Best Decorative Dog Crate Cover

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1. Medium Cage with Crate Cover

Medium Cage with Crate Cover

The dimensions are WxDxH. The External: 21.5" x 32.7" x 23.3", Internal: 19.2" x 30.2" x 18.6", and the Door: 13 x 15. The main components of the crate are covered by panels to give it a more finished and interior-appropriate appearance. Their solid crate top allows personal items to be stored on top, taking full advantage of the surface area with no effect on the crate or pet inside. There is a plastic tray that can be pulled out for cleaning. The wire is made with powder coated steel and solid wood. It is easy to set up with wood panels.

Brand: Merry Pet

👤We bought a medium sized crate in 2013 and a large crate in 2015. They are the perfect size for our corgi and german shepherd and look great in the house. The crate that we purchased in 2013 has stood the test of time and still looks great. We bought a large one this year for our shepherd and have been happy with both of them.

👤We ordered a crate for our dog. She's about half the size of a Sheltie and a little bit smaller than a normal Aussie. Under 35 lbs. She is barely fit in the crate. The crate looks to be of moderate quality. If a little wobbly, well painted, goes together pretty easily. When everything is assembled, the wood veneer wraparound looks great. Since the pieces of the veneer are not connected, any movement of the crate causes parts of it to fall off. The crate is flimsy and that is a regular occurrence. We had a high quality steel crate for her and it wouldn't budge. It looked like something out of a zoo in the corner of the living room. Our dog is small and crate trained. She willingly goes in her crate, even though she gets a little separation anxiety. She did what you see in the pictures below after a week of worrying at the door side. Don't be fooled, this crate isn't well-built. It's heavy-gauge wire. She bent several of the bars, warped the door completely, and snapped through a couple of the spot welds. The last image shows her bruised up muzzle, which she did very badly. I sent an email to the company to see what they could do to improve the rating, but it was purely based on the quality of the product, so it was knocked down pretty far. There is a It is an hour. If anyone doubts how crate-trained Sammi is, I attached a photo from our security camera of her happily snoozing in her crate. Returned from PlumStruck. They were curt and refused to help me. I offered to pay for an upgrade to a larger crate but they didn't offer assistance. My dog is going to the vet this afternoon for damage to her muzzle from this low quality product. I'm out over $130 for a product that is no longer usable.

👤I'm changing it to one star because I originally gave it three stars. The wooden bottom broke two months after I bought the medium size. I have tried using wood glue to put it back together, but it splintered in the right places, so I have not been able to hold the wooden pegs in place. It is not a standard 42" crate because of the large size. The crate and end table pieces are listed. Standard sized replacements will not work if you are trying to find a replacement crate or pan. I tried to order a replacement from Amazon, but the tray is too wide to slide in. The local pet stores have the same standard sizes. I have not had to replace the crate pan on it because I assumed the medium size measurements were the same. The wooden pieces are not sturdy, as many people have mentioned, and the crates themselves are not. It is very easy for them to pop out of place as they are only secured by the top and bottom wooden trays, meaning if they get bumped out of place they can fall out. This is the second one we have purchased. I think these look better than regular crates, but we found that the crate itself is not as strong as we had thought. They don't seem to be very well made. You can put the existing crate in the cover if you have the same crate. The crate cover is very easy to disassemble. The top, bottom, four corner pieces, and front cover are all part of the crate. You put the crate in the bottom tray, put the four corner pieces on, put the top on, and then put the front cover on. All the pieces fit together. It can be wobbly if it gets moved around a lot and if you have dogs that get excited. The top scratches were easy to find. I wanted to use the larger size as an end table. It was too tall. I bought another for that purpose and it works well. I would not have purchased a second one if I had not needed it for that purpose. If you can build just the top piece to sit items on so they don't fall into the crate, it would work just as well and save you a lot of money. There is no point in the other pieces.

2. Casual Home Modern Lattice Wooden

Casual Home Modern Lattice Wooden

The end table design accentuates the look of the pet crate. It's possible to keep your peace of mind. The end table style top has more storage space. The interior is spacious for maximum comfort for small-midsized dogs. Increased longevity and increased durability can be achieved with solid wood construction. Light and easy to assemble. Increased longevity and increased durability can be achieved with solid wood construction. Light and easy to assemble.

