Best Decorative Curtain Rods Black

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1. Meriville Diameter Treatment Curtain Finials

Meriville Diameter Treatment Curtain Finials

STURDY AND DURABLE. Poly resin is used to make the bird finials. The finishes are hand-painted. They are made of metal and will last. The complete window set includes rods, brackets, and mounting hardware. It is designed to fit a range of window sizes. There are three sizes: 28" - 48", 48" - 84" and 120". There are two brackets included in the rod set. Projection adjusts from 4 to 6. There are more finishes available. Black, oil-rubbed bronze, brass, pewter, and Royal Gold are used. 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Meriville drapery rods are backed by a 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase or not.

Brand: Meriville

👤I bought this rod for my living room window, and they are lovely. I waited for the Renaissance gold to come back into stock and it was worth it, and the seller seems to have taken some customer advice, because the finials came packed in styrofoam and neither were broken. The way the rods are secured made it difficult to put the fixture in the wall. The instructions in the box stated that I was supposed to have three rods so that it could expand to 84” I am lucky that I don't need the third rod since I hang heavy curtains, but it was a close call. The ends of the rods are screwed into by the finials in a funny way, so if you were to tighten them all, they wouldn't be with each other. I tightened the one on the right so that I could balance upright. It is good enough for me, but a larger margin of error would have caused it to swing around and hit the wall, potentially damaging it and my wall. There is a After three months, these have been sturdy, cute, and no issue of import has arisen. The risk seems manageable if you like them.

👤These little birds are adorable. The illusion of a taller ceiling is created by these installed just below the ceiling. I made a template out of a box. I used this to measure the placement of the brackets so that all four of my windows match. I did not have to measure for each one. It took me a couple of hours to install the curtains and tie backs. I used a power drill, screwdriver, hand screwdriver, ladder and hammer. I am a 56 year old lady with arthritis who is somewhat handy but not very experienced at this stuff. Don't hesitate if you are comfortable with it. There is a Sorry about the sideways photos. I don't have an easy way to change the orientation of my phone.

👤The tail on both birds was broken and the birds sat sideways on the tie back, not as shown on the site. Terrible quality control.

👤These rods are very sturdy. The birds are made of a substance. I hid the seam with a black permanent marker after one broke. I wish the birds were made of metal.

👤I would have given it 5 stars but the tail was broken off of one of the birds. I glue it back on once it's a clean break so it won't be noticeable. I agree with the packaging. It's not well packed. I hope they are more proud of their product in the future. Pack those birds in Styrofoam. It would be worth it and your reviews would be very positive. If you read these, it's just something to consider. I am happy with the product and I was happy that it was only one bird with a clean break.

👤Not pewter at all. The metal is black. If I had known it was black, I wouldn't have bought it. Birds had to sit upright because they were not aligned correctly. Birds are ceramic so be careful if you drop them, as I found out when I broke the tip of a wing trying to retread one on the base. Too late to wait for a better tieback as we need to hang the curtains and not worth the hassle to return.

2. Kenney Chelsea Standard Decorative Curtain

Kenney Chelsea Standard Decorative Curtain

The curtain rod has ball ends. The curtain rod can be adjusted from 28 to 48 inches to fit your window. Light to medium weight curtains can be used in your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and living room. The steel rod is in a black finish and has decorative ball ends. Installation instructions, two brackets, screws, and drywall anchors are included.

Brand: Kenney

👤We went cheap, so this is on us. They looked fine to install. They aren't standing up to the abuse of a six year old. There is a window behind our couch. Our son likes to sit on the couch and look out the window, but he can't stop messing with the curtains when he does. The curtain brackets have been bent out of shape because of his tugging on the curtains. They are easy to bend back into shape. I wish the brackets were stronger so that a six year old couldn't pull on a curtain and do that to them. There is a I like that they are able to be adjusted in size, but they are not nice in the middle. The curtain rod has a white rubber piece on one side and a dark curtain rod on the other. I'm probably the only one who notices the white rubber thing if the curtains are pulled open. It's not an issue if the curtains are shut. I have had other curtain rods and they did a better job with this issue. I don't think I'd buy them again.

