.

7. Mecatny Pillow Covers Farmhouse Decorative

Mecatny Pillow Covers Farmhouse Decorative

Black and cream white throw pillow covers are woven with black and cream white base fabric. The knitted textured pillow covers are simple and neutral. The 18X18 bohemian pillow covers are made of high-quality woven and cotton fabric, antikle, and no ball. The couch pillow covers are made of strong material. These modern farmhouse pillow covers have a hidden zip. It is easy to plug and plug. 2 pieces black and cream white bohemian pillow covers are included in the package. Only a set of 2 pillow covers, not inserts, are included. Care instructions. The textured throw pillow covers can be washed separately. Hang to Dry or Tumble Dry. No Bleach. Do not use iron.

Brand: Mecatny

👤The pillow covers are a great deal, great quality, and a set of 2. There is a I am very pleased with the purchase. The color is perfect, not too white or beige. These covers are very good.

👤I was very impressed with my pillow covers. I like being able to change out the look of my house with different covers without having to store a lot of pillow inserts. I would buy more from this seller.

👤The beige and cream color was ordered. The color was not what I was expecting. It was a yellow color. It was larger for a 20x20 size. Will be back after not working with my decor.

👤These are great quality and look really nice.

👤The pillow covers look great on my couch. The quality of these covers is amazing. They look high-end, at a fraction of the price.

👤They say that they are white and grey, but it is actually a cream color.

👤Beautiful! I would love to give this more than 5 stars.

👤If you're looking for cream colored pillows, I recommend them but they're not white which is what they're supposed to be.

8. Decorative Pillow Geometric Cushion Bedroom

Decorative Pillow Geometric Cushion Bedroom

The fabric is made of high quality smooth soft short plush and has gold foil accents on the front side. The square pillowcases are 18 inches in diameter. The gold black decorative pillow covers are comfortable and durable. These throw pillow covers have gold stamped patterns. The gold pattern adds shine to any color scheme. Add style and accent to any room with these geometric line pattern. Home throw pillow covers with gold decoration make your home feel like a hierarchy. It's more interesting and beautiful. There is a hidden ZIPPER. The pillow core can be easily taken out with the help of the hidden zipper. COVERS, PILLOW INSERT, and FILLER are not included. There are instructions for washing. It is possible to machine wash and hand wash. The golden part of the pillow covers should not be washed frequently. The soft mode can be used. Do not use bleach or dry cleaning. There is a wide range of uses. It is suitable for all kinds of home decor, Christmas, New Year, decoration and everyday use as it will create a warm and holiday mood wherever they are placed. It can be used as a shop decoration in a coffee shop, restaurant, clothing store or bar. The decorative throw pillow cases can be used as a gift for your parents and friends. 3 months of free return service is provided by them. Please contact them if you don't feel like you need them.

Brand: Zlina

👤One side, super cute. There is gold and white.

👤It was perfect! The picture is just as it was. I have a plain futon and I wanted to add a design to it. The covers are soft.

👤I love my pillow covers. They are pretty. I had 18x18 pillow inserts and these pillow covers are 18x18. The black and gold designs are lovely. It was definitely worth the purchase.

👤A primera vista is a vista, pero al acercarse tiene muchos defectos. No, I don't think so.

👤My daughter's golden birthday was purchased for me. The decorations on her bed made it happen. These are very high quality. Well made and zippers too. The one's that stick is always yours.

👤The seating area at the wedding we purchased for is beyond perfect. The furniture was tied together when it was placed there. Art Deco, little modern.

👤I'm used to buying throw pillows with inserts already in them so this was new to me. I was pleasantly surprised that I love the designs and they feel really soft. They add a nice touch to the room. I am glad I bought them.

👤I thought it was the pillows, but it was just the cover. It is pretty good quality. I need the pillow inserts.

👤Textura agradable. Las lneas doradas tienen ser duraderas. Ahora, to y precio.

👤No es de alta calidad, no otros, no tela dubetina medio transparente...

👤These are gorgeous! When they arrived, I was very excited. The prints are beautiful. You can't notice the scratches on the gold on the cushions, they are minor.

👤These are the most beautiful things I have ever bought. It makes my living room look better. I don't know if the gold design will get ruined when laundered.

👤A pillow is a piece of furniture. They look the same as in the picture.

9. Anickal Christmas Pillow Decorative Decoration

Anickal Christmas Pillow Decorative Decoration

The perfect pillow covers can be used to decorate your room. It's suitable for couch, sofa, bed, car, seat, window seat, loveseat, living room, bed room, floor, bench, office, cafe and more. You can choose from 14 colors and 4 sizes. The pillow cover is 18 inches wide and 45 inches tall. You and your family are protected from harmful rays. It's easier to fill your pillow insert with a hidden zipper. The package includes a set of pillow covers. The pillow insert is not included. Machine wash in cold water.

Brand: Anickal

👤I love all things bedding. I am familiar with this topic. There is a The fabric is a linen-type texture and has no odor. The covers have a hidden zip. There are folds from being folded in the package, but they disappeared when the pillow was added. The fabric is stuck together on the inside in the first picture. I carefully pulled it apart and you will need to push your hand out to the edges to release it. Some edges will look hemmed and some won't. The pillow is very attractive once put together. The color is "Mustard yellow" and it is perfect! I love these and would order again.

👤I got these to go with a couple of new pillows for our couch. They are soft and made well. I was worried that they might be a tougher material but they aren't. The color is exactly what I thought it would be. I don't have to wash them yet, but I hope they hold up.