Brand: Casual Home

👤I love how these look in my home. There were wire crates. I have been using them as an extension of my desk. I bought 2 for my Boxers because they frequently nap together in one of them, and there is plenty of room to spare. Even with their beds in there, my Boxers can still stand inside and have plenty of headroom. There is a There is a reason for 4 stars instead of 5. The lock was slightly off, that was the only issue I had. I have to push the bar into the lock position. 2. Dogs with anxiety may chew through bars. The Boxer chewed only 2 bars, but did some chewing. I was able to sand it smooth and cover the exposed wood with a furniture stain repair pen as it was only on the inside. He only did it when he first got it, so he hasn't touched it since. There is a If you have a chewer, the large wire crates fit inside of the wooden crate so you can still get the benefit of a furniture piece.

👤I would put zero stars on it. We waited 2 weeks to unpack, which is our fault. We have a large dog. The German Shepherd is not crazy. She was able to get out of the cafe within a few days. This material is not strong. Unless you have an elderly dog that doesn't move a muscle, any dog can easily get out. I have a loss of money. I am throwing this away. The bottom of this is very flimsy. We almost stopped when we put it together. I thought the dog is easy and chill. Do not buy it, it is a waste of money.

👤Not strong. My dog tore it right through it. If I could buy replacement doors, I could reinforce them, but replacement parts aren't sold. The waste was over $200 bucks. I do not recommend it.

👤Luna loves her new hide out! We don't use it for containment, so I left the doors off. There is a She used to hide under the chaise loung to get the security she needed to see what was happening. There is plenty of room in there for her to stretch out. The wood stained cappuccino is beautiful.

👤It is large and pretty. It's perfect for my dog. The description does not show the one that is shown in the picture. It is very flimsy. I might get a stronger one. He will paw at the door when we let him out. I had to make new holes because the holes on the right side are not correctly placed. There is a I can put things on top of the kennel and make it look like a table. This is good for a large dog. You have to think about how destructive your dog can be.

👤We bought a large crate to add to the living room to keep our dog close to us. I thought it looked good after assembling it. There is a It scratches easily so items placed on top by kids or adults can cause scratching. The dog chewed the wood on the side because it has a small lip inside the crate. The top surface is strong. I put all my weight on it to change a light bulb. The inside is not supported well and when you assemble it you have to crawl in it to tighten some screws and the bottom bowed badly, so I had to spread my weight so it didn't break. We have a large dog that can be seen when you look inside. There is a There are better crates for the same price. I don't think this is a good one.

3. Unipaws Wooden Kennels Furniture Espresso

Unipaws Wooden Kennels Furniture Espresso

The dog rate is made of metal enclosure bars and pressed wood. It's perfect for small dogs. It is large to walk around in. The pressed wood isn't chew-proof. There is a dual-purPOSE. This piece of furniture is used as a dog crate. The side table, end table, and nightstand are elegant. It's a great way to show your decorative side and make your home stand out. You can choose home creativity. The top is wide. The top has a capacity of 150 lbs and is durable to add your choice of home décor such as a small/medium plant, magazines, family picture frames and night lamps. The double door design and churchyard are included. The double door design makes it easier to remove the cushion for quick cleaning. It is possible to have a full view of your pet as they can see you and you can enjoy watching them rest in style. It's nice for pet nap time.

Brand: Unipaws

👤I paid too much for this one. The quality is pretty good. First of all, read the instructions. Trust me, you will want to build all four sides before dropping it on the base. I only needed a screwdriver. When it arrives, the box is 78 pounds. If you have to bring it upstairs, keep that in mind. I built this myself. It took about an hour. It adds a functional piece of furniture to the kitchen and my dog loves it. I am happy to get rid of that ugly crate. It gives me a place to put the cat food and cat water because my dog can't get into it. Not sure about the quality of the paint. It is too early to tell. I have a feeling that I will be touching it again and again.