👤These curtain rods are the worst I have ever used. I would have returned them if I hadn't opened the packaging and put them on the wall. As soon as you start to screw them in, the screws are stripped. It happened to all the screws even if I was not using them. The balls at the end are not secured. Two out of four are not hanging on. It's just a piece of plastic that's supposed to hold it into the rod, and it doesn't really fit, so the loose ones are not only in danger of falling off, they're also noticeably asymmetrical. The screws to tighten the rod onto the hook all require a pair of pliers. It's hard to tighten them once they're on the wall. I guarantee the paint will come off if you do. You can turn these with your fingers, but not these. The screws were painted black, which makes them not fit into the hole. They look cheap. No two ways about it. I bought curtain rods from Target that were a million times better.

👤Inexpensive curtain rod! Definitely gets the job done.

👤I just got around to installing it after having this purchase for a while. I was not able to use the rods because I only received 3 of the 4 balls that were supposed to be included. The packaging for the parts has been ripped open, as if someone had previously purchased the item and returned it. The package had been ripped open. It was very strange. This is the first time I have ever received a used item from Amazon, and I am appalled. I am very disappointed since I am way past the window for an exchange. The overall rating was zero.

👤I had to buy curtain rods after buying a house. It seemed pretty sturdy and easy to install. I have no issues with my curtains being heavy, they look great with my furniture and light colored walls. The two pack was a good deal and I needed it for my two bedrooms.

3. Shower Curtain Rod Tension Kitchen(Black)

Shower Curtain Rod Tension Kitchen%EF%BC%88Black%EF%BC%89

Never Rust is a new non-corrosion tech, sturdy and durable, heavy duty steel tube, non-fall down, max load 25lb. It's easy to do. You can install. The shower curtain rod can be adjusted from 40 to 72 inches. The shower curtain rod is 1 inch in diameter and can be quickly and easily installed. It can be applied on all surfaces, smooth and rough, like wallpaper, paint wall, tile wall, wooden frame, etc. The installation surface will not be damaged by the large rubber plate. Remove cleanly. The shower tension rod can be used in other areas of the home. It can be used to hang curtains in a doorway or bedroom window. 100% customer satisfaction and a LIFETIME WARRANTY are included in theLifetime Guarantee. Let them know if you're not happy with them. No risk on your part.

Brand: Ausemku

👤I have a family. I was surprised to discover my new step children were actually chimpanzees who destroyed two curtain rods in 9 days. Bless them! After ordering, receiving and installing the tension rod, all is well in the kids' bathroom. They still yank the curtain open and close it up again, even though they don't know what's going on with the shower curtain rod. But not this one. It's equal to the challenge and it's also polite. The shower rod is super sturdy. You win!

👤I used this for hanging plants that are not super light. This is sturdy and what I needed. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The apartment does not have shower rods. I put this up myself. That was a relief to me. I have a disease that is bad in my hands, but the maintenance doesn't wear masks, so I was determined to do this myself. I have a curtain and liner on the rod that holds it. I held the pole and spun the bottom until I wanted it to be longer.

👤I have never had a better pressure type shower rod. They all fell with light weight shower liners. Couldn't put a curtain up. The shower rod is attractive and sturdy. This brand will be replacing our other shower rods. Highly recommended.

👤I don't know why they are called 'tension' rods. The 'black' is a very dark bronze finish and is quite handsome. I paid more for the ad to promise 'never rust', but we'll see. The springs are strong and flexible, and feel like the curtain will stay in place, because of the good rubber pads. The length can be easily adjusted by twisting. One pad end pops off to slip the curtains on.

👤The product is described. It's a little heavier than other tension rods. Four people are in and out of the shower at the same time. Great product.