👤Poor workmanship. The mustard yellow color was a good match for the pictures. When you open the case, the inside sticks together but you can separate. The lowest setting allowed steam to remove the wrinkling. The 1st cover was stuffed and I found a small seam that was going to unsewn. I was about to stuff the 2nd one when I discovered the seam wasn't sewn. Sending back will not change anything.

👤This product was disappointing. I had to pry open it to separate the portion inside from the rest. The inside looks like it melted after being peeled apart. This product was very disappointing.

👤I bought the pillow covers to be extra for the fall and the years to come. I have a grey couch at home and it seems to blend in with it more than I would like, because the brown is a very light shade. I paid a good price for this item. It's better to buy pillows at a store than it is to buy them at home. I put these covers on top of my pillows and nobody knows what's different.

👤These look like expensive pillows. The blue is a beautiful color. She said she could imagine Donnie's head resting on them when she saw them. I knew I had hit gold when I bought it.

👤Initial impressions: packaging is nothing special, color wasn't exact but close enough to my monitor to not fuss and return it. I ordered the 24 x 24 size and they were measured at 23.5", but I'm not upset about it because my inserts should fill it out pretty well. There was no offensive odor, there were no loose threads, and the zip is hidden, so it seems sturdy for both. The fabric is lightweight and not soft, but it is smooth and not rough. There is a My kids and cat are already lounging on them, so they'll be put to the test if I have any concerns. It seems like a good value. I would suggest these to anyone who is looking for the same thing. My lighting is neutral, not warm or cool white.

10. 4 Pack Comfortable Decorative Cushion Pillowcase

4 Pack Comfortable Decorative Cushion Pillowcase

Pillow cover is the only thing that is included. There is a pack of pillowcase. You can do whatever you want on the pillowcase. Cotton is soft, comfortable and durable. There is a deviation of 1-2 cm because of hand-cutting and sewing. It's easy to care for it in cold water. Dry on low. Don't use bleach or softener. Cotton will fade in the sun, not suitable for outdoor use. The back of the pillowcase has a zip in the middle. The front and back of the pillow cover have the same color, so you can add a touch of graceful color to your bedroom or living room. The pillow case set is perfect for decorating your room in a simple and fashion way.

Brand: Thmyo

👤I ordered these pillows because I asked about the tag shown in the photos but never received an answer. I had to return them because of the tag. I can't have the tag attached and have to open the pillow to re-stitch the seam, that's not an option as I sell the decorated pillow covers. I am really looking for pillow covers in this exact color and material for Halloween but can't seem to find them for a reasonable price. It makes no sense to have this tag sewn in to the seam.

👤I was looking for a "Green" pillow cover that was in the Kelly family. The teal pillow cover I was sent was the one shown in the pictures. The "GREEN" pillow case is not green, it's TEAL, as a full disclosure, I wish they would change the name on the listing. Which! Ended up working out to my benefit anyway. If you're looking for it to be green, you'll be disappointed. I asked them what they had that was closest to the kelly color, and they said they didn't have anything in that family. They offered to give me a refund, but I asked if they could send me the "light green" instead, and they were more than happy to oblige. There is a I understand that these are mass produced items, and they are very inexpensive for what they are. The fact that they're 100% cotton is amazing and the hidden zip ties it all together. There is a discrepancy in size. I ordered 10 different colors for my project, and it looked as though there was an inch of difference between the two sizes. Something to consider is not a huge issue. I'm stuffing all of my pillows with 20 pillows, so it's okay for me. I love that the zipper is in the middle of the pillow. It was a surprise for me, but it makes it difficult to place images on the covers. The pressing pillow inside is going to be an absolute necessity, but I think the middle zip is a very classy alternative. Quality control can miss some things. I received a cover that had the flap sewn UP instead of down, so the zipper is exposed, out of 40 pillow cases. Accidents happen, not to worry about them. A great pillow case. The tag is what it is. I wish the tag was either completely inside or removed. The way that the tag is sewn makes it difficult to take a seam ripper to it, as you would need to re-serge the edges. It's too much work to remove the tag. There are some minor issues that keep me from giving it a 5 star review, but it is a great product and fabric. I have already purchased more, and will continue to purchase them as long as they carry them.

👤I was looking for something like these and they were perfect. I loved adding hTV to them. I will be ordering more.

11. OA OATHENE Decorative Pillowcases Super Soft

OA OATHENE Decorative Pillowcases Super Soft

There is a pack of decorative throw pillow cover that does not contain splinters. This series use high quality cotton and fiber blend for super soft, easy care, soft handle,durable and luxury. A nice addition to your bedroom or living room is a couch. It is possible to insert and remove inserts with the invisible zip. It is safe to wash by hand or machine. tumble dry in low temperature

Brand: Oa Oathene

👤These pillow covers are very nice. One of them is supposed to be black, but it seems like a very dark blue.

👤It's hard to get pillows in a perfect size if they are on the thicker side.

👤The picture makes them look good. I'm not buying this on my sofa.

👤Not a single complaint. I almost didn't buy them because of some of the reviews, but I'm glad I did. They are soft and cover my pillows. My couch has a new addition.

👤The covers are beautiful. It was soft and thick.

👤These are very soft and good quality.


What is the best product for decorative couch pillows black?

Decorative couch pillows black products from Nini All. In this article about decorative couch pillows black you can see why people choose the product. Miulee and Niditw are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative couch pillows black.

What are the best brands for decorative couch pillows black?

Nini All, Miulee and Niditw are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative couch pillows black. Find the detail in this article. Hwy 50, Uioiu and Eternal Beauty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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