👤The crate is beautiful. It took a minute to figure out where we could put it in our house because it would look out of place. We fell in love with it once we found a good spot. The pictures show our dog in it. He has enough room. It's easy to make the bed work because it's too large for the space it fits in. I'm not sure it's worth it for any dog, but for our $3k champion-sired stud male who is the face of our breeding program, we felt it was worth it. We paid $184 on Prime Day. It was easy to put together. We can't get over how beautiful it is. It's better than a wire crate.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It was expensive for a crate and I was regretting it when it showed up in a big box. I have a dog. I thought I might have gone too far and the assembly seemed overwhelming. It was very easy to assemble, and it is very high quality. Sugar was waiting for me to put it together on the little bed that comes with it, and he ran in as soon as it was fully assembled. She loves it. It is so pleasing. When she sees me on the couch, she usually runs to it. She is still in her crate and looks happy. Highly recommend this. You will have an investment for a lifetime. Excellent quality and fast shipping!

👤This is the perfect crate for my Chinese crested and toy Australian Shepherd, I read all of the reviews. I had no problems putting it together. There were extras in a small bag. If you had a pet that wasn't crate trained, the lock could be considered flimsy, but one of mine seems to like it. She will use it when the door is open. The lock is perfect for me, it's not a problem for an untrained pet. Looks great.

👤The back side of the furniture is a straight cutout, but the top and bottom are crown modeled. The appearance is limited to hide the unmolded back. We did not expect it to be a stand alone piece of furniture. The most expensive dog cage we found was this one. Decor and attention to detail are expected in a piece of wood. There is a We were excited until we discovered the flaw. The vendor never responded to the request.

4. Midwest Homes Pets Crate Cover

Midwest Homes Pets Crate Cover

The privacy, security, and comfort of a dog crate cover is recommended by veterinarians, breeders, and trainers. The metal dog crate cover is 24L X. 18W X It is designed to fit the iCrate but will fit most standard dog crates. Teflon fabric protects against stains and odors. The dog crate cover allows easy access to front and is compatible with side doors. The dog kennel cover is held in place by hook and loop tabs, which makes it a cozy "den" like atmosphere to help reduce anxious behavior problems such as barking. The dog kennel cover/crate cover is machine wash/dryer safe and made of poly/cotton blended fabric. A dog crate cover has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤We had draped towels over his crate to give him some peace, but it didn't look very pretty. The crate cover is what I needed. The cover is easy to put on and looks great in the living room. It will be easy to wash when it needs to be cleaned. Before I bought this crate cover, I did a lot of research on the internet to find a cover that would do what I needed and not cost more than $60. I don't think it's necessary to buy a cover that has all kinds of designs. Solid black got less than 14 bucks. If you find this review helpful, please click "yes" below so that I know I'm not wasting my time writing these reviews.

👤When I got the crate and cover for my dog, I thought it was a goods set up. Not much. If you have a chewer, he will pull at the cover and it will tear easily. This isn't the biggest problem. My chocolate lab grew from 6 weeks to 5 months, and so did his breath output inside the crate at night. I was going to take him for a 3am walk when he came out of the crate, and he smelled like Milk. I thought he got into something and was dirty. I dried him the best I could after giving him a bath. I washed his bedding as well. It never really left. He had a red rash on his body in the next couple of weeks. We went to the vet to get antibiotics and she asked if he had gotten wet. I did the math after that. This cover is not a betrayal. In the early 80s, you would wake up in the morning with condensation on the inside of your tent. The cover creates a sauna. The skin infections started because of this. It's good for short periods but not for nightly sleep. It makes the problem worse if he spills his water bowl. I use a cotton sheet. Be careful!

👤Very nice. Love the flap in the front. I don't usually make my dog sleep in his crate. It instantly calms him and gives him the privacy and environment he needs. The product is very durable and will last a long time.

👤The reason this is only getting 3 stars is because there should be a tie down on the cover to make sure it doesn't fall off the crate. Although my dog loves her crate, she pulls the cover into it with her. The cover has been ruined and I have to stitch it back together. The cover wouldn't be able to be pulled into the crate if there was a tie down. I can either order another cover or find another manufacturer that builds a similar crate cover.