👤Even when you're in the shower, your shower rod keeps falling down. Not even Super Glue would keep my rods on the wall for more than a few months. I ordered this rod because I wanted the silicone on the ends to make a difference. It does! The rod works as advertised. It took a minute to put it up, and it has not fallen yet. Not once. I am very happy with my shower curtain rod. The black color is a perfect match for the bronze in my home. Problem solved! There is an update. My shower rod hasn't fallen down yet, but it did on November 15th. So impressed.

👤I ordered 2 tension rods. Each one had one rubber end. I made it work, but I will not order it again. There was a rubber end for each side in the picture. Silly.

👤It is cheap and can't place too much pressure on the pole. You have to be careful not to pull on it. It fell at least a half dozen times after I set it up. Cheap and hollow, not worth the money. Amazon is selling cheap products that are disappointing.

4. Decopolitan Single 72 Inch Antique Black

Decopolitan Single 72 Inch Antique Black

The urn single rod set is made of antique Bronze. Heavy fabrics have a rod diameter of 1". All mounting hardware is included. Antique Bronze finish.

Brand: Decopolitan

👤I ordered 6 of them. There were negative reviews about not being able to access the screw holes straight on. People can't install anything. Their logic gets in the way of their common sense. There were problems installing this. I made a video. I was balancing on a ladder while holding my phone and curtain rod holder with my right hand, and taking a video while holding the curtain rod holder with my left hand. You can put it in from the side. Go figure. I did drill the hole for the plastic peg at a slight downward angle. It did not have a negative effect on the install. The screw driver doesn't have to be straight on. Yeah, yeah. The video speaks for itself. A longneckedPhillips screw driver would most likely suffice even if you don't have a power drill. The price seemed to have been knocked down by the bad reviews. It's funny.

👤You just need the right tools and skill to install this. You're not handy if you flame the product. Hire someone to do it if you can't. If you don't have an impact driver with an extension, you need a long screwdriver. If you're going to use the anchors, you need a drill. I was able to bite into the stud and not need the anchors. The pole is sturdy, it comes with everything you need, it's not expensive, and it was delivered quickly. There is something to complain about.

👤I don't want to admit that I have done something dumb, but here goes. I bought this 4.5 star set of curtain rods with little to no inspection of the comments section. 4.5 stars, looks nice! What could go wrong? There is a If you zoom in on the picture, the accent paint can vary. Missed that. Not enthusiastic about that, but paint is not a huge deal. There is a But physics? Why would you make a hole? Why? I would have paid for it. I don't understand. If you're reading this, get something else. If you came here later because you're angry too, at least rate the thing accordingly so you don't make the same mistake as me.

👤The wall mounts block a screwdriver from actually getting to the top screw. It is not possible to put a screw in the wall.

👤Thank you for pointing out the design problem with the top screw, I've read the reviews and appreciated it. It is a real bear to tighten when you are close to the cealling. I found a Maxcraft flex screwdriver. $10.93. I didn't have a lot of clearance to tighten the top screw, but using this tool made it possible. I got this tool for this job because I read your reviews and I have collected several bits over the years.

👤The Decopolitan 1-Inch Urn Single Window Treatment Rod Set, 72 to 144-Inch, Black/Antique Bronze Finish is very attractive. There is a I'm happy that it's been hung up. I read all the reviews before buying, as almost everyone stated there is a design flaw in this, making it a huge pain in the bootey to install. I ordered the Maxcraft 60603 flex ratchet screwdriver from the reviewers because I couldn't find anything else that looked like it. I was never going to install the rod set because it was so long, but I was going to help my husband hold the rod when he needed it. There is a He wasn't a fan of the Decopolitan Window Treatment. He said there is a design flaw as trying to get the top screw in is near impossible. He got it done. There is a The window treatment rod was not used by us. After talking with an Amazon Representative, I was credited the purchase price of the Maxcraft after I received an error code that it was not returnable. Save some money and don't get it for this install. It can be done with perseverance if you know ahead of time that it will be a pain to install. There is a The curtains are H.Versailtex. The patio curtains have an Antique Grommet Top and Olive-1 Panel.

5. Kenney Indoor Outdoor Rust Resistant Curtain

Kenney Indoor Outdoor Rust Resistant Curtain

The Adler Wrap Around Curtain Rod can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. The curtain rod has a diameter of 5/8". Light to medium weight curtains can be used in larger rooms or outside your home. The curtain rod is wrapped around with steel and has matching hardware. Clean with damp cloth. Installation instructions and one curtain rod are included.

Brand: Kenney

👤I like the look of curtain rods. They are simple but stylish at the same time. I would change two things. The middle rod support is where the extension rod falls flat. It is a shame that they have a black rod holder as the central support. The central bar should have been supported by a matching T pipe style fitting that was hollow in the center. 2. The powder coating is not as durable as it could be. I think it is a quality control issue. The powder coating on the decorative pipe mount cracked when the screw was tightened. The part would be exchanged for a new one. I will be calling Kenny to see if he will send one piece instead. It is questionable, although they claim to hold 20 lbs. These hold my light curtains. It would be interesting to see anything thicker. There would be serious sagging between the supports. Overall, very happy with the look and function.

👤I want my screened in pourch with the rods.

👤The fourth screw cannot be used with normal tools because of the 90 degree angle of the rod.

👤They are very sturdy and look good, but each rod requires ten screws, which is why I hung a very heavy 108" black out curtains on them. When you hang them, be prepared for a project.

👤The rods are everything. They are the perfect size, the perfect color, and so strong. The drapes are not coming down and I feel secure because I put the rod on. They offer a sleek modern look. These are so afforadable that you will not be disappointed.

👤Not well made. I bought the real stuff at the hardware store after returning the item.

👤The curtain rod is cheap and flimsy. The paint on the rod had fallen off before we hung it, and one of the screw heads popped off as I screwed it into the wall. They have 4 screw holes, but it's not possible to screw the inside one because the piece is slanted so you have to use 3 screws on each side. The rod is skinnier and smaller than depicted in the pictures. I will definitely return.

👤The curtain can wrap around all of the way around and I like the look of these. We needed to buy a lot and I bought these off Amazon. I like the target ones because they are super solid and sturdy. I was hoping that they were as strong as possible, but they are not. It should hold up well if you don't expand it towards the maximum length. The larger rod size has a middle hook, but the smaller ones don't. There is a Their cheap, cute and get the job done.

👤Not strong. It is very flimsy.

👤I needed a curtain rod that would allow me to attach it to the ceiling and wall, and this one was perfect for the job. There is a A rustic look with an all steel construction but not too heavy and not too thick allows easy installation of seamed curtains by removing one end.

6. Umbra Coretto Tension Drapery 54 Inch

Umbra Coretto Tension Drapery 54 Inch

Coretto Tension Rod Set by Umbra. A metal rod. It's designed to fit a range of window sizes. Matt Carr designed it. Tension Mounted is the type of mounting.

Brand: Umbra

👤I was happy to ignore the negative reviews about their ability to hold up a curtain. I wouldn't use a tension rod for a heavy curtain. These are for cafe curtains. The ring clips were added for a farmhouse look. They are mounted inside a window frame. I had to make sure they were extended long enough to get some tension. They are what I was looking for and the only brand I could find with all the sizes I needed.

👤I really wanted to like this rod, but it doesn't. After my apartment was destroyed in a fire, I was reluctant to put holes in my new walls. I thought a tension rod would be the way to go. I bought this one for my kitchen window, which is located in a tiled wall. I didn't think a screw mounted rod would be possible because of the tile. I thought this rod would be perfect for my window box because it has nice rubber pieces on the endcaps. I had a curtain on the rod, but it fell twice on the first day. I put it in the closet because I was so disgusted that I had to. I think it's doubtful that my husband and I can use this rod properly because we've both tried to install it. The end cap is easy to remove, but still annoying. The inner spring tension doesn't seem to work. It doesn't move at all until you wedge it into the window. The whole purpose of a tension rod is lost when the rod collapses into itself. If I hold the rod vertically in my hand, it will fall into itself. If I turn it upside down, it will fall apart. This rod is useless. Don't waste your money.