👤The cover is well made. It is perfect for our 36” Midwest creation. The corners have something to hold them in place. There are covers on each side so that you can decide if you want to cover the front or not. The cover is in our living room, so I like it. The cover is clean in the machine. There is a The only thing missing would be ties or something to hold the cover up. It would be great to have an option to roll up the sides and hold them, especially when we want the sides down but not all the way.

5. HiCaptain Folding Metal Crate Two Tone

HiCaptain Folding Metal Crate Two Tone

The dimensions are 43”(L)x 29” (W)x 30”(H). It's a universal fit for most brand 42" crate. The dog crate cover is made of 600D polyester and has a water-resistant coating. It can help the cover stay firmly in place if you use 4 elastic toggles at the corner and 3 plastic hook. If you drape the cover tight, your dog won't be able to pull out and chew. The opening of the dog kennel door on both sides of the folding metal dog crates are unaffected by the larger panel opening. Larger mesh window with a curtain can be rolled up or left down to adjust visibility. The handle can be pulled out of the top openings. There is a quality and after-sales service guarantee. The package included a crate cover. The HiCaptain warranty is for one year. If you have a question, please email them, they will help you to solve it.

Brand: Hicaptain

👤The 42 inch cover was disappointing. The description said it was 30 inches tall, which is perfect for my cage which is 42 inches long. It was 2.5 inches shorter than the photos show. I cannot use the tie downs in the corners that were instructed in the product instruction online. The elastic wouldn't stretch to cover the distance. There is a The short length means that the tie downs are in the dog's reach. I don't know how long it will take him to notice the elastic and plastic pieces. He is 6 months old and already destroyed two of my pillows. The length and width are perfect. The material seems to be durable and has a nice weight. The flap for the window has magnets in each corner that can be put on top of the crate or held down. There are nicely sewn yokoxes. The quality is good. The quality is good. I wish it was taller.

👤The product is well made and has decent stitching. This was installed on a crate from PetsMart and I think it will hold up. I had thrown a sheet over the crate and our dog was chewing it. She is a 5 year old pup. I didn't notice that the strap on the far end has an adjustment, but it fits nicely. The strap helps the product stay put on the crate. I would like to see more colors, but the product is great for the price.

👤I have a fur baby that loves to chew, rip and claw at things. His crate contains his beds, blankets, toys, and brushes. When I was shopping for a cover, I wanted it to be durable. I am happy to say that this product has lived up to its reputation. It has been several months. It is still holding up well. The opening at the top is great for air circulation. There is a side opening and front opening which is a big plus. Both openings can be rolled up with a elastic holder. There is a I was unsure how my fur baby would react to a cover for his crate because he is very scared of new objects and experiences. He was calmer and happier being in his crate. There is a When shopping for a crate cover, I needed something that was simple and elegant, as I live in a small space that could easily look cluttered. The cover in the cream beige color was exactly what I was looking for. I have hosted two events where I had to physically point out that there is a dog in a crate a few feet away from them before they noticed it. The couple of friends that are not dog people have been helped by this. It has been a win-win situation for everyone. Do it if you're on the fence about it. You will not regret it.

👤The pitbull we bought was a wire crate and turned out to be a big problem in our living room. The cover made a big difference in how this looks now. She feels like her house now that it's sleek. You can keep all the sides down or you can open the side and/or front. It has elastic ties that you can use to hold the rolls when you want them open. Great purchase! Highly recommended!

6. Casual Home Modern Lattice Wooden

Casual Home Modern Lattice Wooden

The end table design accentuates the look of the pet crate. It's possible to keep your peace of mind. The end table style top has more storage space. The interior is spacious for maximum comfort for small-midsized dogs. Increased longevity and increased durability can be achieved with solid wood construction. Light and easy to assemble.

Brand: Casual Home

👤I would have liked a bit better quality for this price. The top of the crate is the most important as it is where you put your beverage, book, and or lamp. The finish was not even and there was a small scratch at the back of the top. The screws are not very sturdy, but it was very easy to assemble. I think a strong willed dog could push through the front gate or put pressure on the top to break the screws. Adding wood glue to the tip of the screw will make it stronger. It has a strong smell. Before allowing a pet to enter, I recommend a good wipe down. I used a high quality furniture polish to even out the stain and wipe it off after it came off. After putting it together, I decided it was too much hassle to return it via Amazon, so we will make due with it. It will serve its purpose for now. I think it is less than Ikea. Buyer beware...

👤The look of the crate is striking. Moderate assembly, my daughter. I was able to put it together in 45 minutes. The door only goes one way and cannot be reversed. I put the door on with the door not being open and it can't be removed. Amazon customer service was great to give a discount or offer an exchange after my crate arrived damaged. When putting the door on, be careful to make sure it is the right direction. I put it on the wrong way and it can't be taken apart without holes in the wood. I guess I'll be fixing the latch.

👤There is no single piece of this crate that works as advertised. It had a broken door latch. The "pre drilled" holes were not perfect. The structure is wobbly after assembly and unable to support the advertised weight. I wanted to see if it could function despite the problems. I fixed the door myself. I am not sure if soft pine is chew resistant but it is not this one. The door was almost destroyed by the pup in less than two days. Unless you need a wobbly end table and don't want to keep any animal for long, don't buy this.

👤It is easy to put together. My dog chews it in 15 minutes. He has been in the business for all of his life. I dropped my child off at school. He destroyed the inside of the kennel when he came back 15 minutes later. I think he closed in with this kennel as opposed to other more traditional crates.

👤My 15lb dog was able to pull apart the lattice on the door in less than 5 minutes. The manufacturer suggests this can handle a 40lb dog. If you used a gallon of wood glue and a pound of screws, you could make it work. If you plan to put a living dog inside the garbage crate, you should not buy it.

7. Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Sofa Style Diamond

Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Sofa Style Diamond

It was designed for pets. The classic sofa design promotes ultimate comfort and security, providing high-loft orthopedic cushion support as well as a super cozy nestling and burrowing space for dogs and cats. The sleep surface is disturbed. The main sleep surface is lined with soft faux fur, while the supportive bolsters are wrapped in diamond-patterned woven upholstery fabric, which are gentle on noses and paws. Easy on joints: The egg crate's foam base helps cushion pressure points and improves air circulation, while the bolster railings support the neck, back, hips, and joints; both help to ease discomfort and encourage sleep. Diamond Blue is a 44" x 35" x 8.5" foam mattress. x 23 The bed is available in six colors: Diamond Brown, Diamond Blue, Diamond Gray, Small, Medium, Large, and Jumbo Plus. Easy care. For more specific washing instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label. Customer Assurance: The product comes with limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their Worry-Free Program, but purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party sellers may not be covered by Furhaven. Pets with excessive teething or destructive chewing behavior are not suitable.

Brand: Furhaven

👤We have three fur babies, 45, 65 and 90 lbs., so I bought three of these beds. My review is based on what I have read. If you've bought a lot of dog beds in the past, you have the experience to compare them. Our senior dogs love the Sam's Club orthopedic dog beds, which are reasonably priced. We shop on Amazon a lot and have a lot of great buying experiences. These dog beds are not of good quality. I wouldn't classify them as orthopedic because they are so flimsy. I opened one box to look at the bed and I knew that all three beds would be returned. I went to my local Sam's Club the next day and bought three large Serta Orthopedic dog beds for $44 each. My senior dogs love them. If you are looking to buy a thick, memory foam dog bed that will provide support for you dog, this is not it. You can check out your local Sam's Club.

👤My dog loves it! I got the big dog, he's 90 lbs.

👤The "deep pool" plush style and the quilted red style were the beds I bought. They are vastly different. The blue one is very strong and soft. The red one feels weak. Both of my dogs prefer the blue one. The dog, cat, and toddler love the blue one, it's a win win. I thought the quilted top would be easier to clean than buying two of them because my dog likes to chew bones on his bed. There is a I gave the blue bed 5 stars and the red bed 2 stars. They are excellent in size. A 3 year old toddler and a 65-75 lbs rough collies are shown. These are large beds.

👤Any dog would love this. I bought it for my kids teepee. I am hoping that the jumbo size will help prevent the teepee from sliding around on the wood floors and that it will be more comfortable. My daughter was on it.