👤We bought this because we knew it was Amazon's choice for window tension curtain rod. The curtain was put up in the living room on a small window. I noticed it had fallen when I was at work. It wouldn't stay up no matter how many times we tried. The tension is not very high. The last time we tried to attach the end cap, it broke off. I don't understand why this product is called "Amazon's Choice". If this is the best, I would look elsewhere. We went to a hardware store and bought a shower curtain rod, but we didn't know the difference. The window for return is closed and we are stuck with another shoddy product.

👤Works well! I wanted the drapes to be as close to my wall as possible to cut down on the heat in my windows. I bought linen sheers at Pottery Barn to hang inside the windows for privacy, and that's why I bought this curtain rod. The curtain on this rod looks great and my inside dimensions are 46" The linen sheers don't weigh a lot but this rod feels strong to me. I had the sheers on the rod in five minutes. I have them on three windows. There are white linen Pottery Barn sheers hanging behind the white Pottery Barn Emery black out drapes. I'm very happy.

7. Kenney Weaver Outdoor Rust Resistant Curtain

Kenney Weaver Outdoor Rust Resistant Curtain

It's great for indoor or outdoor use. The rod is protected from the elements. The curtain rod has a diameter of 1 inch and can be adjusted to fit your window or wall. Light, medium, or heavy curtains can be used in larger rooms. The steel rod has a cap end and mounting hardware. Installation instructions, two brackets, one center support, screws, and drywall anchors are included.

Brand: Kenney

👤It was returned on time and in good condition. I'm writing this review to make sure the linkage is updated. The other reviews say it won't extend, but it can be extended by moving the end piece between the two larger diameter rods. It took me a minute to figure it out, but pictures explain it better. Will finish review after a while.

👤The product description is incorrect, the length of the 2 rods is only 102"

👤Cheap screws are not sturdy enough for outdoors. That's pretty much what it says, but I will elaborate... I was excited to hang my new outdoor curtain panels on my patio because I liked the way they looked. After trying to install the brackets without stripping the heads on the cheap included screws, I was starting to worry about the quality. There is a The first time the wind kicked up a little bit, the two rods that were hanging my curtains came crashing down within an hour of each other. Two of the four brackets broke off at the exact same place, and that's where the weak spot is. The two rods held up just fine after falling 10' and hitting the concrete below. If you are going to use these rods outdoors, you may want to look elsewhere. I would recommend purchasing different brackets and using higher quality screws before it's too late, because you could end up watching it all fall down the first time the wind blows.

👤A terrible product. We bought heavy curtains to keep the sun out of the back patio. Heavy curtains were important because of the winds that blow on our patio. Even filling the bottom hem of the curtains with rock to keep them stationary, these cheap poles were not made well enough to hold them and they were falling onto the ground. It was not easy to remove all the rock to wash the curatins after they became filthy. After many failed attempts to tighten the set screw to hold the poles in place on each hook, we gave up and had to resort to using two plastic zip ties crossing at each hook. I can't recommend these, nor would I buy them again.

👤The look is exactly as advertised. I put this up myself. It wasn't terrible. The rods were set to around 112" If you use it with two end rods and not the middle one, you won't need to install the center brackets. I'm in a house. I didn't want to use the anchors to make larger holes than necessary and I didn't want to have issues securing everything. I would recommend it.