👤It's what you pay for. The gray large one I bought was based on the sleep measurement. I compared it to our hound and pointer's favorite bed and it's not correct. It's more like a 24 x 19 sleeping area. The material is very thin and soft, I could see it shredding on delicates. The memory foam is too soft and colapses on the floor. It's an alright bed for a month if it fits the bill, but not long term forDurability, Material, or Joint Protection of your dog. I'm not sure if I'll order a size up.

👤Better than I anticipated. I have 3 Great Danes who like to steal seats on the couch. I've been looking at jumbo sized beds, but they are expensive. I got 2 of these for a little over $35 a piece. It's much better priced than similar items at petco or petsmart.

👤I bought this for my 120lb Rottweiler/lab mix and it's very nice. He has plenty of room to sprawl out and get comfortable even if he isn't big enough in the big sizes. It seems to be of good quality and he's happy.

8. Unipaws Designer Washroom Structure Spacious

Unipaws Designer Washroom Structure Spacious

A multi-functional cat house hides your cat's litter box or bed. Your home decor and stylish furniture look alike. Pull out, clean and slide back under the counter. The tv remote, magazines, and kitty gears are all in the top space. The design is made from strong and durable pressed wood. Most of the litter boxes can be accommodated. Straight forward instruction is included in the quick assembly. Ready to use with Philip's screwdriver. The product dimensions are 29.7”W x 20.1”D x 20.5”H and the interior dimensions are 18.9”W x 18.7”D x 16.5”H.

Brand: Unipaws

👤It looks great once put together. Our cat used it immediately. The size is perfect. Our cat is inside the litter box and it is just above my knee. There is a The quality of the material is cheap, which is the reason I knocked off two stars. Some of the pieces had minor damage after screws went in and the wood split. The doors are not straight. If the manufacturer is going to charge this much, they should strive for better material and better craftsmanship. I would encourage others to shop around if I had bought a better version elsewhere.

👤The construction of this product is fairly easy to put together, it is par for the course for this type of product. Most of the time you need a screw driver. My wife remarked on the smell when we first assembled it. I brought it back in after putting it outside for 24 hours. The smell has taken over the house when I get home from work on day 3. I am ready to put it outside permanently. So beware.

👤There was an unpleasant odor coming from the Cat House when it finally got assembled. It's like a cross between diesel fuel and kerosene. It made the house smell bad and caused headaches for the people in it. The smell lingered after several weeks in the garage and in the sun. The product was unpackaged and assembled after the normal return window had closed. I was requested by the manufacturer to send them an email before writing a negative review. That was on April 17th. No one has responded to date. Customer service is not worth much. Trash the unit and find something else at this point.

👤I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews, but after receiving one and putting it together, I was quite happy with it. I bought another. The litter box cover is easy to assemble. It hides the litter box from sight and does a good job of containing smell. If you can read simple instructions and match parts that are labeled with stickers, you shouldn't have a problem putting it together. We needed another litter box for our four cats and we were happy to purchase another one that was the same quality as the one we already had. The packaging was done well and the pieces fit into a sold dense flat box which is very difficult to damage accidentally. I would not have a problem buying another one. This money was well spent.

👤The package arrived today. It should be put together in less than an hour. 2 hands will do more than 4 hands. There is a I can't put the right side door in because the top pin is not on the edge of the metal brackets as other metal door pins are. I can't put the pin in the right place because I have to screw the brackets to the front of the door, where there are no screw holes. I hope the pictures explain it better. I will update my review when I know if we can get this worked out. I used E6000 glue to attach the brackets, because I couldn't figure out how to contact customer support. Since the screws loosened up a bit, you have to tighten them. Would not buy again.

9. Merry Pet Configurable Crate Brown

Merry Pet Configurable Crate Brown

The dimensions are External: 27.91" x 39.8", Internal: 24.5" x 36.5", and Door: 21.5" x 27.5". The all-in-one, multi-functional design works as a gate and a kennel. It's a safe place for your pal to lounge in whenever. Gate mode allows you to change the size of the panels. There is a plastic tray that can be pulled out for cleaning. Dogs are using a crate.

Brand: Merry Pet

👤It took about 30 minutes for our dog to figure out he could jump out. Bars break off easily. The crate looks amazing. I only recommend it for small breeds. Don't waste your money on dogs with weakness.

👤It only took a couple of minutes to put the crate together. Drop in the hinge pin and it's done. There is a Adding an additional slide lock near the bottom will be the only adjustment we're going to make. There is a The bars are well welded and the company sent more plastic protectors to cover the screws. The crate is very strong. The top is very heavy and it just falls into place. There is a Our 11 pound dog has plenty of room to move around in the large crate we bought for her.

👤I have had this crate for over six months and I love it. My two small dogs love it even more. I kept them inside whenever I left the house. I only lock them up when something is a danger to them, as in people coming and going, a large delivery, etc. The dogs don't panic because they see out clearly in the crate. The first crate I bought was a wooden one and the back and sides were solid, but the dogs panicked when I put them in it. They were trapped. They lay down and sleep with the Merry Pet crate. I leave their food and water in the crate, and they are always going in and out of it to eat or drink, even though they have beds all over the place, including the couches! I like the crate in the living room. I keep a box of kleenex and a hanging tea candle holder on top of the book ends. It looks like a nice piece of furniture in the living room. The crate is easy to put together and take down. I've been very pleased with it.

👤This is a great product. It is a nice replacement for metal or plastic crates, and if stored in a room with a narrow doorway, it can be easily disassembled to be moved. I can now display my dog crates with pride. They were easy to assemble. I chose a large crate for each of them. I was skeptical that this crate would keep her contained because they are a roomy fit, one of them is particularly smart, and the medium would definitely have been too small. I fear that she has yet to try escaping, but so far so good. She's gotten out of every other enclosure I've kept her in, and we had to zip tie her previous crates because she scares her. I am concerned about the lack of alatch at the bottom of the crate door. It hasn't been a problem yet. I will update this review later this year around Independence Day, when fireworks are her downfall. I don't think this crate would keep a high energy dog. I can see how easy it is to chew. If you have a mellow, low energy dog, you probably don't need to crate it. I have a dog that is high energy and anxious, and this crate is working so far, it is a 4 star rating. I am cautious. There is a The finish scratches very easily. The surface area of the top is perfect for wrapping Christmas presents, and the crate is not solid wood, but definitely something to keep in mind when putting things on top. The first new moments of ownership scratch mine. _()_/

10. Casual Home Wooden Medium Espresso

Casual Home Wooden Medium Espresso

The end table design makes this pet crate easy to assemble. Solid wood construction for increased durability and longevity makes a lockable gate a good choice. The end table style top has more storage space. It is easy to clean a crate by wiping it with a damp cloth. The dimensions of the interior are 17W x 24.25"D. The style is transitional. The weight is 25.5 pounds. The weight is 25.5 pounds.

Brand: Casual Home

👤I bought these a while back but just recently assembled and started using them. They're large. The large one is where my dog sleeps. There's enough room for her to walk into it. She can't stand inside and can't sleep. My 2 small lap dogs share the small one. They're not active or hyper because they're old and they don't jump all over each other. One sleeps by the door while the other sleeps by the back of the table. Crating at night is not new to my dogs, they have been crate trained for many years. It's what they're used to. The big clunky wire crates that my Pit Bull would use to rub her back on were eliminated by these tables. They still get crated, but their "crates" are also tables that can be used for many things. Below I will list pros and cons. There is a table dog crate. It's genius! It's perfect for dog owners who don't have a lot of room or space to keep their dog. The crate is a table and has multiple uses. The tables are strong. There is a If you're like me and have dogs who have been crate trained for a long time, these tables will be a challenge. It used to be that you had to say "beds!" My dogs would run to their crates. They seem to be confused by the tables. They learn quickly. There is a side note. I wouldn't recommend these to animal owners who don't know how to crate train their pets. I wouldn't use these to crate train an animal that has accidents frequently inside the house. Accidents are bound to happen with puppies and young dogs when they are crate trained. The tables are exactly what they are. A large amount of urine or a pee puddle that isn't cleaned up immediately would warp the floor of the table crate. Dog crates are usually made of plastic or metal and don't affect accidents or get wet. My dogs are older and have been crate trained for a long time, so this wasn't an issue for me. I haven't looked into liners or plastic trays that could fit inside the crate table because of that. Accidents wouldn't be too damaging if you could find something like that. It would need to be side to side-back to front with no spaces. I have my own opinions on the product. I used the product. I did not receive a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, but I did receive a product for free. I have shared my personal opinions, experience and ideas to help potential buyers decide whether or not the tables would work for their animal. I hope my review helped.