👤The curtain rod is easy to assemble and disassemble. To mount the rod, you simply put the curtain on one end of the rod and then slide the curtain on the other end. The curtain has no chance of falling because the rod is set to 40 inches. Installation is not easy. The curtain rod hook gets in the way of the top screw hole being accessible from a straight line. It is difficult to put the top screw on the hook since it must be done at an angle. The screws themselves are very poor quality and this normally isn't much of a problem. I did not use the drywall screws because they seemed to be cheap and poor quality, but I stripped the top screw and mounted the hooks directly into the studs. If you purchase this curtain rod, you should purchase your own screws and hooks for the top screw holes. The mount screws were used when I pre-drilled the stud holes. There is a Installation of curtain rod and hooks with provided hardware was awkward. Extending the base of the mount by about an inch would make it easier to access the screw holes.

8. H VERSAILTEX Treatment Twisted Diameter Decorative

H VERSAILTEX Treatment Twisted Diameter Decorative

Installation instructions are included, as well as a package with a set of high quality steel single window curtain rod, 2 metal finials, and other hardware. It's perfect for light and medium weight curtains, great for back tab, rod pocket and tab top curtains. Rod can be purchased in 3 sizes, please click the size button for more information. Check with the color button to see the 3 elegant color collections that fit your style of home décor.

Brand: H.versailtex

👤The rod is poorly made, not sturdy, and some of the screws stripped out when I mounted it because they were so poorly made, they couldn't stand up to the drill. The metal is already worn before it even gets even up, because it was scratched by adjusting the pole. Don't spend your money on a product. I didn't open the other one because I was so worried it would fail, but I'm glad I didn't. It is not a free return. I'm paying to get the other back.

👤I like the size of the rod. For curtains that are longer, use the extra brackets in the middle. It's easy to put up and get straight. I did it on my own.

👤I was looking for a curtain rod that would compliment a spherical dining room light fixture, and the finials on this rod were what I was looking for. Since it's spanned a large window, it was important that it was metal. It looks great, and my husband was able to install it. There is a Amazon sent me a black nickel rod after I ordered it. I went to the internet. It was easy to send the wrong one back and have a new one shipped. The delay wasn't a big deal to me. I'm happy with my purchase, and would recommend this rod.

👤The curtain rod was needed to fit the window. This fit the bill perfectly as it complemented the style of the curtain rod we already had in the room. There is a The contents were packaged well to keep them out of damage. There is a It had all the necessary hardware to install, including wall anchors, screws, and curtain rod mounts. I did not use the drywall anchors provided because I was able to secure the curtain rod mounts to the studs. I was able to install this myself in less than 20 minutes. You don't need those tools, but you will need a screwdriver to drill the initial holes. I believe they can fit up to 84". There was plenty of support throughout the curtain rod because my window was not maxed out. It's mounted very sturdy. If I need to fit another window this size, I will purchase this again.

👤The company sent me another full rod with brackets even though it was not up to par, even though this product didn't come with the brackets. Very disappointed! The rod has no brackets and one of the ends is not straight enough to seal the end piece. Go to the store and save your money.

👤The set screws do nothing to hold the rod in place, being drilled at the wrong angle and the tube bending when tightened, but it does the job and is pretty. The brackets are not as strong as the ones with 2 real holes because they only have a long hole for the wall screws. I added washers. The thermal curtains are held up by it. I hope the cats don't pull on them, because I think one good tug will bring it down. Unless you use light curtains, do not recommend.

9. Decopolitan Single Telescoping Drapery Short

Decopolitan Single Telescoping Drapery Short

The 1.5 inch Rod pocket construct fits most rods in the market for easy hanging. It is easy to care for the gentle cycle machine. The drapery rod in Black is extendable from 18 to 36 inches. A 1-inch metal rod is robust. Instructions and mounting hardware are included. It is easy to install. Coordinate with the clip rings.

Brand: Decopolitan

👤I needed a curtain rod for a narrow window and this was the one I found. There is a Installation was straight forward and easy. Looks good after installation. The curtain rod is thick. There is a I wouldn't say this is durable. The end pieces are soft plastic and don't screw in. The brackets are made of metal. There is a It looks nice once it is up. I decided to use curtain clips so I can unclip the curtains without messing with the rod. I would purchase again. It was the right size for me and looks great once installed.

👤The decorative ball in the set is too large to fit inside the provided rod. Normally they would be inserted slightly into either end, but in this case the provided components were not able to fit together. I left the decorative balls out of the curtain rod. The manufacturer might have mixed up components from different products. The curtain rod/ball sets I bought had this problem.

👤I read that the finals were made of plastic and thought it couldn't be that bad. I'm not a fancy person, but I don't care, these are just not great or worth the money, even for the price I expected them to be better for being short ones. If you don't know, I kept them. I didn't feel like returning because I just needed some rods for my bedroom, but they aren't worth it at all, and I would never ever order them again because I can get nicer ones for the same price from Walmart.

👤I chose an inexpensive option because I needed to buy a lot of them. The balls on the ends are very cheap and thin. It doesn't look different from metal from a distance, and someone would have to get very close or touch it to tell, so that's good. I feel like they will get damaged very easily if they are made from plastic.

👤I think it's pretty in my daughter's window. Make sure you check the size you buy. I might get a bigger window for her and use it in my bathroom. The hooks were a little short so I had to shorten them. It's pretty good, sturdy and easy to put up, but it's my fault that I didn't check the measurements.

👤These look great and work well. It is very easy to install. I ordered four rods. They had the wrong parts. There are caps on the ends of the rods. The inserted portion is larger on one end cap and smaller on the other to accommodate the different sizes of the rod. Two of my four rod kits had both the larger and smaller end caps, but the other two only had two large caps, so obviously one end cap could be installed in the large end of the rod, but the small end of the rod could not accommodate the other large end. The rods look nice and do the job, but in my experience, you only have a 50% chance of getting a kit with all the correct parts.

10. QITERI Curtain Decorative Twisting Treatment

QITERI Curtain Decorative Twisting Treatment

It is possible to adjust the curtin rod. The decorative curtain rods can be extended from 28 to 48 inches and are ideal for living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or home office. Installation instructions are included in the 2 pack corset rod, which includes 1 inner rod and 1 outer rod. STURDY&DURABLE: Light and medium weight curtains are great for back tab, rod pocket and tab top curtains. There is a wind treatment. The twisting cage finials on either end bring a polished, pulled-together look to the room that nicely complement the existing decor and windows of multiple house styles. There are more options, including black twisting cage finials, which fit up your any styles of home décor.

Brand: Qiteri

👤The seller dropped the price to $13 and I'm really disappointed that I wouldn't buy this product again. There is a The product is not what it appears to be. It is not suitable for 72" because it bends in the middle. See the picture. The problem is not mitigated by the middle brackets. The seller provides only two brackets instead of the three that would make sure it doesn't bend in the middle. 2. The hardware is cheap. The anchors are so thin that they broke when I hammered them. I used my own anchors. The cheap hardware was in the middle after $46 was paid. I didn't bother to take it down because I went through so much trouble installing it. There is a I bought a similar product from a different seller. The design is the same, but it costs less and has a middle bat. I found it on Amazon. The other seller doesn't force you to buy two at a time. There is a A one-star for this seller. It's stupid to skimp on hardware when your product is deficient. If you spend a few cents more on better anchors, you should provide three brackets.

👤These are very sturdy, well made, and well packaged. Will buy again.

👤There were two issues with the quality. You cannot take the rod near 72 in. There isn't enough support in the middle to hold the curtains. There is only a small overlap in the middle at 72in, which will not support curtains of any weight. I bought a 2pk because I have 2 rooms that are the same size. The whole package is a waste. If the plastic anchor smashes easily, you have to use a larger drill bit.

👤The theater curtains have the right touch with the rods. The screw on crown ends is not obvious. I bought curtains to cover the windows. There are four panes of glass in each window. The window pairs have a wall between them. The crown balls of the rod are not covered by the curtains. The curtain rod balls are larger than the wall space. One can remove the crown ball from the curtain rod so that only one ball can be seen between the window pairs. I had two curtain rods and three balls instead of four.