👤The company that sells it says it is a private spot for your pet to sleep and relax. When you're away from home, a strong gate door is important. It can be used with your other home furnishings. For the past 90 days, we have had a crate. Last week, we learned that the crate is not Solid Wood, despite the fact that our Miniature Schnauzer likes it. One morning, we came down to our family room and saw a small hole in one corner. It had not been there the night before, and it was just a matter of happenstance. The material on the top sank in with the hole if you look at the attached photo. I contacted the company to ask if they would send me a new top. If the top was purchased from Casual and delivered within 30 days, we can replace it. The clear defect was there from the beginning, and that is a grossly inadequate response from any company. I would like you to shop around more and ask the company how they handle defects. Casual Home doesn't care. They will have your money. They only care about satisfaction for 30 days. That is not long enough.

11. Morezi Storage Canvas Basket Organizer

Morezi Storage Canvas Basket Organizer

A dog toy box with lid is designed to make order. Remove the center divider and two bins become one. It's perfect for organizing dog coat, dog toys, vest Harness and anything else. The dog toy basket is 17 x 12 x 10 cm and can fit a lot of your pet's toys. A large dog toy container. The dog toy chest with flip-top lid is a great way to keep your pet's toys out of sight. The lid is hidden behind the box when open. The linen-cotton blend is easy to clean and store. It is easy to clean the fabric with a wet cloth or sponge. When not in use, collapsible chest folds flat for easy storage under the bed. It's portable for any room, it has two sturdy handles for easy transport, and it's on the floor.

Brand: Morezi

👤The overall aesthetic and function of this item do not overstuff as that will make the sides bulge but there is plenty of space. My dog is a bit grouchy about sharing toys and so the dual compartments are great for when my friends come over and close the lid on the toys for him. The wall has a total of 4 pieces that fold down. I would love for them to repeat the process on the bottom of the wall for added strength, but this is fine.

👤It was a perfect edition to my room. It looks like they organize their stuff.

👤I have all my puppies things in my family room and I was looking for something to put my dog toys in that had a lid. I put his toys on top of his crate. If you have a chihuahua, it's a great item for their toys. My golden retriever and I need to put all our toys out of the way so that this isn't the right purchase. The quality and design of the drawing board was good enough for me to give it 3 stars.

👤I thought it would be bigger than it is. Overall it is. Okay, okay. The two compartments are overpriced for what you get. Shipping is quick.

👤This container was easy to setup. The divider is great. My kitten's toys fit in the box, and it's a lot of them. My kitten likes to pick out toys he wants to play with. All of his "bin dives" have survived. I am happy I purchased it.

👤I received the box I ordered. I was wrongly sent the "cat stuff" box twice before they sent this one correctly. It's the perfect size and fits most of my dogs toys on one side and grooming wipes and brushes on the other side. It took two weeks for me to return the ones that were sent wrong, but I'm very happy with it. Over good box.

👤I thought it would be bigger, but it's still a good size, the middle panel has the wrong amount of velcro, so I can't really use it.

👤It has a lot of space. The box has a dentist smell on it, which is very weird, but I didn't read the reviews about it.


What is the best product for decorative dog crate cover?

Decorative dog crate cover products from Merry Pet. In this article about decorative dog crate cover you can see why people choose the product. Casual Home and Unipaws are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative dog crate cover.

What are the best brands for decorative dog crate cover?

Merry Pet, Casual Home and Unipaws are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative dog crate cover. Find the detail in this article. Midwest Homes For Pets, Hicaptain and Furhaven are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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