👤The rod is light weight, but you should not expect it to look great when extended. One end is larger in diameter than the other. The brackets are hard to screw in because all the weight is held on one screw. The second screw seems to be for something. I wouldn't put drapes on these rods.

👤This is a good price. My windows are 71" and barely fit to the edges. This set does not include a center support bracket and it's only one of the drawbacks. The heavy thermal winter curtains need to be supported with brackets. The rod is cheap. The finales are heavy. Will suit a smaller window without buying extra brackets.

11. AmazonBasics Curtain Square Finials Black

AmazonBasics Curtain Square Finials Black

The curtain rod can be extended from 36 to 72 inches. The rod can hold up to 22 pounds. The decorative square finials on either end give a balanced appearance. The included wall mount can be adjusted to provide additional space between wall and window coverings. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤There are some items with AmazonBasics that are worth it. This is not one of them. Cheap and flawed. You can get a nicer set of curtain rods for less than $60. I should have put them back in the box when I realized the end caps were plastic. That was a red flag. The brackets were flawed when I installed them. The brackets that come with this rod are different from the ones shown in the instructions. The screw on the top leads you to believe it comes apart for easy install, instead of trying to jimmy your screw driver in a diagonal under the support. Wrong. The screws don't come out to make the brackets. The finish is so bad that even the smallest scratch can leave spots on the metal bar and metal brackets. The finish is scratched by simply turning the rods to adjust the angle of the end caps. There are screws that tighten to the bar to keep the extension from sliding back and forth. That would have been a great idea. If they worked as they were supposed to. It does not keep rod in place, but it does scratch the finish on the curtains when you open or close them.

👤Great curtain rod. Not cheap or flimsy, did not bend in the middle. ! I expected it to be more expensive. We bought a 72 inch rod and extended it to 135 inches with 8 sheer panels on the back and 4 heavy drape panels on the larger front one. No problem at all. All! ! This is a great purchase.

👤Garbage is filthy. The wall mounts are so weak you can bend them down with your finger. The window is 126 inches wide, which is under the max, and the rods are sagging like crazy. When you go over 100 inches, the rod doesn't have any weight on it. Will be buying something stronger.

👤The rod was installed over my patio window to support 2 panels of insulated drapes. The rod doesn't bow even with the weight and drawing of the drapes. I highly recommend this rod as it is easy to install and supports drapes that cover a wider patio door.

👤I ordered 3 of them. Two were installed. One over a large window and the other over a french door. There is a It's easy to install. Rods are very flimsy. The connecting rods are not strong enough. When the curtain opens, the paint peel easily. The rod sinks in the large window. There is a The curtain rod holders are flimsy and can't hold the weight. There is a Would I buy it again? Yes, for other windows to look the same. Would I recommend it? If it is a small window, yes. No if it is a large window.

👤I wanted to put sheets behind the drapes. I had a single rod. I began my search. It can be quite expensive to have curtain rods. I was looking for a similar color to one I had that I liked and was less expensive than many others I looked at so I decided to give it a try. I like it so far since I only had it up for 24 hours. The finials feel a little cheap but don't look like they're going to get a lot of wear. I got drapes and sheets with grommets for easy opening and closing for double rods for the first time. The drapes are not thick but the two sets of curtains get caught on each other, not the smooth open/close I was expecting. It would be great to have more space between the front and back rods. It's something to be aware of, not sure if that varies on different rods or not.


What is the best product for decorative curtain rods black?

Decorative curtain rods black products from Meriville. In this article about decorative curtain rods black you can see why people choose the product. Kenney and Ausemku are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative curtain rods black.

What are the best brands for decorative curtain rods black?

Meriville, Kenney and Ausemku are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative curtain rods black. Find the detail in this article. Decopolitan, Umbra and H.versailtex are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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